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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Health Care Reform
Updated: Oct. 17, 2011


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After decades of failed attempts by a string of Democratic presidents and a year of bitter partisan combat, President Obama signed legislation on March 23, 2010 to overhaul the nation’s health care system and guarantee access to medical insurance for tens of millions of Americans. The health care law seeks to extend insurance to more than 30 million people, primarily by expanding Medicaid and providing federal subsidies to help lower- and middle-income Americans buy private coverage. It will create insurance exchanges for those buying individual policies and prohibit insurers from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions. To reduce the soaring cost of Medicare, it creates a panel of experts to limit government reimbursement to only those treatments shown to be effective, and creates incentives for providers “bundle’' services rather than charge by individual procedure. The law will cost the government about $938 billion over 10 years, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, which has also estimated that it will reduce the federal deficit by $138 billion over a decade. It was the largest single legislative achievement of Mr. Obama’s first two years in office, and the most controversial. Not a single Republican voted for the final version, and Republicans across the country campaigned on a promise to repeal the bill. In January 2011, shortly after they took control of the House, Republicans voted 245 to 189 in favor of repeal, in what both sides agreed was largely a symbolic act, given Democratic control of the Senate and White House. A Major Setback Since the new health care law was signed, it has been under attack in court, in Congress and in many state legislatures. In October 2011, it suffered another setback when the Obama administration announced that it was scrapping a long-term care insurance program created by the new law because it was too costly and would not work. The program, known as Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, or Class, was intended for people with chronic illnesses or severe disabilities who wanted to live in the community, though benefits could also have been used to help pay for nursing home care or assisted living. Read More...

Pfizer Reports Higher Profits and Share Buyback Plan
November 1, 2011

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Study: Few Hospitals Qualify for Digital Funds
November 1, 2011 5:00am

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Vertex Bests Merck in New Hepatitis C Drug Sales
October 28, 2011 3:28pm

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Insurers Weigh In on Health Care Law

The trade group for insurers files a legal brief on the health care law.
October 26, 2011

Paul D. Clement’s Latest High-Profile Cases

Paul D. Clement, who has appeared before the Supreme Court 49 times, for the government and against, is likely to add one more case — the challenge to the health care overhaul law.
October 26, 2011

Obama Administration Seeks to Roll Back Hospital Rules

Proposed Changes in the Final Health Care Bill A look at key provisions of the Senate bill and the changes proposed in the reconciliation bill passed by the House Sunday.

