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P R O M O T I N G O N - S I T E P O W E R A N D C O G E N E R A T I O N

JUNE 2011
Dieselec Thistle
Supporting mission
critical systems
throughout the UK
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Frost & Sullivan 14
Smart Grids/Meters are the way forward says a new report.
Gas turbines 16
ENER-G and PlanET Biogastechnik join forces with chickens.
Gas engines 18
Poland buys a Rolls-Royce Bergen B35:40 6-cylinder gas engine.
Gen-sets 20
Four 11kV 2.2mVA diesel gen-sets from Dieselec-Thistle.
Biomass 22
Hans Erik Askou of Aalborg Energie Technik on new CHP plants.
Alternators 24
Leroy-Somers new LSA 42.3 designed for the low-voltage
Gen-sets 26
Caterpillars magnificent response to Hurricane Irene.
Heat Exchangers 28
EJ Bowman highlights the merits of ORC technology.
Silencers 30
Vibro-Acoustics has provided 285 silencers for a data centre.
Boilers 32
Ambitermo - designing boilers for the energy sector.
Emissions & Noise Reduction 34 & 36
Cummins Power Generation (p.34) and E.A.R SP on noise units.
Renewables& UPS Systems 38 & 40
PG&E s new complex (p.38) and Riellos Flywheel UPS (p.40).
UPS & Spain Review 42 & 44
Colt Data Centre Services turns to UPSL - while three of the
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P R O M O T I N G O N - S I T E P O W E R A N D C O G E N E R A T I O N
JUNE 2011
Dieselec Thistle
Supporting mission
critical systems
throughout the UK
Generators -
the UK
As of 3rd December 2010, Scotland's
longest-established FG Wilson Dealer,
Thistle Generators Ltd, became a
wholly owned subsidiary of the
Dieselec Group. Thistle Generators
Ltd have been supplying, installing,
commissioning and supporting
standby generator power systems
since 1968. [See page 20]
Heat exchangers & EJ Bowman. p.28.
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The new easYgen-2000
gen-set control knows how to improve the energy e -
ciency of your gen-set application. This is managed by the integrated load manage-
ment system. It takes care that your gen-set runs at the ideal operating point and
therefore makes sure to save you fuel and costs. Or you decide to operate your gen-
set at the ideal electrical availability and so increase the reliability of your application.
Through the exible programming of the easYgen-2000
you have the choice.
The easYgen-2000
oers essential protection, control and monitoring features
for parallel and loadshare applications all covered by one compact, cost-eective
control unit.
Your gen-set can do better
With the new easYgen-2000
gen-set control
Europe & Africa:
ASEAN & Oceania:
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WO R L D WI D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O WE R AU G U S T 2 0 11
A warm welcome to this months
issue of Worldwide Independent
Power - as always bringing you
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affecting on-site power and
cogeneration around the world.
For editorial comments, please do
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Aidan Turnbull
- Editor
The march of the Supergrid
n your wildest imaginations did you ever think the UK might one day find
itself perched on the edge of a vast supergrid which stretches all the way
across Europe to North Africa? Certainly, the idea of building an energy Supergrid is popular with
Green politicians as it would permit tidally-generated energy, or power from wind farms, solar and
other low carbon power sources such as geothermal to be delivered to energy storage cells or direct to
the consumer.
Some experts suggest that this would eliminate the problems of both intermittency and a requirement
for expensive standby power plants. Most importantly, it would be one way to make a significant
contribution to overcoming the factors which influence climate change.
Another government idea currently being mooted involves the creation of an offshore European
Supergrid designed to significantly reduce the costs of wind power and make land-based pylons extinct.
A new report from UKs MPs suggests - "The UK is virtually an electricity island" and that the UK
government should ends its "laissez-faire approach to offshore transmission" by developing a
co-ordinated power grid in the North Sea which could plug into a future European supergrid.
"Offshore networks can deliver electricity where it's needed without adding to the advancing army of
pylons that's marching its way across our countryside," Tim Yeo MP, the committee chairman, has said.
Yeo argues: "At the moment, we are paying some [wind] generators to switch off because we haven't
got the wires to deliver the electricity. An offshore grid can relieve some of this pressure. We have vast
offshore resources of renewable energy. In fact, we potentially have enough wind, wave and tidal
energy to more than match our North Sea oil and gas production and transform the country from a net
energy importer to a net energy exporter."
Thus, the argument goes that a UK offshore grid could definitely help to deliver low carbon, more
secure energy and at a lower cost.
The idea of a supergrid is by no means a new one. In 2009 DESERTEC emerged - this is a concept
proposed by the DESERTEC Foundation for making use of solar energy and wind energy. The idea is that
this concept will be implemented in North Africa and the Middle East by the consortium Dii GmbH,
formed by a group of European companies and the DESERTEC Foundation. The DESERTEC concept was
initiated under the auspices of the Club of Rome and the German Trans-Mediterranean Renewable
Energy Cooperation (TREC).
Under the DESERTEC proposal, concentrating solar power systems, photovoltaic systems and wind
parks would be spread over the desert regions in
Northern Africa like the Sahara desert.
All the electricity produced would be transmitted
to European and African countries by a supergrid of
high-voltage direct current cables.
It could provide a considerable part of the
electricity demand of the MENA countries and
furthermore provide continental Europe with 15%
of its electricity needs.
By 2050, investments into solar plants and
transmission lines would be total 400 billion.
The exact plan, including technical and financial
requirements, is projected to be finished by 2012.
And only just in time, dont you think?
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SA foundry takes
Jenbacher engines
Thos Begbie & Company,
based in Middelburg,
Mpumalanga, South
Africa, has become self-
sufficient through the use
of Jenbacher gas engine
systems. GE has provided
the company with an
additional 10MW of
electricity to power extra
furnaces. GE was
contracted to provide four
2.7 MW, J620 natural
gas-fired Jenbacher
engines used to power the
arc furnaces used in the
foundrys preheating
processes. The Jenbacher
engines have reduced the
effect of power outages
on the factory, and
improved its production
stability, says the
618MW plant to
replace coal burner
US-based Louisville Gas &
Electric Co. will replace
its ageing 618 MW Cane
Run coal-fired power
plant with a 640 MW
natural gas-fired plant by
LGE and Kentucky Utilities
are asking local state
authorities to approve the
purchase of Bluegrass
Generation Cos 495 MW
natural gas-fired power
plant to replace the
Green River and Tyrone
coal-fired power plants.
The Tyrone plant is
currently mothballed. The
companies said they are
shutting down the older
plants to comply with U.S.
Environmental Protection
Agency rules in areas such
as emissions and meeting
radical anti-pollution
Wrtsil's dual-fuel engines have exceeded 3 million
running hours in both land-based and marine
applications. This milestone represents a dual-fuel
technology track record that cannot be matched by
any other engine manufacturer, claims the
Wrtsil, a global leader in complete lifecycle
power solutions for the marine and energy markets,
is the recognised frontrunner in dual-fuel engine
technology. The Wrtsil DF engine series is
increasingly the power solution choice for utilities
and energy companies, as well as for all segments
of the marine industry, worldwide, reports the
manufacturer. With the engines having passed
3 million hours of reliable and efficient operation,
the effectiveness of this technology is proven.
Today, the total number of Wrtsil DF engines
delivered to both marine and land-based applica-
tions is 470.
Dual-fuel engine technology provides the flexibility
to switch between the use of natural gas and heavy
fuel oil (HFO), light fuel oil (LFO) and various other
liquid fuels. This flexibility in fuel choice offers
numerous tangible benefits, both economic and
With oil prices
fluctuating and
stringent, the
operator has the
freedom to select
the most cost-
effective and readily available fuel, whilst also
having the ability to utilise natural gas in order to
comply with emission limitations.
"For the power plant business, Wrtsil's dual-fuel
technology offers the perfect bridging solution for
switching from liquid fuel to natural gas. The use of
natural gas in power generation is rapidly
increasing, but many locations are currently
without a ready gas supply. Dual-fuel technology
enables customers in such areas to generate
electricity, first with HFO and then to switch later
to gas once it becomes available. Having now
exceeded 3 million hours of reliable and efficient
operation, there can be no doubt as to the
effectiveness of this technology," Vesa Riihimki,
Group Vice President, Wrtsil Power Plants, tells
WIP. "A transition to LNG fuel is one of the most
realistic options for significantly reducing the
environmental footprint. Carbon-based greenhouse
gas emissions can be reduced by at least 15%, while
sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions are practically
entirely eliminated, he said.
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
Wrtsil dual-fuel engines exceed 3m hours
In brief...
China: standards add $40bn to air clean-up
Contrary to popular belief, China
is ahead of the US in cleaning up
its air emissions from coal-fired
power plants. Furthermore,
regulations will be tightened
triggering another US$40 billion in
investment. This is the
conclusion reached in FGD World
Markets, a continually-updated
economic report from the
McIlvaine Company.
China has installed flue gas
desulphuristion systems on
532,000 MW of capacity as of the
end of 2010, says the report.
This compares to less than
200,000 MW of FGD in the US. No
other country in the world has
more than 50,000 MW of FGD.
With 707,000 MW of total coal-
fired capacity, China has fitted
more than 75% of its coal-fired
capacity with FGD. This
compares to less than 60% in the
U.S. New standards to take effect
on January 1st, 2012 will limit
sulphur emissions in populated
areas to 100 mg/Nm3. This is a
reduction from the present
general standard of 400 mg/Nm3.
China is also investing more in
NOx reduction than any other
country and is now targeted
mercury. China has also under-
taken a massive program to shut
down 76,000 MW of old small
coal-fired power plants. This is
more capacity than exists in any
country except the US.
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Essential_A4_120_RRSOTY2010_RD.i4 4 20/09/2011 13.51.29
In brief...
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
Nexterra in
gasification move
US-based Nexterra Systems
Corp. has signed a US$6.9m
contract to deliver a bio-
mass gasification system to
the U.S. Department of
Veterans Affairs Medical
Center (VAMC) in Michigan.
The 28 MMBtu per hour
biomass gasification system
will provide 2MW of heat
and power and 14,000
pounds per hour of
saturated steam to the
medical centre.
Estimated to cost around
US$18m the project will be
delivered in partnership
with DeMaria Building Co.
and HGA Architects. The
facility is projected to
achieve a 30% reduction in
greenhouse gas emissions
(GHG) by 2020, producing a
minimum of 7.5% of
electricity from renewable
US$35m contract for
B&Ws Finland project
Babcock & Wilcox Vlund,
the Denmark-based sub-
sidiary of Babcock &
Wilcox, has been awarded a
US$35 million contract with
Finland-based EkoKem to
supply key equipment for a
36 MW waste-to-energy CHP
plant in Riihimki, Finland.
B&W Vlund will design,
manufacture, deliver and
construct the waste-to-
energy plants heat
recovery boiler using B&Ws
patented DynaGrate
water-cooled combustion
grate, burners, combustion
air system & selective non-
New 600V DiodeStar rectifiers available
Diodes Incorporated, a leading
global manufacturer and supplier
of high-quality application
specific standard products within
the broad discrete, logic and
analog semiconductor markets,
today announced that it has
expanded its range of DiodeStar
products with the introduction of
two new 600V DiodeStar rectifiers
targeted at power factor
correction (PFC) boost diode
applications. The DSR6V600P5 and
the DSR6U600P5 are housed in
Diodes proprietary PowerDI5
package, a thermally efficient,
low-profile, small-form-factor
package that enables the design
of thinner and cooler products.
These new high voltage rectifiers
are particularly suitable for use in
high-density switched mode
power supplies (SMPS) for LED TVs
and adaptors, as well as recircu-
lation diodes in high intensity
discharge (HID) lighting
applications. With an off-board
profile of 1.1mm, the ultra small
PowerDI-5 package is 52% thinner
than the industry-standard DPak
and occupies just 43% of the
board space. In addition, it offers
significantly lower thermal
resistance (Rthj-c), thus enabling
higher density designs.
Optimised for use in PFC circuits
that operate in continuous
conduction mode (CCM), the
DSR6V600P5 features low reverse
recovery time (Trr) and reverse
recovery charge (Qrr) to ensure
that boost diode reverse recovery
losses are kept to a minimum.
Similarly, the DSR6U600P5 has
been tuned for both low forward
voltage drop (VF) and low Trr in
order to meet the compromise
requirements of those PFC
circuits operating under boundary
conduction mode (BCM).
Both the DSR6V600P5 and
DSR6U600P5 feature a typical
softness factor of 0.7, to ensure
soft switching with decreased
electrical noise that can lead to a
reduction of EMI shielding and
snubber circuits for simplified
design and lower component
CHP system off to a frying start
The UKs largest French-Fry manufacturing facility has reduced the operating costs of its waste treatment
process thanks to a biogas-fuelled CHP system from CHP Solutions, a subsidiary of Dresser-Rand.
Located in Peterborough, the factory produces a wastewater output rich in potato starch, which must be
cleaned and treated before it is properly discharged from the site. A covered anaerobic lagoon is the first
stage in the sites wastewater treatment process and this lagoon produces biogas as a by-product.
Dresser-Rand supplied a packaged, biogas-fuelled CHP unit of nominally 1 MW electrical output. Powered
by a spark ignition reciprocating engine, the system was sized to optimise electrical generation from the
available gas from the lagoon.In addition to installing the CHP unit, the factory upgraded the facility by
incorporating a gas scrubber to clean the process and this CAL produces biogas which has a high methane
content) as a by-product. The biogas qualifies as a renewable fuel.
A spokesman told WIP: The factory has installed a completely packaged, biogas-fueled combined heat
and power (CHP) unit of nominally 1 MW electrical output from CHP Solutions. Powered by a high-
efficiency, spark-ignition, reciprocating engine, the system was designed to burn the available gas. Biogas
from the CAL process is burned in the CHP to produce electricity. Without the CHP unit, electricity would
need to be imported from the grid, which is supplied by a power station burning fossil fuel.
In addition to the CHP unit, the factory upgraded the facility by
incorporating a gas scrubber to clean the sulphur from the
biogas and a gas booster plant to bring the gas supply pressure
up to the level required for the CHP unit.
The system reduces operating costs by displacing imported
power and by qualifying for Renewable Obligation Certificates
(ROCs) which are tradable. Classifed as advanced anaerobic
digestion this project qualified for two ROCs for each MW per
hour of electricity generated from renewable resources. The
capital investment in the gas system upgrade and the CHP
installation was offset by the ROCs and displaced imported
power cost, as it contributes up to 10% of the sites annual
electrical requirement.
NEWS.SEPT.WIP.p. 26/09/2011 00:28 Page 2
Better performance, less downtime, better proftability everyone approves of that.
Call 1-866-335-3369 or visit to begin your trial.
Petro-Canada is a Suncor Energy business
Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc. Used under licence.

