"Un-defining The Spiritual Path" This live channelling was Given in Sedona Arizona and Ft.

Pierce Florida Greetings, dear ones, I AM Kryon of magnetic service. I share with you the I AM energy, which is divine, and which so many of you feel is elusive and unattainable, but which surges within the spirit of each Human Being who is here. Dear ones, the entourage of Kryon are not what you expect. We have spoken of these things before. It's a divine time. More energy will be displayed to you, and will move through you, than you expect. These are energies you've asked for, for it's a personal entourage; it always is. There is no generic energy that is part of what you call channeling. Each of you is involved, even the doubter... who is always here. Each of you is on a separate path, a path we know well. The Earth's Weather As we have in the past, we will say again. The great winds that have torn your country apart for two seasons were predicted and should not be a surprise. We told you over sixteen years ago about the coming weather shifts of significance [Kryon Book One]. They echo a polarity in Human nature. As goes Humanity, so goes Gaia. As the polarity between the dark and the light increases, so will the polarity between heat and cold. There will be extra cold and extra hot, and where they meet together are the seemingly dangerous areas. Just as the polarity of spiritual rage has torn many off the fence of their normalcy, so it is that the planet also responds to this energy, exactly as we told you it would [Kryon Book Eight -2000]. Indeed, all of these storms are appropriate. They all represent a stirring of energy that needs to be stirred. There is no negative targeting of any land, or punishment of any Human habitat. There is instead a manifestation of the energy you have created as you change the actual vibration of Gaia through your enlightenment process. As the earth changes, you're going to see more of this. Let me reiterate what we told you so many years ago. In this new energy there will be intensive weather shifts, and you are in a cycle now that has the potential to last at least five more seasons with the same intensity. You were able to see a hint of it this year when the season began very early, with a great deal of activity. The seasons will endure and the intensity will be just as active. Now, it doesn't have to stay that way, for as the earth vibrates faster, you will slowly move out of this cycle. And by the way, dear Human Beings, this is only a potential. You can quicken the cycle by increasing your own vibration and Gaia will respond. We also told you that the earth would move. It did, and recently. It was one of the largest movements recorded in your history, and Gaia shuddered at the bottom of the ocean where the plates meet. Although you may feel that the loss of life from the accompanying wave was a Human tragedy, you don't know what you would have experienced had the earth moved, with the same energy, in other plates or areas on land. Have you ever considered that? The force of the movement actually

and it knows you. into those immeasurable places that seem to dwell only in fantasy. and not the logic of the 4D experience you think is your reality. In fact. Then you might say. It is these inter-dimensional parts that are opening up and beginning to meld with the 4D parts. Instead. Kryon. Your 4D brain will fail you completely until you learn to delve into the parts of it that move past time and distance. weigh the information with your heart's discernment." Yes. great. "Are all of your points going to be this way? Let me see. Indeed. "Well." some say. Can you do this without fear? Advice to Humans about Their Enlightened Path I want to tell you about your path. This is when we ask you to suspend the intellect for just a moment. I'm going to give you four attributes of it. again we tell you. there is an intelligent force in the universe." because you will be shocked to know the truth. and not worry about where we're going or even pretend we're going there. and beginning to trust the unseen because "it's there and it works. It would seem to be a trip into a nonsensical. "Oh. something that you also should have expected if you have followed what we have been telling you for all these years. and that's why so few awaken. Lightworker. We're supposed to stand at the station with a non-existent track. no train." Going beyond 4D logic is the hardest thing a Human can do. but it is given to consummate a marriage between the Human and the divine. do not be afraid of these things! Don't make your decisions of where to live based on fear. aware of everything that is happening. who said you were going forward? Isn't that 4D? How about up? What direction would you call it if you were asking your old cellular structure to vibrate higher? What direction is that. even when faced with such overwhelming proof. They are anchored in the rock and do not fear what they were built for. Lighthouses guide and steer the way in the dark. I ask you? How can you stand at the train station if you want it to vibrate faster? There is no direction for higher vibration. the advice is going to sound like nonsense. Get out of that box you are in that says "I know where I'm going and this is where God's going to take me. . illogical state. how are we supposed to go forward?" And we say to you. The First One So here's Point One of advice on your path as you move toward what some call ascension status: Don't make up your mind in advance about where you're going. For many of you. It will be point four in this message. but we have to broach this teaching anyway. creating the logic of faith. Lighthouses are built in dangerous areas to shine the light of illumination on the difficulties surrounding the rocks. It's inter-dimensional.changed the timing of the planet's rotation. three of which we gave once before. and for that reason it won't make sense. The real truth is yet to come. That's correct! That's a good beginning. Teaching about the enlightened path is a teaching into inter-dimensionality.

