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The Walkthrough Leaving Dark Beauty Castle Welcome to Epic Mickey.

Your first task is to stop that giant robot from killing you. Head to the right, up the stairs, and speak with Gus at the first console. He ll i ntroduce you to the Spin Move. Use it on the console, then keep moving to the ri ght. Don t stop or you ll invite an attack from the robot. When the light it uses to scan turns red, it means you re being targeted and need to get moving. Jump over to the second console and take it out to get yourself out of danger. A fterward, Gus points out a secret room that s opened below. You re headed there next . EXTRA CONTENT: Turn around from where you re standing and jump down through the ga p right behind you. You ll land right in front of the newly opened door. Head insi de and snag the Extra Content, Mad Doctor s Lab II, from between the two suits of armor. PIN: You can also open the chest in the back of the secret room to snag your fir st Bronze Pin. You can explore the rest of the lab, but you don t have the ability to do much rig ht now. Head up to Gus at the door when you re ready to leave. Follow the hallway as you re given the quick tutorial on paint and thinner. From h ere on out, you ll almost always have an option for how to solve puzzles: using pa int, which is generally the good option, or thinner, which is generally evil. When you hit the next courtyard, you ll have a chance to see the two in action. Fi rst off, go handle that Blotling, using either paint to make it an ally, or thin ner to kill it. Once you ve done that, you re free to explore a little. PIN: Facing toward the exit door at the back of the courtyard, turn left and loo k for a wooden toon door set in the wall to the left of the ramp upward. Thin it to reveal a chest, which has the Dark Beauty Castle Pin inside. EXTRA CONTENT: Now turn right and thin out that toon ramp. Beneath it is the Dar k Beauty Castle II Extra Content. Head to the right of the staircase, next to the big cage. This is a catapult on the right side of it is a platform with a red e-ticket hovering above it. Go jum p on that and spin when prompted. You ll get a choice from here: you can choose to release the Gremlin on the catapu lt arm, or take the e-tickets in the chest inside the catapult. You can only do one, so choose wisely. PIN: If you free the Gremlin, he ll dismantle the catapult and give you a Gold Pin for your trouble. Head up the ramp. At the top, you ll be prompted to thin out some debris, and you ll have to paint in sections of the walkway as you climb. Before long, you ll hit a gear you need to activate with the spin move. From here, you ll jump down to a lower section where there s a chest between two Don ald-shaped suits of armor. Turn left and you can go up or down; head down first by painting in the walkway, and you ll find a chest and a toon rock you can thin o ut to find some e-tickets. Head back up. Paint in the walkway as you go. After you pass the green Turp guar dians, you ll hit a spot where a pile of rocks blocks the way. Thin the floor bene ath them to let the rocks fall clear, then paint in the walkway to advance. Repeat the process with the second pile of rocks to reach the last gear. You re ab out done here you can explore a little more for a few more e-tickets, but when y ou re ready, head down to the projector. Mickey and the Bean Stalk This is the first of several 2D platforming sections you ll be dealing with as you progress between areas. They re usually pretty simple, but each one contains a Fi lm Reel you ll want to collect to use in quests later. Try to explore all paths before you exit the level. For example, you can jump on to a few big leaves as you move to the left at the bottom of the beanstalk, befo re you progress back to the right toward that bed that will lift you up higher.

There are more e-tickets available if you explore. When you get to the thatch roof, drop down through the hole in the top to reach the lower path. Just advance to the left to snag the Mickey and the Beanstalk re el. Keep climbing until you get to the projector screen at the top of the level to e xit. Slalom After passing through the projector, you ll be in a big Gremlin factory called Sla lom. Paint in the gears when prompted to open the door forward. EXTRA CONTENT: You re tasked with repairing steam pipes as you move through Slalom . You don t have to do it, but it ll fulfill a quest and is to your benefit. The fir st is up ahead in the left corner beneath it is a chest with e-tickets. You ll get the Tunnels Extra Content for completing the quest. Move up. When you take the corner to the left, paint in the floor and advance un til you re told about your option to either repair the steam pipe or thin the gear . Do both behind the gear are some e-tickets, and you can always put the gear ba ck when you re done if you re trying take the mostly paint route through the game. Go forward again until you hit another gap in the floor. Paint the walkway forwa rd, as well as two steam pipe patches on your left. Past that, you ll reach a big rotating wheel. You can paint in additional platform s on it, and you ll need to ride it to reach the next door. First, though, ride th e wheel to the bottom and hop off, where you can snag some more e-tickets. Hop off when you get to the door. You ll fight a couple of Spatters, who are basic enemies that you can zap with either paint or thinner. Afterward, you ll get your collectible reward if you repaired the steam pipes. Head forward when you re read y into Gremlin Village. Ticket Booth There are a few quests you can complete here before you make your way forward, b ut saving Gremlin Tim from the Ticket Booth is the only one that you must comple te before moving forward. Head toward the booth and zap the spatters.When they re gone, return to Tim at the booth and speak with him to activate the boats you need to go forward. You can head to those boats any time to move up the rest of this section is optional, bu t results in rewards. Speak with Tim again and he ll tell you he s missing his Gremlin wrench. He needs it to repair the rides here, which will get you to some cool things. Go to the left of the booth when you re facing it, to the teacup ride. Look for th e cup with a red stripe around the lip. Thin that cup out and you ll find the wren ch. Return the wrench to Tim, who is now over behind the elephant ride on the other side of this area. With the elephant ride started, you can jump on the various elephants to reach t he tent nearby. Walk along the edge until you hit a bridge that leads over the t hinner river below, where the boats are running, and inside the main building. Ahead is a series of gears attached to platforms. You ll want to paint the gears i n to allow the platforms to rotate until they re flat, then thin the gears back ou t. Repeat the process until you can jump across. On the other side, hop to the brid ge to the left of where you land and then turn right. Thin out the wall so you c an access the Paint and Thinner Pump in the room beyond. Here you have a choice: after you repair the nearby pipe, you can fill the pump with either paint or thinner. Thinner destroys the ride, but you ll be able to acc ess a chest on top of the tea cup ride that contains 100 e-tickets. PIN: Filling the pump with paint, on the other hand, allows Tim to fix the ride for good. He ll open a door near the boats for you that contains a Bronze Pin. EXTRA CONTENT: One more thing before you leave this area. Head over to the boats and spray thinner on the wall of the maintenance area on the other side of the thinner river. When a boat comes by, use it to jump across so that you re on the g

round level of the maintenance area. In the center of the room is a boat with an Extra Content icon on it. Jump over and grab it for the Spatter Springs Up cont ent. You re set to go. Hop on one of the boats and ride it into the tunnel. You ll hit a logjam shortly afterward, and you ll need to open the door ahead. You can do this one of two ways: one, with thinner by taking the patches off the steam pipes on the walls; or two, with paint, by putting heads on the thinner-s pewing hippos rising out of the thinner river. Either way works. There s nothing else to see here. Jump from boat to boat and either paint in the h ippos or thin out the steam pipes to open the door to the next section. Asia Boat Ride Tunnels Ahead of you as you enter this tunnel, a whirlpool will appear. You ll need to tak e an overland route to proceed. First, grab the e-ticket voucher from the hippo s mouth. Drop down and follow the platforms along the wall until you get to the sweeper e nemy. You can stun it temporarily with the spin move (or knock it into the thinn er at the same time) while you deal with it. Once you re on the sweeper s platform, thin the toon wall to the right and go throug h. You ll find a gremlin to release on the other side. There are a few more ahead to find and release, which will earn you a Pinif you choose to do so. PIN: Paint in the bridge ahead of you and you ll get a short cutscene showing a ch est above you. Reaching it is easy jump over the platforms ahead and paint in th e missing gears from the wall of rotating platforms. That lowers the chest s platf orm, allowing you to reach it and claim your Bronze Pin. You can now use the two pistons that were activated by turning on the gears to j ump up to the upper level in this maintenance area. Head over to them (they re on the wall closest to the exit) and hop on when they lower to your level. Then jum p across and thin the wall to get back out over the boat ride below. NOTE: You can always take the lower route, without the jumping up to the higher level, if you want to skip the gremlin-saving. Just thin the wall past the gears , then take one of the boats that comes out of a nearby door. You ll miss out on t he reward, however. Up top, paint in the walkway as you move to the end of it. When you reach the en d, zap the spatter below you, then jump down to the bridge there. Turn left, pai nt in the path, then jump to the platform to the left when you reach the wall to find your second gremlin. Fill in the platform to your right and jump to the next bridge. Turn and head do wn to the far end you ll have to zap a spatter then jump to the platform to the le ft, which you ll have to paint in. There s your third gremlin. Continue moving forward to the last bridge and head down to the left side of it. You ll see some yellow flowers you can jump to. EXTRA CONTENT: As you get onto the yellow flower, you should see that there are more you can paint in moving forward. You want to hit the upper platform behind the big giraffe and sun cardboard cutouts. The Pirate Gate Extra Content is wait ing for you there. Now carefully drop down on the flowers to the bottom platform below you and free the last gremlin, who is hidden behind the giraffe. You re done. Jump to the left to the next platform and follow it all the way to th e end on the left side for an e-bucks chest. Then drop down into the pit to trig ger a quick cutscene. PIN: The gremlins you freed will take care of the Blotlings in the area by lower ing all the platforms they re on, making your life a lot easier. When you get cont rol, head to the right and thin out the yellow toon wall. You can now walk along a path set into the wall time your movements so that the moving walls ahead don t push you into the thinner, then run forward and hop onto the piston. At the end of the walkway ahead is a Silver Pin. All set. Jump down to the open door below and go through to advance. To open the next door, you ll have to move fast to shut off all the steam valves. Step on the platform, then run up to the valve on the left and spin to close it. hop up and

hit each valve going forward before the time runs out. Closing all the valves opens the door ahead. If you ve been generally helping out, you ll get some dialogue with a character named Small Pete, which will give you a quest when you arrive in Gremlin Village. Don t worry about it for now. Asia Boat Ride Start by painting in the bridge ahead of you, then deal with the two Blotlings o n the platform ahead. When they re down, run around the back side of the pagoda to find a gear. Spin to activate it. That should pull out two stones that give you the ability to climb the pagoda. K eep working your way up until you get to the gremlin at the top and free him. Climb back down the pagoda and jump on a boat heading toward the small tower tha t looks kind of like a three-tiered cake. On top, you can free another gremlin w ho can fix the whirlpool in the area for you, but it ll cost you 100 e-tickets. Pa y him if you want to get a Pin in this area. If you paid, paint in the bridge leaving the cake platform and move to the Great Wall display. Jump on and head to the right, where you can thin out walls and c limb to the top. Once there, use the hole to drop inside. You need to close four steam valves throughout the wall if you want to really ex pedite the process, go forward and thin out all the toon fan blades through each section. Then backtrack and activate the first valve with a spin. Time your jumps through the fan blades as you move forward and close all the val ves. At the end, you ll open the way to a chest on top of the Great Wall. Time to backtrack. PIN: Use one of the boats that now move freely around the cake platform to retur n to it, then cross the bridge and return to the top of the wall. Remember to cl imb up on the far right to avoid falling back inside the wall again. Jump the ho les in the floor and keep heading forward until you get to the chest and the Bro nze Pin inside. Drop back down and get on the boat, but ride it around the bend so that you can jump onto the platform to the right of the cake platform. This one has several g ears on it. Move to the left to get started. Stand on the boat on the left edge of the platform and face the gears. Paint in the two connected to platforms and let them rotate so they re both flat; then thin out the middle gear that connects them. Now climb the two platforms and jump to the right until you re standing on a switc h that slides down. That ll raise the fire bridge, allowing you to continue. PIN: Before you go, you can access a pin here. First, paint in all the gears, in cluding the two on the right. That lowers a door on the right wall, revealing a pin. Stand on the switch that just slid down and jump onto the rotating platform on the right as it rises, then quickly jump off to the ledge with the chest. A Gold Pin rests inside. Jump back to the gear platform, then carefully jump onto the fire bridge and tak e it to the exit door. The door is locked, but it s not hard to open: move to the right of the platform when you re facing the door and jump onto the rising red flo wer thing as it comes up. From the red flower, hop onto the platforms above the door. You ll have to do it t wice to activate both switches and open the exit. You re done now, but there s still a whole section of the ride we haven t explored. Le ave if you want, but if not, stand with your back to the door and face to the ri ght. Look over the edge of the platform and you ll see a capsized boat there. Jump down to it, then to the island beyond. Deal with the Blotlings, then move to the center of the island, where you ll see a big wooden square structure. Go around the back to find a gear you can activate , lowering the front wall of the structure and revealing a gremlin. Save him. The gremlin makes it so you can climb the back wall of this area. Head to the fa r right to find the platforms to get to the top, then get rid of the sweeper whe n you reach the flat section above. EXTRA CONTENT: From here, stand facing toward the pagoda and you can paint in se veral flying carpets right in front of you. Board one and it ll fly you to a platf

orm to the left of the exit door. Thin the wall in front of you to access the Wo rld of Gremlins II content. TIP: There s a pair of gears on the back wall you can thin when you reach the uppe r platform on that last island. If you thin them out, you ll break the flying carp ets and no longer be able to use them to get to the Extra Content. You can still snag it, however go to the platform between the two switches that opened the ex it door. Spray paint in the general direction of the wall with the Extra Content and you should paint in a cloud. Jump to it and you can reach the appropriate p latform and your Content beyond. Time to go. Hop down to the exit door and enter the projector screen. Steamboat Willie Part 1 Move forward on the path until you see the cow being lifted by crane. Stand on t he box in to the left of it with the chicken inside to be sprung up top get on t he cow s back. When the cow is lifted, jump to the roof of the boat s cabin. Head to the right an d jump on the back of the next cow. Ride that across to the hanging box. Stand on the box a second to lower it, allowing the next box to rise. Jump to th at and then to the platform beyond it to snag your Steamboat Willie: Part 1 film reel. Now you can backtrack through the cabin of the boat to get any e-tickets you mig ht have missed. When you re done, exit the stage to get to the World of Gremlins. World of Gremlins There are a few things you can do here, and some of them are optional. First off , you ll need to repair the steam lines in the center of town to get the rides wor king again. Run around the circular section in the middle of the village and patch up all th e leaking steam pipes. Then spin the valve in the center to repair the system. EXTRA CONTENT: With that done, turn to your right and look for a hole in a paint ed wall. Jump inside and wait you ll see two smashing machines come down from the ceiling. Run past the first and wait for the second to fall (the raised portion of the floor marks where the two machines impact), then go past it to get the Wo rld of Gremlins I Extra Content. You can now complete some optional objectives, like repairing Gus house. Fixing i t will repair the Windmill above the town, which will be handy later. PIN: Pop inside Gus house by using the front door and you ll find a chest with a Br onze Pin. You can enter all the other gremlin houses in the village, and if you thin them, you ll also find objects inside. Remember when you ran into Small Pete? You can fulfill that quest now while you re here. Head to the right side of the center of town, where you repaired the stea m pipes, and talk to a gremlin wearing orange there named Bennett. He ll point out the steamboat to you. Jump onto the airplane ride and ride it all the way over to the far side. Jump o ff when you see land near the boat. Get on the boat and go to the back, where you ll find a gear. Spin it to open a do or at the front of the boat. You can also thin out the back of the boat s cab for a e-bucks chest. Open the chest found behind the door to get hold of Small Pete s log. You now have two options: return the log to Bennett to clear Small Pete s name and get a rewar d later, or you can give it to a different gremlin names Shaky to the left of th e town s clock tower. If you give it to Shaky you ll receive a Gold Pin, but Small P ete won t be allowed into town, and you won t be able to get some quests from Big Ba d Pete later in the game. You should be about ready to travel to the clock tower. Head to the magic carpet ride and use it to get across. You can do some exploring over here, but ultimat ely, you need to jump into the projector. Clock Cleaners Climb the clock tower until you get to the platform that flips over. Hop onto it and then to the gear beyond.

Ride the gear to its peak, then jump off and spin to activate a lever there. Now drop down to the walkway just below the lever. You can use the platform that gives way to lower you down. Go across to the right when the path is complete and grab your film reel. Now you can finish climbing to the top and hit the projector screen at the top o f the tower. It should be relatively easy. Back in the World of the Gremlins, you have the option to fill the pump on top o f the tower with paint or thinner. Both will get you out of here, but putting th inner in the pump makes the gate blocking the exit go crazy. There don t seem to b e any other repercussions from using thinner. Go around the other side of the clock tower and you ll see an elevator to take you back down. If you used paint on the pump, there will also be a golden e-ticket voucher on the wall beside it. Ride to the bottom. You can now jump across to the exit door if you like, but th ere s more to be done: we can now make our way over to the World of Gremlins windm ill. The Gremlins Windmill Jump on the ledges that lead over to the exit door, then step down off the front of that island to where a gremlin is waiting on a lower platform. From here, yo u can jump to the right to the windmill s ridge look for a toon wall you can thin out. Behind the toon rock wall is an e-ticket chest. Grab that, then head up to the w indmill proper. If you ve been freeing gremlins along with this guide, there should be one here th at will speak with you and give you a 50 e-ticket voucher. Once you ve got that, s tand on the broken stone wall on the edge of the cliff and look toward the windm ill blades. As the blades descend by you, jump onto one of the platforms attached. It s tricky because of the camera angle, but you can do it if you jump early. When you get on, first ride all the way around to the left side of the windmill, where you can grab a golden e-ticket voucher. Then, ride the blades around to the right side again. You ll have another funny an gle look for a cloud behind the blade that you can jump to. It s a bit of a leap o f faith, but you can make it. When you hit the cloud, turn left and go into the windmill through the hole ther e. Dispatch the spatter and free the gremlin. Freeing this guy opens up a new passage to the European Boat Ride, which is wher e you re headed next. You can take this passage to grab another reel that you woul dn t otherwise have access to. If you go this way, however, it s difficult to find y our way back, so bear that in mind. Clock Cleaners: Part 2 When you access the windmill s projector, start by riding the gear to the top leve l and trying to stay up there. You can backtrack for the e-tickets below later. Hop to the wooden walkway and then to the next big gear. This one has two platfo rms on the outside of the wheel, and one flipping one in the middle. The trick is to stay on the left side of the gear so that your weight rotates it , pushing the other platform up. When it s high enough, jump to the middle, then t o the right, and then off the gear to the walkway beyond. Grab your film reel, C lock Cleaners: Part 2 Now you can backtrack to get your e-tickets from the lower portion. When you get to the pulley, jump on the platform when it comes down to you to get pulled ahe ad. Climb up to the end of the level where the bell is. You can leave through here t o get to the European Boat Ride, but wait for the little clock figurine to ring the bell for a couple extra e-tickets. Note that as soon as you exit Clock Cleaners: Part 2, you can fight a sweeper an d then go grab a pin from the chest at the end of the walkway. You re also very cl ose to completing the Enter the Colosseum quest you re assigned when you arrive in E

uropean Boat Ride. Skip down to No. 1o under European Boat Ride to catch up to the rest of the walkthrough. For the sake of completion, we re going to backtrack and explain the basic entranc e to European Boat Ride as well. Steamboat Willie: Part 2 This level is accessed by leaving the World of Gremlins through the gate you ope ned by fixing the clock tower. Like most levels, there s an upper and lower path here, and both have e-tickets on them. Which you take isn t actually all that important. When the two paths converge, you ll bounce up on a chicken box, and you ll also see a goat nearby to the left. Hop on the goat s back and he ll belch out some music not es. Jump onto the music notes and ride them like a platform up to the boxes being mo ved by crane. Ride each one as it is swung to the next, then jump, until you get to the film reel. Collect the e-tickets you missed along the way, then hop down to the exit screen . European Boat Ride When you enter this ride from the main gate exit from World of Gremlins, you ll st art facing a replica of the Leaning tower of Pisa. You immediately have a choice : climb the tower, or knock it down. You ve got two seers and a spatter to contend with first. Get rid of them, then ju mp on the columns to climb up to the tower. Be careful not to knock them over. T hen turn the valve with the spin when you get on top. You can now get across the river using the boats that are making it through the whirlpool you shut down with the valve. Cross the the Eiffel Tower island beyond . Unless you want to knock the tower over. If that s the case, spin attack the small est columns on both sets to set the whole thing falling down. It ll create a bridg e. Either way, the Leaning Tower quest is resolved. Cross to the leaning tower and start dealing with the Blotlings, then head to the back wall to the left. Stop the two cogs so that their platforms are flat and you can climb them, then jump up to the cloud beside them. It ll float you up to one of two places: the Eif fel Tower itself, or to another cloud, depending on where you jump off. If you get off at the Eiffel Tower, you can spray thinner on the support beams f or the upper portion, making it fall to create a bridge. That ll take you straight to the Colosseum, where you re headed next. However, there s a better way (unless you want to go the thinner destroy everything route), and once you enter the arena, you can t leave again. Rather than make the tower bridge, ride the cloud and jump across to the others until you can make it to solid ground on the far side of the thinner river. When you land over here, you ll fight a sweeper and see a series of gears. There s a lso a projector screen over here this is where you would have come out if you d us ed the shortcut film found in the World of Gremlins windmill. PIN: Right after you land, you ll be able to push to the end of this walkway to a chest, where there s a Silver Pin. You ll need to stop each of the gears ahead to make a path to where you see Oswald . It s not too hard, but it will take a second. When you get to the far side, head into the Colosseum. Here s where you ll be rewarded or punished for how you dealt with Small Pete. If yo u cleared Pete s name with the ship s log, you ll be rewarded with treasure. If you ga ve the log to Shaky, you ll have to fight some Blotlings. PIN: If you cleared Pete s name, the treasure room is up back where you entered us ing the gear path. Inside the chest there, you ll find a Bronze Pin. EXTRA CONTENT: Also hidden in the treasure room is the Inky Mickey Extra Content , secreted away in the back storage room around the corner. You can explore the rest of the Colosseum if you want, but there s not much else t

