Follow your passion and be successful!
Linda Bain “Shootin’ for the stars!”
“Every success happens by taking at least one positive step in the direction of your dreams.” By adopting this mindset, and fearlessly talking to people, Linda’s footsteps are leading her to only more abundance, joy, and financial success in her life. “Anybody can do this business.” Linda says, “Let your passion drive you and don’t ever let fear stop you.” Linda is now 58 years old and has created financial freedom. This freedom has allowed her not only to pay off her home in St. George, Ontario, but to also purchase the Toronto home in which she was born and raised in. “It’s a wonderful feeling to have been able to buy back the house I grew up in. It has great sentimental meaning for me and my children.” Dynamic, inspirational, and driven. These three characteristics are a winning combination; one that describes a successful Executive Diamond Immunotec distributor, Linda Bain. Upon meeting someone for the first time, a common phrase for Linda to hear is,“I’ve never met anyone like you!” Her fearless attitude, combined with her passion for people and health has helped launch Linda down the career path of her dreams. Her natural ability to connect with just about anyone is one of Linda’s many charms which definitely works in her favor. Some may say Linda can talk, and by golly she sure can. However, it’s Linda’s strong spirit and passion for Immunotec’s products that have helped her build a solid business that just keeps on growing. Linda is a single mother of two, who has gone from bankruptcy to victory in her success with Immunotec. This is a woman who really puts her heart into her business. “Failure is not a part of my vocabulary. I only envision success.” For Linda, it’s about the people and helping where she can. Every chance she gets, she will speak to someone about Imunotec’s products and business opportunity. Linda sees this business as only benefiting people’s lives and feels privileged to share such important information. By simply believing in Immunotec’s products, and by being consistent with taking action, the past five years have brought this Ontario distributor to the Executive Diamond level. Her organization consists of almost 5,000 people. For Linda, it’s not just enough to grow her business; she pushes herself to stretch – to reach outside of the box every day. This winning lady is moving forward with relentless enthusiasm; Linda is truly shooting for the stars! SEEING IS BELIEVING As many people in this industry understand, there are skeptics out there who lack faith in the absolute power of Network Marketing. Linda has a simple solution to those objections. She challenges anyone who is looking for a higher quality of life in health and finance, to incorporate the Immunotec business into their daily endeavors. “This opportunity has opened the gates of possibility, and allowed me to earn an income well into the six figures.” When people see just how much Linda has accomplished, they are hard-pressed to find reasons not to do this business. LINDA’S TIPS FOR SUCCESS Simplicity is the key to being successful in Linda’s mind. She’s adopted a very basic philosophy for anyone who is starting out. “Don’t try, J.D.I.” And anyone who knows Linda, knows that J.D.I. stands for JUST DO IT! It may be a simple phrase, but it’s one that Linda lives by. She tells people to stop thinking about what they want and to actually do something about reaching their goal. Take action, even if you are not sure, just take those steps forward and see what happens. She encourages people to do what they do best and to keep it simple. For Linda, talking to people is what comes most naturally. “Any time you can share a spoken word with someone, you are making an important connection.” In line with this theory, she hosts weekly teleconferences with her organization and feels that they “create and maintain camaraderie and enthusiasm.” On each call, Linda focuses on one particular product – covering the benefits and selling points – and then opens the line for questions or comments. “Sometimes we do role playing exercises at the end of the call to make sure that people are effectively communicating our Immunotec message and to iron out any problems that come up during the conversation.” Not letting the fact that she lives six hours away from Head Office stop her, Linda takes full advantage of Immunotec’s Red Carpet Days to energize her business. She regularly organizes a substantial group of distributors, rents a bus, and brings the entire gang down for a great day! “Part of the fun is the bus ride itself. It gives us plenty of time to get to know each other and talk about our businesses! I always see a significant boost in my business when I host a Red Carpet Day – it creates so much positive energy!” Linda believes you can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. “If I can do it, anyone can. Going from having nothing to having everything is simply amazing. All you need is to think outside the box and get started. Immunotec supports its distributors by providing great trainers and fantastic tools to help you along the way.” Her positive attitude, dedication, and sense of humor help Linda in her day-to-day business. “There is always time for laughter. It can help brighten any situation, it has the power to heal, and generates an instant connection between strangers.” Linda’s honesty, her “keeping it simple” philosophy, and her ability to nurture current relationships, as well as cultivate new ones is the rocket fuel that is helping propel her to even higher levels of success. “Immunotec is like my family. They offer me the support that I need to keep growing. Anyone can do the same. Set a goal, decide to make it happen, and then JUST DO IT!”

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