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11/2/2011 1:46 PM

2011 Read all Posts » California Health Insurer Will Issue Refunds By REED ABELSON Health Care Reform Navigator A list of resources from around the Web about Health Care Reform as selected by researchers and editors of The New York Times. Labor and Pensions Few Bright Spots in Rick Perry’s Health Care 2 of 7 11/2/2011 1:46 PM . What is RSS? Health Care Reform Long-Term Care Program Cut From Health Law By ROBERT PEAR The Obama administration says a long-term care program. says it found broad support for repealing “Obamacare. Education.Health Care Reform News . 2011 When video killed radio stars ALSO IN ARTS » FreedomWorks Deficit Survey Backs Repeal of ‘Obamacare’ By KATE ZERNIKE Your Money Guide to Health Insurance » A rock summit The look of love In an attempt to “crowd-source” a plan to reduce the federal budget deficit. Wal-Mart Cuts Some Health Care Benefits October 21. By ROBERT PEAR Declaring certain requirements obsolete or burdensome. FreedomWorks. known as Class. 2011 Senate Bill: Summary of Affordable Health Choices Act Senate Committee on Health. 2011 The Money Flow From Households to Health Care Providers September 30. SHEAR Pres. October 19. October 11. Make-Work and the G. 2011 Health Reform News Kaiser Family Foundation DRAFT LEGISLATION Stanford Hospital Patient Data Breach Is Detailed By KEVIN SACK Chairman Max Baucus Draft: America's Healthy Future Act Senate Finance Committee A series of missteps led to the posting of personal data about nearly 20. October 14. it faces a docket with fewer big civil cases and a possible challenge to the health care overhaul. and KEVIN SACK FROM ATLANTA. October 15. October 4.nytimes. 2011 Ruling Offers Hope to Eating Disorder Sufferers October 14. 2011 6:00am The bill would prohibit using federal funds made available through the new health care law to buy health insurance policies that offer abortions. would be too The National Academy of Sciences said the cost of any new benefits that must be provided by insurance plans under the health care overhaul should be “offset by savings” elsewhere. SHEAR In a new video. October 2. The state's Blue Shield said it had pledged to cap profits at 2 percent. 2011 Summary of America’s Affordable Health Choices Act House Committee on Ways and Means Supreme Court Turns to Criminal and First Amendment Cases By ADAM LIPTAK America`s Affordable Health Choices Act: Complete Bill Text House Committee on Ways and Means As the court returns to the bench on Monday. October 13. October 7.D. 2011 House Bill: FAQs about America’s Affordable Health Choices Act House Committee on Ways and Means Report Warns of Prescription Drug Abuse by Medicare Beneficiaries By ROBERT PEAR Investigators from the Government Accountability Office said Medicare officials had been slow to recognize and act on the evidence of abuse. October 6.” October 18.S.000 Stanford Hospital patients on the Web. 2011 Frequently Asked Questions on Health Insurance Reform The White House Making Sense of Health Care Reform WebMD Panel Says U. 2011 Major Health Care Reform Proposals: a Comparison Kaiser Family Foundation Perry Video Attacks Romney on Health Care By MICHAEL D.The New York Times http://topics. 2011 Health Care Costs Posts from the Economix blog on why the United States spends so much on health care. Bank Levels Benefits Field October 15. 2011 Massachusetts Looks at ‘Global Payments’ to Lower Health Cost By ABBY GOODNOUGH and KEVIN SACK. 2011 Romney Readies for Health Care Attacks at Debate By MCHAEL D. the hospital and private contractors say. 2011 After passing a landmark health bill. 2011 6:00am RSS FEEDS ON HEALTH CARE REFORM Subscribe to an RSS feed on this topic. ABBY GOODNOUGH REPORTED FROM BOSTON.. Massachusetts is now looking to become the first state to radically change the way health care providers are paid. Should Weigh Cost in Health Coverage By ROBERT PEAR Proposed State-by-State Effects of Health Reform billion annually. 2011 Health Insurance Latest articles about personal finance and health insurance. Obama’s Plan for Health Insurance Reform The White House An NBC report on the similarities between the national and Massachusetts health care plans is timed perfectly for Mitt Romney's opponents. October 14.P. 2011 6:00am House Passes Another Bill to Reduce Access to Abortions By JENNIFER STEINHAUER The Role of Prices in Health Care Spending September 16. the Obama administration proposed changes it said would save health care providers about $1. Rick Perry attacks Mitt Romney as both the inspiration for President Obama's health care reform and a flip-flopper who shouldn't be considered for the White House.. October 18. October 10. a libertarian group. which is to be presented at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

2009 Justice Dept.S. 2011 Preliminary Analysis of America’s Healthy Future Act [Baucus bill] Congressional Budget Office.S. Asks Supreme Court to Hear Case on Health Care Law By ADAM LIPTAK Preliminary Cost Estimates of Health Care Reform Legislation Congressional Budget Office. September 12. But experts say it is not so simple. September 29. September 22. 2011 Health Care Quality National Coalition on Health Care The Pillars of Health Care Reform Conservatives for Patients’ Rights Co-Payments or Not? Affordable Care Act May Puzzle Patients By WALECIA KONRAD Four Common Sense Reform Principles Better Health Care Together Preventive care must be 100 percent paid for by insurers under the Affordable Care Act starting this year. Sept 10.S. his own state faces a staggering crisis in coverage. 1960-2007 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services The cost of health insurance this year rose more steeply than in previous years. are gaining health coverage faster than expected since the 2010 health law began allowing parents to cover them as dependents on family policies. 2011 U. July 26. Labor and Pensions COST While Gov. July with one-quarter of the population uninsured. SHEAR On Wednesday. 2011 Supplemental Information of Potential Effects of the Affordable Health Choices Act Congressional Budget Office. 2009 The Early Word: The Road Less Traveled By EMMARIE HUETTEMAN With support waning among Rust Belt voters. September 30. Oct 7. 2011 Health Reform 2009 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Affairs 3 of 7 11/2/2011 1:46 PM . long the group most likely to be uninsured. the administration agreed to seek a swift review of President Obama's health care law by the Supreme Court. not so much the ends. Health Care Spending Totals Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services The Early Word: Challenges By ASHLEY SOUTHALL The Supreme Court is likely to decide the fate of the Obama administration's health care overhaul by June 2012. Senate Republicans are resisting setting up a mandatory state insurance exchange.. September 21. but what’s included? September 20. he can whack health care providers while protecting beneficiaries.S. September 30. Aid for Health Care Law By THOMAS KAPLAN The Health Care Blog Matthew Holt As deadlines pass to qualify for early federal assistance. 2011 Health Care Reform Proposals America’s Health Insurance Plans Medicare and Medicaid Face $320 Billion in Cuts Over 10 Years By ROBERT PEAR Small Business Health Care Reform National Federation of Independent Business The president’s plan would increase payments for many beneficiaries. while some providers would receive less from the government. Rick Perry of Texas regularly bashes others’ health insurance plans. September 30.nytimes. 2011 U. September 29. Sept 16. 2007 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Health Insurers Seek Higher Premiums By REED ABELSON and NINA BERNSTEIN U. 2011 Steps to Win Health Care for America Now! BLOGS Republican Senators in Albany Resist U.The New York Times Record in Texas By EMILY RAMSHAW http://topics. outstripping wages and adding uncertainty about the pace of growing costs. Experts See Difficult Task in Protecting Patients By ROBERT PEAR Health Care Reform in 2009 FamiliesUSA President Obama asserts that. Health Care Spending by Type. 2011 Glossary of Health Care Reform Terms ReformPlans. Health Care Spending.S. September 28. September 20. 2009 The federal government and 26 states are heading to the Supreme Court disputing the means of the health care law. 2011 Health Care Adversaries Have Common Ground By ADAM LIPTAK Latest Analysis of America’s Healthy Future Act (Baucus bill) Congressional Budget ADVOCACY GROUPS In Cuts to Health Programs. in cutting Medicare and Medicaid. September 29. 2009 The unexpectedly quick development makes it all but certain that the court will soon agree to hear one or more cases involving the Obama administration’s health care overhaul. 2011 U. Health Care Spending Projections. 2011 Additional Cost Estimates of Health Care Reform Legislation Congressional Budget Office. 2009 GENERAL INFORMATION Supreme Court Ruling Could Revive Health Care for 2012 Campaign By MICHAEL D. President Obama is considering an alternative route to re-election via Southern and Rocky Mountain states. Senate Bill: Full Text of Affordable Health Choices Act Senate Committee on Health. 2008-2018 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Young Adults Make Gains in Health Insurance Coverage By KEVIN SACK State-by-State Health Insurance Coverage Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Young adults. Education.Health Care Reform News ..

