Hockey Legend Guy Lafleur with Rénald


The life of a police officer has many advantages. One being that the flexible shifts offer the opportunity to hold a second part-time job.When Rénald Plamondon was introduced to Immunotec in 1997, he had no idea that he had stumbled upon not only a second income, but also a second career.
In 1997, a friend introduced Rénald to Immunotec’s products. His mother, a successful Quebec artist, was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the effects of which were so bad that she was unable to continue painting. Rénald started his mother on Immunocal/HMS 90 and after 8 1/2 months, the shaking stopped and she was able to return to her passion. His mother’s success story fueled Rénald’s desire to get into the Immunotec business and help everyone that he could… and the rest is history. Rénald considers his Immunotec business as an international micro-franchise. Without it, he would never have imagined having business ties across Canada and the United States. Immunotec has opened so many doors for him.He is able to help his friends and family stay healthy he’s achieved financial freedom and now has the ability to travel and live debt-free. As an active member of society, he is involved in the Special Olympics, which he holds very close to his heart. He’s involved in police associations (Law Enforcement Torch Run), is an integral Along with an increased amount of energy member of a charity that raises money for from taking Immunotec’s products, Rénald individuals with intellectual challenges and has had the opportunity to earn a part-time coaches hockey.He also took part in income that amounts to four times his fullintroducing René Angelil (Céline Dion’s time salary! Rénald believes that the husband) to Immunocal/HMS 90 and Immunotec opportunity is for everyone. The continues to have a close business relationship initial investment to start up as a distributor with Céline’s mother! Rénald honestly feels is less than $500 and with time, energy and that without Immunotec, he would never the desire to succeed, that investment can have had the opportunity to be affiliated become a serious income in no time! with mega-celebrities and to be able to Rénald was very proud to have Immunotec donate over $50,000 in three years to placed 8th in Quebec’s L’Actualité magazine various charities! with a 640% growth rate in sales for the Rénald feels that the biggest obstacle facing 1997-2002 period. According to Rénald’s entrepreneurs is the prejudice regarding the calculations, for that same period, he has network marketing industry.He teaches his experienced a personal income growth team to break down the prejudice, learn of over 2000%… not too shabby for a partabout the products and get talking. Skeptics time career! will change their minds once they see the health and success that can be achieved through this opportunity. To describe Immunotec with one word, Rénald would choose “credible”. The company is credible, the people are credible and the science is credible. This credibility means that you don’t need to be a sales person, you just need to believe in the products and want to change your health and financial situation. He feels that new distributors have an even better advantage due to the numerous tools that are now available – the small initial investment buys you a “business in a box”. Once you have these tools, you just need to start talking. Rénald is very proud of his success and of his entire team. He knows that the key to success is to learn about the products and the business opportunity, coach your group and teach them to coach their people. If you want to succeed, you have to help your people and lead them to success! Rénald isn’t ready to take it easy. After 25 years as a federal police officer he continues to work hard at both his careers. In his mind, there are many similarities between being a police officer and being an Immunotec distributor. Both careers require that he research, dig through information and help people. Of course, there is one big difference between the two as a police officer he looks for potential suspects and as an Immunotec distributor, he looks for potential prospects!

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