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INVESTIGATION INVESTIGATION FINANCIAL AND MONETARY CONDITIONS IN THE UNITED STATES HOUSE RESOLUTIONS NOS. 429 AND 501 SUBLOMMITTEE OF THE COMMITTEE ON BANKING AND CURRENCY INTERLOCKING DIRECTORATES ‘supoOMMITEE OF THE COMDITTTEE OX RANKING AXD CURRENCR. ExHiair 1346. EXPLANATION OP TAREE OP INTERLOCKING DIRECTORATES, ‘This table shows the silatons of 18 elected nancial institutions, analy 4, P. Morgan & Co, New York Fini Nadel Bank, Now York, Guaranty rant Oa, Rew Yor Bankers rust Co New York, ation City Bask Now Perk, Kat, Loeb & Cp New York Natioal Beak of Goruere Kew Yor, arorer Natenal Han New York ‘Gite Suenal ks Ney York ‘Commnerelal National Bank, Chicago. Fine National Banke, Chiesge Kidde, Pocbaiy § Cb Besta nl Now York Lice, Hermon & Go, Bontan sat New York Sih he eat ba, rt ‘empanadas compan, tad trapsportaion spats, and preduing ad Leng eorporatooy, blest cosprationy, Largs representation pon the "Rheae acest fotttione and tet fa es ‘ape te dirctors have sinlarsifaions with mauy other ete ier ver tech dao Se am hth ale ‘ie elected institutions and ther rm plembers, exoepe howe of sgh em Ses an decors who tll so tote the ‘ther corporations named, sppear in the verted columa at Extreme right. The corporations with which they Mave afietions fro cronged orizancally acrove the top and ae rupted sere the ouiom. “They ace eeparsted into, four gtoups: Ui) Baas trast gmanie a erate’ conan 2 ranyportadon sate {G) producing’ and. trading: companies; (2) publieutity eonpors: "The cabs rued into small squases, and where the vesial eon at the extzone left aa dietor of Ey corporation Tisted in the horizontal one, ts is indicated by an X the square fpporite the name of each person ent unter the nage of suc Cor portion