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Tudela, Cebu

Brief LGU Profile
The Municipality of Tudela is one of the four municipalities comprising the Camotes group of islands. District of Cebu. It is a coastal town located, 48 nautical miles from Cebu City across the Tudela is a 5 th class municipality with eleven (11) barangays namely, northeastern part of Cebu Province. By political subdivision it belongs to the 5 th Congressional Buenavista, Calmante, Daan Secante, General, McArthur, Northern Poblacion, Puertobello, Southern Poblacion, Puertobello, Santander, Secante Bag-o, and Villahermosa. Tudela has a total land area of ______________ hectares with an LGU income of ________________. households. As of 2007 Census, Tudela has a population of 11,266 and 2,560 The Roman Its local dialect is Cebuano which is spoken all over the town.

Catholic religion is dominant in the town. Its annual town fiesta falls on December 8 in honor of its patroness, the Immaculate Conception. Economic activities of the residents are mostly fishing and farming. Its farm products include vegetables, corn, rice, coconut, banana and rootcrops. Others engaged into small time business and some are government employees such as public school teachers and municipal employees. Our power source is the Camotes Electric Cooperative (CELCO). We have our waterworks system that supplies our households. The town can be reached from mainland Cebu through sea via Poro Port, Puertobello Port, San Francisco and Consuelo Port, San Francisco. It can also be reached from Leyte through sea via Hagotapay-Puertobello Port, Tudela. It's a 3-hour ride by bus from SM CityCebu to Danao City on board a roro type boat docking at Consuelo Port, San Francisco passing through the municipalities of San Francisco and Poro. It also a 2-hour ride by a fastcraft from Pier 1, Cebu City to Poro Port and a 15-min motorcycle ride from Poro to Tudela.. It's also a 3hour ride via Oano wharf to Poro Port and a 15-min motorcycle ride form Poro to Tudela.. Its major tourist attraction is the Bukilat Cave at Brgy McArthur with its stalactites and stalagmites. There are also fish sanctuaries at Brgy Villahermosa and Brgy Puertobello taken cared by the LGU and Brgys Villahermosa and Puertobello. which needs to be developed. Other attractions include century old trees, the Busay Falls at Brgy General and the Buenavista heights. There are other caves

Conference Paper


(RAFI). It has been started way back in the early 1990s during the term of Ex-Mayor Demetrio P Granada. To be fully equipped of possible influx of tourists. One of these is the adoption of the eGWEN program of the provincial government in partnership with Ramon Aboitiz Foundation.Conference Paper Tudela. Homestay Program is not new to the LGU. work and play politically. the program focuses on responsible governance. Conference Paper 2 . conservation and preservation of culture and heritage. are the very core of the program with which the Municipality of Tudela. Cebu Executive Summary Rationale Good governance has always been the desire of the present administration of the Municipality of Tudela under the leadership of Hon Erwin P Yu. Our plans and programs are geared towards this end. There are already 20 homeowners identified who are willing to They already formed an association known as “Balai sa open their houses to the guests. We have already come up with the first part. we have partnered with the provincial government and UC students for our Homestay Program in as much as there are no hotels in our LGU. we are ready to further develop our ecotourism program. For us. Tudela”. The first step has already been done.. performing tasks beyond mandates being public servants. The municipal government of Tudela not only believes in the eGWEN OUR CEBU philosophy but also advocates its vision to each and every Tudelanian making Tudela a healthy place to live. We have already adopted and supported the eGWEN OUR CEBU Program and implemented them to our barangays through purok developmment and barangay development. Administrations come and go and the program altogether faded until now when Mayor Erwin P Yu entered into a partnership with the provincial government and UC and come up with a study to assist us in our Homestay Program. Inc. there is already an output from the UC students. Effective and efficient governance in terms of the delivery of basic services. productively and enthusiastically. its officials and employees are aiming at. With this inplace. environmental management and ecotourism development among others. problems are identified and strategies are recommended to enhance the program and the tourism industry of the LGU. the municipal mayor. economically. The concept of this program is to use private homes to accommodate guests at reasonable prices.

• Above all.Conference Paper Tudela.. Strategies and Approaches The strategies and approaches we undertake is a step-by-step process to which the community gradually adopts and integrates them into their own system. honest and genuine public service. It aims to enhance and sustain the Homestay Program of Tudela. It aims to create. • • • • • Identify homeowners willing to adopt the homestay program Organize willing homeowners and coordinate closely with them through a homestay program coordinator of the LGU Assist the Homeowners group to be DOT-accredited for them to avail of a grant from DOT to upgrade their technical knowhow and their accomodations Improve the ecotourist shops and attractions Put up a zipline coursing from General to Santander Action Plan Activity Strategy of Implementation Output Indicator Time Frame Responsible Persons Resources Remarks 1 2 3 4 MOU FS DOT GRANT Sustenable Homestay Program Conclusions and Recommendations Conference Paper 3 . develop and promote tourist attractions putting Tudela an ecotourism destination. It aims to upgrade homeowners and have them DOT accredited. Cebu Aims and Objectives As Tudela adopts the Homestay Program the following aims and objectives are set: • • • • Tudela aims to foster community participation and cooperation. it aims to institutionalize good governance in every Tudelanian by providing a transparent.

Humbly.Conference Paper Tudela. Cebu In my capacity as the Local Chief Executive of the Municipality of Tudela. Conference Paper 4 . the following are our recommendations. viz-a-viz. the programs should be sustained and institutionalized. projects and activities undertaken by the Local Government Unit (LGU).  Recognition to innovative programs.  Provision of financial and technical assistance to the emerging programs and projects of the LGU.  Widen the scope in measuring the Local Government Unit’s (LGU’s) human resource sector by capacitating its Officials and employees.

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