Good Morning everybody may the Lord bring many blessings your way this day, €€ I would love

to announce to the world that I would be beginning a new online post series that would be absolutely free. I would be posting a new love story every single day on this website from now on. €€ The "Free Daily Bedtime Stories" has proved to be a success even though I have ne ver for one day advertised it online or offline since it began. All publicity so far has come from search engines, word of mouth and online sharing by the lovel y people who visit this site or one of the other sites where the stories are pos ted.€ €€ I really need to advertise this site in-spite of the fact that it is already a su ccess, because not advertising at all would mean I didn't do what God told me to do properly. I have to do things€properly. Anything worth doing is worth doing we ll. €€ Any way the new series that I'm talking about is called FREE DAILY LOVE STORIES F OR MARRIED COUPLES. €€ I can hear some of you screaming happily. Well, you would scream a whole lot more when you start reading the stories that God has in stock for you through me. €€ The stories are targeted at married couples - specifically CHRISTIAN married coup les. €€ €Entertainment: the movies we watch, the music we listen to, and the novels we read help shape and mould our perception, ideas and beliefs about love thus affectin g marriages and relationships that could lead to marriages. €€ Though many wouldn't want to admit it. TV and Romance Novels (especially the ones made by Harlequin) has shaped the society's ideas about love. €€ €I can't expect you to live in a world without partaking of movies or novels. Howev er, when the message of 99.9% of the romance movies and novels out there speak o f concepts that are against God's word then we let our minds mingle with ideas f rom the world - Ideas from movie producers and writers who are atheists most of the time or have some sort of crazy vendatta against Christianity or believing i n the power of love in marriage. [Do you know that the key reason why people bel ieve that love in marriage becomes stale after a few years is because movies and romance novels only tell tales of a couple finding love. Of all the different r omance novel lines under Harlequin none of them tell or focus on putting out boo ks on stories about couples that have been married for years, are still very muc h in love and their love grows stronger as they face challenges together. There are just no such stories like that in any of its lines.€ €€ It's not only Harlequin that's guilty. Other book companies have been doing this nonsense for years. We like our parents€are€being programmed from a young age throug h movies and novels that the best period of romance in a couple's life is when t hey first meet to right after the honeymoon. Then right after that the love begi ns to wane. Thus, the concept you get when you hear the words, "just like a hone ymoon couple" or "like newly weds." €€ People who lived before Televisions and the cinema didn't think that love grew we aker over the years in marriage. They believed it grew stronger the same way the y believed that with friendships; the longer you know someone and have more expe riences and fun memories with them, the fonder and closer will both be. €€ In those days, not many people read novels compared to how many people watched TV when it came out. So the effects of these kinds teachings through entertainment was only greatly implanted in the mindset of the society after advent of TV.] €€ We normally watch these movies today and think well I would watch it for entertai nment but I would hold on to my beliefs. We watch something that we know is not good for us - something that contains a little bit of poison. But we watch it wi th caution. We don't seem to realize that our approach is the same approach that your ancestors used many years ago when they first started seeing harmful thing s showing up in the cinema. They still went to see it but with caution. They did n't know it was changing them and they taught they could teach their kids to wat ch movies with caution and pick out what part of the movie influences them and w hat part they shouldn't let influence them. Unbeknownst to them, the movies wher e changing everybody even the movie executives themselves who laughed as they ta ught they had become the new potters of the mindsets of men, women and children

in every part of the world that had a TV. €€ I am not saying that you should feel guilty for watching those kind of movies but I'm also not saying you shouldn't feel guilty. €I definitely don't want you bury yourself in quilt because of it. I'm just writing this is point out a hole in th e society sanity and in Christianity sustaining its values, that Satan has used for years to influence our minds; mine included. €€ €I watch these kinds of movies with caution too but just because we are all doing s omething wrong because we need to be entertained, doesn't mean that we should au tomatically call wrong right. €€ If you stabbed an assassin in self defense, it doesn't make stabbing people or st abbing that particular assassin right just because of the circumstances. Sheddin g blood is shedding blood, but nobody is going to blame you for stabbing an assa ssin who came to kill you in self defense but that does not automatically make w hat you did right. You did what you had to do. €€ However, what if we created a world where an assassin wouldn't have the opportuni ty to get to you? €€ In the same way, what if we created companies that made positive Christian movies and novels that championed the values and morals that you hold dear?€ €€ What if you went to the movies or went to a library and were entertained with gre at stories that you didn't have to have your guard up against? €€ What if you lived in that kind of world? €€ That is a world that is not my dream to create but is a world that I have begun t o create.€ €€ € The FREE DAILY LOVE STORIES FOR MARRIED COUPLES€is a step in the right direction. M any more steps of different kinds would be made and much more greater things of different kinds would surely happen as the clocks of Time ticks. €€ €I wrote this so you would get a small picture of what's going on in my head. I wro te this so you can get an idea of where I'm going. €€ Anyway, the€FREE DAILY LOVE STORIES FOR MARRIED COUPLES online post series would be gin today; this morning. The stories would be posted every morning starting from today. €€ They stories are going to be shorter than love stories. I would like to call them "1 Pagers" because of their size, although they may be longer than one page lon g. They would be a quick but full read. Much love & God bless. Alfred Benjamin King.

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