Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

(a) Countries that are highly respected today in the comity of nation are industrialised nations.These countries are built by the government and entrepreneurs that believe in the country. I want Nigeria to be an industrialized nation, respected in the world as a true giant. (b) One of the biggest problems of Nigeria is unemployment. I want to be an entrepreneur to provide jobs for people. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. When people are employed, they are busy. Problems of insecurity will be reasonably reduced. (c) One of the problems confronting this country is that of poverty, when people are employed there is reduction in the poverty level. I want to be an entrepreneur to put smiles on the face of the people thus helping the county to solve the problem of unemployment. (d) One of the problems of the country is that of monoeconomy. Overreliance on oil to detriment of other sectors. Industrial sector must play a big role in the country economy if will must take our rightful place in the comity of nations. I want to be an entrepreneurs a successful one that will pay huge taxes to government so that government will have more money in its coffer to prosecute her electoral promise. Industries have to play a role in this.Agricultural sectors have to play a role in this .Mining sector also have a huge role to play. These are better achieved with entrepreneurs with burning desires to succeed (we need more dangotes, Otedolas, subomis, Otudekos, Elumelus, Ovia’s,Ishaku Rabius, Jimoh Ibrahims,etc) in various sectors of Nigeria economy. I want to be one of the people that will take Nigeria’s economy to greater height. (2) How did you get your business idea? A necessity in my community but not

From my environment. readily available.

power supply is very poor. birthday. I am highly motivated.(3) Birnin Kebbi. That I will succeed. Reason. 20 by 30cm etc. (a) Because there is a readily available market. It was never easy for any of them but today they are at the commanding height of their various endeavour. There is nothing good that comes easily. I have read about them and others numerous times. Even for those that have deep freezer. (4) Why will you succeed. For those that hawk pure water and for retail shops that sell minerals and other drinks.Bunza. It will never be easy but I will persevere. Aliko Dangote) Nigeria. Though I know that it has not been easy.There are so many ceremonies taking place in Birnin Kebbi whereby drinks are hot if the people have a choice they wound prefer them to be chilled. Describe your business idea. . light is usually shared all over Birnin Kebbi. (b) My dream rigth from my university days is to be an entrepreneur. 20 by 15cm.Kamba etc). for those that are doing ceremonies (naming ceremony. (c) I am convinced within myself that I can do it. Determination is the key to success. Birnin Kebbi is a very hot environment where need for cold things is a necessity but unfortunately cold things are not readily available most of the shops cannot afford to buy deep freezer to chills their drinks. The market is very large it involves the whole of Birnin Kebbi and its environ(Argungu. Making iced blocks of varies sizes 50 by 30cm. marriage etc).Jega. Market for my product is readily available. My role model are big time businessmen (Lashmir mittal) the india steel magnate (Alh.

I will be better than my competitors by providing superior custom services. Marriages.People preparing for various ceremonies(naming.I will carry them along.Immediate target groups include those selling drinks(pure water. What five things do you need to do in the next six months to start you business (1)Adequate evaluation of the business environment .I will give a good listening ears to my patient.mineral). I will make sure I earn customers trust.I will treat my customers as kings. I will make them feel as stakeholders in the organization. confidence and loyalty. People will buy the product because the product is a necessity in Kebbi state. It is unique because I have already made a market surveillance no body is currently rendering such services in Birnin Kebbi and its environs What is the competition No competition for now but I am sure when I start competitors will come in. I will Listen to them and solve their problems. Most importantly hardwork and passion for growth of the organization will be excellently rewarded.I will make sure their complains are well taken care of.birthday celebration) The size of the market is marvellous and the growth potential is wonderful because the need is present in all the towns and villages of Kebbi state Why we people buy your product/services. My staffs are paramount to success of the organization.What make them unique.Using airconditioner in Kebbi is a necessity not a luxury so also for cold things.

How to overcome this risk (1)Expend time and resources to identify capable technicians nearby. It means technicians have to come from Lagos which might disrupt production for sometime. (5)Identification of potential customers. .(2)Adequate evaluation of the financial needs to start and run the business successfully (3)Identification of various categories of staffs that can make the business successful and take it to the next level. Infact one of them is coming to Kebbi for a thorough assessment of the business environment. (3) It is a new product being introduce into Kebbi. trusted and with integrity to Kebbi to kick start the business What are the risk you foresee in this business (1) I am yet to identify good technicians in kebbi. Sokoto and its environ who can fix the machine when it develop fault. People might have doubt. It is not good for business (2) Poor power supply can also disrupt production. (4)Assessment of the risk involved in the business and ways of overcoming it including ways of competing favourably with competitors. reaching out to them and establishment of good rapport with them What qualification and experience do you have to start and run the business I have two brothers that are running similar business in variously part of Lagos successfully. They have a thorough understanding of the business. I will tap from their wealth experience. I also intend deploying some of their staffs with good understanding of the business. People might resist change.

5 million +1. (3)Possess additional functional Coldroom/AC condenser(fabricated) at least two at any given time (4)Identify customers.(2)Employ staffs with technical knowhow. to satisfaction them How much do you need to start the business. (1)Land at least a plot (100 by 70)feet =2 million (2)Construction of coldroom/AC condenser capacity of 1000 1ced blocks/day =1. (5)Listening to my customers and ensuring their complains are well taken care of.5 million for two=3 million (3)Delivery pick up coldroom van vehicle=1. establishing a good relationship with them.5 million +1. (6)Construction of huge overhead reservoir tank 150 thousand each for three=450 thousand (7)Salaries of ten different category of staffs for at least six months=1 million (8) Logistics and other miscellaneous=500 thousand Total cost=11 million Name of business=Husnah ventures Location=Birnin Kebbi. repeated advertisement of the product to them.5 million for two =3 million (4)Generating sets that can power the coldroom thousand+350 thousand for two=700 thousand 350 (5)Construction of three boreholes with pumping machines 150 thousand each for three=450 thousand.Kebbi state .

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