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Project Manager Role Application Consultant Role Development Consultant Role Technical Consultant Role

Project Manager Role Activities in SAP Solution Manager
The main responsibilities of the project manager include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

the entire project

Developing strategies and procedures for an efficient SAP implementation Developing and maintaining the time schedule for the implementation project Finalizing and managing the project scope, budget and deadlines in accordance with the approved plans Assigning and managing resources Monitoring project progress on a weekly basis Carrying out evaluations and analyses Carrying out a formal review at the end of each phase Clarifying open issues in good time Reporting regularly to the review committee on the progress and status of the project Representing the project internally and externally Giving status updates to the whole project team

Project managers can also copy content from a ValueSAP Edition 2 project into an SAP Solution Manager project. See the migration tool documentation.

Application Consultant Role

Application consultants are responsible for making sure that the Business Blueprint and software configuration are tailored to the business processes and that analysis and report requirements are fulfilled. They use their knowledge of proven business procedures to support them in these tasks. Application consultants also function as advisers and work closely with the rest of the project team. They also work in close cooperation with legacy system experts, when extraction of legacy data is necessary. Activities in SAP Solution Manager

The main responsibilities of the application consultant include:
• • Supporting definition and modeling of business processes Checking how the business model works with the SAP products

• • • • • • • • •

Configuring the software to suit the required business processes and to meet analysis and report requirements Determining the global and local standardization requirements Determining requirements for organizational change in the enterprise Supporting knowledge transfer to other project team members Supporting organization and performance of tests Defining requirements for authorization profiles and access authorizations Analyzing statistical performance and passing on recommendations for improvement to support Creating and developing data solutions and strategies to meet the requirements of the corresponding SAP component (for example, APO, BW, CRM) Creating end user training materials for the new functions

The application consultant is not responsible for:
• • • The technical implementation of the solution The programming of interfaces and other developments Recurring problems with the quality of data (problems with data quality should be passed on to the project manager)

Development Consultant Role Development consultants work with the project manager and the application consultant on the planning and organization of the authorization concept. They also perform developmental tasks and customer-specific developments.

Activities in SAP Solution Manager
The main responsibilities of the development consultant include: • • • Organizing authorizations Developing ABAP programs, for example, interfaces, forms, or modifications Working with the ABAP Workbench

Technical Consultant Role Technical consultants plan the technical requirements for a project with the project manager and the manager of the technical team and then carry out the required technical tasks in the system. Depending on the scope and complexity of the implementation, technical consultants may work in several areas, for example, system administration, database administration, network administration, operating system administration, development of cross-application components, or ABAP development. For international projects, technical consultants also manage consultancy in the following areas: 1. 2. 3. Country-specific business requirements and country-specific SAP software requirements Language-specific or codepage-specific requirements Time-zone issues

Activities in SAP Solution Manager
The main responsibilities of the technical consultant include:

Setting up and installing the system landscape Managing the system landscape and the corresponding transport landscape Providing support and advice in all technical questions during an implementation project Giving daily updates on the technical direction of the project including communicating deviations in the project Developing and realizing the Cutover Plan before going live Communicating effectively with the business process team Transferring knowledge effectively to employees in system administration In order to be able to carry out these tasks, the technical consultant should meet the following requirements: A sound knowledge in the areas of databases, networks, programming and Internet technology A sound knowledge of the SAP solutions