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ARL Advisers

Our Mission
I thank you for your interest in ARL Advisers, LLC. As the managing partner, I am committed to providing you with the best service possible, and you have my word that I will deliver on that commitment. My investment goal is to make you money with less risk than experienced by passive approaches. More specifically, preservation and enhancement of your wealth without the extreme portfolio fluctuations will be a hallmark of my investment strategy. As you consider your financial future and our relationship, I want to let you know that gaining your trust will be my number one priority.

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Our Firm
ARL Advisers, LLC is a registered investment adviser in the State of Kentucky with clients throughout the country. ARL Advisers, LLC provides investors an alternative to passive money management and the limited asset allocation models of financial advisers.

Guy M. Lerner phone: 502 552 0018 mailing address: ARL Advisers, LLC 528 Barberry Lane Louisville, KY 40206 business hours: Monday Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST websites:

investment funds towards asset classes with the highest potential for appreciation and away from asset classes with greater potential for loss. Risk management is achieved through a


Proprietary models are used to

portfolio that is constructed from diversified, non-correlated assets Through the selection of different assets and the use of money management strategy, the return/risk level is


TARGETED for each investor

Guy M. Lerner


Our Investing Philosophy

ARL Advisers, LLC utilizes its own fundamental and technical research to develop proprietary models. The approach is original and independent from the Wall Street herd. Our strategies are quantitatively driven and data centric, and this leads to objective decision making. We execute with discipline and conviction when others are lost in the noise of the market. ARL Advisers, LLC creates an edge for its investors by focusing on those things that are in our control. We focus on markets not individual companies. Money management or how we construct our portfolios is another aspect of investing that we can control, and it is essential for managing risks. All of our portfolios are diversified across asset classes, and diversification has shown to reduce portfolio volatility without sacrificing gains. In addition, the use of active strategies to rebalance our portfolios ensures that investment funds are allocated to those assets with the greatest potential for appreciation and away from assets with greater potential for loss.

Your Investment
ARL Advisers, LLC is replicating a time tested strategy --tactical asset allocation -- and making it better. These are strategies that have been employed by large institutions and Section 2 have survived and prospered in both bull and bear markets. Fees are low and a reduced minimum initial investment makes our product accessible to the majority of investors. In addition, portfolios are constructed to minimize account churning (i.e., excessive trading). Client funds are held by a third party custodian, and each of our clients has their own individual account with their own secure username and password. Our Firm

ARL Advisers, LLC is a registered inOur Portfolios

ARL Advisers, LLC offers three portfolios. The Conservative Portfolio is suitable for vestment adviser in the State of Kentucky the mature investor seekingthe country. ARL with clients throughout consistent returns with capital preservation. The Broad Market Portfolio invests globally and across market sectors to seek a return that Advisers, LLC provides investors an exceeds the SP500 with substantially less risk. The Aggressive Portfolio seeks alternative to passive money management a return that is greater than twice the return of the SP500; this is the most flexibly and the limited asset allocation models designed portfolio as it can bet against assets as well as have positions in commodities of financial advisers. We utilize our own and currency. Our portfolios are diversified and provide superior reward to risk, and they fundamental and technical research highly liquid exchange traded funds. We invest emphasize a disciplined strategy utilizing to develop proprietary models. Our market edge. in markets, and we always quantify our in-