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8- Gerard DEGA, President, Alcatel Shanghai Bell

22- Mr. Chris Armitage, Area Vice President, UK & Ireland Teradata,
a division of NCR
34- General (R) Arshad Mehmood, Vice Chancellor, Punjab

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10- Mobilink Determined to Expand its Network
12- Mr. Parvez Iftikhar, Chief Executive Officer,
Universal Service Fund, Pakistan
14- CMPak: Kicking the Paddles
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15- Operators at Their Toes
16- We Need to Do More! 10 How to Deliver

18- Broadband in Pakistan

20- ISPs Charge PTCL for "Spoiling the Game"
24- Imitated Mobiles' Sales Going Sky-High
26- Fiber for Computer & Broadcast Networks
28- Mobile Phone Banking Soon in Pakistan
30- Sim Activation Tax Tempering the Growth 8
32- MNP; A Tale of Passive Public Response
36- Segmentation Engineering
38- Mobile Phone - Potential Threat for Children
40- India Plans to Join Ranks of Chipmakers
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73- Network Readiness - Must for Technology Utilization

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42- Telecom Update

41- Facts and Figures
42- Big Servers Making a Big Comeback Simplifying Data Collection
43- Bacteria: Future Medium of Data Storage
71- Software Requirments vs End Product
75- Talented Youth of the Digital World
78- Pakistan's IT Industry - Opportunities & Threats
51- Coming Mobiles
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67- It's Not One Thing It's many!!!
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Higher Education Key to Success
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44- Boeing & Airbus: The 2 Giants in the Skies

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90- Govt to roll out High-Speed Internet in 6 Months; Awais
Zubair Ahmed Kasuri Editor-in-Chief
tandardization brings benefits without hurting Mudassar Jehangir Chief Executive & Group Editor
competition. It can also be viewed as a mecha- Jahanzeb Aziz Executive Director
nism for optimizing economic use of scarce Aamir Attaa Editor
Zeeshan Ahmed Technical Editor
resources. Unlike rest of the world telecommuni-
cation in Pakistan has achieved number of land-
marks in its very small life; credit goes to the technology
Usman Yaqoob Marketing Executive (Lhr.)
boom and the operator's aggression. But point to ponder M. Farooq Malik Marketing Executive (Lhr.)
is why despite of these landmarks, the sector has yet to
see a level playing field for operators. This very small his- Abdul Wahid Senior Designer
tory tells various stories of bankruptcies, mergers and M. Naeem Mughal Designer
takeovers. Many, who took the licenses, never even opted
to start operations.
Muhammad Raza Malik Incharge Reasearch Wing
Crises on ISPs, LDIs, and GSMs are not a distant past.
There has never been a very clear policy and strategy as
Published by Good News PR Network
to what should be adopted as a standard practice to safe-
Printed by Akkaz Printers, Lahore
guard the interest of an operator. State owned enterprises
Lahore Office: 2nd Floor, Ali Mansion, 41-A, Lower Mall,
have always dominated the ISPs and LDIs industry, leav- Lahore - Pakistan.
ing no room for the private operators to survive. Similarly, Telephone:+92-42-7221006 - 7222275
Fax: +92-42-7321920
Instaphone, Paktel had no option other than to announce
Islamabad Office: Office # 7 B, 3rd Floor, Al - Baber Center, F-8
their failures. Recently launched MNP has not made an Markaz, Islamabad - Pakistan.
impressive impact on the service provider and the con- Phone: + 92-51-2855465-2855482,
Fax:+ 92-51-2851662
sumer as well. We can not afford to take pride as the first
Karachi Office: Office # 913 A, 9th Floor, Saima Trade Tower, I. I
ones in the region to adopt this advanced technique for
Chundrigarh Road, Karachi - Pakistan.
the justice among players. For sure it will never guarantee Phone: +92-21-2275215, Fax: +92-21-2275216
any justice nor would it allow the watch dog to see it as E-mail:
last resort to justify its mature decision making. Price: 200/-
In the absence of any price policy, rate per minute war Registration No: PCPB/105 (Vol. 3 Issue: 9)
has forced the operators to secure lesser profit with each
passing day. Resultantly they resort themselves to prac-
tices, ethical and unethical, in order to stabilize their profit
margins, dummy SIMs activation is not new thing which is Flare - Pakistan's First Online Magazine
also a security risk and who likes to pay for a minute
which is not of 60 seconds. This journey does promise
any long lasting results and one can for-see other set
backs soon in the industry.
To save player's and the consumer's interest, authori-
ties need to make policies and standards keeping in mind
the ground realities otherwise one doesn't have to wait for
a long to see another merger and takeover on the basis
of unnatural market forces. „

Head Office: 2nd Floor, Ali Mansion, 41-A, Lower Mall,Lahore,

Pakistan Tel:+92-42-7221006, 7222275 Fax:+92-42-7321920
Islamabad: Office # 7 B, 3rd Floor Al - Baber Center, F-8 Markaz, Online Edition for Free Download
Islamabad. Phone:+92-51-2855465 - 92-51-2855482
Karachi Office:Office # 913 A, 9th Floor, Saima Trade Tower, I. I
Chundrigarh Road, Karachi. Phone:+92-21-2275215, 92-21-2275216

Emergency Number in Mobiles
We all carry our mobile phones with hundreds of names/numbers
stored in its memory but yet nobody, other than ourselves know which
of these numbers belong to our near and dear ones. It may happen
that we are involved in an accident or have a heart attack and the peo-
ple attending us, get hold of our mobile phone, but don't know which
number to call to inform our family members. Yes, there are many
numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an
Mobile Phone Ads emergency?
For this reason, we must have one or more telephone numbers
Mobile phone operators at one end are portraying their selves as good stored under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency) in our mobile
corporate citizens and on the other they are killing the norms and values phones. Recently, the concept of "ICE" is catching up quickly. It is sim-
of our country by motivating youth to talk whole night. Our youngsters ple, an important method of contact during emergency situations. As
spending whole night on phone will lead us towards being a non-produc- cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, just store the
tive nation. No one can deny the influence of media these days. Young number of a contact person or person who should be contacted, during
people follow the trends shown on TV channels. Telecom companies in emergency as "ICE" (meaning In Case of Emergency).
Pakistan presumably can understand the psychology of their customers In an emergency situation, Emergency Service personnel and hos-
but still run ads which encourage subscribers to talk 'sara sara din sari pital staff would then be able to quickly contact your next of kin, by
sari raat'. Surely, there can be another way to advertise the product. simply dialing the number stored as "ICE". It really could save your life,
Advertising is a tool to sell products or services, but advertisers should or put a loved one's mind at rest. For more than one contact name
avoid giving messages that have an adverse impact over society. The simply enter ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc. Let's spread the concept of ICE by
regulatory authority is not even taking any notice of this continuous foul storing an ICE number in our mobile phones today!
practice on TV channels. This is a serious matter of concern for all of us Mohammad Ali, Lahore
as our future depends upon what we do right now, and no doubt our
growth does not lie in talking on the phone. I request all these companies
to take an ethical stand and join hands to make this nation stronger Karachi and Cell Phone Towers
adopting a positive approach. The caretakers of Karachi are forever promoting the city as a hub of
M Khayyam Siddiqi, Islamabad Information Technology (IT) and a choice destination for major confer-
ences and exhibitions. How is the government going to achieve this
Why Bother with ATMs? goal if minor issues are made into major ones for no good reason?
It was disturbing to read in a section of the press that the Sindh
SINCE 2002, I have been living in Karachi as a paying guest and am government is trying to remove cell phone towers from the residential
dependent on my family to send me money. The only way I can access areas of Karachi due to threat of radiation and other health problems.
that money is using ATMs, and I withdraw cash once a week. Whether it's While there is some relevance to this subject, this critical assumption
getting some photocopied notes, shopping, commuting around the city has not been proven in any other part of the developing world.
and even eating, every aspect of my everyday life depends on readily Communication is now clearly the road to achieving industrial and
available cash. economic success and as the advent of fourth generation wireless
During my five years here, I have been the victim of numerous ATM technology is around the corner, we must be prepared to embrace
malfunctions which always prove to be very disruptive and grueling. Each technology as a means to alleviating poverty. Let us talk of more rele-
time an ATM-related error occurs, it leaves me in flabbergasted, astray vant people-related issues such as clean drinking water, road safety
and confused situation. and better health care facilities.
Due to this uninvited brokenness, I have gone through traumatizing Waseem Abbas, Karachi
events like sleeping hungry, unable to buy books/notes when needed,
unable to repay my rent and having to face the music as a result. At cer-
tain instances, I have walked miles just to try using my ATM card at anoth- Misuse of Mobile Phone
er location. WITH the expansion of communication network, use of mobile
Today I have again returned with disappointment, as I needed money phones has greatly increased. At present this most modern facility has
to buy a train ticket for the following day but the "Issues link" was down. It become so pervasive that even the remotest corners of the country are
is useless to call the 24-hour helpline as most of the personnel are rude not deprived of the benefits of this hi-tech marvel. In big cities, owing
and unprofessional, furthermore they cannot do anything even if they to the mushroom growth of telecom companies almost, every second
tried. I have moved my account to other banks but this problem continues. person tends to have a cellphone. Obviously this development reduced
Why is no one being held responsible for this lack of maintenance of the distances and made life extremely convenient.
technology? Many articles continue to be written on the plight of ATM However, apart from the fact that it has become a life hazard as the
users but no action/initiative has been taken. Why? Do customers pay an cell snatchers do not mind killing the unfortunate owner, it has also
annual ATM fee just to get deprived of their money when they need it the become a source of entertainment bordering on vulgarities. I have
most? What about people who are in dire emergencies like accidents or seen in many gatherings that even people, mature enough to be quali-
urgent need of medication? fied for the category of grandparents, exchanging offensive jokes, even
Will no one be held accountable if a serious loss occurs? What good is stripped pictures with friends and acquaintances without realising the
a glistening 24-hour banking billboard if one out of every five times the degenerating moral impact on the sender, receiver and those with
godforsaken-antiquated-ill-maintained machine is not working? whom such jokes are shared.
Ali Hassan Memon, Karachi In the hands of younger generation, however, a cellphone has
become more a tool of entertainment than service; increasing number
The MNP Extravaganza of messages and as a result boosting the revenue of telecom compa-
nies. This is merely an abuse of a facility intended for the advantage of
WHEN mobile number portability (MNP) was announced, people society; not acceptable from any moral and ethical perspective.
heaved a sigh of relief as it gave frustrated consumers a chance to dis- Mansoor Ul Haque Solangi, Islamabad
continue their relationship with their pathetic mobile phone operators. I
happened to be one of them. However, as is the fate of every Pakistani, Billboard Revolution
the MNP proved to be a false promise. I am a U-fone 'forced customer'
Suddenly there seems to be quite a number of billboards of big
and want to switch on to other cellphone company where I hope, I will be
Bollywood celebrities all over the city. After looking at these one cannot
treated better.
help but wonder have all the Pakistani models suddenly become
I started using U-fone some four years ago and, for some unknown
unavailable? If not then why are we using big names from India and
reasons, the SIM serial number on the back of my SIM card has faded
other countries to endorse our products? We should use our own stars
and is now illegible. On contacting the U-fone 'helpline' (a misnomer) a
for this. We have our share of big celebrities too. Be it our cricketers,
customer representative gives me a new serial number which never
rock stars or TV actors. There is nothing wrong in using foreign famous
matches the data, resulting in a decline to my request for MNP. I was final-
people, only if this is also reciprocated in those countries. This situation
ly told that the information I need is 'classified data' and cannot be sup-
portrays a very disloyal and unpatriotic perception prevailing in our
Wasif Farooq, Islamabad
Saleha Abbasi, Karachi

6 Send us your letters at or at our postal addresses. Flare reserves the right to edit letters for clarity and space.
We Know How to Deliver
Gerard DEGA is President of
Alcatel Shanghai Bell and member
of the company's Board of
Directors. Before this appointment,
he was Executive Vice President of
Alcatel Europe & South,
responsible for its telecom
operations in France, Africa,
Middle East, the Indian
Subcontinent, Turkey and Central

