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4th Edition


To avoid Premarital sex


Mike Weds Melinda

in U S A

How To Find Your Own Man

In love Forever As Bosede Weds Oyeyemi

Has Tonto Dikeh sold herself to the Devil?

Suite b8,c3 & d5 emab plaza aminu kanu crescent wuse II,abuja. CGF 07,K-City plaza,Aminu Kanu Crescent,Wuse II Abuja.


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GRAN eur


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w it h O n a h

H e llo R e a d e r s , R e s p o n d in g t o a n u m b e r o f c o m m e n t s o r c o n t r i b u t i o n s f r o m o u r e s t e e m e d r e a d e r s o f t h is c o lu m n , w e t a k e a lo o k a t w h o is t o b la m e w h e n s o m e in d iv id u a ls d e c id e s t o m o v e a l m o s t n u d e o n t h e s t r e e t o r d r e s s p r o v o c a t iv e ly a r o u n d t o w n . I n t e r e s t in g l y s o m e a r g u e t h a t p e o p le s h o u ld n o t m in d w h a t is n o t t h e ir b u s in e s s w h ile o t h e r s o p in e t h a t w e c a n n o t f o ld o u r a r m s a n d a l lo w o u r s o c i e t y t o k e e p d e c id in g i n t h e n a m e o f m o d e r n it y . B e l o w a r e s o m e o f t h e r e s p o n s e s f r o m o u r r e a d e r s ;D ear M r O nah , I r e a d w it h i n t e r e s t y o u r w r ite - u p o n c lo th in g a n d n u d i ty in N ig e r ia a n d W h o s h o u ld ta k e t h e b la m e ? I th in k a n y b o d y e s p e c i a lly y o u n g g ir ls w h o u s u a ll y d r e s s i n d e c e n t ly s h o u ld h a v e t h e i r p a r e n ts t o b la m e . T h is i s b e c a u s e w h e n t h e y le a v e t h e i r h o m e s , th e ir p a r e n ts s h o u l d c h e e k th e i r a p p e a r a n c e b e f o r e th e y s te p o u t t o s c h o o l . th o s e w h o s c h o o l o u ts i d e , th a t is i n b o a r d in g s c h o o ls o r h i g h e r i n s t itu ti o n s s h o u ld b e g i v e n a d e q u a te c o u n c e ll in g b y th e ir p a r e n ts . P a r e n t s o w e it a d u ty to ta k e c a r e o f t h e i r c h il d r e n s o c ia ll y , m o r a ll y a n d p s y c h o lo g i c a lly s o t h a t e v e n in th e ir a b s e n c e t h e i r c h i ld r e n w ill s t ill b e h a v e w e ll. J u s t in e f r o m J o s H e llo M r O n a h , Y e s w e d is c o v e r th a t h a lf - n a k e d g ir l s a r e a l l o v e r t h e p la c e - s tr e e t s , U n i v e r s ity c a m p u s e s a n d o th e r h ig h e r i n s tit u t io n s i n N i g e r ia . O v e r th e t im e p r o v o c a ti v e d r e s s in g h a s r e c e i v e d s o m u c h a tt e n ti o n b u t th is h a s n o t d e t e r r e d g i r ls f r o m e x p o s i n g s e n s iti v e p a r ts o f t h e ir b o d ie s n o r h a s i t s to p p e d b o y s f r o m th e r e c e n t p h e n o m e n o n o f s a g g i n g th e ir t r o u s e r s . T o m e w e s h o u ld n o t e v e n r a is e a q u e s ti o n o f w h o i s to b la m e . p e o p le s h o u l d f ir s t b e m a d e t o m i n d th e ir b u s in e s s e s , b e c a u s e h a s y o u p r e p a r e y o u r b e d , s o y o u lie o n i t. . T o r t e s e f r o m J a lin g o . H e llo M r O n a h , I m u s t c o m m e n t o n th e s p a t e o f i m m o r a l ity in u r b a n c e n tr e s o f A b u ja , P o r t H a r c o u r t , L a g o s , C a l a b a r a n d o t h e r N ig e r ia n t o w n s . I t h in k i t h a s t o d o w it h t h e s o c a l le d m o d e r n s ty le s o f c lo t h i n g th a t e x p o s e s th e b o d i e s o f w o m e n a n d c a u s e s e x u a l a tt r a c tio n f o r th e m e n . T h i s s p e ll s d o o m f o r th e c o u n tr y th a t i s tr y in g t o w r ig g le o u t o f s e x u a lly T r a n s m i tte d D is e a s e s li k e H i v & A I D S . T o m e e v e r y o n e is t o b la m e a s f a r a s th is q u e st io n o f n u d ity is C o n c e r n e d . A l l h a n d s m u s t b e o n d e c k in c o r r e c tin g w h o e v e r w e s e e h al f-n a k e d . . A g a t h a , A b u ja . M y D e a r R e a d e rs , T h a n k s f o r y o u r r e s p o n s e s , it is s a id th a t w h a t I h e a r I f o r g e t b u t w h a t I s e e , I r e m e m b e r . W h e n th e e y e s s e e , th e b r a in s to r e s th e im a g e a n d o n e r e c o lle c t s . F r o m h e r e th e h u m a n m i n d t h i n k s a n d r e a s o n s i n o r d e r t o a c t e c o n o m ic a l ly o r s o c ia l ly . T h e q u e s ti o n o f n u d it y i n N i g e r ia is o n e t h a t r e q u ir e s a ll to a c t in u n i s o n s o a s to s a n i tiz e o u r s o c i e ty . T o m e t h e s o c ie t y i s t o b l a m e . I s h a r e v i e w s w it h A g a t h a , th a t e v e r y o n e s h o u l d d o th e ir b e s t to c o r r e c t th o s e w h o a r e in th e h a b it o f p r o v o c a t iv e d r e ss in g . I n n e a r ly e v e r y f a m i ly to d a y i n N i g e r i a , t h e r e is s o m e o n e w h o d r e s s e s p r o v o c a t iv e l y . L e t u s th e r e f o r e s to p t h i s m o n s te r . S e n d y o u r c o n tr ib u ti o n s , c o m m e n ts o r q u e s tio n s b o r d e r in g o n n u d it y i n N i g e r ia to :F r a n c is o n a h s @ y a h o o .c o m o r t e x t m e s s a g e s to :-0 7 0 5 4 4 5 1 2 4 0

