uiey Wolves kill a peaceful piotestoi in

210 motorcyclists Irom all over Europe came to Cyprus to protest the continuing Turkish
military occupation oI the northern part oI the island.
Determined to ride into the occupied territory in the name oI Ireedom oI movement, they met a
military response: 24-year-old Tassos Isaac Irom Paralimni, Cyprus, was murdered by Turks
who reigned blows down on him as he struggled to Iree himselI Irom barbed wire in the neutral
zone in Derinia separating Iree Irom occupied Cyprus.

Tassos Isaac Lynched By Grey Wolves
As United Nations peacekeepers stood by, Isaac was beaten with clubs, pelted with stones Ior 15
minutes. Only aIter Greek-Cypriots managed to get him away Irom his assailants did UN Iorces
intervene to stop the mob.
The head oI the UN Iorces explained later that the inactivity on the peacekeepers part was a
result oI their being undermanned and inadequately trained.
In Derinia, Sopaz, and Nicosia, Turkish soldiers, paramilitaries, and members oI the Iar-right
Turkish organisation "Grey WolI" launched vicious assaults on the young idealists who simply
want Cyprus re-united.
One young man who saw Isaac lynched recalled aIterwards: "A Turk hit him on the head with a
huge rock". He believes that the tragic victim died on the spot, not three or Iour hours later as
oIIicials claim.
His view as to time oI death was corroborated Monday. Video showed that the Iatal blow came
during the attack, Irom an ax.
Another witness watched in agony as Isaac cried out Ior help as he was being bludgeoned to
Isaacs relatives learned oI the incident on TV. They saw his bloody body being driven away to
the hospital. At the hospital, they learned the terrible news: Tassos had made the ultimate
sacriIice Ior his country.
Some 40 other people were wounded in the onslaught, attacked mercilessly by Turks wielding
clubs, boards with nails driven into them, and crowbars.
Andreas Dimitriou's hand was shot oII.
Witnesses say a Turkish policeman opened Iire on him Irom a distance oI 6 Ieet, without
Behind the raging mob that attacked the protestors at several points along the green line dividing
Cyprus, lay cynical calculation on Turkey's part. 1500 members oI the Iar-right Turkish
organisation "Grey WolI" had arrived in Cyprus Saturday. And well beIore the incidents started,
groups oI armed Turks assembled in many areas, awaiting the protestors' entry into the neutral
The bikers, who began their journey in Berlin, were protesting the Iact that Cyprus remains
Europe's only divided country. They and their message were welcomed when they arrived in
Cyprus Saturday.
Young people Irom Italy, Finland, Portugal, and Greece were greeted by tears in the eyes oI
relatives oI those who have been missing since the bloody Turkish invasion oI Cyprus in 1974.
In the aItermath oI the bloodshed in Cyprus Sunday, the Greek government spokesman said the
Turkish assault on peaceIul demonstrators is a wake-up call to all people who believe in
Dimitris Reppas added that the attack shows how barbaric the Turks are, and expressed Greece's
solidarity with the Cypriot government as it tries to resist Turkish militarism.
New Democracy leader Miltiades Evert phoned Cypriot president Glavcos Clirides to express his
solidarity with the Cypriot people.
Political Spring president Antonis Samaras had hard words Ior the international community,
saying its tolerance oI Turkish brutality has made the Turks ever bolder. The result, he added, is
that 24-year-old Tassos Isaac is dead. He hopes the international community will understands at
last that Turkey and Europe don't go together.
The Cypriot government is protesting the Sunday incidents internationally. Cypriot president
Glavcos Clirides expressed his deep sorrow over the death oI Isaac. He called Isaac's murder a
repulsive criminal act. The murder, he added, is yet another sample oI the ease with which the
Turkish occupation Iorces violate the principles oI international law and the United Nations.
International tolerance oI the Turkish occupation, he said, encourages the Turks in their brazen
The world was stunned Sunday, as international news networks reported the violence. CNN
reported that Turkish troops had opened Iire. And Euronews reIerred to the assaults with clubs.
