ME4105 ASSIGNMENT 1 Subsea Processing has now been accepted as a game changer technology for offshore/subsea oil

& gas production. What is Subsea Processing? How or why is it a game changer technology? What technologies are involved in Subsea Processing? Who are the major players? Where is it deployed or going to be deployed?

Subsea Challenges and Opportunities
1 - development of subsea separator(2009): (Vertical Caisson Separator System) 2 - why is it a game changer? 3 - JPKenny presentation Subsea production and assessment report 2004 (read if there is time) 4 - 5 - subsea report 2004 (quicker version, notes on the processes involved)

Companies doing projects at present(info about fields too)
Also, Cameron, aker solutions, subsea7 GE products: 7 .lib.GE supplying subsea water injection tree http://news. the Marlim Field in Campos Basin. energy.6 of subsea processing (intro) 13 .Siemens energy systems: .pdf 10 .com/index/articledisplay/2638771646/articles/offshore/oe2011/ Service contract awarded to GE by Petrobras: 12 . subsea trees to Valiant causeway for causeway project.aspx 11 .html 8 .htm - http://site. and evolution of Petrobras work in Brazil (page 9 program PROCAP introduced significant subsea technologies in operation at that time) http://e-book.importance of introducing subsea processing at campos basin (intro): 9 .onepetro.sjtu.the causeway field: to the above GE project.

FMC subsea separation projects: http://www.html 15 .total. increases understanding of operator regarding the flow of reservoirs and contributions of different wells in the by FMC and a description of the different types of pumps.Wireless systems to monitor subsea production . operator is Total. separation system etc.offshore-mag. Gets multiphase flow measurements from downhole in the well.aspx Current fields: 18 .com/en/SeparationSystems/Solutions/SolidsHandling/Sand HandlingExperience. 17 . Technology: 14 . http://www.Downhole flow sensor system by Emerson Process Management.Pazflor field offshore Angola in block 17.html http://www.html 16 .PDF of subsea gas liquid Sep has figures for the whole systems including pumps.

19 .com/en/our-energies/oil/exploration-and-production/our-skills-andexpertise/the-deep-offshore/innovation/ systems) http://www.html .

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