HI, it's a pleasure meeting you on this ever green magazine where we have the opportunity of celebrating our great, unique and rich African heritage. In this edition, An icon and a born leaderGov Bukola Saraki is profiled in on his past achievement and background, Fashion and Textiles from Nigeria, Ghana and Senegals are in full display for new designs in your wardrope. I hope it will be able to satisfy your cravings for the latest fashion for indeed we have brought out the most fashionable, unique and resent styles for your perusal and pleasure. Here textile materials ranging from holandis, Ankaras, prints, wax and even the latest in town vliysco textile are displayed Fashion houses like Arsenel fashion house, Debby fashion world and Santorial Yeni are major contributors in this edition, food and diet is also discussed in the column of the Home Makers. Just Ask Andy is a column you can't afford to miss as it deals with issues of the heart relating to Love and emotion, while Mr Onah discusses issues on humanity-(clothing & Nudity). We promise that as you are enjoying this latest edition we are almost concluding the production work on our very next edition of your favorite magazine. Princess Bukey Editor-in-chief
A.PLAN-THINK The first thing to do before starting a business is to plan. You need to think on how to i. Raise revenue ii. Where to set up the business iii. What type of business you want to set up iv. What are your basic ideas on the business and what are your own new ideas, innovation or creativities about that business. What are the new things you want to add? how do you make your own service or product more unique? v. how do you go about creating this service or product? What are the basic facilities you already have at your disposal? i.e material possession, personalities, capital etc. vi. For whom do you want to create this service/goods? Who are the set of people you want to service?, the rich? the poor? Average class?, old?, youth?, children? Etc this will give you the guideline on how to really service them better. vii. how do you reach this people? How do you get access to them? Through the fliers?, Radio/ T.V advert?, mouth to mouth conversing? Phone?, On line/net Connection etc. viii. How do you manage the available resources at your disposal for you to maximize profit and minimize cost? Firstly you need to access your available resources- material resources, human resources, location (office/shop/home front/car etc) and capital. You need to decide how to make judicious use of these resources and how to minimize cost i.e what you spend money on that you can easily provide by yourself. CONTINUE IN THE NEXT EDITION