Hellenism Turkish hostility not only in Cyprus, but also in Turkey. Hours aIter the attacks in
Cyprus, Turkish extremists and religious Iundamentalists staged a protest at the Greek consulate
in Constantinople.
100s oI Islamic Iundamentalists and members oI the nationalist party "Patriotic Hearth" marched
to the consulate, shouting "Cyprus is, and will remain, Turkish".
Greek consulate Leonidas Kontovounisiou said it was a small group oI protestors, but is
concerned that Greeks could be targeted in the Iuture.
He's asking the Turkish authorities to provide the consulate, and the employees oI other Greek
organisations in Constantinople, greater protection.
The only damage in Sunday's protest was a smashed window in a car belonging to a consulate
Arrest warrants issued for murder of Tassos Isaac - ŶŶJŵŵJ9ź
Cyprus Þollce have lssued arresL warranLs agalnsL four 1urklsh seLLlers and Lwo 1urklsh CyprloLs ln
connecLlon wlLh Lhe murder of unarmed Creek CyprloL proLesLer 1assos lsaacţ on AugusL 11 durlng a
demonsLraLlon ln Lhe unŴconLrolled buffer zone aL uherynla vlllageŦ 1he Cyprus Þollce requesLed
lnLerpolƌs asslsLance for Lhelr arresLŦ
Attorney-General Mr Alecos Markides on Friday said that the arrest warrants were conveyed to
Interpol on Thursday. Speaking at a press conIerence Markides said all six suspects were
identiIied in photographs.
Isaac was beaten to death by extremists on August 11, when he was trapped in barbed wire in the
buIIer zone, erected by the Turkish occupation army.
The six persons against whom arrest warrants have been issued are:
- Hasim Yilmaz, a Turkish settler and Iormer member oI the Turkish Secret Service who now
owns a coIIee shop in the Turkish-occupied town oI Kyrenia. He was identiIied in photographs
beating Isaac.
- NeyIel MustaIa Ergun, 26 years old, a Turkish settler, serving in the illegal Turkish Cypriot
police, who arrived in the occupied areas when he was child. He was identiIied at the scene oI
the crime.
- Polat Fikret Koreli, a 17-year-old Turkish Cypriot, living in the occupied town oI Famagusta.
- Fikret Veli Koreli, Polat's Iather, a Turkish Cypriot Irom Paphos town and now in Famagusta,
who works as a bicycle and motorcycle mechanic,
- Mehmet MustaIa Arslan, 41 years old, a Turkish settler, leader oI the Turkish extremist
organisation "Grey Wolves" in the occupied areas, a Nicosia resident. There is evidence that the
suspect participated in Isaac's murder.
- Erhan Arikli, 40, a Turkish settler, Irom the Iormer Soviet Union, living in the occupied areas
Ior the last 10-11 years.
Mr Markides said more persons were involved in the murder but Ior the time being there is no
evidence as to their identity. However, he said Police, were continuing investigations to identiIy
the remaining suspects.
On October 30, the Cyprus police issued arrest warrants against Iive persons in connection with
the premeditated murder oI Solomos Solomou, shot and killed on August 14 while climbing a
Ilagpole to lower the Turkish Ilag, during a demonstration to protest against the murder oI his
relative, Isaac.
Amongst the suspects are Kenan Akin, selI-styled minister oI agriculture oI the illegal
occupation regime, Erdal Emanet, commander oI the so-called security Iorces in the occupied
areas, Hasan Kundakci, Iormer commander oI the Turkish occupation troops in Cyprus and
Attila Sab, so-called chieI oI police oI the illegal regime.
