Questions on Social Research

2003: When is survey research appropriate? What type survey research would you use to study heroin users? Defend the logic of your choice. 2004: Why is research essential to the scientific enterprise and what are the principal theoretical methods available to Sociologists in the study of social life? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? 2005: Discuss the importance of social research for the study of Sociology. Explain the steps to be taken in social Research Process. 2006: What is a research design? What type of research design can be used for studying the problems of drug addiction/HIV/AIDS in Pakistani society? Discuss with examples. 2007: A research design is a roadmap for investigation. Discuss the major decisions a researcher makes in designing a study. While discussing decisions, identify a research problem with reference to which the designing has been envisaged. 2008: What type of survey would you use to study young criminals? Defend the logic of choice in detail? 2009: Discuss the term Social Research and explain the important steps of inducting social research. 2010: What is internal validity that influences social science research design? What are different threats to internal validity? Discuss with examples. 2011: Define the term "Social Research" and discuss the procedure "How to conduct a Research?"

Questions on Theories & Views of Sociologists
2003: a) Durkheim wrote extensively on the suicide. Critically examine his views about Suicide. b) Describe the idea of philosophy of money as presented by George Simmel. How and in what ways other scholars have presented their views to describe the idea of philosophy of money. 2004: Write clearly. What major Contributions did Karl Marx and Ibn-i-Khaldun make to our understanding of the social experience? 2005: What are different theories about origin of society? Discuss them in detail. 2006: What is the role of C.W. Mills in the development of Frankfurt school of conflict theory? Where and how he differs from his contemporaries? Discuss with evidence. 2007: What major contributions were made by Emile Durkhiem and Max Weber to the understanding of society theoretically? How far the two theories can be taken relevant today? 2008: Karl Marx has discussed labour theory of value in detail. What do you understand by that theory; write your answer in detail. 2009: a) Karl Marx “Theory of Labour” Discuss in detail. b) Discuss the major contributors of Max Weber in understanding the society theoretically. 2010: Discuss critically the theories of social action and bureaucracy presented by Max Weber. How the theory of bureaucracy is relevant to situation in Pakistan? Discuss with logic and evidence. 2011: a) Write a note in detail on "Evolutionary Theory" given by Ibn-i-Khaldun. b) Discuss in detail "Theory of Labour" given by Karl Marx.

Questions on Short Notes
2003: (a) Aging of Population (b) Factors influencing high divorce rate in Pakistan 2004: (a) Future of Cities in Pakistan (b) Implications of population growth (c) Ethnocentrisms (d) Probability and Non-probability Sampling. 2005: (a) Factions and Feuds (b) Parole System in Pakistan 2006: (a) Drug Abuse (b) Social Conflicts 2007: Write a comprehensive note (with an outline) on any three of the following: (a) Incentives and inhibitions to social and cultural change in Pakistan. (b) Rural-Urban convergence and the future of cities in Pakistan (c) The nature and genesis of social institutions with special reference to political institutions. (d) Demographic transitions identifying the stage in Pakistan. 2008: (a) Effects of Population Policy 2002 (b) Internal migration 2009: ---2010: (a) Poverty in Pakistan (b) Drug abuse in Pakistan 2011: ----

Questions on Crime & Deviance
The young criminals have been on the increase in Pakistan for the last many years in jail. Write down critically the main factors .associated with Juvenile delinquency.

What are the social effects of deviance and do Crime-fighting programs including imprisonment work in Pakistan?

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Questions on Culture
2003: ----2004:
Why culture is indispensable to human society and what part do norms and values play in social life?

2005: ----2006: ----2007:
Individual is product of society and culture. Different methods of socialization lead to a variety of building norms and values in the personality of individuals. Discuss: (a) The relationship of individual, society and culture. (b) Different methods of socialization (c) the variation exemplified due to different methods of socialization in norms and values.

2008: ----2009: ----2010:
Discuss the role of media in social and cultural change in Pakistan. what type of social planning/policy is needed to direct this change in the context of our own social and cultural values. Discuss with examples.

