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Surname: Budragchaa
First name: Misheel
Sex: Male
Date of birth: January 2, 1994
Date: October 15, 2007

Currently 5th class pupil of the special school №.29

mobile: (976)+99095944
phone: (97611)+316845

Present complaints:
The boy suffers severely impaired hearing and he is mute.

The history of the current disease:

The patient had been hospitalized at the CMRC from June 27, 1996 to July
25, 1996 with a DS: Coma, cerebral contusion with subdural hemorage,
bacterial meningitis. The patient had been released having improved.
Although the general health condition of the patient had been rehabilitates
nonetheless the hearing capacity had failed be restored though. Ever since
the patient is under control of the center of otology is receiving relevant

EEG record reveals Alpha frequency 9 times per second, of medium activity
prevailing in the right bi-temporal region, of irregular shape. On one
occasion a highly sharp wave had been detected in the right temporal area
after dispersed activation.

Recommendation of the Otologist: DS is neurosensoric impaired hearing of

the degree IV.

Curriculum vitae:
Family is consisting of 4 members. The boy lives with his parents and elder
sister. Birth delivery was normal and bodyweight at birth was 3kg. Mother
was in good health. The boy had chicken-pox. There is no evidence of
inherited pathology. No fact of allergy or of hyper sensitiveness to any
agent had been detected so far.

Objective examination findings:

The general condition of the child is acceptable. Skin and epithelium are
clean. No unusual rush is observable. The peripheral lymphatic nodules are
not palpable, nor sensitive. The chest form is correct. Breathing on both
sides are vesicular. Heart tones are clear, rhythmic. Pulse 74/min, with
satisfactory strength,. Arterial pressure is 100/60mmHg. Abdomen is soft.
Liver and spleen are not palpable. Urination and excrements are normal as
the patient had revealed.

Neurology evidence:
Raison is clear. Having gravely impaired hearing no dialogue is possible
unless sign language. The skull from is correct. No evidence of meningeal
affection is being detected. No pathological evidence has been revealed
from the part of 12nerves pair system, i.e. I, II, III, IV, V, VII. The VIII pair
defect is being reflected by deafness. The other pairs such as IX, X, XI and
XII show no sign of pathologic deviation.

Motion: muscles are developed normally. No signs of paresis or paralysis

detected. All tendon reflexes are normal body balance is normal.
Sensing capacity: pain, temperature, palpation, sensor capacity is normal
Epithelial development: skin clear, humid, subcutane tissue is well
developed. Palm and sole are wet due to sweating.
Genitalia are normal.

Tests and examinations carry out:

- EEG: Alpha frequency 9 times/second of medium activity

prevailing in the right bitemporal region of irregular shape. On
one occasion a highly sharp wave had been detected in the
right temporal area after dispersed activation.

- Hearing test: Neuro-sensoric impaired hearing of

AU IV degree;

Current DS:
Impaired hearing of IV degree

MCHRC director Prof. T.Erkhembaatar D.Sc

Head of neurology Dept N.Uugantsetseg