Singing Time Game Ideas Reviews Balloon Pop with a Twist After reading a balloon review idea I was

inspired and came up with my own idea. The children have NEVER EVER (junior and senior) sang so well as they did today and I have done this so many years I have lost count! I started with a partially inflated balloon, but not tied. I told the children that depending on how well they sang the song we could add air, or take away air - their goal was to "pop it". My Primary President was the lucky gal who inflated and deflated while we sang. If they didn't do so hot and air was taken out we would review that song a little more until they did great. Then they got to pop it with a pin. I chose the "popper" from our popsicle stick chooser. One song wasn't so great, even with review, and I didn't want to spend so much time that we wouldn't get to popping more balloons, so I said, "well that wasn't quite there, but I'm sure that this next song will fill that balloon right up!" I chose one I knew they would do great at. I was a little concerned about how reverent this would be. But I told them it's okay to get a little loud after we pop it, but we had to settle down quick so we could sing well and pop another one. I would just give a little signal that it was time to quiet down and they did great. I was sure to compliment them on how great they were doing and that this showed me we could do this activity again. So now I'm thinking of a way to motivate them to sing that good in the program. Maybe a Primary "balloon fest" after the program or something... Bean Bag Review Noelle writes, "Last week in Primary we reviewed a song in a fun way. I broke the song up into parts (about 2-3 parts per verse). I had a child come up and try to throw a beanbag in the trash can. If he made it in one turn, we sang a part of the song once. If it took two turns, we sang it twice, (up to three times if it took him three tries). If they made it the first time, I let them try to make it two more times for fun. If they made it all three times, we didn't sing at all that turn and then I picked another thrower. I just went in order of the parts. The children liked it and we sang the song parts a lot." Cleaning Up our Songs Last year, I did a really fun singing time to review the songs we had learned up to that point for our program. I came into the room with a great big feather duster, a handkerchief tied in my hair, wearing an apron and rubber gloves. I was carrying a

The children really had fun with it. different groups would sing. (When you get down to 3 "movers" we tell them they all have to pick a different corner to stand in so they don't all get called out at the same time). As the children sing slowly pull out the yarn. etc. The children took turns picking them out of the basket. It can be a little difficult to remove.and NO time to get the pieces cut and tied together! However. stop on red. and I think the leaders did too. as I looked in my yarn box. After cutting tie ends together in a continuous strand alternating colors. white. I would wipe off some more of the toothpaste on the mirror. The child up front.e. Each time we improved a line. In Jr. peanuts can. calls out a number. When the verse is over. So we practiced the songs we had learned. I had a mirror and I took a tube of toothpaste and wiped the toothpaste on the mirror. I was so excited to try this idea by Pam Cassedy. yellow . They sing on green. "I tried this with our Senior Primary and it worked like a charm! Even when church was over they begged to keep going! We used it to practice Follow the Prophet verses. I told the children that today we would clean up our songs. We will definitely be doing this one again!" Green Light.choose based on the size of your primary) to be "movers"--to move quietly to a corner while everyone else sings a verse from the song.but any would work). and I had no red yarn and no green yarn . I chose one child to come to the front and close his eyes. showing them how singing more clearly improves our ability to understand what they said. ADDITIONAL NOTE by Deb Reynolds (ga07202008): This morning we had a fun singing time. frosting can.Don't use too much toothpaste. baby formula can. as the piano keeps playing.15 for choir practice. Red Light Review To review a Primary song: Take red and green yarn and cut into varying pieces (make sure to make the red ones shorter). I found a skein of variegated yarn (blue. but you could use it with any song that has shorter verses. The title of each song was attached to some bottle of cleaner in my basket. and how well the rest of the group sang as they did so. First. or until they really know those verses well. Primary. I put the yarn in a can and as I pulled it out. and the children in that corner sit down and join the singers. Then I realized that it was 8:05 Sunday morning.) with a hole in the top of the lid. Roll into a ball and place in a small container (i. I told them that that was what it was like when people couldn't understand what they were singing. I then chose a class (or you can choose 5-10 children -. Repeat until only one child is left standing. It was difficult to see. FUN Four Corners Review Tina writes. I labeled each corner of our room with numbers 1-4. I was supposed to be at church by 8. I asked some of the children to look at it and tell me what they could see. the "movers" must be standing in a corner. One suggestion . I was amazed at how quietly and carefully the children moved from corner to corner. obviously. when the yarn .basket of cleaning supplies. still with eyes closed.