He is a graduate of the Ecole Poly

Technique in Paris and a PhD in
Telecommunication Engineering
Gerard DEGA
Alcatel Shanghai Bell
He has 30 years of experience in
telecommunications. He joined
Alcatel in 1985 and took part in
setting up the international sales
network after the merger with ITT.
Later on, he was appointed as
leader of the international
Flare: How do you take Alcatel-Lucent Pakistan as very impressive
projects in Pakistan and the current deal in terms of new subscriptions operations of CIT (the French
with CMPak? as operators are bringing
DEGA: We are very proud to have projects in many customers under their branch of the Group), Chief
Pakistan. Our company has been investing nets.
here for last 15-16 years. During this period, we In the recent years, the new
Executive of the Public Switching
have shown our dedication by achieving the
highest level of wired and wireless
operators have received
tremendous results, which
Division, Chairman of Alcatel CIT,
infrastructure. We have played our role by
training engineers, and building IT team. It
depicts that there is lot of
space here for new comers.
President of the Mobile
shows our commitment to Pakistan and the This is what made China- Communications Division,
people of this country. Alcatel-Lucent looks mobile to take keen interest
forward to further developments in telecom, to in the market. They had been Chairman and CEO of Alcatel
take place in this region. It is matter of fact that looking for going beyond
Pakistan still has very high potential when it China and the selection of France and President of Area 4 of
comes to infrastructure and tele-density. Pakistan by China Mobile is
About recent agreement with CMPak, our first another illustration of juicy Alcatel Telecom.
major goal is to develop a very reliable and atmosphere of Pakistan.
flawless mobile network for this company. FLARE: Is Alcatel Shanghai
China Mobile, which is our strategic customer in
China, is first time entering any market out of
Bell a Chinese or a
European company?
Before joining Alcatel, he held
china, so we take this project as extremely
important to us.
DEGA: Well it is both, fifty- several international positions at
fifty. To show you the
FLARE: How do you see Pakistan's market complete picture, I need to go France Telecom.
and opportunities here? into little details of Chinese
DEGA: I am quite familiar to this country since telecom history and Alcatel
long. The market in Pakistan has matured well. Shanghai Bell; Chinese
The telecom sector has seen many market was opened to the
developments and technological advancement foreign companies around 25
as compared to that of 15 years ago. I see years ago. Before that, it was
other vendors are. We have the same cost with the people and then building the towers,
structure as they have. So, we are quite putting the antennas, the equipment, and
similar to other vendors. We and ZTE are generators and so on. We have to cover the
having more than 95 percent share in fixed northern parts of the country including
networks. We have grasped around 20 Islamabad, Peshawar, high mountains (which is
percent share in the mobile networks, not not an easy task) and many others. In the east,
only this we are going to play major role in we are going to cover Kashmir as well.
deployment of 3G network in China. So, we FLARE: How do you see the competition
have gained a
market share,
and we will see
Mr. Gerard DEGA, President, tremendous
Alcatel Shanghai Bell, during an increase in this
interview with Flare
share with 3G
network rollout.
a At present, we
closed market with only Chinese manufacturers are quite equivalent
and state owned enterprises manufacturing all to other vendors.
their telecom equipments. FLARE: How will
The market was opened to the foreign you differentiate
manufacturers in the early 80s to bring in the Chinese and
European technology into China. It paved the European product
way for two companies, Alcatel and ITT, to standards?
enter the market. ITT was, later on, able to DEGA: It is an old
succeed in partnering with the Chinese feeling and it is true
Government to develop a joint venture to to some extent
manufacture digital switching equipment. This when it comes to the
quality of some Mr. Gerard DEGA, President,
resulted into the creation of Shinghai Bell, with Alcatel Shanghai Bell, during an
60 percent shares of Chinese Government, 30 textile products and interview with Flare

percent shares by ITT and 10 percent shares other goods. But our
by the Belgium government. telecom products
Soon Shanghai Bell became the champion in are as good as any among various vendors in Pakistan?
switching technology in China and they had others'. In terms of technology, Chinese DEGA: Competition in Pakistani market is
monopoly on switching which was most vendors are quite competitive. As you see, difficult, some of our competitors are struggling
advanced technology then. Chinese people are very active; they can bring and we have the opportunities to replace them
Alcatel, which purchased ITT in 1987, became in new technology with in months, by working in the future. Still some of them are very strong
and we will have to compete by showcasing
advance technologies and bringing reliability in
: Alcatel-Lucent looks forward to further developments in network, which is beneficial for end customers.
telecom, to take place in Pakistan's well matured market, The competition always helps you to improve
and optimize your own products and
which still has very high potential for infrastructure and technologies, product and also your
tele-density FLARE: What, in your opinion, is the future
of China- Mobile in Pakistan?
DEGA: Well, China-mobile is not only state
the minority share holder of the Shanghai Bell. day and night.
owned but they are very dynamic and very
Apart from this, Alcatel invested in as many as FLARE: How do you see the cellular market active. They are holding a very good share in
217 joint ventures with local partners for here? China and also they are following their share
transmissions, cables, microwaves, mobile DEGA: I think, when I look at my own cell value. They are following the government
onset, mobile infrastructure policies and at the same time they are winning
and many more like that. to make a very good business in China by
In 1999-2000 during a earning huge profits.
meeting between Chinese Keeping in view the Pak-China friendship and
Minister for Pakistan's telecom sector, they will have to
telecommunication and show results. They have invested 700 million
chairman Alcatel it was dollars and determined to invest more, so there
decided to put all these is no point for them not to get their share. They
assets together, which are putting their best people and equipment to
resulted the emergence of acquire the success.
Alcatel Shanghai Bell in
FLARE: Data services are not popular here,
so how do you perceive the future of next
So this makes Alcatel generation technologies in Pakistan?
Shanghai Bell a very
DEGA: Data service will certainly increase.
unique and special
There is no reason why young people of
company which, on one
Pakistan are different from the rest of the world.
hand has strong support Mr. Gerard DEGA, President, China-mobile has done extremely well in China
from the Chinese Alcatel Shanghai Bell, during an
interview with Flare team and I think more than 20 percent of their
Government, while on the
revenue is coming from text messaging. While
other hand it has all sort of
3G is totally a different idea, as it requires more
access to Alcatel Lucent
which gets disconnected again and again, a lot sophisticated technology. So, in my opinion, still
products and technology.
has been done and still lot needs to be done in it is the time to expand the existing 2G network.
FLARE: How many Chinese people are
terms of quality of service, diversification and FLARE: Do you expect spamming coming
employed by the company?
number of subscribers. from China to Pakistan after China Mobile is
DEGA: The 99.99 of work force is from China. here?
We have 10,000 workers and only about 50 of FLARE: Would you tell us about your
contract with China-mobile and in which DEGA: Spamming is everywhere in the world.
those are non-Chinese.
areas you are going to operate in? It is difficult to say right now that China-mobile
FLARE: How does Alcatel Shinghai Bell will bring spamming in Pakistan. I hope that
differ from other Chinese vendors, working DEGA: It is a complete, turnkey network
contract. We, as in-charge of planning a CMPak we will be able to change the
locally and globally? perception about the involvement of Chinese
DEGA: Well, locally we are as Chinese as the network, are working to know where to put the
base stations, acquiring the sites, negotiating people in the spamming. n 9
Telecom Flare Report

Mr. Zouhair A. Khaliq,

President and CEO, Mobilink

Mobilink has so far invested around 2.25 billion dollars and intends to invest further
500 million dollar, this year, out of which 160 million dollar already spent on network
expansion. We are presenting here a conversation carried out with
Mr. Zouhair A. Khaliq, President and CEO, Mobilink

800 km optic fiber cable of Mobilink is strong and it will continue to grow at a steadier ciently. He said as per data, MNP Directorate
near completion and would start offering pace in future as well. was receiving around 500 subscribers' applica-
quality broadband and high-speed con- "The government has provided a level play- tion for change of operator every day.
nectivity to countrywide customers from ing field to all the operators in Pakistan and the "It is too early to say that MNP is failure or
August this year. So far around 60 mil- overall environment of liberalization has been success, but a freedom of choice is provided to
lion dollars have been invested by the company positive for the development of the industry in subscribers," he added.
and more investment would be made in the sec- Pakistan," he said. Zouhair said Mobilink has introduced PCO
ond phase to establish additional 2500 km fiber He said quality of service is Mobilink's priori-
optic cable in the country. "The key objective of ty and it is working on a project to add 1800 The company, having more
this project is to provide quality bandwidth to the
customers at affordable rates," said Zouhair A
more cell sites to its network by the end of this
year. The company, having more than 5600
than 5600 operational cell sites
Khaliq, Chief Executive Officer of Mobilink. operational cell sites and coverage in over 5000 and coverage in over 5000
In a recent interview, he said with rapidly
growing telecom traffic there was an urgent
cities, towns and villages, has established addi-
tional 500 cell sites during the first four months cities, towns, and villages, has
need for reliable connectivity and the company of this year under a massive expansion plan to established additional 500 cell
will meet this need through massive investment. ensure quality service to the subscribers, CEO
Mobilink, having more than 24 million sub- stated. sites during the first four
scribers, has so far invested around 2.25 billion
dollar and intends to invest further 500 million
According to Zouhair Khaliq deployment of
cellular antennas pose no risk to the health of
months of this year
dollar this year, out of which 160 million dollar human beings living in proximity of the towers services to facilitate people especially living in
already spent on network expansion. even in densely populated urban centers. "We remote areas. The CEO also highlighted role of
"We will continue making investments in net- follow and keep in mind all international stan- the company in supporting the community and
work infrastructure and distribution network to dards while installing tower and other telecom social development and added that each year,
ensure that the Company maintains its lead in equipment," Zouhair Khaliq maintained. Mobilink and its staff contribute significantly to
the industry. Our 4000 employees are fueled Replying to another question that Mobilink community projects, including local arts, educa-
with a passion to be the best and we manage to sees any threat from China Mobile, he said tion, health and sports.
stay ahead by being the pioneer in launching competition is good for the customers and has Mobilink has been actively giving regular
state of the art services and products, he said. proven to be good for us too, adding that support to hospitals and other organisations for
He said with six operators the competition in although Mobilink is leader in the industry it is medical equipment. It has also provided com-
the market is stiff, however, the company has aware of the developing scenario and is cog- puters to the Federal Board of Intermediate and
maintained a clear leadership through aggres- nizant of the fact that market is becoming more Secondary Education and Rs. 100,000 to
sive investment and innovative strategies. aggressive. Zouhair was at the view that new Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences to set up
Pakistan's telecom sector has taken a lead players can enter into the market by buying a computer lab.
last year in term of Foreign Direct Investment stake in existing operators and China Mobile's As part of the post-earthquake reconstruc-
(FDI). Apart from investment, this sector also entry into the market recently is an example. tion effort, Mobilink is assisting in rebuilding
created huge employment opportunities and On Mobile Number Portability (MNP), same villages in AJK. Mobilink also became the
contributed to national exchequer in term of Zouhair Khaliq said it was a difficult task but all first cellular company to start its operations in
taxes. The growth in the industry has been very the operators and PTA managed it very effi- AJK and Northern Areas. „
Telecom Flare Report

Parvez Iftikhar - till recently head of

Telecom Division of Siemens in
Pakistan - has undergone extensive
training in the disciplines of Telecom
Engineering and Business Management,
both in Pakistan and
abroad. As a telecom
professional with near-
ly 30 years of experi-
ence, Parvez Iftikhar
has a knack of not
only keeping himself
physically fit but also
Mr. Parvez Iftikhar keeping up to date on
Chief Executive Officer, technology
Universal Service Fund, Pakistan

arvez Iftikhar, a graduate engineer from expos and training courses. He has several large proj- Policy and committee for R&D Fund distribution etc.
University of Engineering and Technology, ects delivered on time and within budgets worth hun- As a telecom professional with nearly 30 years of
Lahore, is the Chief Executive Officer, dreds of Million Dollars to his credit. He has been experience, Parvez Iftikhar has a knack of not only
Universal Service Fund Company (USFC), instrumental in transferring numerous technology pro- keeping himself physically fit but also keeping up to
Pakistan. USFC, recently established as a date on technology. Being an avid reader he keeps
Private Company, under Companies Act of Pakistan, is The Universal Service Fund himself fully conversant with cutting edge disciplines.
responsible for spreading telecommunication services
to those un-served/under-served parts of the country (USF) was created by the The Universal Service Fund was established by
the Federal Government to meet the Information and
which the Telecom Operators do find lucrative enough
to invest in. Besides USFC, he is also responsible for
Federal Communications Communication Technology (ICT) needs of the un-
served and under served areas of the country. A struc-
spreading Broadband Communications and Special
Projects of e-Services in the country.
Commission in 1997 to meet tured policy formulation approach is being followed so
that the existing digital divide between urban and rural
Parvez Iftikhar - till recently head of Telecom the goals of Universal communities is gradually bridged.
Division of Siemens in Pakistan - has undergone The main strategic objectives for this fund are to
extensive training in the disciplines of Telecom Service as mandated by the ensure the availability of telecom infrastructure, provi-
Engineering and Business Management, both in
Pakistan and abroad, including management courses Telecommunications Act of sion of basic telecom services, shared access and
broadband penetration acceleration and addressing
at the prestigious Siemens Leadership School,
Feldafing, Germany. He has also been on a sabbatical
1996 the digital divide through uplift of rural tele-density in
the country.
to Carnegie Melon University, Pittsburg, USA. grams from Europe to Pakistan. Services of international consultants were hired to
Parvez Iftikhar has read several Technical Papers Parvez Iftikhar has worked with the Government of help the Ministry of IT formulate a robust and forward
in various seminars. He has traveled extensively all Pakistan, on voluntary basis, in several bodies, like IT looking framework for the Universal Service Fund. „
across the globe attending seminars, workshops, Advisory Board, committee to formulate Telecom

Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan, Said Kamal Ahmed briefs the media persons about the Two youngsters taking snaps through their cell phones of their friends while sitting in the replica of a
Microsoft’s 5th Pakistan Developer Conference 2007 during a press conference. traditional boat during the last week of Waahdi Mela organized by Punjab Institute of Language, Art and
Culture held at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex.

