9 September 2011 Video on youtube: The kiln has been made of an oil barrel (55gal standard). In the top part we inserted a disused water pressure tank. From the latter we cut the top and made a lid out of it; it opens and closes with two hinges. The door is made somewhat tight with a string on ceramic wool for oven doors.

Illustration 1: feeding the retort

Illustration 2: fuel trap

Illustration 3: exit of steam

Illustration 4: syngas flames

The kiln barrel has an opening on the bottom to let air in and the ashes fall out; as well as a fuel (wood) feeding door. Several openings have been cut on the top to let the smoke out and create a draft for the fire. please use, copy, distribute freely

When the fire in the kiln is started the wood in the retort will first release water, that exits as steam (a torch to ignite it will be extinguished). After a while the wood is dry enough that there is more syngas coming out than steam (gray) and this gas is white and can easily be set aflame. We were surprised how much syngas with pressure came out of the little retort. At the end we inoculated the char with the following mix: • • dissolve 1/3 cup of molasses with 1tsp of unrefined sea salt and 1 tsp of EM ceramic powder in 500 ml of water add 1500 ml of urine, compost tea...

When you open the retort and the char is still very hot, the incoming air can easily ignite the char – so it is important to pour the inoculation liquid right away over the hot char. To do this is, lay down the pyrolysis unit on the back – like in illustration 1, open the lid and pour the liquid over the char. The hot char will absorb almost all of the liquid.

Illustration 5: biochar

Lessons learned: • • • • • the syngas should not be flared but used to entertain the combustion process, which should save fuel for that the retort should really be closed tight and with a piped exit for the syngas the kiln barrel got so hot that it should be a good idea to place copper pipe coils around it to heat water the chimney heat should be used to dry fuel for the kiln and/or the retort it would be easier and more efficient if the kiln could be kept going while the content of the retort would be taken out/reloaded

please use, copy, distribute freely

please use, copy, distribute freely

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