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HKU Biology, Biotechnology and Microbiology Reference Guideline 1.

Online / Computer resources We are living in the information age, so it is very important for everyone of us to make full use of computers and the Internet for convenience and saving money. Various books have pdf / online versions (although not the newest editions). I will mention them one by one. HKU Libraries are subscribing to a lot of online journals and ebook websites, and provides free access to all HKU students. For example, when you search for the title “Wiley Interscience” in the HKU Libraries Catalog, and then access any book through the library-provided links, you can then navigate through the Wiley Interscience website, able to read hundreds of ebooks. Moreover, there is an online forum hosted by one of our seniors Patrick Chan (Class of 2009), which contains a lot of academic information, past lab reports and some pdf textbooks available for download. The website is below: You are advised to register into the forum, benefit from it, and most importantly, contribute to it. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of Wikipedia. It can aid you A LOT for quick references. But if you are writing any kind of ECEN essay / dissertation, DON’T cite Wikipedia as one of your references, because you always have more reliable and sophisticated sources (after all, the chief purpose of scientific publications is to be cited by others). You can cite Wikipedia in your lab reports though (but hey, who’ll bother citing references when the demonstrators don’t care about them?)


Instant Notes Series              Animal Biology (2004, Call number 590 J95, ISBN 9781859963258) Biochemistry (2000, Call number 572 H21, ISBN 962430100X OR 2005, ISBN 0415367786) Chemistry for Life Scientists (2004, Call number 540.2457 F5, ISBN 1859963552) Developmental Biology (2001, Call number 571.8 T975, ISBN 1859961533) Genetics (2007, Call number 576.5 W78, ISBN 9780415376198) Human Physiology (2007, Call number 612 M16 h9, ISBN 041535546X) Immunology (2004, Call number 616.079 L983 i, ISBN 1859960391) Organic Chemistry (2004, Call number 547 P31, ISBN 1859962645) Medical Microbiology (2005, Call number 616.9041 I72, ISBN 9781859962541) Microbiology (2007, Call number 579.076 I59 N, ISBN 0415390885) Molecular Biology (2005, Call number 572.8 M718 T95, ISBN 0415351677) Plant Biology (2005, Call number 580 L14, ISBN 9780415356435) And others…

Note 1: some books (e.g. Biochemistry, Chemistry for Biologists, Organic Chemistry) also have ebook versions via HKU Libraries. Please search for the titles through Dragon. Note 2: I have already photocopied the biochemistry (2000), microbiology, molecular biology instant notes. You can ask me to borrow the copies. For others, please borrow from the library and make copies yourself (or perhaps you can ask me beforehand: I may still photocopy some others from time to time for my own sake XD). While many level 0 / 1 courses can be done only using lecture notes given by lecturers, these instant notes are sort of “Brand’s Essence of Chicken” and are good for quick references if you don’t want to dwell into rock-like reference books. In addition, they are also decent lecture companions for advanced courses (I often bring them along during lectures).

org/lehninger-prin ciples-of-biochemistry-4th-edition-pdf-t6.html Biological Techniques Dale.whfreeman. There are always other books which are not listed here may also be valuable. also contains a lot of customer reviews on books.192 L52 p 071677108X (hardcover) online resources available at: ebook (4 Edition. on the other hand.65 D139 f93 0470017333 (hardcover) 0521828899 (hardcover) 0521535816 (paperback) 2005 Cambridge 574.fcgi?rid=s tryer. or may be too advanced as compared to courses. This list is not exhaustive. As you may have noticed below. let me advise you: if you gonna be serious in biological science. there are simply too many reference books available on the market.3. However. Walker Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (6 Edition) th nd th 2007 Wiley 660. 2004) available at http://hkuscience. 2. Schantz From Genes to Genomes: Concepts and Applications of DNA Technology (2 Edition) Wilson. www. However.nih. Detailed References Points to remember: 1. Authors (Last Name) Biochemistry Berg. you can also ask other classmates and seniors for opinions. 4. Freeman and McGraw-Hill.ncbi. Some books may / may not be very relevant to the th th Nelson.192028 P95 . 2002) available at http://www. You are strongly advised to borrow the book from the library and experience the book before you decide to buy it. Cox Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry (5 Edition) 2008 Freeman 574.nlm. 3. ebook (5 Edition. Benjamin Cummings is infamous for forcing learners to buy their books and get the subscription code in order to use their online / electronic resources (for only 1 year??! = =). Sorted by alphabetic order of title NO order of preference: different books suit different persons. are much more generous: most of their online resources are available even for non-buyers. Stryer Title Year Publisher HKU Call Number ISBN Biochemistry (6 Edition) th 2007 Freeman 572 B493 b 071676766X (hardcover) online resources available at: http://bcs. you should definitely read more than the courses require.freeforums.