CMPak: Kicking the Paddles
Ericsson and Alcatel-
Lucent will be the
major technology
partner of CMPak
(China Mobile Pak)
along with ZTE and
Huawei CEO CMPak, Geuo Yonghong shakes hand with President
Ericsson Pakistan, Zibber Mohiuddin during the signing
CEO CMPak, Geuo Yonghong shakes hand with
Mr.Gerard DEGA, President, Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co.,
ceremony regarding CMPak $500 million contract. Ltd. during the signing ceremony.

eeling the tremendous competition of net- will enable CMPak to bring mobile service to a GSM/GPRS/EDGE solutions, including Base
work expansion from its rivals CMPak greater number of people in the region, helping Station Sub-systems hardware and software.
choose four vendors including Ericsson, to improve their economic prospects. These This includes the high-power radio module,
Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE and Huawei. While new contracts with Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson TWIN TRX, a recent addition to the Alcatel-
for most network expansion Ericsson and show the complete confidence of operator on Lucent portfolio that doubles base-station
Alcatel-Lucent will be responsible and others them and further strengthen their position, as a capacity in urban environments with high sub-
will provide the core networks. vendor in Pakistan. scriber density and offers wider coverage in
The contract of network expansion in south Alcatel-Lucent's turnkey contract covers the rural environments while at the same time
region is given to Ericsson. Under the contract expansion of the CMPak GSM network in north- reducing power consumption by up to 30%. In
Ericsson will provide a complete GSM radio net- ern Pakistan. The equipment for this expansion addition Alcatel-Lucent will supply CMPak with
work including MINI-LINK to extend coverage to will be provided by Alcatel-Lucent's Chinese a comprehensive suite of network integration
312 cities in the densely-populated Sindh and flagship company Alcatel Shanghai Bell, a long- services such as network optimization, system
Balochistan regions. term partner to China Mobile. Under the terms support and general project management. n
Once implemented, the network expansion of this contract, Alcatel-Lucent will deliver its

4B Group Pakistan; Producing Quality

The 4B group initiated formation of its activities with the vast
exposure of its management team with a humble beginning by
setting up 4B Industries in 2001 to complement its existing
distribution business which was started in the late 70's

he 4B group initiated formation of its the prestigious affiliation with Warid the group aims to capitalize on its
activities with the vast exposure of its Telecommunication Private Limited along side demonstrated efficiency and skill in execution
management team with a humble ARY Group and AL- FALAH as affinity and demand-supply chain management, and
beginning by setting up 4B Industries in partners. our history of innovation. The market on which
2001 to complement its existing The group has managed to provide technical the group intends to focus include markets with
distribution business which started in the late and erection facilities of international standard low mobile subscription rates relative to the
70's. to Paktel, Warid and PTCL in technical size of the population, geographic areas where
The group believes in synergy and its limitless collaboration with international telecom giants. it is more cost-effective to build wireless
power of unifying. Its philosophy is not limited As a facilitator, the group has ventured into infrastructure than fixed-line network, and
to the group alone but extends to the realms of providing the government with the latest heavily populated areas, where factors such as
customer/collaborator relations, investor Japanese technologies including level poor infrastructure or theft of materials tilt the
interactions and into market trends, analyses surveying equipment among others. scales in favor of wireless solution.
and technological advances. It is the only way In addition, the trading activities are being The company also intends to focus on
to ensure that when an endeavor is made by expanded to providing value for money in markets where the need for network capacity is
several different elements, the result is of a far providing services and equipments to the growing as a result of mobile network operators
higher quality than what could have been telecom companies in the country. promoting the replacement of fixed networks
achieved by each element acting alone. There is also a prestigious joint venture with with wireless.
The group activities found its impetus with the Defense Housing Authority Islamabad in People are living in populated areas
acquisition of FALETTI's Hotel property from collaboration with internationally acclaimed have difference by considering their
the Privatization Commission Government of telecom player Teleste, Finland to organize, requirements as for money or moving with
Pakistan in July 2005. construct and operate a state-of-the-art advance lifestyle, TREND will be providing a
One of the group's major strengths is its broadband cable (HFC) facility which is wide range of advance models with added
strong relationships with Chinese & European currently in the offing. advantages and features with in competitive
manufactures while ensuring sources for the 4B group believes that many opportunities for price. That will help in growing existing market
open ended requirements of its customers. growth exist in the mobile market, and it intends of mobile industry. n
Major accomplishments of the group include to continue to focus on this area. In doing so,
Zeeshan Ahmed Telecom

The operators with best quality services and call rates can only survive in the country
while the others continuously losing their market share. The competitive market will
not provide enough time to the newly arrived China Mobile to settle down. Market
leader Mobilink, lost another 2.1pp of market share and its monthly average growth
rate declined to 3.1%. The principal beneficiaries are the two newest operators, Telenor
and Warid Telecom

obile industry in Pakistan, the hot bringing its total investment in the market to keting in order to succeed.
cake for foreign investors, is wit- over US$1bn. The level of investment shows Whilst these are undoubtedly issues which
nessing an exciting battle of that China Mobile is serious about turning round China Mobile's management must at least give
snatching number one position Paktel's fortunes, and injecting the necessary thought to, there are perhaps not concerns
among the cellular phone compa- capital - of which there is clearly no shortage - which have the same gravity as they might if we
nies now with China Mobile, the world's biggest in order to make the operator
cellular company, also in the contest.
The new entrants, Telenor and Warid are
However, concerns remain for
Currently Mobilink is covering over 5000
capturing the market share swiftly, moving the China Mobile. First, is the cities and towns with 5600 sites, Ufone is
telecom boost towards saturation but the entry
of China Mobile, which has bought Paktel
amount of time it will take to
achieve the coverage and net-
working in over 750 cities and towns with
recently, is likely to add fuel to the current work quality necessary to com- 1108 sites, Telenor is operating in over 1100
mobile telecommunication battle. According to pete effectively? The Pakistani
PTA, the five mobile phone companies operat- mobile market stood at 35% pen- cites and towns with 2900 sites, Warid func-
ing in the country have more than 58 million etration - More then one connec- tioning in over 210 cities with 1200 sites
customers with Mobilink enjoying 43.2 % of total tion for every three heads of pop-
GSM market. Ufone has 21.39 % , Warid 16.6 ulation - and it is forecast that the and Paktel working in 218 cities with 893
% , Telenor 16.5 % and Paktel 1.8 %.
Currently Mobilink is covering over 5000
rate to climb to 50% by the end
of the year. In such door die situ-
sites. These all operators cover 70 % of the
cities and towns with 5500 sites, Ufone is work- ation, if a piece of the action is to population with 35 % geographically
ing in over 750 cities and towns with 1108 sites, be had, it is best had sooner
Telenor is operating in over 1100 cites and rather than later. were talking about almost any other internation-
towns with 2900 sites, Warid is active in over The second concern is that even with a al investor. The China Mobile chairman was
210 cities with 1200 sites and Paktel working in world class network, China Mobile still has to reported this week as saying that the company
218 cities with 893 sites. These all operators compete against at least three very well funded hopes to gain valuable experience from
cover 70 % of the population with 35 % geo- Pakistani market which it could use to its benefit
graphically. in other overseas ventures. Not many develop-
Telenor and Warid are competing hard for ing markets in the world where it could gain bet-
the market share with Telenor 16.5% and Warid ter experience, but whether the experience will
16.6% market. Ufone is not doing well as for as ultimately be a positive one is far from certain.
the network expansion and quality of service is Then again, one could argue that in China
concerned. Many customers are availing the Mobile's position, and with the ambition it must
facility of MNP to change their network, increas- undoubtedly have, all experience is good expe-
ing the market share of Warid and Telenor con- rience. With the kind of resources at its disposal
sistently. While Mobilink and Ufone have lost which many international players can only
their market share. dream of, China Mobile as a multi-national
China Mobile acquisition Paktel remained in operator is likely to prove a law unto itself.
a distant fifth place with just 1.8% of the market Whilst it is certainly not a sustainable strategy,
share. China Mobile promised another in the case of Pakistan the potential for valuable
US$400m of investment for its fledgling over- experience may well prove much more impor-
seas mobile business, to add to the US$460m it tant than the potential for profitability, or indeed
Source Pakistan Telecommunications Authority
claims it has already spent. US$400m is almost any other conventional benchmark for success.
exactly the amount of money which Telenor and well run competitors, in the form of The battle of widest coverage low tariffs and
spent on its Pakistani mobile network last year, Orascom (Mobilink), Telenor and Warid. As well quality services among mobile phone operators
adding to the US$600m the Norwegian giant as throwing the necessary funds at the problem is heading towards its fierceness which is likely
had already injected in the previous two years, it must also throw good management and mar- to give more benefit to the customers. „
Telecom Junaid I. Khan

ith over 52 million mobile and 6 internet or broadband and thus are unable to
million fixed line subscribers, the communicate with their loved ones whenever
growth in Pakistan's telecom sec- they want or do business with people outside
tor has been very impressive. their immediate area. In order to promote
Even though the seeds of this broadband access to every citizen of this coun-
growth had been sown much earlier but the real try, aggressive efforts would be required in the
"take off" started in 2004-05 and today, it is hard area of education, content development, PC
to imagine life without "personal" telecommuni- proliferation, bandwidth pricing and quality of
cations. However, the internet and broadband service. Currently, we do not see concerted
growth still lags behind then many developing efforts to address the above areas by the gov-
countries and needs special attention. ernment or the private sector.
According to reports almost 1.0 million new It is true that there has been continous a
mobile subscribers are added every month and growth in the metros where the growing working
the total subscriber number has crossed well and middle class is using the cell phone as an
over 52 million. This means almost one out of affordable enabler to help improve their quality
every three Pakistani has a phone. This is of life. However, this growth is still skewed
impressive! However, we must ask this question towards urban areas and excludes the impor-
if the growth has permeated in all segments of tant area of internet and broadband connectivi-
the society and has it helped the country on a ty. Ideally the telecom reach should extend to
sustainable growth path? the grass root levels in an segments of commu-
Junaid I. Khan
Today many people around the globe cannot nity in all areas of ICT.
CEO, Telecom Services & Consultants (Pvt) Ltd
imagine their daily lives without the use of This is where government can play a vital
mobile phones, television, radio or Internet and role and ensure that the fruits of technology are ple will be truly emancipated and be able to
yet for millions of people in Pakistan's urban distributed evenly to every square kilometer of take steps towards their economic prosperity.
and rural areas there remains a "digital divide" this country. Government can achieve this by That's when we will be able to claim "ab baat
excluding them from the benefits of ICT. This giving specific measurable targets to ISPs and ban gayee" do some "talk shawk" and ask "ab
obviously means that there are still people who telecom companies to provide basic services to aur sunao". That is when Pakistan will be truly
need to be "connected" through phone, TV, every village of this country. Only then our peo- connected!. „