To avoid Premarital sex The best intention and goal ? Do NOT go alone to ? Beware, there is the house or room of anyone no clear line between no will not work without actual of the opposite sex. Most intercourse and strategies. Too many guys intercourse, everything is and girls failed to guard their sexual intercourse between teenage boys and girls takes happening gradually from purity until marriage just place in the home of one or the white-light gray-graybecause they did not have other while the parents are dark gray-black. One concrete strategy to face the away. Date rape, seduction, and small thing will lead to challenge. We just have to mere rumor leave countless bigger things and it is know in this life, when we victims with tattered reputations much easier to cool down fail to plan, then we plan to every day. small fire. Even much fail.. Provided below are easier if you didn't start the some guidelines from various Become an expert at saying fire in the first place. authors and experiences from "no" and mean it. When someone asks you to drink, tell Love is a decision, not a others that may be useful to 'em you don't look good in a feeling. The most loving equip you: lampshade (and smile). When decision you can make ? Establish your someone tries to force sex, tell standard. Write it down.

& Guidelines


* You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures- Charles C. Noble *lifes ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want Marsha Sinetar *The tragedy of life doesnt lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach- Benjamin Mays *Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. David Joseph Schwatz. *whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.Helmut Schmidt



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children fashion Bosede weds oyeyemi Ladies African Fashion Mike weds melinda Art by Sujjad Mens African Fashion Love,lust and Deceit Sole Planner Property consultant Wise and Inspirational Saying The Home Maker Artist Corner NGO Nollywood big babes who are perpetual night crawlers Bages,shoes and Accessories How to find your own man Humanity with onah

GRAN eur

How to find your own man

1. visualize the kind of man you want i.e height, colour, character, life style, background etc. speak it to reality every morning and night. 2. Prepare to be a wife, change your mode of life from girlish nature and character to that of a woman-an articulate woman of substance. 3. Visit places you can find the type of man you want. i.e small party, cocktail, weddings, seminars etc. you must not lock yourself in door, learn to interact as much as possible. 4. Be observant and bold to initiate friendship or associate with the opposite sex. Exchange business ideas. 5. Build a healthy self esteem, these will help you in communicating well with people and in your relationship. The way you handle and relate with friends and colleagues confidently tells a lot about you. These are the qualities people will admire in you. 6. Be calculative, don't compromise on your ethics and never be stubborn or hard on your man. During the first few meeting, men fall in love through their eyes, beware of your look, it will always judge you.


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OwnSocks Hanger cap Puppet

You will need



Here are list of Nollywood Big Babes who are perpetual night crawlers. These are ladies regarded as the livewire of so many parties. They are highly fashionable and sophisticated, they are integral fixtures of night life, and they are seen at virtually all the A-L i s t events on the Island.

Making your own socks puppet

God can make everything; He cannot make something, what?

1.What goes up and never comes down? 2.I am something, i always work, i never rest. What am i? 3.We are three brothers sitting on a round rock what am i? 4.I am something i drink and i am still thirsty what am i? 5.I am something i rise up in the morning and go down in the evening What am i?
I am something people hate me but they clap for me= What goes up and never comes down = Even in darkness,I play ball and catch it what am i?= We are three brothers we chase ourselves what am i?= I am a white man walking in Black country what am i?=
Mosquito. Fan. Mount. Age.