o find. Go to the door Small Pete opened for you and use the screen there. Steamboat Willy: Part 3 Once again, your path here doesn t really matter for a while. When you get to the hanging cow, you ll need to pay more attention to get to the film reel. At the cow, use the chicken box to shoot up to it. Ride the cow as its swung to the right. Jump to the crate here and let it raise up the one attached to it. Jump to the f ar crate when it s good and high you ll need a lot of height to make the next jump. Leap from the second crate to the top of the boat cabin. You should make it onto the roof and claim your film reel. After that, you re just cleaning up. Grab up any remaining e-tickets and make your way into the boat. Climb the stairs and use the screen to exit. Boss Fight: The Clocktower This is your first major boss fight, although it s pretty easy, but as such you ha ve two ways to proceed. How you fight this and every other boss battle will dete rmine the ending you get when you finish the game. As with every other challenge, you have the option to use paint or thinner. Thin ner is easier, but will result in the boss destruction, so the Clocktower charact er won t make it through to the end of the game. We ll cover the thinner fight first . Thinner: The boss has one attack: slam its arms down on you. You can see them co ming by where the shadows play across the screen where you can run. If a shadow is over you, move out of the way quickly to avoid taking damage. After dodging an attack, blast one of the arms with thinner. The idea is to expo se all the machinery and robotics beneath. Without the protective paint covering on its arms, lure the Clocktower to try to crush you and it will smash the hand off its exposed arm. Repeat the process an d it ll inadvertently destroy the arm entirely by slamming the robotic metal compo nents against the ground, trying to kill you. Now just do the same with thinner on the other arm. Blast it until the pain cove ring is gone off the hand and let the boss attack you. It ll destroy its hand, and then its arm, until ultimately it is defeated. Paint: This is tougher only because it requires a ton of paint to accomplish. Yo u need to douse both arms in buckets of paint, so that they re completely saturate d. The trick to this is not to stay in the middle of the screen, but instead to try to fight on either the left or right outskirts. There, you can catch paint refi lls every time the Clocktower slams a hand down. Be careful as you move to the left or the right, because you don t want to encoura ge the boss to trap you in a corner. Keep hitting one hand with paint until it s c ompletely covered in blue. You ll know you re successful because it ll become gnarled and get withdrawn from the fight. With one hand down, you have a limited amount of time to get the other hand. Rep eat the process hustle to the far end of the screen, near the other hand, and tr y to stay between it and the wall at the edge of the area. Douse the second hand until they both get withdrawn. This might take two or thre e tries just because of the limits of Mickey s paint complement, but eventually yo u ll get it. When you do, hop onto the boss blue hand and wait there. Eventually, the boss will lift you up in front of his face, giving you the oppor tunity to blast the face of the clock with paint. Cover it completely to win the battle. PIN: If you complete the fight using the paint method, you ll get the Stop the Mus ic Pin and a paint upgrade. Finish it with thinner to get the Unwind the Clock P in and a thinner upgrade. Finally, cross the thinner pond to get to get to the projector and head to Mean Street. Mean Street There are several quests to be completed on Mean Street before you can advance. First, we ll get the random environmental stuff out of the way.

You ll be stopped by Big Bad Pete first thing, and however you chose to dealt with Small Pete before will determine how he treats you now. PIN: You ll also receive the Small Pete Pin from Big Bad Pete, provided you helped Small Pete before. EXTRA CONTENT: First, double back to the building near the screen where you ente red Mean Street. Go to the right of the building and paint in the overhang that extends out toward the wall there. Backtrack to right in front of the projector and blast the building with thinner to reveal a way to jump up to the roof. Then keep following the roof to the right and cross on the overhang you just painted in. Jump to the top of the high point out to the right on that building to find the Mean Street Extra Content. PIN: Check behind this building for a Silver Pin, just floating in the air. PIN: Standing at the projector, head to down and to the right to the museum (it s marked with a sort of Pantheon-looking icon on the front). Jump onto the painted overhang above one of the windows, then zap the front of the building with thin ner to reveal a place you can climb to the top, and snag a Gold Pin. That s it for must-get items for the moment. You can explore the Mean Street rooft ops, but you won t find much more than e-tickets. Head over to the fire station an d speak with Gilda, who is standing beside a mailbox. Gilda will tell you about her climbing ax, which is a quest you can complete in a few levels. Meantime, accept her time trial mission to get the gear you need. The time trial is really easy just follow the white guardian thing as it moves a round Mean Street. You ll need to follow it up onto the roofs of city hall and the fire station, but that s pretty easy given the path. At the end of the race, you ll receive your first gear. To get the second, go to t he Horace s Private Eye shop, which is located in the central square of Mean Stree t, on the right side of the main street. It s the big whitish building. Talk to Horace inside the detective agency and get the quest. Before you leave, speak with him again and he ll give you another quest you can complete in OsTown, the next area you ll visit. Next stop, you ll need to go to the emporium and speak with Casey about Horace s boo k. It s right across the street from Horace s the yellow building with the present i con above the door. Casey sends you to the ice cream parlor and Paulie, the vendor there. PIN: You can speak to Casey again to get access to his goods. At the emporium, y ou can purchase the Welcome to the Wasteland Pin and the Gremlin Village Pin. EXTRA CONTENT: You can also purchase the Mickey Faces I Extra Content from Casey . Now to the ice cream parlor. It s the yellow building on the left side of the stre et, a little way down. Inside, speak with Paulie to get the book back, and retur n to Horace, who will reward you with the gear. With the gears, go up the street and find Gremlin Markus on the left side of the road. He ll update the quest for you now you need Power Sparks. In fact, you ll nee d them in the future, and they re usually the reward for completing quests. Head back to the emporium for your first spark. Talk with Casey, who offers to t rade it for a key he s lost. Leave the emporium and go around back, into the alley behind it. Here you ll find a painted manhole cover you can thin out, and beneath it, the key . Return it to Paulie for the spark. Next, head over to the museum and speak with Laralee at the desk. She ll trade her spark for something else. Time to head to the cinema, which is across from Grem lin Markus. Speak with the usher at the cinema and he ll give you Captain Hook s Cutlass to give to Laralee. Speak with him again and you ll get a new quest from him: bring him f ilm reels from the 2D cartoon segments and he ll reward you. Your five film reels are good for some e-tickets right now. PIN: You ll get the Swashbuckler Pin for getting the cutlass. Return to the museum and get your spark, then go talk to Markus to get the proje ctor running finally. Head up there and jump in to make your way to OsTown. Thru the Mirror

Head into the mirror to start the stage proper. The film reel is right at the be ginning. Cross the globe and stop on the deck of cards. After a second, you ll see cards fl oating down from another deck to your deck. Jump on these cards and use them to climb to the shelf above as they float down. When you get to the top shelf, you ll probably see the film reel it s hanging in the air to the left, high above the first deck of cards. To get to the reel, wait for cards to float out of the top deck toward the botto m one. Get as far to the left as you can and jump before the card sinks too low. Time your double-jump well and you ll snag the reel. To get everything this level has to offer, you ll want to climb the cards to get b ack up to that shelf. You can also take the lower path and get up another way, u sing a top hat that works as a trampoline. On the lower path, beware the king playing card with two swords, as he can hurt you. On that first shelf on the upper path, there s a bowl full of yarn with a nee dle sticking out that can also damage you. Push on to the right to find another mirror. Going through takes you to the leve l s exit. OsTown There s one major assignment you need to complete in OsTown the repair of the brid ge that leads to Mickeyjunk Mountain and a few other side quests to knock out wh ile you re here. First, we ll handle items. Start by thinning out just the roofs of the houses lining the street on the left . You ll find a white e-ticket voucher on top of the Clara s house (the first one), and a Power Spark on top of Mickey s house (which you ll need later). On top of the building with the safe hanging from it, the Gag Factory, is anothe r Power Spark. Thin out the big red parapet/chimney structure to find it. EXTRA CONTENT: Spray the wall behind the Clarabelle s (the red house) to find a sm all cave and the Ortensia s House Extra Content. Now that that s done, go over to the pirate-looking guy, Moody, who s standing benea th a safe. Speak with him to find out a little about the safe above him, which i s what you need to investigate. Moody gives you some options. You can paint in his house over on the far end of the street, which will get you the combination to the safe. That s your paint opti on. If you decide to do that, return to Moody for the combination, and then you ll need to climb up on the building behind him and get up to the safe to open it a nd release the gremlin inside. Climb up on the Gag Factory, the building with the safe hanging from it, by hopp ing onto the jumping mailbox to get a boost. Then jump to the safe to open it in a cutscene. If you want the thinner option, just switch to first-person view mode and blast the piece of wood and rope holding the safe in the air. It ll crash to the ground on top of Moody releasing the gremlin. You ll fail the Paint Moody s House quest in th e meantime, and the next time you interact with Moody, you ll be treated different ly than if you d helped him. After freeing Gremlin Prescott, you ll get another assignment: he s missing his wren ch, and it was last seen in Mickey s house. Head inside and speak with the phone. It ll give you a quest to paint in phone boxes around OsTown, which is pretty simp le. PIN: When you exit Mickey s house, Prescott will give you the option to just take the wrench by force. That ll fail the OsTown Phone Network quest you just got, so ke ep that in mind. If you solve the OsTown Phone Network quest, you ll receive a Bronz e Pin and another quest. You ll find the first phone box on the side of Mickey s house. It takes thinner to f ind the rest: another is in a giant pit to the left of Clarabelle s house, which y ou can find if you thin out her lawn. On top of the Gag Factory, on the back of its the jutting-up facade portion in the center (the piece of wall the safe hang s from) is the third. Head along the wall from the Gag Factory toward the bridge and thin out the wall to discover a second cave, which hides the last box.

Now return to the phone. And get the wrench back. You ll also get a quest: dial 72 6 on the phones in Mickeyjunk Mountain. When you find the phone pad in the next section, dial that number to update the quest. Head over toward the bridge and speak with Gremlin Prescott, who will repair the bridge for you now. You can advance to Mickeyjunk Mountain, but there are a few more things to do in OsTown. For one, stop by the thinner fountain in the center of town and speak with Anima tronic Goofy. You ll pick up a collection quest to find Goofy s parts, and while rep airing him is optional, there are some rewards that go with it. We ll mark Goofy P arts in Tomorrow City in bold. Ice Cream Cake If you spoke to Horace outside of a quest while you were still in Mean Street, y ou ll have heard about his desire for ice cream cake for his birthday. Talk to Clarabelle, the cow character standing outside the first, red house in O sTown, and she ll mention the cake. You may need to speak with her more than once. She ll give you the quest to go back to Mean Street and fetch ice cream. Hop back through the projector screen and go back to Mean Street. Go to the ice cream parlor, where you can purchase ice cream for 100 e-tickets. Now return to Clarabelle and give her the ice cream. When you return from Mickey junk Mountain, you can pick up the cake and return it to Horace back in Mean Str eet (which is where you ll go anyway). If you don t get the ice cream now, before Mickeyjunk Mountain, you ll be able to pi ck up a standard pie from Clarabelle and return that to Horace. He ll be disappoin ted, and you ll only receive a Power Spark. Thin Out the Gag Factory As you go around OsTown talking to characters, you ll run into Abner, who looks a bit like Goofy. He ll tell you he wants the Gag Factory to look less appealing. The Gag Factory is the building with the safe hanging from it. Your job is to th in out all the painted portions of the building and claim a reward. This isn t a job you can do halfway you ll need to climb up onto the Gag Factory and thin the roof and the structures there in order to complete the quest. Make sur e you get all the walls as well. Return to Abner when you re done and you ll get a Power Spark in return. You re finally finished in OsTown. Head through the projector across the bridge to get to Mickeyjunk Mountain. Mickey s Steamroller Hop onto the houses right behind where you start to grab a few e-tickets before venturing forward. When you get to the steamroller itself, climb on top and jump onto the wooden st ructure in front of it. Follow that to the right to snag your film reel for this level. You can backtrack after the steamroller has passed to get more e-tickets you mig ht have missed. Be careful of boards with nails sticking out, however they can d amage you. Head to the right when you re done and you should have no issues getting to the ex it screen. Mickeyjunk Mountain Head down from the start toward the crane in the center of the area. You ll get yo ur assignment when you arrive you have to find and paint some TVs to power the c rane. This section of Mickeyjunk is a big place, and there s lots to explore. Start by g oing behind the crane to find the first TV standing in the open, beside a glowin g green structure. Past the green structure is a river of thinner, and more structures across it. Y ou ll want to head that way look for a red box to the left a little with a Mickey Mouse head silhouette. It looks a bit like a brick. Jump on that to get across. Go up and through the structure to drop down on another island near some spatter

s. Zap them or just spin attack them out into the thinner. Look around for a big blue Fantasia movie poster with Mickey on it. Thin it out to find your second TV behind it. While you re over here, you can choose to cross out into the thinner sea to the ri ght of the TV to free a gremlin. You ll have to jump out onto the junk floating in the water, and it ll sink if you linger on any of it for too long. But helping th at gremlin will repair the crane and save you the trouble of looking for more TV s. You don t have to free him, or at least, you don t have to stop exploring once yo u have, however. You can leave at this point if you ve saved the gremlin, but there s a lot to do sti ll, so head back to the central island with the cave and cross to the right. You should see thinner pouring from a spout to your left, and a platform you can us e to jump across nearby. While you re standing here, look at the bank of the mountain across the thinner st ream from you for a Super Nintendo cartridge. It s gray and looks like an old vide o game. Spray it with thinner to make more games collapse into the stream, makin g a better bridge. You ll see a big phone pad in front of you when you reach this side of the area. I f you got the phone s quest back in OsTown, jump on the numbers 7, 2, and 6 in ord er without touching any other keys to update that quest. You ll use the phone pad more in a minute. Head further onto this island. You ll see the last TV for the crane up ahead. If y ou turn right from that, you ll notice a big red book with a Mickey head silhouett e and an @ symbol on it. Spray that with thinner. PIN: The book reveals three numbers: 512, 349 and 033. Head back to the phone pa d. Dial 349 to stop the flow of thinner to the left. Then jump onto the platform beside the phone pad on the left and paint in the next platform, which is right in front of a chest. Open it to snag a Silver Pin. You can move to the left to get close to the exit door for this level from here. Do so quickly, because the thinner fall will be restored momentarily. Head to t he left and try to regain the first island you visited, the one with the Fantasi a poster, but this time you ll be climbing up to the right of a big pile of cans. EXTRA CONTENT: I know the camera angle here sucks. Sorry about that. Work your w ay onto the left island and then climb up the mountain using platforms to the ri ght of where you land. You should be moving up alongside another thinner flow. G et to the top of this area and you ll find a gumball machine with a switch you can turn. Hit that and the thinner will stop flowing. Drop down back to the platfor m you just climbed up to the left of the gumball machine, and paint into the pla tform that was underneath the thinner. Hop down to that and go inside a small ca ve for the Bunny Children Extra Content. We re finally done here. Head back to the projector and head to the next section o f the mountain. Alpine Climbers Watch out for falling rocks when the screen shakes as you head up this vertical level. As always, it s pretty straight-forward. You ll need to jump on the back of the sheep when you get to it to reach the next branch above. Then ride the winged eggs to get up even higher. The film reel for this level is at the very top. When you finish riding the gian t bird to the platform above, you ll see a mountain goat lumbering your way. Jump on his back and use him to jump up to the tree above you. Now jump to the left and climb up even higher. When you reach as high as you can go, look to the right for another winged egg to come your way. Hop aboard. Wait for your egg to move right toward a second egg and jump to that one. Ride t hat to the right even further and you ll see the Alpine Climbers: Part 1 reel on a ledge beyond. Grab it, then drop down to the exit. The Piles You ll fight your first Beetleworx here, which looks like a one-legged bird. Spray it with thinner to expose the robotics beneath, then destroy it with the spin a

ttack. Finish up your fighting and head into that tunnel up ahead. At the end, you ll hav e to paint the path in ahead of you, but this section is fairly easy. Jump up th e ledges past the guitar until you get to a spray of thinner. You can silence the aerosol can by painting in the lid, which looks like a Micke y head. Do so and you ll be able to cross to the tunnel into the mountain to the l eft. Head inside and you ll discover new spladoosh enemies. You can sneak past the m, or blast them with paint to make them explode. Just stay well back. You can sneak through here if you like. You also have options when dealing with the pump in the center of the room. Paint will open the door, but it ll take more time than thinner. Each option actually opens a different path forward. The thin ner one is a little more difficult, but they re not too different. When you arrive on the far side of the conveyors, Gus will identify the factory s exit. If you took the thinner path, you can drop down to the right of where you enter the room and free a gremlin. If you took the paint path, it ll be up on a pl atform to your right as you head toward the big phone. It s easy to miss do a 180 when you reach the spladoosh to see it. Freeing the gremlin creates the path ahead for you using the nearby phone pad. I f you don t free the gremlin, you can do the same by entering 512. Time to go. Cross the claws to get to the far side. EXTRA CONTENT: If you drop down off the last claw onto the block floating in the thinner below, you can snag the Mickeyjunk Mountain Extra Content. You re going t o have to bounce through thinner to get back, though. PIN: When you get off the hooks on the far side of the room, head right rather t han dropping down to head to the exit. Go around the corner to find a hidden che st, with a Gold Pin inside. Drop down and fight your way through the various enemies to the exit pipe beyond . You ll have to deal with spatters and beettleworxes, however, so be ready. Alpine Climbers: Part 2 You should have a pretty good handle on this level, so getting going will be eas y. When you get past the first two flying eggs, watch out for barrels rolling down the hill to the right. Dodge them and jump onto the house of the St. Bernard to ascend higher. This is a tough film reel to get to. From the platform above the dog s house, you ll see a branch being raised and lowered by a bird. Your instinct will be to jump to it, but you ll miss the reel if you do. Instead, wait for the branch to be raised to its highest point, then jump to the left. You don t want Mickey s head to bounce off the branch if it does, you won t mak e the jump. While you re in the air, double-jump so that you clear a rock blocking a ledge on the far side of the screen. If you timed it right, you ll land on top of the bould er and the reel will be yours. If not, try again until you can grab it. From the reel s ledge, you can climb up some platforms to get on top of the bird. Keep an eye out for falling rocks as you head to the exit. Slopes Your main quest here is to get the big gate open. You can do so one of two ways: fight and defeat all the blotlings in front of the gate (the thinner path), or power the door yourself (the paint path). We ll start with the thinner option. Just hop down and fight through all the enemi es. An effective way to deal with the spatters is to thin the floor beneath them to make them fall. When you ve defeated all of them, the door will open. The paint path is a bit tougher. Move down to the right of the battlefield and y ou ll see an anvil next to a wall. Jump on it to climb up, then go to the left and cap the aerosol can with paint so you can climb up even further. To cross the pit ahead, you ll need to paint in the tic-tac-toe boxes and jump on them as they rotate. Beyond, be careful of the sweeper. Clear it and turn left t o step into a platform area set in the wall.