Bangladesh's mobile phone sector has been growing at a rapid

pace, with the number of subscribers reaching nearly
22 million at the end of March 2007 from only 200,000 in 2001.
According to the experts the number is expected to cross
50 million mark by 2009

lthough nearly half of Bangladesh's "To have a strong market in Bangladesh we
more than 140 million people still live will further invest $300 million in the next two
on less than a dollar a day, the country years," Naveed said.
has been one of Asia's growing cellular Bangladesh's mobile phone sector has been Naveed Saeed
markets, with a mobile penetration rate growing at a rapid pace, with the number of GM Sales & Marketing, Warid Telecom Bangladesh
of around 16 percent. Bangladesh's sixth cell- subscribers reaching nearly 22 million at the
phone carrier, Warid Telecom, said it hopes to end of March 2007 from only 200,000 in 2001. competition heats up in the fast growing sector.
win 10 million subscribers in two years in one of According to the experts the number is expect- "The number of subscribers doubled in one year
the world's fastest growing markets. ed to cross 50 million by 2009 as competition in - up from 11 million in 2006 to about 22 million
Warid Telecom, a subsidiary of UAE based the sector heats up. in March 2007, and is forecast to increase to 44
Abu Dhabi Group, launched its operation in million by 2009," the ADB said in a recently
Bangladesh on May 10, 2007.
"We hope that we can grab 5 million cus- Warid Telecom has already released report.
According to the report mobile telecommuni-
tomers in the first year of operation by offering
better value-added services, competitive tariffs
invested $400 million on build- cations had become one of the most vibrant
and world-class network quality," Naved Saeed, ing its network and plans to do service sectors in Bangladesh with its growing
network coverage, which reaches about 97 per-
general manager of the company said.
"There is a huge potential in Bangladesh more in Bangladesh cent of the country's population and 82 percent
of the land area.
and at the moment it is not a very big problem Healthy competition among six operators
to capture 50 percent of the market. The poten- Other phone operators in Bangladesh are has significantly reduced tariff rates in the last
tial number is 40 million of which 20 million are Grameenphone, Aktel, Banglalink, Citycell and couple of years.
enjoying the cellphone facility," Naveed main- state-run Teletalk. While Grameenphone domi- The availability of phones in rural areas has
tained. nates the mobile phone market with more than created new opportunities for income genera-
Warid Telecom, which bought a GSM mobile 50 percent market share followed by Aktel. tion through self-employment by providing vil-
phone licence for $50 million in 2005, has The Asian Development Bank (ADB) expects lagers with access to modern information and
already spent $400 million on building its net- the total number of mobile phone users in communication technologies. „
work and plans to invest more in Bangladesh. Bangladesh to double in the next two years as
Telecom Anayat Ullah M. Hasni

The Bandwidth advantage of land

line over mobile phone is exploited
all over the world to overcome the
mobile phone extravaganza but the
land line operator in Pakistan is
once again late in using the trick.
PTCL with international connectivi-
ty via SMW3 , SMW4 , TransWorld as well as by satellite has advan-
tage but kept all these options so sacred yet and not using them to
give real tough time to its so called rivals

he primary reason for the success of mobile would jump into the broadband highway. PTCL had a This step can also be taken by the government
phones in Pakistan was the gap between the clear advantage of their existing network infrastructure. and operators in Pakistan. High Speed NetCafe's can
demand and supply in voice telephony in They already have a network having its maintenance be setup in different cities promoting broadband servic-
Pakistan. Landline has a clear advantage over cost and limited use i.e. voice. They charge a fixed es. It will be hard to the users to go back home to their
mobile connections i.e. Bandwidth. Every amount of line rent from the subscribers, which is basi- narrow band connections after having a taste of
where else in the world Telco Operators used this cally due to the maintenance cost on these lines. It speedy services, thus creating a market for broadband
advantage to their benefit and started to provide higher
data rates for internet and other bandwidth hungry High speed internet connections, VOD, Cable TV and Online
applications to the customers like Cable TV and VOD
(Video On Demand). But unfortunately in Pakistan gaming are some of the potential uses of broadband which, if
that's not the case. Mobile phones are being consid-
ered as the direct competitors to landline operator.
promoted rightfully among the masses, could have been
This is because of the lack of broadband penetration in
money makers for the landline operator, whose profit is
This only advantage of landline over mobile was shrinking day by day. The LLO after wasting a lot of time
never brought into the competition by the Land line
operator (LLO). The use of broadband was never pro- letting mobile technology to catch up the broadband
moted by the LLO due to which use of broadband con-
nections is only limited to large organizations in bandwagon in the form of EDGE and WiMAX, are finally now
Pakistan including banks and govt. sector organiza-
tions. Even many of our universities lack quality broad-
concentrating towards broadband to the masses and PTCL is
band connections. Should this advantage have been
promoted in the right way, it would have been a lot
still planning for Triple Play services. This course of action
easier for landline operator in Pakistan to give a tough should have been taken 5 years ago
time to their mobile competitors. High speed internet
connections, VOD, Cable TV and Online gaming are would have made a lot more sense if they would have
some of the potential uses of broadband which, if pro- provided more broadband services other than voice on
moted rightfully among the masses, could have been the same infrastructure since the extra maintenance
money makers for the landline operator, whose profit is cost would have been zero.
shrinking day by day. Landline operators of course PTCL and all other landline operators are pri-
can't increase their voice call charges due to tough marily interested in small to medium and large
competition from mobile operators. It would have been organizations as potential customers for
wise to increase the volume of traffic through their net- their broadband services. But these com-
works via broadband. panies are forgetting the real potential of
The LLO operator after wasting lot of time letting residential customers. The broadband
mobile technology to catch up the broadband band- industry of South Korea is a good
wagon in the form of EDGE and WiMAX, are finally example in this case. Although the
now concentrating towards broadband to the masses South Korean market is very different
and PTCL is still planning for Triple Play services i.e. from that of Pakistan in terms of liter-
Voice, Internet and Cable TV on the same connection. acy rate and population density, but
This course of action should have been taken at least some of the steps taken by the gov-
5 years ago. Some of the operators like World Call did ernment and operators in South
start providing Triple Play services over their HFC Korea can apply globally. One such
Network in limited areas of Lahore and Karachi. But example are high speed Net Cafés
wide scale adoption of broadband in Pakistan could called PC Bahngs (Rooms) in the local
only happen if the biggest player in the market PTCL language.
at home. one channel i.e.
Some other factors that proved successful in South 6MHz for regular
Korea that apply globally are: TV channels and
„ Price of broadband compared with narrowband - 16 to 20 MHz for
Broadband must be priced close to narrowband. This High Definition
appears to be the key factor in encouraging con- content is
sumers to adopt broadband. required. When
„ Consumer choice - Customers have different the user switches
needs. Service providers need to provide service pack- the channel, a
ages that fit different market segments. request is sent to
Due to different lifestyle education and industrial the operator's office from where the next channel is Recently PTCL has announced its plans to provide
culture in Pakistan, broadband has huge potential sent along the same bandwidth. Thus a delay is intro- triple play services but the problem is that wateen is
since there are limited entertainment facilities and peo- duced which is equivalent to the time delay between very close to the completion of its WiMAX project
ple don't go out for recreation much. Online gaming the moment you pickup the receiver of your phone and which promises wireless broadband services. This will
can prove to be a catalyst for the broadband market. the moment you hear a dial tone. But the advantage give PTCL a tough time in marketing its project.
Online gaming can have its servers inside Pakistan being that the number of channels that can be provid- Although PTCL has the advantage of owning interna-
thus can lower bandwidth cost by eliminating traffic ed using this technology is virtually unlimited. Some tional fiber optic connectivity, while wateen is lagging
through international fiber optic links. IPTV can play a operators are providing more than 2000 channels this connectivity right now and it will have to depend
vital role in this regard. IPTV differs from traditional using IPTV. With the increase in the number of chan- on PTCL for its connectivity. Off course PTCL can pro-
Cable TV in the sense that channels are not broad- nels day by day this could prove to be one of the sell- vide more competitive rates owing to the fact of its
ing prices to telecom operators. international bandwidth ownership. But WiMAX will
Smaller players have not been successful in pro- give Wateen the advantage of low maintenance cost
viding better packages due to the high bandwidth rates due to the wireless access network. Plus the advan-
of leased lines provided by PTCL. Most of the content tage of being totally IP based technology right from the
that we request using our internet browsers is hosted users house will give it advantages of bandwidth on
on servers abroad. Thus using national as well as demand.
international bandwidth. ISPs have to lease circuits One can really hope that with the introduction of
from PTCL at high prices, so they cant afford lower two nationwide long haul fibre cables from Wateen
packages for the subscribers. International connectivity Telecom and Multinet, prices will get lower but true
is provided by PTCL via SMW3 and SMW4 as well as broadband penetration can only be achieved by intro-
satellite and TransWorld a subsidiary of Orascom ducing competition in the international connectivity. For
Telecom Ltd. TransWorld has a clear disadvantage this PTA has to play its role. „
over PTCL, i.e. they don't have a backup submarine
cable to provide protection. Their connectivity right
casted on the cable thus much of the bandwidth in the now includes a submarine fiber optic cable that lands
cable is free for other use. Another advantage is the at Karachi and Fujera (UAE). From there they have
large number of channels that can be provided using purchased bandwidth from Verizon for further connec-
this technology since only a bandwidth equivalent of tivity.

Passengers besiege the check-in counters to apply employees for flight information of Japan's second Exhibitors of the Google company work in front of a illuminated sign at the industrial fair Hannover Messe
largest airliner All Nippon Airways Co.(ANA) at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. in Hanover, Germany. The Federal Trade Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into Google
Inc.'s proposed $3.1 billion purchase of ad-management technology company DoubleClick Inc.

A man makes a picture with a mobile phone in the headquarters of Russian oil giant Yukos during an auc- Chris Fitzhugh holds a concept drawing that shows how the temperature differences in the ocean can be
tion in Moscow. A little-known Russian company, Paran, bought the last remaining assets of the bankrupt used to generate large amounts of electricity at his home in Peacham, Vt. Fitzhugh plans to spend his
Yukos oil company including its headquarters building on Friday for 110.092 billion rubles. spring break pounding out a business plan and building a copper and PVC-pipe model to show how it will

Simplifying Data Collection
Mr. Chris Armitage
Area Vice President,
UK & Ireland Teradata, a division of NCR

Teradata owns core technology database solutions, where it provides its

customers with software and hardware solutions to meet their data
warehousing needs. Teradata's database software is focused on particular
market area so it is designed and optimised for data warehousing and
business intelligence
hris Armitage is Area Vice President for technology database products so core markets Mr. Armitage: I think, while comparing, the

