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APEC SME Green Innovation Conference
April 19-20, 2011

PM’s COP15 Pledge
United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009, Copenhagen

To reduce carbon emission up to 40% in terms of emission intensity of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 2020 compared with its 2005 levels

food contamination and. water contamination. • Health costs for individual and government Asthma. beaches and etc. etc • Loss of ecosystem services For instance healthy mangroves act as natural nurseries of fisheries industry and protection of coastal erosion • Clean-up costs for government Cleaning up of rivers.Why Green Technology? Due to Negative Impacts From Development • Loss of income form polluted resources Rivers. cleaning up of illegal dumping of hazardous waste .

reduce vulnerability. increase carbon sinks • Adaptation – increase adaptive capacity.What the Government Thinks? • Failure to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation into development policy has a great potential to undermine future economic growth. build resilience . • The degree to which climate change will intensify depends on the development trajectory (low carbon development OR business as usual (BAU) high emissions scenario) • Encourage win-win policy initiatives that can yield co-benefits • Mitigation efforts – curtail GHG.

Government Initiatives Transportation infrastructure and vehicles. Management and utilization of water resources. in biofuels and public road transport. . waste water treatment. maintenance and demolition of buildings.) Construction. • Energy Supply Sector (Power generation and energy supply side management) • Energy Utilization Sector (All energy utilization sectors and in demand side management programs. management. solid waste and sanitary landfill.

the Ministry of Energy. GREEN TECHNOLOGY AND WATER (KeTTHA) In April 2009.Government Initiatives MINISTRY OF ENERGY. Green Technology and Water was established in a cabinet reshuffle to replace the Ministry of Energy. Low Energy Office (LEO) Ministry of Energy. Putrajaya . Water and Communications. Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA).

Government Initiatives NATIONAL GREEN TECHNOLOGY POLICY The National Green Technology Policy was launched by the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia on 24 July 2009. Policy Statement Green Technology shall be a driver to accelerate the national economy and promote sustainable development. .

Government Initiatives NATIONAL GREEN TECHNOLOGY POLICY ENERGY Seek to attain energy independence & promote efficient utilisation SOCIAL Improve the quality of life for all 4 PILLARS ECONOMY Enhance the national Economic development through the use of technology ENVIRONMENT Conserve and minimise the impact on the environment .

Promotion And Public Awareness . Intensify Human Capital Development In Green Technology 4.Government Initiatives NATIONAL GREEN TECHNOLOGY POLICY STRATEGIC THRUST 1. Provide A Conducive Environment For Green Technology Development 3. Intensify Green Technology Research And Innovations 5. Strengthen The Institutional Frameworks 2.

. (iii) Human Capital.Government Initiatives NATIONAL GREEN TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL • To have high level coordination among Ministries. (iv) Promotion and Public Awareness. the private sector and all other stakeholders. • The first meeting was held on 26 January 2010. • The National Green Technology Council is now known as the National Green Technology and Climate Change Council. • The council (MTH) is supported by a Steering Committee and five (5) working groups on (i) Industry. Agencies. (ii) Research & Innovation. • The council is chaired by the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia. and (v) Transportation.

Bangi .Government Initiatives MALAYSIAN GREEN TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (GreenTech Malaysia) • Restructuring from National Energy Centre to Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia) • To enhance the position of the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation to become a Focal Point for Green Technology Development in the country Green Energy Office (GEO) Malaysian Green Technology Corporation.

5 billion soft loan • Up to RM50.Government Initiatives GREEN TECHNOLOGY FINANCING SCHEME (GTFS) • RM1.0 million for producers and RM10.0 million for users of green technology • 2% interest subsidy by the government • 60% government guarantee • 140 companies are expected to benefit from the scheme • GreenTech Malaysia to administrator all applications • Effective in January 2010 .

Government Initiatives GREEN TOWNSHIP IN PUTRAJAYA AND CYBERJAYA Its objective is to develop Putrajaya and Cyberjaya as pioneer townships in green technology. as a showcase for the development of other townships in the country. .

certifications and labeling mechanisms including green procurement manuals and procedure to enable government and private sector to embark on green purchasing. Examples of Eco-Labeling: .Government Initiatives GREEN PROCUREMENT AND ECO LABELING • KeTTHA is working with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to develop a mechanism for Green Procurement to be implemented in government agencies. • KeTTHA is working with the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to develop standards.

Government Initiatives ELECTRIC VEHICLES KeTTHA is working with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to develop the infrastructure roadmap for the use of electric vehicles in Malaysia. .

Government Initiatives INTERNATIONAL GREENTECH AND ECO PRODUCTS EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE MALAYSIA (IGEM) 2010 Date 14 .17 October 2010 Venue Kuala Lumpur Convention Center • Exhibition • Conference/Seminar • Cooperation between local and foreign universities • Workshops • Documentaries / Videos • Business Matching Sessions • Business Networking .

including for technology acquisition The premier award to recognise the most innovative SME. including Green Technology Manufacturing Sector Green Technology Services & Construction Sector ICT. Electrical & Electronics Biotech & Agrotech Engineering & Industrial Design .Government Initiatives THE SME INNOVATION AWARD Developed to identify suitable and capable SMEs who are eligible be placed in a Fast Track Programme (FTP) / Green Lane Policy to shorten time-to-market by providing ready access to capital risk. out of six (6) sectors.

Government Initiatives THE SME INNOVATION AWARD 2010 winner for Green Technology category… A full-fledged Green Technology Building Block Original Design Manufacturer producing High Power LED Light Engine and Solar Concentrated Photo Voltaic receivers for Energy Efficient Solid State Lightings (SSL) and Renewable Energy applications. .

Government Initiatives Government Agencies’ Cooperation .

Government Initiatives Government Agencies’ Cooperation .

attitude and habits of the public. • Lack of knowledge and expertise among professionals and regulators in green technology. and • Political will.Challenges • Changing mindset. . • Duplication of tasks and jurisdictional implications.

• Widespread of green technology to reduce overall resource utilization. publicity and green technology education. development and innovation by local university/research institution to be commercialized through local industry cooperation/multinational company. . • Increase of local SME dan SMI businesses to global market. by maintaining country’s economic growth. • Increase of encouragement through incentive and tax. and rule and legislation related to green technology. • Increase of cooperation at international level between local university/research institution and industry. • More active on awareness promotion. • Application of green technology values in life. • Significant reduction in energy consumption in the country and applications of technology green in Malaysian culture.The Way Forward • Green technology becomes the main choice for the products and services and has larger local market. • Increase of research.

Malaysia .THANK YOU NIK MOHD FAHIM BIN MUHAIMIN Ministry of International Trade & Industry.

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