Molecular Biology of the Cell (5 Edition) th th th 2008 Wiley 571.876042 M71 D 0716776014 (hardcover) online resources available at: http://bcs.8 G46 087893250X (hardcover) Endocrinology Hadley Endocrinology (6 Edition) th 2007 Benjamin Cummings 573.Cell Biology Karp Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments (5 Edition) Childs “Cell Biology Web Pages Menu” http://cellbio.nih.whfreeman.ncbi.6 K18 c 0470042176 (hardcover) 1998 N/A N/A N/A 2008 Garland Science 571. al.TOC&depth=2 Lodish et.asp ebook (4 Edition. The World of the Cell (7 Edition) th th 2008 Benjamin Cummings .whfreeman. 2002) available at http://www.6 M71 A 0815341067 (paperback) 0815341059 (hardcover) ebook (4 Edition.8 K1 0070920370 Gilbert Developmental Biology (8 Edtion) 2006 Sinauer Associates 571. al.TOC Becker et.utmb.fcgi?rid= mboc4. Introduction to Genetic Analysis (9 Edition) th 2008 Freeman Alberts Concepts of Genetics (9 Edition) th 2008 Benjamin Cummings 576. al. al.nlm.nih.5 C744 K66 0321524047 (hardcover) 9780321540980 (paperback) Griffiths W927 B39 0321527445 (hardcover) 978080539393 (paperback) Developmental Biology Kalthoff Analysis of Biological Development (2 Edition) th nd 2001 McGrawHill Molecular Cell Biology (6 Edition) th 2008 Freeman 574. 1999) available at http://www.5 I61 0716768879 (hardcover) online resources available at: http://bcs.fcgi?rid= mcb.416 H13 0131876066 (hardcover) Genetics Klug et. al.

edu/book/ Microbiology – General Madigan et. Champness Molecular Genetics of Bacteria (3 Edition) rd 2007 ASM Press Microbiology – Molecular Snyder. enter.8293 S675Q 1555813992 (hardcover) .mcgraw-hill.Immunology Roitt.whfreeman.mcgraw-hill. al. htm Murphy. enter.079 I33 R7 0323033997 (paperback) N/A N/A N/A N/A Janeway’s Immunobiology (7 Edition) 2007 Garland Science m st N/A N/A N/A N/A Willey. Roth N/A “Immunology Online” http://pathmicro. Walport Immunobiology: the Immune System in Health and Disease (6 Edition) Brock Biology of Microorganisms (12 Edition) th th th th Immunology (7 Edition) th 2006 Mosby 616. Osborne online resources available at: http://bcs. Sherwood. Woolverton Prescott Principles of Microbiology (1 Edition) 2008 McGrawHill (being processed) 0077213416 (hardcover) 9780071283670 (paperback) online resources available at: http://highered.079 I33 J33 0815341237 (paperback) 0815341016 (paperback) 2004 Kuby Immunology (6 Edition) 2007 Freeman 616.079 M978 j33 616. and Klein's Microbiology (7 Edition) online resources available at: 2007 616.9041 W71 0072992913 (hardcover) 9780071102315 (paperback) http://highered. Goldsby. Harley.079 K9 0716785900 (paperback) 2008 Benjamin Cummings 579 B864 M18 0132324601 (hardcover) 9780321536150 (paperback) N/A “Microbiology and Immunology Online” th

com/sites/00729952 46/ Watson et. L67 g9 0763740632 (hardcover) 9780763752224 (paperback) Weaver Molecular Biology (4 Edition) 2008 McGrawHill 572. al.mcgraw-hill.2 W132 b 1405147156 (paperback) online resources available at: http://www.blackwellpublishing. Molecular Biology of the Gene (6 Edition) th 2008 Benjamin Cummings 572. and Control of Animal Viruses (2 Edition) N/A “Virology Online” http://pathmicro.2 P9 1555812597 (hardcover) N/A N/A N/A N/A 576.Microbiology – Virology Wagner Flint et. Basic Virology (3 Edition) rd 2008 Blackwell 579. Pathogenesis.htm Molecular Biology Lewin Genes IX 2008 Jones & Bartlett Publishers th nd 2004 Blackwell W363 m 0072995246 (hardcover) 9780071102162 (paperback) online resources available at: http://highered.8 W3 080539592X (hardcover) 9780321507815 (paperback) . Principles of Virology: Molecular biology.

net/ Prepared by John Lee (Class of 2010) .Physiology – Animal / Human Hill.1 E19 0716738635 (hardcover) Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology (8 Edition) (7 Edition) th th th 2008 Benjamin Cummings (being processed) 612 M38 0321505719 (hardcover) 0805372806 (hardcover) 2006 Fox Human Physiology (10 Edition) 2008 McGrawHill 612 F791 h91 9780072946130 online resources available at: http://highered. Wyse. Graham.whfreeman.mcgraw-hill. Eichhorn online resources available at: http://bcs. Burggren.1 H647 0878933174 (hardcover) 0878933158 (hardcover) 2004 Randall. Stanfield (2 Edition) nd rd Principles of Human Physiology (3 Edition) 2007 Benjamin Cummings (being processed) 612 G3 0805382860 (hardcover) 0805356916 (hardcover) 2005 Physiology .2 T13 0878938567 (hardcover) online resources (probably is a ebook in fact) available at: Graham. French Martini Eckert Animal Physiology (5 Edition) 2001 Freeman Germann. Wilcox Taiz. Evert.Plant Raven. Anderson (1 Edition) th st Animal Physiology (2 Edition) nd 2008 Sinauer Associates (being processed) 591. Zeiger Plant Physiology (4 Edition) th nd Biology of Plants (7 Edition) th 2004 Freeman 581 R25 0716710072 (hardcover) Plant Biology (2 Edition) 2006 Benjamin Cummings 580 G739 p 0131469061 (hardcover) 2006 Sinauer Associates 571.