LD 5000
Field Tested. Field Proven.
MWM Approved.

Better perform

wntim less do mance,
all 1-866-335-3369

better proftability me,
or visit t

pprove yone a y ever
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t. es of tha
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In brief...
Gen-set deal for GPA
A total of 17 generator sets
powered by Tier 4 Interim
certified Cat C15 ACERT
engines have been bought
following a deal by
Caterpillar Inc and the US-
based Georgia Ports
Authority (GPA) . The move
is part of an ongoing effort
at the Port of Savannah,
Georgia, US, to upgrade
older gantry cranes.
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
Metso is to supply SIA Graanul Invest with a biomass power
plant for CHP production in the municipality of Launkalne in
Latvia. The power plant will be delivered by the Metso-
Wrtsil joint venture MW Power and the delivery scope
includes a plant automation system delivered by Metso.
The biomass power plant will utilise bubbling fluidised bed
(BFB) technology and will use combination of forest residues
such bark and wood chips or milled peat as the main fuels.
The plant will produce 15 MW of heat and 6.4 MW of electrici-
ty, which will be partly utilized in the customers own pellet
factory. Most of the produced electricity will be distributed
into Latvias national grid.
MHI wins turnkey order from
TaiPower for 3 supercritical
pressure generation units
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI),
jointly with CTCI Corporation, the largest
engineering, procurement and construction
(EPC) firm in Taiwan, has received a full-
turnkey order from Taiwan Power Company
(Taipower) for a project to construct three
coal-fired supercritical-pressure power
generation units - Units 1, 2 and 3, at 800
megawatts (MW) each - at Taipower's Linkou
Thermal Power Plant. The project calls for
the construction of three power generation
units to replace existing facilities at the
plant, based on Taiwan's energy source
development plan.
Units 1 and 2 are scheduled to commence
commercial operation in November 2015
and November 2016, respectively; unit 3 is
slated to go on-stream in November 2020.
Mitsubishi Corporation will handle the trade
The Linkou Thermal Power Plant is located
in Linkou District in northern Taiwan,
approximately 20 kilometres west from
central Taipei. Each power generation unit
consists primarily of a boiler, steam turbine
and generator. MHI will be responsible for
the manufacture and supply of the three
boilers and three steam turbines. The three
generators will be produced by Mitsubishi
Electric Corporation.
Taipower is a state-owned utility and the
sole integrated power transmission and
distribution company in Taiwan. Although
Taiwan's power generation business has
been liberalised since 1994, Taipower
continues to generate nearly 75% of all
electricity. The company transmits and
distributes energy by purchasing electricity
produced by independent power producers
(IPP). In 2010, Taiwan's total power
generation capacity was 40,250 MW.
Taiwan's electricity needs have been
increasing every year along with continuous
economic growth supported by robust
external demand. The Linkou power plant is
designed to meet the vigorous electricity
demand in Taipei and surrounding areas.
Metso will supply SIA Graanul Invest with
bubbling fluidised bed technology
fuelled by forest residue-based biomass
NEWS.SEPT.WIP.p. 26/09/2011 00:28 Page 4
WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1
The Szarvas biogas contract will transform the
energy landscape for Hungary, say analysts
Hungarys largest biogas power plant was
officially opened on 13th September in the
city of Szarvas. It now provides 4.2 MW of
electricity and an equal amount of heat,
supporting onsite operations and feeding
the local grid.
German company r.e Bioenergie has built
the combined cooling, heat and power
(CCHP) plant, which features three
Jenbacher J416 engines supplied by GE.
The plant is being run in close co-operation
with the poultry-processing plant operator
Gallicoop Pulykafeldolgoz, which provides
much of the raw biomass which is
converted into biogas to power the
Jenbacher engines.
The anaerobic digestion facility is about 4
km east of the poultry processing plant. To
optimise the efficiency of the thermal
energy, a special pipeline delivers the
biogas from the digester facility to the
Jenbacher engines at the processing plant.
The CCHP systems thermal power is then
used to supply on-site heating and cooling.
Any excess electricity is fed into the local
More than 16% of the revenues for the site
are generated by the sale of the by-product
- thermal energy - in the form of steam,
hot water and refrigeration to local
industrial customers.
CO2-neutral energy and high-quality
fertiliser for agriculture are produced from
more than 40,000 tons per year of
problematic waste coming from food
production and further 53,000 tons per year
of manure from nearby livestock farms,
which previously had to be disposed of, an
often-expensive process.
"The selected technology and control
system were designed for maximum
effi ciency, thus enabling the plant to
optimise the production of electricity
during peak load times by following the
course of the time-variable Hungarian feed-
in tariffs.
With the company Gallicoop Zrt. and other
reliable local project partners, sustainable
synergies could be created for substrate
supply and the utilisation of heat,"
commented a company spokesman.
The high density of animal breeding and
harvested plants in the local environment
surrounding the plant provides plenty of
organic waste steams to be converted into
energy by anaerobic digestion, reports the
company. The region is said to offer ideal
conditions for the cultivation of renewable
raw materials such as sweet sorghum as an
additional energy source.
r.e Bioenergie is well-known for developing,
constructing and operating biogas plants in
selected regions of Europe. The companys
biogas portfolio includes installed electric
capacities of over 30MW. The service
spectrum of r.e Bioenergie includes the
whole value creation chain of biogas
production from the first feasibility analy-
ses to trading with biomethane.
The marketing of the biogas - which is
produced and cleaned and sold as
biomethane - is handled by a separate
entity, r.e Bioenergie GmbH. Biomethane is
CO2-neutral. CO2 released due to energetic
utilisation is bound by energy crops during
A closed circuit is created without addit.
Greenvironments pilot plant
Cogeneration specialist Greenvironment
has received orders from an oil and gas
producer to build two 200 kW microturbine
CHP plants in Germany to convert its
associated petroleum gas (APG) from the
extraction of crude oil into electricity as
well as heat.
Greenvironment is currently constructing a
pilot plant to show that fluctuating
volumes of gas with a varying composition
can be effectively used in microturbines to
generate power.
The electricity generated will mainly be
used for operating the plant tiself. Excess
electricity will be fed into the local utility
grid while the thermal energy produced
will be used as process heat.
"Though these are German projects, it
gives us a lot of know-how about how the
turbines can be used on associated
petroleum gas," commented Matti
Malkamki, CEO of Greenvironment.
"We have a number of similar cases
waiting, not only in Germany but also in
Poland and Romania where similar needs
CHP plant for Bosnia
Germanys Ferrostaal and Austrias Christof
Group have agreed to pool their efforts in
the construction of a CHP plant in Zenica,
Bosnia. KTG Zenica, a project company
owned by Switzerlands KTG with a 75%
share and the municipality of Zenica with a
25% share, awarded the project to the
Ferrostaal-Christof consortium on a full
EPC basis.
The gas-fired plant will have an electrical
capacity of 240 MW and a thermal capacity
of 170 MWth: it will serve the fluctuating
power demands of both Bosnia and
Herzegovina. The facility will comprise
two gas turbines and one steam turbine
allowing variable operation in both open
and combined-cycle modes, with and with-
out district heating. Ferrostaal puts the
cost in excess of 250 million (US$351m)
and will meet Zenicas demand for a
reliable source of thermal power for
district heating purposes. The new capacity
will come onstream in mid-2014.
In brief...
NEWS.SEPT.WIP.p. 26/09/2011 00:28 Page 5
Alstom deal with the
worlds largest CCP
Alstom SA has signed a
11-year Long Term Service
Agreement worth 150
million, with Teknik
Janakuasa Sdn. Bhd.,
wholly owned O&M sub-
sidiary company of
Malakoff Corporation
Berhad, Malaysia's largest
independent power
The contract covers all
nine GT13E2 Gas Turbines
and the scope includes
the supply of new hot gas
path components and
reconditioning services for
all major inspections over
the 11-year term of the
ELECRAMA is the world's largest electrical T&D
exhibition held biennially in Mumbai, India since
1990. From its first show in 1990 which saw 283
exhibitors and 30,000 visitors, it has grown to be
the world's largest one-stop-shop for electrical and
industrial electronics. In its ninth edition;
ELECRAMA 2010 hosted an impressive 1,243
exhibitors from 23 countries including India and
attracted 1,05,209 footfalls into the exhibition
including foreign visitors from more than 120
countries [visit:].
The show (next held on 18th-20th January, 2012)
provides a forum for 95% of the Indian Electrical
Industry manufacturers across the entire T&D value
chain conforming to global standards to come
together to showcase their development and
manufacturing strength. As the largest confluence
of the power transmission and distribution sector
ranging from 110V to 1200kV & HVDC transmission,
ELECRAMA offers an international framework, for
display, discussions and deliberations amongst
global T&D fraternity comprising of business people,
technologists and professionals from the utilities,
general industry and from Academia. ELECRAMA is
organised by IEEMA, a non-profit industry
association of over 750 businesses and the voice of
the Indian Electrical and Industrial Electronics
manufacturing sector. Founded in 1948, IEEMA
represents the largest segment of the Indian
Electrical and Industrial electronics Industry.
IEEMAs 750 members together are a US$22 Billion
collective. Equipment manufactured by IEEMA
members reflect more than 95% of the 771.551 BU
/1,50,000 MW of Indias installed power generating
capacity. More information:
WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1
Dont miss Indias ELECRAMA 2012
In brief...
ArcGen Hilta & SMC supply John.F.Hunt
UK-based ArcGen Hilta and SMC have
supplied 80 machines to leading outdoor
event specialist, John F. Hunt.
A long-standing customer of SMC Light &
Power Ltd., John F. Hunt has added a
number of ArcGen Hiltas ultra silent
Denyo Eventer generators to its existing
event fleet of Powersmaster generators
and SMC TL-90 lighting towers.
Gregg Taylor, business development
manager for ArcGen Hilta generators
commented: The events industry is a key
growth market for our products and we
continue to invest in our Eventer product
range, with the development of greater
capacity generators, to supply our
customers expanding enterprises.
The power equipment supplied to John F.
Hunt will be used at some of the UKs
largest events, including popular music
events such as V Festival and world
renowned Windsor Horse Trials.
Richard Denbury, sales director for John F.
Hunt told WIP: In the UK, events are
more popular than ever, and show
organisers need to be confident that
performances are kept powered-up and
crowds are kept safe. We need to ensure
that the plant hired is reliable and robust,
with uninterrupted operation and ease of
ArcGen Hilta products are ideal for use in
the event industry. The range of Eventer
generators currently available are 20kVA
and 37kVA, and are some of the quietest
rental generators available in Europe; they
are up to 15dB(A) quieter in terms of noise
generated compared to similar machines.
ArcGen Hilta and SMC will soon be
introducing a 100kVA model, which will
provide a greater capacity generator to
clients. The generators allow up to 26
hours uninterrupted operation, and high
fuel efficiency resulting in 25% less fuel
Eventer generators are fully bunded and
come with auto engine shutdown, earth
leakage breaker and emergency stop
buttons to guarantee site safety. Side door
access and panels, together with a central
lifting point and fork pockets ensure the
generators can be easily maintained and
transported. Their noise levels, fuel
efficiency and bunded tanks minimise their
environmental impact. They also have AMF
and synchronisation to minimise loss of
power, and ensure that important
performances are not interrupted.
SMC TL-90 lighting towers are essential for
outdoor events to ensure areas are well
lit. The1000W metal Halide power tilt
lamps on SMC lighting towers ensure a
strong and even light stream and can be
fully retracted for transport and storage.
The 360 mast rotation and 9m mast
extension in less than 12 seconds allows
the lamps to be manoeuvred into place as
easily and quickly as possible. Four
adjustable outriggers and wind-down jack
legs ensure maximum stability whilst their
compact design helps to reduce transport
costs. SMC lighting towers function in all
climatic conditions, with a comprehensive
and protected monitoring system, they are
said to be ideal for outdoor events.
L-R ArcGen CEO Mark Hodgkins
& Richard Denbury of John F. Hunt.
NEWS.SEPT11.p12:NEWS.MAY..qxd 25/09/2011 22:13 Page 1
WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1
over 50,000 and rising, the International
Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that fossil
fuels will account for 85% of the energy
market by 2030. World organisations and
international agencies, like the IEA, are
concerned about the environmental
impact of burning fossil fuels, and coal in
espite languishing in the doldrums
for many years the gas and steam
turbines market in Western Europe
is projected to improve in terms of profits
between the years 2012 - 2014. According
to research from Frost & Sullivan by 2017
this sector could be worth as much as US
Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Pritil
Gunjan tells WIP: Electricity demand
from both mature and emerging
economies and decommissioning of not
only old conventional thermal power
plants but also nuclear power facilities
are the key factors driving the western
European gas and steam turbines
He explains: Decommissioning capacity
and the need to comply with legislation
will fuel the demand for both gas and
steam turbines in these regions are
influencing this situation. There is a high
current need for replacement turbines
across the UK, Italy, France and
Market uncertainties over carbon
trading, electricity sector legislation and
imminent rises in commodity prices will
not prevent a recovery in the medium-to-
long term, he believes.
Orders placed with manufacturers during
the buoyant market conditions of 200708
had sustained companies during the diffi-
cult times. However, these legacy orders
have now been fulfilled. New orders are
still low in number, but they are
anticipated to increase from 2012
Frost & Sullivan's Western European Gas
and Steam Turbines Market report
suggests that the market earned revenues
of US$473m in 2010 and estimates this to
reach US$2138m in 2017.
Guijan concludes: In addition, other
forms of environment-friendly
technologies such as cogeneration are
poised to develop further, contributing to
the demand for steam turbines.
Certainly, the world's power demands
are expected to rise 60% by 2030. With
the worldwide total of active coal plants
Chris Hopkins considers a new report which suggests that the steam & gas turbine sector could
potentially generate revenues in the region of US$2billion between 2012-14.
particular. Modern day coal power plants
pollute less than older designs due to new
scrubber technologies but the emission
levels of various pollutants are still on
average several times greater than
natural gas power plants. This is
why gas is proving so important.
share price
52 week
Change over
over year
Change since
Jan. 2008
21.80 18.34/
-3.58% +14.92% -21.86%
Ansaldo (EUR)
9.66 8.85/
-2.08% -12.34% +11.81%
Atlas Copco (SEK)
148.90 98.10/
+2.62% +43.31% +68.73%
Caterpillar (USD)
105.82 58.06/
+1.17% +58.64% +120.11%
Taken over
Cummins (USD)
103.32 63.04/
-1.57% +134.46% +125.56%
Doosan Heavy
Industries (KRW)
-2.75% -25.26%
Foster Wheeler
30.49 20.33/
-10.03% +44.78% -57.53%
18.85 13.75/
-3.03% +30.72% -47.87%
John Deere (EUR)
1400 990.00/
0.00% +2.94% +13.36%
Kirloskar (INR)
286.60 280.00/
-1.60% -28.71%
91.96 47.90/
-5.11% +73.89% +3.32%
Mitsubishi (JPY)
2000 1784/
+3.96% +4.48% -15.99%
MTU Detroit
Diesel (EUR)
555.08 34.91/
+1.62% +37.42% +53.07%
Rolls-Royce (GBX)
645.00 533.00/
+2.38% +14.67% +32.65%
Siemens (EUR)
94.70 70.02/
+4.77% +27.94% +5.94%
Volvo Penta (SEK)
110.50 80.85/
+0.09% +26.50% +23.12%
Wrtsil (EUR)
23.11 18.17/
-6.68% +23.03% -46.60%
Monthly figures taken at the end of August 2011
US$2bn for future turbines
Sharewatch.SEPT11.WIP.p.13:Sharewatch.MAY.WIP.p.16.qxd 23/09/2011 15:07 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
over the past 20 years the
worldwide development of wire-
less, wireline, and satellite
networks has been remarkable, setting
the stage for M2M applications and
equipment to utilise those existing
networks. Globally, there are over 1bn
personal computers in service, 4bn
wireless phones and over 1 billion wireline
phones. Yet there are only a couple
hundred million dedicated M2M devices in
Twenty years from now these number
should be reversed, perhaps 10 billion
phones and computers in service with 25
to 50 billion M2M devices with the
majority of these devices being of the
m2m variety needing zero human
interaction for continuous communication
Frost & Sullivan predicts that this
market will grow up to 31% (CAGR) in all
vertical industry (contributed mainly by
Smart Metering, Automotive, Home
Automation, and Healthcare) from 2010 to
2015 . This is particularly true as they are
linked to the economic, sociological, and
governmental climate and commitments.
Currently, M2M application is mainly
used in the electric smart meter devices.
In the smart grid M2M, while the private
sectors/energy provider companies are
Global energy crisis will be
eased via Smart Grids/Meters
pushing to reduce power
theft and fraud in an
energy saving policy
by implementing this
technology, governments
around the world are
pushing legislation
through for Energy
Saving, Carbon Footprint
Reduction, Infrastructure
Rebuilding activities as
part of a top down push
to overhaul the energy
Many of the
government programs
comes with associated
funds have emerged with ambitious
deadlines and a roadmap to see this
through. The end users are becoming
more aware of the benefits of smart
meters and may be ready to change
behavior even at a cost to reduce its
carbon footprint.
In this part of the world countries such
as China, Australia and South Korea have
laid out their plans and road maps to
increase its generation of green energy
Frost & Sullivan expects global smart
metering deployment to grow up to 10%
each year on a 7 year CAGR between 2009
and 2016. However, these are not without
challenges mainly in the economical and
technical barrier. The process to deploy
Smart grid and Smart meter is a long and
costly process. It requires significant
capital investment for the project. As
Smart grid and Smart meter projects have
only been implemented recently/piloted,
ROI (Return On Investment) is not clearly
defined. The main technical barrier is
standardisation of communication
standards. Without this requirement, cost
for deployment, technology changes and
non-interoperability will slow smart meter
GSM and GPRS are only covering a small
part of the entire smart meter devices.
Most of devices are directly connected on
network. In conclusion, though it is costly
at the moment to see this through but
this new era is at hand.
The exciting new world of M2M is truly
on track, F&S believes.
The process to deploy Smart grid and Smart meter is a long and costly process. It requires
significant capital investment for the project. Here, Frost & Sullivan considers the impact of
smart grid and Smart meter projects and their ROI (Return On Investment) potential .
Internet link Internet link
FROST&SULLIVAN.WIP.p14:RHP.WIP.p27.qxd 26/09/2011 07:10 Page 1
Training courses in
Gas Turbine Technology
Meet the challenge of power & propulsion. Continuing
Professional Development in the fields of power and propulsion
at the UKs only wholly postgraduate university.
MSc in Thermal Power with options in:
Full and part-time opportunities available.
Short courses in gas turbine technology
Gas Turbine Appreciation
Gas Turbine Combustion
Gas turbine Design and Performance
Gas turbine Technology for Operations
and Maintenance Engineers
Gas Turbine Performance
Gas Turbine Transient Performance
Combined Cycle Gas Turbines.
Mrs Claire Bellis | +44 (0)1234 754683
October and March
start dates available
Aerospace Propulsion
Rotating Equipment and Management
Gas Turbine Technology
Power Propulsion and the Environment - New!
Customised in-company
courses can be arranged
on application.
at the UKs only wholl
elopm v essional De of r P
t the challenge o Mee
urbine Gas T Tu
aining cou r TTr