The United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) has completed its review oI the events
surrounding the demonstrations oI Sunday, 11 August. The Iacts that have emerged are as
1Ŧ Cn Sundayţ 11 AugusLţ some 3ţ300 persons gaLhered aL varlous locaLlons ln anLlclpaLlon of
proceedlng Lo uherlnlaţ Lhe orlglnally lnLended sLarLlng polnL for Lhe demonsLraLlon rouLeŦ 1he
demonsLraLors lncluded some 120 moLorcycllsLs from 12 counLrles who had arrlved ln Cyprus on
10 AugusLţ followlng a [ourney whlch began ln 8erlln on 2 AugusLŦ uurlng Lhe weeks leadlng up
Lo Lhe demonsLraLlonţ unllC?Þ llalsed closely wlLh all relevanL auLhorlLles Lo ensure LhaL all
necessary measures be Laken Lo prevenL any vlolaLlons of Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zoneŦ
2Ŧ Cn 10 AugusLţ Lhe SecreLaryŴCeneral lssued a sLaLemenL ln whlch he expressed hls concern aL
reporLs LhaL a Creek CyprloL moLorcycle assoclaLlon was plannlng Lo vlolaLe Lhe ceaseŴflre llnes
as well as Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zone ln CyprusŦ Pe expressed hls hope LhaL Lhe organlsers of
Lhls evenL would avold a course of acLlon LhaL could only harm efforLs Lo resolve Lhe long
sLandlng Cyprus problemŦ 1he SecreLaryŴCeneral also called on Lhe CovernmenL of Cyprus Lo
Lake effecLlve measuresţ ln exerclse of lLs responslblllLlesţ Lo prevenL any unauLhorlsed enLry
lnLo Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zoneŦ
3Ŧ ln response Lo an appeal from ÞresldenL Clerldes early on Sunday mornlngţ Lhe ÞresldenL of Lhe
Cyprus MoLorcycle lederaLlon agreed Lo cancel Lhe planned demonsLraLlon rouLe and lnsLead
called on all parLlclpanLs Lo assemble ln Makarlos SLadlum ln nlcoslaŦ Some 1ţ300 moLorcycllsLs
and assoclaLed moLorlsLs proceeded Lo Makarlos SLadlum laLe on Sunday mornlng Lo hear Lhe
message from Lhelr leader who also conveyed a message from ÞresldenL ClerldesŦ
4Ŧ Meanwhlleţ a ma[or counLerŴdemonsLraLlon had been organlsed ln norLh nlcosla of some 2ţ300
personsţ lncludlng a slgnlflcanL number of members of Lhe Crey Wolves who had come from
1urkeyŦ 1hls demonsLraLlon remalned peacefulŦ
3Ŧ ShorLly before noonţ Lhe demonsLraLors lefL Lhe Makarlos SLadlumţ spllL up lnLo many groupsţ
and began Lo move around Lhe clLy and beyond Lo varlous desLlnaLlons LhaL were dlfflculL Lo
anLlclpaLeŦ Croups of moLorcycllsLs and persons ln cars assembled ln varlous locaLlons ln nlcoslaţ
noLably Lhe Ledra Þalace checkpolnLţ Lhe unlLed naLlons ÞroLecLed Area loxLroL CaLe and Lhe
ÞresldenLlal ÞalaceŦ 1hese demonsLraLlons remalned peacefulŦ
The main incidents
1Ŧ A group of some 130 Creek CyprloL demonsLraLorsţ who were subsequenLly [olned by anoLher
200ţ arrlved aL Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zone aL Lhe Cld lamagusLa 8oad aL abouL 12ť40 hoursŦ
1he Cyprus Þollce (Cypol) llfLed Lhe naLlonal Cuard (nC) ceaseŴflre barrler where Lhe
demonsLraLors qulckly proceeded lnLo Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zone evenLually rlghL up Lo Lhe
