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Woocdsmitn. Vol. 27 / No. 160 ¢ Workbenches PERFECT PLACEMENT * Table Saw Sleds CLEAN, PRECISE CUTS ° 15 Top Assembly Tips ‘A Publication of August Home Publishing looking inside | Table of Contents, Poe departments from our readers Tips & Techniques all about Bargain Router Bits. Are low-cost router bit sets worth the money? You'll be surprised at what we found out tools of the trade Miter Saw Blades.............. 10 Getting the best results with a miter saw starts with choosing and using the right blade techniques from our shop 15 Tips & Tricks for Assembly. .. . . 12 Learn the tips and tricks for gluing up a drawer. jigs and fixtures Table Saw Miter Sleds.......... 14 Take your table saw to the next level by adding a precision miter sled wt tips from our shop Shop Notebook................ 30 working with tools Countersink Bits Notall countersink bts are the same. Here's what you need to know before you buy one. small shop solutions Workbench Location............ 42 ‘Where you put your workbench isthe key to getting the most out of your shop. finishing room Getting a High-Gloss ‘A dassic, high-gloss finish is easier than you may think. We'll show you how. n the mailbox Q&A. hardware and supplies OUNES os gots caiews volves + vie 49 DVD Storage Cases page 16 Woodsmith No. 160 a features weekend project DVD Storage Case Organize your growing collection of ‘one (or more) of these versatile storage cases, designer series project Platform Bed... . 22 You won't lose sleep building this bed. Built with simple joinery, it yields rock-solid results. DASEBEER'S MOTRBOCK heirloom project Inlay Mirror Frame.............32 Show off your skils wth this mirror frame that features stylish inlays and miter-ree corners, DEMONS HOTEROOK details of craftsmanship Coped Joints ee oO: installing molding with a good fit isa challenge. eam how to cut a tight-fiting coped joint. 2c fener These two symbols let you know there's moe infor mation online at ww Woodsmith com, Thee youll see step by-step videos, technique and project ani- ‘mation, bonus cutting diagrams, and a lot more. editor's note Sawdust few years back (October of2002 to be exact) we featured a cherry armoire in Wondsmith. The idea back then was to take a large project and make its easy to build as possible. So we streamlined the construction by using plywood panels and straightforward join- ery. Plus, we updated the traditional armoire by setting it on an ‘open base and using contrasting stains to give ita two-tone look. The project turned out so well it was quickly followed by a matching nine-drawer dresser, a mirror, and a night stand. Only one piece was missing. Which, of course, brings me to the designer series project in this issue —a matching bed. The bed features a platform-style design, which means you don’t need to spend money on a box spring. But more impor tantly, it gives the bed an updated, contemporary look. Now, we built urs out of cherry and stained it to match the other pieces in the set. But this project would look great built out of just about any wood. Note: If you would like to build the other pieces in the suite, plans are still available at www. Woodsmith com. NEW FACt. Designing, projects like the platform bed is the responsibility of our design group — they're the key to the great ‘woodworking projects we feature in every issue of Woodsmith. To give us a hand in this area, John Doyle recently joined our staff as 1 project designer and builder. John brings a lot of experience to the group, and I'm looking forward to working with him. Ton FREE TIPS BY EMAIL ‘Now, you can have the best, time-saving secrets, solutions, and techniques sent directly to your computer. Just go to www.Woodsmith com and click on “FREE Tips by Email” to sign up. You'll receive a new tip by e-mail each week. ‘Woodsmith 3