sity er e univ aduat gr t y pos
powe t in the fields of men
opulsion. Co of power & pr
echnology e T Te
ses in ur

opulsion er and pr
tinuing on

urbine Combustio Gas T Tu
urbine Appreciati Gas T Tu
ses in gas tu Short cour
-time opportun ull and part F
owe MSc in Thermal P
Rotating Equipment an
Aerospace Propulsion

echnology urbine t
ities available.
tions in: r with op
ower Propu P
urbine Gas T Tu
nd Management

e - N ulsion and the Environment
echnology TTe


c.bellis@c Mrs Claire Bellis
Combined Cycle Gas T
ransient P urbine T Tr Gas T Tu
erforman urbine P Gas T Tu
and Maintenance Engi
echnology Gas turbine T Te
Gas turbine Design and

+44 (0)1234 7 | cr
urbines. TTu
erformance P
y for Operations
erformance d P
on application
courses can b
Customised in

54683 7
be arranged

Main Characteristics
Direct current measurement at high voltage distribution
Measurement for regulation, protection and costing
Meet us at the PowerGen Asia - Booth 2C16
Measurement to rely on People to rely on
Calvahic ihsulaIed measuremehI
Desigh accordihg Io cusIomer speci!iacIioh
Peak currehI up Io 30 kA
VolIage up Io 500 kV
Accuracy 99.98% - class 0.02
8ahdwidIh o! 0 - 10 kHz
High reliabiliIy ahd sIabiliIy
> 30 years operaIiohal li!eIime
27 - 29 SepIember 2011
KLCC CohvehIioh CehIre
Sept WIP Pg 15:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 23/09/2011 11:11 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
n the UK, Great Ynys Farm is now using
poultry power to become more eco-
friendly and generate a new income
stream as a renewable energy generator.
The Hereford-based farm, which has 125
acres of arable land and a 90,000 broiler
chicken operation, is currently using
anaerobic digestion (AD) to convert
chicken excrement into biogas for
renewable electricity & heat generation.
The green electricity powers the poultry
houses and AD system, with a 90% surplus
sold to the National Grid, while the
captured waste heat provides warmth for
the chicken houses displacing costly fuel
oil and propane gas.
The farms new green power company
called Ynergy Ltd - has contracted biogas
generation experts ENER-G and biogas
plant manufacturer PlanET Biogastechnik
for project delivery. Ground works were
carried out by local contractors JJ Stanley
and concrete tank construction by the
Yorkshire-based company Galglass.
Triangle Ltd supplied the low voltage
electrical Panel.
The AD system has the capacity to
process 700 tonnes of poultry litter and
1,000 tonnes of cattle slurry, mixed with
Fowl electricity - a biogas-
fuelled generator is the answer
3,000 tonnes of maize silage per annum.
Use of maize reduces nitrogen levels in
the digestion process and prevents the
build up of high concentrations of
ammonia that would arrest biogas
The ENER-G combined heat and power
system provides 250kW of electricity,
sufficient to power 450 homes, and
provide 200kW of heat. This renewable
energy source qualifies for financial
payments from the governments Feed in
Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive pro-
grammes providing 14 pence per kW on
all power generated and 6.5 pence per kW
for the captured heat that is used on site.
The farm currently uses its poultry litter
as a fertiliser, but by digesting it methane
losses to the environment during
spreading are eliminated. A new poultry
litter store has been created to protect
the AD feedstock from the elements and
prevent any nitrate run-off and leaching
into the soil.
Susan Shakesheff, Director of Ynergy
Ltd, told WIP: We are proud to be at the
forefront of the move to anaerobic
digestion, and to improve our
sustainability, and energy self-sufficiency,
while securing a new income stream. We
are able to find a superior alternative for
utilising our chicken litter and are helping
neighbouring dairy farmers to recycle
their cattle slurry.
She comments: We have excellent
delivery partners in ENER-G and PlanET
Biogastechnik, who both provide us with a
modem link to their 24/7 monitoring
operations, giving us full visibility of
system performance and efficiency data.
The ongoing maintenance agreement with
ENER-G and biological support from
PlanET Biogastechnik will maximise
efficiency to achieve the fastest possible
pay back on our investment.
Scott Tamplin, Business Development
Manager-AD for ENER-G Natural Power,
concludes: AD is a viable and proven
technology that is key to improving the
sustainability of agriculture and helping
rural businesses to diversify. The UK
government claims that AD could produce
7.5% of the UKs renewable power by 2020
and I would urge farmers and landowners
to consider the commercial benefits,
while helping to hit national targets on
carbon emission reductions.
Internet link Internet link
Poultry excrement produced on a UK farm is key to the manufacture of biogas for renewable
electricity and heat generation. This green electricity not only powers the poultry houses and AD
system, but has a 90% surplus sold on to the National Grid, reports WIP.
GAS.TURBINES.ENERG.G.WIP.p16:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 20/09/2011 10:22 Page 1
Regular on-line washing reduces performance degradation of gas turbines operating
in polluted environments. For the largest gas turbines operating today, Turbotect has
introduced an air-assisted nozzle which uses air jets to bracket the wash fuid and
project it into compressor intakes with larger dimensions and faster air fows. The
new nozzle is designed to replace the existing nozzle, but fewer are required. For
the new system, only the same total volume of washing solution is needed to achieve
improved wetting of the surfaces to be cleaned.
n addition to TURBOTECT
950 water-based and TURBOTECT
927 solvent based
detergents, a new more powerful and environmentally friendly water-based detergent
is being introduced. TURBOTECT
2020 has been formulated to dissolve the more
aggressive pollutants which are now found at many sites. Extensive tests show that
2020 is the most effective cleaner on the market today
Turbotect Ltd.
PO Box 1411
CH-5401 Baden, Switzerland
Phone: +41 56 200 5020
Fax: +41 56 200 5022
Turbotect (USA), Inc.
18811 N. Roselake Drive
Tomball, Texas 77377
Phone: +1 281 255 6092
Fax: +1 281 516 0427
On-Iine compressor washing for Iarge gas turbines
On our website see a 45 second video of the
new compressor washing system in action
on a 120 MW base loaded gas turbine
Sept WIP Pg 17:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 27/09/2011 13:03 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
he Rolls-Royce has received its first
order from Poland for a gas engine-
powered electrical generator.
Power provider Introl SA of Katowice has
placed an order for a single Bergen B35:40
6-cylinder gas engine, which will be
operated by OPEC Gdynia.
The engine will be installed in a district
heating system for the port city of
Gdynia. Located in the town of
Wejherowo-Nanice, just outside Gdynia,
the plant is designed to provide 6.8 MW of
electricity to the national grid and up to
6MW of heat to the district heating
The new plant will be serviced by
engineers based at the newly-opened
Rolls-Royce Poland facility in Gdynia,
ul.Kontenerowa 8.
The order represents the first sale of a
Rolls-Royce gas engine into the expanding
Polish market and emphasises the
advantages Polish customers will gain as a
result of a new Rolls-Royce Poland service
facility recently opened in Gdynia.
Three other Polish power facilities, at
Tarnw, Ostrw and Wladyslawowo, have
a total of four generating sets supplied by
UK packaging specialist Centrax that
utilise the Rolls-Royce 501 gas turbine.
The Bergen B gas engine sets a new
Rolls-Royce to supply gas
engine for Introl SA of Katowice
standard in low exhaust emissions and
delivers the highest possible electrical
and heat recovery efficiencies with
outstanding reliability, says Rolls-Royce.
The Bergen B35:40 Gas engine meets the
criterion of the 720-750rpm class, with
exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2,
SOx and particulates.
Inside the engine, turbochargers with
variable turbine geometry (VTG) deliver
precise airflow and the solid-state ignition
with individual cylinder timing and diag-
nostics ensures optimum efficiency.
Features of the new engine include:
A compact and powerful unit;
Exceptionally low emissions of NOx,
CO2, SOx and particulates meeting
World class low-energy
Optimum response to all
engine loads (thanks to
Variable Turbo Geometry);
Can operate as single
propulsion engine coupled to
gear using gas;
and a Super silent resilient
mounting .
A spokesman for the
company told WIP: Bergen
lean-burn gas engines are the result of
careful development based on over 25
years experience with the highly
successful K-class gas engines.
This has ensured that Bergen gas
engines are particularly robust, with a
high degree of reliability and long
intervals between overhaul. The lean-burn
principle delivers high-efficiency coupled
with reduced exhaust emissions and low
specific energy consumption.
Today the compact and robust Bergen
gas engine range is available for powers
from 1,460 to 7,000kW.
Bergen lean-burn gas engines are said to
be the cleanest and most efficient piston
engines available today, and are classed
for both marine propulsion applications
and power generation onshore.
Compared to diesel engines which meet
IMO Tier 2 emission levels, Bergen gas
engines give an emissions reduction of
92% NOx, close to 23% in CO2 and virtually
eliminate SOx and particulates, thus
already meeting IMO Tier 3 requirements
which will come into force from 2016.
Internet link Internet link
A single Rolls-Royce Bergen B35:40 6-cylinder gas engine has been ordered by Poland-based
Introl SA of Katowice. Once installed, plant is designed to provide 6.8 MW of electricity to
Polands National Grid and 6MW of heat to Gdynias district heating system, WIP reports.
GAS.ENGINES.RR.WIP.p18:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 20/09/2011 12:38 Page 1
Engines from 30 - 720kVA
Radiator to Flywheel Specification
Stage 2 Emission Compliant
Ex Stock Availability
Full Aftermarket Support
Tailored Power Solutions
Be in control!
DEIF A/S Frisenborgvej 33 DK-7800 Skive Tel.: +45 9614 9614 Fax: +45 9614 9615
The DEIF Group Head ofce in Denmark with subsidiaries in Germany, Norway, UK, France, China, USA, Brazil and India
The Delomatic offers an integrated heat and power management
solution. Its capability of complete system management ensures
hassle-free operation of your entire combined heat and power
plant (CHP) regardless of your type of gas: bio, natural, landll
or other.
Additional features to ensure easy operation include a touch
panel PC and the possibility of remote operation via network
or internet (TCP/IP) connection including graphic displaying of
heating, cooling and fuel circuits etc.
Delomatic features:
Fasy, conhgurab|e setup
Cen-set contro| and protection
Cas mier contro|
Heating and coo|ing water
circuit control
HMl with animated diagrams

