Chitradeep Dutta Roy

 Permanent Address: 376/10 M.B.Road, Panchanantala, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700049  Phone: 9030019302  E-Mail:  Current Location: Hyderabad

I love to learn variety of technologies and like to work on astonishing platforms that transform the way people do things everyday. I feel pleased to be challenged with complex real-life problems and like to work out simple, cool solution for everything that seems difficult at first. Currently I do enjoy working as an iOS developer making enterprise application that changes the way people do business from what it used to be a few years back. But this is just one of my experience, I never would like to see myself stuck with one particular thing, where there are so many magical things to learn and do.

I am currently working as an iOS Developer in Tata Consultancy Services from September 2010. Below are my roles in the projects that I had been part of.

SAP Expert Finder
• This project is being made for SAP Labs.

June 11 – Present

• It is an application where users in an organization can search for experts from different Solutions, Industries, Regions, Languages, Job Roles and Line of Business as per their need. They can also group their search results on the basis of the above categories. They can bookmark experts for future needs. One can share expert profiles with his /her fellow user. One can send invitation to an expert for a meeting. There is also option for a user to evaluate or review an expert. Using VOIP one will also be able to call an expert right from the iPad if the expert is available and users can also message experts if they are interested. Experts can update their job profiles, areas of expertise; can upload relevant videos, documents, photos and link different Internet career profiles like LinkedIn. • The application will run using Sybase Unwired Platform as a middleware that will fetch data from a remote SAP server. It will be using very advanced T-REX or Find-Grid Search Engine to search for expert profiles. ROLE: I am currently involved in screen layout and designing using cocoa touch, and also building the Mobile Business Objects and the backend SQL Anywhere database in Sybase Unwired Platform that will sync with remote SAP server.

Citi Bank eBiz iPad Application
• This project is made for Citi Bank.

April 11 - June 11

• The application is built for Citi Bank Credit cardholders. In the application users can view and analyse his various transaction in rich interactive environment designed by renowned UI design company Fjord. Users can make new transactions through the application. Moreover users are provided with financial planning and future opportunities. • Citi Bank for iPad is now ranked 1 in finance apps and it had seen peak rank of 22 among all apps. Now it’s in staff favorites of iTunes Store US. • It can be found at City Bank for iPad ( ROLE: I was involved in developing various interactive 2D (interactive Bubble Plot) and 3D (interactive Pie Chart) charting components using core graphics and core animation framework. During the late development phase I worked with Instruments for fixing various memory leak issues.

ROLE: As a developer I developed UI for this application. The contents are not stored in the device. According to the choice of the customer for vehicle the dealer could arrange a suitable time for test drive and personal session with the customers. January 11 . I also used Map Kit Framework to locate a User to refine his nearest retail store results inside the application. He could also suggest helpful financial plans and various accessories for their vehicle to customers depending on their needs. March 11 . Nov 11 .March 11 • It was a complaint management application for the Airlines where customers could complain about some defects and dissatisfactions he/she faced in the airlines and the complaint would reach airlines and log will be maintained. ROLE: I fixed some error in XML Parsing from back-end server. ROLE: Developed the user interface using cocoa touch framework and used Core Animation and Quartz Core 2D for all the animations and PDF viewer. Online Store • This was an Internal R&D project. Different leads in an organization can easily keep track of all the units’ outputs and status going to another screen just swiping his finger. The app also had a custom audio/video player and pdf viewer with paged view facility. production (Actual/Planned). For this project our lead 2 . Media Player framework for creating the custom Audio/Video Player. Volkswagen Sales Tracking System • This application is built for Volkswagen. Composite. Customers will be able to see and check response from airlines from time to time. Also the application includes a shelf that is a digital repository of all the contents users had bought from the store. ROLE: Here my responsibility was to design all the interactive charting modules using an open source API Core Plot and lot of custom charting module using Quartz Framework. efficiency. operation ratio etc. They are fetched from the server with HTTP live streaming.Plant Automation Dashboard • This project is made for both General Motors and Chrysler. Hawaiian Airlines • This project is made for Hawaiian Airlines. I handled a very huge Defect Log UITableView efficiently. movies and music.April 11 • This application is for Manufacturing Units where Line Manager can visually see the status of each line like overall equipment utilization. scrap. I developed client for consuming HTTP Live Streaming used OpenAL. I was also involved in coding the module to handle NSURL connections and parse JSON coming from the back-end server. • This industrial dashboard graphically shows all the key performance parameters of a farm in form of dynamic charts (Bar. Pie. Solved a number of Memory Leaks issues.Jan 11 • The application is an Online Digital Store app for iPad where users can browse and buy digital contents like eBooks.Feb 11 • The Application was designed for Sales Manager and Dealer of the company where dealer can view the appointments in the correct order and view the details of the customer and his vehicles can also see customer's previous relation with the company. Feb 11 . Scatter). The app is specially designed for iPad.