They would draw a song (I only had three songs that they could draw from) out and then I had them choose a hat to wear.. super easy to prepare. the boys would sing. When the white showed up in between the colors. When I cut the primary off .or you could have a helper do it. It is a ton of fun. I have two children come up. This worked so well because the children didn't even notice that we were singing the songs over and over and over.having them sing along when the yarn was blue. when it was white. They thought that was hilarious! They decided that they should all sing together and keep singing until I had the knot problem resolved. When the song is done the child wearing the hat had to guess which word or phrase we left out. I pick the song . You could make it harder or easier depending on how old the child is. Then from the song they drew. and when it was yellow. and had the children singing better than they've sung in a long time! Hat Phrase I did a really fun game last week that worked out great. Then take a potato and wrap it in one layer of foil. and listening during yellow and white. If they can't the other child gets a chance. Plus the children were really thinking about the words so that they know when to stop singing and start up again. I just had 5 or 6 different kinds of hats. I called on one child to come up.. and the children were with me the whole time! I even used the same idea with the nursery children . when it was white. I did have some knots. I also take commercial breaks.we sing fun action of the children standing up front need to sing the next line or finish the line of the song. everyone would sing. the girls would sing. so now that end of the yarn is neatly rolled. I'm grateful for Pam sharing the original idea! It was tons of fun. I had them stand up when they saw their color. the boys would sing.lots of different songs. Then take the first song and place the piece of paper on the inside the next layer of foil.. the teachers had to sing! The children thought it was great fun to hear the teachers sing all by themselves. Hot Potato Write the names of the songs you want to review on separate pieces of paper. To make it easier for younger children (I teach senior and junior together) I had an older child come up and wear a hat too with the younger one. The number of foil layers should equal the number of papers/songs you want to review... Have the . For a little variety (and to help the little ones remember when it was their turn to sing). You could add a few blank layers to throw them off. and when it was yellow.. It would be easy to do this as you were singing if you had the lid on the can and pulled the yarn out through the hole as Pam said to do. Because I simply threw a skein of yarn in a can this morning. when it was blue. We sang and sang and sang . name that tune etc. I think it would be really neat to find a variegated skein with 4 colors (how many classes we have in Junior and in Senior Primary) and have each class be a different color.was blue. We as a primary start singing. This was an awesome way to review! Singing Bee I have a big plastic microphone. The whole Primary sings the song but does NOT sing the phrase or words attached to the hat. play hot potato. For Senior Primary. Then during singing time. It was so cute to hear them singing and laughing at the same time! I also had one of the girls in Senior Primary start rolling the yarn as I pulled it out (totally her idea!). everyone could sing together. I picked a phrase or a word and taped that to their hat. the girls would sing.

I put the children in two teams going back and forth with the questions making them compete against each other. It keeps them remembering the not so easy words of the song. I pointed to the word on the poster and asked each team if the meaning of the word without giving them the multiple choice options. little at a time. I went through all the words in the songs that the kids would not know. I found they listen to me better when they are trying to win. When they find the paper.. they announce which song will be next. etc. Once it gets dark (and believe me. I put some drops of bleach into the water. Then sing that song while passed the potato. I bring in 2 Mason Jars filled to 3/4 with water. If they do even better (they always do). I then start adding food coloring drops into the water of the first jar. The “What Does…” Game (good for week #2 in learning a song) This is a great review game the children love. Specially with the juniors which can be really the problem sometimes. Toward the end I tell them that the best singing would really come if we could turn the water white all over again. You could sing one verse or all depending on time. First. (If I had dark blue. you get the picture). I ask the question starting with WHAT DOES or WHAT IS. they are singing great at this time). cats that lives in a tent On the words that I knew the children had no clue what the meaning of the word was I made sure that the other multiple choice was ridiculous and had nothing to do with the song. the child who was left holding the potato unwraps the first layer of foil. or if I had dark green. Saints. Then depending on how much time we had left after I asked each WHAT DOES question. I wanted to reinforce the meaning of words they hear every week. I tell the children that we are going to try to change colors of the water and the better they sing the darker the color will get.children pass the potato while you sing the first song (your choice). After I taught the children the song the following week I would play this game with them so that they knew why were learning these particular words. I put the word in a question with multiple choice answers. I would add red and make purple. They thought they were the smartest kids in the world for knowing the answer to these words! I also used easy words such as Righteous. When the music stops. and then VOILA!!!! The . I usually will give more points to the teams in this section of the game. I tell them I will change the color to a different one. all powerful and all knowing OR B. Viola! I have an idea that really works for my primary. For example: What does the word Omnipotent mean? A. (I make sure I place them on a table with a placemat under them).. I would add yellow and get blue..

