Where is Long Eaton?
Long Eaton is a medium sized town (of around 30,000 population) in the East Midlands region of the UK, in the south east of Derbyshire and very close to the borders of

Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Long Eaton

Fig. 1 The location of Long Eaton in the East Midlands and by the River Trent Long Eaton is located in between Nottingham and Derby, being about 10 miles from both cities. Landscape The relief around Long Eaton is quite flat and low lying at about only 30 – 40 metres above sea level, even though it is approximately 70 miles from the sea! The town lies in the Trent Valley and the River Trent is found to the south, flowing north - eastwards on its journey to Nottingham and beyond to the Humber Estuary. In the past Long Eaton

has seen its share of floods, the latest severe flood being in 2000. Much of the land to the south of Long Eaton is not built on and is left as flood plain. However floods do happen less often as work has been done on flood protection and drainage. Some brief history In 1800 Long Eaton was only a small village with farms and cottages surrounding a village green, on the route between Derby. The population was less than 1000. In fact the village of Sawley to the south west (now an extension of Long Eaton) was a much larger, older community based on agriculture and trade, the village having the advantage of being a bridging point over the River Trent. However the building of the Erewash Canal from the River Trent to Langley Mill and across the Nottingham - Derby road, The landmark building – formerly the Cocaused rapid industrial growth in Long Eaton in the early op Central Rooms – has been restored to its former glory as part of the Long Eaton nineteenth century. Factories were built alongside the Heritage Economic Regeneration Scheme. canal and people moved into Long Eaton in their thousands for work. The early houses were built along Derby Road and Nottingham Road, with many streets built to house the factory workers northwards from Derby Road. The first factories made lace and other textiles, but later Long Eaton became renowned as the largest producer of furniture in the UK. Transport and Communications Long Eaton is well served by transport networks. It is close to M1 motorway Junctions 24, 24A and 25 providing easy access to London, Leicester, Sheffield and Leeds. The A42/M42 to Birmingham is nearby and the A52 (recently renamed as ‘Brian Clough Way’ allows easy access to Nottingham and Derby. The town has a railway station with trains to Derby, Birmingham, Nottingham and London. The railway yards and sidings at Toton provide rail transport for goods. Long Eaton also has the advantage of being less than 10 miles from East Midlands Airport, giving Long Eaton international travel routes. Economic activity and employment Like other manufacturing towns in Britain, many factories have closed in Long Eaton in the last 40 years, but some textile factories still operate (e.g. Penn Nyla) and despite foreign competition Long Eaton remains the most important furniture producer in the UK, including companies such as Duresta and JDP. There is also employment in engineering and distribution (e.g. DSL). As to be expected, a large number of people work in a wide range of services, including the offices of Erewash Borough Council. Long Eaton is also a commuter town, being so close to work places in Nottingham and Derby. Services Long Eaton has a good range of services for its population. ……………………………..