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Internal Moderation Cover Sheet

Course ____________________________Teacher in Charge ______________________Standard No & Version ______________

NQF Level ____ Year of Assessment _________ Assessment Title/Context _____________________________________________

When completed, this file will contain

 A copy of the standard. Critiquer (Print name) ________________________________ Signed ________________________
 The assessment materials –student instructions and resources and assessment
schedule, including any evidence and sufficiency statements. Verifier (Print name) ________________________________ Signed ________________________
 Other pertinent documents e.g. annotated draft, emailed comment, standards
review document, Secqual circular. Date _______________ (Teacher in charge) Signed ________________________
 Copies of 4 benchmark samples of student work for a unit standard, 8 for an
achievement standard. These are available for external moderation.
 The external moderator’s report, if available.

The critiquer and the verifier sign this form as each process is completed. (They may
be the same colleague.) The teacher in charge of the course signs on completion.
The completed file is retained by the teacher and stored accessibly.

Consistency Between Multiple Classes

  Cross-assessment  Panel or team assessment
  Class teacher assesses, another teacher  Class teacher assesses, an outside colleague
verifies verifies
  Other Method ______________________________________________________________

Critiquing Materials (and modifying, if necessary) √ Verifying Grades and Listing Benchmark Samples of Student Work
Source of materials (circle or add) TKI/MOE Own Student name Teacher’s Verified Comment, where appropriate
Commercial Shared Subject assn Other ________________ grade grade

Student instructions state registered standard number and

version, title, level and credits
Instructions are clear and language is appropriate
Materials are consistent with relevant curriculum
Materials allow students to achieve all elements/criteria of the
Materials (for achievement standards) allow students to reach
Merit and Excellence
Instructions are consistent with explanatory notes/range Maintaining Understanding of the National Standard
statements in the standard (Circle and/or add names, dates or any other useful information.)
Assessment schedule is consistent with the standard
Evidence statements (where standard requires them) allow for a MOE/NZQA resources External Moderation Colleagues in other schools Cluster meetings
range of acceptable answers from students
Judgment/sufficiency statements clearly describe performance Subject association Advisor _________
levels e.g. quality and length
August 2006