2011: -----

Questions on Mixed Issues
2003: What do you understand by diffusion of innovation? Taking Pakistani situation, are we in a position to reach the stage of taking off economically? 2004: ---2005: a) Differentiate between Primary and Secondary Groups, and discuss the character of Primary Relations? b) Define the terms Race and Racism. Discuss the causes responsible for Race Prejudices, and how these can be eradicated? c) Define status. Discuss the factors which decide status of an individual in society. 2006: There is a thesis that “the development programs/ strategies to change the fate of poor farming community in rural Pakistan are not based upon the evidence-based policy. Therefore, a failure in this regard is being faced for the last several decades”. How do you support this thesis? Make an evidence-based argument in the light of different evaluations/assessments made for rural development in Pakistan. 2007: a) Political thinkers in Pakistan lament that man in the street is alienated. Do u agree to the statement and if you agree give reasons. Discuss: (i) nature of alienation (ii)Integration (iii) Integrative patterns in Pakistan b) Discuss the class structure of Pakistani society with special reference to: (i) the influence of the class structure at the time of independence. (ii) the determinants of social mobility (c) the feudal system 2008: a) In what respects are your values similar to those of your parents? In what respects do they differ? How do you explain these differences? b) What do you understand by social mobility? Discuss “do transfer of payments aid or discourage social mobility”. c) Why dissatisfaction with bureaucracy does arise? What is major obstacle in eliminating bureaucratic features which cause resentment? Discuss in detail.

2009: Define the term “Social Change”. How it occurs in a traditional society? Disucss it in detail. Define the term “Community” and discuss the important characteristics of rural and urban community. 2010: ----2011: a) Discuss in detail "Urbanization as a process". b) Discuss the status of elderly people in Pakistani society.

Questions on Social Institutions
2003: ----2004: Define social institution and how can religion hold in check the explosive social tensions produced by inequality and injustice. 2005: ----2006: a) Define social institution. What is the significance of family, religion and education as institutions in the process of socialization? Explain your answer with examples from Pakistan society. b) What role biradri/caste system is playing in decision making on political issues especially local bodies elections in rural areas of Pakistan? How this biradri-based political organization influences the community development process? Discuss in the light of issues/conflicts arising from the situation and their impact on the individual, family and society. 2007: ----2008: ----2009: ----2010: a) What is role of biradri /castes in political system of Pakistan? Support your answer with data and evidence from previous general election results in Pakistani society. b) How do you perceive the future of family institution/system in Pakistan? Discuss with examples especially keeping in view marriage, elderly and youth problems in the families. 2011: -----

Questions on Social Problems
2003: ----2004: How you can define poverty and what strategies the Government of Pakistan has adopted to alleviate poverty and also discuss the role of NGO's to address the issue of poverty. 2005: ----2006: Rural-Urban migration is causing labour-drain from rural communities. What problems this situation is creating in the labour market of rural communities. As a subject scholar, what solutions do you suggest to minimize these problems? Discuss with examples. 2007: ----2008: Migration from rural to urban area is on the rise in Pakistan. Discuss all the positive and negative points at the origin and destination keeping theory of migration into consideration. 2009: Discuss Migration as a social phenomenon. 2010: Urbanization in Pakistan is increasing day by day. how do you look into the future of major cities in Pakistan? Discuss in light of terror and security situation in these cities. 2011: Define the term "Social problem" and discuss the causes of drug abuse in Pakistan.

Questions on Socialization
2003: ----- 2004: ----2005: In your opinion what are the advantages of socialization? Is Socialization process applicable to the adults? Discuss it. 2006: ----- 2007: ----- 2008: ----- 2009: ----- 2010: ----- 2011: -----

Questions on Importance/Social Sciences
What do you understand by scales and indexes used in social sciences? When is it necessary to shift the base of an index and how is this process carried out?

2004: ----2005: ----2006: ----2007:
In the light of theoretical perspectives (Hegel, Marx, Coser, Mills) explain the true nature of conflict. Discuss the various forms of pervasive conflict in Pakistan Society

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