2011 Florida. Health System: A 2020 Vision The Commonwealth Fund. 2009 The latest indicates that employers are not likely to drop insurance for their workers.S.nytimes. May 6.D. TOM TOROK CONTRIBUTED REPORTING. Apr 14. 2011 Justices Are Asked to Hear Challenge to Health Remarks on Health Care by the President to a Joint Session of Congress 4 of 7 11/2/2011 1:46 PM . Aug 21. 2011 The New Health Dialogue New America Foundation When Computers Come Between Doctors and Patients By DANIELLE OFRI. cut the corporate tax rate and reduce taxes on middle-class savings and investment. CHEN. August 02. August 2. August 1. August 04. Emanuel (2008) The Best Practice: How the New Quality Movement Is Transforming Medicine By Charles Kenney (2008) G.. 2011 Healthcare. Secure Solution for America By Ezekiel J. Health Care Reform: an Introduction Congressional Research Service (via Open CRS). Health Care System Bipartisan Policy Center. Prescriptions The New York Times BOOKS The presence of computers in the exam room has had another consequence. 2009 Wide swings in coverage and premiums. April 8. Morone (2009) Romney Lays Out Plan to Revive Economy By ASHLEY PARKER and MOTOKO RICH Mitt Romney wants to repeal President Obama’s health care law.The New York Times Stanford Hospital Patients’ Private Data Was Posted Online By KEVIN SACK http://topics. but have had divergent approaches. Refuses Federal Funds By KEVIN SACK America’s Uninsured Crisis: Consequences for Health and Health Care The Institute of Medicine. 2011 A Better Way to Keep Patients Safe By PAULINE W. 2011 Improving Quality and Value in the U. 2011 The Case for Health Reform New America Foundation. September 4. Feb Adults American Journal of Public Health. September 7. Health Affairs Journal Health Beat Maggie Mahar / The Century Foundation A breach involving a California hospital led to the public posting of medical records for 20.S. February 2009 SPEECHES AND TESTIMONY Florida’s leaders have rejected grants and sought deferrals in carrying out the 2010 health care law. 2011 Critical: What We Can Do about the Health-Care Crisis By Tom Daschle (2008) Cuts in Health Care May Undermine Role in Labor Market By REED ABELSON and KATIE THOMAS. The provision of President Obama’s health care law that requires Americans to buy health insurance was deemed unconstitutional by a federal court in Georgia. Dec 2009 11th Circuit Rejects Mandate in Health Law By MICHAEL COOPER. August 11. KEVIN SACK CONTRIBUTED REPORTING. 2009 Insurance Premiums Vary Widely Across States By REED ABELSON National Healthcare Quality & Disparities Reports Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. August 18. 2011 Health Insurance and Mortality in U.000 emergency room patients on a commercial Web site for nearly a year. 2011 Who Killed Health Care? America’s $2 Trillion Medical Problem – and the ConsumerDriven Cure By Regina Herzlinger (2007) Redefining Health Care By Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg (2006) DOCUMENTS Rules Would Require Health Insurers to Offer Summary of Benefits and Coverage By ROBERT PEAR The rules would require health insurers to offer information describing coverage and costs in plain English. August 13. Sick: The Untold Story of America's Health Care Crisis -and the People Who Pay the Price By Jonathan Cohn (2007) Government spending cuts will be working their way through health services. 2011 Insurance Coverage for Contraception Required By ROBERT PEAR Executive Order: Establishment of White House Office of Health Reform The White House. August 18. but some believe this is no more than a lull in a sector that has been a jobs engine. September 9. Both physically and psychologically it has placed a wedge in the doctor-patient relationship. Candidates’ Stances on Health Care Mask Their Records as Governors By KEVIN SACK The three current or former governors running for president are united in their commitment to repealing President Obama’s health care law. 2009 The Obama administration requires health plans to cover governmentapproved contraceptives for women. 2009 With the average American undergoing nine operations in his or her lifetime. M. 2009 Mercer Issues Employer Survey on Health Coverage By REED ABELSON The Path to a High Performance U. M. Opposing Health Care Act. the implications of a program that can improve how patients do after surgery are enormous. 2011 The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office By David Blumenthal and James A.S. September 08.P. Feb 19.Health Care Reform News .O. Guaranteed: a Simple.