The Second One Now these are going to sound similar. etc." Correct. you know." You might then say." Instead. In the process. not by following others. and here's how many years. you've put yourself into a cosmic 4D time prison. Oh. When you start putting a timeframe on any of these things. take all of this and mold it into a creation of your own. you're just a little early. my 4D friend. etc. and in the process the doors will open that should open. Now. you must take responsibility. All the teachings you receive on this planet from those such as me are parts of a recipe in an inter-dimensional kitchen. We're going to do this and do that. it gets even worse! Now we're not supposed to know where we're going and we're not supposed to think about what it might be when we get there. "I will practice. using the information you now have about all the ingredients! Your DNA promotes mastery! Do you now understand why. Miracle. make your goal "who I AM. 16 years ago. we told my partner [Lee] not to become a guru? It offends and insults the mastery you have of your own. "Excuse me Mr. "Oh. Turn right. but Point Two is this: Don't make any assumptions around your work." Your goal is to "become divine. dear Human Being. I will be me. I'll still be able to get information from my divine map when I stand in the place where I need the information to be given. Lightworker. without an earthly map. "Well." The Third One Point Three sounds like the others: Don't put a timeline on any of it. a different me than I was a moment ago. Make no assumptions. Masters create their own! As part of the divine plan. were grander than any time frame you could imagine? What if you push on a door tomorrow and there's a miracle there? Are you going to stick to the old time line and say. It's a prison of your own making. That's what my map does. go cook a meal that has never been cooked before. Kryon. don't make your goal "where I'm going. 16 years ago. in the moment. It also explains why there really can be no real ascension manual. when you deal with divine energy it is so more involved and profound than anything that your Human brain can conjure up.K. The only assumption that I'll make is that I AM a blessed piece of divinity that creates whatever I need as I go. here's the plan. It works when I need discernment and intuition. This will lead me to the perfect place. instead. or clinging to advice. the greatest divinity I can. turn left. we told you not to be a follower? Do you understand why. What if the plans for you. You must. or even the Kryon teachings. and by then this will happen. It's constricting." O. There is so much more going on here! "How can I go from day to day with a clean slate? There has to be some kind of a goal." It's useless. within your own cellular structure. Can you . a higher-vibrating me. for the assumptions will get in the way completely of where you might really go.The most difficult part of your path is the realization that you are not walking a path that has already been established by masters. I've heard so many of you say.

