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SHIAs and the KOONDAAS (22nd Rajab)

The hatred and revulsion practiced by the Rawafidh is known to every one and thanks to the
media development and the interest of some people to expose the Rawafidh is a great contribution of
them to Islam and society. Sahabah (r.a) are those who were the right hands of Holy Prophet and they
did a lot of services for Islam. Their importance is revealed form the Ahadith and Quran which
announced the Ashra-e-Mubashara and the Sahabah (r.a) were informed in their lives that they are
successful. Rawafidh use to curse those people who are the successful as per Quran and Hadith so it
directly means they defy and disregard the Quran and Hadith. So simply how they could be called as
Muslims only from this one fact. Still there are hundred of matters which are available to prove the
Shias as non Muslims. Not only this, just check their history since the establishment of this sect, this
sect did the most destruction to Islam more then anyone else. Rather then following the Seerat of
Hazrat Hussein (r.a) they curse and abuse Sahabah (r.a) hence creating the hate and anarchy in the
society which overall destabilizes the Islam and the Muslim society.

Shiaism is basically a sect whose teachings are based on the fairy tales, philosophies and fake
& baseless historical facts and figures which have nothing to do with Islam. If you go through the
teachings of shiaism its teachings are very much in conflict with Quran and Hadith. Based on the fake
and false facts and figures the presentations of the beliefs and ideologies are in such a way that some
of them could be called as the master piece of Literature but they could not be opted as the religion or
a way of life. Shiaism is very effective literature wise so as to brain wash the minds of people and in
some places its teachings are so complicated that they goes above the understandings of ordinary
people. By making its teachings a state of art literature wise and others making complicated is the tact
of Shias to convince people. But over all what I did observe in shiaism was plainly the philosophy and
nothing else. I didn't get it more then a piece of literature because it is far away from reality, Quran
and Hadith. Let me explain it to you by the following example of Koondaas of Rajab 22nd, but what
I'm going to discuss is a story which you could get your self from the market or book shop and
observe that its not even a professional literature but a simple story which I'm very sad to say is a
belief of Shiaism.

The background of this story of Koondaas of 22 of Rajab is the hate of Sahabah (r.a). In Dhul-
Hajj as well they celebrate the Eid of Baba Shujauddin which in fact is the celebration of martyr of
Hazrat Omar who is one of the Ashra-e-Mubashara. It means Quran is the witness of his Innocence
while on other hand Rawafidh celebrate his death as an anniversary. Baba Shujauddin is in fact the
code name of the assassin of Hazrat Omar as Shias never openly admit that they abuse and curse
Sahabah (r.a). This as because they are permitted to hide their beliefs under the provisions of
TAQIYA. Similarly they also celebrate the martyr of Hazrat Ameer Muawiyah (r.a) on 22nd of Rajab. To
promote and hide this celebration they gave it the color of a story with the title of Dastan-e-Ajeeb.
According to the text there used to be a woodcutter living in Medina. The hunger was usual because
of no business. Due to such hunger and hard ships the woodcutter decided to migrate somewhere else
to get rid of the usual and continued hunger. He moved from the country to country but didn't get the
proper work so in another country he again started wood cutting but still he was unable to get suitable
money to fulfill his family needs. Back at home her wife started job in the minister's home as the
cleaner so as to get rid of starvation. One day whole she was cleaning the yard Hazrat Ja'far Sadiq was
passing by with his companions. He stopped and asked his companions that do you know the
significance of 22nd o f Rajab the companions replied in negative. Hazrat Ja'far said in response that
this as a very sacred date ,who so ever in trouble or distress should take bath on 22nd of Rajab and
cook POOREES and fill Koondaas with those POOREES on my name. After dedicating them on my
name he/she should pray with my source. His/her every trouble will be solved . If his/her problem
remains unsolved then he/she can grab me on the Day of Judgment (doomsday).

