March 2008 ---------This release resolves the handful of bugs found since 2004 (see http://www.

ai-ju for details) but mainly fixes the problems rel ated to newer versions of Visual Studio, Lua and Luabind. I haven't been able to check this code with every version of Visual Studio so pl z let me know if you experience problems other than the ones described in this f ile. My email is Thanks.

Visual Studio 6 - 7 Users ------------------------Use the project files found in the "VC6 Projects" folder. If you are using VS7 t hen click on the relevent workspace file (dsw) and your compiler should convert it to a VS solution file without any problems. Note that the Luabind scripting projects now utilize a prebuilt Luabind lib inst ead of the source files. This means you'll have to add the Luabind lib path to y our dev environment. Make sure you use Boost 1.32.00, which you can find here: /project/showfiles.php?group_id=7586

VS8 Users --------Use the project files found in the "VC8 Projects" folder. These contain fixes allowing the code to be compiled using the lastest version o f Visual Studio. The majority are related to updates of Lua and Luabind. This includes: The use of Lua5.1.3 instead of Lua5.0 (Lua5.0 will not compile in VS8). Note that: lua5.1.lib replaces lua.lib and lualib.lib instances of "lua_dofile" have been changed to the Lua5.1 "luaL_dofile". also the new call to load the Lua libaries "luaL_openlibs" is utilized i nstead of the helper method utilized in the original Unfortunately Luabind does not currently support Lua5.1. However the latest SVN version of Luabind utilized by the projects ScriptedStateMachine & ExposingCPPFu nctionsToLua will build and run in *release* mode but they produce errors when r un in debug mode. For this reason I don't recommend the use of Luabind until the authors have sorted out the issues (the project CreatingClassesUsingLuabind & E xposingClassesUsingLuabind will compile and run okay in debug mode). **If you st ill want to compile the Luabind projects you will need to install the latest ver sion of Boost (1.34.1 as I write this), found here: ct/showfiles.php?group_id=7586

. I dont use Vista so I couldn't help but they eventually solved the pr oblem by changing the character set in program properties to Not Set and commentin g out the lines _DEBUG_ERROR("list iterators incompatible"). In the list standard header. _SCL_SECURE_TRAITS_INVALID_ARGUMENT.MS Windows Vista Problems ------------------------Someone wrote to me to mention they were having problems compiling the source un der Vista.

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