Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Arita Gibbs BUS/475 November 3, 2011 George Taylor III

A Daycare for these adults can provide different services. writing. 2011). respect and compassion toward each individual’s abilities and disabilities. Most of the facilities are faced with no money or support. Conceptualizing a Business 2 Strategic Plan. Our organization will also offer professional assistance to better educated parents and professionals in the community about Autism. Mission Statement Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment founded upon caring. . There is usually not enough staff to assist an individual with his or her needs. cultural activities as well as a place to go to hang out and meet new people. The government has reduced funding to the nonprofit organizations because of the poor economic conditions. and social skills. which will in turn help him or her achieve their independence. Part I. Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center-For Adults with Autism is the new organization I am introducing into the marketplace.Strategic Plan. which offer continued life lessons for adults with autism. Individuals with Autism need to have the opportunity to mingle with other people and take part in challenging activities (Rappeport. Then the idea came to me that these adults needed some training in how to make it in today’s society. classes to improve on his or her reading. Now that he is an adult there are only a few places. for example. Your loved one can be reduced to sitting in the house all day with no stimulation and nowhere to go. In today’s society there are many families facing the dilemma of placing a child with autism who has become an adult in a comfortable setting while he or she has to work. therapeutic classes. Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Introduction I have a child who is artistic and throughout his life I have searched for various programs and facilities that would enhance his learning ability.

We will accept any opportunity and challenge to provide service by becoming creative. Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Centers programs and services will respond to current and up-andcoming community needs. Everyone linked to our business will be treated with respect and dignity. We are dedicated to improving the skills and talents of our employees and supporting their involvement. Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Centers will be the provider that provides a one of a kind service. Helping people with disabilities will be the key to our success. Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center will begin its organization grounded in excellent principles and value. 2009).Strategic Plan. Activities will be executed in an ethical and truthful way. flexible and suitable. Part I. It is also concluded for a chain that values are beliefs or ideas that are important to the organization (Pearce & Robinson. community and empowerment (Carroll County. Both principals and values are vital to any organization. 2009). To lives in a positive way Principles and Values Principals are described as the essential truth that functions as the groundwork for a system of ideas or actions or of a chain of reasoning (Pearce & Robinson. . Conceptualizing a Business 3 Vision Statement Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center’s vision is to become the leading service provider of an adult daycare service for Autism in the world. Our company will operate in an efficient and financially responsible manner. 2009). Our adult center will provide quality in all programs and be held responsible to those who employ and maintain our services. Making individuals and their families stronger is a key factor on which our organization stands. People with disabilities should live in and receive services in the least restrictive setting consistent with their individual needs and abilities based on the principles of choice.

mission. Supporting each individual and encouraging him or her to realize his or her hopes and dreams. Customer Needs Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare Center will evaluate and screen each customer to meet their specific needs. The customer’s needs are the driving force in making this business a success. The direction is aim toward promoting independence. Our job is to offer flexibility and choice. Because we offer not only a one-on-one service but we also acknowledge each level of improvement with a certificate of excellence .Strategic Plan. One way we will accomplish this goal will be to hire the adequate staff. Conceptualizing a Business 4 Strategic Direction As the plans are made on how the organization is to proceed the strategic direction comes into play. Over the next three years our organization will create and put into operation an external and internal communication strategy that advocates and conveys the importance of early education and care to all stakeholders and the public. Strategy is a well developed careful plan (Pearce & Robinson. Part I. We will also propose ways that do not compromise the future well-being of the company and that will help Vernon’s Bright Minds Adult Daycare achieve sustainability. By accomplishing these tasks this will build the internal infrastructure in order to support the company’s vision. physical fitness. Each staff member will be professional trained and certified in specific areas such as counseling. The ongoing challenge is to provide services that are personalized. This will be done periodically throughout the customers stay with us in order to continually improve their experience with our organization. and values are vital to the strategic direction that Vernon’s Bright Minds wants to achieve. The company’s vision. and job training. 2009). When that plan is led to the achievement of the goal of an organization it has the correct Strategic Direction. diet.

The Vernon’s Bright Mind Adult Daycare has the right foundation. Our goal is total independence for our customer. . and is sure to attract a multitude of customers. This describes the organization’s strategic direction. Conceptualizing a Business 5 award. Part I.Strategic Plan. It will continue to remain focused on the needs of the customer. This award gives the customer a sense of achievement and encourages him or her to move to the next level. mission and value statement. Our efforts today will produce independent and productive artistic adults for the future. Conclusion To have a successful business one must have a vision. We will function with the utmost integrity because we have an ethical and social responsibility to our customers and the community.

html . Retrieved from November Pearce. Strategic Management.state. and Control (11th ed. (2009). A. Retrieved from October 30. & Robinson. Part I.. Implementation. How to Design an Adult Day Care Facility.Strategic Plan. 2011 http://www.dhs. Conceptualizing a Business 6 References Carroll County MH/DD Management Plan. Rappeport. R.). (2011). L. Formulation. Boston. (2009). Ma: 2011 http://www.

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