Be in c


panel PC and the possibil
Additional features to ens
. or other
P) regardless of plant (CH
hassle-free operation of yo
he Delomatic offers an inte T

lity of remote operation via netw
sure easy operation include a to
f your type of gas: bio, natural, lan
our entire combined heat and po
rated heat and power managem eg

water coo|ing and Heating
contro| mier Cas
protectio and contro| Cen-set
setup conhgurab|e , Fasyy,
Delomatic features:


F Group H he DEI T
3 vej risenborg F A/S F DEI
heating, cooling and fuel ci
P) conne CP/I or internet (T TC
panel PC and the possibil

Head ofce in Denmark with subsidiaries in
1 96 4 1 96 +45 el.: TTe Skive 800 DK-7 3 3
rcuits etc.
raphic displayin ection including g
lity of remote operation via netw

SA rance, China, U K, F , U , Norwayy, n Germanyy,
.com info@deif 5 1 96 4 1 96 +45 x: a F 4
rams diag animated with l M H
circuit control
water coo|ing and Heating
ng of

A, Brazil and India
.com .deiff. wwww m

Sept WIP Pg 19:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 27/09/2011 13:04 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
K-based Dieselec Thistle
Generators has recently delivered
its largest standby generator order
since the company was created last year
with the acquisition of Thistle Generators
by rival firm Dieselec.
Now operating from a new head office in
Glasgow and a new workshop/ office
facility in London supporting the projects
in the South East of England, the company
is Scotlands largest distributor of F G
Wilson generator sets and a leading
specialist in large standby diesel
Its most recent project and its largest
to date was a 3 million+ order for four
11kV, 2.2mVA diesel gensets to a major
financial institution in central London.
The generators will provide emergency
power for the clients data centre,
located in the heart of the Citys financial
district , in the event of a mains failure or
other interruption to the mains supply.
Data centres along with hospitals,
supermarkets and other major power
users who rely on a continuous electrical
supply are important customers for
Dieselec Thistle Generators.
Diesel gen-sets destined
for London finance sector
Data centres store huge amounts of
very valuable and sensitive information,
Pedro Araujo, solutions director with
Dieselec Thistle Generators, tells WIP.
They require extreme resilience in their
power infrastructure because if they lose
power they can lose millions of pounds in
minutes, he points out.
Theyre quite happy to spend 3 - 4
million to ensure this doesnt happen, he
Data centres also require far higher
levels of power than most comparable
buildings often having power densities
more than 100 times that of a similar-
sized office building. Much of the power is
required to run the cooling plant which is
essential to prevent the computer systems
Working closely with main contractor
Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil, Dieselec
Thistle Generators assembled the four
generators and, in June 2011, subjected
them to a continuous load test 48 hours at
the companys 6.5 acre site in Milngavie,
This was the largest and most
demanding witnessed test carried out by
the company to date and was monitored
by representatives of SRW and the client
throughout the process. Conducted over a
period of four days, the test required
each generator to be run at full load for a
continuous eight hours while its
performance was monitored and
Once each generator had been tested
individually, the four units were then
synchronised and run together for another
eight hours to deliver a consistent 6mVa
of power (N+1). This rigorous test
procedure was essential to demonstrate
that the generators, once installed in
their central London location, will be
capable of delivering consistent, reliable
power to maintain the servers and
ancillary equipment. Each generating set
comprises an 11kV Leroy Somer alternator
driven by a 16 cylinder Perkins diesel
engine. However the test also required
substantial temporary equipment
including a system of silencers and
exhaust flues, 6mVA of reactive load
banks to simulate the working load,
neutral earth resistors and a five-section
11kV containerised synchronised switch-
board built especially for the test.
Internet link Internet link
A 3 million+ order for four 11kV, 2.2mVA diesel gen-sets destined for a major financial
institution in Central London has confirmed UK-based Dieselec Thistle Generators as one of the
leading suppliers of large standby diesel generators in the country, WIP reports.
GEN.SETS.DIESELEC.WIP.p20:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 25/09/2011 22:36 Page 1
Internationally renowned for built-in quality,
reliability, and innovation, STAMFORD AC generators set the industry
standard, with a range extending from 4.1 to 5,520kVA, suitable for all AC
generator set confgurations and are the ideal solution for industrial, marine,
offshore, commercial, construction, mining and other continuous or standby
power applications.
n 2-pole AC generators, 7.5 kVA to 43 kVA
n 4-pole AC generators, 4 kVA to 2,200 kVA
n 6-pole AC generators, 290 kVA to 1,350 kVA
n Voltages up to 690 V
n Brushless or AVR slip ring excitation
n IP21, IP22, IP23 and IP44 enclosure protection
Robustly engineered products, specifcally designed to meet
the challenges of the most arduous applications and environments be it
in extraction of oil, gas, coal and minerals, critical marine power to tankers
and container vessels, or by providing dependable power with prime
movers like diesel engines, gas engines, steam, gas or wind turbines.
n 4-pole to 18-pole AC generators
n 150 kVA to 6500 kVA with voltage up to 1 KV
n 600 kVA to 20,000 kVA with voltage of 3.3 KV to 13.8 KV
n Brushless or AVR slip ring excitation
n IP23 and IP54 (CACA, CACW) enclosure protection
n Suitable for use with all kinds of drives: diesel, gas, water and
steam turbines
Renowned for their durability and versatility and are
consistently specifed for the rental market where reliability and longevity are
paramount, with a range extending from 0.6 kVA to 10kVA.
n 2-pole AC generators
n Single and three-phase machines up to 480 V
n Brushless capacitor slip ring, AVR-controlled
n IP22 or IP23 enclosure protection
n Suitable for petrol and high-speed diesel engines
There for you, wherever there takes you
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
alborg Energie Technik specialises in
the design, supply and maintenance
of biomass boilers for plants
throughout Europe. Established in
Denmark in 1996, the company is
headquartered in the city of Aalborg and
its current product portfolio is further
supported by a wide range of consultancy
services relating to biomass-fired CHP
plants in both the manufacturing and
energy sectors.
Hans Erik Askou, one of Aalborg Energie
Techniks three founding members,
presides over the companys operations as
the CEO.
He tells WIP: My two colleagues and
myself all had backgrounds in the boiler
industry, and we worked together for the
same company for several years before
leaving to form our own. We saw that
there was a bright future in the field of
biomass renewable energy and so our aim
was to lead the industry by breaking away
and developing as a company on our own.
In our 14 years of operations, we have
expanded from just three employees to 75
and we have been able to develop a lot of
expertise in the biomass energy sector.
Today, Aalborg Energie Techniks teams
conduct inspections and evaluations of
boilers, combustion systems and power
plants, making calculations in both
Biomass - an important part of
Europes energy future
environmental and energy engineering.
In addition to the repair and rebuilding
of boilers and auxiliary equipment, the
company also assists companies who wish
to convert their coal-fired plants into
biomass plants. Aalborg Energie Technik
also provides technical services to
upgrade, revise and modernise any
electrical or control systems, including
the supply of new and completely screen-
based modules with PLC technology.
Aalborg Energie Technik has worked with
many companies across Europe, and
amongst its most recent clients is the UK-
based Western Wood Energy Plant,
situated in Wales.
Operating as a biomass-fired facility, this
plant has an annual fuel heat input of
160,000 tonnes of forestry wood and clean
residues from wood processing. The
Western Wood Energy Plant was
completed in 2008, and Aalborg Energie
Technik acted as a turnkey supplier,
designing, constructing and commissioning
the facilities key parts.
Hans Erik reflects on the successes of
the project: The plant has a very high
boiler efficiency. Over a six-month period
in 2009, we ran a test to determine the
availability levels of the plant to see how
many hours a year it runs at full output -
and we discovered that it operates at
99.3% availability.
In the aftermath of the financial crisis,
Aalborg Energie Technik continues to press
forward with various projects, and the
company is always looking to forge new
contracts with clients. Hans Erik explains:
There is no denying that the situation
has been difficult in previous years, and it
had certainly become very difficult to
obtain the sort of finance that we
needed. The same was happening with
project developers, and our own sub-sup-
pliers had to raise their costs. Even when
we were operating at 75% capacity,
however, we still managed to retain all of
our staff and now everything is starting to
look up again.
He concludes: We have managed to
secure a couple of key contracts one in
France and one in Italy; and we believe
that these will help us progress smoothly.
Our next goal will be to look for more
contracts across the continent, with a
focus on both France and the UK. I
expect a substantial growth in turnover
and employees will occur over the next 2
- 5 years as we grow.
Internet link Internet link
Hans Erik Askou, CEO and one of Aalborg Energie Techniks three founding members,
reflects on the growth and development of biomass-fired CHP plants which are increasingly being
used in Europes manufacturing and energy sectors. WIP has the story.
Western Wood Energy Plant, Wales.
BIOMASS.AET.WIP.p22:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 20/09/2011 15:07 Page 1
Since 1966 we offer quality solutions
for all application elds. Soga and Sincro brands
are a point of reference worldwide, thanks to a range
of reliable and technologically advanced products.
One company,
many solutions.
Whoever you are.
SOGA SpA - Via Della Tecnica, 15 - 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) - ITALY
T. +39 0444 747700 - F. +39 0444 499269 -
Sept WIP pG 23:Layout 1 27/09/2011 13:05 Page 1
444 Carpenter Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090
20,000 - 400,000 #/Hr.
50 - 25,000 KW
25 - 4000 HP
Air Pre-Heaters Economizers Deaerators
Pumps Motors Fuel Oil Heating & Pump Sets
Valves Tubes Controls Compressors
Pulverizers Rental Boilers & Generators
847-541-5600 FAX: 847-541-1279
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
s part of the LSA 40 line of high-
performance alternators, Leroy-
Somer's Electric Power Generation
division presents LSA 42.3, a new product
in its Partner low voltage range, designed
to meet the needs of both manufacturers
and users of generators.
LSA 42.3 is a 4-pole three-phase
alternator which offers the following
range of power ratings to complement
those of the LSA 40:
- 50 Hz - 1500 rpm: 25 to 60 kVA
- 60 Hz 1800 rpm: 25 to 60 kW
As with LSA 40, LSA 42.3 is also available
in a dedicated single-phase version. LSA
42.3 comes with three field excitation
versions, to suit customer requirements:
- Shunt (high starting capacity)
- AREP (high starting capacity + short-
circuit capacity)
- PMG (equivalent system to AREP)
Available in a single-bearing or two-
bearing version, the LSA 42.3 is said to be
a particularly versatile alternator which is
mechanically suitable for most engines on
the market. It is also interchangeable
with alternators from the previous Partner
As with LSA 40, compactness is one of
the strong points of LSA 42.3: despite
being the same size as the previous
model, LSA 42.3 gives you increased
power along with high efficiency levels,
reports the manufacturer. This power and
efficiency combined mean that you save
energy, says Leroy-Somer.
According to the company, the low
reactance of these new products gives
them a high capacity for starting electric
motors and the ability to withstand
disturbance from distorting loads.
Pure Energy generation alternators are
also very easy to install. As such, for LSA
42.3, a cap has been added to the
A new generation of Pure Energy
terminal box originally designed for LSA
40, to ease the access to the AVR.
A spokesman for the company told WIP:
With this new unit Leroy-Somer EPG has
developed a robust, high-quality range
which meets international standards and
is perfectly suited to the most complex
and restrictive applications used in the
telecoms, construction, residential,
commercial, micro- CHP, agricultural and
even marine sectors.
With its high electric capacity, compact
dimensions, and tailored excitation,
control and protection systems, LSA 42.3
is pushing the boundaries of performance
in the industrial power generation
industry, he said.
Leroy-Somer is one of the worlds
leading manufacturers in electro-
mechanical and electronic drive systems
and the world leader in industrial
alternators. Part of the Emerson Group,
Leroy-Somer is a French company which
employs 9,200 people in 38 production
units and 470 sales and service outlets
worldwide. In 2010, the company
achieved a turnover of 973 million.
Leroy-Somers EPG (Electric Power
Generation) division is the world leader in
low, medium and high voltage alternators,
with the most extensive range (between 1
and 20 MW) on the market and products
suitable for a variety applications.
Internet link Internet link
Leroy-Somer's Electric Power Generation division has just released the LSA 42.3, a new
product in the companys Partner low voltage range, designed to meet fully the needs of both
manufacturers and users of generator systems, WIP reports.
ALTERNATORS.LEROY-SOMER.WIP.p24:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 19/09/2011 10:36 Page 1
World-Class Alternators
made in the UK
We are proud of our Italian heritage and have been manufacturing
our world class alternators in Italy since 1947. They proved so popular
that we opened an additional UK factory to build alternators from
5-350kVA, now as demand continues to increase we are again having
to expand our UK capacity and add new ranges. Soon we will be
able to ofer alternators from 5kVA through to 1300kVA all fully
manufactured in our Oakham, UK factory. For more information visit:
1 3000kVA