but it probably won't work. 2009 Mandatory Contraceptive Insurance Is Urged By ROBERT PEAR A medical advisory panel suggested all health plans cover birth control under the new health care law. Aug 18.Why the Democrats' Proposals Will Not Work National Review (via Cato Institute). a Google executive. 2009 U. July 28. March 2.. Aug 2009 Obama Administration Rolls Out Standards for Health Insurance Marketplaces By ROBERT PEAR GOP Operatives are Running a Secret Campaign to Kill Health Care Reform Rolling Stone. July 17. 2011 Sick on Arrival Forbes. 2011 Our Giant Health Care Headache Fortune. 2011 Health Care Reform at Core of New Budget Plan The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. 2009 When Google Health was introduced in 2008. May 25. and White House Office of Health Reform Director Nancy Ann DeParle The White House. 2011 Headlines Around the Web What's This? MEDICAL NEWS TODAY Debating Whether Businesses Will Continue to 5 of 7 11/2/2011 1:46 PM . 2009 Book Challenges Obama on Mother’s Health Care Fight By KEVIN SACK National Health Policy Conference Academy Health. HHS Secretary HealthReform. 2009 The appeal raises the possibility that the justices could rule on the matter by next summer. 2011 Remarks by President Obama. Sept 25. the first by a federal appeals court on the health care overhaul. affirmed a Michigan ruling that Congress can require that Americans obtain health insurance. said it would be a “large ongoing initiative” that the company hoped would attract millions of regular users. Sept 7. June 16. call doctors’ offices and see how difficult it is to get The standards set for digital health records will determine whether they provide better information. Aug 8.S. July 3. 2011 The President on Health Care: "We are Going to Get this Done" The White House.. 2011 Attack! The Truth about Obamacare Newsweek. or do more harm than good. 2009 Google Is Closing Its Health Records Service By STEVE LOHR Stayin’ Alive: Health Care Reform’s Near-Death Experience The New Republic. improve care and curb costs. families and small businesses “purchasing power” in their health care coverage. Sept 23. July 20. 2009 Clinics Face Budget Reductions and a New Wave of Patients By KATHARINE MIESZKOWSKI By Any Means Necessary (editorial) The Nation. 2011 Remarks on Health Insurance Reform President Obama’s Weekly Address. according to several tax and benefit lawyers. September 9. 2009 The Obama administration is deploying a team to pose as patients. July 14. July 12. June 25. 2009 The Obama administration unveiled standards for insurance exchanges that will give individuals. 2008 OTHER COVERAGE Doing the Math on Employer Health Insurance By ROBB MANDELBAUM Will the new health care law prompt employers to drop health coverage? July 13. July 20. Aug 6. 2009 Health care reform is expected to release demand for medical assistance. and Rahm Emanuel Charlie Rose.The New York Times Care Law By ADAM LIPTAK http://topics. 2009 VIDEO Assessing the Effect of Standards in Digital Health Records on Innovation By STEVE LOHR Weekly Update with Kathleen Sebelius. Sept 2. Feb 26. 2011 The Health Insurers Have Already Won BusinessWeek. 2011 Placebo . 2009 Obama Health Care Law Gets Support in First Appellate Review By KEVIN SACK Aborting Health Reform The American Prospect. 2009 Is Dividing a Company the Way to Beat the Affordable Care Act? By ROBB MANDELBAUM There's a lot of interest. 2011 A Discussion about Healthcare with Ezekiel.Health Care Reform News . Aug 26. 2009 The book suggests that the president mischaracterized a central anecdote about Ann Dunham’s deathbed dispute with her insurance company. Sept 2. Using ‘Mystery Shoppers’ to Check on Access to Doctors By ROBERT PEAR Can Obama Close the Deal on Health Care? Time. Aug 6. Ari. July 30. 2011 The Senator Who Holds the Key to Health Care Reform Time. July 17. 2009 Dead Wrong The New Republic. just months before the presidential election. Too bad budget cuts mean there may be fewer health care professionals to help them. June 30. June 27. June 29. HHS Secretary-designate Kathleen Sebelius. 2009 Administration Halts Survey of Making Doctor Visits By ROBERT PEAR The Idiot’s Guide to Health-Care Reform New York. 2009 The ruling. 2009 The government shelved plans for a survey in which “mystery shoppers” would have seen how difficult it was to get appointments. Marissa Mayer. April 1. Feb 2.nytimes.