To ascend here, you ll need to paint in an anvil in the top right corner of the sc reen. The anvil will make your platform rise, but stay on too long and you ll get squashed when it hits the ceiling. Step off to the left about midway as you pass an opening. As you move left, you ll see a painted section of the floor you can thin. Drop dow n through it to find the first TV. Head back up when you re done. Now climb the rotating gear platforms up to the top. You can paint in a clock ab ove the platforms to the right to slow down time. At the top, carefully navigate over the spikes and crushers. Just take your time and watch how they move. Ride the last one up and spray paint on the aerosol ca n to cap it, then move left to the second TV. Door open, fight avoided. You can head through the gate now that you re done if you want. If not, you can co mplete a quest from back on Mean Street while you re out here. Gilda s Lost Axe Head down into the big battlefield. If you didn t kill the blotlings down here bef ore, you probably will have to now. Go to the back left corner of the area look for a Mickey hand coming out of the wall, and thin it out. An anvil will fall from the hand and onto a pressure plat e below. That activates some platforms to your left. Jump on and climb them around the co rner. Hop off the second platform onto the structure below and turn to the right. You ll see a river of thinner flowing below you paint in the TV in the small alcove on the right side to make some stepping stones appear in the thinner. Drop down and cross the waterfall. Paint in the lids of the two aerosol cans as you ascend, then go forward and look for the silhouette of another anvil near th e wall. Paint it in to open the door to your left. Go inside the hut and you ll find the axe on the ground. You can return it to Gild a for a reward, or use it in the next section of Mickyjunk Mountain. Head back t o the gate and go inside. Inside the Mountain After the cutscene, climb the stairs, filling in the path as you go. When you ge t to the top, you can talk to the cards. The one in the middle will give you cha llenges necessary to open the door to move on. First, let s explore the room, though. Spray thinner on the big square on the floo r to open a staircase descending below you. You ll need Gilda s axe to advance. At the end of the tunnel, you ll be asked if you want to destroy Gilda s axe to move on. Note that you can t finish the quest of returning it to her if you use it her e (this is a thinner path). At the end of all the work you ll do here, you ll receiv e a Gold Pin and a Silver Pin. If you choose not to use the axe, skip down to th e first trial below when you return it to Gilda, she ll give you e-tickets and a P ower Spark. Head in and stop in front of the aerosol bursts of thinner. Shoot the ears of th e Oswald heads on the wall with thinner to close off the sprays. Keep moving unt il you get to the Mean Street model at the end. Paint it in when you arrive. You ll need to hop around, painting in all the models of the Wasteland worlds. Sta rt on the left side. Hop to the first platform, then to the second behind it. Tu rn back and paint in Skull Island, then paint in Lonely Manor, the model on the platform on which you re standing. You should be able to jump to the next platform to the right. When you get there , paint in Mickeyjunk Mountain and jump to the next platform. Paint the windmill model and jump to the last platform, where you ll paint in Tomorrow City. Stand on top of the Tomorrow City model and you can jump to the center model of Dark Beauty Castle. Thin out one of the pink parapets to climb into the center o f the caslte; thin the blue roof of the keep to get on top of that. Now it s time to be a little evil. In front of you should be a Mickey Mouse model from Fantasia, holding a giant thinner bottle. Thin the Mickey model and the thi nner will fill the chamber, wiping out all the models except for yours.

PIN: To get to your Gold Pin above the Sorcerer Mickey, you ll have to do some sli ck jumping. Paint in the Mickey model and jump onto its hand, then onto its ear. Jump left onto the sorcerer s hat and then onto the mesh floor above to get to th e chest and the pin. PIN: Drop down and head to the right when you re done. At the bottom of the pipes, you ll find a Silver Pin for your trouble. Then jump on a floating piece of debri s in the thinner river to your right to get back out. You ll have to spray thinner on a painted gate blocking your path along the way. Back up top, let s do the first trial into the projector. Trolly Troubles This is easy. Get on the trolly and ride it forward. When it rises, hop off of i t onto the platforms as you get near them. You ll have to jump onto some platforms to hit track switches along the way, but t hat s the worst of it. When the trolly picks up speed, get ready to jump off it. The tracks end before long, and the trolly will stretch up one last time. You ll have to jump from the trolly before it falls to land on the platform that h as the film reel, but it s not hard to time. Once you have that, hop down and exit through the projector. Back outside, start the second trial at the next project or. Great Guns There s an entire lower path to this level that s easy to bypass altogether. You mig ht want to backtrack after you have the reel to grab some e-tickets. For now, try the upper path. Jump onto the tank at the start and then onto the t ree beside it. Wait on the branch on the right for plane to come by, and hop ont o it. Ride the plane to the right, watching out for bullets and jumping over them if y ou re hit, you ll go flying. After a few seconds, you ll near a second plane you ll need to board. From the second plane, quickly jump onto the tree holding the film reel, but be careful of cannon balls that will knock you clear and force you to go back to th e start. Once you have the reel, feel free to move to the right and exit. Go pas t the cannon and get all the e-tickets from the building, then go back and spinattack the cannon to blow open the structure and find the exit projector. One more trial to go. Head over to the last one and enter it when you return. Oh, What a Knight Head to the right. Jump the horse and then use the crocodiles heads as stepping s tones to get into the castle. Avoid the little guy walking back and forth with a sword. Move right and a lion will pop out jump on his head and then get up one more platform and head left. S pin next to the lever to extend the drawbridge to the left, where you can grab s ome e-tickets. Double back to the right and jump the gap. Dodge the knight there and spin near the lever to extend some ledges that will let you keep moving. At the next stop, you ll see a character with a jousting lance try to dodge him and stand on the le ft edge of that platform, then jump up to the platform above to your left. Spin to activate some more ledges and head to the right. You ll wind up at a windo w sill looking over the bridge you avoided by going left at the lancer character . Wait for a heart to float your way and use it to jump across to the next windo w. Hop one more gap after you get through the far window to snag the film reel and finish the challenge. Back outside, head up the stairs after talking to the card. Three doors have ope ned, but don t go through any yet. EXTRA CONTENT: Instead of going through one of the lower doors, jump up to the p latform in between them, where you ll see Oswald s throne. Step around right behind it to grab the Oswald s Throne Extra Content.

Now you can go through the doors for a cutscene with Oswald. You ll also be transp orted back to OsTown. The Road Through OsTown You accomplished a lot since you were last here. Time to check in with everyone. You can complete several quest lines, if you chose to take them, starting now. Stop by Clarabelle s house to pick up the ice cream cake if you completed that que st your first time through OsTown. If you didn t, you can still get a pie from Cla rabelle to deliver to Horace in Mean Street, but your reward will be less. Gilda s Climbing Axe The very first person you talk to when you arrive in OsTown is Gilda from Mean S treet. In order to claim your rewards from her, you ll need to have found the axe on the Mickeyjunk Mountain Slopes. You ll also need to not have used it inside Oswald s san ctum to access the model room. Talk to Gilda when you arrive and you ll get a Power Spark and some e-tickets, plu s tick off the quest. OsTown Time Trial Once you ve talked to Gilda about her axe, speak with her again and you can run a time trial race around OsTown. The race is pretty simple, although note that while you don t need to climb on any of the houses, you will need to climb up the Gag Factory, before hopping down a nd going to the end of the land strip near the wall, beside the bridge. Winning the race nets you a Power Spark. Mickeyjunk Mountain Phone Network If you chose to put up with finding the power boxes for Mickey s phone, and you al so dialed the numbers while on Mickeyjunk Mountain, return to Mickey s house for y our reward. You ll get a Power Spark from the phone for completing the quest. When you ve finished with all that stuff and you have your cake from Clarabelle (i f you choose to do so), return to Mean Street through the projector screen. Mean Street to Tomorrow City You ll talk to Oswald shortly after entering Mean Street. After you do, you can go talk to Markus at the Penny Arcade. Guess what you need Power Sparks. However, given what you ve been up to before now , you should have enough to start the projector. Even so, there are a few things you can do around Mean Street before you head off for Tomorrow City. You ll also get Power Sparks from the quests here if you need them. First of all, cross the street to the cinema and talk to the Usher. If you ve gott en all the reels we ve mentioned so far here, you ll receive a number of rewards, in cluding a Power Spark and a wallet to upgrade your e-ticket carrying capacity. PIN: As you head off the Mean Street to do quests, drop by the cinema across fro m Gremlin Markus and check in with your film reels. You ll get a Bronze Pin if you have all the reels found so far in this guide. Keep talking to the Usher to get a Silver Pin as well. CARTOON: Speak with the Usher a second time to unlock a full-length cartoon from the Extras menu. PIN: Head over to Horace s detective agency, where you can drop off your pie or ca ke from Clarabelle in OsTown if you have one. You ll snag a Power Spark for both, but the Mean Street Romance Pin is yours only if you got the ice cream cake. Horace also gives you a new quest to complete, involving a thief stealing his bo oks. Once you ve got that, talk to him again to get the start of a mission in Tomo rrow City. Follow the footprints leading away from Horace s to the cinema. The prints go up t he wall, so thin out the top of the cinema and jump up on top of the marquis ove rhang in order to climb to the roof. Speak with Shifty, who s standing on the cinema roof. He ll offer to sell you Horace s book back, or you can choose to wander around and collect evidence to prove it

was him. The buying option will cost you 50 e-tickets. You can get the book back for free by painting in all the footprints leading fro m Horace s to Shifty. It ll only take a second, and he ll surrender the book once you re done. Return to Horace for a Power Spark. PIN: While you re out here, stand on the street between Horace s and the cinema. Fac e the building with the label New Sounds for a New Century if you paint it the foo tprints lead right in front of it. Climb onto the roof and thin out the facade. Check the wall of the higher building beside the roof you re standing on for a pai nt patch you can thin out, revealing a hole with a Bronze Pin inside. Drop by the emporium next, where you can buy a Power Spark. EXTRA CONTENT: There are a few new pieces of content for sale too: the Mickey Fa ces II Extra Content, and the Thinner Falls Extra Content. Stop by city hall next, which is beside the fire station. Inside, talk to Pete f or a mission rounding up Bunny Children. Head back outside to start the roundup. All you have to do is let the Bunny Children cling to you, which they ll do automa tically. Head back over toward city hall there s a pipe between it and the fire st ation, which will automatically suck up all the Bunny Children. Look around the center of town for the three bunnies and return them to city hal l. Go back in to talk to Pete to receive your Power Spark. Talk with Pete again to get a mission about Petetronic in Tomorrow City. You ll ev entually battle Petetronic, but if you choose to redeem him with paint rather th an defeat him with thinner, you ll be able to claim this quest with Big Bad Pete l ater. You should be done here in Mean Street. You can head to the projector now to tra vel to Tomorrow City. Plutopia This level looks confusing, but is actually pretty simple. The colors of the bac kground determine which platforms are available in the air. Move forward until you either see the cat on the ground level, or you hit the en d of the bone platforms. Either way, you can t reach the film reel yet, so drop to the lower level. Go to the cat and use the spin attack. It will throw an object into the air to b ecome a new platform, following the bone platforms that are already there. Ride the nearby fire hydrant to get to the bone platforms, then jump to the new platform on the right and then to the tree that has the Plutopia: Part 1 reel. Just keep moving until you hit the end of the level to leave. Raising the Notilus There s a lot to be done in this first section of Tomorrow City. Your primary goal is to raise the submarine by repairing two cranes. Start by heading to the right. You can jump across the thinner pool, where you ll encounter a couple of spatters. Zap them quickly. Right after you land on the island, look to your right. There are a couple of co lumns almost arranged so that you could climb up to the area above a statue that looks like a face. Go to the wall and find a column with a painted base. Thin the paint and the col umn topples, creating a way up. Climb to the top and paint in the gear on the wa ll to raise some platforms that will let you cross to the second crane. NOTE: You can actually free a Gremlin that will fix the cranes and save you the trouble. That s outlined in the next few steps below. However, if you want to wait , you ll find yourself climbing around on the cranes anyway to find hidden items, and you can repair them yourself. Keep moving to the right, away from the entrance. Jump across to the next island , where there s another spatter to deal with. Look for another column with a paint ed base, but don t thin it yet. Beside the column with the paint base, there should be a silhouette you can pain t in, to the left. Paint it to reveal a portion of another column. Now thin the base of the other column to make a way up. If you do it in the wrong order, you ll have to negotiate the way up by jumping rather than the easier walkway.

Climb on top of the next structure using the columns to find another gear to pai nt in. This one extends ledges on another structure, left of you. Head that way now. Climb to the top of this new structure and you ll find a painted piece of architec ture at the top, with another structure on top of it. Thin the paint to make the top portion fall away, revealing another gear set in the wall behind it. Paint it in. Columns are raised near the temple with the blue roof, which is where you want t o go. Drop off the platform you re on, being careful to grab the gold e-ticket vou cher from the plane wreckage sticking out below you. Then continue to the left t o reach the island with the blue temple. Climb up on top of the temple and thin out the roof. When you drop inside, look around you should find a gear you can paint in to the left of the gremlin s cage, if you re facing it. Paint that in, then break the gremlin cage open. The gremlin raises the sub for you. There are still a few things to collect, but you re ready to leave whenever you want. There are still a few things you can do before you go. First off, cross to the b ack side of the submarine and grab the golden e-ticket voucher you just unlocked . GOOFY PART: Go to the crane opposite from the one near the blue-roofed temple. W hen you get there, you can climb it by thinning out the gears for each platform around the outside when they ve rotated the platforms flat something you re already used to. At the top, jump toward the wall and thin out the painted wall to your left. Then jump down and open the blue chest, which denotes an Goofy part, to re ceive Goofy s leg. It s worth noting that if you decided not to use the gremlin s help, you could climb both cranes the same way you just did to get Goofy s leg. At the top, go to the e nd of each boom and pain in the gear there to raise the submarine. You re free to move on. Go to the projector on the sub to head into Tomorrow City Lagoon. Mickey s Mechanical Man This one is simple until you get into the boxing match. You ll need to get into th e rafters to find the reel. Jump up onto the gorilla s back, then onto the robot s head. Wait for the robot s head to get knocked off and ride it into the air, then jump off onto the wood rafter s above. Head all the way to the right to where you can climb up even higher, then turn b ack left. You need to jump onto the swinging light and head back to the left, bu t on the higher level here. Repeat the process on the second light to swing over to the film reel. Drop back down when you have it to get to the projector screen exit. Tomorrow City Lagoon You re task in Tomorrow City Lagoon is to disengage a thinner fall that s blocking t he gate into the city. You can do that by finding and spinning gears that contro l steam pipes, which are covered in paint on the three tiers of the entrance way . Or you can free a gremlin to do it for you. The pipes represent the thinner pa th (and will cost you a quest), while freeing the gremlin is the paint path. Either way, head onto the central structure. There you ll encounter a new and anno ying beetleworx enemy. Deal with it and head to the right. Cross over the thinne r fall using the platforms, and look for a big square rock ahead of you. Along the way, if you re choosing to thin out the pipes and close them yourself, l ook for thin strips of paint along the floor. Thin them and follow them to find the gear. Spin on it to close the valve. When you ve got the ones on this tier, jump off the square rock toward the next ti er and Mickey will catch the ledge and climb up. Repeat the process of closing v alves as you head to the left. If you prefer the gremlin s help, just head that wa y and fight off the blotlings ahead of you. On the far left side of the second tier, you ll find a column that s partially paint

ed. Stand back and thin the bottom to make yourself a way up from the bottom. Af ter it falls, paint in the bottom portion and use it to climb up to the last wal kway. If you ve been opening steam valves, the path will be treacherous. After each pain ted section of the walkway is a section made out of grating. When you touch it, the grating will collapse, dumping you into the thinner below, so you have to ju mp immediately. Right past the first breakaway grate is a sweeper that you ll have to deal with qu ickly. Past him, you ll have another painted section, and another breakaway grate. Clear both and you ll hit a corner. Turn right and jump along the platforms until you get to the gremlin s cage. Free him and he ll shut down the flow of all the thinner over the gate. You can head inside now, but there s another optional quest you can do that will e arn you a pin. Head down to the bottom tier and paint in the platforms in front of a newly exposed cave that was previously hidden beneath the thinner fall. Inside is another gremlin. Free him and he ll set up a quest for you on the crashe d UFO out in the lagoon. To reach it, head all the way to the left (if you re faci ng the entrance) of the bottom tier. Look up at the wall. You should see a box with a painted yellow clasp holding it up. Thin the clasp and the box will fall, giving you a way to jump onto the woo den structures beside them. PIN: Follow that wooden structure down into the lagoon, then paint in the pieces of road that lead all the way to the UFO. When you get to it, you ll face three o r four sweepers and several spatters. The best way to defeat them is to keep mov ing to avoid the sweepers thinner while you just spin attack everyone off the UFO . When all the enemies are dead, a Bronze Pin will be your reward. Backtrack and enter through the front gate. Inside, you ll reach the Big Tomorrow exhibit, and have to face a boss blotling. Boss Fight: Slobber Heal up using the various boxes around the exhibit before you take on the Slobbe r. You ll want to be at full strength. Like all blotlings, you can take this one down in either of two ways demolish it with thinner, or turn it into an ally with paint. What tool you use determines your reward: either a Pin for your collection (thinner), or a chunk of Animatron ic Goofy (paint). The Slobber has four attacks: if you get in close, it ll slash you with its claws for a lot of damage, while at a distance, it ll spew thinner at you. Right after the Slobber chucks thinner at you, it ll inhale deeply, sucking Mickey toward it. This is when you need to attack it fill its mouth with either paint or thinner. Hit it with enough and the Slobber will gag and you can escape. It ll take about three full doses to defeat the boss. If you don t choke the boss with your attack, it ll do its last attack, slamming its claws on the ground to send you flying. If you get into trouble, remember that you can drop back from the fight to resto re health and weapons out in the audience stands surrounding the exhibit. GOOFY PART: Defeating the Slobber using paint will eventually earn you Animatron ic Goofy s torso. PIN: If you choose thinner instead, you ll get a Gold Pin at the end of the battle . You ll also get a quick tutorial on using sketches. Once that s over, drop a TV on t he pad to power the Big Tomorrow. Talk to Mister Rover and he ll rotate the whole thing so you can get to Tomorrow Square. PIN: Learning to use the TV sketch gets you the TV Pin as well. Follow the tunnel when you re done and you ll find a projector to get you into the c enter of Tomorrow City. Plutopia: Part 2 The reel in this stage is pretty easy. Move forward until you reach the cat, jum ping up and down on a shovel. Spin attack it.

Clearing the cat out of the way breaks free part of the concrete below, which is lifted by water. Stand on the platform and let it lift you up toward the reel a bove. To get the reel, jump onto the tree while the door is closed and go past it to t he left. Let the door open, snag the reel, and back off while the door closes. D one and done. Watch out for the falling bones and the big pile of them a little further on the y can hurt you. Past them, hit the cat again and follow it into the tree to crea te a bridge that leads to a handful of e-tickets, and the exit. Tomorrow City Square Welcome to the real Tomorrow City. Time to go to work. First, fight off that bee tleworx up ahead and make your way to the ramp ahead of you. We re going to repair the rocket ride. At the top of the ramp, you ll find a gremlin you can free. He ll tell you that drop ping TVs on the various power pads around the city will power the People Mover, opening the door forward. If you break the chest beside the power pad (you re standing on it see the blue li ght?), you ll receive a TV sketch. You can drop that TV here, or you can go lookin g for a gremlin that can repair the whole system for you. You have the option to just skip right through all of this and head straight on to Space Voyage. If you jump on to the People Mover track, you can run along it to the other three power pads in the area. Each has a chest, each with a TV sket ch, and you can power it up right now and run to the exit. If you do start powering the People Mover track, be aware that electricity will course down it every few seconds. If you don t jump over it, it ll damage you. Eithe r way, we ll consider the People Mover quest as read and move on. Hop back down off the track and head to the area near where you first entered To morrow City Square. The floor here will be painted, and you can thin it. Do so c arefully so you don t fall: you should discover an area you can drop into and grab another TV sketch from a chest. Hop back out of that hole and head to the left of the ramp you climbed or just c limb it and walk off the end, past where you saved the gremlin. You ll find the fl oor to be thinnable again, so do that to discover a ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, you ll find a set of gears. Paint in the gears in the c orners and spin on the center gear to get the Sky Tram running. We ll use that sho rtly. Come back up the ramp and keep advancing along the edge of the level toward the wall (to your right as you exit the ramp you started with). You should see an in laid area you can enter. Thin the wall on the right side and you can jump up and keep moving. Keep thinning walls and moving to the right. You ll eventually be able to jump up through a painted floor at the end of this section, then paint the path back to the left. Watch out for a couple of spatters at the end of the walkway. At the corner of the walkway, you ll hit what looks like a dead end in fact, you c an thin out the wall and continue around the corner. GOOFY PART: Sit tight here a second, when the camera pans to show you the Sky Tr am line in front of the walkway you re standing on. After a few seconds, the tram will show up and you can jump out to it. Ride it to the next car to jump to that , then ride to the last car and hop down to the platform. Fight off a couple of beetleworxes and open the nearby blue crate: inside is Goofy s Left Leg. Ride the Sky Tram back to the corner from which you left. If you continue to fol low the walkway, you ll come to a piece of debris blocking the way. Thin out the o range chunk of the wall on top, then back up and thin out the floor beneath it, and the wall will fall away. Keep moving and you ll hit another blockage. Thin this one out entirely, then use the spin attack to break through the frame. A little ways forward, you ll see a silver patch on the wall behind you. Thin that out behind it is a control panel that you can spin to get the rocket ride movin g. There s also a gremlin to save to the left of the panel. EXTRA CONTENT: Leave the control panel and backtrack out to the walkway. Go back

to the right to where you thinned the floor to drop the wall away. Staying back , thin the floor again and angle the camera down you should be able to see porti ons of a painted walkway below. Drop down and paint in the path all the way left . When it dead-ends, spin attack in front of the wall (it looks like a door) to destroy it, revealing the Tomorrow City Extra Content. You can go back all the w ay to the right and jump around a corner to get back to the main portion of the city. Now that the rocket ride is working, return to that first ramp you went up. You can get on the track from there, and then jump onto the rocket ride. Ride that u p to where the last gremlin is. If you free him and you haven t powered the track yet, he ll open the door out of Tomorrow Square and you won t have to get electrocut ed. That s it you re free to go. Get down onto the People Mover track and follow it unti l you get inside the building it connects to. PIN: Turn left as you leave the People Mover track to find a chest with a Gold P in inside. Follow the tunnel down to a projector screen to enter Space Voyage. Mickey s Mechanical Man: Part 2 Inside the house, there are various ledges you can climb to before you leave. Us e the hanging safe to weigh the three safes down, then climb up to the upper lev els using those. You can also use the swinging safe to jump to a ledge with some e-tickets on it right above the door. When you get outside, head to the right over the car wrecks and debris. Head to the car with the hood that keeps popping open. Stand on it to get launched up to the upper level. Turn around and head back to the left. You ll have to jump on some telephone poles along the way. The third one is bouncing up and down leap to it when you can ma ke the jump, and then ride it to the top. At its apex, you can jump off the bouncing pole to reach the film reel for Micke y s Mechanical Man: Part II. Now head inside to the fight. Jump over the first patron his fists will damage y ou and climb up on the two who are jumping. Now you can hop onto the back of the gorilla and move past him before the robot jumps on his back. Cross over the la st few patrons to the exit. Space Voyage Space Voyage (which is something like Space Mountain) is a really big place, and there s a lot to do here. We ll start by heading to the right, along the edge of th e tracks with the tram cars zipping along them. Right around the corner is an alcove. You ll see a glass wall that has a dog colla r behind it you ll want to grab that for Horace back in Mean Street. Look for the big globe in the corner of the platform. Hit the front of it with t hinner and jump inside. It ll act as an elevator, raising you to a new platform. I t also opens the wall to the dog collar we ll be back for that. Move over the pipes in front of you and climb to the top of the structure. Here you ll find some crates and a spot where you can drop a TV to power a machine. You should have TVs left over from your time in Tomorrow Square if not, you ll have t o go find one. Drop the TV on the pad and you ll power a crane to the right of your location. Now you can jump down to the level below you by walking off the front of the struct ure, near the TV. PIN: Do a 180 and look at the wall behind you. You should see an opening follow it back and around the corner to get a Bronze Pin out of a chest. Backtrack from the pin and you can see the rocket in front of you. You could go out and take the elevator to the top, simply by painting in the bridge to the ce nter platform. If you want to do that, skip down some. In the meantime, there s still a lot to be done around Space Voyage. Head to the l eft if you re facing the rocket and drop back down to where we started, near the d og tags behind glass.