Sept WIP Pg 25:Layout 1 27/09/2011 13:07 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
urricane Irene was a large and
powerful Atlantic hurricane which
left extensive flood and wind
damage along its path through the
Caribbean, the United States East Coast
and as far north as Atlantic Canada in
August 2011.
The hurricane quickly strengthened into
a Category 3 major hurricane while
passing through The Bahamas, leaving
behind a trail of extensive structural dam-
age in its wake.
Considerable damage occurred in east-
ern upstate New York and Vermont, which
suffered from the worst flooding in cen-
turies. Throughout its path, Irene caused
widespread destruction and at least 55
deaths; monetary losses in the Caribbean
were estimated to be as high as US$3.1
Early damage estimates throughout the
United States range from US$10 to US$15
billion. The power grid was one of the
early casualties of the storm.
The Cat Rental Power Dealer Network
was one of the first private companies to
help in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.
With nearly 5 million households and
thousands of businesses without power
along the East Coast there was an obvious
demand for portable gen-sets. The Dealer
Hurricane Irene & the Cat
Rental Power Dealer Network
Network was able to mobilise over
500MWs of temporary power to restore
electricity to hundreds of locations where
electricity supplies had failed.
A spokesman told WIP: The seamless
integration and movement of equipment
from across the United States and Canada
provided many facilities with power both
before and after the storms had passed.
Over 1,000 generators and 100 miles of
cabling were installed to turn the lights
back on for those left in the dark.
William J. Rohner, vice president of
Caterpillar's Electric Power Division, told
WIP: "Hurricane Irene will have a lasting
impact for years to come. Cat Dealers
across North America began developing
contingency plans
and moving
equipment and
manpower into
place long before
the first rains even
reached the East
Many businesses
and Caterpillar
major accounts
were proactively
engaged in
contingency planning with their local Cat
Dealers long before the storms arrived
and had equipment installed in
preparation that allowed them to main-
tain business continuity throughout.
Cat recently supplied emergency power
capacity to one independent power
producer linked to the 345-kV grid in the
state of Texas - Guadalupe Power - part of
the Texas Independent Energy fleet.
When the Marion, Texas plants substation
required maintenance, David Harrill, I&E
technician, turned to Cat Rental Power.
Even when the plant goes offline, its
necessary for several MW of power to be
flowing to the plant, says Harrill.
The plant requires electro-hydraulic
motors to keep the four dry, low-NOx gas
turbines and two steam turbines turning
at low speed to prevent the generator
shafts from bending under the weight of
the compressor fans. Ultimately, Cat
Dealer Holt Power Systems provided three
Cat XQ2000 Power Modules provided up to
6 MW of temporary power to the
Guadalupe Power Plant during the
scheduled substation maintenance.
Internet link Internet link
With nearly 5 million households and thousands of businesses without power along Americas
East Coast the Cat Rental Power Dealer Network was one of the first private companies to
help in the aftermath, providing nearly 500MW of temporary power, WIP has the story.
GENSET.CAT.WIP.p26:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 20/09/2011 16:02 Page 1
Emergency gensets that perform a
strong step load capability.
HIMOINSA uses the latest
technology in electronics to
guarantee the best monitoring of the
The new generation of energy:
serving the future.
Generating Sets manufactured to work with
maximum reliability that meets the expectations
which are designed to, able to perform at your best
with the highest quality assurance
We are present in more than 100 countries through
our subsidiaries and distributors network
Ctra. Murcia - San Javier,Km. 23,6
Tel. +34 968 19 11 28 | Fax +34 968 19 04 20 | E-mail:
ANUNCIO A4 GLOBAL MEDIA.indd 1 22/03/11 17:54
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
HP enables anyone with a
reciprocating engine powered
Genset to provide heat and power
from a single fuel source, but what if you
cant use the hot water it produces?
The heating element of CHP is not
always required due to local climatic
conditions. Electricity however is always
in demand and meeting that need has
already started to create major energy
supply problems.
In its latest Outlook for Energy report,
the Exxon Mobil Corporation predicted
global electricity demand will rise by
more than 80% through 2030 led by non-
OECD nations, where demand will be up
more than 150%. So, how can the heat
recovery potential of CHP address the
issue of generating more electrical power?
In an ideal situation, there would be a
way to take the waste heat from exhaust
gases or industrial processes and use this
free energy by-product to produce more
electricity, comments Kevin Howell,
Business Development Manager of EJ
Bowman. The good news is that this
scenario is becoming a reality and offers
enormous potential benefits to energy
Bowman is in the process of developing
strategic partnerships with leading
renewable energy specialists, developing
its exhaust gas heat exchangers to work in
conjunction ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)
turbine generator systems.
ORC turbine systems can be set up to
run on waste heat from a variety of
different sources, to create cost effective
solutions for generating electricity.
However, vital to the efficient perform-
ance of the system is efficient heat
exchanger technology.
Although ORC is relatively new, it is
receiving unprecedented interest due to
More power, same energy -
all thanks to ORC technology
the additional
electricity that can be
generated with no
extra fuel input costs.
Several companies
have now fully
productionalised ORC
equipment, bringing it
within the reach of
thousands of smaller
scale processes where
waste heat is produced
as a by-product.
There are a number
of manufacturers who
are developing their own
solutions via differing technological
avenues, comments Kevin Howell.
With the ORC system becoming
available in greater volume and therefore
at lower cost, we believe a significant
opportunity exists for many industrial and
commercial customers to benefit from
both lower energy costs and greater
control over their electricity supply.
An ORC turbine process increases energy
efficiency significantly for the same
amount of fuel. This free electricity can
be used to power site equipment, reduce
energy costs or gain independence from
the grid or sell to it.
The advantage over solar and wind
power is that ORC is predictable and
measurable, enabling users to calculate
the exact payback from their system.
An ORC Turbine Generator (Organic
Rankine Cycle) is a closed cycle electrical
power generation system driven by an
external heat source. No internal
combustion is needed; instead the ORC
generator uses an organic working fluid
with a lower boiling point than water to
generate electrical power. Organic is a
chemical term for the refrigerant type
fluids commonly used in the closed cycle.
One of the processes uses waste heat
from the exhaust gas to heat thermal oil,
the energy from the oil is then transferred
to a refrigerant or used to generate steam
which is then used to drive a small
turbine, which in turn drives a secondary
alternator and the result is more
electrical power,
Historically, if the waste energy from
the Gensets could not be utilised in a hot
water circuit there wasnt any need for
CHP, says Kevin Howell.
Now using ORC this waste heat can be
utilised to generate additional electrical
output - the reason the Gensets are
installed in the first place - with no extra
fuel consumption or cost, he said.
At Bowman, we believe that utilising
waste heat to power ORC systems will
radically change the power generation
industry and we are delighted to provide
heat exchangers that make the process
Internet link Internet link
More power for the same energy has always seemed a Holy Grail. Now, with the use of heat
exchangers from specialists EJ Bowman, ORC technology can provide a high-efficiency solution to
turn waste heat into electricity. WIP has the story.
CHP facility in Finland using an EJ Bowman
heat exchanger.
HEAT.EXCHANGERS.EJ.BOWMAN.p28.VERSION1:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 26/09/2011 14:35 Page 1
Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers
Exhaust Gas Steam Generators
Over 100 domestic and international
Steam Generator projects
Complete Steam Generator Systems
as Turn-Key-Solutions
User-friendly operation due to
APROVIS Controlling System (ACS)
Your Partner for CHP Heat Recovery
Experience from more than 3000 successfully
realised projects
Application-optimised design
APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
Am Krtzenstein 103
91746 Weidenbach Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 98 26 / 65 59 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 98 26 / 65 59 - 19
Sept WIP Pg 29:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 23/09/2011 12:52 Page 1
It isnt possible to tell
you all about us in
this much space.
Telephone: +44 (0)1723 871112
Fax: +44 (0)1723 870625
Control & Power Systems Ltd. 3D Burniston Industrial Estate
Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO13 0HG
control and power
at your finger tips
Bowman heat exchangers can take your GenSet to the next level...
Combined Heat & Power.
Its a simple, proven way of recovering waste heat from the jacket water
and exhaust gases enabling you to offer an environmentally efficient
product at a competitive price.
EJ Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd
Chester Street, Birmingham B6 4AP, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 121 359 5401 Fax: +44 (0) 121 359 7495
Free heating and hot water
Up to 60% heat recovery
A green solution suitable for all fuels
Strength, reliability and durability
Extract even more energy with
Bowman charge air, oil and fuel coolers
40% energy efficient
GenSet + Bowman = CHP
90% energy efficient
Add Bowman Heat Exchanger technology.
Offer your customers CHP!
BS EN ISO 9001-2008
Reg. No. FM38224

