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MANNATH PUSHPATHARA POONTHOPPU WARD ALAPPUZHA 688006 KERALA; INDIA Cell # +966561560339,+966508676202; Email:

Petroleum & Gas Industry- Detailed Engineering- Execution- Commissioning- Quality Control A successful and highly qualified Instrumentation Pre-Commissioning and Construction Engineer over 4 years of extensive experience within the Petroleum and Gas Industry. Possessing a thorough knowledge in all aspects of Control and Instrumentation. Able to develop and lead multi-national teams in remote locations and complex operations.


4 years full time under Graduate Degree B.TECH (Bachelor of Technology) Year: 2003-2007 Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India CGPA/Grade: First Class

Trained in EMERSON DELTA-V (ver.10.3) Foundation Field bus DCS & SIS system. Trained in FISHER CONTROLS Control valve trouble shooting and diagnosis Diagnostic tool used: Valve Link software. Trained in Bentley Nevada Vibration Monitoring System (3500 series). Trained in DRAGER Fire & Gas Detection Instruments.


Employer: AL Hajjri Corporation, Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia Dec2009-tilldate

1) As an Instrumentation Commissioning Engineer responsible for Loop checking, Functional Logical Tests, Troubleshooting, Start up and Line up all instruments for National Chevron Phillips Ethylene Cracker North Plot Project, Saudi Arabia on behalf of JGC Arabia Ltd(EPC) from September 2010-August 2011. Responsibilities: Systems included: Emerson Delta-V Foundation Fieldbus (ver.10.3) DCS and SIS systems, Bentley Nevada Vibration monitoring system (DSM and3500 series), Fire & Gas system (General monitors-field; Advantage-buildings). Preparation/review of I/O schedules (DCS, SIS, F&G, MMS). Assisted Emerson Engineer for configuring points, values, ranges, alarm set points and service description for the respective loops as per the details/feedback from the client. Involved in DCS complex control Loop Checking and Fault finding as per Loop wiring and Schematic Logic Diagram including Configuration checking and troubleshooting. Performing Control valves and SIS valves operation, Stroke checking and diagnosis using Valve Link Software. Understanding and solve Loop diagrams, Logic diagrams, Interlock diagram, Cause and Effect. Instrument Hook Up and all Panel & vendor wiring details.

Implementation and Functionality checking of DCS control narratives, SIS Cause and Effect, F&G Cause and Effect, Pumps and Fans Logic testing. Involved in the commissioning activities of Furnaces. Involved in the pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and operational activities of Field bus devices including their troubleshooting, segment validation, system check, device commissioning/configuration both in field and DCS. Commissioned the F&G system comprises Gas detectors, Smoke detectors, O2 detectors, Manual call stations, Beacons, Sounders and Deluge skid. Start up time line up all the instruments and Level transmitters are filled with particular fluid in the tubing and calculated the lower and upper range value. 2) QA/QC Engineer with additional Pre-Commissioning activities Dec 2009 - Sep2010 Worked with Techinas Reunidas Gulf Arabia Ltd for the Saudi Kayan (SABIC affiliate) Phenol & BPA Project through Al-Hajjri Corporation, Saudi Arabia. Responsibilities: Systems included: Yokagawa Centum CS3000 DCS, Invensys Triconex TMR PESS system, Detronix Fire & Gas system for buildings and Triconex TMR for field, Bentley Nevada VMS (3500 series). Review plans and drawings in accordance with SABIC specifications (SES), codes and standards. Familiar with the International industry codes and standards related to intrinsically safe systems and electrical systems for Instrumentation. Reviewing and Implementation of all supporting documents regarding material receiving, Project execution, Quality assurance and Quality control. Monitor daily discipline activities and verifies compliance to project procedures, specifications and standards. Identify quality problems, reject non-conforming items and initiate, recommend or provide solutions to the problems with customer sanction / approvals through designated channels. Control further processing of non-conforming items, deficiencies or unsatisfactory conditions until rectification and any remedial action is approved. Conduct random surveillance on operator's qualifications, tools and equipment, working practices as well as storage and preservations. Prepare daily inspection documents and final acceptance documents prior to project completion. Deals with reviewing of all ITP's/QCP/Method of Statement/ Material approval prior for project plan preparation. Manages and trains Instrumentation Inspectors team, conduct activities and inspection in accordance to Project Quality Assurance Manual and Quality Control Inspection plan. Plan, schedule, coordinate and provide work directions to inspectors as per International & SABIC standards (SES), specifications, instrument calibration method of statements & as per approved project drawings supervised, inspected and witnessed calibration workshop and equipment tools, DCS cabinets frame inside RIB, instrument cable duct bank, cable pulling from RIB to JB and control room, Stanchion of instrument devices, marshalling panel ,Junction boxes installation ,mounting of instruments, installation of cable tray, conduit, impulse tubing and instrument air line, meggar and continuity test of cable. 3000, Triconex ESD, PLC System, Bentley Nevada VMS system and Detronix F&G system. Employer: Accurate Instrumentation and Control Engineers Pvt Ltd, Cochin, India AICE Pvt Ltd is a leading Design & Engineering company for the process control & instrumentation designing for Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical & Infrastructure Sectors both in India and Overseas. Instrumentation Design Engineer Feb 2009- Dec 2009 Involved in design and engineering work, such as basic and detail design for system designing and field instruments for UFUQ & DAFIQ Facility Development Plant, PDO, Oman with MS Excel and AutoCAD. Responsibilities: Preparation of Datasheet and Specification for various instruments like Control Valves, Safety Valves, Smart Transmitters (Pressure , Level ,flow and Temperature), Gas detection Systems, Orifice plates, Flow Nozzles, Pressure Switches, Level Switches & others. Review of P&ID, Preparation of design basis, Instrument Index.