DOG TAGS: When you land, go around the back of the dog tags room and you ll find it open. Jump through the back of the building and grab the tags. Step back out and look at the back of the platform you re standing on for some pip es that lead to the right, if your back is to the tracks. Follow them to the nex t platform, where you ll find a spladoosh that you ll have to subdue. Check the wall opposite you it should have cracks in it, showing you that you ca n destroy it. Thin the painted wall behind it to reveal a gremlin. If you free h im, he ll do you the favor of stopping either the trams or the electricity for you . If you paint in all the tracks below, you can stop the electricity yourself, s o trams might be the way to go. Keep moving in the same direction along the track. You ll come to a spot where you can enter the central column. There, paint in the pipes on the wall to stop the pistons that will help you climb back up to the top level, and complete a quest . Turn back around. The pistons you just stopped are here, but go past them and ar ound the corner to the right. You ll find a hole into the glass room with the craz y tram car inside. Go in. Jump up on the platforms to free another gremlin. He ll give you three TVs for you r trouble, or shut down one of the beetleworx generators scattered around the st age. Jumping up to the next platform will get you access to a hole you can leave thro ugh. EXTRA CONTENT: When you land beside the glass room with the tram, you ll see anoth er breakable wall in front of you. Spin to clear it and grab the Petetronic Extr a Content that s there. You re done down here. Find the pistons and climb to the second level. When you re ach the top, paint in the path beneath you, then face the rocket and head left. The payload from the crane you activated is moving here. Wait for it to come dow n, then step onto it and ride it to the rocket. At the top, you ll need to paint i n a platform on the left side of the rocket to jump to. Jump to another platform and free a second gremlin. Again, you get the option TV s, or the generator. Ride the crane payload back down. When you step off the crane again, cross to th e rocket s launch pad, then move to the right until you find another bridge and ca n walk back to the outer structures surrounding it. You should see another big g lobe structure. NOTE: You ll want to thin the paths between the central launch pad and the outer s tructures, lest the big beetleworx in the center chase you. PIN: When you see the big globe structure, turn right and follow the path until it dead ends. You ll find a chest there with a Silver Pin inside. GOOFY PART: Backtrack to the globe and thin the front of it. Jump inside and it rotates, allowing you to access a ramp. Jump back out and climb the ramp to the top, where the chest with Goofy s Arm inside. That should put you just about fresh out of things to do. Head to the rocket pla tform, where you ll have to deal with a big beetleworx that has the ability to hit you with paint and thinner, plus is generally pretty tough. You have several options here. If you prefer pacifism, you can skip the fight al together in two ways: for one, you could paint in the walkway between an outer s tructure and the launch pad, then lure the beetleworx into chasing you across th e painted path and thin it out from under him. You can also skip the fight by running around the back of the rocket and looking for the paintable silhouette of the elevator s power box. If you paint it in, the elevator door (just to the left of the box) opens, and you can quickly jump in. Linger, however, and the beetleworx will thin the power box and close the eleva tor door. Finally, you can just do battle with the machine and destroy it. Thin out its pa int covering and it ll stop dead and start spinning, firing in all directions. Wai t for its back to be to you, then hit it with a spin attack. Repeat that process three times to destroy it. Whatever you choose, board the elevator to head up to Petetronic and a bigger bo

ss fight. Boss Fight: Petetronic As with other bosses, you ve got a paint and a thinner way of dealing with Petetro nic. Lucky for us, they re exactly the same except for their rewards. Pete is only going to employ two attacks on you, so don t worry much. His primary way of dealing with you is to chuck thinner your way. You ll take damage if it hit s you, and it ll also thin out any platform except the four raised ones surroundin g him. Dodge the thinner by must moving platforms, and stay near the raised ones they c an t be thinned, and you ll want to use those as base positions to avoid falling whe n the other platforms disappear. After throwing thinner your way, Petetronic will shake his fist in anger and jum p, landing hard enough to throw you if you re touching the ground. Jump when he do es and stay in the air when he lands to avoid getting hurt. Next, he throws his light disc at you. When it comes your way, spin to send it b ack to Petetronic, stunning him. He ll spin around, and you can shoot the round se ction on the back of his suit with either paint or thinner. NOTE: Remember that if you choose to defeat Petetronic altogether with thinner, he won t be around later in the game. Your rewards will be different, and Big Bad Pete in Mean Street will treat you differently than if you d used paint. You need to repeat this whole cycle of attacks three times. Each time, Pete ups his amount of thinner thrown, but if you stay on a raised platform you can avoid any of it by just taking one or two steps in either direction. Petetronic jumps again, shaking everything, and throws the disc again. Reflect i t and he ll do the cycle again, but this time, when he throws the disc it ll come fa ster, and he ll be surrounded by a glowing shield. Bounce the disc back and if it hits the shield, it ll start a volley with you. Keep bouncing it back until it pen etrates the shield and stuns Petetronic. Hit him with paint or thinner again, and repeat those few steps one more time. H e ll use lots of thinner, then a jump, then the disc; then thinner again, a jump a gain, and the disc with the shield. Hit him with the disc by knocking out the sh ield a third time and you should be able to finish him off. You ll receive an upgrade to either your paint or thinner when you finish the batt le. Hit the projector to return to Mean Street. Mean Street to Ventureland Arriving back in Mean Street, you ll see Oswald waiting near the statue. Speak wit h him and you ll be assigned to do dispatch some spatters at the far end of town. How you deal with these spatters matters to Oswald, so choose carefully if you w ant to blast them with paint or thinner. When you re done with them there are thre e you can free Markus from the cage. He ll return to the Penny Arcade. Head back to Oswald. He ll make a comment about your methods, then hand over a Pow er Spark. Next, head to Markus. You ll get another Power Spark from him, and find out that y ou ll need 10 in total to open the gate to Ventureland. If you ve been following alo ng, you should have 14 by now, so you can just depart if you feel so inclined. Even so, there are a few more quests to do around Mean Street to get more Power Sparks. We ll knock those down while we re here. CARTOON: First, head across the street and speak with the usher at the cinema. Y ou ll snag a second real cartoon for the theater for all the reels we ve collected. Keep talking to the usher and you ll get an increase in the number of TV sketches you can carry, too. Head down to Horace s detective agency and speak with him inside. Speak with him r epeatedly: he ll give you a quest to do in OsTown, as well as one in Ventureland. The third time you talk to him, you can give him the dog tags from Tomorrow City and receive a Power Spark. PIN: You ll receive the Mystery Solved Pin for returning the dog tags. Leave Horace s and go to City Hall. Speak to Pete to get another Bunny Roundup que st. Keep talking and you ll get a Power Spark for having dealt with Petetronic. A third time and Pete mentions Pete Pan in Ventureland, whom you ll be dealing with soon enough.

PIN: If you saved Petetronic with paint, the Redeemed Petetronic Pin is your rew ard. Head back outside and go look for bunny children. There are a few in the square, two more up by the train station, and two more in the alleys by the ice cream p arlor. Return them all to the pipe beside city hall, then go in and talk to Pete for an other Power Spark. If you need or want anymore sparks, you can usually buy them at the emporium for an increasing price tag, up to 200 e-tickets. PIN: You can also buy the Tomorrow City Pin there. EXTRA CONTENT: If you stop into the emporium, you can also buy the Mickey Faces III Extra Content. That wraps up most everything in Mean Street, but we still have a few things to do in OsTown, including the Mickey Detective II quest for Horace, and returning Animatronic Goofy s parts. Head to OsTown now if you like. Checking Up with OsTown PIN: Start with Clarabelle s house. Go inside and speak with her; if you delivered the ice cream cake to Horace for her, you should pick up the Happy Birthday Pin . If you dropped off the pie, you ll snag the Pie Pin. Leave Clarabelle s, as she s useless to your investigation. Look for the silhouettes of footprints near the right side of the house. Paint them in and follow them d own to the sidewalk, then between Ortensia s house and Mickey s, and finally around the back of Mickey s to Ezra. With the trail filled in, speak with Ezra to get the flower back. If you speak t o him without having filled in the footprints, you ll have to pay 50 e-tickets for the flower. Now go to the Animatronic Goofy head and speak with him. If you ve gathered up all the parts, you can reconstruct him in a cutscene, finishing that quest. PIN: Retrieving all of Goofy s parts also nets you the Animatronic Goofy Pin. With Goofy reconstructed, you can now enter Ortensia s house, the pink one in the middle of the street. Pop inside and you ll find Ortensia s locket. Return outside and you ll hear from Goofy that you can drop the locket off at the museum for an e-ticket reward. But it s safe to assume that Oswald would want the locket, so keep that in mind before you give it away. We should be about wrapped here in OsTown. Double-back to Mean Street. When you hit Mean Street, you can speak with Oswald about the locket, or take it to the museum. Giving it to Oswald might make him like Mickey a little better, and also gives you the reward of an additional pip of health, making it easier f or Mickey to stay alive longer. Drop the locket off at the museum and you ll recei ve a reward in e-tickets. Run down to Horace s and drop off the flower to complete that quest. A Power Spark is your reward. PIN: You ll also get the Symphony Sunflower Pin when Horace gets the flower back. Time to go to Ventureland. Head to the projector. Jungle Rhythm The upper and lower paths of this stage don t really matter for the majority of th e trip. You ll notice the film reel when you hit a log lying at a diagonal, with p alm trees dropping coconuts on it. This is right after the portion with the gori llas and tree branches you can use as platforms above. Move up the log to the far end and you ll find a stump that s hollow. Jump inside. Hop up on the left side of the stump to the branch there, and keep moving to the reel to snag it. Leave the same way, using the stump. The exit projector is just past the stump. Ventureland Head through the entrance arch. Just in front of you is Smee, but ignore him for a second. Instead, jump up on the edge of the area directly to the right of the arch. Foll ow it around behind the tree right there, and you ll find a Power Spark. Okay, head over to Smee and speak with him. He hands out your next quest: gather

various items to repair the gate leading to Skull Island. Head to the left of Smee and go into the tiki hut to speak with Tiki Sam. He ll of fer you the first component, the ship s wheel, if you ll gather up three stolen tiki masks for him. So it s off to find those. Leave the hut and go back toward Smee. Behind him is a tree ringed in platforms. You ll have to paint in a few of the steps, but you can climb it all the way to t he top, where there s a tree house. You can t go in yet, but on the balcony out fron t is you first mask. From the tree house, jump to the left onto a platform on the wall of the area an d keep moving along the wall to another tiki hut. Paint in the patches of the ro of so that you can walk around the edge. On the far side of the building, you ll see a toon building with a clock tower on the top (if you spoke with the pirate Jean Mark on the ground level, you ll have h eard him mention a tiki face on the clock tower). Thin the tower out and you ll reveal the mask. Hop over and grab it. The third mask is to the left of the toon buildings, where you ll see a waterwheel over a pool of thinner. Move to the left side of the wheel, where the platforms on it are rising, and hop on. At the top is the mask, plus some platforms with e-tickets behind it. Return to the tiki hut and claim your wheel. Head back outside and start talking to the other pirates. EXTRA CONTENT: Note that you can buy the Mickey Spill Extra Content from the tik i hut store. The Figurehead The second component for the door repair is the Figurehead. Speak with Damien Sa lt, the pirate standing in front of the red chest, past the tiki hut. In order to get the Figurehead, you have to help the pirate win the affections o f Henrietta, a nearby toon. She s sitting on the fountain right in front of him. If you speak with Henrietta, you ll find out she likes flowers, not ice cream, des pite Damien giving you the option to get either one in order to get him to like her. That gives you a choice head to Mean Street for ice cream (and screw things up for him), which is quicker and easier; or go to OsTown and speak with Clarab elle about a flower bouquet. If you choose to go the ice cream route, just head to Mean Street to buy some fr om the ice cream parlor for 100 e-tickets. The path to getting flowers is more i nvolved head to OsTown. In OsTown, go to Clarabelle s and speak with her. She ll tell you there are flowers scattered around OsTown and Mean Street that you can use. You ll need three of the m. You can find three in OsTown, or the same three at Mean Street, but you shoul d gather the whole group from either one town or the other. The OsTown flowers are located in several hidden caves around town. If you got f ound the phone boxes to complete the Mean Street Network quest earlier, you ll rem ember them. Thin out the lawn beside Clarabelle s house to find the first flower, down in a pi t beneath it; check the orange OsTown wall behind Ortensia s house by thinning it for a second cave with another flower; and thin the wall bordering the thinner p ool, left of the Gag Factory, for the cave with the third flower. In Mean Street, you ll find all three flowers hidden in trees in the central squar e. Jump up onto the tree to the left of the emporium, and the ones on either sid e of the museum, to locate them. Return to Clarabelle in OsTown and she ll whip up your bouquet. PIN: You ll receive the Swamp Iris Pin, Sparkly Daisy Pin and Mickey Mum Pin as a reward for completing the flower-gathering portion of the quest, regardless of w here you got the flowers from. Talk to Damien again to hand over either the ice cream or the flowers. The ice c ream will have a negative impact: you ll be forced to pay 50 e-tickets for the Fig urehead, plus you won t get what s in the chest behind Damien. The flowers, on the other hand, have a positive impact: you get the Figurehead f or free, and Damien leaves the chest he s guarding, which you can now open.

PIN: Give Damien the flowers and for your extra trouble, you ll receive the Ventur eland Romance Pin. Open the chest he was guarding and a Gold Pin is yours, too. The Compass Look for Scurvy Pat, a pirate wearing an eye patch and bandanna, wandering aroun d near the fountain. He s carrying the compass, and you need it. Speak with him and he ll give you the key to the tree house, which is where you fo und your first tiki mask. You can go up there and fetch Pat s treasure, or you can purchase the compass for 25 e-tickets. Climb back up to the tree house and open it up. Inside you ll find Scurvy Pat s stuf fed bear. Grab it and head down. Take the bear back to Pat and you ll get the compass. You can now take all the par ts to Smee to have him fix the door to move on. Before you take off, though, there s one or two more things to do. For one, you ca n use the building with the chest in front of it to climb up and reach an e-tick et voucher on the spinning mast at the center of town. You can also talk to the Animatronic Daisy head near the gate, to get another qu est to gather up her parts. After that, head to the projector to move on to Tortooga. The Castaway To get the film reel here, follow the path to the end of the rafts ,when you hit the beach for the first time. Look for the seagull you need to jump onto his back from the last raft in order to get up to the upper path. Hop along the backs of gulls, being careful not to fall back down. Then jump to the trees when you get far enough to the right. Keep moving along the upper path and you ll run right into the The Castaways: Part 1 reel. Then you can drop down and head to the right to reach the end of the le vel, and Tortooga beyond. Tortooga After the cutscene, you ll speak with a pirate named Billy and be tasked with fetc hing his bag from across the thinner, to the right of him. It s not immediately apparent, but the big pool of thinner you re about to cross ris es and falls like a tide, only every few seconds. Be careful as you traverse it. Jump out onto the boats and make your way across to the building at the far end. Be careful, as when you arrive, the thinner can rise and overtake the deck here . Thin out the front portion of the building, to the right of where you land, to d iscover Billy s bag. Truck it back to him. You ll be rewarded with a new kind of sketch, the Watch, which slows down time. Bi lly asks you to go to the jail and retrieve the actual contents of his bag. Head toward the jail. When you get up there, you ll find no way of entering, but y ou will be attacked by some Blotlings. Deal with them and head to the right. The wall beside you has a few doors that are painted. The one furthest to the ri ght has a trapped gremlin inside. Free him and he ll shut down the spatter flow in to the area for you. Double-back to the jail. Thin out the door frame and it ll open up. Head inside an d you ll find three pirates locked up in cells. You ll need keys to free them and ge t back Billy s stuff. The keys are found scattered around Tortooga, hidden beneath things. Leave the j ail and head to the right to the ramp there. Thin it out and it reveals a hole. Drop down and you ll get the first key. Turn left to find a waterwheel. Paint in a platform and you can ride it back up top. Then paint in the ramp and head up to the next level. The first building you come to can be thinned to allow you to climb up. Get on t op of it and head to the next building, on the left. Thin out the top tower port ion of that one and jump up to it to discover the second key. Keep moving along the rooftops to the jail. Thin out the chimney on that buildin

g the third key is inside. Back in the jail, you can open the cells of all three inmates to open some new p aths forward. You ll get the ability to open the well in the center of town, a que st to paint in three lanterns, and a door opened for you to get to Billy s loot. The lantern quest is easy. Look for two sticks on the brick walkway beside the j ail they have lantern silhouettes hanging from them. There s one beside each of th e walkways down to the docks below. The third lantern is hanging from the tower portion of Tortooga s tallest building . You ll see a wooden pole sticking out from the building the lantern silhouette i s hanging off of it. With all three lanterns painted in, a portion of the ride out in the harbor will rise. That s finished, so go to the well and stand in the center. The center portion of the well will lower like an elevator. When you hit the bot tom, spin the gear next to where you wind up. Then sit tight and wait for the th inner to drop a little. PIN: When the thinner below you recedes, you can drop down to a sandbar at the b ottom of the well, then jump out to platforms that are revealed once the thinner level drops. Immediately look left when you get out into the harbor, and you ll f ind a higher platform that should protect you from the rising tide. Get on there and you ll see a silhouette of a chest that you can paint in, revealing a Bronze Pin. PIN: To the right of that platform is another one with a chest silhouette on it. You may need to backtrack to Billy, then jump on the boats to reach it. Wait for the thinner to drop again and you should see platforms that will help y ou jump back to the docks on either side of the harbor. When you ve got there, cli mb back up to the jail level. You ve done everything else time to get Billy s stash. Go to the painted wooden door along the back wall that s farthest to the left and thin it. You ll reveal a room y ou can enter with a ramp down in the back right corner. As you descend, you ll see spatters being dropped into the area, activating some gears you have to spin. In order to reach the treasure, you have to spin the gears to raise the columns and get all four up at the same time before spinning the fifth gear. This can be tricky because the back two columns drop faster than the front two. With your back to the treasure, do a zigzag gear closest you on the right, then closest left, then back right, then back left. That should raise all four with t he timing right for you to return to the last gear and spin it when all the colu mns have risen to the top. NOTE: You can also use a clock sketch here, which I think is the intention of th e designers. Grab the treasure and head back upstairs. Return to Billy and he ll activate the p rojector for you on the far side of town. Head over there to continue on to the Jungle. Jungle Rhythm: Part 2 As you move to the right as soon as you start this level, you ll come on a big dow ned log with coconuts rolling through it, and trees dancing around behind it. Yo u need to get on top of those trees. Jump from the log to the left, where there s a barren tree with an extend branch. Get on that and jump back onto the palm tree. Jump to the right on the tops of the palms until you hit the film reel for Jungl e Rhythm: Part II. With that in hand, you can continue to the end of the level. The rest of the stage is pretty straight-forward until you get to the portion wi th the ostriches. You need to ride the back of the second ostrich to get onto th e elephant s back, which can get you out of the stage and into the Jungle. The Jungle When you enter The Jungle, you re going to be a little overwhelmed as to where to go first. There s a lot of ground to cover. Start by turning right immediately and following the path around. There s a lot of paint here, but you want to ignore it for the moment. You should have seen two jumping bird beetleworx when you showed up, too ignore them. They

