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This report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the course of Entrepreneurship, from the business administration department, IQRA University.

Instructor Session

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Mr. IRFAN BANDUKDA Saturday (03:00-06:00pm)

Business Administration Department IQRA University October 2011


Pishwas is a dress worn by Mughals (Royal families of indo-pak) in 17th century. Princesses usually wore it or queens of indo-Pak. Pishwas consist of top and bottom portion where bottom is much more heavy in embroidery or embellished work. Skilled tailoring is required for this outfit. We will be introducing pishwas cuts and style in casual outfits, so that people can wear it on informal gatherings as well. ANGARKHA

This kurta of two flaps one overlapping the other and tied together by strings. Popular with the ancient Mughals, the Angarkha was not so in a couple of years back but today has seen in vogue. It is worn on both formal and informal gatherings. CHURIDAR

Trouser with pishwas is called choridar or choridar pajama. Choridar pajama is a fitted long trouser that is not loose at all. Churidars are versatile and evergreen as they can be worn with long as well as short kameez and kurtas. DUPATTA

Dupatta or odhni is three straight meters of cloth called Dupatta. It is a long headscarf
popular in traditional clothing of many Asian cultures. Also called a chunni, the scarf is commonly seen throughout India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The scarf can be draped over the head and shoulders in many different ways, and can be worn with everything from pantsuits to evening gowns.

Direct Distribution

We will sell our products directly to the end customer. Customer will come directly to our outlet to buy products. We will not be having any other retailer or distributor.

Advertising We will be advertising our product through cable ads, as they are cost effective. Secondly, we will also publish our ads in leading fashion magazines. Thirdly, we

will give out pamphlets to promote our product with low cost and catering larger number of target customers. Internet marketing We will also put up our ads online on different websites, which are visited most. Not only this but we can also use DIRECT MAIL strategy to promote our product. Endorsements We will endorse our products with leading models of Pakistan fashion industry to ensure our product quality and innovations.

Print media No of Cost per Total Insertions insertion cost per per month month 2 1 1,000 2,500 2,000 2,500

Color print Pamphlet Total one month print media Total one year print media

4,500 54000

Electronic Media (Promo of 30 Seconds) Rate/30Sec(Rs) Total Cost per Cost per Area Cable Run per Day(Rs) Month(Rs) day PECHS 10 7 70 2,100 Defence Cable 15 7 105 3,150 Gulshan 7 7 49 1,470 Total one month 6,720 advertising expense for MTV PAKISTAN Total one year 80,640 advertising expense

Estimated advertising Budget: Electronic Media* Print Media*

80,640 54,000

Web Services Total estimated advertising budget for first Year

2,000 136,640