1urklsh lorces (1l) ceaseŴflre llneţ sLarLlng flres as Lhey wenL alongŦ unllC?Þ Lroops ln Lhe areaţ
subsequenLly relnforced by elemenLs of unllC?Þƌs lorce 8eserveţ lnLerposed Lhemselves
beLween Lhe demonsLraLors and Lhe 1l who were soon [olned by Lhe 1urklsh CyprloL Þollce
LlemenL (1CÞL) ln rloL gearŦ AlLhough Lhe slLuaLlon became very Lenseţ unllC?Þ managed Lo
keep lL under conLrolţ noL leasL because Lhe 1l and 1CÞL acLed ln a very dlsclpllned and
resLralned manner desplLe conslderable verbal provocaLlon from Lhe demonsLraLorsŦ Cypol was
noL effecLlve ln conLrolllng Lhe demonsLraLors who had arrlved aL LhaL locaLlonŦ 8y 14ť00 hours
Lhe crowd began Lo dlsperse and by 17ť30 hours all demonsLraLors had lefL Lhe unlLed naLlons
buffer zoneŦ 1here were no casualLlesŦ
2Ŧ AL abouL 12ť00 hoursţ some 130 1urklsh CyprloL demonsLraLors appeared along Lhe Soverelgn
8ase Area (S8A) aL Lhe llnk road near Lhe [uncLlon wlLh Lhe Cld nlcosla 8oadŦ AL 13ť30 hoursţ
some 200 Creek CyprloL moLorcycllsLs arrlved along wlLh several 1v crewsŦ 1he 12 S8A pollce
deployed Lhere were unable Lo keep Lhe slLuaLlon under conLrol and Lhe Lwo sldes began Lo
Lhrow sLones aL each oLherŦ Some Creek CyprloLs crossed a few meLres beyond Lhe 1urklsh
lorcesCeaseŴflre llne and planLed a Creek flagŦ 1he 1urklsh CyprloL demonsLraLors responded by
flrlng shoLguns aL Lhe Creek CyprloLs who reLreaLed and proceeded Lo seL flresŦ 8y 13ť00 hoursţ
Lhe Creek CyprloL moLorcycllsLs lefL Lhe area and proceeded ln Lhe dlrecLlon of uhekellaŦ
Accordlng Lo reporLsţ 10 Creek CyprloL demonsLraLors were woundedţ some by shoLgun pelleLsţ
as were 2 S8A pollcemenŦ
3Ŧ 1he mosL serlous lncldenL Look place ln uherlnlaŦ Cn Sunday mornlngţ a peaceful demonsLraLlon
by some 230 Creek CyprloLs Look placeŦ 1hey enLered Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zone and
requesLed Lo dellver a peLlLlon Lo Lhe 1urklsh CyprloL checkpolnLŦ When Lhe laLLer refused Lo
recelve Lhe peLlLlonţ Lhe demonsLraLors lefL Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zoneţ buL remalned ln Lhe
areaŦ AL 14ť30 hoursţ some 300 moLorcycllsLs LogeLher wlLh some 700 persons ln vehlcles
escorLed by Cypol arrlved aL Lhe nC ceaseŴflre llne checkpolnL ln uherlnlaŦ Cypol deployed along
Lhe nC ceaseŴflre buL lefL Lhe checkpolnL unaLLendedţ Lhus enabllng Lhe demonsLraLors Lo enLer
Lhe unlLed naLlons buffer zone unlmpededŦ
4Ŧ ln Lhe meanLlmeţ Lhe 1urklsh lorces had allowed some 1ţ000 persons ln buses Lo pass Lhrough
Lhelr 3 km deep mlllLary zone and Lo assemble along Lhe 1l ceaseŴflre llneţ lncludlng persons
carrylng Lhe flag of Lhe Crey Wolves who had come from 1urkeyŦ
3Ŧ 1he slLuaLlon soon became vlolenLţ afLer Creek CyprloL demonsLraLors enLered Lhe buffer zone
and approached Lhe 1l ceaseŴflre llne Lo provoke Lhe 1lţ Lhe 1CÞL and demonsLraLors
assembled Lhere wlLh verbal abuse and Lhrowlng sLonesŦ Cypol was noL effecLlve ln conLrolllng
Lhe Creek CyprloL demonsLraLorsŦ
6Ŧ AL abouL 16ť00 hoursţ Lhe 1urklsh lorces allowed Lhe 1urklsh CyprloL demonsLraLors Lo enLer Lhe
