Communiqué of the Sudan Revolutionary Front

The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) convened its second meeting on 11th November 2011. Senior leaders representing the four founding organizations attended the meeting. Impelled by our patriotic duties and answering the call of our people for just peace, democracy, equality, liberty and decent living standards, we in the Sudan Revolutionary Front are committed to both civil political action and armed popular struggle as a means for achieving these aims. We declare to our people, our friends in neighbouring countries and the world at large, that we have agreed, men and women of one mind, on the following: 1. We affirm our resolve to overthrow the National Congress Party (NCP) regime using all available means, above all civic political resistance and unified armed struggle.

2. Our four organizations have added the final signatures to the Kauda Declaration. 3. A High-Level Political Committee has been set up to undertake the day-to-day work, complete the programme and set-up the structures of the Sudan Revolutionary Front. Its members are: Al-rai'h Mahmoud, Abu-Algasim Imam, Ahmed Tugud and Yasir Arman. 4. A Joint High-Level Military Committee has been established to conduct the armed struggle for liberation. It's first responsibility is to repel the NCP's vengeful, dry season offensive, which is targeting civilians in war zones, in all the theatres of conflict, including Khartoum, the capital. 5. The meeting agreed on a date for a full meeting of the leadership of the Sudan Revolutionary Front, to be attended by all the Front's organizations' leaders to approve the programme, the military and

political structures, and appoints the heads of the political and military structures. 6. The High-Level Political Committee has been charged with making contact with all the forces of change working for the overthrow of the regime - political parties and civic organizations - to agree a joint platform and a national consensus for the post-NCP governance arrangements. To that end, the High-Level Political Committee held its inaugural meeting to assess the current political situation in our country, and agree its work schedule for the coming period. The Committee confirmed that the NCP regime, in spite of its continuous attacks and daily atrocities against the sons and daughters of our people through unending violations of human rights, including war crimes and ethnic cleansing, is presently at its weakest - economically, politically and militarily. The regime is imploding and will vanish, like other corrupt regimes around us that has come to rely on repression to retain power. It has humiliated our people and dismembered our homeland. Should its rule continue, it will lead to further divisions in Sudan. Those who are keen on the unity and future of Sudan have no choice other than the overthrow of this regime. The SRF is calling upon all Sudanese political Forces to reject the path of partial political settlement with the NCP regime and adopt a holistic approach for changing the regime's seat of power in Khartoum. This regime has launched war on Sudanese people in the West, East, South and North, leaving little doubt that the resolution of Sudan's crisis rests in replacing the Khartoum regime and restructuring the centre of power to the benefit of all the people. The SRF calls upon all Sudanese, not least, youths and women to join in peaceful, popular action and armed struggle to overthrow the regime. The SRF calls upon the international community to adopt a clear and definitive position against the policies of the NCP of using food as a weapon and refusing humanitarian relief to the needy. We direct this call to the friends of our people: Raise the banner of solidarity! Uphold the right to protect civilians facing air attacks! Uphold the right of the Sudanese people to overthrow

dictatorship and achieve democratic change! Signed: Yasir Arman- Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement- North Ahmed Tugud- Justice & Equality Movement Abu-Algasim Imam- Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (AWN) Al-Rai'h Mahmoud- Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (MM)

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