If I remember right Dawn from Athens TX originally posted this idea 6 years ago. and for better results. Detective Sing-a-Lot Angela writes. Have a piece of rope large enough for all the children to hold it.water is clear. but every time I use it works like a pro! Make sure you use a wooden spoon for the mixing. This is what I need from you. "I did this idea in 2005 with the program songs and am revamping for this year. Have the pianist play while they pass the object from one child to another. I sure appreciate it. the water is no good for coloring anymore. buttons. gloves. have the children stand in a circle. nose. . The children love it. They love the game. I used Velcro to attach the eyes. tie the ends together after adding something (like a canning ring) they can pass one child to another. (I know you knew that!!!!!) Hot/Cold with Snowman I made a little snowman out of a white knit baby hat. The other jar with water is to be used for another song. If you have any ideas to help me improve upon it please feel free to critique! Here is my letter to give to my 'helpers' Brothers and Sisters. I've done this several times to review songs. Pass the Ring If you have room. They can then remove something off of the snowman. I send one child out of the room while another child hides the snowman. I think my parts need some tweaking so I was hoping someone might be able to help me with it. Thank you so much for helping me this Sunday. When she/he stops the child holding the ring has to say what the next word in the song is. I have the entire 40 minutes on Sunday. etc. I have outlined my letter explaining and my parts. and not the paste kind. I tell the children that the snowman will only melt if they sing "hot" (their very best). get the liquid food coloring. it gets the Sunbeams involved and I get them singing well for weeks after this. We don't have enough room in our primary room but the children sit in one area so we will just have the rope go from one row to the next and they can just send the ring back (instead of around the circle). as once you added the bleach. We sing soft/loud to help the child find the snowman. I don't use it all the time. Okay our program is fast approaching and we are quickly reviewing our program songs.

and exit out of the gym door where you will give the handcuffs to another suspect. Each of your lines is a part of a program song that we are singing. props if you need them (I will provide them) and a copy of the song that you have stolen somewhere hidden in your possession. I will request that she bring in the first suspect and so on……. If I think they are getting burned out of this song then I will grant you a fast break where you will be unlocked from the handcuffs. I have three sets of cuffs so they will need to be used more than once. So essentially you are helping decide when you feel that they've done the best they can do. and I'm hoping the children can figure out which song has been stolen as you say your line. Your part is attached to this paper and highlighted in the red ink. I am going to tell the Primary that they need to sing." Suspect parts: 000101~ Sally sour singer was interviewed and when asked if she had a stolen the songs she said she didn't do it. I have a plan and a purpose" What song did he take? .. handcuffs on. What song did she take? Now we have to sing the song to restore it to the program. I will tell the kids that my suspects are being held for questioning. follow me. etc…) and then we will review again. restore the song to my file. If you feel that they had a particular problem in one area please tell us (you might say.I am detective Sing a lot and my program songs have been stolen from my program folder. I have been searching for the last two weeks and I have a list of suspects. When I asked him if he had been involved in singing the songs he denied any involvement. If you could say your part at the appointed time in our conversation that would be great. so I'm not ready to give the song back. I am hoping this encourages them to sing instead of quieting them. We will repeat this same scenario for Senior Primary. well I didn't understand the words in this part. Our primary president or presidency member (AKA Detective Presidentio) will be waiting outside the doors with you. 000102~Peter Pouter was caught with a song in his possession. etc. in order to set our suspect free and return the song to my program file. You will have a name tag around your chest. Each of you are my suspects and you will be waiting outside the primary door by the kitchen. She said "It couldn't have been me I was preparing myself to visit a place of love and beauty it's my sacred duty" As soon as she said that I knew she was guilty. He said "my song is a gift. When I feel that they have sung the song to the best of their ability (some of our songs are VERY rusty) I will question you as to whether you feel that you know the song well enough to return it to my program file. and we will communicate via walkie talkie.