C Teradata, a division of NCR. He is

responsible for the telecommunication
and media business in United
Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Middle East
and Africa.
Armitage, a graduate of Oxford University
with a degree in politics, philosophy and
are our target areas, where we provide them
with software and hardware solutions to meet
their data warehousing needs. Our database
software is focused on particular market area
so it is designed and optimised for data
warehousing and business intelligence. Where
as our competitors like Oracle and IBM build
major contrast between Pakistan and other
countries like UK and Ireland is that the
industries there are more diverse while here
the real focus for us is on telecom and finance
industries; as they are the only mature clients
of data warehousing. In Europe we have
strong presence in travel, transportation,
economics, has 18 years of experience in IT databases for online transactions, processing educational systems and others; in short there
and more than 10 years’ experience in business single record, airlines reservation systems and are more segments to be covered there.
intelligence, data warehousing and data other areas. Here in Pakistan market is maturing rapidly, I
management. Armitage began his IT career Teradata builds for complicated scam can see the developments taking place in
with IBM, as a technical consultant to the retail clearance through data on larger scale. On top different sectors but still there is lot more to be
industry, and later joined Acuma Solutions as a of this core technology, which now includes done.
sales manager, where he built a business software and hardware, we have a framework Q: Would you like to address a particular
intelligence consultancy team serving multiple of solutions for pulling the data out of area in Pakistan, which needs
industries. production systems and also applications. Over improvement regarding data
Armitage joined the Teradata retail team in the years we have established a valuable warehousing?
1999. He became manager of Teradata's UK relationship with our customers, every customer Mr. Armitage: Interesting question! When I
telecommunications industry in 2002. Latter on, we have worked with, it made us build our came here, I thought that we would have lot of
he was appointed to his current position. He portfolio of countless applications by developing insight to bring in many fields, we were doing
was recently in Pakistan, when Flare got a solutions for innovative and unique scenarios; in UK. Interesting thing is that there is equal
chance to interview him and collect certain and this portfolio is further strengthening with scope if we take it other way, for example the
information about the data warehousing time. telecom industry here has shown a
industry. Below is the detailed discussion we So Teradata is one of the biggest tremendous growth which gives a chance for
had with Armitage. professional services organisations focused on other nations to learn from Pakistan.
Q: Please brief us about the operations and data warehousing. On the other side, the financial institutes in UK
products of your company? Q: As a market, how will you compare are with higher penetration and larger number
Mr. Armitage: Teradata basically owns core Pakistan with other global markets? of accounts, but this development is required
this open philosophy but established a regional “Centre of excellence” in
we provide our own Pakistan, keeping in view the huge potential
solutions. available here in the Telecom and finance
At times a great deal of sector. We will continue investing further too in
integration is required growing skills of our organisation and also
when it comes to increasing the number of our customers.
combined solution Q: Are you having any sort of coalition with
involving hardware and government of Pakistan to provide solutions
software. for various organisations?
Q: what are your future Mr. Armitage: We have strong relationship with
plans? How do you see Pakistani Government through NADRA. We are
the future of Teradata in having a lot of support and sponsorship from
Pakistan and across the Ministry of Information Technology to grow
the globe? and establish various projects. So we are
Mr. Armitage: Well, we working heavily with central government and at
are going to announce the same time, we are getting tremendous
the strategic separation response from the provincial governments as
of Teradata and NCR well. We have met various government officials
Mr. Chris Armitage, A
Chris Armitage rea Vice President,
Area President, soon; we are going who seem to be fully committed to read the
eland Terad
UK & IIrreland
UK during an in
ata, durin
Teradata, terview with
nter Fla
with Fl re
are through the process of whole scenario and we hope to see some
separation right now. The positive steps to be taken very soon.
process will be Q: How do you see Pakistani people from
in banking sector rather than the data completed by the end of the September and the technical perspectives?
warehousing. So data warehousing, alone, can both the organisations will completely get Mr. Armitage: I find the technical skills of the
not see growth, rather it is directly connected separated. people very high. The people we took are very
with the development of related fields. This is the realisation that both the skilful. Although Taradata takes on its own
Q: Solutions implemented here are being organisations focus on their own specific areas. programmes for technical training and
replicated by Europe and USA, how do you As both the organisations are focusing on educational skills but generally the people are
see that? totally different markets. NCR, over the years, is highly skilled. Another thing is that the people
we have taken are younger, more motivated,
In Pakistan, Taradata is recruiting the local talent and more eager to learn and more committed than
what we had expected.
providing National and International platform to its Q: How many people you have recruited
employees. Teradata has established a regional “Centre of from Pakistan?
Mr. Armitage: So far almost 300 people are
excellence” in Pakistan, keeping in view the huge potential paying their services to our organisation and I
available in the Telecom and finance sector am sure that this number will increase in the
Q: What part NCR and Taradata are playing
Mr. Armitage: It shows that how skilled the targeting markets like ATMs and retail point of
in terms of social responsibility?
people of Pakistan are. I must mention that in services while Taradata is focusing on database
Mr. Armitage: We tend to contribute to the
banking sector, there are many examples of housing and business intelligence.
societies where we work. We are committed to
solutions those are being developed here in this separation is a very positive step. We, as
bring diversity in terms of employment.
Pakistan and are replicated in USA and UK. Teradata, think to unleash the growing market
Generally, we play the role of a responsible
These instances have changed the
phenomena; usually solutions which were
In Pakistan, Taradata is
implemented in Europe or America were
recruiting the local talent and
brought in emerging markets like Pakistan.
also providing National and
Q: Normally the solutions you provide are
International platform to its
too expensive what is your opinion about
employees. We also give
awards every year and
Mr. Armitage: As our solutions are basically
Flare's Editor-in-Chief
aimed at bigger customers but this bigger does
Mr.Zubair kasuri has also
not necessarily mean larger in numbers or
won one of our awards for IT
volumes. Actually we have a differentiation for
media publications in 2006.
more sophisticated and complex solutions. You
We are providing
do not have to be huge in data volumes but you
scholarships to MIT students.
need to be demanding in what you are doing
Furthermore we have
and how you want to combine to look at that
initiated unique university
data later.
programmes with some of
You are right, we are constantly fighting the
the leading campuses. As a
perception that we are being taken as
part of curriculum
expensive but one needs to have bigger
Mr. Chris Armitage, Area Vice President, development of the students,
technology to match the solutions we are
UK & Ireland Teradata, during an interview with Flare we are providing training to
providing. If you remember that when we
the teachers. The whole idea
started, the cost of the technology was too high
of the programme is to check
but now the scenario is quite different. So it is a just because of falling prices and improving how quickly our students can cope with the new
wrong perception that data warehouses are performance. Now data is available in technological trends. The results, are very
expensive, as the demand for data storage is abundance for people to analyse, so we see a satisfactory and mind blowing. not only going to
too big. If you take a tour of a data house, you lot of growth as new types of data and help Taradata hiring but also provide the
will see that it is all about the data and applications are coming. students with training opportunity at the same
(detailed) data storage. At times there are Previously, data-warehouses used to time keeping them aware of the curriculum and
billions of entries at one level of application, deliver strategic touch on monthly bases but the industrial requirements.
and then centralizing all the levels takes now we deliver reports every week and even on Q: Do you want to convey any message to
enough of storage capacity and data daily basis. Real time processing of data will be the “Flare” readers?
manipulation. the key in future; there are examples where Mr. Armitage: Definitely, this is my 2nd tour to
Q: Do you rely on other companies for data reports are generated each hour or in even less Pakistan and before this I had different
storage? than an hour time. We see more tasks as perceptions. And certainly, being here I have
Mr. Armitage: We welcome this philosophy. We transactions are made more quickly and their changed my perceptions. I am really enjoying
have relationship with various companies, for numbers have also increased tremendously. here. If I can help other change their
providing storage solutions. We take their We consider Pakistan as an important growth perceptions then, I think, this is the best way we
comments and suggestions and we believe in area from our sales perspective. We have can work together. n
Telecom Flare Report

The copies of popular sets like Nokia "N series" and Sony Ericsson "Walkman
series" are high in demand. The customers who cannot afford expensive sets
are tending towards the imitated

ales of low quality imitations of branded mobile phones, especially those are affecting brand image of Nokia and Sony Ericsson by damaging their reputation
from China, are on the rise and badly affecting the sales of the original among customers.
manufacturers. Imports of top mobile phone brands like Nokia, Sony Another dilemma faced by these original brands is that unauthorized dealers
Ericsson and others, equipped with advanced technology such as digital import tampered mobile sets in the form of refurbished handsets - also called soft-
cameras and MP3 players are on the top. These expensive mobile phones ware-pirated handsets. This practice is possible because of the fact that there is no
are very popular among the youth and for the last couple of years, their demand is implementation of IPR laws in our country. Chinese copies of different expensive
increasing tremendously. international brands are available in the market at a very low price, even though
Copies of these mobile phones, equipped with same functions and software are these sets cannot compete with the original sets. But still the consumers are being
openly being sold in the market as they are comparatively much cheaper then the fleeced by shopkeepers by assurances that the copied cell phone will offer the
original brands. In addition, shopkeepers are also offering warranties for these imi- same quality and features like the original cell phone.
tation mobiles, similar to that of branded set. After the arrival of Warid and Telenor, an intense competition has been wit-
Pakistan imported mobile phones worth $728,283 during July-April 2006-07 of nessed in the Pakistani cellular phone industry and its business has risen from 1.2
the current fiscal year as compared with $568,930 during the same period in July- million in 2002 to over 55 million in 2007.
April 2005-06. Here is a separate marketplace for Chinese mobiles retailers in the At present, there are six mobile phone service companies working in Pakistan in
electronic market and the rush of customers at these shops is the same as com- which Mobilink is on the top position followed by Ufone; Warid; Telenor; Paktel and
pared with that at shops selling branded mobiles. Instaphone. According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, there were
The copies of popular sets like Nokia "N series" and Sony Ericsson "Walkman around 58,399,157 subscribers all over Pakistan.
series" are high in demand. The customers who cannot afford expensive sets are According to an estimate, there are more than 1, 75,000 mobile phone shops
buying the imitated sets. In the mobile market, the original price of Nokia N93i is Rs across Pakistan generating employment for over 6,45,000 people. Mobile phone
45,100 while its copy equipped with same style, features and software is being sold shops include high-end franchise showrooms to small booths in markets and shop-
at a price between Rs 10,000 to 12,000. ping malls. „
Sony Ericsson Walkman series model K810i's market price is Rs 28,000 and its
copy is being sold at a price ranging between Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000. These sets

Indian shopkeepers wait for customers in their shops at New Delhi's Nehru Place, the Indian capital's Brothers Franco and Lucas Scalabrino, right, show to their mother, Maria Fojo, their new "hundred-dollar"
Information Technology hub. Environmentalists, alarmed by surging demand for consumer gadgets in laptop computers given them days earlier by the One Laptop Per Child project in Villa Cardal, Uruguay.
India, are pushing manufacturers to tackle mounting piles of hazardous electronic waste.

Wearing special glasses, Nobuaki Ohno, research scientist of Earth Simulator Center at Japan Agency SK Telecom shows a fisherman and his new device using a float-shaped ultrasonic transmitter (red
for Maritime-Earth Science and Technology displays a 3-D images of liquid metal movement inside the objects). With most South Koreans already hooked on mobile phones, the mobile phone operator has
earth at 3 x 3 x 3 meters virtual reality room at their laboratory in Yokohama. introduced the service to help fishermen locate their catches.
IT Shahid Zahid

Building your first fiber network, whether for computer applications or

broadcast networks, can be a bit daunting; however, there is no reason for
the task to make you apprehensive. A few simple guidelines, discussed in
this article, will make the task enjoyable and a true learning experience