A clean old long sock, coloured cardboard (or colour your own!) Coloured wool,tempo marker,glue and scissors. Check with an adult that you Steps to follow have permission to use the sock 1. To make the body,cut a cloth/paper that you have for help Always ask an in form of sack,sew or glue it to size when using scissors. 1. Put the sock onto your hand. of your finger.Make sure that there Pull the sock down your arm is an opening there that your finger can untill it is straight. enter. 2.Tuck the sock between your 2. Cut a circle card and draw the fingers and thumb.This will facial description you want on it. be the snake`s mouth.use the marker to mark where the 3.Glue the head to the body you have tongue will go made on top. 3.Above the mouth you will need 4. Make many and tell your stories to use a marker to mark where with them by pointing each character the 2 eyes will go. up,when it is time to talk about it or them. 4.Cut a carbboard of the same pari and give it to the open surface of the sock to make the mouth. 5.cut out round cardboard shape for the tongue. 6.Glue the eyes and tongue into position. When you have made your sock.

Making your own Finger-cap puppet Materials Wooly cloth/cardboard or paper

Iyabo Ojo This

mother of two is
!Rukky Sanda Nollywood perceived as one of the

Big Babes who are perpetual night crawlers may not yet be ranked among Nollywood's A-

bad girls in the Association of TheatreArts Practitioners (ANTP). Iyabo, who

List,but the young actress has been reported to could be considered one be dating Muka Ray of the most popular and controversial actresses. The pretty damsel is a real lover of night life as she is a regular face at a lot of the nite clubs on the Island. Her favourite hangouts include, Nu Grotto, Movida, La Casa Cossy Orjiakor Hun, and Kunle Afolayan at one time or the other,

Black board and white chalk.







Cossy is the sultry etc. So deep is her love for Nigerian actress cum night life and parties that singer. She is popularly she decided to take this referred to as the trait of hers to the United Nigerian B**b Queen. Kingdom recently, where Think about any nite she staged a very lavish club on the Island and birthday party which is still Cossy would be found on the lips of a lot of there. Also in her people that attended provocative outfit. this actress can be referred to as a perpetual nite crawler.




& Oyeyemi



t was a thing of great joy as Oyeyemi Adedeji takes to the altar his heartthrob Bosede Olowosulu at the All Saint's Anglican Church Wuse Zone

5,Abuja on the 30th of April, 2011. The wedding is a celebration of love and unity between the family of Mr & Mrs Jacob Olowosulu from the Johnson Olowosulu's compound of Ayeteju Kabba, Kogi state and the family of Hon. Otunba & Yeye Otunba (Mrs.) Emmanuel O. Adedeji from Inisa Odun -Otun


Artist Corner

Nwanna Emmanuel is a talented hip-hop rap artist whose greatest vision is to take hip-hop music to the doorstep of every home in Nigeria and Africa, popularly called Emmykodo born to the family of Mr & Mrs Nwanna from Imo state of Nigeria. Emmykodo believed that music is his savior as it brings life and soul to his body. He has banged 5tracts and 3 features, he is a self promoter of his music and for now he is not thinking of getting married.

P Jossy Storms Abuja With Her Inspirational Melodious Songs.

Precious Joseph popularly known as p jossy storms Abuja with her latest and hottest melodious inspirational song which is currently making waves in different homes and churches all over Abuja metro and in Lagos city. Born to the family of Mr & Mrs Joseph from Ndokwa East L.G.A of Delta state. She is a dynamic lady who believes in hard work and giving her best to any endeavour of life, she is not just only an artist but a successful business woman. She believes music is a God-given talent which she has worked on since child hood. P Jossy is looking for a good, competent marketer and promoter for her album. Call- 08052900887




Ofei-Akparata soup is a dish locally cooked by the Nenwe-Uhueze indigene of Aninri LGA in Enugu State

Meat, smoked fish, dry fish, stock fish, crayfish etc Ozuzu leaf or blended seed Okpeye Akparata Bitter leaf Fresh pepper Palm oil Seasoning-Maggi,Royco etc Clean water

