NIB Bank Limited Agriculture Credit Unit, Lahore

Agriculture Products / Schemes Offered by the Bank

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NIB Agriculture Inputs Loans

Purchase of Fertilizer, Seed, Pesticide, Diesel, Water / Electricity & Labor etc.

For Small Farmers as well as Farmers having above Subsistance Land Holding

Against Proper Collateral Security & Guarantees with Group Life Insurance of Borrowers on his Cost Adjustable once in a Year

Three Years Revolving Credit Adjustable once in a Year

One Time Standard Loan Documents for Three Years.


NIB Agriculture Tractor Loans

Purchase of Tractor for Agriculture Purposes

For Farmers having Minimum Land Holding of 5 Acres and above

Registration of Tractor in Bank's Name with Comprehensive Insurance of Tractor & Group Life Insurance of Borrower on his Cost 20% to 40% Cash Equity

Five Years Adjustable by 10 biAnnual Installments

Standard Loan Documents & Hire Purchase Agreement with Two Guarantees


NIB Mechanization Support Loans

Purchase of Equipments, Installation of Tubewell etc.

Providing Assistance to Farmers for Purchase of Equipments, Agriculture Machinery & Tubewell etc.

Medium Term Adjustable by biannual Installments. Insurance of Equipments / Group Life Insurances of Borrower.

Three to Five Years

Standard Loan Documents, Equipment in Bank's Name, Charge of Agri Land in Bank's Name or Mortgage of Property

Charge of Agri Land in Bank's Name or Mortgage of Property 5 NIB Live Stocks Loans (For Dairy / Meat) Purchase of Animals / Construction of Farm etc. Providing facility to Poultry Industry Cash Equity 30% Insurance of Building / Machinery & Group Life Insurance of Borrower. Working Capital Loan in all types of Live Stocks Production Equity 40% Insurance of Animals & Group Life Insurance of Borrower. Markup Rates. Standard Loan Documents 8 Other Agriculture Credit Facilities Our Bank will provide credit facilities to Agriculture Sector in all segments falling under list of Eligible Items as enacted by SBP. Fisheries. Three Years Revolving Credit Adjustable once in a Year Running Finance One Year & Demand Finance Three Years Adjustable by Quarterly Installments. Transport for Taking Agri Produce to Market Adjustable by Six / Ten bi-annual Installments. Medicines. One to Three Years Revolving Credit Adjustable Once in a Year. Three to Five Years Standard Loan Documents. Live Stocks / Poultry. Transport in Bank's Name. Standard Loan Documents 6 NIB Poultry Loans Construction of Poultry Farm. Trucks for Agriculture Produce. Standard Loan Documents 7 NIB Fisheries Loans Construction of Fish Farm or Working Capital to run a Fish Farm Providing Assistance to Fish Farming Cash Equity 30% Insurance Group Life of Borrower. Working Capital for Purchase of Chicks Feed. Milk etc. * Details of Securities/Collateral Required. Insurance of Equipments / Group Life Insurances of Borrower. Labor Charges etc. Tenure and Terms & Conditions can be taken from the designated Agriculture Credit Branches. 20/30% Equity. Motorcycles. Van.4 NIB Agriculture Transport Loans Purchase of Transport for Agriculture Purposes. Poultry Feed Industry. .

Lahore Multan Road. 5898031-37 042-639771-74 042-5419701-05 042-7919160-63 055-9200236-38 055-6816623. Gujranwala Kamoke District Gujranwala Main Faisalabad Okara Ghakhar Mandi Chakwal Sargodha Mandi Bhauddin Main Karachi Main Hyderabad Phone No. 5756851-53 042-5746136-37. 602050-52 048-9230512-14 0546-509551-53 021-111-333-111 022-2784647-8 . 6816723 041-9201017-19 044-2550901-03 055-3886660-63 0543-600684. Y Block. Lahore Ghazi Road. Lahore Shahdara District Sheikhupura G. Road. Lahore Gulberg.NIB Bank Limited List of Designated Agriculture Credit Branches Branch Name Egerton Road.T. 042-6315518-22 042-5763570. Lahore DHA.

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