Questions (All answers should be with 2-3 lines). Each one contains 1 Points. 1.

While developing a website what are the aspects you need to look on for better customer satisfaction? Ans: For the customer satisfication these are the major the issues we can concern first of all we can gather the requirements. Estimation of the website Complete with in the time. Mainly we can do the customers requirements and we can use the latest designs for the customer requirement. e. We can deploy the project with in the customer requirement. 2. What are the major changes you observed of websites from last 3-5 years. Ans: These are the mainly observed the changes in website a. Mainly the design problem for the websites. b. Last 3-5 years we can use old versions now we can get the latest versions like Ajax,Php..etc c. Browsing must be fastly . d. We can create websites very easlly by using php because…we can use php there is no lot of code we can drag and drop the input fields… e. That means…things make easier..we can easily edit and update the websites. 3. Which feature is changed the web sites design and mostly used in Facebook. Ans:Some feature must be changed the websites designs orkut,facebook..etc a. Mainly designing must be changed..because we can use the latest versions for the facebook ajax.Rch..etc… b. Why latest versions are used because…we can use the snmp and some webservices must be used in the past days..these snmp must have some advantages and disadvantages.But to day…the latest versions has very unique. a. b. c. d.

List some of web servers and embedded web servers you know. Ans:secure socket layers 11.Snmp) . What are the main challenges while developing a website for embedded systems. Ans: The main challenges developing the website for embedded the systems a. What is the advantage of accessing a device on internet.then the internet must be browsing slowly. 9.NET Technologies. Who controls the web standards. 7. (Give an example). Ans: we can use the c/c++ because it is object oriented and we can topdown approach and we can easily accessible compare to others versions. First we know the protocols (Tcp/IP.but…internet café…we can connect the system like bus topology…we can connect the systems to systems and memory must be computing. 8. Ans: Jquery must be used for the easily accessing the forms. Why C/C++ used in embedded systems. And how to connecting the system to system that means peer-peer networks. 5.4..we can give the some memory for that month. Why JQuery is used. b. Why do you choose WPF over other . 6. Ans:apache tomcat server. Why an old websites needs to be upgraded.. c.Sntp. .Because.we can use a device on internet. Ans: In these days internet is very useful for the manpower. How AJAX web service can be used. The mainly the embedded services is cloud computing. How it be useful for you. What is SSL and how its useful in web technologies. 13. Ans: we can control the web standard is 12. 10.the browsing must be fastly and it can access easlly.

net .java…etc… 15..because we can learn some languages for the projects.. . What are the advantages of desktop applications over web applications.Ans: because the old websites must design is very bad and we can upgraded with the latest version for the websites. Are you interested for developing a project with multiple technologies combined together (Explain your opinion) Ans:yes we can developing the project with multiple technologies. Ans:it can easily upgraded and it can easily access and updated. 14.

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11 ...5171.1:5:9/.67.73.1..1.00::.579.7730.7960.9 73.:3.:.51.631/:.56967565  5::0.5..05636: /0..65:69/.5.5.: 5...0.1      .510.5:/0.05636:064/51 .5.9:.:379. .:.:61:2.65:  5:.53./:.: 0.95:643.7730.:   965.11..9:6569.  .7960...

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