Pumping Up Sales!
Barrie White finds a solid niche market for Immunocal/HMS 90
Barrie White has been with Immunotec since October of 1997. Like so many successful distributors, he and his wife, Ferne are grateful that the products and opportunity came at a good time. His wife was facing multiple health challenges. He was also in “bad physical shape” and struggling financially. When Ferne was presented with information on Immunocal/HMS 90, she was very curious to try it and Barrie followed in her footsteps. Soon after, the couple was invited, by their uplines Wally Kralik and Lori Currie, to attend a meeting in Montreal. Immunotec President, Chuck Roberts, presented the company and the products. They were sold. Barrie purchased 12 boxes of Immunocal/HMS 90 and they were well on their way, using the product and telling people about it. Then, “with a little effort,” Barrie says, “the business began to enjoy a steady growth.” In 1999, Barrie reached the Diamond level. Today, his organization accounts for more than 500 distributors and 1,500 customers. He’s delighted at his success and also happy to be working on his own terms, all while reaping great health and wealth. Canada. They set up an Immunotec booth at the show, hoping to introduce the products to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Barrie says they “wanted to reach this market, but never knew how to find the doorway”. But now, Barrie finally got his foot in the door. A mere thirty minutes before the end of the show, Barrie met the couple that finally led him to the market that he had been aspiring to reach. The pair, professional strength and conditioning coaches, David Ablack and Jillian Halligan, were immediately impressed with the literature, but were really sold once they tried Immunocal/HMS 90. Just months later, to Barrie’s surprise, David and Jillian had already acquired over 200 customers! Why the success among this niche market of athletes? According to Barrie, it’s due to the superior quality and credibility of Immunocal/HMS 90. According to Barrie, these groups of athletes “although very puristic and vigilant about what they put into their bodies, have added Immunocal/HMS 90 to their training regimen and they feel great! It has now become a very valuable part of their training. They know their bodies and any progress is immediately felt” He continues, referring to a study conducted by Dr. Lands: “Most athletes, with 2-3 (10 g) packets of Immunocal/HMS 90, recover faster and feel a significant increase in their strength and performance. For an elite athlete, a small percentage is enormous!” This explains why over 90% of David and Jillian’s competitive and elite athletes, who try Immunocal/HMS 90, stay on it. Another critical group that helps Barrie reach this niche market are coaches; whom Barrie calls, “the common denominator”. With every athlete having their own strength and conditioning coach, this level of professional contact provides access to so many additional athlete customers. Still, the driving force is the quality of Immunotec’s products. The strong connection is reinforced due to the positive mouth-to-ear marketing of Immunocal/HMS 90 among this group. Barrie is happy that his new niche equals business growth. He says that some athletes are also starting an Immunotec business, with the goal to generate enough money to pay for the products. “Immunocal/HMS 90 is really making its way with the elite athletes,” Barrie adds. Confident that the unique product is unparalleled, Barrie urges all distributors to “see the infinite potential… especially in those markets that seem difficult to penetrate.” So if you know any amateur athletes or coaches, why not introduce them to products that will help to sustain their health… and the business opportunity that will help to fund their dreams?

In August of 2004, Barrie finally stumbled upon the market that he wanted to find. He, Wally Kralik, and three other distributors from Wally’s downline decided to take a stab at a Women’s Fitness Show, in Ontario,

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