unlLed naLlons buffer zone armed wlLh baLs and lron barsŦ 1he 1urklsh CyproL demonsLraLorsţ
[olned by Lhe 1urklsh CyprloL Þollceţ Lhen proceeded Lo pursue Lhe Creek CyprloLs and
mercllessly beaL all Lhose who Lhey were able Lo caLchŦ AL Lhe same Llmeţ Lhere was shooLlngţ
lncludlng by 1urklsh CyprloL pollceţ from behlnd Lhe 1urklsh lorces ceaseŴflre llne Lowards Lhe
Creek CyprloL demonsLraLorsŦ
7Ŧ uurlng Lhls perlodţ a Creek CyprloL demonsLraLorţ AnasLaslos lsaakţ was beaLen Lo deaLh by a
number of 1urklsh CyprloL demonsLraLorsţ lncludlng Lhree 1urklsh CyprloL pollcemenŦ 8y 18ť00
hours Lhe slLuaLlon began Lo calm downŦ ln addlLlon Lo Lhe one deadţ lL was reporLed LhaL some
34 Creek CyprloLs and 17 1urklsh CyprloLs were ln[uredŦ 12 unllC?Þ personnel suffered ln[urlesŦ
8Ŧ 1he unllC?Þ lnvesLlgaLlon revealed concluslvely LhaL Lhe kllllng of AnasLaslos lsaak had occurred
some 30 meLres from Lhe scene shown on Lelevlslon ln whlch Lhree Creek CyprloLs were belng
severely beaLen by 1urklsh CyprloL demonsLraLors whlle helplessly enLangled ln barbed wlreŦ
1wo unllC?Þ lrlsh Clvlllan Þollce had done Lhelr besL ln Lrylng Lo rescue AnasLaslos lsaak aL
conslderable personal rlskŦ
9Ŧ 1he Lwo unlLed naLlons Clvlllan Þollce had observed Lwo Creek CyprloL demonsLraLors belng seL
upon by Lwo groups of 1urklsh CyprloL demonsLraLors who proceeded Lo beaL Lhem wlLh bruLal
forceŦ 1he Lwo unlLed naLlons Þollce wenL Lo Lhe asslsLance of one of Lhe Creek CyprloLs (lsaak)ţ
and were flnally able Lo push aslde Lhe 1urklsh CyprloLsţ lncludlng Lhree 1urklsh CyprloL
pollcemenţ who were sLlll beaLlng hlmţ lL was Loo laLeŦ 1he locaLlon of Lhe kllllng lnslde Lhe
unlLed naLlons buffer zone was abouL 93 meLres from Lhe naLlonal Cuard ceaseŴflre llne and
abouL 32 meLres from Lhe 1urklsh lorces ceaseŴflre llneŦ
10Ŧ A vldeo broadcasL on ƍLuronewsƍ lnLer alla clearly shows Lhe kllllng of AnasLaslos lsaak and Lhe
lnLervenLlon of Lhe Lwo unlLed naLlons pollceŦ 1he auLopsyţ aLLended by unllC?Þţ whlch was
performed laLe afLernoon of 13 AugusLţ revealed LhaL AnasLaslos lsaak dled of ƍmulLlple blunL
Lrauma Lo Lhe headƍŦ unllC?Þ has compleLed Lhe collecLlon of Lhe evldence aL Lhe scene of Lhe
crlme and ls ln Lhe process of compleLlng lLs lnvesLlgaLlon ln cooperaLlon wlLh CypolŦ
The role oI UNFICYP Following the cancellation oI the original demonstration route, the Greek
Cypriot demonstrators broke up into numerous small groups with unknown destinations. As a
result, there moves could not be anticipated, making it diIIicult Ior UNFICYP to reinIorce in
advance the likely Ilashpoints. At the same time, UNFICYP had to place eIIective coverage at all
critical locations along the buIIer zone while maintaining minimum coverage in other areas.
UNFICYP's Iorce reserve had to be moved over considerable distances at short notice in order to
respond to Iast developing situations. Given the prevailing situation on the ground as described
above, UNFICYP's resources were stretched to the extreme.

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