I questioned him about the disappearing songs. When I asked her why he took our song he said "I wanted to search the scriptures. so we still have many weeks to review. I know this idea won't work out for many people who have already done their program or have it coming up soon. I found her amongst traitors and tyrants I immediately knew she was guilty of taking a song. He got very sassy and said "I have some words for you and you'll listen to my words at work or at play in darkness or light" What song did he take? 000106~ Timmy Too Cool To Sing was found around the corner looking suspicious. I was thinking about how to get the children to listen to their songs to practice for the program. that would be really fun!" We could assign each class one song to prepare actions for. I was thinking about a DVD we got from my mother--inlaw several Cchristmas' ago that has the songs for the 2006 program on it with pictures to go along with the songs and the words written on the bottom. but when we questioned him. I had an idea to review the Primary Program songs. or pick out pictures for the song. and then video tape those children doing the actions while everyone in primary sang in the . and he said "It wasn't me. listen to the prophet." Which song did Heid take? Sing-a-long Primary Video Erin writes. and fill my soul with peace. I am the Primary Music Leader and we have our program coming up showing what we have learned this year. but maybe someone could use it next year. I actually think they know the songs pretty well. I was busy changing how I live and changing what I'll be" Which song did he take? 000107~ Realizing my good detective skills Heidi Hemming and Hawing became afraid and turned herself in. 24th. "why don't we make a video just like it. on a hill in a garden when I questioned about her suspicious behavior. "So while I was drifting off to sleep for my Sunday afternoon nap. he said he was framed.000103~Wanda Don't Wanna Warbler was found outside. she said " Love and a prayer took me there my steps were heavy and slow" What song did she take? 000104~ When I located Martha Mushy Melody. but there are a few places we could improve. but with the children?" and I thought "yeah. When I questioned her she said "these traitors and tyrants will fight in vain" What song did she take? 000105~ Tommy Talk A lot was caught red handed. Anyway. Our Primary Program is not until Oct. We listen/watch it most Sunday mornings because the music is nice and the children can sit and watch the pictures if they're done getting ready for church and we are busy. I was thinking.

Tell me the Stories of Jesus . Sit the poster on the ground and either a child or I throw a . When Jesus Christ was Baptized . We Thank thee Oh God for a Prophet . Take turns flipping the paper. I had children take turns pulling out an object. If they didn’t.Baby 2. I am a Child of God .Pair of Glasses CONCENTRATION – Put pictures or words up on the chalkboard and cover each with a piece of paper.Water bottle 3." Back Pack Review I had a back pack and filled it with eight objects that represent a song we have learned this year. I had two boards with pictures that depicted songs. Here are the items I used: 1. Home . then we sang it. When they match one we sing that song. we sang my choice.A thank you card 8. They turned over one from each board.shoe 7. and then they had to guess what song it went to.background. If they matched. Use your imagination for this one. I love the See the Temple . WHAT SONG AM I? – I made up a poster that has big colorful music notes on it. Eight to nine in all. don't you think? So we're going to try it this Sunday. On the board I had strips of paper with the songs. The children would surely want to watch and listen to themselves lots. We could either make dvds for everyone (which would cost money) or post it on youtube (which would be free but some parents would be against that. If the Savior stood beside me . I'd also get video of the whole group singing. MEMORY GAME – There are many variations to this game.Story book 4. Called to Serve . and hopefully it will go well. we sang their choice.Doll house furniture 6.cell phone 5. That way each child would be sure to see their face on the video. I'd then take the video home and edit it on my mac to put the words going across the bottom like a sing-a-long video. I think the children will be excited to perform their best for the video and it will help us get ready for the program. I flip one and the children flip the other.

or tells us three words in a row in the song.beanbag and whichever note it lands on tells us either a phrase from a song. . The kids guess which song it is and then we sing it. the page # of a song.

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Ê a`\U`a^W_[^c[^V_a\[Z`WUST[S^VSZVU[bW^WSU c`S\WUW[X\S\W^SW`a^Z_X\\ZY`W\S\W^ X\[ZWSZV`WUV^WZX\ `W[`W^WZ`W S`U[ZWcW_ZY`S`_[ZY   .

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