shouldn t be on your path if you headed to the right side, which bends around some trees and rocks. Past a couple of bouncing palm trees and a partially exposed thinner stream unde r the painted ground, once you ve gone over you ll hit Starkey leaning against a tre e. Talk to him first. You now have a handful of quests from Starkey, including searching for three symb ols. He also wants you to find and defeat all nine enemies in the Jungle, includi ng the fat exploding spladooshes and the beetleworx pirates. One thing at a time: first, lets go track down the symbols. Turn around and cros s back over the downed log to the section of jungle near where you started. On y our right should be a sort of arch-shaped rock with a wooden door inside. On the left side of the interior of the arch is a greenish, moss-covered rock. Nail th at with thinner to reveal your first symbol. Head back to the projector and start taking out the beetleworx on the other side of the path. When they re dead, you ll be able to paint in a bridge moving forward, where there s an animatronic pirate but don t. Instead, look for squarish steps on the green wall to your left. climb those and cross a paintable bridge to another section ahead. When you cross the bridge, you may see platforms going up on your left. Ignore t hose, too. We ll be back for them. Instead, keep moving forward to the edge of the platform and look for two paintable platforms there, one on your ledge, and one on the one across from you. Jump to the far side. Gus will make mention of a well here, but you can t access it yet. Instead, move o ver to the right until the camera pans. You should see a plant you can jump acro ss to. Hop onto it, then to the platform beyond, and start thinning things out o n the wall. You should clean off another greenish rock, revealing your second sy mbol. You can use the high ground to aim down and either use paint or thinner on the v arious enemies beneath you before dropping down. When you re ready, head to the fa r end of the level, toward the Hangman s Tree. NOTE: You ll come across the beetleworx pirate more likely than not at this point. In order to dispatch it, you ll need to be fast. Spray it down with thinner, avoi ding its spinning attack when it gets close to you. When you ve revealed its anima tronic underside, the pirate will spin at you and its torso will stay completely spun around. Look on its chest for a glowing spot when you see that, hit it wit h a spin attack. You ll have to repeat this process three times to kill it. As you near the Hangman s Tree, you ll be able to go around behind it. Deal with the two spladooshes, then spin around and face the back of the tree. You ll find one more green rock to clean off there. Hit it with thinner and you ll tally your thir d symbol. Time to head back to Starkey. NOTE: You should have probably destroyed most of the 10 enemies for Starkey up t o now, too. In fact, you re probably just missing one (and if you re not, clear out all the ones you can find in the level and you ll find one missing). To get it, he ad back to the projected and, facing it, check the jungle wall to the left. You can thin it out, revealing a cave up to the final spladoosh. (You ll also see a re d gem here, which you can take. We re going to be running down the locations of al l of those momentarily.) Back to Starkey, with both his missions completed. When you get to him, he ll take off, telling you to return to Tortooga. First, though, we ll finish up in the Jun gle. Mysterious Mystery Gems Check the wall near Starkey s location, which you can thin out. Behind it, you ll fi nd a red gem. There are a handful of these scattered around the area pick this o ne up. Now we ll go find the rest of them. Go back over the downed log to the other platform. Head to the arch-shaped rock with the wood door inside. If you paint in the surrounding rock structure around it, you can climb to the top using a platform on the right side. Turn around toward the bouncing palms behind you. Jump to one, than the other, a nd stop. Against the nearby wall should be two platforms you can paint in. jump

to them and follow them left to the gem. Hop down. You ll see another gem on a sinking boat in the thinner river nearby, to the right of the arched rock structure. Remember the cave with the last spladoosh? The entrance can be found to the left of the projector you entered this area by, if you re facing it. Thin the wall and climb the ramp to the top. There s one more behind the Hangman s Tree. When you have it, head over to the face statues near where you fought the pirate. Plug in the gems on the statues when p rompted any you can t plug in can be painted. DAISY PART: Climb up to the top of the platform above the faces with the jewels and step on top of the well entrance. You ll be lowered down to a room containing a blue chest and Daisy s arm inside. Jungle Lanterns Also scattered around this area are lanterns, like in Tortooga. You ll want to fin d them and paint them in before leaving. The first one is over by where you found Starkey. When you cross the downed log to reach his spot, check just to the left of the end of it for a thin stick poki ng out of the ground. Paint it to find the lantern. Head down to where the four faces were, where you stuck the gem in. Check the le ft edge of that platform as you arrive for another stick, and your second lanter n. From here, cross the paintable bridge back toward the opening projector, and tak e green steps up on the wall to your right after you cross. (This is the way you went to get to the symbol.) At the top, look immediately left for the third lan tern. Turn around and paint in the bridge advancing you toward the other platform. Whe n you get there, paint in the wooden platform on the left wall to access the new area you just opened. Free the gremlin inside and he ll shut down the thinner wat erfall. PIN: Now that you ve stopped the thinner, you can follow the riverbed all the way to the end, near the Hangman s Tree, to its end. You ll know you re there from the woo den platforms you can paint in around you. Look for the silhouette of a chest, w here you ll snag a Gold Pin. That s it enter the Hangman s Tree. Climb it to the top to find a projector back to Tortooga. The Whalers Move right until you get to the edge of the ship, with icebergs below you and se a gulls ahead of you. You ll need to make a pretty long jump out to the gulls. Run all the way to the edge, then jump for the gull. Hop to the backs of the oth er gulls all the way to the right, being careful to wait for them to swoop close r. Eventually, you ll get to the whale. Jump aboard the whale and run to the right, but be careful not to fall into the blow hole. You ll find your film reel as far over to the right as you can go. Now you can drop down through the blow hole to get to the exit projector, or bac ktrack for some more e-tickets to the left. Back to Tortooga DAISY PART: You start at the far side of the harbor from where you first entered . Jump across the platforms in the harbor and head to the projector on the other side. You ll find a blue chest around the side of the building as you head toward the main portion of Tortooga. Make your way into the primary portion of the town. Head up to the top, beside t he governor s mansion, to find Starkey at the door to Skull Island. There s not a lot going on in Tortooga. You can buy sketches from the pirates you ve freed, but before long, you ll just need to make your way to the Skull Gate and m ake for the next area. The Castaway: Part 2

The film reel, and the path to get it, aren t immediately apparent in this one. Mo ve to the right, under all the spiders, until you come to one that s hanging over a pit with e-tickets in an arc in front of it. When this spider drops, jump onto its back. It ll bring you up with it to the tree s above. Get a good long jump going and get onto the canopy of the tree to your left. Then you can jump back to the right to get on your original spider s tree. From here, wait for the next spider to swing over and jump onto it. Jump off on the right and onto another tree, and you ll see the reel for The Castaway: Part II up ahead. You re free to continue to the right to the exit. Pirate Voyager Make yourself a path going forward by thinning out the gears attached to the pla tforms up ahead. Make your way around the corner into the main portion of the ri de. Follow the walkway around when you get to the boat ride beneath you, after Gus ru ndown of your goals. When you hit the dead end on the right, paint in some platf orms and you can climb up alongside the burning building, then onto the rooftops beyond. PIN: There are a few spatters here, but if you dodge them, you can climb up onto a higher rooftop and then double-back the way you just came. Make your way over the burning building and then back to a painted toon wall on the left, with a p latform jutting out from it, above the stone walkway you used upon your arrival into the ride. Thin that wall and jump to the platform to reveal a small room wi th a Bronze Pin. Jump back down and cross one of the boats to the far side of the river, where Gu s pointed out the paint and thinner pump. Deal with the enemies in front of the gate. You can t get to the pump from here you ll have to climb up to the roof. There s a low ledge you can jump to on the right side of the gate keeping you from the pump. Climb up, then jump back on the pump building. Before you thin your w ay inside, however, move to the left and thin out the building there to reveal a nother pump on this level. Handle these two pumps and you can cross over to the third, which is behind the purple gate on the lowest level of the right side of the river. You can thin the wall around the gate to make it fall down, revealing the pump. If you fill the three pumps with thinner, the thinner river will rise, opening t he way forward but making the journey more treacherous. Paint makes the river fa ll, and the boats move more slowly, but neither decision is vastly different fro m the other. Jump onto a boat and ride the river under the grate. As you pass under, look lef t for a platform you can jump onto. Thin the grate there (it s beside where the bo ats go into the whirlpool) and free the gremlin inside. The gremlin, in turn, releases Moody s cousin Rigger Greene from his cage back on the other side of the river. Jump over there and talk to him. This is the same p irate Horace wanted you to track down back in Mean Street. PIN: Inside the room with Rigger Greene is a red chest that contains a Silver Pi n. Go to the last gate in the area and thin it out to move forward. Deal with the b lotlings and carefully navigate through the crusher in the hallway beyond. It s no t too difficult. On the other side, you ll pick up with the boats again. Just board one and ride it to the end there s not much else to see here. Thin the grate and hop into the pro jector to Skull Island. Shanghai d You ll start this side-scroller in the bowels of ship. You need to climb way up on to the mast, up on the deck above, to escape. Move up to the deck, until you reach a box of fireworks. Stand in it and spin to set off one of the rockets, creating a trail of smoke you can use to climb to t he film reel.

Quickly climb up the sails. Note that they ll tilt based on your weight, so move f ast. If you do so quickly, you can get up to the crow s nest with the projector, then j ump on the last smoke cloud to hop up to the film reel. When you re done, drop bac k to the projector to move forward. Skull Island SILVER PIN: After Gus runs down your goals on the island, you can actually leave the cave your in and go around the corner to the left, where the wall to the to p of the rock you just left is a little less steep. With some creative jumping, you can get to a flat portion right over top of the projector screen cave. There you ll find a paintable silhouette of a chest with a Silver Pin inside. Drop back down and hop over the platforms to the island proper. You ll see pirate beetleworxes, along with all kinds of spatters, to your left near Smee s boat. You need to raise the boat but you don t need to go over there yet, so ignore it. There s one primary quest here raise the boat as well as a secondary one, in defea ting Hook s machine. You only need to do the boat-raising to advance, so we ll start with that. NOTE: You ll pass most of the pumps necessary for destroying Hook s machine as we go . For details about that quest, skip down to Hook s Machine below, so you can figure out if you want to use paint or thinner, and where the pumps are. Get to the main island and head to the right. Go past Hook s machine to the right and jump to another peninsula. Climb the building there, then face out toward th e water, where you ll see a string of masts and crow s nests you can thin out, then jump to, all the way to an island below. Deal with the sweeper, then climb to the top of this island and thin out the roc k at its peak. You ll reveal the first of Smee s anchors thin it out to raise the bo at slightly. Head back to the mainland and continue around the edge of the island to the righ t. You ll shortly hit a wood wall you can thin through. Turn right and jump out onto some platforms right after you pass through the thi nned wood wall. You ll see a big island with a cave in the distance that s your dest ination. As you approach the cave, you ll see the anchor, as well as some sweepers guarding it and a gate blocking it off. Jump on the steps going around the outside of th e island to the roof of the cave. There, you can thin out a hole and drop down t o release the anchor. Deal with the sweeper inside, then spin the gear to open the gate. Go back to th e mainland and work your way right some more you ll notice you re back over by Smee s ship, with the pirate and the other blotlings. Your last anchor is on an island off to your right, past Smee s boat. Dodge the en emies and find the path of boats and platforms that leads out to it. It s also pro tected by a grate. Find the steps to climb on top of the big rock on the right side of the island. At the top, deal with the sweeper, then thin the rocky outcropping jutting up on the right side of the area. Under it you ll find a gear that you can spin to open the grate below. Drop back down, fight off the two spatters, and thin out the anchor. That s the la st of them: the way to Hook is now open. But there are a few more things to do around Skull Island, if you re interested. F irst up: deal with Hook s Machine. Hook s Machine There are four pumps that control the machine scattered around the island, which you can fill with either paint or thinner. Thinner destroys the machine; paint disables it, but restores the pirates who have been turned into mechanical monst ers. Start on beach near Smee s boat, to the left of the machine. You ll see a painted ro ck near the wall ahead, and beside that are some ledges you can climb up. At the top, head to the right to get to an open platform with a sweeper on it. Your fi rst pump is here.

Move to the right from the first pump and you ll discover the second. Fill that on e, then drop down to the ground level. Keep moving around the island to the right and you ll hit a metal shack. Go around the right side of it to discover the third pump. Keep moving in the same direction and you ll hit that wooden barrier you can thin out. Zap it and you ll discover the last pump to the right. PIN: Drop by Hook s machine now that it s handled, if you did so with paint, and you l l find a pirate waiting there to thank you. Beside him, you can paint in a chest that holds the Pirate Friend Pin. Before we head out, there are a few minor things to wrap up here. Head back to the left and climb up on top of the metal building when. At the top , turn and look out to see at those masts you jumped down to reach the anchor. H ead down that way until you get to the rocky outcroppings beyond. Turn left when you get to the rock platforms and used the capsized boats to go t o the island to your left. You ll see a broken up beached ship there. Climb to the top of that and jump back up to the main island. EXTRA CONTENT: Head right. You ll see a painted wood platform you can thin out and drop through. Immediately turn left and thin out a painted wall. Get rid of the spatter and you ll find the Sea Battle Extra Content. DAISY PART: Go back to the right, where you ll find the path breaks up a little, w ith part of it moving upward. Behind that are some ledges you can use to climb a ll the way to the top of Skull Island (where there are some e-tickets if you go to the left to get to the summit). At the top of the ledges, move to the right, where you ll find Pete Pan and a blue chest with Daisy s Left Leg inside. So you ve found Pete Pan. Talk to him to advance your quest with him. Then head ba ck down. PIN: Back at the ground level of the island again, right where you land when you thin the platform below Pete Pan, you ll see two paths out into the water. One go es to the right toward the island with the anchor; one is constructed of boats a nd seems to dead-end at a small island to the left. Take the left path. When you get to that small island, nail it with thinner to reveal a path up to a chest w ith a Pin inside. That s it. Head to Smee s boat and paint in the wheel at the front so you can pilot the ship out to the Jolly Roger to fight Hook. Boss Fight: Hook You ll arrive at the Jolly Roger shortly. Jump across the boats to the ship (be ca reful of the crocodile between them) and spin the gear to lower the life boat an d jump onto it. Paint in the one after that to get up to the deck. There are two options for dealing with Hook, as always. You can fight him outrig ht with thinner, or you can avoid him altogether with paint. We ll outline both pa ths below. Fighting with Thinner There are actually two ways to do this: you can either send Hook off the plank, or you can bash him into stuff. The bashing method is actually the more difficul t of the two, and will take more time. Hook has several attacks, but nothing too menacing. If you get too close to him or touch a barrel, you ll get struck back, and if he hits you with his sword you ll lose some life. From further away, Hook will shoot thinner at you, or throw bombs. The bombs can be reflected with the spin attack to hurt Hook, but the thinner you just have t o dodge. It starts out in single spurts, but as the battle goes on, he ll shoot a spray of three, then five shots. The entire fight revolves around gears and tracks on the deck of the Jolly Roger . Hook appears in the barrels at the end of each one, on the left, right and top . Whenever Hook pops up, you can thin the barrel he s in to make him vulnerable, the n hit him with a spin attack. That ll send him to the end of whatever track is hig hlighted. Several of the tracks have gears at the end the one on the left track will extend the plank, and the one on the right track will open the path off the

plank. To send Hook off the plank, you ll need to spin the control wheels to line up the tracks a certain way. First, line up the tracks on the left and right with the g ears and wait for Hook to show up at each one. Send him to the ends to rotate th e gears and create a path off the plank. Next, adjust the path at the top location so that it lines up with the track tha t goes off the plank. When Hook shows up there, nail him with thinner, and spin attack him to send him off the plank and to the waiting crocodile. Fight over. To take the harder strategy, look at the various tracks. The left one and the ri ght one can be adjusted so that they terminate with Hook slamming into a wall. I f you spin attack him down these tracks, he ll slam into the walls and take damage . Four or five slams and Hook will just break apart, leaving you victorious. A thi nner upgrade is your reward. PIN: If you beat Hook with thinner, you ll receive the Captain Hook Pin. Platforming with Paint Instead of fighting Hook, paint in that staircase he gets rid of first thing and you can climb up to the upper part of the Jolly Roger deck. From there, paint i n some chests and you can climb up to the sail rigging nearby. The rigging rotates and moves based on whether the sails are painted in or thinn ed out. Paint in the first one and the boom will rotate toward you, allowing you to jump aboard. Watch out, however, because Hook will try to thin the sails out to slow you up or make you fall. Move to the end of the first sail and paint in the next one to make a path to ju mp across. Move to the end of this one and the camera will rotate, revealing som e gears. Paint in the one in the middle and your boom will rise. At the top, watch out for Hook s thinner attacks. Thin the net full of stuff on th e right side of the boom this is the weight that s holding the platform on the lef t, and with the weight gone it lowers to allow you to jump aboard. Jump to the next sail and you ll have to paint in a weight, which brings up a plat form on the right side. Be careful, though, as this one swings back and forth. Swing across to the next boom. You ll need to clear off two weighted bags from eit her side of this boom, plus paint in a gear to raise the whole thing. Let it rot ate to the right a little, then get to the leading edge and make the deceptively long jump to the last boom. When you arrive, jump up and spin attack the cage to free the Sprite. She goes t o get Pete Pan, who will distract Hook and leave you free to finish up on the Jo lly Roger. Wrapping up on the Jolly Roger There are a few things to still find here. First, go open the chest that was jus t revealed to get your second piece of the rocket. That also reveals the project or to leave the ship. PIN: Go to the left of the chest you just opened, where there s a crack in the wal l of the ship. Spin attack to break it, revealing another chest. Inside that, yo u ll find a Bronze Pin. EXTRA CONTENT: Now that Hook s out of the way, even if you went the thinner route, you can paint in that staircase and get up to the Jolly Roger s wheel. Once there , paint in the chests that you can climb up until you re on the level with the shi p s sails. Paint in the sails and the booms will turn toward you, making a path al l the way across. At the end, you ll be just above the stern of the ship, a sectio n you can t reach from the deck. Drop down and run to the front, where you ll find t he Animatronic Croc Extra Content if you spin the camera and face the back of th e ship. That ll do. Head to the projector to leave the Jolly Roger and return to Venturela nd. Once More Through Ventureland You ll meet up with Smee again, finishing up some quests.