here are several options open to you as for indoor use. Note that it contains a single- cable and one in figure 2. The first difference is
you build your new fiber network. While fiber strand with a tight buffer surrounding it. that the cable contains several fibers separated
decisions about connector type and The result is a robust cable that can be termi- by a loose buffer tube. The tube slides over the
fiber mode may already have been nated directly without any special considera- fibers, lubricated by a gel. Several fibers are
made for you by the equipment manu- tions. A computer network operator and broad- contained in each buffer tube. Second, note that
facturer, you can still select the type of cable caster may choose to employ a cable like this the individual fiber strands are not surrounded
you will use, number of strands, brand of con- as a jumper cable between a desktop graphics by a protective jacket. This saves space in the
nector and whether you will use ducting or other device and a wall plate. cable but means that you must use a breakout
protective cable raceways. All of these deci- kit to terminate the cable. Third, the cable incor-
sions will contribute to the quality and maintain- porates a water-blocking agent. Finally, note
ability of your fiber installation. that the jacket on the cable is much thicker than
the jacket used on indoor cable. It is treated to
Choosing a Fiber-optic Cable resist water and ultraviolet radiation.
If you are a product engineer, there are sev- Usually when going from outdoors to
eral choices you need to make regarding fiber indoors, a transition of some sort is required.
diameter, mode, and laser frequency and so on. This involves breaking out the loose-tube indi-
If you are an end user, the equipment designer vidual fiber strands and connecting them to a
will have made these choices for you. Matching panel. The other side of the panel is connected
the cable to its intended use is the next step. using indoor cable.
Generally, cable is divided into two groups: Figure 4 shows a typical breakout kit. The kit
Multi-fiber cable, which is optimized for outdoor Figure 2 illustrates a multi-fiber indoor use
use between buildings or other exterior applica- cable. This design contains two or more tight
tions, and cable designed for indoor distribution. buffer cables surrounded by a common outer
There are other cables available for intercity jacket. An important difference between this
and long-haul applications, but the computer cable and a cable intended for outdoor use is
network operators and broadcasters typically that the outer jacket can be stripped away to
does not install and maintain this type of fiber- reveal two fiber cables that are ready to be ter-
optic network. Comparing cross sections of minated. A cable such as this one may be larger
indoor and outdoor cables can tell you a lot in a multi-fiber configuration than its outdoor
about their construction and intended use. counterpart, but it will not require a breakout kit converts the loose-tube multi-fiber cable to sev-
for termination. eral tight buffer individual fiber cables that can
be terminated with the appropriate connector.
The tight buffer cables are much more rugged
and will withstand the environment of a comput-
er network and broadcast facilities much better
than the individual strands of a loose tube
Connector Selection
If you are concerned about terminating fiber
cables yourself, there is good news: Terminating
cables is much easier than it used to be. If you
Figure 3 is a cross section of a cable ever tried terminating fiber cables in the past,
designed for outdoor use. Note that there are you probably still have nightmares about epoxy
26 Figure 1 shows a single-fiber cable suitable several significant differences between this ovens and sanding little figure-eights while
repeating some magic incarnation. Well, all that installing and whether the fiber is concentrated example, using a loose tube cable when a tight
has changed. Manufacturers now make crimp in a central area. buffer cable is required can cause maintenance
connectors and splices for fiber that allow you Guidelines for building fiber headaches down the road.
to terminate fiber easily and at a low cost as Here are some guidelines to consider as you „ Use breakout kits and termination panel to
shown in figure 5. build your fiber network: avoid cable damage and down time.
„ Use the right cable. Computer and broad- „ Keep clean. Dirt is a serious problem in
cast installations are not typical telco or cable fiber installations. If you are building a network,
system installations; needs are specific. For but the termination equipment is not yet
installed, be sure to use dust caps to cover the
ends of the cables.
„ Avoid unnecessary transitions. Each transi-
tion introduces from 1/2dB to 1dB of loss per
connector. If you are in an indoor/outdoor appli-
cation, investigate some of the hybrid products
If you were not all that great at making available that will keep you from adding a tran-
splices in the past, you can probably do better sition at each building entry point.
with these. Your losses will be 1/2dB to 1dB per „ Run more fiber than you need. The labor
connector. Gone are the days of the old bi-conic cost of installing fiber is much more expensive
fiber connectors where alignment was a real than the fiber itself. Figure out how many fibers
problem. The FC connector always made cor- you need and then multiply the number by
rectly with little problem (see figure 5).With a lit- three. I used to say multiply by two, but experi-
tle practice you should be able to terminate a ence has proven that this is inadequate.
fiber in under a minute. „ Run multiple fiber types. If your equipment
Ducting uses multi-mode fiber, pull in some single-mode
If you ever have the opportunity, take a tour fiber along with it. Use of multi-mode fiber is on
of a large fiber installation. When you look at the decline. You may avoid a costly cable pull
the equipment racks, one of the first things you later if you install cable now.
notice is a large number of ducts running all „ Talk to your equipment manufacturer. You
over the building. Fiber-optic ducts are specially can learn a lot about fiber optic technology from
designed to carry fiber-optic cables and protect these experts. „
them form damage. They have carefully
Shahid Zahid (TV Broadcast & Satellite Communication Engineer
designed curves and openings that protect the with a National Broadcaster of Pakistan, ATV)
cable from stress and excessive bending that
could degrade the performance of the cable or
possibly break it. Your decision to use ducting
will be based on the amount of fiber you are

Telecom Flare Report

The elimination of activation tax on SIM cards

would lead to an increase of 3.6 % to 4.3 % gross
domestic product (GDP) generated by Pakistan
over the next 10 years. According to GSMA report
the total elimination of Rs 500 SIM card activation
tax would result 60% growth in revenues. it is
important to mention, for Flare readers, this
report was presented before the recently present-
ed budget

he GSM Association, a global associa- coverage forecast
tion of mobile phone operators, while Scenario 1: Reduction of Tax by Rs 250:
terming the tax on mobile phone con- Total tax collected from the mobile industry and
nections or SIM card activation tax as its spill-over effect on the wider economy in
an impediment in the growth of the 2007 compared to 2006 would increase by 32%
mobile phone industry, has demanded its total (to PKR 58.3 bn) in the conservative scenario
elimination. Based on the findings of the study and by 39% (to PKR 61.5 bn) in the upside sce-
conducted by leading tax consultancy Deloitte, nario.
the GSMA has projected that the total elimina-
tion of Rs. 500 SIM card activation tax would
result in revenue growth of up to 60 percent, South Asia:
because of expansion of services in remote, Pakistan is leading the South Asia with more
and rural areas thus attracting fresh foreign than 37% Mobile Penetration, while Sri Lanka is
direct investment in the country. at second position with India far behind with
However, the findings of the study further only 10% mobile penetration.
indicates that reduction in activation tax from Mobile Taxes in Pakistan:
Rs. 500 to Rs. 250 would result in 25 percent
growth in revenues and would enable the
authorities to generate 32 percent additional
revenue from the industry.
Ricardo Tavares, Senior Vice-President Scenario 2: Reduction of SIM activation tax
Public Policy of the GSMA, along with represen- to PKR 200
tatives from country's mobile phone operators Total tax collected from the mobile industry and
Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Paktel and Warid, its spill-over effect on the wider economy 2007
speaking at a media briefing said that elimina- compared to 2006 may increase by 28% (to
tion of activation tax is necessary for the growth PKR 57.9 bn) in the conservative scenario and
of the industry and penetration of mobile phone by 35% (to PKR 59.8 bn) in the upside sce-
service in rural areas. Pakistan consumers pay the highest taxes com- nario.
He said that the elimination of activation tax pared to international benchmarks. A
on SIM cards would lead to an increase of 3.6 GSMA/Deloitte study found that the average
percent to 4.3 percent in gross domestic prod- amount mobile consumers pay in tax world wide
uct (GDP) generated by Pakistan over the next is 1% whereas in Pakistan it is 31%.
10 years. This economic growth, combined with The Effect of Lowering the SIM Activation
a reduction in the activation tax on mobile SIM
cards in Pakistan would boost mobile usage
and spur economic growth. The study found
that greater usage of mobile phones in Pakistan
would improve communication between busi-
nesses and their customers, fuelling economic
development and increasing tax receipts from
across the wider economy, he added. Scenario 3: Reduction of SIM activation tax
We are presenting some of the findings of to PKR 0
the research conducted by Deloitte for our read- Total tax collected from the mobile industry and
er's interest: its spill-over effect on the wider economy in
2007 compared to 2006 may increase by 16%
Economic Impact of Mobile Industry: Tax: (to PKR 51.2 bn) in the conservative scenario
The mobile sector in Pakistan contributed a total Three scenarios have been examined with dif- and by 19% (to PKR 52.9 bn) in the upside sce-
of PKR 312.5 billion to the economy in 2006, ferent reductions on the SIM card tax. nario. „
representing more than 5% of total GDP, an 1. A reduction to PKR 250
increase of over 500% of the total contribution 2. A reduction to PKR 200
of PKR 45 billion in 2003. The mobile sector 3. A reduction to PKR 0
has created over 210,000 direct jobs to date. There were also two assumptions sets:
The analysis suggests that a 10% increase in i. A Conservative scenario:
mobile penetration can increase the annual Churn period of 3 years, a handset replacement
growth rate of Pakistan's GDP by 1.2 percent. period of 2 years and average operator incre-
The mobile sector has encouraged low-income mental coverage forecasts
entrepreneurs, connected families at home and ii. An upside scenario:
abroad. Churn period is 5 years, handsets are replaced
Mobile Penetration - Pakistan Leads in every year and the most aggressive operator
Telecom Jameel Ahmed Memon

Only 17,000 cell-phone subscribers, out of

over 52 million phone users, have, so far,
availed the facility of mobile number
portability (MNP) since its launching on
March 23, 2007

NP enables subscriber to retain their exist- for shifting their service along with their code from one
ing mobile numbers when changing from operator to another.
one mobile operator to another. Pakistan So far, neither the Pakistan Telecommunication
introduced Mobile Number Portability in Authority (PTA), the watchdog of the telecom sector,
March 2007 and become the first country nor the Pakistan MNP Data Base Guarantee Limited
in the region to implement this facility it was introduced (PMD), a body set up by the PTA to look after MNP
on 23 March and was implemented from March 26 affairs, have come out with real figures about the gain-
2007. ers or losers under the MNP facility.
A recent survey indicated that up to 90 percent of The PTA had issued the figures of MNP facility
business customers would not change their service (port in and port out) only once since March 23 as its
providers if they had to change telephone numbers,
because they don't want to lose their contacts. In other poll report 86% people think that mobilink
When customers can get a prepaid
The procedure to port a number is that you have to will lose customers, 4% think about Telenor and 3% SIM connection for Rs150 only in a
choose a new Service Provider and fill in a form with
your chosen new Service Provider to port your num-
think about Ufone and 2% think about Warid. few seconds, why they would go for
ber; Remember, don't cancel your current contract yet. availing the MNP service which will
Your new Service Provider will verify your details with
your current Service Provider. If they got no any objec-
take four days for a prepaid con-
tion, the new Service Provider will arrange for your nection and six to eight days for a
number to be ported. You'll receive a new SIM card, if postpaid connection
appropriate, after certain time period. You can not
leave your new subscriber for 60 days. Disconnected official had been saying that the PTA was dependent
numbers can not be ported and ownership of ported Another interesting voting for MNP was held which on the arrival of data from the PMD, while, PTA was
number can not be changed and it can not be sold out shows the interest of users to operators, according to supposed to issue data every month after the launch.
to. In many countries MNP has failed because of this poll 30% users like to port their number on warid, According to market sources a leading player has
unawareness of subscribers about MNP. 17% on Mobilink, 17% on Ufone and 18% on Telenor. so far been losing its customers while two new players
In MNP donor (previous) operator has to be agreed Insta and Paktel are not supported by users. Only 15% are gaining customers. Keeping in view the figure of
for porting the number by other operator after all this users are satisfied with their existing service provider. 17,000, it seems that the public response to MNP facil-
porting process starts. ity has been very languid.
New service provider will provide new SIM card to Even cellphone operators came up with half-heart-
subscriber because of some technical features, which ed public awareness campaigns in initial days of the
are unique to particular operator, these features are launching, but they soon suspended the publicity after
called triples (A3, A8 and Ki) these are used for receiving cold response from customers.
authentication of subscriber. New operator updates The PTA had also created public awareness, but it
HLR database and keeps entry of mobile number failed. Many consumers are reluctant to use the new
(MSISDN) and IMSI (unique to every SIM card), when facility of mobile number portability (MNP) because of
all this process is done the subscriber is now having lack of awareness and easy availability of new cell-
access to new network experience. As subscriber phone connections at Rs150 only.
switches on the cell phone IMSI is transmitted to cur- Some companies are charging Rs500 for MNP
rent cell then it is verified by Authentication Centre and In all above polling results Warid and Telenor are activation while new players in the market are offering
access is granted. seem to be big hurdle for other operators, and Mobilink it free of cost.
Today in Pakistan there are 5 GSM and one AMPS is looking to lose what ever it is having currently. MNP When customers can get a prepaid SIM connection
service provider, Mobilink is first GSM service provider is now going to force all operators to revise their tariff for Rs150 only in a few seconds, why they would go
in Pakistan that's why it is having great number of sub- and to provide better quality of service. for availing the MNP service which will take four days
scribers but now a days Mobilink is losing its grip on Apart from this pole, lets look at the actual figures for a prepaid connection and six to eight days for a
market because of network leakages and high of MNP, which reveals that only 17,000 cell-phone postpaid connection.
charges, though it is having most network coverage subscribers, out of over 52 million phone users, have, Cell-phone operators invested Rs5 to 6bn to
then all others. so far, availed the facility of mobile number portability launch the MNP after a thorough testing. PTA thinks
The poll report shows that 4% users think that (MNP) since its launching. that consumers benefiting from the facility would be
Mobilink, 28% Ufone, no one from Insta and Paktel In the first two months of MNP operations, only between 1.5 to two per cent of the total cellular phone
(now known as CMPak), 34% telenor and 32% warid 10,000 people have changed the service from one users as worldwide ratio of consumers changing oper-
will have more users because of MNP. subscriber to another, while 20,000 made the request ator is three per cent. „
Interview Mehmood-ul-Hassan Khan