S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
ibro-Acoustics silencers have
proved their worth at a data center
located in Southwestern Ontario,
reports the company.
The facility is a high-level security build-
ing which stores volumes of important
records. To maintain the vast amount of
information, the 220,000 ft2 building uses
an integrated emergency backup power
The system consists of 12 diesel
generators, which can provide a total of
2,030,400 KW of electrical energy, and
two load cells for generator exercising. To
cool the generators, a series of 12
propeller fans have been installed into a
40,000 ft3 air intake plenum. These fans
can move over 1,139,873 CFM of air
through the generator room.
The sound pressure level created by the
combination of the generators and
propeller fans is around 120 dBA (high
enough to damage the unprotected human
ear). A substantial amount of insertion
loss (IL) was required to meet the noise
criteria (local code, NPC-205) of 50 dBA
Silencers in a data centre
reduce the risk of ear damage
(day) and 45 dBA (night) at the closest
property line, which is 150 ft from the
generator room. In addition, the static
pressure loss through the silencers had to
be kept very low in order to keep the size
of the fan motors to a minimum.
Lastly, vibration travelling through the
exhaust mufflers and into the roof
structure had to be addressed. The
mufflers, manufactured with stainless
steel, expand and contract as the
generators turn on-and-off.
Vibro-Acoustics has provided over 285
silencer solutions and 280 vibration
isolation systems for the data centre,
meeting the required noise criteria in the
occupied space and at the neighbouring
property lines. Vibro-Acoustics used the
Systems Approach early in the design
phase to complete a full vibration and
acoustical analysis of the project. The
integrated noise control solution, which
resulted in a pressure loss of only 0.15
wg and a dBA level lower than the local
code requirement of 45 dBA, helped
reduce the buildings operating costs.
For the two load cells located in the
generator room, Vibro-Acoustics provided
Fit-The-System silencers on the cells for
noise attenuation. Forty-eight vibration
isolation systems were supplied for the
generator sets.
SNSN neoprene pads were provided to
dampen the vibration traveling through
the transmission lines. For the air intake
system, 12 large dissipative rectangular
silencers were provided, with a pressure
drop of only 0.08 wg. Each silencer was
designed for medium velocity air
movement at a total flow of 110,000 CFM.
Finally, for the discharge air system,
Vibro-Acoustics provided 12 dissipative
rectangular silencers with a pressure drop
of 0.068 wg at 95,000 CFM.
Internet link Internet link
To overcome the problem of generator sound-levels in the 120 dBA range Vibro-Acoustics has
provided more than 285 silencer solutions and 280 vibration isolation systems for a Canadian
data centre operation based in south-west Ontario, WIP reports.
SILENCERS.WIP.SEPT.p30:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 21/09/2011 12:49 Page 1
CHP Units: Cento Series
In a container With sound enclosure
Units equipped with original TEDOM engines. Electrical output 80 - 200 kW.
One design, many possibilities
Sept WIP Pg 31:Layout 1 26/09/2011 13:36 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
mbitermo thermal fluid boilers have
been designed to meet the needs of
the power industry where extreme
temperatures of up to 350C may often be
Ambitermos boilers are said to offer
complete operational safety, optimised
efficiency, robustness, reliability and
According to the company, the use of
thermal fluid, commonly known as
thermo-fluid, as a substitute for water
steam or superheated water, provides
great advantages. For example:
* High temperatures of up to 350C can
be reached at atmospheric pressure and
with +- 1C precision in adjustment of
* It requires only an easy setup and
small locking devices make it very
versatile for fluid and/or viscous fuels
storage plants, as well as for pipeline
docking, amongst others.
Using thermal fluid means there is no
need for sophisticated water treatment as
required for steam treatment. The
technology also means easy automation
for far-away installations.
Thermal fluids offer great usage flexibil-
ity for the onsite production of steam
and/or hot or superheated water. They
can also be easily be used for drying
Boilers, thermo-fluids
& filters for the energy sector
various products produced by industries.
The Ambitermo boilers can be designed
to be used with the following fuels:
* Liquid (thick fuel, fuel-oil or others);
* Gas(natural gas, LPG, biogas, unrefined
gases and others);
* Biomass (woodchips, grape debris and
olive bagasse);
* Forestry biomass;
* Cork powder and waste.
Ambitermo currently builds two boiler
models - these include horizontal TF/H
Boilers, standardised up to 8000kW.
However, the company says it can
produce boilers with greater power
whenever required by the client.
Ambitermo also produces Silex sand
filters which are used to remove particles
in suspension.
These Silex filters come in different
particle sizes and these filters usually
consist of versions which can deal with
various layers and particle sizes.
The filters guarantee high efficiency for
the system, reports Ambitermo. A
granulated filter - the AG FILTER - is also
available with the Silex range for the
efficient removal of particles from water.
Ambitermo also designs fuel containers
in monoblock, horizontal or vertical tanks
manufactured in different sizes at the
plant, from 5 to 100 m3. The company
designs and produces complete storage
plants with truck loading and unloading
facilities and fire protection in
compliance with NPFA standards.
Internet link Internet link
The use of thermal fluid - or thermo-fluid - as a substitute for water steam or superheated water,
provides great advantages for industry. One of its proponents, Portugal-based Ambitermo, has a
reputation for designing boilers & tanks for the energy sector. WIP has the story.
Ambitermo AVAC.
BOILERS.AMBITERMO.WIP.p32:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 22/09/2011 14:58 Page 1
When power generation is vital, when backup
systems must be fully tested to make sure
theyre up to the job - you need a stable,
continuous and variable power generation
test to imitate real loads, in real time. You
need a load test solution you can rely on.
No other company specialises in worldwide
load test solutions like Crestchic.
Manufacturing loadbanks for sale and rental
for over 20 years, we have delivered reliable
and effective test solutions to all seven
Crestchic loadbanks maximum power
when you really need it
Crestchic Tailor-made load test
solutions from 30kW to 100MVA
Why look anywhere else?
For more information, contact us on
(+44) 01283 531645
Or find us on the Internet at
You can also email us:
Crestchic.qxd 07/02/2007 10:36 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
oday, emissions regulations vary
from country-to-country. But it is
acknowledged that working towards
harmonised global standards will not only
simplify the choice of cost-efficient power
systems for manufacturers and customers,
but also minimise the impact on air quali-
Allowable emissions set by the EU and
U.S. are set out as Tiers 1-4 in the U.S.
and Stages I-IIIA in the EU. Each increasing
Tier or Stage specifies lesser amounts of
NOx, HC, CO and PM based on the number
of grams per kilowatt-hour of the
compounds present in diesel exhaust.
To meet the 2011 target - for NOx and
PM levels to have dropped 98% below
unregulated levels - requires a phase on-
phase emissions reduction of around 40%.
Whilst in the U.S. both nonroad
(portable diesel generator sets and other
industrial engines) and stationary
applications (generator sets used primarily
for peak shaving, load shedding and
standby power) are regulated, the EU
(with the exception of Germany's TA Luft
and France's Directive 2910) regulates
only nonroad applications.
Taking into account the broad power
range of nonroad diesel engines (and the
fact that in the EU, only those producing
18 kWm to 560 kWm are regulated),
emissions standards for this class are
phased in by power categories, for
100-174 hp (75-130 kWm)
Emissions reductions -
a realistic look 5 years ahead
174-750 hp (130-560 kWm)
Under existing legislation (TA Luft and
Directive 2910) limits for stationary
applications within Europe apply to
applications above the following:
1 MW (thermal) in Germany
2 MW (thermal) in France
Standby applications (in use <500
hours/year in France and <300 hours/year
in Germany) also benefit from less
stringent requirements as Germany's TA
Luft mainly controls NOx and PM, while
France's Directive 2910 controls emissions
of NOx, CO, SO2, non methane organic-
compounds (NMOC) and PM.
For continuous or prime power applica-
tions, TA Luft also regulates NOx and CO
emissions according to application size,
whilst Directive 2910 limits NOx to 1500
mg/m3. Variations of these two rules also
apply in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and
In China legislation exists for all nonroad
engines up to 560 kWm. Within this
classification, mobile generator sets
powered by 37 kWm - 560 kWm engines
have, since 2007, had to comply with
China Tier I, and from 2009, diesel
generator sets powered by engines 18
kWm - 560 kWm will have to comply with
China Tier II.
Indias Regulations are currently divided
into two categories - engines below 800
kWm and engines above this figure.
Engines smaller than 19 kWm must comply
with U.S. Tier 1. The next level of regula-
tions, based on EU Stage II, came into
effect this year (2011).
Japan does not regulate emissions from
very small or very large engines. Current
permissible levels (with some exceptions)
are similar to EU Stage I and the U.S. EPA
Tier 1.
In Singapore off-highway diesel engines
(including portable generators) must meet
either EU Stage I or U.S. Tier 1.
As yet, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil
have no controls on nonroad power
generation engines, although local
authorities may institute emissions
regulations if warranted by air quality.
Chile is adopting its own version of the TA
Luft standard, for example.
Internet link Internet link
Cummins Power Generation has, through in-cylinder design improvements and precise control of
the combustion process, developed technologies that reduce the primary pollutants in diesel generator
set exhausts by approximately 80%. Here, Cummins experts reports on the emissions situation.
EMISSIONS.CUMMINS.WIP.p34:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 22/09/2011 11:16 Page 1
Edina UK
Unit 13 Rugby Park, Bletchley Road, Stockport SK4 3EF
T: +44 (0) 161 432 8833 F: +44 (0) 161 975 1499
The Total Energy Solution Provider:
- Feasibility Consultancy
- Innovative Finance Options
- Design & Construction
- Full Turnkey Contracts
- Project Management
- Commissioning
- Operation & Maintenance
Proven Technical Solutions for:
- Combined Heat and Power
- Syn Gas - Gasification
- Anaerobic Digestion
- Bio Gas
- Landfill Gas
- Sewage Gas
- Coal Mine Methane
Gas Engine Modules from 100kW - 4000kW
Sole Distributor in the UK & Ireland for
Sept WIP Pg 35:Layout 1 27/09/2011 13:08 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
ver the past several years, there
has been a significant
improvement in the range and
variety of materials available to meet
acoustic, thermal and other gen-set
enclosure design requirements.
Many of these new material composites
provide significantly more integrated,
cost-effective solutions to meet or exceed
market requirements for acoustic,
thermal, water resistance and durability,
among other design factors.
E-A-R Specialty Composites has devel-
oped a systems approach to engineer
noise control solutions that meet the
requirements of todays standby power
The noise spectra for power generators
varies widely, but the noise sources are
typically the same. Those noise sources
are engine noise, engine exhaust, turbu-
lent airflow and blade passage associated
with cooling fans, and alternator noise.
The noise spectrum of each component is
dependent on geometry, output power
and load conditions.
There are numerous considerations in
enclosure design beyond noise levels, such
Improved noise
reduction in gen-sets
as airflow requirements,
exhaust requirements, site
requirements and weather
protection requirements.
Eliminating enclosure openings
can be detrimental to cooling
the generator. This difficulty is
exacerbated by recent trends
toward smaller profile gen-
sets that have resulted in
noise control materials being
exposed to a range of higher
generator temperatures.
The resulting heat issues can make ther-
mal management one of the dominant
design considerations in the ultimate solu-
tion package.
Typically there are two main methods
for controlling the airborne noise in a
power generator: blocking airborne noise
via a weighted barrier or absorbing
airborne noise via acoustical absorbing
Power generator equipment
manufacturers can achieve significant
noise control by lining the generators
sheet metal enclosure with a weighted
barrier or a decoupled weighted barrier
(composite of barrier
over decoupling foam).
Ideally, at least 90% of
the enclosure should be
lined. For optimal
effect the enclosure
openings must be
Further improvements
in transmission loss can
be achieved by adding a
decoupler between the
weighted barrier and
substrate, i.e. the
enclosure wall.
Decoupled barriers
typically comprise acoustical foam sand-
wiched between the inner surface of a
power generator enclosure and weighted
The substrate-foam-barrier (double-wall)
construction acts like a spring-mass
system, in which the composite has
increased transmission loss above the
resonant frequency or double wall
frequency of the composite, as seen in
Figure 2 [above right].
Internet link Internet link
David Gries, NVH Applications Engineer of the Indiana-based manufacturer - E-A-R
Specialty Composites - looks at some of the latest noise control solutions designed for use with
todays standy power generators. WIP has the story.
[Above] Relationship between
transmission loss and realised noise
attenuation for barriers as a percent of
open area.
Figure 2.
NOISE.EAR.WIP.p36:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 22/09/2011 12:34 Page 1
Fresh thinking
Charnwood Edge, Syston Road
Cossington, Leicestershire
Telephone +44 (0)116 2604985
Fax +44 (0)116 2605151
E-mail sales
Industrial & Marine Silencers
Fresh thinking about cleaner, quieter emissions
Our speciality is keeping emissions
cleaner and quieter but whats really
fresh about us is that we design,
manufacture and supply products
combining reduction of noise and
NOx emissions, then install them around
the world using our own team of skilled
IMS is a leading manufacturer and
supplier of noise control and emissions
equipment from the plant room through
to acoustic enclosures. Our exhaust
silencer systems can incorporate simple
catalytic converters to more complex
NOx filtration systems. With all this
know-how under one roof we have deep
expertise across a wide range of
industrial and marine applications and
the capability to handle projects from
design to commissioning and installation.
Whether you need a standard item or
a one-off innovation, well be happy to
talk it over with you to find the most
effective solution.
Sept WIP Pg 37:Layout 1 27/09/2011 10:25 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
acific Gas and Electric Company and
Sempra Generation, a subsidiary of
San Diego-based Sempra Energy
have entered into a 25-year contract for
150MW of renewable power from an
expansion of Sempra Generations Copper
Mountain Solar complex in Boulder City,
First Solar, one of the worlds leading
producers of photovoltaic (PV) solar
modules, will provide the ground mounted
thin film panels and serve as the
engineering, procurement & construction
(EPC) contractor for the solar project.
The first 92 MW of solar panels at
Copper Mountain Solar 2 are expected to
be installed by January 2013, with the
remaining 58 MW slated for completion by
2015. Under the terms of the contract,
PG&E has the option to accelerate the
commercial operation date of the second
Copper Mountain Solar 2 is a great
opportunity for PG&E to continue down
the path toward a clean energy future - a
vision we share with our customers, Fong
Wan, senior vice president for
procurement for PG&E, told WIP.
PG&E and Sempra Generation in
150 MW renewable power deal
We are delighted to be in this
partnership which will allow us to deliver
more green power to meet our customers
long-term electricity needs."
Jeffrey W. Martin, president and chief
executive officer of Sempra Generation,
commented: Copper Mountain Solar 2 is
another exciting step forward on our plan
to construct 1,000 megawatts of
additional renewable capacity by 2015.
He said: We couldnt be more pleased
to move forward with PG&E and First
Solar on our third and largest solar
project in Nevada, which will deliver a
new supply of clean power to California
Construction on the 1,100-acre solar
plant is expected to begin in early 2012.
Copper Mountain Solar 2 will produce
enough zero-emission electricity to power
about 45,000 homes when fully
The combination of First Solars
advanced thin film PV modules with our
industry leading EPC capabilities enables
us to rapidly deploy utility-scale solutions
like Copper Mountain Solar 2, bringing
down the cost of renewable energy, said
Jim Lamon, First Solar senior vice
president of EPC, Operations and
Maintenance. Were pleased to be
working with Sempra and PG&E again.
Sempra Generation and First Solar had
previously teamed-up on the construction
of two other large-scale solar projects in
Nevada, including Copper Mountain Solar.
The 48-MW installation was completed in
late 2010 and is currently the largest
PV/solar power plant in the US. PG&E is
currently delivering the power produced
at the plant to its customers.
Internet link Internet link
The expansion of Sempra Generations Copper Mountain Solar complex in Boulder City has
resulted in 25-year contract for 150 MW of renewable power from PG&E. Electricity will
begin to flow to consumers as early as 2013, WIP reports.
RENEWABLES.WIP.p26:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 22/09/2011 13:41 Page 1
www. cant oni gr oup. com
Cantoni Motor S.A.
M.Grayskiego 22
PL 43-300 Bielsko-Biaa
tel. (+48 33) 813 87 00
fax (+48 33) 813 87 01
Electric motors and drive solutions
fr om 0, 04 kW up to 5000 kW.
High Efficiency Induction Motors
series SIE according
to the new requirements
of standard IEC 60034-30

Sept WIP Pg 39:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 23/09/2011 11:47 Page 1
7500 professionals,
350 exhibitors
Register online
The worlds largest offshore wind
energy conference and exhibition
29 November - 1 December 2011 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Move your business ahead of the energy curve
Is offshore part of your business today?
Forge meaningful business contacts with a diverse audience; from wind energy manufacturers, developers
and specialised services to shipping management, platform developers and offshore authorities
Learn and share expertise in key offshore themes; introductory seminar, offshore wind farm
experience, grids, infrastructure, logistics, nance and social issues
Sign rewarding deals and kick-start groundbreaking projects; unrivalled networking opportunities with
inuential people from around the world
Dont miss this brilliant business opportunity.
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
odays data centres have a wide
variety of needs, reports Robin
Koffler. There is a need to markedly
reduce energy consumption in data
centres, plus decrease costs overall,
increase floor space available for
revenue-earning servers and protect vital
power supplies, have all combined to
stimulate interest in flywheel UPS
(uninterruptible power supply) technology.
A flywheel is a rotating device used to
store energy, which can be harnessed to
supply electricity to critical equipment in
the event of a mains power failure.
Flywheels have far greater environmental
credentials than UPS batteries.
Data centres have always been big
energy users. Energy consumption of the
USAs data centres accounts for around 2%
of the countrys annual total usage.
Traditionally, they were not designed to
be energy efficient but to pack as much
processing power into as little space, and
at as low a cost, as possible.
In 2007, the Green Grid (an association
of IT professionals focused on raising
energy efficiency in data centres) intro-
Flywheel UPS - major advantages
for todays data centre environments
duced the concept of Power
Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
and its reciprocal Data
Centre Efficiency (DCE).
PUE is the ratio of total
power used by a data centre
compared to the power used
to run the IT equipment. A
PUE of 2.0, for example,
means that for every kWh of
power used by IT equipment,
another kWh is needed to
run the data centre
Both metrics enable data centre opera-
tors to estimate energy efficiency and
compare the results against other data
centres. DCE has since been redefined as
DCiE (data centre infrastructure
Since its introduction, PUE has become
the badge of choice for energy-efficient
data centres and some of the worlds
largest have been extremely vocal about
the energy efficiency measures
implemented and resultant reduction in
PUE rating.
The objective has been to try and
be the first to achieve the lowest PUE
score, and therefore, the highest
efficiency possible.
Riellos own research concludes that
UPS can use as much as 18-20% of the
total energy consumed by a data
centre. The company has introduced
a flywheel-based UPS product in
partnership with Vycon Energy.
The Master MHF VDC 100-500kVA
Flywheel UPS has been designed
specifically for application within
critical environments such as data
centres, hospitals and large industrial
installations. It is a scaleable system,
incorporating a VDC or VDC-XE
flywheel and offers customers the lowest
possible PUE ratios and highest
operational resilience. It requires 50% less
floor space than a similarly-rated,
traditional UPS and batteries.
The Master VDC series of UPS flywheels
stores kinetic energy in the form of a
rotating mass (spinning at 36,000
revolutions per minute) within a securely
sealed container.
Riellos technology incorporates
aerospace-grade steel, a high-speed
permanent magnet motor generator and
contact-free magnetic bearings which
levitate and sustain the rotor during
For ease-of-use, it also has a touch-
screen control system which provides
controllability and vital information on
system performance.
Unlike Sealed Lead Acid UPS batteries,
flywheels are not temperature-sensitive
and this is one major advantage for data
centre environments, which makes
flywheels an ideal alternative to UPS
batteries for data centres with
Internet link Internet link
Robin Koffler, general manager, Riello UPS explains how flywheel UPS is helping to
revolutionise power protection and the greening of the data centre. Flywheels are not
temperature-sensitive and this is one major advantage for todays data centre environments.
UPS.RIELLO.WIP.p40:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 22/09/2011 15:15 Page 1
Energy Solutions bring together the latest renewable
technologies to give you the knowledge and tools to combat rising
energy costs. Energy Solutions is widely regarded as the UKs
leading energy event hosting an unrivalled collection of exhibitors
and speakers to bring the unique opportunity to:
source new technology
keep up-to-date with the latest energy legislation
watch live demonstrations
learn from best practice case studies
network with thousands of industry professionals
Getting information and advice on energy saving alternatives and
reducing energy consumption is easy, with over 300 exhibitors and
more than 150 hours of FREE education.
00I 51k F0k 00k Fk 1I 0h1 A1
A N 0 A 0 I 0 1 h t 3 0 0 N 5 I 1 A 0 N I 5 5 I 0 N F
If you are interested in exhibiting or in any of the sponsorship
opportunities available, contact Nathalie Storey on
+ 44 (0)20 7921 8087
Principal Supporter:
Energy Solutions is co-located with:
Supported by:
Ofset Partner:


