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1N 201
I3UIlJII'013 YUU Tt100Ul3t1 CAT
For applying 10 tile CAT, a candidate must hold a
Bachelor's Degree, with at least 50% rnarIG or
equivalent CGPA [45% ill case 01 calldidates
belorlgillg to SCJ ST or Persons with Disability], 01
allY 01 the Ulliversilies or Ilistilutes recogllized by
the UGC or the Millistry 01 HRO, Govemment of
llidia. Tile Degree or equivalent
qualification obtailled by the calldidate must be 01
millimlJlTl three year.; dtr.!tioo alter complelirlg
Higher Secondary schooling (10+2) or equivalent
Galldidates ill lheir filial year 01 graduatioW'
equivalent qualilicabon and those who have
completed tile exams and are awaiting results are
also eligible lor the CAT 2010. Tiley must produce
a certillcale /rom the Priocipal / Head of the
Deparbnelil/ Registrar/ Director 01 the Ulliversity /
Ilistilution certifying that Ile / she is ClllTefllly ill the
fili al year awarting fiMI results. The CAT 2011
lIOIilIcation is expected ill the mooth 01 July/August
, The TEST PATIERN is unstable .
Evei)' Year tt valiesTo an extellt , the test pattem
call be judged
1. Vemal Ability
2. Reading Comprehension
3. Problem Solving
4. Data lliterpretabon

6. Data SlIIIideflCY
7. Maths Problems
Arrf of the above sections can be clubbed wrth
allY 01 the ottJer
What constitutes an ideal studefll profile?
, Strong academic backllround plays an important
role throughoulthe selection process. Class X and
XII percentage as weH as CGPA is taken i llto
aCctllJllt rigllllmm shorIIisting students for interview
to the fi nal selection. dinerellt IIMs give dinerellt
weiglll-ages 10 these aspects e.g. 11M K alld 11M B
gives a lot of weight-age 10 academic perfoonaoce ,
lor 11M A you need to have mrlimum number 01
points (calrulaled on basis of academic
perlolmance) along with a good percentile 10 gel a
, Extra academics are also probably given some
weiglll-age Ihough some IIMs spedIicaIIy ask you
to mention exba acads at disbidlnaOOnal1evel iI allY_
Tiley are basically used 10 get more insight about
the student judging by the way he plflUed his
Could you please oulline the overall process of
, This year tt was a 2 hour 15 min test
comprising 01 60 quesbons 20 each ill verbal ability ,
data i nterpretation alld quanlitabve apbtude.
Test look place during a window 01 about one and
hall moolhs with two slots a day. Aller receiving
calls on basis of cat percenble alld academic
, 11M I - 20 millS lorwnting surrmary of 200
words lor a given passage + an essay on a given
III my case the passage was on
deforestatioll alld essay 011 global fill3ndal crisis_
, 11M A - 10 millS lor an essay. Tile topic was
should industrialzabon come at the cost of
human lile " .
,11M C - 5 mn lor Wlibng on a topic IoIlowed by
group discllSSiori on it Group size was 10 members.
Topic was private tuiliorl is a necessary evil ".
"Before the steam-drill shall beat me down, ['II die with my hammer in II 5
my hand"- from "John Henry, The steel-driving man"