GRAVITY DRIVE One of the late Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quotes is “ANY SUFFICIENTLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY WILL APPEAR INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM MAGIC.” When things are hard to believe, people often refuse to believe and skeptics have a field day. One of the things I try to do in my Alien Log books and my lecture is to remove the mystique associated with UFOs. I try to give a “nuts & bolts” explanation for the fantastic things that have been reported. I believe my years as an engineering professor have prepared me for this by teaching me how to explain complex things is a way that is easy to understand. I try to do this using only three dimensions plus time and using classical physics plus a little relativity thrown in. I stay away from parallel universes, eleven dimensions, worm holes, and time travel. While I do believe that time dilation does allow us to go into the future, I am skeptical about going backward in time. When I was in industry, I often got involved in failure analysis. I found that if you take all of the facts and lay them out, the cause of the failure become apparent. The same applies to gaining an understanding of the propulsion system used by ETs in their amazing craft. In this case, the “facts” are in the form of a mountain of testimony by credible witnesses such as radar observers, pilots, and even astronauts. From this “evidence” one can formulate an hypothesis. My hypothesis is that UFO propel themselves by creating negative gravitational fields (negative gravitons). In 1947, the German Government commissioned the famous rocket scientist, the late Hermann Oberth, to study the issue of UFO sightings. In his report, he concluded that UFOs were not built by human beings and that they were flying by means of artificial gravity. Other scientists who have studied the issue have agreed that they are somehow creating or manipulating gravity. I AGREE! Propulsion by means of gravitational fields is the ONLY explanation that makes sense to me. Trained observers have reported UFOs making maneuvers at fantastic speeds, well beyond our own technological capabilities. 100 G accelerations and high G maneuvers with near right angle turns are just a few things these craft are capable of doing. Any skeptic reading reports of 100 G accelerations will use that as evidence that the reports can’t be true else the occupants would be crushed. Our best pilots in our best planes are limited to 10 Gs before damage occurs to the plane or the pilot. The same goes for right angle turns. Another observation is these craft have been clocked flying at thousands of mile per hour yet they do not produce shock waves. How can that be? Ask any physicist what gravity is and they will give you a long winded description of what gravity does and how to measure it but they can’t tell you with certainty what gravity is. They may try to explain that gravity is an exchange of subatomic particles called gravitons. The theory that has the most followers is that gravity is produced by a Higgs particle, what ever that is. With this in mind, you might well ask how then could we produce a gravitational field? I will take you back to 1915 and my hero, Albert Einstein, who told us in his famous General Relativity Theory that there is a connection between gravitational fields and electromagnetic fields. He predicted that light (electromagnetic radiation) from a star passing a strong gravitational field (the sun) would be deflected 1.75 arc-seconds. In 1919, one of his ardent followers, Sir Arthur Eddington, went on expedition to an island near Africa during a solar eclipse and proved Einstein was right. So, it seems that gravity can affect light. It seems logical then to assume that light can affect or even produce gravity. In 1934 professor Richard C. Tolman from California Institute of Technology wrote a remarkable textbook titled Relativity, Thermodynamics, and Cosmology. In pages 274 to 285 in this book he derived a relationship between the gravitational field generated by light and that produced by a particle of mass. He concluded that light (electromagnetic radiation) was twice as effective as mass in producing a gravitational field. I have not worked out the technology required to produce a gravitational field but I am sure the technology involves manipulation of #EM #fields. The best explanation I have read thus far is the paper presented in 2007 at a joint conference on propulsion by AIAA-ASME-SAE-ASEE by Dr. Dan Brasoveanu and Dr. Constantin Sandu. It is a peer reviewed paper AIAA 2007 – 5128 published in AIAA’s journal of propulsion. In this paper they proposed using powerful pulses of EM energy directed through “light tunnels” formed by parallel “plates” spaced about 300 nm apart. As the #photons bounce off of the surfaces, they release gravitational waves (#gravitons) normal to the surfaces. This gravitational field would act in both normal directions and those acting inward would not only propel the “plates” but also the entire craft and occupants. By using a number of these plate sections and sequencing their activation, it would be possible to vector the force in the desired direction of motion. There would be some inefficiency that would result in EM energy being #radiated from the craft. Thus, as the craft is hovering, it might radiate a small amount in the infrared spectrum. If the craft is accelerating or moving against a resistance such as air or gravity, it would radiate more energy at a shorter wavelength. This might well be why UFOs change color and intensity as they go from #hovering to #accelerating. In my first book, Alien Log, Corey an astrophysicist with a passion for UFOs, runs his hands over the surface of a crashed UFO and explains to his boss, Colonel Pete Mitchell, that the aliens are somehow manipulating electromagnetic fields to produce gravitational fields. Ok, you might say, how does that allow them to accelerate at 100 Gs and make right angle turns without crushing the occupants? That’s a fair question and for the answer I will turn again to my hero, Einstein. He was famous for doing thought experiments so let’s do one. I am going to place you in the nose of a large rocket and give you a cell phone so that we can chat during our experiment. I light the fuse and off you go. “What’s happening?” I ask. “I am being pulled down into my couch and my G-meter is reading 4 Gs,” you say. I watch as you rise up into the sky and suddenly the flames fizzle out as you continue to coast upward. “What’s happening now?” I ask. “I’m floating out of my couch and my G-meter reads zero,” you say. I continue watching as the rocket reaches its peak altitude and then begins to fall. “What’s happening now?” I ask. “Well, nothing has changed. I’m still floating and my G-meter still reads zero,” you say. “But wait,” I say, “you are now accelerating toward Earth at one G! Had we done this experiment on a very large planet, you could be accelerating toward the planet at perhaps 100 Gs!” So you see, if we had the ability to project a strong 100 G gravitational field in front of the craft, we would simply free fall into it and there would be no sensation of acceleration. If we suddenly projected the field to our right, we would make an abrupt right turn but with no sensation. We could produce the same effect with a negative gravitational field except we would free fall away from the field. UFOs may use a negative gravitational field as a means of #propulsion. I cannot site any equations in #physics that would give a theoretical explanation but I gave evidence for this by describing a photograph I show in my lecture The Science Behind Alien Encounters. The photo appears in the book UFO: Richard Brunswick Photocollection; 1999; Goliath Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. It shows a UFO kicking up dust as it moves over the field. The dust is being excluded from an annular area under the craft as would be expected if a negative field were operating there. That by itself may not be too convincing but combined with other evidence makes a good case for a negative field. Consider another piece of evidence. On more than one occasion people have come upon a UFO that was hovering over a shallow body of water or pond. After the craft sped off, the witness noticed that the pond was frozen. How could this be? Well, if the craft was expelling the air beneath it, there would be a low pressure region created. The evaporation rate of the pond water would be very high and as the water evaporated the heat carried away would cause the water temperature to drop until it freezes. Some witnesses who have had a #UFO pass low overhead reported having the feeling of being pushed down. This would be another symptom of a negative field under the craft. The final piece of the argument is that having the capability to project a negative field in front of the craft as it travels at supersonic speed would give the air molecules ahead of the craft time to pass around the craft without producing a shock wave. UFOs have been clocked by radar traveling over 3,000 miles per hour and no #shock #wave was observed.
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