WIP July Pg 42:ad page 2 halfs grid.qxd 27/07/2011 10:36 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
or 16 years Colt now has successfully
run a separate business division -
Colt Data Centre Services- which
owns and operates 19 major data centres
across Europe, as well as delivering data
centre space to thousands of business cus-
Akber Jaffer, general manager at Colt
Data Centre Services, commented on why
he feels high specification modular data
centres are key to the data centre
industrys future:
Our large-scale data centre halls are
manufactured in approved locations using
the latest production line techniques
geared to providing the highest quality
and high specification data centre halls.
Everything is built in-house, using industry
leading modular components, before
being delivered to site in transportable
modules for easy reconstruction.
He comments: All of this means we are
able to cut the time it takes to design and
build-out a conventional bespoke data
centre by more than two thirds, and can
deliver to our customers a complete
facility with upwards of 500m2 of data
centre space in less than four months,
with guaranteed quality and minimal
disruption to the site. Compare this to
any other system and you can really see
why this area of the market is witnessing
such strong demand.
Colt Data Centre Services
finds complete modular protection
Colt Data Centre Services believes a
reliable modular hall solution enables
its customers to meet almost all of
their data centre challenges, using
facilities which are fully built and
staged before they are transported to
a clients site.
When it came to selecting its UPS
partner, Colt DCS had an exacting list
of requirements, including class-
leading efficiency and lowest TCO, as
well as a need for a small footprint to
optimise its modular design.
Neil Ashdown, Chief Infrastructure
Architect at Colt DCS picks up the story:
The initial tender process for a UPS
supplier saw a few organisations stand out
with the capabilities and product range to
support the project, but eventually we
chose UPSL because of its ability to meet
our requirements in every area.
He comments: All the products UPSL
offered were highly energy-efficient,
three-phase UPS systems, with low TCO.
We saw these as key considerations for
our clients, who need to know the system
they are buying into is affordable in the
long-term and that ongoing maintenance
costs are reasonable.
Each of Colt DCSs modules is
constructed to deliver class-leading levels
of resilience, at a standard tiering level of
Tier 3 overall and Tier 4 for the power
This provides a high degree of
redundancy throughout the facility, which
extends to the chosen UPS system. Each
of the initial 12 modules will feature
three integrated UPS units, designed to
support the critical load and the
mechanical load. Each configuration uses
two UPSL PowerWAVE 6000s, with a load
capacity of 80KVA, working in an N + N
redundant formation.
The third UPS is the smaller PowerWAVE
5000T, also from UPSL, which supports the
mechanical load. The PowerWave6000
three-phase UPS was chosen by Colt for
its transformerless design and energy
saving inverter switching (ESIS)
technology, which delivers best-in-class
performance & efficiency.
In line with Colts requirement for a
maximum load of 80KVA per module, the
PowerWave6000 has a capacity of 60KVA
to 200KVA, parallelable up to 2MVA.
The system also features exceptionally
high operating efficiency offering 95.5%
efficiency from a load of 25% or higher,
further reducing power consumption.
Neil Ashdown at Colt DCS concludes:
One of the reasons we went with the
UPS system from UPSLwas the fact that
the chosen products are highly-efficient
and have a very flat efficiency curve
when the load is above 25%, which it
always will be, which means the UPS isnt
wasting energy. The PowerWAVE 6000 also
has a very small heat build-up, which is
important due to the confined space in
which the UPS is housed.
Internet link Internet link
When Colt Data Centre Services decided to be among the first to manufacture the next
generation of modular data centres it turned to Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited
(UPSL), a Kohler company, to provide its modular power protection, reports WIP.
UPS.UPSL.WIP.p42:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 22/09/2011 16:22 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
rupo Guascor is a privately-held
company based in Vitora, Spain
which participates in energy-
related activities throughout the world.
Grupo Guascor designs, develops and
manufactures a wide range of energy
conversion and conservation products.
Guascor was acquired in May 2011 by the
US company Dresser Rand.
A major energy projects currently being
developed by Guascor involves a 50MW
wind generation project in Mexico,
Gerardo Pandal, Guascor de Mxico's
renewable energies director commented:
"The price per kilowatt has come down a
lot, and we are investigating the best
company to install our turbines," Pandal
said. Guascor hopes to begin construction
of the self-supply project in mid-2012.
The company has secured land rights,
power purchase agreements and has been
conducting anemometric studies for the
past four years.
* HIMOINSA SL has specialised in
developing high power solutions for
extreme situations both in low and
medium voltage. HIMOINSA incorporates
high performance diesel motors in its
range of heavy products managed by
advanced control systems. Fast solutions
Energy on the move - the wind of
change blows from Spain
include a modular installation, expansive
and compatible with other systems
existing in the market.
Its medium voltage container-made
generating sets are characterised by their
easy adaptation and versatility, easy
transportation and installation and simple
start-up with onsite assistance
Himoinsa has delivered the first units of
an order for 25 gensets with a power
range from 135kVa to 1200kVa. Hertz
Equipment Rentalis a leading
international clients of HIMOINSA and a
specialist in rental machinery and
equipment. HIMOINSA has been supplying
generating sets from its European and
American subsidiaries, thanks to support
from its HIMOINSA Chinese subsidiary.
* Iberdrola has reached 13,000 MW of
installed capacity worldwide, reinforcing
its status as a global industry leader,.
Recent contracts have included the
establishment of the companys first wind
facility in Cyprus, called Aghia Anna, and
the Polish wind farm in Bystra, with its
combined 44MW of power. The company
has also entered the Catalan and Asturian
markets in Spain with the acquisition of
four wind farms with a combined 128 MW.
This has confirmed Iberdrola as the wind
power leader in Spain, the UK, Greece
and Hungary, and with operations in
Germany, Poland, Portugal, Italy, France
and Cyprus.
Iberdrola will also invest 365m to
grow in Mexico's booming wind-power
market at a time when other
international firms are also rushing to
muscle in Latin America's second-largest
Iberdrola has the go-ahead to build a
wind farm in the Southern city of
Oaxaca, Meixoc, which is quickly
becoming the country's wind-power hub.
The project will have a capacity of 20
MW and employ 500 people during
construction. The Madrid-based firm will
also build a co-generaion power plant in
Salamanca, Guanajuato.
The Oaxaca wind farm is the second of
its type to be built by Iberdrola in
Mexico since 2008.
In recent years Spain has become well-known for its technical developments in energy generation.
Here, WIP profiles some of the latest developments from three of the worlds biggest energy
companies which are based in Spain: Grupo Guascor, Himoinsa and Iberdrola.
Iberdrola - windfarms in Andalusia, Spain.
Himoinsa - portable gen-sets.
Guascor gas-powered engine.
SPAIN.WIP.p44:LHP.WIP.p26.qxd 23/09/2011 14:30 Page 1






Organised by
Supported by
M&E - The Building Services Event is co-located with
In association with Show partners
If you are interested in exhibiting or in any of the
sponsorship opportunities available, contact Nathalie Storey
on + 44 (0)20 7921 8087
Remeha Commercial
Rittal Ltd
Space Airconditioning plc
Valsir SpA
As the only exhibition in the UK to be run in association with CIBSE,
M&E The Building Services Event provides visitors with unrivalled
access to some of the biggest brands from across all the building
services sectors such as:
Evinox Limited
Ideal Commercial Heating
Mitsubishi Electric
By visiting M&E The Building Services Event, you can also benet
from over 150 hours of free education, exciting feature areas and gain
new ideas from the expert speaker panel on how to make your
organisation more energy ecient & eective.
M&E2011_297x210+3mm_SPA2.pdf 1 03/08/2011 16:36
The Tessenderlo Group and Siemens Project
Ventures have announced they each have
sold 13.33% of T-Power shares, reducing
their participations from 33.3% to 20% each.
Tokyo Gas will - as a result - acquire 26.66%
interest in T-Power, an Independent Power
Producer, whose 425 MW natural gas fired
power station is located in Tessenderlo
Since June 15th, 2011, T-Power has started
commercial operations under a tolling
agreement with RWE group, a major power
company headquartered in Germany, for a
minimum period of 15 years.
Both Siemens Project Ventures and
Tessenderlo Group have been supporting T-
Power through the development & construction
phases of this highly important project for energy
generation in Belgium. By reducing their
participation in this newly-commissioned power
plant, both companies allow entrance for other
investors. Tessenderlo Chemie and Siemens Project
Ventures look forward to Tokyo Gas added value
and strategic partnership in T-Power project, says a
press release to the media.
The transaction is still subject to approval by the
authorities, other shareholders rights, and 3rd party
consents. It is independent of International Powers
planned divestment of T-Power.
Tokyo Gas participates for the first time in power
generation in Europe. It is Tokyo Gas mid-term
strategy to spend a total of 150 billion yen
(approximately 1.4 billion for investments in
mainly new upstream/overseas projects.
Siemens Project Ventures GmbH (SPV) is primarily
Financial Services (SFS), the finance division of
Siemens. Together with its partners, SPV has with
equity capital contributions been involved world-
wide in the development of infrastructure projects,
particularly in the energy sector. SPV has already
participated in the development of 14 international
power plant projects with an overall capacity of
more than 8,000 MW as well as in three
telecommunication projects, two medical centres
and an airport, with a cumulative project volume of
US$10 billion.
W O R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1
Tessenderlo Group and Siemens sell part of
stake in T-Power to Tokyo Gas
Gruppo AB in US$50m deal with GE
GE (has advised WIP that it has
just has agreed on an important
milestone of a three-year frame-
work agreement with Gruppo AB,
a European combined heat and
power (CHP) project developer.
The deal involves the supply of an
innovative combination of GEs
Jenbacher gas engines and Clean
CycleTM waste-heat recovery
modules for agricultural biogas
projects throughout Europe. The
project is expected to generate
more than US$50m in revenue.
The acquisition of waste-heat
recovery technology from Calnetix
Power Solutions enabled GE to
work together with great
companies like Gruppo AB to
provide innovative solutions for
customers, helping to meet
increased demand for power and
efficiency while at the same time
meeting increasingly rigorous
environmental regulations,
Rafael Santana, president and
CEOGas Engines for GE Energy
told WIP in a recent interview.
The project marks the largest
deal for a packaged solution
featuring GEs Jenbacher biogas
engines and the Clean Cycle
technology since acquiring the
waste-heat technology from
Calnetix Power Solutions in 2010.
Increasingly, agricultural facilities
seek to install modern CHP
systems to support
the European
Unions 20/20/20
initiative to
generate 20% of
their energy from
renewable sources
by 2020.
Combined heat and
power is our core
business, and our
long relationship
with GE is important
to our success. The combination
of GEs innovative and reliable
Jenbacher gas engines and Clean
Cycle waste-heat recovery
modules provides us with the
advanced technology and
expertise to offer our agricultural
customers specifically, but in
general for all biogas applications
for everyone, commented Angelo
Baronchelli, founder of Gruppo
US$533.8m deal
Saskatchewan Power
(SaskPower) will invest
more than C$550m
(US$533.8m) to add 200
MW of capacity to the
companys 430 MW
Queen Elizabeth
natural gas-fired power
plant in Saskatoon.
Three, 35MW natural
gas turbines, six steam
generators and a steam
turbine designed to
produce 95MW of
power are at the core
of the new project. The
new capacity will come
online in 2015.
SaskPower has
commissioned three gas
generating units at
Queen Elizabeth in
2010, bringing the
plants generating
capacity up to 430 MW.
The latest planned
upgrade will increase it
to 630 MW.
Vietnam contract
is worth US$1.5bn
In a business deal worth
US$1.5bn in financing
the AES Corp will
proceed with the
construction of its
1,200 MW Mong Duong
II coal-fired power
plant in Vietnam.
Doosan Heavy Industries
and Construction Co.
Ltd. will be the
engineering, procure-
ment and construction
contractor. The plant is
expected to be
operational by 2015.
WindDirect in
1.5MW deal
A contract signed by UK-
based on-site wind
developer Wind Direct
gives the go-ahead to
install a 1.5 MW wind
turbine to supply a
Scottish manufacturer of
Christmas Trees used in
the extraction of subsea
oil and gas. Dunfermline-
based FMC Technologies
will receive green
electricity direct from a
100m wind turbine for
the next 25 years.
Contracts.WIP.SEPTEMBER.p47:Contracts.WIP.MAY.p54.qxd 25/09/2011 17:07 Page 1
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 1 WO R L D W I D E I N D E P E N D E N T P O W E R
Atlas Copco Secoroc introduces the new COP 20
Atlas Copco Secoroc has introduced the newest member in their COP
line of DTH (down-the-hole) hammers, the COP 20. This new multi-
purpose DTH hammer is designed for 2.75 inch to 3.5 inch (70 to 89
mm) diameter holes in difficult ground conditions. The COP 20
hammer has been engineered especially for the power industry
where construction work such as ground
reinforcement and anchor bolting is being
carried out. Operating at 100 to 174 psi, the
COP 20 provides improved penetration rates
thanks to its valved air regulation and lighter
piston.The COP 20 uses a six-splined BR2 bit
Dichtomatik now offers rings, washers & mouldings
Following its appointment in 2010 as an authorised supplier for the
Kalrez range of perfluoroelastomer parts manufactured by DuPont
Performance Polymers, Dichtomatik Ltd is pleased to announce that
it has also been appointed as an official licensee for the full range of
Viton, Vamac and Zalak as well as the Kalrez finished
products. As an official authorised licensee, Dichtomatik provides an
important technical link between DuPont, as the raw materials
supplier, and the end-user of finished sealing products as well as
intermediary compounders and moulders. Dichtomatik combines a
single point of contact with technical backup, service support and
full product supply facilities for a wide range of high performance
sealing products. Its licensee service also includes full product
traceability, covering the requirements of the power generation
sector. It offers a very wide range of sealing products including O
rings, flat washers, discs, mouldings and cords in both standard or
alternative sizes and configurations can be provided.
With the specialised range of DuPont materials, sealing problems
involving extremes of pressure, temperature, friction and chemical
resistance can be overcome to reduce component or equipment
breakdowns for proprietary manufactured products. This can ensure
cost savings for both equipment suppliers and end users, while also
providing extended lifetime operations with minimum production
downtime for plant
Dichtomatik offer an ex-
stock delivery with same day
dispatch covering many
thousands of individual
sealing products. This time-
sensitive approach also
extends to their technical
support responses to cus-
tomer queries, covering a
wide range of general
engineering applications
Harsen Europes GU660A gen-set controller
Harsens GU660A is a set-to-set Gen-set controller with synchronisa-
tion or single set to mains. The compact high quality module is
housed in a rugged package with IP65 to panel sealing. Up to 16
GU660As can be connected together onto the same common bus. The
controllers can be configured to import power to a specific engine or
too balance the load across all available engines. Using the onboard
CANbus the GU660A modules monitor the integrity of the systems and
control the unload and loading of the engines.nThe GU660A offers 4
types of synchronisation: 1. None of the synchronisation features are
enabled so can be used as a standard unit. 2. Manual synchronisation,
matching voltage & frequency are adjusted manually by external
potentiometers. 3. Semi-automatic
where the controller will match the
voltage and frequency, but the opera-
tor must close the breaker. 4. Fully
automatic where system controls
PM7000 gets revision of firmware from Outram
Outram Research Ltd has announced a new revision of firmware for
its PM7000 power quality analyser, Waveform Capture Extension,
which allows capture of long-duration transients and waveform
events. The new feature is designed to help engineers troubleshoot
long-duration problems and to see the consequential impact of
disturbances. Whilst most transients and waveform events are over in
less than three or four cycles, occasionally it is useful to capture
longer periods. Examples include monitoring the networks recovery
from sag after reclosures, or to view the reaction of downstream
control systems such as wind turbine control. The Waveform Capture
Extension allows for selective extension of the capture window
beyond the 160ms that was previously possible, enabling recording
for up to 60 seconds. Extensions of the different capture triggers can
be set individually, enabling complete control over the monitoring of
the disturbances that are recorded for the longer period. The PM7000
can automatically terminate recording
when the Sag/Surge is over to
optimise the use of the available
storage. Waveforms recorded by the
Extended Waveform Capture feature
can be displayed and analysed in
Pronto, Outrams logger control
software which will also manage the
Clyde Bergemann wins Seminole order for DRYCON
Clyde Bergemann Power Group Americas headquartered in Atlanta/GA
has been awarded a contract to supply both the engineering and
equipment to convert the existing wet bottom ash removal system of
Seminole Electrics two 650 MW coal fired units located in Palatka,
Florida to a dry system usng its DRYCON technology.
The contract will be executed by Clyde Bergemann Delta Ducon
(CBDD), the Groups business unit for ash handling with the turnkey
installation performed by our strategic alliance partner, Roberts and
The DRYCON dry bottom ash systems will replace the plants
existing wet systems and will
reduce maintenance costs and allow
the sale of the ash. Seminole chose
the DRYCON system for its
maintenance-friendly and robust
design & significant reduction of
LOI, says the company.
NEW.PRODUCTS.SEPT.p48:NEWPRODUCTS.MAY.p56.qxd 26/09/2011 09:45 Page 1
Leicester Road, Shepshed, Longborough,
Leicestershire LE12 9EG, UK.
Tel +44 (0)1509 508678
Fax +44 (0)1509 504350
Contact: Malcolm Cropley/ James Bexon
Design, manufacture, fitting out, and site
installation of purpose built modules (On
shore and off shore), and acoustic containers
for the electrical and allied industries
Broadcrown is a leading independent
manufacturer of power generation systems from
6kVA through to +30MVA including:
Prime & standby back up power
Base load generation
Oil & gas industry applications
Marine power generation
Critical power including UPS systems
Gas and co-generation (CHP) applications
Rental applications
Broadcrown Ltd (Group Headquarters)
Aireld Industrial Estate, Hixon, Stafford
Staffordshire ST18 0PF, England.
tel: +44 (0)1 889 272200