Upon hearing this, the wife of the wood cutter got happy and decided to follow the procedure
as told by Hazrat Ja'far Sadiq. Later she did as was told by the Hazrat Ja'far. As she did it on 22nd of
Rajab his husband who was abroad was cutting the woods suddenly his axe slipped and fell on ground.
The falling of axe on ground created an unusual sound, which attracted the attention of the wood
cutter as woodcutter checked the place he found it hollow. After digging the place he found the hidden
splendid treasure. He took the treasure and returned home with a lot of money and treasure. The
woodcutter made his castle adjacent to the castle of the minister who was the employer of the wife of
the wood cutter. One day as the ministers wife went on roof top of her house and she saw the castle
just adjacent to their castle she asked surprisingly asked her maiden that whom this castle belong to ?
her maiden replied that it belongs to the wood cutters wife who worked in our palace and used to mop
and clean our palace. The queen called the wife of wood cutter and asked her that how her husband
got so much money & wealth. The wood cutters wife told her all of the story and about the 22nd Rajab
Koondaas and said she got all of this due to Koondaas. The ministers wife made jokes of her and said
her husband might be robbing the convoys so as he got so rich in a short time. Even on the assurance
from the wood cutters wife she did not believe this and made jokes of her. The husband of her was
the senior minister of the king. And was very close to the king . One of the minister was jealous form
that senior minister because of his approach and resources in the cabinet.. Once he got chance & filled
the ears of king that the senior minister is a corrupt person and he has done too much corruption to
make his personal wealth and he owns a considerable wealth and property which is illegally obtained
from the kingdoms resources and reservoirs. When the king investigated it he found a lot of corruption
in the senior ministers account and under his responsibilities. The king immediately ordered the
disposal of the senior minister from his rank and the seizure of his property. The minister and his wife
who was making jokes on 22nd Rajab Koondaas were ordered to leave the city. The minister who till
yesterday owned enormous reservoirs of wealth and castle now owned only 2 Dharms only. They saw
a person selling the melon so they bought a melon and tied it in the hand kerchief so as to eat it in
hunger. Coincidently the prince was out of the city on the same day and he did not return till the
evening as the night began to fall king and queen became worried about their son. The junior minister
took advantage of this situation and said that the senior minister is also out of town he may harm the
prince to take revenge of his disposal. King ordered his troops to go and get the senior minister and
his wife. The troops of the king found the ex-minister and his wife and after detaining they brought
them to the king. King observed the handkerchief and asked the ex minister about the handkerchief
that what is inside it? The ex minister said that is a melon but as they opened it they found the
removed head of the prince. The king got so angry due to the murder of his son and ordered that both
the minister and his wife would be hanged in the morning. In the cell of jail the ex-minister said to his
wife that it is a punishment of a sin but he is unable get what sin he has committed. Suddenly his wife
recalled that she was making jokes on the wife of wood cutter and was not admitting the authenticity
of the Koondaas. The ex-minister cursed her and said that these all events are happening due top the
refusal and joking of the Rajab Koondaas. Both of the husband wife asked sorry for their sin and
prayed that if they will get rid of their problems they will give Koondaas of Hazrat Ja'far Sadiq. They
continued praying the whole night with the reference of Hazrat Ja'far Sadiq. As ht wife of the minister
accepted and practiced the Koondaas the circumstances took a u-turn at once. The prince arrived in
the morning. The king got amazed and checked the handkerchief he found the melon. The king called
the minister and his wife and asked them about the events. The minister and his wife told the king all
about the happenings and their refusal and making jokes of Koondaas as told by Hazrat Ja'far Sadiq so
all the events occurred but as they asked sorry and accepted the Koondaas the things got right. The
king rechecked the accounts of the royal treasury but he found it all clear this time. So he honorably
re appointed the minister and asked sorry. The junior minister was detained on the orders of the king
and found to be guilty of conspiracy against the senior minister. After this the senior minister and his
wife practiced Koondaas on every 22nd of Rajab until they died.

COMMENTS: This story is a common example of the Shia religion and its ideologies. If you
observe it carefully then you will get certain things which are so doubtful making it totally un reliable
to be practiced or trusted upon. Some of them are as under but you can observe it and I hope you will
agree with me.
1. The woman who is the source & reference of the event is unknown and anonymous. And all know
that in Islam such unknown references are usually considered as unreliable & un acceptable. You
could imagine if the anonymous and unreliable events are to be practiced in Islam then what might
happen to the Islamic teachings and practices.
2. the presence of king and minister is lie because there had never been a minister or king in Medina.
If Shias still claims that its true then why they don't give the names of kings and minister to make it
3. The event is known to people in Luckhnow and no one else in the whole Islamic world is unaware of
this event.
4. the whole event is linked and referred to Hazrat Ja'far Sadiq who was a Wali. How it could be
expected from a wali to say Shirkia words as referred by Shias in the story.
5. In fact as I already have mentioned it that it is a celebration of Hazrat Ameer Muawiyah (r.a). This
entire event was published and preached in Luckhnow and was given the story form to make it widely
practiced and to convince the people asking about the back ground of the event so they did it as per
TAQIYA. And they got succeeded in convincing but also make them practicing this act.

May Allah guide us on the straight path, Amin!