METHOD OF COOKING 1. Boil meat, wash stock fish &dry fish in hot water, put Inside a pot, add smoked fish, fresh pepper, magi, salt, crayfish, palm oil etc 2. Cook for 10 minutes 3. Add Okpeye then allow to cook for 7 minutes 4. Add Akparata, allow to cook for 5 minutes 5. Add Ozuzu leaf or blended seed, allow to cook for 5 minutes 6. Wash and add bitter leaf, allow to cook for another 5 minutes 7. Finally taste for salt and thicknes, add water if too thick. Serve soup with Pounded yam, yellow gari, Semovita etc







No one actually plans deliberately to fail. No one decides in advance to live a life of underachievement and frustration, but by failing to decide exactly what you want, you end up living unconsciously and unintentionally by the law of accident. Then , what happens to you in life will appear to be a series of random occurrences over which you have little control. To show how prevalent this attitude is, in a recent survey, 63 percent of respondent said that they believe that the only way they were going to be able to retire financially independent was if they won a lottery of some kind. This means that majority of people think that their financial lives are simply a great gamble in which they exert very little control. They are living by accident. People who live by the law of accident tend to be negative, pessimistic, and helpless and feel as though they have little control over their lives. People living under the shadow of the law of accident blame others for their problems. They continually make excuses, perform well below their potentials, and indulge in various form of escapism, such as endless television watching, alcohol, drugs, and aimless socializing. The wonderful thing about goal is that the very act of setting goals free you from living under the law of accident and puts you squarely under the law of control and under the law of cause and effect. The setting of goals gives you a feeling of power, purpose and forward direction. Goal setting puts you in charge of your life and makes you feel terrific about yourself. This is why goal setting is called the `Master skill' of success. It is the one skill that is probably more important to your overall happiness and wellbeing than any other skill that you can develop. It puts you in the driver's seat. -------Brain Tracy


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STORIES THAT TOUCH TRUE LIFE STORIES Tessy met Jordan on her way to work one bright Sunday mning. He paid her fair, though she thanked him but didn't look at his face because she was late for work. So it was that for whole of that week Jordan paid her transport fair. She on her part felt it was her lucky week and didn't know that, it was the same person that was paying for her fair the whole week. Jordan on his part couldn't control himself for he has fallen irrevocably in love with Tessy. Jordan had to park his car that morning as a result of an electrical fault it developed that morning, he took the bus to work and providence smiled at him, for that was the day he met Tessy. After three days of paying for her fair he came down from the bus with her unknown to her and walked behind her to her office. Jordan felt that having woken up earlier than usual every morning just to get to the bus stop before her in order to board the same bus with her every day. It was high time he makes his face known to her seeing that she was not even ready to acknowledge him though not out of pride but because she

was just not the sociable type, so each time she heard the conductor say someone has paid for you she just say thank you and went her way. A week later,Jordan went to wait for Tessy to close from work so that he can give her a ride home. She came out of the office complex and saw a red shinning car with the driver smiling at her,`Good afternoon young lady he greeted and she answered him but a little surprise can I give you a ride home? he said, Tessy thinking she had met him somewhere before asked if he was one of her students or a member of her church but he said no, she declined his offer but he persisted and even told her he was the one that has being paying her fair in the previous week and that made her to agree.

The love between them grew so fast that everybody wondered if they had known each other for years instead of just one month, Jordan suddenly became everything to her friend, lover, confident and all. He bought her gifts with the slightest excuse and spoiled her silly, they both agreed that the relationship will not be consummated since they were both Christians and really wants to marry, they were both in cloud seven as they began to make plans to settle down. He texts and calls without reason, both families were aware of their relationship and approved of the wedding. ...To be continued


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cant simply have enough of eye popping designs of African textile designs around,ranging from different designs of Ankaras, Kampala,Adere,etc.and combinations of all types. Ah! The List is endless. In all,a well design Ankara fit into any kind of dress combination you may decide to wear.You can wear it in office,to occations and as casuals.Belive me,your collections dresses are not complete without a touch of Ankara.