Manufacture, InstaIIation,
Commissioning & Servicing
of 10KW - 2MW Bespoke
Generator Sets
HV/LV Switchgear Servicing
Load/Power Monitoring
TeI: +44 (0)1744 814444
oad/Power Monit Load/Power Monit
Se hgear Servicing

nerator Sets ee
f 10KW - 2MW Bespoke 10KW - 2MW Bespoke
Commissioning & Servicing Commissioning & Servicing
Manufacture, InstaIIation, Manufacture, InstaIIation, www tonwoodgr sales@bur EmaiI:
+44 (0)1744 814444 eI: TTe
Covrad Heat Transfer Ltd
Sir Henry Parkes Road
Canley, West Midlands
Coventry, CV5 6BN
Tel: +44(0)2476 675 544
Fax: +44(0) 2476 676 029
For information please contact:
Mrs Claire Bellis
School of Engineering
Cranfield University
Tel: +44(0) 1234 754683
Fax: +44(0) 1234 751566
Foam Techniques Ltd, manufacturer and
specialist in producing acoustic and thermal
insulationfoamproducts. Acomprehensiverange
of insulation materials offer a solution to almost
any problem, specification and budget. As a
market leader, we export our sound insulation
products and services globally to the Gen-Set
and Acoustic Enclosure Markets
Foam Techniques Ltd, 39 Booth Drive, Park Farm South,
Wellingborough, Northants NN8 6GR UK
Tel: 01933 400096 Fax: 01933 400095
For further information, samples, specs, brochure
and pricing, please call Neil Blythe quoting WIP
Office: 01933 400096 Mobile: 07801 469997
ISO 9001
Manufacturer of Gasoline,
Diesel and Natural Gas/ LPG
Generating Sets
2.2 to 3000 kVA
Aksa International (UK) Ltd.
Unit 6, Pine Court
Walker Road
Bardon Hill
Coalville Leicestershire
LE67 I52 UK
Tel: + 44 1530 837 472
Fax: + 44 1530 519 577
Manufacturer of diesel
gensets between
15kVA - 2250 kVA
standby powers
Cukurova Power Generation
Aegean Free Zone, Boss St.
No. 11 Gaziemir - Ismir / Turkey
Tel: +90 232 2522026
Fax: +90 232 2522027
Turbochargers UK
Spare parts, replacement
turbochargers, overhauls
check, clean, balance and
Hortonwood 37, Telford
TF1 7XT. Great Britain
Tel: + 44 1952 607200 (24hr)
Fax: + 44 1952 677179
ide Systems manufacture an extensive range
of industry dedicated electrical distribution
equipment from portable power clusters
through 3200A automatic changeover panels.
With over 50 years combined experience in
electrical engineering, our qualified engineers
have a high level of technical knowledge to
find solutions for your electrical distribution
ide Systems Ltd
Unit 6 Swaffield Park, Hyssop Close,
Cannock, Staffs WS11 7FU
T: 01543 574111 F: 01543 571444
Second Avenue, Centrum 100
Staffs DE14 2WF
Manufacturers of
Load banks for sale or hire
AC/DC Resistive/Reactive
Contact: David Gould Sales Director
Tel: 01283 531645
Fax: 01283 510103

Maximum performance
Minimum Fuss


Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0) 1162 604985
Europes leading energy
equipment and service
T: +44 (0) 161 432 8833
Specialists in: Coal Mine
Methane, Combined Heat
& Power, Landfill Gas,
Sewage Gas, Bio Gas.
Tel.: +49 (0) 98 26 / 65 59 - 0
From the experts
in exhaust gas
heat exchangers
From the experts
in exhaust gas
heat exchangers

Need Power?

Generator Supply 10kVA - 2MVA
Full Installation Projects
Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Control Systems
Service & Repair
Load Bank Testing
Parts Sales

ICEL Group Ltd
Tel: 01622 S5S200

Generator Control Systems
PLC Systems
Switchgear Panels
Changeover & Bypass Panels
Fuel Control Systems
Remote Telemetry & Trackers
Hazardous Area Specialists
Design, Install & Service

ICEL Group Ltd
Tel: 01622 858200
Builders of bespoke generator systems up to
3,000kVA, single or multiple units.
Control and Distribution Panels.
Power Packs and Welding Sets.
Frequency Changers and Load Banks.
Commissioning and Full Service/Maintenance.
James Dring Power Plant Ltd,
8 Eagle Road, Quarry Hill Industrial Park,
Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 4RB, UK
Mr J. Martindale or Mr D. Walker
Tel: +44 (0)115 9440072 Fax: +44 (0)115 9440235
j a m e s
power plant limited
Mecc Alte UK Ltd
6 Lands End Way, Oakham
Rutland, Leicestershire LE15 6RF
T: +44 (0)1572 771 160
F: +44 (0)1572 771 161
World-Class Alternators
Azienda con sistema qualit certificato
Tel. 0423.688037 r.a. Fax 0423.688135 r.a.
up to 120MWe
PO Box 70,
England YO18 7XU
Tel: +44 (0) 1751 474034
Fax: +44 (0) 1751 476103
Manufacturers of diesel and gas
generator sets, containerised sets,
chp systems, marine sets and
bespoke systems
Bespoke build equipment of:
Plantroom Attenuation
Full fit out and testing facility
for all sizes of gensets.
Contact: Paul Read/Dan Cranfield
Tel: +44 (0) 1206 383666
Fax: +44 (0) 1206 383836
The single source for diesel & gas engine products
T: +44 (0) 121 511 0400
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Distributors for:
Installation, commissioning,
breakdown service, repair, site
survey, technical support and
Susan Campbell
Tel: +44 (0)161 476 4606
Fax: +44 (0)161 476 5639
Precision Controls Ltd
iso containers, acoustic &
weatherproof enclosures,
CHP and
plant room equipment
Powerplus Engineering
School Road, Langham
Colchester, Essex CO4 5PB
T: +44 (0)1206 271266
F: +44 (0)1206 271208
T + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 4 5 4 2 2 7 2 7 7
F + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 4 5 4 2 2 7 5 4 9
w w w. wo o d wa r d . c o m
Power Management Units and
Protection Relays for Diesel/Gas
engines, power plants, emergency
power systems and cogeneration
Tel: +49 711 789 54-0
Fax: +49 711 789 54-100
P.O. Box 546, 1970 AM IJmuiden
The Netherlands
T +31 255 530304 F +31 255 521587
Tel: 01386 442622
Fax: 01386760256
Generators up to 2000 kVA
Multi megawatt installations
Sales & Rental
Service, Installation & Commissioning
24 hour technical support
Designers and Manufacturers
of A.C. Voltage Stabilisers
and Power Conditioners
Watford Control
For Further Information contact
Tel: +44(0)1536 401345
Fax:+44(0)1536 401164
15 kW - 15 MW
15 WW - 15 MW W - 15 MW kk 15 k kW kW kW

Bristol London
Cambridge Stoke South Wales
Tel: 0870 850 0858
Unit 13 Rugby Park
Bletchley Road, Stockport SK4 3EF
T +44 (0) 161 432 8833
F +44 (0) 161 4328833
Sole distributor of MWM generating sets
in the UK and Ireland
Electrical Electrical
Model Fuel rpm Output Efficiency
(kW) %
TCG2016V08 g 1500 372 41.9
TCG2016V12 g 1500 556 41.7
TCG2016V16 g 1500 736 42.0
TCG2020V12 g 1500 1138 43.1
TCG2020V16 g 1500 1513 43.0
TCG2020V20 g 1500 1902 43.4
TCG2032V12 g 1000 3333 43.5
TCG2032V16 g 1000 4300 43.5
All engines available for both natural
gas and biogas. TCG2032V12 and V16
also available for syngas.
NOx level: 500mg/m
Ratings to ISO 3046/
Methane Number (MN): 70
Model Fuel rpm Elec O/P Elec O/P
Continuous Prime
TCD2016V12 d 1500 548 736
TCD2016V16 d 1500 736 832
TCD2020V12 d 1500 547 624
TCD2020V16 d 1500 1875 1964
Standby diesels from 50kVA to 3000kVA
also available
P.O. Box 30101,1303 AC Almere,
Tel: + 31-36-5388311
Fax: + 31-36-5388342
European sales and service
subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy
Industries Ltd. Japan.
Contact: G. G. de Wit
Mitsubishi diesel engines from 3.5 to
approx 3677 kW and S.I. gas engines
from 245 to 2100 kW.
Stand-by Prime
kWm power
L2E d 3000 9.6 8.2
L3E d 3000 14.7 12.6
S3L d 3000 18.8 16.3
S3L2 d 3000 20.6 17.7
S4L d 3000 25 22.1
S4L2 d 3000 27.6 24.1
S4Q d 3000 36.8 33.5
S4Q2 d 3000 39.7 36
S4S d 1500 30.9 28
S4S-DT d 1500 40.5 36.8
S6S d 1500 45.6 41.2
S6S-DT d 1500 59.6 54.1
S4K-D d 1500 46 42
S4K-DT d 1500 59 54
S6K-D d 1500 69 63
S6K-DT d 1500 88 80
6D16 d 1500 71 65
6D16T d 1500 117 106
6D24 d 1500 125 114
6D24T d 1500 185 168
6D24TC d 1500 204 185
S6B-PTA d 1500 261 235
S6B-PTK d 1500 283 257
S6B3-PTA d 1500 370 335
S6B3-PTK d 1500 390 355
S6A3-PTA d 1500 440 400
S6A3-PTK d 1500 475 430
S6R-PTA d 1500 570 515
S6R-PTK d 1500 600 545
S6R2-PTA d 1500 655 595
S6R2-PTK d 1500 705 640
S12A2-PTA d 1500 746 679
S12A2-PTK d 1500 783 709
S12H-PTA d 1500 1020 930
S12H-PTK d 1500 1080 980
S12R-PTA d 1500 1220 1110
S12R-PTK d 1500 1230 1120
S12R2-PTA d 1500 1315 1195
S12R2-PTK d 1500 1350 1230
S16R-PTA d 1500 1620 1480
S16R-PTK d 1500 1650 1500
S16R2-PTA d 1500 1790 1630
S16R2-PTK d 1500 1945 1765
S6U-PTA d 1000 1259 1143
S6U-PTK d 1000 1351 1220
S6U2-PTA d 1000 1395 1268
S6U2-PTK d 1000 1485 1350
S8U-PTA d 1000 1678 1524
S8U-PTK d 1000 1802 1627
S12U-PTA d 1000 2518 2286
S12U-PTK d 1000 2703 2440
S16U-PTA d 1000 3357 3048
S16U-PTK d 1000 3604 3254
output kWm
GS6A3-PTK g 1500 243
GS12A2-PTK g 1500 441
GS6R-PTK g 1500 338
GS12R-PTK g 1500 676
GS16R-PTK g 1500 900
GS6U-PTK g 1000 790
GS8U-PTK g 1000 1051
GS12U-PTK g 1000 1581
GS16U-PTK g 1000 2103
PANOTO is a major designer
and producer of radiators to
the world GENSET market
Tel: + 90 212 8750990


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Dale Power
secure power whenever
you need it
Secure Power
> Generators
> AC & DC
Secure Power
> Batteries
> Service &
Dale Power Solutions plc
Salter Road, Easteld Industrial Estate, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 3DU
Tel: + 44 (0) 1723 583511
Part of the Secure Power Division of
Dale_A4 ad 19/05/2011 13:54 Page 1