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Choosing to Enter the New Field of Consciousness from chapter 17 Resonant Pathway of the Stars of THE THIRD MILLENNIUM

UM Ken Carey The dawning of eternal consciousness is bringing a new brilliance to the horizon of human suppositions. In their first encounters with this brilliance, egos are sometimes afraid, but they need not be. It is their own wholeness that has come. It is foolish to fear a healing. What is revealed in the growing light is more sublime and wondrous than even the finest of the visions that occasionally illuminated historys night. Such visions (and often the religions they became) were treasured like candles in hours of darkness. But in the sunlight? The dawn that is rising upon this world brings an end to the to the age of religion, but the ego must understand that the sun's rays come not to harm but to free those who are oriented to these visions of the past. You have the option to rest the center of your identity either in your immediate human individuality or in the universal field of Eternal Being that gives birth to your individuality. Historically you have forgotten that you have this choice. Your identity has been locked in subjectivity for so long that it has built up a certain inertia, a homoeostasis that resists change. Though the choice to shift your sense of self back to God can be made in any moment, there are certain moments when the shift can be made more easily. For there are cycles that converge, and changes that build and mount, just are there are epochs and moments within epochs like now when there arrives a particularly powerful pulsation of energy, a rush of clarity, of consciousness, a window of opportunity that cannot be denied. A wave is cresting that you can choose to ignore or choose to catch and ride on towards an extraordinary shore. But it is a special wave, and though it has risen before and will someday rise again, the troughs between such waves are not measured in terms relevant to human lives. I know when these moments come, for I am with you in all moments whether you are aware of me or not. For though I am the One who is your Creator and your source, as I touch you, I am also your own inner reality. I am the face of Christ that bears your mark and your quality. Though it is a distinct and individualized I who seeks to awaken within you, it is I all the same. This special moment, favoured above all others will be experienced by all prepared and unprepared alike when the great collective shift occurs. Your choice to enter the wakening field of consciousness now helps to distribute more evenly across both time and place the influx of transformational energy, thereby

helping to make the collective human transition more graceful. Before you came into awareness of these things, I ushered and guided you. I shepherded you in and out of experiences designed to help you release your addiction to fear's many illusory demons, experiences designed to help you move into a moment like now when you have the capacity and the wisdom to make the optimal choice, the choice that yet must be truly your own, the choice to shift the placement of your identity. Do not think you are unworthy or unprepared for so great a step. In some ways you have always been unprepared. In other ways there is not, nor could there be, any preparation. Long have I observed you from within, from behind your thoughts and feelings. I know the moment when the odds are in your favour, when the likelihood of your making the choice of eternal life is greatest. Now is such a time. You are ready to make the vital decision. You now have all that you need to release the rule, the conditioning of history, and ride the ascending wave of consciousness, beyond the spell of matter into an awakened life. You feel this wave, this heightening of awareness. It may be we will wrestle together with your past. This happens with some. There is no need to examine what you have been, no need to analyze that which must change and fall away. I am content to let it go if you are, but the choice is, and must be, yours. One cannot enter the fields of perception unfreely. So I have waited for you yesterday, and will wait again tomorrow if there is need. But the wave of which I speak rides upon a tide that spans only a few circlings of your world around this star, and some of those circlings have already past. The limiting human concepts adrift in this rising tide of consciousness are not suitable craft in which to confine your understanding. They will never carry you beyond sight of history's shore. The ships of my understanding navigate eternal seas. You cannot board them if you cannot perceive them and you perceive nought from behind the doors of yesterday. My ships, light ships of understanding, sail. They will not long remain. I am a moving being, and this is not my final port of call. I come to knock upon the door of your heart. There are those here with me of the angelic realms who, though they cannot open the door for you you alone must do that will illuminate the doorway and encourage you in spirit. One you reach forth to move your will through the opening, be assured that many luminous beings will help you hold the opening while you pass through into the new awareness, the awareness that will make my light ships, my ships of vision, your own.