DAISY PART: If you dealt with Hook s machine, Smee will hand over your last Animat ronic Daisy part. You can now wander around Ventureland, wrapping up a few things. The Hut Shop is now open it previously was locked with a pirate standing guard. Stop by and see Daisy to drop off all her parts. You ll get a Power Spark from her for doing so. PIN: You ll also unlock the Animatronic Daisy Pin when Daisy is reassembled. Talk to Daisy again and she ll ask you to return with her Scrap Book from Mean Str eet. We ll bring that up again when we find it. PIN: Inside the Hut Shop, you can buy the Pirates of the Wasteland Pin for 200 e -tickets. EXTRA CONTENT: You can also snag the Thinner Pump Extra Content from the shop fo r 200 e-tickets. You can go around speaking to the characters in Ventureland for a few things whi le you re here. Based on your experiences in Tortooga, you can speak with one of t wo characters having a conversation near the center of town. William, the charac ter, will hand over a Power Spark if you stopped the thinner river by freeing th e gremlin in the Jungle. Talk to Henrietta, the character Damien Salt had his eye on, who is sitting in t he center of town again. If you set up the two characters, she ll ask you to bring her some ice cream from Mean Street. Ride the water wheel on the side of town to the top, then jump off the back to a platform with a chest. Jump to another platform to the left, then use that to g et onto the roof of the big building running one side of town. You ll find Gilda, the character who sends you on races, waiting there. Talk to her to execute one, and receive a Power Spark when you finish successfully. Near the tree house tree is a character named Botanist Darvin. He ll ask you to go around and paint in all the missing trees and plants in Ventureland. Finish up and return to him for a Power Spark and e-tickets. Another character, Jim the Puzzled, can be found wandering near the water wheel. He ll read you a riddle when you find him. The answer to the riddle (spoiler) is to spray paint on the Tiki mask over the T iki Hut, near the entrance to Ventureland. It ll spit out a sketch for your troubl e. Return to Jim after you ve done it and claim some e-tickets. Talk to him again for a second riddle, to be completed in Mean Street. That s it for here. You can head back to Mean Street, where you ll make preparations to head out to Bog Easy for your last rocket component. Mean Street to Bog Easy First up, get to Gremlin Markus at the Penny Arcade and speak to him. He s lost hi s Power Sparks to some bunny children, and you need to reclaim them. You can use either paint or thinner to do so, with obvious consequences as they relate to O swald. PIN: Before you head out, talk to the Usher at the cinema. He ll give you a Gold P in for all the reels we ve found so far. Tracking down those three bunnies can be a pain. They only appear in order, so d on t waste your time looking everywhere: go to the town center first, then back up toward the Walt and Oswald statue, then behind the train station in the town ce nter again. Return to Markus with the Power Sparks. You ll need a total of 15 sparks to run th e machine, but you should have that by now, so talk to him again top open the pa th to Bog Easy. Feel free to go, but we ll be wrapping up some things here first. First, head down to City Hall. Speak with Pete and he ll put you on bunny kid roun dup again. PIN: Speak to Pete again if you helped out Pete Pan and you ll get the Hook vs. Pe te Pan pin, plus a Power Spark and some e-tickets. You ll find the bunny children in barrels: one on the right side of the train stat ion, nearest to city hall; one to the left of the emporium, near the fire statio n; one on the street against the right wall of the emporium building; and one ne ar the penny arcade. Return to Pete when you ve got them all for another spark. Keep talking to Pete: you ll get a mission for Lonesome Manor in which you need to

find a cartoon, and he ll give you information about Daisy s scrapbook. Head out of city hall and to the left to find an open door, and Daisy s scrapbook inside. Talk to Horace next. You ll get another quest in Ventureland, regarding a missing tiki mask; and one at Lonesome Manor, where you re headed next for rocket parts, t hat involves you tracking down a hatchet from the mansion s Library. Talk to him a third time and you ll get a Power Spark for locating Rigger Greene. Drop by the Ice Cream parlor and pick up some ice cream for Henrietta in Venture land. EXTRA CONTENT: There s also the Fantasyland Extra Content for sale at the parlor f or 200 e-tickets. Finally, go to the train station and thin the facade behind the projector screen to clear a path you can climb. Go to the left, onto the green portion, and look for the cloud that s floating in front of the building. Jump to it. Turn around and face the building and you ll see a clock face. Thin it out, as per Jim the Puzzled s riddle, to open a door below the train station. Drop down and g rab the item inside. Before we ship out to Bog Easy, it s back to Ventureland to complete a few quests. Quests in Ventureland First, head to Daisy and drop off the scrapbook. E-tickets and a sketch are your reward. Now stop by the town center and hand off the ice cream to Henrietta, who will ex change it for a Power Spark. PIN: You ll snag the Ice Cream Pin for completing this quest. Speak with Botanist Darvin over by the tree house and he ll ask you to paint in an y plants you see in Bog Easy. There are 20 there, so keep that in mind when you head out. On to Jim the Puzzled. Get some e-tickets for solving the second riddle, and tal k to him again to access the third. Over to the Tiki Hut. You ll find painted blue footprints coming out the back of t he building fill them all in and they ll lead you to the hut store on the other si de of town. Speak with the character they lead to in order to get the mask back. You can also just purchase it from her for 50 e-tickets. Time to double-back a few times. Head back to Mean Street and drop off the mask with Horace to snag another Power Spark. That should wrap up just about everything we can do here: time to move on to Bog Easy. Lonesome Ghosts Enter the house and you ll immediately come on flying book. Get aboard and ride it until you can jump across to a swinging chandelier. Hop onto the platform and keep moving up. You ll find another book to take you to another chandelier. When the chandelier swings you to the far side, you ll jump down onto a dresser. R ide the drawer across to the dresser across from it, being careful not to get kn ocked off by a second drawer. Swing across one more time and you ll land on the platform with the Lonesome Ghost s: Part I reel. Now you re free to drop down and exit the level, or good look around for some extr a e-tickets. Bog Easy When you arrive in Bog Easy, you ll speak with some ghosts. One, Gilbert, will off er to open the gate to the Lonesome Manor, but you ll have to participate in helpi ng him scare someone, which is considered a thinner path. You can head into Bog Easy Square to figure out the rest of that quest, or you c an shortcut it right now by thinning the top of the Sunken Steamer to reveal a h ole. Inside it, you ll find a Badge of Courage. When you come out, you ll have the option to sell the badge for 200 e-tickets, or return it to its owner and help someone to not be scared by the ghosts anymore.

If you choose not to sell it, you ll lose the option to help the ghosts and you ll h ave to find another way to open the gate. Either way, follow the broken docks toward Bog Easy Square. You ll have to paint i n sections of the platforms as you go. NOTE: Pay attention for missing plants if you have the Restore Bog Easy Plants q uest. You ll find 17 of the 20 on the path to the town. As you reach the end of this section, you ll see a ghost named Ian sitting on a pl atform. You ll get a quest to help track down some runaway books. We ll keep an eye out for those as well. In the square, start talking to people. Before long, you ll stumble on a character named Metairie, who will offer to open the gate for you if you can restore a fe w other characters courage. This is the alternative to helping the ghosts scare p eople. Once you talk to Metairie, you can backtrack and talk to Bertrand, the first cha racter you come to when you hit Bog Easy Square. He ll give you a quest to paint i n all the lanterns around town, which we ll get to in just a second. Okay, hang a left and walk down to where you can go toward Louis shack, which is away by itself in the swamp. Speak to Gilbert, who s waiting there, as you approac h and he ll give you your scaring assignment. NOTE: On the way to the shack, you can finish filling in the missing plants from the bog. Check the area platforms on the right and left of the docks. You shoul d find your last three plants here. EXTRA CONTENT: From the docks, hop over to the area on the right with the thinne d plants, then move to the end of it, toward the shack. You ll see a couple of pla tforms you can jump down to in order to reach some content that s floating in the open. Grab it to unlock the Lonesome Manor Passage Extra Content. Head down and talk to Louis. You ll get the quest to find his Courage Badge which you already have when you arrive. You can hand it over now, if that s what you fee l like doing, by talking to him again. If you give back the Courage Badge, you can return to Louis anytime to get your hearts refilled, but you ll fail the quest for Gilbert. Conversely, if you help Gi lbert, you can t fulfill the quest with Metairie or get the Gold Pin she ll offer yo u. Once you ve chosen, go inside the shack. In the back corner is a radio. Interact w ith it and you ll have answered Jim s final riddle. You can return to him in Venture land later to claim your reward. Head back up to the square and you can start lighting Bertrand s lamps. You ll find one beside the path out to Louis shack; two beside Bertrand, with one in the corn er to the right of the building if you re standing with your back to the bog; one more to the left of the Animatronic Donald head further into town; one directly to the right of the Donald head; one on the other side of the street, directly a cross from the Donald head and next to the balcony of the building there; and t wo just before the gate to Lonesome Manor. Return to Bertrand and he ll offer to refill your paint whenever you need it. Now you can talk to Metairie and get the gate to Lonesome Manor opened. PIN: For helping Metairie, she ll hand over a Gold Pin. We ve only got a few more things to take care of before moving on. Talk to the Ani matronic Donald head to get set with the quest to go find all his parts. POWER SPARK: You ll find a spark just sitting on the ground if you head up to the gate to Lonesome Manor and go around the corner to the left, just after the lamp you have to light. POWER SPARK: If you climb up on the building behind Animatronic Donald by thinni ng the facade, you can move along the roofs to the left to find another Power Sp ark above the street. Go up the stairs beside Donald s head and you ll find a door to the Bog Easy shop. I nside is the book Ian was looking for: you can return it to him, or to the libra rian in Lonesome Manor. If you head back to Ian, he ll tell Leona about your help later, and it ll earn you a pin when you get back from the manor. Otherwise, your reward is e-tickets, so it s worth it to drop by Ian again before you depart. Go up to the gate and you ll find another ghost hanging out there. Speak to him an

d you ll get a quest to deal with the organ at the Lonesome Manor. If you helped G ilbert, the ghost will mention amping up the organ to let the ghosts stay in Bog Easy; if not, he ll just ask you to calm the organ so the ghosts can return. You re all set here. Head to the projector to move on. Lonesome Ghosts: Part 2 Start climbing as you get into the vertical portion of the stage. The first half of the stage is pretty easy. When you find a ghost who s sleeping, look nearby for a light switch and spin to t urn it on. The ghost will fly into a book, starting it floating. Ride it up to t he level above. Head to the right, dodging the ghost that s trying to drop objects on you. Past hi m is another switch. Turn that on, then wait for the window to close and jump up to it. Rather than jumping back to the ledge on the right, keep moving left and jump up there. Flip on another light and ride another book up to the Lonesome Ghosts: P art II reel. Climb up a little higher and you can turn on a switch that will let you through a door and to the exit screen. Lonesome Manor First up, you ll want to cross the big thinner pond right in front of you, in orde r to claim a pin. You can t get across outright, though, so head to the left first . Jump up on the platform and you ll find a pressure plate that raises islands in th e pond. Beside it is a tree you can thin out, which will drop an anvil on the pl ate and hold the islands in the raised position. PIN: From up here, you can blast thinner or paint at the blotlings below and neu tralize them. Then drop down and head to the left around the corner, where you ll find a Bronze Pin. Backtrack across the lake, head back up to the upper area, and jump across to th e area in front of the manor. You ll have a brief run-in with the Mad Doctor. You ll find the door into the manor locked after that, with a pressure plate to the ri ght of the door in front of the manor. You can t activate it just yet. You ll need to climb to the second floor. Thin out the columns in front of the man or and you ll find they make some decent steps to get up to the next level. Jump f rom one to the other to climb up. EXTRA CONTENT: When you hit the upper floor balcony, you ll notice that the window right in front of you is actually painted. Thin it to discover the Lonesome Man or II Extra Content hidden just behind it. Go left, but don t grab the chest yet; instead, thin a second window and you ll disc over a trapped gremlin, guarded by a blotling. Deal with it, then break the grem lin out of his cage. He ll give you a new kind of sketch, the anvil which you can use on that pressure plate back down by the front door. PIN: You ll receive the Anvil Pin for gaining the new sketch ability. You can also open that chest to the left of the gremlin for another anvil sketch . When you ve got them all, hop back down to the front door and deal with those sp atters that just showed up. Use the anvil sketch to activate that pressure plate and you ll open the door into the manor. Just inside the door, you ll find a wall that can be thinned on the le ft. Be careful, though it conceals a skeleton beetleworx, which is basically jus t like a pirate beetleworx. If you re quick, you can paint the wall back in to tra p it half in the wall, rendering it unable to move. Then you can get the e-ticke ts hidden in the busts inside the room. Hop into the projector when you re finished. The Mad Doctor Keep moving until you come to a buzz saw. Wait for it to move, then jump past it up to the upper level, rather than taking the lower walkway toward the projecto r screen. Here you ll just need to dodge some spiders that drop over gaps in the floor. Hop

over two while avoiding the spiders and you ll get The Mad Doctor: Part I reel. Hit the projector when you re done and you ll enter the Lonesome Manor Foyer. Lonesome Manor Foyer There s a lot to do as you enter here, but first you ll notice the endless parade of beetleworxes coming your way, which are really annoying. There s no good way to d eal with them permanently by fighting them. You can disable the machines that produce them, however, by going to the doors d irectly in front of you and finding the two machines beyond, which have big red lights on the front. Thin the red portions and the machines will be deactivated, stopping the flow of enemies. Climb the staircase on the right. Deal with the sweeper and jump onto one of the two floating tables. Ride that around for a second. EXTRA CONTENT: See that big painting on the wall, over the entrance projector sc reen? Thin that out and you ll reveal a bunch of things, including a trapped greml in and some extra content. When the tables get near each other, jump to the one that floats close to the painting and you can get into the space behind it to ge t the Lonesome Manor I Extra Content. Free the gremlin here next. He ll make it so you can use the pressure plate here t o open the exit door. You can ride the tables straight across to go, if you wish but there are a couple more quests you can do here if you choose to, instead. Drop back down to the ground. In order to deal with the beetleworxes, run up the stairs on the left side and thin the floor after you ve crossed it. This will mak e a hole the enemies will fall through, into a closed off room. You ll have to dea l with them eventually, but not now, so at least you can breathe. Finish off the rest of the sweepers in here, then go down to the ground floor ag ain. Standing with your back to the exit projector, walk across the room beneath the projector that lets you out of the foyer. Thin the wall and you ll discover a chest inside is the film reel with the History of Colonel Pete on it that Big B ad Pete wanted back in Mean Street. Cross that one off your to-do list. Go through one of the doors beside the chest you just discovered and you ll find t wo pressure plates and a gate blocking the way to the ghost in the bottle. Drop an anvil on one plate and stand on the other to open the gate. Spin to break the bottle. Now to get out. The two walls on either side of the room are thinnable, and behi nd them are big rooms with exploding blotlings inside. Head to the room on the l eft first. Inside you ll find the blotlings, a couple of big wine racks with barrels in them that you can use to climb out of the room, and half a skull on the wall. Paint i n the skull to activate one of the door locks to leave the foyer. Now head to the right room. Do the same thing and paint in the skull. PIN: There s a chest to the left of the skull you can grab before you move on. Ins ide is a Silver Pin. Backtrack to the trapped ghost, Screeching Sam, and speak with him. He ll open the way out of the foyer for you. Head to the projector to advance to the Stretching Room. The Haunted Mansion Make your way into the house and keep moving until you get to a broken staircase . Jump the gap and climb to the top. Turn around and look for a dropping chandelier. Jump onto it when it comes low e nough, then hop over the swinging one to the left of it. Let the chandelier swing all the way left and then jump down to the platform fur ther over. Keep moving to the left, avoiding the spider on the ground, to find t he Haunted Mansion: Part I film reel under a table. Continue to the right near the stairs and you ll get to the projector screen. Stretching Room This room is one big, confusing puzzle. You have to rearrange the three painting s in the proper order by spinning various gears, and you can move the whole room

up and down to access the higher portions of the painting by changing the gears in the system at the room s center. If you spin by each painting, it will move. But you can also thin the paintings and go behind them to spin a gear that will move you inside the whole contraptio n. First off, there are a couple of things to find in here, like Extra Content and Pins. There s also a shortcut through the puzzle. PIN: Paint in two gears in the middle system and go to the top floor of the room . Go to the painting with fat man, sitting on the gravestone. Spin the painting until you come to the gravestone portion and thin it. Behind that is a chest, an d inside a Gold Pin. EXTRA CONTENT: Turn around and find the painting with the hunters. Spin it to fi nd the bluish bottom portion. Thin it out to discover the Mad Doctor Extra Conte nt. To get the shortcut, paint in one gear into the center system and spin the middl e gear. when you get up, then the wall of the painting that has the man with the mustache in his underwear, standing near a dynamite barrel. Go behind the painting and spin the gear there. It should spin you away from the stretching room and reveal a hidden chamber with a captured gremlin. Free him a nd he ll complete the puzzle for you, no trouble. If you find yourself trying to solve the puzzle on your own, you can do so prett y simply. Each section moves the ones above it, but the upper sections do not mo ve the lower ones. Therefore, you just have to set each section in order going u p. Set each of the bottom paintings, then paint in one gear in the center system an d go to the middle section. Set each middle, and then paint in another gear and head to the top. Set the top sections and the doors to the exit projector will o pen. You ll have to deal with some blotlings when you arrive at the top. You can thin t he floor beneath them to finish them quickly. Then all that s left is to head out of the room. The Mad Doctor: Part 2 You ll find the film reel easy enough, but it s caught in a small fire and you won t b e able to get to it. Jump the fire and go past it to the right. You ll be able to climb up to the shelf above, to the left. On the shelf, which is positioned above the fire, is a small bottle. Spin and yo u ll send the bottle down, dousing the fire. Backtrack and grab the Mad Doctor: Pa rt II film reel. The rest is pretty simple. You can activate the nearby plate by spinning next to it, sending hot air up in the air that you can ride up to a higher area with mo re e-tickets. Eventually you ll hit a dead end to the far right, and wind up back in Mickey s bed. Go through the window to hit the exit projector. The Library Make your way through the library s center, past the slamming bookcases by timing your movements. At the far end, you ll hit some stairs and at the top, you ll find L eona. Here you ll pick up a bucket of quests. Leona wants you to at least restore the sk ulls around the library to stop everything moving. That s necessary to get to the next area. She also wants you to collect the flying books and restore her paintings, as wel l. These are optional, but doing them will net you some rewards. NOTE: If you plan to do the book collection quest, be careful of your use of thi nner. Accidentally tagging any of the flying books with thinner will destroy the m. DONALD PART: Before you do much of anything, head back toward the projector scre en where you started. With the screen at your back and the moving shelves in fro

nt of you, thin the wall on the right side to reveal a compartment that s hiding a Donald Part chest. You ll get his Left Leg. While your e over here, grab the first of Leona s books if you want it. It s flying ar ound near the bust right before you go through the bookshelves. There are also two paintings in the hallway with the projector screen. Paint the m in. NOTE: When traveling back through the book cases, you can thin out the ones that are brighter and painted to make them stop moving. You can also then move throu gh them to guarantee your safety from the other, still moving bookcase. The first skull is on the floor before the steps up to Leona. Fill it in when yo u find it and the bookcases will stop moving on the ground floor. Backtrack to the center set of bookcases on the ground floor and check the wall on the left if you re facing Leona. You ll see a tilted painting. Thin it out and yo u ll reveal a gear; spin it, and the painting will be straightened, allowing you t o just paint it back in. When facing Leona, turn right at the top of her stairs and start down the right side of the room. You ll see bookcases moving back and forth, trying to crush you. Run in front of them until you get to the far end, where you ll find a thinnable wall. On the other side of the wall, you should see a crooked painting. Thin it to rev eal a gear spin the gear three times to right the painting, then fill it in to c ount it toward your total. That s your last one. There s also another book to snag h ere, flying around just in front of the painting. Look up. Now cross the thinner pool around the corner to your left. It can be tough with the moving bookcases, so try to get to the center one, which won t shove you into the thinner, before moving forward past the last one. You ll hit the next skull right after the shelves. Fill it in to stop them, and yo u can free a gremlin ahead of you. Jumbo, the gremlin, offers to grab up all the books for you for an even 50 e-tickets. Pay him if you d like to skip the trouble . Leave here by going to the shelf with the hole in it and pressing A to rotate it . You ll wind up back in the main library. PIN: Return to Leona with all the paintings restored to receive the Art Apprecia tor Pin. Head to the other side of the library. You can make it past the bookshelves by r unning as soon as they all retract, and you shouldn t have any trouble. Snag the b ook at the end of the run, if you need it. Thin through the wall and you ll find a pressure plate. If you step on it, you ll ge t 10 seconds to double-back and fill in the last skull, which is at the far end of the walkway from you. But if you put an anvil on the plate, you get as much t ime as you need. Filling in the final skull will allow you to leave if you talk to Leona (althoug h you have to fight a big blotling like in Tomorrow City), and you can do so if you don t feel like finishing any other quests. However, there are still things to wrap up, so we re headed to the rafters. Climb up the newly formed stairs, and at the top, thin the wall. Do a 180 from w here you re standing, and thin the spider web there too. Then press the pressure p late behind the wall you thinned and you ll raise a platform that lets you get on the wood plank. Watch out for sweepers on these rafters. You can fight them, but an effective wa y to deal with them right now is just to spin move them to the ground below. From your first rafter, check to the left if you re facing toward the center of th e room. You ll see another plank with a trapped gremlin. Jump to him (use the spin attack for a little more distance mid-air) and free him. Watch out for another sweeper. EXTRA CONTENT: Turn back and look at the end of the gremlin plank. You ll see anot her plank beyond a spider web on the other side. Jump to it and thin the spider web to find the Library Extra Content. You should have a three books up here flying around: one in the middle and one a t either end of the room. A handy way to deal with them is to just shoot them wi

th paint. They ll close and fall, and you can pick them up on the ground at your l eisure. Before you drop down to get the books, make your way to the end side of the room opposite where you came up, and toward the entry projector end of the room. You l l see a spider web to thin do so, jump through it, and dispatch the sweeper. You can now thin through the wall beside you into an open section right above wh ere you first came in. There are a few exploding blotlings you ll have to take car e of, but once you have, you can open a chest to find the hatchet you need for H orace. PIN: Thin the floor near the chest and you ll drop back down right in front of the projector. Go pick up your books and return to Leona. She ll reward you with a Si lver Pin. You just have to deal with the big blotling to leave, although if you ve done all of Leona s quests, she ll deal with it for you. If you chose not to do all that stuff, you have to fight the Slobber. Remember h ow? Spray paint or thinner into its mouth when it tries to inhale you; play keep away, otherwise. When that s done, you can venture into the projector screen to th e Ballroom. The Haunted House: Part 2 Head to the right until you reach two skeletons with pots on their heads. Climb aboard and ride the one on the right until he stops. Jump from the skeleton to the top of the clock, then to the window sill. Avoid t he spider that drops down and jump to the next window. Be careful here, as a flo ck of bats will come out of the wall and then fly out the window, sending you fl ying if they touch you. Hop over to the third ledge and wait for the spider to fall. This one you ll have to jump over, so be careful to time it right. You ll land on a ledge with the Haun ted House: Part II reel. Drop down and leave by the projector right beneath you. The Ballroom There are two things for you to do in this room: One is to fix the organ and cli mb it; the other, to search the top portion of the room for things like Donald P arts. You can reach the top portion of the room either by fixing the organ, or by usin g anvils on a couple of pressure plates hidden behind thinnable walls on either side of the room. Word of advice: If you don t plan on breaking the organ (the good way to solve this puzzle), don t bother with the anvils. You ll want one later. We ll start with the pipe organ. If you helped Gilbert the ghost back in Bog Easy, one of the ghosts may have mentioned making the organ even angrier, so the ghos ts can stay there. Obviously, this is a thinner path, and to anger the organ you l l need to thin its painted keys to destroy the non-painted ones. The alternative is just to play the organ, which is easier and gets you a pin, among other thin gs. Thinning the keys will cause the organ to bar the path upward, so you ll need to u se the floating tables to reach the upper level and the second half of the organ pipe climb. It ll also trigger an attack by a big beetleworx, like the one you de alt with at the rocket in Tomorrow City. The paint path in dealing with the organ is just to play its song. It s relatively simple stand on the seal in front of the organ in order to activate the song, t hen jump onto the keys in order as they re highlighted. The trick is to jump onto the key, then jump off to a solid, non-toon one right afterward. If you linger, the note will count against you and you ll have to start over. PIN: The song is fairly simple and you ll get it after one or two tries. There s no penalty for failure other than your time. Complete the song and you ll get the Pla y a Tune Pin from the organ, and he ll open the way up for you. Climb up the pipes in the back and move as far to the right as you can go. You s hould find a spot where you can jump from the pipes to reach the top level of th e ballroom.