Prepare loop folder for loop checking, assistance on the consoles of Yokogawa DCS Centum CS

Preparation of Junction Box wiring details/terminal drawings, logic and loop diagrams, Functional loop schematics, cable schedule, level sketches and instrument JB location Plan. Preparation of instrument field layouts electrical & pneumatic, F & G layout, Cable tray layout. Preparation & customization of Hook-ups process piping, air piping hook-ups, electrical installation, and instrument mounting details. Extracting I/o`s from P&ID`s for the preparation of analog & digital I/o Lists. Preparation & modification of process and control narrative.

Employer: OCC Offshore Projects Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India

Sep2007-Jan 2009

1) Appointed as an Instrumentation Engineer with ultimate authority for coordinating Installation, Calibration, Maintenance and Servicing of Instrumentation and Automation Systems at Coker II Plant, Reliance JERP OIL Refinery, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India from December 2007 to January2009. This is the new refinery totally for export purpose and Foundation Field bus is the new technology used for Instrumentation and control. Responsibilities: Systems Included: Invensys (IACC) Foundation Fieldbus DCS, Triconex TMR (ver.9), F & G system (Field-Wormald, Buildings-Minerva 80), Vibration Monitoring system (Bentley Nevada 3300/3500 series). Preparations of Instrument Take off Lists from the construction drawings and to update Instrument Index with assistance of Field Engineering Coordinator. Prepare Take off Lists for Instrument Stanchion/Supports of each and every approved type by the client. Coordinate with On Site Fabrication Shop Engineer for their proper production and delivery on Site. Familiar with instrument drawings like P&ID, ILD, ISO, Hook-up Drawings, Termination Diagrams, Location Diagrams etc. in accordance with relevant Codes & Standards. Supervision of construction works like installation Of Cable Trays, Conduits, Stanchions, Junction Box, Marshalling Cabinets, Impulse tubings and Pneumatic Air System. Cable Laying, dressing, glanding and termination of field instruments, Junction box and marshalling Panels. Preparation of ferrule list using cable termination schedule (on panel side, junction box side and field side). Panel Earthing, Instrument Earthing and Intrinsically Safe Earthing. Conducted installations, troubleshooting, loop checking, maintenance of various types of Process Instruments, Vibration sensors and Fire & Gas instruments like Flammable, Toxic and O2 Detectors, Sounders, Manual call stations, Beacons, Smoke detectors, Deluge skid. Hands on experience in the bench and site Calibration of instruments - Pressure , Temperature , Level Transmitter such as Foxboro I/A series,Endress Huesser; Temperature and Pressure Gauges; Temperature ,Pressure and Level Switches; RTD and Thermocouple; Control valve and ON-OFF valve; Fire and Gas instruments like Flammable, Toxic and Oxygen Detectors. Testing phase of the various implementations through-leak testing for instrument pipes and tubings, meggaring and continuity checking for cables, end to end loop checking including hot and cold loops Responsible for work schedule and organize manpower loading. Prepare As-Built Instrument drawings as per field change sheets and site instructions of the client and submission to the engineering dept: with approval of client FEC to update and issuance of new revised IFC drawings. Coordinate to clear punch list items, Discrepancy reports, NCR And Log book entries raised by the project client and QA/ QC department regarding all concerned activities. 2) Junior Instrumentation Engineer Sep2007-Dec2007 Worked as a junior instrumentation engineer for the BHEL project 2*250MW Guru Hargobind Thermal Power Plant, Punjab, India for the installation of process instruments.

DCS: Delta-V Emerson, Yokogawa Centum CS3000, Invensys IACC, Max DNA. PLC/SIS: Allan Bradley, Triconex TMR, Emerson. F&G system: Detronix, Advantage, General Monitors, Wormald, Minerva 80. VMS: Bentley Nevada 3300/3500 series, DSM.

Soft skills: MS office, AutoCAD, C & C++. Programming knowledge of PLC like Allen Bradley (PLC-5, Control Logix), Siemens (S7-300,S7400) . SMART Transmitters: Invensys, Rosemount (FF and HART), Yokogawa (HART), Vortex type, GE sensing, Micro Motion, Magnetrol. Equipment Handled: Handheld Communicator(375 & 475 Emerson),Multifunction Calibrator(Beamex-MC5,Yokogawa,Scandura), Pressure Calibrator (Druck, Fluke),Temperature Calibrator(Fluke, Martel),Temperature bath(Fluke),Bentley Nevada Trendmaster-Pro 2000 TIM Tester and TK-3E. Control Valves: Fisher DVC6000 series (FF & HART), MILL, IL (HART). ON/OFF valves: Valvtek, Biffy, Bettix, Automax. Level Measuring Devices: Rosemount Radar type, Endress+Hauser Nucleonic and Capacitance type, K-Tek Magnetostrictive level transmitter, Euromatek Ultrasonic type, Enraf servo gauge, Displacer type (Magnetrol, Chemtrols). Gas Detectors: Flammable & Toxic like General Monitors, Dragger, Detronix, Wormald

Status: Single. Born: 6th Oct 1984. Indian Passport (#G4133915). Islam. Salary: negotiable Willing to relocate internationally. Availability: Immediate I hereby declare that the knowledge and I bear the mentioned particulars. above-mentioned information is correct up to my responsibility for the correctness of the above-