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Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Andrew J. Saltarelli, Ph.D.

Quantitative Evidence:

Average Student Opinion Survey Results

(5-point scale)


My Average



instructor teaching helped students with
me learn

Accessible to

course well

Seemed well
course material prepared

about the

Qualitative Evidence:
Solicited Feedback (i.e., written feedback on student opinion surveys):
The openness of real-life examples and outside videos were most helpful. Whenever there was interaction the
class was fun. Availability of being able to answer questions was positive.
Had us do real life projectsnot only learn new things but put it into perspective. He challenged us and how we
look at life. I would recommend him to anyone.
He was very enthusiastic and the examples he provided were very interesting. I was constantly engaged with the
He loves what he teaches so the presentation is more interesting.
He makes me feel comfortable to ask questions.
His class was my favorite class.
He has a lot of detail and always gives relevant examples.
I also like how he doesnt put all the notes up there, instead he makes us focus on what hes saying.
Andy always was prepared and had detailed notes and discussions never boring.
He was enthusiastic about the topic and was always trying to push students out of their comfort zone to help
them grow as a person.
There was a sense that Andy really care and information and class material was well executed and presented.
Taught material well, notes were helpful, the class was graded fairly, PDP was a great experience!
He was a great instructor. Very optimistic, organized, and considerate.
It's hard to feel close to your teacher over the internet, but I felt as if I really connected with you. You made the
class personable and enjoyable.
Professor Saltarelli made this course enjoyable to take. He was prompt on responding to questions and provided
helpful feedback on how to improve on assignments. He was open and honest about social media and was
involved and frequently giving examples of how to interact through social media. I would definitely take a class
by him again.
Andy was awesome when it came to grading my assignments. His feedback and questions/suggestions forced
me to go back over the lessons to review some of the key concepts that I may have not grasped completely.
Andy provided excellent detailed, timely and supportive feedback on all written assignments. His comments
were very professional, insightful and supportive. This was my first course at MSU so I don't have much to
compare it to (therefore my numerical scores above may not be as relevant). I really enjoyed this course and the
various assignments and projects.

Unsolicited Feedback (i.e., emails from students):

Thank you very much for the feedback on my policy brief. It is so helpful when a grade goes beyond just the
number grade and also includes comments for me to reflect on... and you've given me a lot to think about! :)
Thank you, Andy. It was definitely the most challenging project of the course. I'm glad I've had the experience
of thinking along these lines and putting together a presentation like this. It's a worthwhile project for someone
who is looking to get into a leadership role in the realm of technology. I am happy to be able to add this to my
portfolio. Thank you for your quality feedback all semester =)
Thank you very much for the time and energy you have put into this course. I have found myself getting more
and more drawn into the information and concepts. In fact, it has caused me to re-think some of my ideas about
the types of leaders that we need to be developing moving forward into the next generations.
I am one of those people that is intimidated by this class and what is required for our online presence. I
appreciated that you addressed that in your video and put my unnecessary anxiety at ease! :)
Thanks for informing me of my grade and the comments you provided. I've gone back in previous homework
and used the comments to help get a better understanding of maybe a key element I missed in the readings.
Greatly appreciate the feedback!