The End Of All Life…?

I’m sure by now that most of you already know that the (10 commandments) only serve The rich & famous- but do absolutely (nothing) for the poor and starving… It was the apostle Paul that mentioned that; “where there is no law”…there can be no condemnation… Written Laws were put in place to help establish a (democracy) & nothing else, but that same Democracy made no room for the poor & starving who were since then born during the Establishing of those (written laws). Dept of Human services & every branch of charity Organization have been strapped for funds since (PRIOR) to the 9-1-1 attack on the World Trade Center bombing… so, whats the answer for the poor and starving? What should we do with them? The poorest churches have already given up & folded under because of the “poor & starving” out-numbering the churches own resources… Jesus may very well (save) but Jesus will not preserve the poor & starving…! Lets face it; Even Kings & Queens (eventually) die as will we all one day & even Jesus said; No flesh & blood has ever seen the kingdom of God- besides, if the kingdom is within you, how can you even enter it since (YOU) yourself surround it…?! This can only mean that (the kingdom) is just a “metaphor”…much like the word; (GOD) which only breaks down to mean; "higher initity" or (many) intities of heavenly or "Earthly" origins... As of this year of 2006- our population’s outweighs our supply & demand for food & Outweighs the “ability” to distribute it to that population on demand and (eventually) any scale will break if constantly abused… This does not take a rocket scientist to figure out and (eventually) Marshall law shall be implemented- but in that day, not even the rich or famous will be protected by (written) laws and when the smoke & fire finally clear; “he who has all the gold will win”…however, he may very well find himself alone & with (no one) to rule over & (no one) to share with him his shallow victory…”but” just remember; The last one alive gets to clean up the mess…! I suppose, in that day- he shall call himself; (Adam) or perhaps; (Alpha) which is just a (metaphor) meaning; “ Beginning” & since the word; Genesis only means; genitals…I would think he would prefer the name; Adam… (Wouldn’t you?) So, what should we do up till that time? "Anything you like."... because it wont matter. The great conflict will always eventually visit every generation- just as it has visited the late 3-4 billion generations prior to us. War has always been the natural order of all life- for where there is (life), there shall always be conflict & where there is a "voice"- there shall always be rumors of war... Will it ever end? (no) because life & death including all of creation have always evolved in circles. We are all living (re-runs) of our ancient ancestors which all date back prior to Adam & Eve. Adam & Eve were not the first man & woman. Go back & re-read the chapt# 1 vs 26 of Genesis-

then re-read; vs 7 of chapt# 2 very slowly and ask yourself; what became of the first created "men & women" that were created before Adam & Eve..? Where did Cain’s wife come from if Eve was the first woman? see; vs# 17 chapt #4 of Genesis because Eve only had 2 sons in her beginning and the youngest was killed by the eldest... (?) "The Apostles taught that; (THE JUST) shall live by their faith & if this is “true” then the JUST are only “justified” according to what they (believe) is right- yet Jesus Never taught this concept unless you count what Jesus stated; As a man (thinketh) In his heart- Then so is he…! In other words- if you feel justified in mindless murderthen according to this concept, you are then (justified) in God eye- however your Local State & Federal authorities who catch you may show their disagreement-but Don’t worry, because “The Bible” said (your are justified) even during your execution for that mindless murder…. Many folks have asked me; How will all life on earth end? My answer is based upon logistics such as; History has always repeated itself since prior to the first life-form And every time that history does repeat itself- it often is repeated in larger & wider Scales- so, since we started life in the mist of chaos- then (logistically), all life shall End in greater chaos- better known as; Void & darkness upon the face of the deep. …The biblical term; (deep) only means; “the void of outer-space”. The first big-bang that took place eons of ages ago was not the first (big-bang) & there is another one coming which will be a much (bigger)…bang! We all began as (spirit) & we shall all return to the “beginning” as; (SPIRIT) and from there- we shall all begin to build once …“again!” Life as we know it may very well end between (any second) & the year 6969 but In the mean time; we are (all) still stuck somewhere in the “Beginning” because, God only Rested on the Sabbath- God did not (retire) on it…! Many folks have already asked me if I was worried? My answer is; (why worry?) since I can recall the first (two) big bangs & those were never yet written about? besideswhen the 3ed takes place- where shall you hide…? You may not recall your past life due to the possibility of this being your first trip here- so, cheer up Because now you have an existence to recall after you exit “this one!” Will God Save us thru a blood sacrifice? Let me ask you one question; Would You require a (blood sacrifice) just to “Forgive” your kids of their ignorance…? If you (REALLY) love them- then a blood sacrifice in their behalf wont be needed. I don’t want to be in the same house where a God (demands) blood from any of Gods kids just to forgive them when the same God in question can extract blood from the very dust of which we stand upon…(?) So, did Jesus die for nothing? NO! He died for what he (believed) & one day- you may be required to do the same thing… Besides The scriptures state that ALL THE HEAVENS & the earth & all its fullness belong Unto God. If this is true- then that includes everything that has (blood) so a blood sacrifice from us or any other source would be impossible since ALL BLOOD belong unto God since prior to the 1st Atom Let it be known; I will not worship a (Vampire!) and neither would Jesus! What about all the miracles that were accredited to Jesus…? The Gnostic transcripts

which are older than any King James version accredited only (healing) as well as the healing of the Centurion’s servant- but the exciting point of it all was When Jesus taught; (YOU) & I can perform the same miracles (IF) we “believe!”…! Take a note here; There is a BIG difference between (belief) and; “assumption!” “Belief” is a (bold demanding choice) where “assumption” is based upon community (influence.) How many of you already knew that the word (salvation) only boils down to means;……….. (RECYCLE) or (renew?) …or (REBUILD>>>?) By; Chaplain, Lonnie Craig. United Faith Ministries. 310 W. Bell FtWthTx 76140 <>
In the mid 1980s- the poor & homeless were only in 3ed world countries- but now, they are also found in our backyards & every year those numbers double & by 2010 the numbers will be so high that the U.S. economy will collapse & force our population into a police state which will mean; (world-wide) Marshall law. I don’t know about you- but I really don’t want to be here when all of that takes place- because in that day; “written laws” will protect no one, including the richest on down to the most famous.


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