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I Have 57 Tatoos -Tonto

This time, this lady who almost won the 2006 edition of AMBO Next Movie Star, a reality TV show, is being alleged to have been sold to the devil. This allegation is coming courtesy of a tattoo picture of Tonto on her back, which she posted for Afri-Grandeur magazine. The said picture has generated lots of comments and arguments among fans of this light skinned actress. A closer look at the controversial photograph reveals a diabolic horn clinched with a set of fingers capping a heart tied with a long hair. This, as argued by the accusers, is a sign of the devil. They believe that only those that worship, or have a connection with or have sold themselves to the devil carry and bear such sign (horn).The question on the lips of many is; 'why would this petrol chemical engineer-cum-actress go this far? Why would she associate herself with the devil, when she should have

or this Rivers State born screen beau, who hails from Ikwerre

part of the State, swimming in the waters within a short time in the razzmatazz industry in Nigeria, has thrown herself in the news again. bad press is not new to her, and as such, she is not concerned about it as she once said that she has grown a very thick skin to whatever anybody writes or says about her. This position of hers has made people wonder how a lady of her status would not pay a listening ear to what people have been saying about Unarguably one of Nollywood most controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh, who has had a quick rise to fame her. Though some have said that the fact that she was not brought up by her biological mother, who Tonto said died while

pitched tent with her maker? she was age three, could be the major factor for her nonchalant attitude to life, others have argued that she is not the only person who lost her mother at an early stage in life, so she has no excuse to be controversial.This time, this lady who almost won the 2006 edition of AMBO Next Movie Star, a reality TV show, is being alleged to have been sold to the devil.

The Devil Tatoo


SERVICES LIMITED General Cleaning And Fumigation Services


cross-cultural wedding was held between miss Melinda(nee Olomiye) of American citizenship and Sean Michael Dunn of Kansas city at Saint Agnes Catholic Church, Roeland Park, Kansas city, Missouri, USA on Saturday, April 16, 2011. The marriage was preceded by a pre-wedding Rehearsal/ dinner on the eve of the wedding at the Church and later at the River Club, a prestigious Club House in the City, while the Wedding Reception was held at the prestigious Hilton President hotel in Kansas city, Missouri. Guest at the Wedding which witnessed a large turn out included the Brides mother, Mrs Victoria Bamise Olomiye, her siblings and Uncle, Sir James Olusola Adesida KSM, JP, of the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria, who walked the Bride to the waiting embrace of the groom. Other guest include family members and prominent friends and business associates of the grooms parents- Mr and Mrs Terrence P.Dunn, as well as an appreciable and well trend members of the Nigerian Community in Kansas and from other states in the USA. Highlights of the Wedding included the homily, blessing of the ring and couples, as well as a lavish reception that extend into the early hours of the next day with lots of dancing and eating.

The couple took personal and group photograph with a cross section of the guest to mark the occasion which was the consummation of a marriage between two friendly countries (Nigeria and United State of America).

Service Are;Fumigation Service Domestic And Industrial Cleaning Services Floor And Exterior Scrubbing And Polishing Dry Cleaning And Polishing Of Furniture & Carpets Recruitment & Training Of Deaning Staff, Management Of Cleaning Workers.

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Shuiab ajadi

Was born on the 15th of April 1970 in Ilorin South Local government of Kwara state, He was a student of Fine Art painting) at the University of Ado-Ekiti where He bagged the Honours Degree of B.A (Ed) in 2002. Sujjad has participated as a student and as facilitator in several Art Exhibition which has won him high recognition and various Laurels like : the Most creative Fine Art (1994),Best Artist of the year (1995) and Undisputable Artist by FIBAN (2005). Sujjad works are enthrall, enearing and it also probe the mind of any viewer owing to their uniqueness and finis of expertise. Art they say are universal language, in this work of SUJJAD, the theory is visible in his paintings. He used painting to documents his People, Culture and environment. Here We showcase some of His work. To view and place order for his other paintings you can visit him on his web www.sujjad and call 08033975152


Mike weds melinda


Mike weds melinda



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...we are proud to be africans

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Address -; Suit E 5,3rd Floor Nacdb Building Central Area.abuja

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...we are proud to be africans


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