8onk of 4merico fi/es Motion to uismiss of l/orido civi/ Pro 5e Lowsuit

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Aptll 2011 Ŵ 8ank of Amerlcaƌs counsel flles a MoLlon Lo ulsmlss Lhe llorlda Coupleƌs Second Amended
Þleadlng sLaLlng LhaL Lhe complalnL lacks vlable clalms or allegaLlons and ls merlLlessŦ 8ank of Amerlca
furLher clalms LhaL Lhe ÞlalnLlffƌs pleadlng musL do more Lhan sLaLe legal concluslons and LhaL Lhey are
requlred Lo some speclflc facLual basls for Lhose concluslons or face dlsmlssal of Lhelr clalmsŦ 8ank of
Amerlca furLher alleges LhaL Lhe ÞlalnLlffs fall Lo allege damages or a clalm for breach of conLracLŦ 8ank
of Amerlca furLher alleges LhaL lalr uebL CollecLlon ÞracLlces AcL ls lnappllcable and LhaL Lhe pleadlng
falls Lo sLaLe a cause of acLlon under Lhe 8lCC SLaLuLeŦ MrŦ Lcheverrla and MrsŦ SanLamarla do noL have
counsel and are represenLlng Lhemselves (pro se)Ŧ 1hey sLaLe LhaL Lhey have Lrled Lo Lhe besL of Lhelr
llmlLed legal knowledge Lo comply and lnclude as much facLs as posslble Lo supporL Lhelr clalmŦ
1he couple sLaLeť ƍWe do noL belleve LhaL a federal [udge wlll dlsmlss our case wlLh all Lhe evldence
submlLLed LhaL conflrms our allegaLlonsŦ We have a loL more evldence (exhlblLs) Lo submlL and we are
also pro se llLlganLsŦ Þro Se llLlganLs are supposed Lo be LreaLed falrly and glven Lhe opporLunlLy Lo be
heard ln a courL of law and noL be abused by Lhe [usLlce sysLemŦ lf by any chance our case ls dlsmlssed
ƍwlLhƍ pre[udlceţ we wlll have no oLher cholce Lhan Lo have Lhe courL lnvesLlgaLed and appeal or Lake lL
Lo Lhe Supreme CourLŦ We are noL golng Lo glve upŦ lf we have Lo flle anoLher lawsulL wlLh oLher counLs
LhaL we dld noL lnclude ln our orlglnal lawsulLţ Lhen so be lLŦ 1hls Llmeţ we wlll requesL a [ury and noL be
persuaded Lo noL have oneŦ We are noL golng Lo leL 8ank of Amerlca wln agaln and conLlnue Lo abuse us
and oLher dlsLressed homeowners wlLh Lhelr lllegal pracLlcesŦ As Laxpaylng Amerlcansţ we wlll exerclse
our llrsL AmendmenL 8lghL of lreedom of Speech Lo Lhe fullesLŦƍ
Lven Lhough Lhe llorlda couple does noL belleve LhaL Lhelr case wlll be dlsmlssedţ Lhey are exLremely
overwhelmed wlLh all LhaL ls legally expecLed of LhemŦ 1hey plan Lo flle lawsulL afLer lawsulL unLll Lhelr
case ls heard ln courLŦ 1he couple also creaLed a webslLe for all Lhe homeowners LhaL have been
allegedly abused by 8ank of Amerlca wwwŦbankofamerlcasLlnksŦvpwebŦcomŦ uue Lo MrsŦ SanLamarlaƌs
healLhţ she flnds LhaL expresslng herself ln wrlLlng agalnsL Lhe banklng glanL ls helplng her cope wlLh all
her frusLraLlonŦ She also alleges LhaL she flnds lL dlfflculL Lo be physlcally and emoLlonally acLlve agalnsL
8ank of Amerlca by proLesLlng llke uSunCu1 does buL admlres Lhelr splrlLŦ 1he lawsulL was flled ln Lhe
uS ulsLrlcL CourL ln 1he Mlddle ulsLrlcL of llorldaţ Crlando ulvlslonŦ 1be cose oombet lsť 6ť10ŴcvŴ019JJŦ
1he couple ls awalLlng Lhe [udgeƌs response Lo 8ank of Amerlcaƌs MoLlon Lo ulsmlss and wlll provlde an

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