Baby Pixie Hat 0-3 Months

Supplies: • Approx. 30 yards of Thick and Thin Handspun Yarn 3-5 WPI • Us Size 15 Double Pointed Needles • Yarn needle • Stitch Markers Abbreviations: K- Knit P – Purl K2tog – Knit 2 Together St(s) – stitch(es) Approximate Finished sizes: 7 !” x 14” laying flat Pattern: Cast on 26 sts on 3 DPN’s as follows. 8 on the first needle, 9 on the 2nd & 3rd. As you cast on place a stitch marker between the first and second stitch. Gauge: About 2 sts per inch Pattern:

R1 & R2: K1, P1 all the way around R18 & 19: K each st R 3-12: K each st R20: K2tog – repeat 5 more times (6 sts) R13: K16, K2tog, K7, k2tog (24 sts) R21 & 22: K each st R14: (K2, k2tog) repeat 5 more times ( 18 sts) R15 & 16: Knit each st R17: (K1, K2tog) repeat 5 more times (12 sts)
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R23: k2tog – repeat - 2 more times (3 sts) Cut a long tail. Weave tail through last 3 sts and pull tight. Weave in ends.

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