General(R) Arshad Mehmood

Vice Chancellor, Punjab University

"Education provides ideal platform to achieve desired socio-eco-

nomic goals. It is the apex of humanity, civility, modernity, and
above all dignity." Arshad Mahmood, Vice Chancellor Punjab
University, stresses the importance of technical, scientific and
market oriented education

onfucius says that education gives you He spoke about the
confidence and same is shared by the golden traditions (gentle-
Vice Chancellor of the University of ness, softness, striving for
Punjab, a charismatic man and beacon truth, upholding of right,
of light. It provides ideal platform to industriousness, openness)
achieve desired socio-economic goals. It is the and prophecies (respect of
apex of humanity, civility, modernity, and above the teacher, book and
all dignity. The Vice Chancellor of the Punjab believe in right path)
University General (R) Arshad Mehmood shared attached with education and
his views on different subjects/issues. He knowledge. He told that all
stressed the need of purposeful, market-orient- these basic yet golden qual-
ed and technical education in the country so ities have been in Morality
that the pace of ongoing socio-economic devel- and Merit policies of the uni-
opment may be enhanced and strengthened. versity. "For the last 7 years
"We have launched a college of Engineering & recruitments of all cate-
Emerging Sciences and School of Biological gories are on merit, which
Sciences to produce engineers and scientists. has facilitated development
tions to discourage commercialization, improv-
"We have launched a college of Engineering & of moral charac-
ing the pay structure of teachers of public insti-
ter, personal
Emerging Sciences and School of Biological Sciences examples of tutions compatible with the Private Sector, free
structure of public and private institutions
to produce Engineers and Scientists. New Department morality from top
to bottom have should be affordable for the poor masses, and
of Microbiology and Mycology will produce Agriculture helped in the least private universities should also teach
Engineering Science and technology other than
strengthening of
Scientists. School of Physical Science is being our value systems Commerce, Business, Computer and Law etc.
Their fee structure should be controlled. PU has
launched. Collaboration with private sector helps of Justice, Fair-
the lowest fee structure in Pakistan.
play and
develop technical manpower." Impartiality." He He showed his concerns about the low
added. enrolments in higher education in the country.
New He suggested workable measures like more
Department universities in less developed cities and towns,
of universities should open campus like PU in
Microbiology Gujranwala, On-line distant learning be
and Mycology launched like PU between Lahore and
will produce Gujranwala and evening programs for working
Agriculture classes. He has already introduced many poli-
Scientists. cies to enhance the levels of Research in the
School of University. Now, monetary incentives for writing
Physical Research Papers are being granted. Promotion
Science is criteria has been connected to the genuine
being research work.
launched. He clarified the wrong notion associated
Collaboration with day & night time courses and degrees in
with private the PU and said difference is due to need of the
sector helps working class studying in the evening to refresh
develop and brush-up their knowledge in management
Technical and productivity.
manpower." He stressed the need to have more educat-
He said, ed young people to achieve our macro-econom-
The Vice ic goals and social betterments in the 21st cen-
Chancellor stated that to produce more profes- In order to enhance the overall rating of the tury.
sional students, and technical experts to fill the university, he has institutionalized the different He was worried about the absence of one
widening gap in the emerging markets/jobs, we short & long term policies. Quality Research educational system and syllabus in the country
have initiated diversified steps and introduced papers in international journal & by teachers which are supposed to be one of the main rea-
many new disciplines and departments in the and students, up-gradation of Research sons of promoting spirits of prejudice, alien-
Punjab University like the College of Banking Journals to international criteria, research group ation, deprivation and depression. According to
and Finance, College of Engineering Emerging has been formed under Director Research with him, there should be one system/syllabus in the
& Science, Mycology &Plant Pathology, Incentive of Rs.25000/- for teachers and country. He endorsed the need of distance edu-
Microbiology, School of Biological Science, Rs.10000/- for students of Research cation mechanism in the country.
College of Environment Science, Physical Publication. He shared the different short and long
terms measures and policies to increase the
levels and working conditions of the employees
Mr. Arshad Mehmood studied at Govt. College Lahore from 1958 to of the PU. "Living accommodation has improved
1961, did MSc in Strategic Studies from Quaid-i-Azam University and for the teachers, Air-conditioners in
offices/classrooms, sufficient transportation sys-
MSc in Defence and Strategic Studies also from Quaid-i-Azam tem, ATM system, cafeteria and sports complex
University. He was commissioned in Pakistan Army in 1964. He has for every department in the University is the
mantra of my administration." He stated.
command, staff and leadership experience at all levels for 37 years. He was of the opinion that every possible
effort is being made to encourage students to
He has been Leader of the Army Advisory Team in Qatar and do some productive work not confined to class-
Managing Director of Overseas Employment Corporation in the rooms. Freedom of expression is the apex of a
civilized society.
Ministry of Manpower in Islamabad, he retired from the Army in At the end, he delivered his passionate
1997. Since 1999 He is serving as VC Punjab University message to common people and communities
of teachers and students by saying, that they
Education and Sports Science, Coal The V.C is worried about the commercial- should and must get education, knowledge for
Technology, Quality Management, Seed Centre, ization of education which has ruined the holi- the sake of their own survival. Tolerance, broth-
Institute of Business IT, Centre for Human ness associated with the education and the erhood, cooperation, harmony, hardworking and
Resource Development , Centre for communi- teacher. According to him, improvement in the striving for truth, virtue and merit should be their
cation skills etc. quality of research and teaching public institu- mantra. „ 35
Telecom Ahmed Saeed

Segmentation engineering is a recent model that outlines processes and procedures to

create a substantial database that incorporates all aspects of a customer ’s life cycle.
Age, sex and marital status are all just beginning parameters, information like children,
payments to Visa Card versus MasterCard, anticipated purchases like scrolling for
Porsche prices all the way to the total number of spoons bought in one given year need
to be analyzed to provide more customized solution

n the world where the markets change with and even purchases on debit cards need to be tomers. A recent survey by the automotive
a blink of an eye and the customer reten- pulled and stored. This type of information is industry indicated that approx 65 percent of
tion sojourn ends abruptly, customized solu- private and require to be at the hands of agen- cars are re-engineered or upgraded by cus-
tions are not answering the ongoing model cies to recruit the central database that tomers within 90 days of new purchase. If only
for complete customer loyalty and retention. becomes the hallmark of decision making and the makers and service markets could clearly
According to a recent survey conducted by the policy enhancements. Secrecy of information is comprehend the requirements of the customers,
University of New Hampshire, the service seg- required to improve the spies and activities that these cars can most certainly become cus-
ment is facing another wave pattern

Not only is the work allocated to this job strenuous and frus-
regarding customer retention policies.
The report concludes that a sophisticated
customer relationship pattern is required
to clearly identify patterns and user trating, the price associated with delivering information to the
behavior to further improve processes,
applications and even products.
market is exponentially increasing. Though garnering the type
Segmentation engineering is a recent of information required is a tedious task and agencies are
model that outlines processes and proce-
dures to create a substantial database now becoming specialized in this field but in countries like
Pakistan with massive labour force, applying segmentation
that incorporates all aspects of a cus-
tomer life cycle. Age, sex, marital status
are all just beginning parameters.
Information like children, payments to engineering will provide a decent learning curve for major
Visa Card versus MasterCard, anticipated
purchases like scrolling for Porsche
students and research scholars
prices all the way to the total number of
spoons bought in one given year need to be at revolve around passive flow restricted to the tomized and the amount of money put forth in
the product and services departments click for departments solely responsible for the data this industry can circulate within the automotive
evaluation and review. With an extensive influx entry and maintenance. Hackers and informa- industry increasing confidence of customers.
of new corporations in the market and China tion marketers are working their way up and uti- By and large, segmentation engineering has
becoming a leader in almost all designs and lizing telemarketing and personal surveys that evolved to ensure a mechanism in place to sub-
manufacturing units, it is critical to keep a strin- privy them to such information. stantiate growth and expansion. Segmentation
gent eye on the likes and dislikes of a customer. Not only is the work allocated to this job engineering will allow corporations to have a
Due to the new trend in the market, data- strenuous and frustrating, the price associated close look at the behavioral patterns of the cus-
base management and polling specialists are with delivering information to the market is tomer and justify decisions and policies based
now being quite busy in all parts of the world exponentially increasing. The price tag now upon the patterns. Though garnering the type of
garnering information from all different sources becomes an agencies worth while agenda to information required is a tedious task and agen-
and expounding on requirements given to them conclude database storage for different types of cies are now becoming specialized in this field.
by their customers. Internet has done an customers and segments. Pakistan with its labor force can try to accel-
immense job in streamlining activity and report- Garnering the information is indeed one of erate the pace to get onboard with requirements
ing different statistics. Yet, there are many other the most critical components of the segmenta- and specifications. Basic survey and privacy
avenues that need to be ventured. Issue is the tion engineering model but to have a conceptual acts are not in place. Plush this will provide a
open door policy for information leaking. In understanding and even a rewiring of the cur- decent learning curve for major students and
order to maintain a substantial amount of data, rent legacy databases is the fundamental cata- research scholars. „
bank accounts, call detail records, transactions lyst to ensure a long term relationship with cus-
Telecom Flare Report

Growth in mobile phones and comput-

ers has enhanced the demand for chips
in India. Mobile phone subscribers in
India rose to 68 percent in the last
month from a year earlier to 166
million. Still, only about 15 percent of

aving carved a niche in global soft-
ware development and services out-
2015, according to a study by the
India Semiconductor Association
India's 1.1 billion people own a mobile
sourcing, India's search for the next and research and consultancy firm phone, compared with around
big thing in high-tech could see it take
on the rest of Asia in the crowded chip
Frost & Sullivan.
Furthermore, the study says
35 percent in China
manufacturing market. The growth in mobile electronic equipment consumption ing Indian market and exponentially growing
phones and computers has enhanced the should surge to $363 billion by 2015, more than middle class with sizeable disposable income.
demand for chips in India. Mobile phone sub- 10 times spending of $28.2 billion in 2005. Analysts say interest in India would be
scribers in India rose to 68 percent in the last AMD, a technology partner to the local fuelled by a growing appetite for electronic
month from a year earlier to 166 million. Still, SemIndia consortium, said it has planned to set goods such as computers, mobile phones, and
only about 15 percent of India's 1.1 billion peo- up a chip-making facility in India with an invest- digital televisions that currently use imported
ple own a mobile phone, compared with around ment of $3 billion over the next five years. chips.
35 percent in China. Intel, the world's largest chip maker, said last At the moment such chips may very well
Semiconductor firms such as Intel Corp, November it was waiting for India to form its have been designed in India, because, while it
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Freescale semiconductor policy before deciding on plans lags in chip manufacturing, it has made big
Semiconductor Inc. have already tapped India to begin manufacturing. strides further up the value chain.
for chip design, but not manufacturing. South Korea's Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is According to the India Semiconductor
New government incentives to boost chip considering emerging markets like India to set Association, India's semiconductor design
making, coupled with India's low labour costs up a manufacturing facility in the future as part industry had revenues of $3.3 billion in 2005
and surging demand for electronic goods from a of its global expansion strategy, according to the and employed about 75,000 people. That is
fast-growing middle class, could change that. senior vice-president of the company, O.C. expected to increase to $43 billion in revenue
Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Kwon. and over 780,000 employees in 2015.
Corp, which is backed by a group of Indian Tough competition: One difficulty the In February, Taiwan Semiconductor
investors based in Silicon Valley, has already industry faces is that India does not spring to Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), the world's top
announced plans to build two chip-making mind as a manufacturing destination in a very contract chip maker, opened an office in
plants in India for up to $4.5 billion using tech- competitive sector with established Asian rivals, Bangalore to support its customers with design
nology from Germany's Infineon Technologies because of inadequate infrastructure and archa- activities in India.
AG. ic labour laws. If India can do the chip design work, it can
Consumption surge: India spent about India, as a manufacturing hub of the future, take care of the manufacturing part as well;
$2.8 billion on semiconductors in 2005, and however, needs some wisdom. This wisdom especially when labour costs in India are still
demand is estimated to exceed $36 billion by has to do with the understanding of the explod- 10-12 percent lower than China. „