NOTE: If you chose to break the organ, you ll need anvils. On either side of the g round are walls you can thin out. Clear them and you ll discover rooms behind them , each with a pressure plate. Drop anvils on them. The plates activate four poss essed tables back in the main ballroom. Head back out and find the one that sett les on the ground. Hop onto it and you can ride it up to the next table, and so on until you get off. DONALD PART: When you reach the upper level, follow the walkway around to the ce nter of the room and jump a gap to reach the chest, with Donald s Arm inside. Watch out for the two beetleworxes up here. You ve dealt with them before, in Tomo rrow City, so just keep the camera moving so you can see them coming. PIN: Thin the curtain near where you jumped aboard the second floor to discover a chest in the room behind them. It contains a Bronze Pin. Thin the curtain on the other side and you ll find a trapped gremlin just beyond s ave him and he ll give you some more anvil sketches. From the far end of the room, you can also climb onto the organ s pipes. This is a viable way for you to reach the second floor even if you re out of anvils, as wel l, especially if you choose to anger the pipe organ and make the ghosts stay in Bog Easy. Hop back out onto the pipes, but stay right near where you jumped to the upper f loor. If you pan the camera up, you ll see a trapped gremlin. You ll need to use an sketch, like an anvil, as a platform to reach him. It seems the game wants you to find a way up here with the anvil, but TV sketche s are actually much easier to deal with. They seem to last longer, you ll probably have more of them, they work just as well and when you place them, you don t have a chance at being tossed across the screen. To get to the gremlin, place the TV not on the pipe directly left of the pipe wi th the gremlin on it, which is too low: instead, place it left of that pipe, on the higher one. Try to get it close to the right edge without getting too far ov er. This is a tricky jump. From on top of the TV, you ll need to double-jump toward th e gremlin s pipe, then spin attack in order to get a little extra distance. That s hould get you up there, but it might take a few tries. Free the gremlin and he offers to help in the fight against the Mad Doctor for 1 00 e-tickets. Okay NOW you can go. Climb the pipes up to the top and get to the screen to head out. The Haunted House: Part 3 Move right until you can jump up onto a windowsill over a gap in the floor. Here you ll start to see chandeliers that lower from the ceiling, which you can jump o n to. Keep jumping along the chandeliers all the way to the right. You ll need to keep m oving, as they fall after a second of your weight on them. After a few jumps, you ll hit a ledge that has the Haunted House: Part III reel on it. You re free to drop down and go out the window to the exit after that. The Attic In order to get through the attic, you ll have to disable three beetleworx machine s. The gremlins you saved up to now will give you a hand, however. Make your way to the first active generator. The simplest and most efficient way to deal with these is just to kill the nearby beetleworx that the machine is ge nerating. When you do that, another beetleworx will be kicked out, opening the d oors to the machine and revealing the big red orb on its face. If you thin that orb, you destroy the machine. DONALD PART: After knocking out that first generator, life gets a little easier. Go back toward the projector and look for a silhouette you can paint in near wh ere the ride car plummets into the thinner. Paint it in and use it to climb up o nto a section of nearby track. From there, you can follow the track around until you can see portions of the rafters. Carefully double-jump up to them and you s hould grab the edge. The easiest one is the one that s directly over the track. Fo

llow the rafter to the right if you re facing toward the Mad Doctor and you ll be ab le to jump to another rafter, on which is the blue chest with Donald s Right Leg. You have two choices for defeating the Mad Doctor, and while they re both basicall y the same story outcome, one will net you paint, the other thinner. You ll need to knock out the first two generators, regardless. If you freed and pa id the gremlins, they ll do this for you, making life a lot easier. If not, you ll h ave to repeat the process above with both. Once you ve got the two generators killed, you can choose whether you want paint o r thinner. Thinner is a combat-intensive method, and we ll cover it first. THINNER: To get the thinner upgrade at the end, either use the platforms in the thinner pool or the rafters to cross to the Mad Doctor. There are a bunch of bee tleworx you ll have to fight off, so try to take them one at a time and thin them out. The last beetleworx is the paint- and thinner-firing type, and can be the most a nnoying. You encountered this guy at Tomorrow City on the launch pad. To kill hi m, you ll first need to thin his paint. That ll cause the beetleworx to spin and fir e in all directions hit it in the back with the spin to damage it. NOTE: You can also drop an anvil on it, though be careful of the delay between u sing the sketch and the anvil falling. The anvil will kill the beetleworx instan tly. Otherwise, repeat the thin and spin process two more times to destroy the enemy. That ll cause the generator to kick open and spit out a new one: thin the red orb to destroy it and defeat the Mad Doctor. PAINT: The paint method is more intensive in terms of timing and resources. You re going to need some sketches to get the job done. Near the first generator, you ll find a beetleworx that shoots paint and thinner s tanding guard. Kill it with an anvil (you ll need at least one more) to keep it fr om harassing you. Right near that beetleworx is a platform with a pressure plate on it. Stand on i t, then look around the room you ll see another plate lit up to the left. Without doing anything, head over and check it out. The second plate is for a TV. There s also a third plate, across the thinner pond near the Mad Doctor. Jump up on a platform and note its location. You might need to practice as well as quit and reload your game on order to get this right. You ll also need to employ quick movements and all your sketches. First, drop the TV on the power pad to set it. TVs last the longest, so you re oka y for now. Jump onto the platforms and cross a portion of the thinner pond so that you can drop an anvil on the pressure plate on the Doctor s side of the thinner pond. You can reverse this and drop the anvil on the plate on your side, if you wish, but you need to use an anvil on one and get Mickey to the other. Immediately upon dropping the anvil (or even just before) activate a clock sketc h to slow down time. This will drag out how long your two sketches last while yo u jump back to the last pressure plate. Touch it with the other two activated to repair the track through the attic, which will destroy the last generator and e arn you the paint bonus. PIN: Either way, you ll snag the Mad Doctor Pin for your trouble. There are a coup le more things to get here before we head back to Bog Easy. EXTRA CONTENT: Climb up on the machinery at the back of the room, behind where t he Mad Doctor was, to discover the Mad Doctor Pod Extra Content. PIN: From the spot where you found the Extra Content, jump to the right and you can get on top of another set of machinery. Run all the way to the far wall to t he chest, with the Gold Pin inside. Return to Bog Easy DONALD PART: As soon as you return to Bog Easy after having fixed the organ (if you did so), you ll get the Donald s Torso part, which is the last you need. PIN: If you talked to Ian before you went to Lonesome Manor, but after finding t he missing book, he ll be grateful to you on your return and give you the Well Red Pin.

PIN: The next stop is to talk to Donald and return his parts, which nets you the Animatronic Donald Pin. Talk to Donald again to get a gear to return to Moody in OsTown. You ll be able to use it to raise Donald s tugboat from the river. We ve got a couple more quests to do. Talk to Metairie for a quest that has you re pairing the thinned-out bridges through the swamp; Bertrand asks you to find his store s sign by Louis shack; and Louis asks you to find pieces of a bell. Head down to the shack, painting in the bridges along the way. Check behind it f or Bertrand s sign, then head back toward Bog Easy Square. You ll get a cutscene about Donald dealing with a voodoo doll when you get back to the town. Talk to him again to get a quest to find the Spatter that apparently has a Donald voodoo doll. Head toward Louis shack. You ll see a cutscene in which a Spatter eats the voodoo d oll. In order to get it back, you ll have to thin him out. Grab the doll and bring it back to Donald. He ll ask you to find someone to hang o nto it for him your options are to give it to Daisy, or sell it to Big Bad Pete. Obviously the Daisy option is good, Pete being evil. Both reward you with e-tickets . PIN: Return Bertrand s sign and he ll reopen the store and hand over some e-tickets. When it s open again, you can buy the Lonesome Manor pin for 200 e-tickets. EXTRA CONTENT: You can also purchase the Bog Easy Extra Content for the same pri ce. Head out into the swamp and paint in the portions of the docks that are thinned out. There s only about five and it should only take a second. PIN: Return to Melairie after painting in the bridges for a Power Spark and a Br onze Pin. Make your way back to the Sunken Steamer, where you ll find Gilda and be able to r un another race. Finishing it (it s way easy) gets you a Power Spark and some e-ti ckets. You re done with Bog Easy until you can complete Louis bell quest. Time to get back to Mean Street. Mean Street to Mickeyjunk Mountain Arriving back at Mean Street, you ll meet Oswald, who wants you to go with him to Mickeyjunk Mountain and fight the Blot. You ll need to mop up some quests before y ou head out. Start by talking to the Usher at the cinema. You ll get an upgrade to your Watch s ketches and Anvil sketches as rewards if you talk to him multiple times. EXTRA CONTENT: Talk to Markus. He ll tell you he found something interesting and c an unlock a secret door if you bring him 30 Power Sparks. You ought to have plen ty, but you can buy more at the emporium. Go to the fire house and thin the faca de. Jump up to the second-floor window and go inside to access Walt Disney s Apart ment. Inside you ll find a bunch of e-tickets and the Mickey and Oswald Extra Cont ent. Next up is Horace s detective agency. Talk to him to get a new quest to solve in B og Easy. PIN: When you turn in the hatchet, you ll also get the Case Closed Pin and a Power Spark from Horace. Next, it s time to talk to Pete. You ll get another bunny children quest up first. T alk to him again to turn in the Colonel Pete cartoons, which gets you some e-tic kets and a Power Spark You ll find bunny children all over the place. There are eight of them: two are be hind the train station; two are on the street between city hall and Oswald; one is on top of Horace s detective agency; one is in the back corner of the rooftops of the street on the right when you stand facing Oswald, near the ice cream parl or; one is on the roof of the cinema; and one is on the roof of the ice cream pa rlor. Drop back by Pete for a Power Spark. Go to the emporium next. You ll find a chunk of the bell from Bog Easy on sale for 300 e-tickets. Pick it up. PIN: You can hit up the emporium for the Mean Street Pin by this point, for 200

e-tickets. You should be about done with Mean Street. Before moving on to Mickeyjunk Mounta in, there s still some quest mop-up to do. Quest Mop-Up Start with Ventureland. Duck into the Tiki Hut and buy the second half of the Bo g Easy bell. It ll run you another 300 e-tickets. Head toward the tree hosue and speak with Botanist Darvin. A Power Spark is your reward for the plant work you did in Bog Easy, plus e-tickets. PIN: Find Jim the Puzzled next. For finding the radio, you get a Gold Pin and so me e-tickets. Finally, you can drop off the voodoo doll with Daisy if you didn t give it to Pete . Head back to Mean Street and make for Bog Easy next. Get to Bog Easy Square and head to Louis shack. Talk to him and you can turn in t he bell parts you bought. Meantime, look around the front of Louis shack for footprints. They lead down the dock in front of his place, then onto the green platform to the left, past the one next to it and onto the third green platform, before cutting back onto the d ock and into the square. They re harder to see and there are fewer of them than us ual. Follow the prints or just skip them and talk to the woman knocking on the door. She ll sell you the candle back 50 e-tickets or you can fill in the prints to get it back for free. Back to Mean Street. Take the candle to Horace, who trades it for a Power Spark. Your last stop is OsTown on the way to Mickeyjunk. Talk to Moody the pirate in OsTown and he ll take Donald s gear and raise the tugboa t. On it, you ll find a golden e-ticket voucher. If that seemed like a lot of work for almost no payoff, you re right it was. Anywa y, time to head to Mickeyjunk Mountain. Oswald s Fortress EXTRA CONTENT: Turn left immediately when you arrive and you ll see a piece of ext ra content sitting on top of a Mickey statue. Grab it it s the Oswald Poses Extra Content. NOTE: If you thin the floor here, you ll reveal an intricate area that we covered the first time we came through Mickeyjunk Mountain. If you chose to abstain from destroying Gilda s climbing ax in order to access the area, and instead gave it b ack to her, you can still head down in this hole and open up the gate as if you never gave back Gilda s ax, or claimed the reward for it. It s a glitch that shouldn t happen, but if it does, you can claim the pins that are down here. Check the In side the Mountain section from Mickeyjunk Mountain for a rundown of what s in ther e and how to get it. Head up and meet Oswald in the control room. Take the projector screen he opens for you to reach the mountain summit. Ye Olden Days Climb up the castle until you come to a leaning tower. To the left of it is a sw itch that will open the various gates all the way up it. Use the open gates to climb up the tower. Just jump back and forth and work your way to the top. You ll hit the film reel when you get to the last ledge. Flip the switch there and you can exit immediately. Boss Fight: The Shadow Blot Climb up onto the large arena area up ahead and you ll face the Shadow Blot, a hug e blotling that ll put you through your combat paces, at least a little. EXTRA CONTENT: Before you do anything, dodge the attacks of the Shadow Blot and make your way to the front of the arena on the left side. Look for a piece of a box with Mickey on it, which you can thin, right up against the edge of the clif f. Thin it out the Spatter Puddle Extra Content is hidden inside it. Battle the Shadow Blow basically has you avoiding his attacks. He mostly throws thinner at you from the edges of the platform, occasionally doing a big haduken-

style shot or tossing blotlings for you to deal with. Just strafe him. Move sideways to avoid the thinner and you should have no issue s. Watch out for the edges of the arena, and stay back from the Shadow Blot or i t ll rush forward and swipe you. After it throws thinner at you, the Blot will fly toward you, but you can dodge it by strafing sideways again. Keep this up until the Blot eventually flies into the air. Watch for its shadow it s going to drop thinner bombs on you, so you hav e to keep moving. Once you ve finished avoiding the thinner from the air, the Blot will crash into t he platform and start trying to inhale you. This is when you can hit it with eit her paint or thinner; your call. That s the gist of the battle. Repeat the process three times to take down the Sha dow Blot. PIN: Defeat the Shadow Blot with paint to receive the Me and My Shadow Pin. If y ou kill it with thinner, your reward is the Shadow Boxing Pin. After a cutscene with Oswald, you ll be sent back to OsTown to figure out what s goi ng on with the Phantom Blot and its Bloticles. Fighting the Bloticles The Battle of OsTown First up, run onto the bridge and look to the right at the nearest bloticle. It s sucking paint out of OsTown, but you can stop it. Look for green pustules on the big purple tentacle, and hit them with either paint or thinner to destroy them. There are only two green blisters on the first bloticle to hit, and once you ve ta ken out both, the tentacle will die. Turn left and get the next one by Donald s tu gboat it has two blisters as well, but you ll have to get onto the boat to hit the second one. Watch out for Spatters roaming around to come fight you. Deal with them in your own way, but don t ignore them or they could knock you into the thinner surroundin g OsTown. The third bloticle is over by Clarabelle s house. Take out the blisters above grou nd before venturing into the pit to get the ones below. That does it for bloticles. You can head on to Mean Street now if you like. You can also repaint the town, but it s basically a big waste of time especially becau se they ll return to their half-painted states if you leave and come back. Gus will also hand over an increase to Mickey s life as repayment for fighting off the OsTown bloticles as you leave. The Battle of Mean Street After talking with Oswald, head down into the town square to take on the single bloticle and the various blotlings nearby. There are quite a few, including one of the big Slobbers that likes to inhale you. You don t actually have to fight the big guy, however there s an easier way. Head in to the square and draw the little spatters toward you. Convert a couple with pai nt (along with the nearby exploding spadoosh) and they ll go take on the Slobber, distracting it. Now you can fight the bloticle quickly without having to deal with the other blo tlings. There are four pustules on this tentacle, and they have to be dealt with in order. Start on the lower left and keep running around the front, looking fo r the newly protruding one. Nail all four pustules with paint and you ll kill the bloticle, which will have th e effect of removing all the blotlings, too. PIN: Right after you finish the fight, the Repair Mean Street Pin will appear in the center of town as a floating gold pin. Go grab it. Drop by the cinema on your way out and talk to the usher to get another prize th is time, it s an increase to your health. Time to head on to Ventureland. The Battle of Ventureland When you arrive, start by taking care of the four or so spatters and one sweeper

that show After your . You know Nice work. Bog Easy. The Battle

up to harass you. It ll be easier on you with them gone. enemies are out of the way, you can just start handling the bloticles the drill kill the pustules in order to kill the whole tentacle. You can stop by the shops before heading back to Mean Street to go to of Bog Easy

