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Hi everyone! I am a first year medic from Christ’s College. I am Han Shuting and
I would like to be your new secretary for CUMSA so please read on to find out
more about me!

As a fresher, I felt that CUMSA has indeed helped me to buffer the cultural shock
and ease the transition from a loafing A-level graduate to a busy college student.
I’d love to be involved in it and help reciprocate this kindness to the others,
including the incoming freshers.

I received with gratitude many home-cooked meals from my seniors in CUMSA,

not forgetting their endless encouragements and support. I recall with gladness
how I made new friends through the CUMSA activities and found strength
through these ties. These are memories that will stay with me in years to come.
Life overseas can be trying at times, but through societies like CUMSA, you’ll
always feel a little bit of home in Cambridge.

I am sure that most of you would have attended some events organized by
CUMSA in your year(s) in Cambridge. I am sure that the activities have been
enjoyable and memorable in one way or another. For example, you might enjoy

A. Hearing the familiar accents and seeing old friends

B. Catching up on the latest gossips and news

C. Getting involved in the activities/bops and having a good time

D. Tasting the nice laksa and other food that reminds you of home

E. Hearing what Shuting has to say during CUMSA elections

I see CUMSA as a platform for many other opportunities as well, given its contact
with various job agencies, scholarship boards and distinguished alumni. Just like
how CUMSA helped its freshers integrate into college life, it can also aid the
graduating students in exploring a range of job opportunities and life options.
Furthermore, I believe CUMSA is ideally positioned to serve its members and
sponsors in ways that are mutually beneficial. In fact, it contributes actively to
the vibrancy of Cambridge University, and facilitates cultural exchange within
the campus.

Some shameless self-promotion (it’s an election after all)

A. I can take minutes very efficiently and accurately

B. I have enough free time to spam your inbox with CUMSA updates and plan
exciting events for your enjoyment

C. I have prior leadership experiences

D. I am responsible, helpful and friendly :)

E. Please call 07807520123 or email to to find out more

Relax, I am ending soon. My plan is very simple. I just hope to serve CUMSA and
all its treasured members to the best of my abilities (not to sound clichéd) and to
bring about a sense of community and friendship among the Singaporeans and
Malaysians. To work effectively with the Chairperson and the entire committee to
maximize on our budget and to organize events that everyone in CUMSA will
enjoy and benefit from.

Thanks for reading!

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