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500*-0 Great Free Online Libraries 50 Great Free Online Libraries 1.

California Digital Library Explore digital information from the University of California. 2. The Online Books Page Find an immense collection of classic literature available for downloading. Prov ides 20,000+ Listings. Copyright 1993-2001 by John Mark Ockerbloom. 3. Free Books Big Technical Library. 4. Project Gutenberg Literary books. More than 6200 books hosted by the Literary Archive Foundation i n electronic format. 5. Research Assistance See samples from among 25,000 research papers or special order on a custom topic . Many papers can be downloaded instantly. 6. BookRags - E-Books and Book Notes The most comprehensive free e-books and booknotes online. Over 150 literature st udy guides include chapter summaries, character and objects, topic tracking, aut hor biography, plot summary, and important quotes. The complete e-texts for over 1,500 novels are available online for free. Read classics like Scarlet Letter, Great Expectations, Huckleberry Finn, Macbeth, and Moby Dick. 7. All Bookstores.com Shop for the lowest book prices by comparing prices at over 30 bookstores with o ne click. Provides a free book-locating service. 8. FreeTech Books Your guide to free online computer books, lecture notes, documentations and refe rences. 9. Sun Java Downloads This page provides final releases of Java Technology downloads. 10. Free E-Books.net Provides a directory of free fiction and business e-books. Subscribe to a newsle tter. 11. MindView Technical books on Java and C#. 12. The eBook Directory 20,000+ computer, self-improvement, literature, business, publishing, children a nd more. 13. University of Virginia's E-Book library 1,800 publicly-available e-books including classic British and American fiction, major authors, children's literature, the Bible, Shakespeare, American history, African-American documents, and much more. 14. BizzyDays Ebook Publications Provides a small collection of non-technical books. 15. Web Source A collection of web related e-books.

16. free-ebooks-4u.com E-books on Marketing, Business, Promotion, Brandibles. 17. Prosperity Point Learn the secrets of prosperity at Prosperity Point! 18. Free eBooks and Best Sites eLibrary features FREE eBooks and BEST sites, with focus on tutorials, learning and knowledge, ranging from accounting to zoology. 19. Free Electronic Books Free Electronic Books. 20. CIW Free E-Books CIW E-Books is for beginning webmasters looking for free ebooks on the internet, marketing, business, search engines, ebooks, and web design. 21. My Free EBooks Free books on a variety of topics. 22. Free E-Books Free E-Books on business and personal topics. All e-books are free for the askin g. 23. A Good Read Free fiction & non-fiction books you can download. 24. Blackmask Online Large collection of thousands of texts downloadable in several formats. Categori es include biographies, fiction, Eastern works, poetry, and pulp fiction.

25. EBookstand Fiction books.

26. Bibliomania Bibliomania has more than 2000 of searchable full text works of classic fiction, popular fiction, short stories, drama, poetry, dictionaries, research and relig ious texts.

27. Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts English literature, American literature, and Western philosophy.

28. The eText Archive 1000+ e-Texts and Books on Politics, Religion, Poetry and Fiction.

29. Free Books 5000 5000 literary masterpieces. The literature, poetry, government and religious doc uments that have shaped the American culture.

30. Classic Bookshelf A large collection of popular classics.

31. FreewareJava.com A comprehensive resource guide to Java tutorials and Java books.

32. Samizdat Press Samizdat Press is devoted to the free distribution of books, lecture notes and s oftware. Our special focus is material of a pedagogical nature.

33. Page by Page Books Here are all the classic books we have available, arranged by title. You can rea d now in our e-Library!

34. bartleby.com Provides online access to a large collection of encyclopedias (Colombia Encyclop edia, History Encyclopedia, World Factbook, etc.), verse, fiction and non-fictio n references. You can search and view the text online.

35. Free Books 4 Doctors Free Medical Books. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice. FreeBooks4Doctors! is dedicated to the promoti on of free access to medical books over the Internet.

36. InformIT Online Books Subscribers: Conduct searches across all of the technical books in the Safari li brary - more than 1,000 ... questions in a matter of seconds. Read the books on your Bookshelf from cover to cover. Non-subscribers can read free sections and p reviews.

37. Chapter-a-Day - Free Books in Your E-Mail! Read books in your email. Free email service delivers a portion of a book every day.

38. Free-Book.co.uk: The directory of free online books The directory of free online books covering a variety of topics including busine ss, education, history, computers, fiction, politics, etc.

39. FreeBooknotes.com - Free study guides for over 250 books A comprehensive guide to free book summaries, literature notes, and study guides

(like "cliff notes") for over 250 books.

40. Andamooka! Open Support for Open Content Andamooka hosts open content books on technical and programming topics for readi ng, annotation, and discussion. It includes the series How to Think Like a Compu ter Scientist.

41. Esmeralda A directory of free available books and publications online.

42. BeyondBooks.com Beyond Books is an Internet-based source of educational content that parallels, expands on, and deepens standards-based curricula for middle schools and high sc hools.

43. The Divine Life Society Free Books on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy. The books published by The Divine L ife Society are being made available on the web in both Portable Document Format (PDF) and HTML.

44. Baen Free Library Baen literary books is now making available — for free — a number of its titles in e lectronic format.

45. Children's Books Online, the Rosetta Project

the largest collection of illustrated antique children's books online. You can d ownload entire copies of each book with one mouse click. Guests can elect to dow nload entire books as compressed ZIP FILES, so that it is easier for children, p arents, and teachers to read the books off-line.

46. eBooks4free.net - Download free books and manuscripts Hundreds of links to free eBooks and manuscripts, historical documents and liter ature, religion and magik, audio readings and much more... everything multi-ling ual (i.e. English Italian French German Spanish Portuguese Chinese Sanskrit Hebr ew Latin ...)

47. Free-Ed.Net Free online courses, tutorials, study guides and lessons in 120 academic and voc ational disciplines. No tuition, no books to buy, no hidden fees It's free ... a ll of it!

48. Free Joke Books Provides free electronic books with fresh, funny jokes and other funny stuff pro duced by professional comedians. About every month or so, we release brand new j oke books and twisted fairy tales.

49. Coping.org, Free online books for coping with life's stressors Coping.org is home to free online self-help books. There are books for parents t o aid them raise their children in a sound way, and books for adults to cope wit h stress and enhance self-esteem.

50. classics.mit.edu, The Internet Classics Archive Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors.

51. Master Works of Western Civilization A hypertext-annotated compilation of lists of major works recommended by Drs. Ad ler and Eliot, Charles Van Doren, Anthony Burgess, Clifton Fadiman, the Easton P ress, and many others.

52. Great Books Index An Index to Online Great (mainly literary) Books.

53. Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies (ORB) Full-length textbooks, written by experienced medieval scholar-teachers and test ed both in the classroom and on the internet. They are fully copyrighted but ava ilable for classroom use.

54. Internet Medieval Sourcebook Medieval and Early Renaissance Literature Archive. It provides access to full te xts of medieval sources arranged according to type.

55. Books by David Irving Index to free downloads of books by historian David Irving.

56. Be Successful! Free E-books You Can Download. Here are some really good ebooks for you to downl oad. They talk about success secrets and business.

57. Daily Literature "A wonderful free resource. This is a free service which I've used several times . You 'subscribe' to a certain piece of literature and you receive in your e-mai l a portion, or 'fragment' of that literature each day. I like this service as i s does away with any excuse I might make that I don't have time to read the clas sics!" Recommended by Kitty Byrne

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