The tentacles in the opening portion of Bog Easy are actually one big bloticle. You ll need to hit five different pustules up from to destroy it. First, go forward and take out all the blotlings. You re dealing with several spat ters, a sweeper and an exploding spadoosh. Clear them all out before you start w andering around the tentacle. The first two pustules are close to the front of the level the second one you ll b e able to nail from the Sunken Steamer. Then move up and hit the last three from in front of the second portion of the bloticle. The second long bloticle has its first pustule on the start of the path out to L ouis shack. Hit that one, then double-back toward the town square to hit the rest of them, which are positioned sort of along the edge of the pavement stretching back toward the bog path. The last tentacle starts at Louis shack and stretches back along the path. The f irst set of blisters are on the right side if your back is to the shack; the las t of them are on the far left, past the platforms with several blotlings on them . Clear those out before heading over to deal with the tentacle. You re done here. Stop by the shop if you like, then make your way back to Mean St reet. Battle to Tomorrow City PIN: When you arrive back at Mean Street, you ll be rewarded with the No More Blot icles Pin right over by the projector to go to Tomorrow City. As Gus mentions when you step up to the Tomorrow City projector, this is your la st time in Mean Street before the end of the game. If you want any supplies, now s the time to go purchase them. When you re ready, head to the projector. Play through the level and you ll arrive i n the center of Tomorrow City, where you ll need to take on some more bloticles. Note that you also have blotlings scattered around: seers, mostly, and a few swe epers on high platforms. They should be easily dealt with. Head up the ramp on your left to get to the first bloticle, which is jutting out from the ground like a spear. You can hit a few of the five pustules from the b ottom, but there s at least one you ll need to be on the track to address. Watch out for the sweeper when you arrive, as well. After you ve dealt with the first bloticle, you can start hitting parts of the sec ond, which is further over to the left. If you run along the track for a second, you ll find a second, higher platform with another sweeper on it that makes for a good position. You can hit a few of the higher blisters from here. When you ve finally finished with the second bloticle, that platform you were just using makes for a good boarding platform to the rocket ride, which will take yo u over to the third bloticle. You can walk there, too, but at least half of the blisters on the last tentacle are up on track level, so be ready for that. All in all, taking out the bloticles should be easy for you by now. When you ve fi nished with them, make your way to the track and head in to Space Voyage. You ll r ecognize this trip from the last time you took it. Hit the projector to continue on to the rocket. The Battle for Space Voyage Hey, look more bloticles. You ll need to get up to the second level to deal with t hem. Cut right from the starting position, around the corner, and you ll find one of those big round space pods standing open in front of you. Jump inside to ride it to the top leve. At the top of the pipes and ramps, you ll see your first bloticle on your left. Yo u can shoot paint or thinner down on it from here to clear its blisters and dest

roy it. It s pretty easy. NOTE: Also up here, you can place a TV on the pad where you can grab the gold eticket voucher and reactivate that crane. The second bloticle is actually right up against the rocket. To take it out, you l l have to fight off the beetleworx on the launch pad, who is supported by spatte rs. Of course, if you re smart, you ll convert the spatters using paint and have the m distract the big guy for you. Then you can run over to the far side of the roc ket and kill the bloticle. The last bloticle is on the far side of the pad, near the edge of Space Voyage. Paint in a bridge, deal with a couple of spatters, and then take it out from a g ood position the corner beside it. No other enemies should hassle you. Once you ve cleared the bloticles, you ll get a custcene to watch before you blast o ff in the rocket, and wind up at Dark Beauty Castle. Return to Dark Beauty Castle You ll need to drain the thinner from the Great Hall by activating a switch near t he Mad Doctor s equipment, from back when you were first here. Head straight towar d the next platform, the one with the sweeper on it. Deal with the blotling and then use the railing of the ramp down to jump to a sm all platform sticking out of the thinner, then get over to the next section. Thi n the stained glass Oswald window to find a machine behind it that will drain th e thinner. You only have 45 seconds to patch five pipes to drain the thinner. It s a pain and you ll need to move fast. Head straight toward the camera and jump to reach the lowest level of the room you ll find two steam pipes underneath the center walkway . The third pipe is to the left of those first two, on the next level up. Patch it , then run straight across the room to the far side. You ll see one steam pipe out in the open; the last one is through a thinned wall to the left of it, in a sma ll alcove. Once you ve got all five, the thinner drains out permanently, but a big Slobber en ters the room. You ll have to fight him, but lets explore first. PIN: Go down to the middle level and check the left side of the room if you re fac ing the Slobber. You ll recognize the secret room you opened way back at the begin ning of the game, but there s a second small room opened now that you can check ou t, to the right of the first. Inside, paint in a chest in the back right corner of the room to snag a Bronze Pin. When you re ready for the battle, head down and take on the Slobber. A good way to do so is to convert the sweepers that come in with him, giving him something to be distracted by while you fill his mouth with paint or thinner. When the Slobber is beaten, you ll receive a key that opens the door out of the ro om. Open it and hit the projector screen on the other side. Sleeping Beauty This reel is actually a no-brainer to get to. Just keep running to the right. Eventually the sky will darken and you ll come across a dragon. Ignore it, or avoi d it. Grab the reel from in front of it, then wait for it to move clear and drop down, or drop down off the left side of its platform. Continue to the right to reach the end of the level and the throne room. Throne Room First up, you ll have to tackle another Slobber. You should be an expert by now, s o we won t get into it. Just neutralize the thing so we can move on. EXTRA CONTENT: Before you do much else, head up to the throne and check the pain ted wall on the left. Thin it out and head up the ramp by turning left. Watch ou t for the Blot tentacles: you can get them out of your way by painting in the ar eas they protrude out of. Head up to the top and thin the floor to find the Thro ne Room Extra Content. You ll drop down to the main room automatically. Find the ramp on the right side next. As you start to climb it, a big huge bould er will start to roll down toward you. Backtrack out quickly to avoid it, or it ll kill you.

EXTRA CONTENT: Head back into the rising hallway and thin the wall on the left. That ll reveal the Oswald and Ortensia Extra Content. PIN: At the top of the ramp, exit out onto the upper walkway above the throne ro om. You ll see a painted floor right in front of you: thin it, and look down. Righ t beneath you is the entrance to the throne room, with a Gold Pin hovering in th e air. Drop down and do a double-jump to grab it. Now that you ve dealt with everything in this room, you re able to deal with the puz zles in it. There are two possible exits through the room, one accessed by paint , the other thinner. NOTE: If you choose the paint path, Oswald will award you a pin when you reach h im in the Fireworks Control Tower. If you choose thinner, you get nothing. The Throne Room Paint Path To get the paint path, paint in all the paintings on both floors. That activates a pair of gargoyles at the throne-side ends of the upper level. Those gargoyles can spin, allowing you to bounce an energy beam around the room. Before you start moving gargoyles, paint the big painting in the center of the r oom, right over the throne. That will lower a crystal from the chandelier. Rotate the first, left side gargolye to shoot the beam at the right side one; th e right one to bounce the beam back across to another gargoyle on one of the col umns; and so forth until the beam bounces around through all the gargoyles and i nto the crystal. Just rotate each one until it s bouncing the beam into another ga rgoyle. When the beam hits the painting, it ll trigger a drawbridge that allows you to get to the projector. Fantasia: Part 2 Climb up using the star platforms until you hit a cloud that moves to the right. At this point, the path breaks into two directions: up on the right, and up on the left. The left path is the one you want to get to the reel. You ll have to wait for the stars to pop back into place, however, as they tend to disappear. Wait for the comet to fall and create a platform, then quickly climb up as all t he other stars appear in place. That should get you to the reel. Sit tight a second and another star will appear above and to the left of you. Ho p onto it and then jump over the wall on the big star to reach the projector. The Throne Room Thinner Path Instead of messing with the paintings, instead just thin them out. Look for crac ks behind one of the Dark Beauty castle ones on the top and bottom floors. Spin attack those walls and they ll break away, revealing a winch behind. Thin out the winches. There are four in total, and each time you break one, you re closer to dropping the chandelier. You ll find another winch behind the thinnable wall to the left of the entrance pr ojector screen, if you re standing with your back to it. Thinning that wall will p ut you in a green room with what looks like torture equipment. Break the back wa ll. There s another winch at the top of the top of the hallway with the tentacles. Bre ak the wall on the right side at the top. Thinning all the winches drops the chandelier through the wall behind the throne , exposing a second projector. Take it. Fantasia: Part 1 Head to the right until you grab the sorcerer s hat. Just to the right is a book y ou can ride. At the top, jump from the book to a ledge to the right, then to another ledge wh ere you ll grab the Fantasia: Part I reel. Drop down and keep moving to the right to find the exit of the stage. Fireworks Control Tower PIN: If you took the paint route through the Throne Room, speak with Oswald a se

cond time after the cutscene. He ll award you the Oswald Pin. EXTRA CONTENT: Hop over the back of the control console and you ll find the Sleepi ng Ortensia Extra Content sitting behind it. Take the door Oswald opened. You ll be sealed inside your goal is just to get to t he end of this section, so it shouldn t be too hard. Hop onto the first chandelier and then paint in the gear on the wall on the left . When you reach the top, you can jump to the next chandelier and dodge the tent acles coming out of the wall. Wait for the second chandelier to rise, then hop down onto the floor beyond. Jum p onto the next chandelier, and facing forward, paint in a fourth one. Then pain t in the gear to rise to its level. When you get to the top, you can paint in a small crest of arms on the wall wher e the tentacles are coming out, distracting them and allowing you to get by. Jum p to the floor below. PIN: Thin the wall on your right. You ll be able to enter a hallway that turns bac k the way you came, but it s filled with tentacles. Crossing them can be tricky ju mp across and hug the left wall. Do your best to only get hit if you have to, bu t by staying close to the wall, you should avoid getting knocked into the pits o n either side of the walkway. Thin the wall at the far end of the hallway to rev eal a chest with a Silver Pin inside. Then go back the way you came to the main hall. Back in the main section of the hall, jump onto the swinging chandelier and then thin the door and wall ahead of you. Don t bother dropping to the floor just jump to the second swinging chandelier. You ll probably die if you don t anyway. Get to the next chandelier and then jump to the floor beyond. Run before the ten tacles shoot out and get you, and you ll arrive in the tower staircase. Head to the right along the broken floor and start climbing the stairs. You ll hav e to paint in the stairs ahead of you in order to proceed. Be careful of the ten tacles they ll send you flying and kill you with the fall into nothing below. Keep moving up, watching for tentacles ahead, until you reach a portion where yo u ll have to jump onto a chandelier in the center of the room. From there, paint i n steps to your left and jump up to them to keep climbing. Do your best to take your time. It pays to paint in extra stairs around you so t hat you don t fall. Another good strategy is to hug the wall of the tower, as the tentacles have the toughest time hitting you there when you re close to them after a jump. Before long, you ll hit the top of the tower. You ll find the Phantom Blot waiting f or you, but he s not as scary as he looks. Do your best to stay out of the center of the area. You need to rotate each garg oyle so that it faces the center crystal, then blast it with paint in its face. Do this by spinning the gargoyles repeatedly with the spin attack, then painting them. There are four gargoyles. Stay out of the center of the area and you should be f ine. The Blot will occasionally reach into the center, try to blow you off, or s end a blast of thinner rippling through the center of the tower. None of these w ill really effect you if just stick to the periphery. Activate all the gargoyles and you ll open the way to the next tower. Take the pat h toward the projector when you re ready. EXTRA CONTENT: As soon as you go through the door into the room with the project or, turn left. The Horned Blot Extra Content is just sitting in the corner. Go to the projector screen when you re ready to move on. Fantasia: Part 3 Climb up and before long, you ll start to see streams of water being poured from a bove. You ll have to dodge past these as you climb to keep moving up. A little beyond the first streams of poured water are two books that are rotatin g around a center platform. Climb up to the left and then hop on one. You ll have to dodge another stream, which can be tough, so be careful. Ride the books to the right of the platform to reach a ledge with the Fantasia: Part III reel on it. Once you have that, you can climb to the top of the level a

nd leave. Drop back down to avoid the rotating books. Move back to the left, ride one of t he books up, and jump onto the book to the left of that to get to the top of the stage. The projector is just to your right. Grief Tower PIN: Welcome to Tower 2 of 3. Before you go anywhere, rotate the camera and find a small ledge out an archway door to the right. Paint in a chest there for a Go ld Pin. Enter the tower and start climbing. You ll see tentacles coming out of the wall, b ut they can be avoided with timing or by painting in weapons over top their atta ck points to distract them. Watch out for where you see the walls bubbling that means the Phantom Blot is ab out destroy a section of the floor. Sit tight, wait for it to happen, then jump the gap. Keep climbing. As you go, you ll have to start painting in portions of floor as th e Blot destroys them. EXTRA CONTENT: You ll eventually see a piece of content just floating. Snag it as you go by it s the Blot Attack Extra Content. Repeat the process, painting in shields and floors as you climb, and you ll hit th e top of the tower after just a minute or two. At the top, you ll fight the Blot again, except this time he has new tricks. Watch out for him to move to the sides of the tower while you re working on the gargoyl es, and if he does, head to the back of the tower. He s about to reach in and swip e at you, which is painful. He ll also leave blotlings to attack you. When it comes to the blotlings, it s best to convert at least some of them, and ma ybe try to spin attack the sweepers straight off the tower. With a few blotlings on your side, they tend to distract the others, and the Phantom Blot will leave you alone some while you re fighting the little guys. Paint in all four gargoyles and you ll activate the second tower. You re free to go after you heal up some. EXTRA CONTENT: Again, as you enter the room with the projector screen, look left . You ll see two barrels. Stand on them and jump to reach the Slobber Charge Extra Content. Jump into the screen again to reach the last tower. Fantasia: Part 4 As you climb in this level, the water below you starts to rise. You can outpace it pretty easily, but you actually need the water to reach the film reel. Climb until you hit a ledge that s got two barrels on it, plus a broomstick pourin g water off the right side. Stand on the barrel on the right and wait for the wa ter to rise and float the barrel up toward the ledge above. On the right side, you ll see the reel. Jump up and grab it as the water rises, th en jump back to your barrel and cross all the way to a third barrel on the left. Ride that up and jump over the broomstick at the top to reach the exit projecto r. Loss Tower Start heading up Loss Tower, being careful of tentacles. You can paint in the fl oor at the first gap, but the second you ll have to jump. Further up, you ll start to see pieces of archways above you being silhouetted. Pa int them in and keep climbing up. You ll dead end on a platform that s taller than the others before long. Turn around and use the archways you just painted (or paint them in now) to get inside the tower. To get through here, you ll have to win a close-quarters brawl with two spatters a nd a sweeper. This is actually about as easy as it sounds. The door will open wh en you re done. Head back outside. The path up falls away, but you can paint in steps going up t o the right. Be careful to the tentacles at the last painted step, then head bac

k inside after that. Another fight: this time, two sweepers and one spatter. Use the spin attack to d isable one of them, then kill it or paint it. Repeat the process until they re all done. Back outside. Start painting in steps so you can go to the right. PIN: As you paint in the second or third step, you should see a chest just benea th you as you approach. Carefully drop down to it to snag a Gold Pin. There are steps to the right to provide you a path back up. Inside for a third time. Your fight this time is two spatters and a huge Slobber , and it actually kind of sucks. For best results, you should probably just kill the two spatters, because they have a tendency to get un-turned and come back a fter you even though you ve already painted them. Fighting the Slobber in close quarters is pretty rough, so try to keep him on-sc reen and play keep away as much as you can. There are a few breakable items scat tered around to help keep your health up. When you ve defeated all the enemies, you can climb to the top of the tower. Head outside and jump up there. The Blot won t attack you outright, so just turn on the gargoyles and then leave. Midway to the exit, the Blot collapses the tower and breaks the crystal behind y ou. Approach it and you ll fall through the floor. As you keep falling down, you ll have a chance to refill your paint, thinner and sketches. EXTRA CONTENT: On the fourth floor down it ll contain a sketch you can grab, after the mess of thinner refills head to the bottom left corner to snag The Blot Ext ra Content. Do it fast, before the floor collapses again. PIN: A chest on the bottom floor, on the left side, contains the Skydiver Pin. S nag it before you leave. You re good to go when you reach the bottom. Just be careful, as the floor is coll apsing in chunks in the next hallway. Stay on the right side as you exit the doo r, but don t go far. The platform ahead is guarded by tentacles. Zap in the shield over top of them, then jump across. When you reach a dead end, thin the wall beside you and go out side. Thin the next wall and paint in a gear to lower the chandelier back in the main hall. Head inside and turn left, where you ll have to paint in the next chandelier . PIN: Be sure to grab the Silver Pin on top of the painted chandelier as you pass by. PIN: Jump down to the swinging chandelier below. If you look ahead, you ll see the re are two hallway floors, an upper and a lower. If you carefully jump, double-j ump and then spin, you should make it to the top one. When you get there, paint in a chest in the middle of the hallway and you ll reveal a Gold Pin. EXTRA CONTENT: Go around the hole right in front of you and check around the cor ner to the right for the Blot Attack II Extra Content. Drop into the hole and go right. A shifting wall will reveal a path for you, but you ll have to paint in the platforms moving forward. These will quickly be drain ed of paint by Blot tentacles, so you have to move fast. Jump to each one, paint the next, and go. At the end of this hall, you ll turn left and have to board a swinging chandelier. In order to make it to the next chandelier, you ll have to make a long jump after filling in the shield on the right wall to distract the tentacles. Jump off the second chandelier and start painting in the platforms ahead. Distra ct the tentacles in front of you as you go, until you hit the corner. There you ll find a chandelier to climb onto, which drops with your weight while the one acr oss from it rises, like scales. Wait for the chandeliers to be equal, then jump onto the closest one and quickly jump to the far one. They should equalize while you re in the air and allow you t o make the jump. Quickly hop off it to get to the corner and solid ground, then head through the door to the left to return to Oswald. There s a cutscene before you enter your final destination: Inside the Phantom Blo t.

Inside the Phantom Blot The path forward is pretty easy to follow. Start hopping to the platforms ahead to cross the thinner. When you get to your first spadoosh, blast him to deal wit h him quickly, before he sees you. Keep moving. You ll find platforms to use to climb up on the right as you approach a second spadoosh. Blast him and climb past him and you ll reunite with Gus. PIN: After Gus is done talking, speak with him again. If you ve been following thi s walkthrough, you ll have freed every trapped Gremlin in the game, and for your e fforts Gus will reward you with the Gremlin Guardian Pin. There s another spadoosh just ahead. Zap him, then drop down but stay on this side of the thinner fall right next to you. PIN: Facing over the river, turn right and you ll see a chest you can paint in. In side is a Bronze Pin. Keep moving down the thinner fall until you see Mickey s heart, chained up by blot icles. You ll have a short cutscene before you ll have to start fighting. First, take out the blotlings in the area, and pop the first two pustules. One w ill be on your right, the second on your left. EXTRA CONTENT: Before following the bloticle around through an opening to the le ft, go all the way to the right, where you can t walk anymore. Jump up on a platfo rm above the bloticle and move to the edge. You ll be just above the Lonesome Mano r III Extra Content. Drop down and snag it. Go back down to the bloticle. Pop the pustules and an opening will form on the l eft. Go through and you ll be sealed in. As you go forward, you ll have to carefully dodge tentacles as you take out the pu stules. The best way is to sit back and hit as many pustules as possible from th e doorway. Then, when the tentacles retract, jump across to the bloticle and sta nd on it between the last two sets of tentacles. Get the last pustule and run by the tentacles to get to the next opening. The next room is populated by characters consumed by the Blot. They re a pain you can t seem to zap them with paint and they ll hurt you just by touching you. Ignore the lost guys and just dodge them. Head for the platfroms in the center o f the room from there, you can zap the blisters on the bloticle all the way up t o the top. Kill them all and the lost characters disappear. With the bloticle dead, you can have some fun backtracking through irritating te ntacle territory to get to the main room again. There, you ll find more blotlings to fight. Use the high ground to zap the ones you can from here. Drop down and deal with the enemies as you see fit. Then head all the way to the other side and hop up onto the bloticle, to the platform where we located the E xtra Content before. A path will open up just above you. Head through the hole and start popping the bloticle blisters. You ll move into a tight hallway that has tentacles filling it, but they come out only intermittent ly it s a tactic conceived to trick and destroy you, so take your time and get the lay of where they come from. When you re ready, head for the corner up ahead. It s a safe spot and will help you destroy all the blisters to the next opening. Go through there and you ll enter a room with moving platforms and more lost characters. Jump to the moving platform ahead, then to the one above it. That s a safe spot, s o pop some pustules. After that, climb up to the next one which has a deadly los t character and then to the one above that so you re not attacked. Safe again: pop the last of the pustules and you ll kill the second bloticle. Gotta backtrack again. This time the tentacles are still there, but so are some crushing walls and ceilings to kill you. They go in two-shot bursts, so wait for them to clear, jump the tentacles and run for it. You ll have to clear two sets o f crushers to get back out. Back to the main room. The Phantom Blot adds sweepers to its defenses. Repeat th e process of getting what you can from high ground, then drop down and deal with the rest. When you ve zapped out all the enemies in this room, a third door opens. To get to it, climb up on the left toward the first door you went through, then use the r ising and falling platforms to get up to the higher exit. Inside, you ll have anot

her tunnel filled with tentacles. Here the tentacles are tricky again. Be careful of ones that come up through the floor in places you re likely to stop, like right inside the door, for example. M ove up until you see the moving platforms, and use those quickly. Be careful of tentacles that rise between them. Pop all the blisters as you go forward into another big room filled with lost ch aracters. This one has some moving platforms in the center of the room one that rises and falls, and one that descends into the thinner pool as it drops. You wa nt the first one. Wait till the coast below you is clear, then drop down and get on the elevated p latform in front of you, which is not moving. You re safe here, so pop some bliste rs. When you re out of reachable spots, jump onto the moving platform to your righ t and stay there. Use it to hit the next set. You should be able to hit all the remaining pustules from here if you re smart abo ut it. That ll kill bloticle No. 3, leaving you safe to head back to the main cham ber. Going back doesn t suck nearly as hard as your last return trip it should be pretty simple, just take your time. For the final bloticle, the room is filled with sweepers and a Slobber. There s re ally no good way to fight them all, so we re going to be strategic instead. First, use the high ground to zap nearby sweepers just under the ledge you start on. Get them on your side it s easier that way and make your way down to the left . There s another sweeper for you to get while you re there. Drop down a little lower and you can hit three or four blisters from this positi on without having to go down to the ground level. Get as many as you can, and yo u ll find that a few more are on the bloticle to the right, wrapping around the co rner. Now you have no choice but to drop down. Like I said before, fighting is a losin g endeavor with so many thinner-slinging enemies. Your best bet, instead, is to just drop a TV sketch to distract all the enemies in the area. While the enemies are watching the TV, quickly get the blisters on the bloticle on the bend near the ground level. There are two or three hit them all until you can t reach any more, then backtrack up onto your high ground platform. From here, work back toward the door you entered through this time and kill the last of the bloticles. The final shot will require you to be up near the door to hit it. Tag that last blotical and you re done Phantom Blot defeated. Game won. Enjoy the ending you created with your choices.

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