Java. CSS. Tech 2010 Institute of Engineering and Management. Secondary RKM Boys’ Home High School. Csh. Eclipse. 2004 Skills • Operating Systems • Programming Languages • Scripting Languages • Internet Technologies • Database • Programming Environment • Tools Windows. ROLE: I did develop XML Parser to parse the data that comes from server for the Survey and also used Core Plot APIs to design charting component for the application. Kolkata. And I gave training on Core Animation and Quartz 2D to my entire team. Oct 11 . He can modify his answers or review his answers before finally submitting. Net Beans. models and frameworks. Education B. WBBSE Board with 94.4 Higher Secondary 2006 Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College. He can also view the categorized survey result in the form of a bar chart with his opinions specifically mentioned in the graph for each category. Rahara. GNU/Linux. West Bengal University of Technology. xCode Interface Builder. Online Survey • This was an Internal R&D project. User can view the survey description before starting the survey to get an idea what the particular survey is all about. a very prestigious algorithmic Contest. JavaScript. Oracle MS Visual Studio. DGPA: 8. Objective C Bash. JSP. HTML. • We were finalists in Overnite (coding contest) in Kshitij (annual technical festival of IIT Kharagpur) in both 2009 and 2010. C++. We also were selected as semi-finalists in the regionals of both Kanpur and Amritapuri site in 2008. • My team ranked 11th in Campus ReSnackdown 09 a national level programming contest organized by Codechef where more than 600 teams from all over India participated. WBCHSE Board with 90%. 3 .gave me entire freedom and responsibility to design the entire architecture.2%.Nov 11 • This is an iPhone Application that is meant for taking survey for different products by different organizations. Mac OSX (Snow Leopard & Lion) C. • My team ranked 37th globally in Bitwise 2k10 of IIT KGP. Instruments Achievements (Technical) • My team (idleheads) ranked 17th in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Regional 2009 (South Asia Region) at Kanpur (Gwalior) site out of the top 60 teams selected all over India. JQuery MySQL.

• My Paper on ‘A New Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme on Images’ was selected in the finals of HP Innovate 09.• My team has won many prizes in several inter-college programming & debugging competitions during technical festivals of different Engineering colleges which includes: • • • • • • Bengal Engineering and Science University (BESU). Shibpur (1st) (both 2009 & 2010) National Institute of Technology. in 2010.7 million students in West Bengal Secondary Examination (Madhyamik Pariksha). 2004. Publication • My paper "Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme on Images using Watermarking" has been published in the February Edition of the "International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security" (IJCSNS) South Korea. Durgapur (1st) Institute of Engineering and Management (1st) Techno India College of Engineering (2nd) Netaji Subhas Engineering College (2nd) Future Institute of Engineering and Management (2nd) and many others. • Ranked within top 5 in Talent Search Test in Mathematics organized by AIMT (Association for Improvement of Mathematics Teaching) in the year 2003. Achievements (Academic) • Ranked 20th in 0. 4 .

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