Ie|ec|a SŦ k||||ngs ls a qulnLessenLlal educaLor and promoLer

of changeţ LransformaLlonţ and lnnovaLlon wlLhln Lhe
educaLlonal fleldŦ Per years of dedlcaLed servlce Lo
educaLlonţ and ascrlblng Lo Lhe moLLo LhaL ºLearnlng ls a
LlfesLyleţ" has resulLed ln exLenslve years of Lralnlng and
preparaLlon ln Lhe educaLlonal specLrumŦ She recelved her
8achelor's uegree from Lhe unlverslLy of Callfornlaţ uavls ln
2003 wlLh double ma[ors ln Lngllsh and Afrlcan and Afrlcan
Amerlcan SLudlesŦ She also obLalned her MasLer's uegree
from uC uavls's School of LducaLlon ln 2007Ŧ She has
recelved prellmlnary uocLoral of LducaLlon course work aL
Argosy unlverslLy from 2008Ŵ2010Ť and wlll compleLe her
uocLoraLe of Þhllosophy ln LducaLlon wlLh emphasls ln
CrganlzaLlonal Leadershlp aL norLhcenLral unlverslLy ln
ArlzonaŦ lelecla has provlded her communlLy wlLh flve years
of servlce as a publlcŴschool Lngllsh lnsLrucLorŦ She has also creaLed educaLlonal programs LhaL help
mlnorlLy youLh reach Lhelr full poLenLlal Lhrough excellence ln educaLlonţ [ob Lralnlngţ and college and
career preparaLlonsŦ lelecla ls also an auLhor and publlsherţ and founder and CLC of lowetţ loltbţ ooJ
love Mlolsttlesţ whlch oversees seven organlzaLlonsŦ
We ofLen wonder whaL lL ls llke Lo be a Leacher ln Loday's LlmeŦ WlLh
so much happenlng ln Lhe publlc schoolsţ lL seems any wonder how
lL ls able Lo funcLlon glven all Lhe aLroclLles LhaL go on ln Lhe sysLemŦ
8uL Lhls ls Lhe sLory abouL a youngţ beauLlful Leacher named lelecla
kllllngsŦ As a chlldţ she dreamL of Lhe opporLunlLy Lo be whaL many
call one of Lhe mosL admlrable professlons ln socleLyť an educaLorŦ
And when her faLher wlLnessed Lhls asplraLlon ln herţ he dld
everyLhlng ln hls power Lo proLecL lL and Lo ensure LhaL she fulfllled
her mlsslonŦ ?eLţ llke so many counLless lndlvlduals who enLer Lhe
publlc school sysLemţ MsŦ kllllngs was meL wlLh Lragedles and
sLrugglesŦ 8uL Lhrough lL allţ she allowed her falLh Lo keep her
sLrongţ even ln Lhe mldsL of hellŦ
1hls book ls one Lo be commendedţ for lL Lakes whaL we Lhlnk we
know abouL Lhe publlc school sysLem and brlngs Lo llghL anoLher
slde LhaL ls never Lalked abouLŦ 1hrough Lhls LexLţ you wlll learn
abouL Lhe power of uncondlLlonal love and personal sacrlflceŦ lor every Leacher who chooses Lo sLand
up for whaL's rlghLţ even when everyone ls agalnsL youţ Lhls book wlll mlnlsLer Lo you ln ways LhaL even
you could noL lmaglneŦ ?ou WlLL be lnsplredŦ
lS8n 13Ŵ978Ŵ0984833300
lS8n 10Ŵ 0984833300
8elease daLeť March 2012
lC8 MC8L lnlCť lnfo[pauleLLeharperŦcomţ pflpubllshlng[yahooŦcom

Author Ie|ec|a
k||||ngs |s to be
commented for
her courageţ
tenac|ty and
reso|ve |n her
book loithţ leor
ond PotienceŦ
8r|ng|ng to ||ght
and expos|ng a
system that
tyrannyţ In her
bookţ leorţ loith
ond Potienceţ
author Ie|ec|a
k||||ngs draws pr|mar||y on a dark extended per|od of her ||feţ k||||ngs offers the reader va|uab|e
|ns|ghts to the reason whyŸ and the so|ut|ons toŸ the cha||enges that may come our wayŦ Speak|ng
w|th bo|dness and conf|dence she becomes a vo|ce cry|ng out for truth and [ust|ce to a wor|d wh|ch
open|y opposes transformat|onŦ
I am amazed how God works through tr|a|sţ test and heartaches to br|ng one to a p|ace of tr|umphţ
v|ctory and successţ but I have read how ne does th|s |n the pages of th|s extraord|nary book "loithţ
leor ond PotienceŦ" Authorţ Ie|ec|a SŦ k||||ngs does not sugar coat her angu|sh and suffer|ng at the
hands of a GodŴ|ess system nor does she make up excuses for what had befa|||ng herţ but she g|ves a
step by step account of how she dea|t w|th her accusers wh||e |earn|ng one of ||fe's greatest |essonsť
"Somet|mes the conf||cts that you go through are not necessar||y about youŤ they may be for the
de||verance and sa|vat|on of othersŦ" Þage 176 "loithţ leor ond Potience"Ŧ
Ior those that are fac|ng despa|rţ g|oom and hope|ess s|tuat|onsţ th|s |s a h|gh|y recommended book
that w||| sure|y br|ng encouragement to your sou|sŦ It |s tru|y an aston|sh|ng bookţ and worthy of your
leorţ loith ond Potience |s tru|y not a oneŴ t|me readŦ
Þau|ette narper Iohnsonţ
AwardŴw|nn|ngţ bestŴse|||ng author of 1hat Was 1henţ 1h|s Is Nowţ and Comp|ete|y Who|e

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