shares her experiences and insights into the health care system. Chen..that it seems foolish to presume this will happen right away. NOVEMBER 2. but the system that's coming is so new and different .. a liver transplant and cancer surgeon. June 15. June 21. June 16. watered-down version of the plan designed to be more palatable to interest groups and to Parliament. Republican Super Congress proposal: 'Minuscule revenue increase.The New York Times Offer Health Insurance By ROBB MANDELBAUM http://topics. June 23. Pauline W. deep cuts in Medicare and Medicaid' More at Blogrunner » Public reports that rate doctors and hospitals and link pay to performance can inspire some to do better. Health Care Reform Video reports about health care reform. 2011 Employers may see an opportunity to shed their insurance burden once 2014 arrives. June 18. 2011 Practically speaking: Rethinking hand hygiene improvement programs in health care settings THE PAGE NOVEMBER 2. CHEN. 2011 Program Offering Waivers for Health Law Is Ending By ROBERT PEAR Cain with Hill to Climb DAILY KOS NOVEMBER 2011 Can an app help you eat better? Massive Health hopes so MRSA &AMP. M. Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Next >> RELATED ADS » Health Care » Health Insurance » Healthcare Coverage » Healthcare Reform » Medicaid Plan what are related ads? Assessing Obama’s Promises Barack Obama will have to delay many of the promises he made on the campaign trail in order to focus on the economy. 22 to seek exemptions or request the extension of waivers already granted. 2011 SEARCH 1846 ARTICLES ABOUT HEALTH CARE REFORM: Patient Money A weekly column that will help readers understand and negotiate the difficult financial choices confronting health care consumers.nytimes. to begin to bridge the growing rift between doctors and patients. STAPH INFECTION (STAFF) SYMPTOMS &AMP. 2011 Multimedia Cameron Revises Health Care Overhaul Plan By SARAH LYALL Prime Minister David Cameron released a new. while other polls show conflicting predictions. 2011 A Report Card for Doctors By PAULINE W. but in some cases they backfire.and complicated . 2011 McKinsey Defends Survey on Health Care Law’s Effects By MILT FREUDENHEIM A survey by McKinsey & Company about health coverage under the new law has come under fire. 2011 Employers and labor unions have until Sept.D. TREATMENT NOVEMBER 2.Health Care Reform News . Regional Differences in Cost and Care Track the variability of cost in the 6 of 7 11/2/2011 1:46 PM . 2011 Future Health Care Could Include Personal Stem Cell Banks BETWEEN THE LINES NOVEMBER 2. Doctor and Patient Dr.

nytimes.. Medicare system and the rates of several kinds of surgery. N..S. / Region Business Technology Science Health Sports Opinion Arts Style Travel RSS Jobs Help Real Estate Contact Us Autos Site Map Advertise © 2011 The New York Times Company Privacy Your Ad Choices Terms of Service Terms of Sale Corrections Work for Us 7 of 7 11/2/2011 1:46 PM .The New York Times http://topics. More Multimedia » Home World U.Y.Health Care Reform News .com/top/news/health/diseasesconditionsandhealthtop.

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