"I don't have enough energy. This is because your perception of "who you are" is limited by 4D life experience." and then I'll say. There is mastery there. The last three are a combined energy [10-11-12]." Lemurian. indeed. When you begin to activate the DNA. If you start looking at the DNA layer names and what they mean. or reading these words. and I'm going to say it in a way that all of you are going to understand. far more complex than you think. not exactly someone else. old soul. Human Being. "there you go again. Some of the most profound healing energy on the planet is in this room. and that your energy can be altered. Were you ever an artist? You're not. ready to go. It's truly time to say this. (numerološka analiza DNA!) What happens when a Human Being goes on a path that actually shifts their DNA? I will tell you. you were one before. . to get you to a place where you could send light? What about that? What if there's nothing more than that? What if you're supposed to be a Lighthouse. Some of you listening and reading have the seeds of the master. "I'm too old. counting the years!" Or you'll say. to you. Let's say they become. all along. but what happened to the talent? The talent is still in there! "You mean by activating my DNA. this time around. The Last One Point Four. Perhaps that's what the goal has always been? What if that was the goal. I invite you to drop the drama in your life." But the big one is "who you've been." And I'm going to say to you. They seem to become someone else! Well. healing energy that literally lifts you out of one place and begins to take you to another. that's what I mean as. but which some of you will discover if you really pay attention to what we're saying right now. Is that acceptable to you? Is creating peace on earth acceptable to you? Or will you sit around feeling you failed because it didn't match the 4D list on the wall of your mind? It's your choice. measuring energy in 4-D. out comes all of the attributes that ever existed in any past life you had. some call it advanced intuition. How would you like to have the beginning of the development of that extra dimensional perception that we have spoken of? It's there for the asking. So much around you begins to shift and change. Some call it intuition. and some of you are even able to see the colors and know what I'm talking about. is it not? But so many of you do this! Enlightenment itself is a grand.come back when I thought you were going to arrive?" This is humorous. and for the rest of your life all that's going to happen is your Light is going to get brighter so you can affect Gaia." Do you not understand. and that your DNA and your health can be improved dramatically? All of these things are within your own bodily functions. I could actually become an artist?" Yes. "There you go again. ready to be instructed by the "boss. the last one: Your DNA is far. There is an enhanced Human Being inside each of you that most of you will never know. that your lifespan can be increased. you will see something. Will you ever believe it? Some may say. someone else. I have given you up to ten meanings of the layers of DNA and we'll give you the last two soon.

How many of you dare to sing with the wind? Do the numerology on the names. I don't have to write anything. I'm an engineer. I want to take you back to when my partner was. because it was there already. and he was happy. "What are you talking about? I'm not a public speaker. Yet when he started his path. and he did. "What do you mean? I don't write anything. That will never be me. let's interview him. who is channeling. Magnificent information. He didn't have to socialize with anyone. was accomplishing everything he desired. The thought of it frightens me. who sit before me. Now." Inside. When he dealt with equipment only. 30 years ago the man who sits in front of you now. as a good public speaker. And so now I'm going to interview him as the hermit engineer and I want you to listen to the questions and answers. Lightworker. Although he was happy. in each of you. and there was no training. he was in a reality prison of his own making. without getting nervous?" And his answer would be. ready to become the new "him. We would never tell you these things if they were not so. "Tell me. and read these words. for magnificent beings. And so it is. there is this same exact attribute. had the professional family he thought he was going to stay with. and that all is part of the great shift. It worked for him. you'll also be on the way to healing the body that you came with. He was finished with his "goals" timeline. I don't know what you mean. He was a wonderful hermit engineer. With what training and with what talent did he do this? We say to you that all the talents he needed were there hiding in his DNA. and I don't have that ability. The biggest attribute inside your DNA is that of a fearless warrior. for its personal. I've never been a public speaker. but instead what we're doing is talking about the love of God and how. on stages in front of thousands at a time. Kryon volim te . Use your divine wisdom. at what point did you receive the ability to talk to people about spiritual things. Don't be surprised when Gaia again visits you in what you might think is an outrageous way." It was automatic. young. These are the truths of the hour. be in the safe places. we invited him not to be nervous in front of the large crowds and he wasn't. You can become something more than you think you are! Now that you've seen the weather change. he never had to deal with the drama of humanity. My partner hates this part of the channel. See these things as appropriate cleansing and scrubbing of the planet in places that need it. And he is embarrassed that we speak this way for it seems we are aggrandizing him. He was 31.I want to take you back 30 years. I'm not an author at all. And if you do that. my partner. technical things. He was in the profession he wanted. what he calls. began to change "who he was. What are you talking about?" "At what point in time did you understand you could write? How many books and articles did you do in school? What courses did you take?" And he'll say. He did everything he could to close himself into a room and have no interaction with any other person. guidance and your discernment to bolster the things that need bolstering. to write all of the books. It's time to claim it. and he didn't have to hear their opinions. was a hermit. slowly the abilities that were always there. It all goes together in a package that we call enlightenment." Are you starting to get the point? Where did all these abilities come from? I want him to be the example. I do sound and video.