By 2009 more than four billion people in the world - out of a population of 6.3 billion - are
expected to have a mobile phone connection in their lives. The challenge for cellular companies is
to sell products to all these markets - all of which have different needs

obile phones have re-shaped global psychologists - into different countries around very slowly; technology changes very quickly."
communications. But who shapes the world, to look at people's lives in different To date, Mr Chipchase has had two patents
mobiles? From city bankers to contexts. "I want to understand what people do granted based on his work and a further 25 are
shantytown dwellers, and from hip and why, and pretty much in every context". currently being considered.
teens to octogenarian SMS fiends, "We do this research work to inform and By 2009 more than four billion people in the
no use of a phone is too trivial; no detail of a inspire the design stage. To bring designers into world - out of a population of 6.3 billion - are
person's life too insignificant. Jan Chipchase, the field so they know whom they are designing expected to have a mobile phone connection in
principal researcher at Nokia Design, is on his for," says Mr Chipchase. their lives. The challenge for cellular companies
way to world tour to see how people use mobile He works three to 15 years ahead of the is to sell products to all these markets - all of
phones in their everyday lives and, more broad- which have different needs.
ly, how people live. Mr. Chipchase and his team
In the last 12 months he has visited 15 employ a number of techniques -
countries, carrying out eight full-scale research from shadowing people's lives, talk-
projects. Mr Chipchase's focus is on the uses to ing to as many local people as possi-
which people put their phones; where they keep ble and documenting their lives in dif-
them, how they answer them, and a million ferent contexts.
other details about our relationships with these "We spend as much time as pos-
devices that have helped shape our world On sible being in the places that people
the street, in homes, in the office, in pockets, do what they do. The mobile phone is
handbags, at the marketplace, and in the com- used from when you get up in the
munity - Mr Chipchase tries to put mobile phone morning and is often the last thing
use into the context of the culture and land- market. His team carries out research using a you interact with at night," Mr Chipchase states.
scape he is in. method called convergent validity - it is not He has studied the mobile use of low-
His research includes looking at home bat- quantative scientific work but qualitative. In his income manual workers in China, and spoken
tery charging services in rural Uganda, street opinion the important consideration is how peo- to blind people who are experts in using a
charging in Kampala, how illiterate people use a ple behave, not what the latest technology can phone and not having to rely on a screen.
mobile and more recently where people keep do. Typically, Mr Chipchase is to be found discover-
their phones. "It's about what to design and when to ing people and cities on a bicycle or on the
Mr. Chipchase takes a team - designers, design, because human behaviour changes back of a motorbike. „
Telecom Flare Report

Servers started out as huge, pricey computers from giants such

as IBM. Then, groups of smaller, cheaper servers from PC-mak-
ers such as Dell became popular. These little servers, called x86
servers, work together to solve big problems and they account-
ed for about half the market in 2006

trange things are happening in the nor- er-filled cargo container as an instant data cen- Packed full of parts, most computers have
mally settled world of computer tre. It is delivered via semi-tractor trailer and one processor chip, or computer "brain."
servers. A shift in the market for the can be plopped in a garage or on a rooftop, or Canada's Liquid Computing sells one server
back-office business computers is any other convenient spot. Once power, a net- that can have up to 80. That provides a unique
helping prompt manufacturers to exer- work connection, and water for cooling are power boost for researchers and others who run
cise unusual amounts of creativity. plugged in, the container generates a super- very complicated computer programs.
Servers started out as huge, pricey comput- computer's worth of processing power. In Silicon Valley, Open Source Systems
ers from giants such as IBM. Then, groups of make a server that has essentially two
smaller, cheaper servers from PC-makers such Sun Microsystems just began selling computers in one. (It has two mother-
as Dell became popular. These little servers, boards, a key component.) It's ideal for
called x86 servers, work together to solve big a server-filled cargo container as an companies that want to do two things at
problems and they accounted for about half the instant data centre. It is delivered via the same time, such as running a Web
market in 2006. site and behind-the-scenes number-
Now, companies are realizing that it's not semi-tractor trailer and can be placed crunching software.
always efficient to split up computing tasks.
They're shifting back to bigger servers. X86
in a garage or on a rooftop, or any Doused with liquid, most computers
have little fans inside to keep things cool.
sales, once expected to jump 61% by 2010, are other convenient spot British computer-maker Very PC is ditch-
now expected to rise only 39%. ing fans and developing a server cooled
Server-makers are responding with new Rackable Systems released its own server- by oil. That saves power and space. Very PC
products. Forced to get creative, they're design- filled cargo container in the last month. The hopes to have a prototype soon and a finished
ing funky computers to distinguish themselves. Silicon Valley company has already sold sever- product in 12 to 18 months.
They're making servers that are: Stuffed into al, despite a $2 million to $3 million price tag. IBM sells a product that similarly cools
cargo containers. Both products can power field offices or provide groups of servers, with water. There's all sort of
Sun Microsystems just began selling a serv- a boost during a busy period. creative ideas out there. „

Google workers work on laptop computers at Google headquarters. In its latest attempt to extend its Frederic Jourdain , a weather forecast technician at the Roland Garros stadium for the French Open ten-
power beyond its Internet-leading search, Google Inc. is introducing a new tool that will make its software nis tournament, works at a computer showing weather forecasts for France, in Paris.
applications accessible offline.

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba unveils their new multimedia player "gigabeat V801", equipped with a Passengers speak to clerks about the cancellation of flights at the All Nippon Airways ticket counter at the
42 80GB harddisk drive and a 4.0-inch wide LCD display, enabling a user to store 339 hours video images or departure lobby of Tokyo's Haneda Airport.
20,000 music contents and digital broadcasting for mobile gadgets, at a press conference in Tokyo.
Bacteria: Future Medium of Data Storage
The four characters that represent the genetic coding in
DNA work much like digital data. Character combinations
can stand for specific letters and symbols. So codes in
genomes can be translated, or read, to produce music, text,
video and other content
The world has heard breaking news during this bacteria so the data stay intact, though Katsumi data stored in bacteria could last for thousands
month from the booming world of hi-tech and Doi, bacteria expert and Kyushu University pro- of years.
telecom which may be a sign of another era of fessor, is skeptical. If it is possible to store data on human body
hi-tech in the human history. This time "We may need more time for practical applica- then it will certainly change the communication
Japanese researchers have announced to store tions," Doi said. "But I love the idea." It may culture with hi-tech even imposing its will and
the data in a more durable device other than take time to translate this idea and make it pop- control on one's body and mind.
disks, computer chips, hard drives or good old ular world wide but the initial success has given Although it looks possible but due to compatibil-
fashioned paper, it is bacteria. the hope of ultimate success to the scientists ity of hi-tech with human body this may not be a
The four characters that represent the genetic which will evolve a revolution in the world of hi- practical idea. While keeping in view the idea
coding in DNA work much like digital data. tech oriented societies. several questions, about this revolution, arise in
Character combinations can stand for specific Translating the Einstein message would require one's mind like: ? Whether these bacteria will be
letters and symbols. So codes in genomes can solving the code. But Tomita is the kind of free- out of the human body? ? If these are out of
be translated, or read, to produce music, text, thinking scientist intrigued by the notion that an human body, then how bacteria will survive?
video and other content. extraterrestrial might come across it in the dis- How we will transfer data through this device? ?
? If
this bacteria work from human body then will it
not harm the human being?
The significance of this development is that the encoded Human brain and heart is already reportedly
harmed by the radiation from mobile like
DNA of bacteria would be passed down from generation devices, so these invention may be more

to generation, making it a possible long-term medium

Today's storage mediums are
According to Professor Masaru Tomita, who tant future _ and naturally possess the superior estimated to retain their
heads the team of researchers at Keio intelligence to quickly solve the code.
University, While ink may fade and computers Tomita shrugs off the obvious question: "Who in integrity for up to a century, but
may crash, bacterial information lasts as long
as species stays alive, possibly a mind-
the world is going to read bacteria?"
"Many people never even thought about storing
scientists estimate that data
boggling million years. Tomita's team success- data for thousands of years," Tomita said. "This stored in bacteria could last for
fully inserted into a common bacterium Albert may sound like a dream. But we're thinking hun-
Einstein's famous "E equals MC squared". dreds of millions of years." thousands of years
Genetic coding is so massive that information _ The significance of this development is that the
say, a Shakespeare play _ can be stashed encoded DNA of bacteria would be passed
away somewhere in the gene without affecting down from generation to generation, making it a threatening to human body and for behind the
an organism's overall appearance and other possible long-term medium. Today's storage practical. It is really a dream but not the reality.
traits. But mutation could distort stored data. mediums are estimated to retain their integrity Let's see the trends of storing data move on
Tomita says data is stored in four places in the for up to a century, but scientists estimate that which direction? 43
Special Report Flare Report

Boeing and Airbus are the world’s leaders in plane manufacturing and among the biggest
rivals of the world as far as competing for market share is concerned. 777 is the most pop-
ular family of planes belongs to Boeing. Airbus also have A380 family of planes which is
equally competent in the market
Boeing: Market demand sized, shaped and launched 777 CONSTRUCTION:
Boeing is the world's leading aerospace the newest member of the Boeing twin-aisle Boeing manufactures the flight deck and for-
company and the largest manufacturer of com- family -- the 777. The airplane design offers fea- ward section of the cabin, the wing, tail and the
mercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. tures, innovations and approaches to airplane engine nacelles. Boeing subcontracts the manu-
Additionally, Boeing designs and manufactures development that set the standard for delivering facture of components and systems, which are
rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, mis- value to airlines. The 777 currently is available transported to Boeing for final assembly and
siles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced in six models: 777-200, 777-200ER (extended tests. Subcontractors include Alenia in Italy,
information and communication systems. range), 777-200LR (longer-range), 777-300 and ASTA in Australia, BAE Systems in UK,
Boeing has customers in more than 90 coun- the 777-300ER, and the 777 Freighter. Bombardier Shorts in UK, Embraer in Brazil,
tries around the world and is one of the largest 777 Seating Plan: Japanese aerospace companies, Kaman in
U.S. exporters in terms of sales. Headquartered USA, Korean Air, Northrop Grumman in USA
in Chicago, Boeing employs more than 150,000 and Singapore Aerospace.
people across the United States and in 70 coun- ENGINES: The aircraft has two pod-mount-
tries. 777 family is the most popular family of ed turbofan engines below the leading edges of
planes belongs to Boeing. the wings. The General Electric, Pratt &
About the 777 Family: Whitney and Rolls Royce Trent engines are
The Boeing 777 is the first jetliner to be 100 rated at 327kN to 436kN thrust.
percent digitally designed using three-dimen- 777 Specifications: The main fuel tanks are installed in the wing
sional computer graphics. Throughout the torsion
design process, the airplane was "pre-assem- box with
bled" on the computer, eliminating the need for the
a costly, full-scale mock-up. More on innova- reserve
tions... and
The 777 program was launched in October surge
1990 with an order from United Airlines. In June tanks
1995, United flew its first 777 in revenue serv- on the
ice. The Boeing board of directors authorized inboard
production of the 777-300 on June 26, 1995. side of
The first 777-300 was delivered to Cathay the
Pacific Airways in June 1998. wing.
Special Report
The fuel capacity of the 777-200 is 117,350l. A Headquartered in Toulouse, France,
centre section tank installed in the 777-200ER Airbus is jointly owned by EADS (80%)
and the 777-300 increases the fuel capacity to and BAE Systems (20%). It is a truly glob-
171,175l. The ultra-long range aircraft, Boeing al enterprise of some 55,000 employees,
777-200LR has additional fuel tanks in the rear with fully-owned subsidiaries in the United
cargo hold to bring the total fuel capacity to States, China and Japan, spare parts cen-
195,285l ters in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Washington,
777 Program Key Dates: Beijing, and Singapore, training centers in
About Airbus: Airbus is a leading aircraft Toulouse, Miami, Hamburg and Beijing
manufacturer, with a turnover of more than 22 and more than 130 field service offices
billion euros; Airbus today consistently captures around the world. Airbus also relies on
industrial co-
and partner-
ships with
major compa-
nies all over the
word, and a net-
work of some
1,500 suppliers in
30 countries.
Airbus' modern
about half of all commercial airliner orders. The and comprehensive product line comprises four
company also continues to broaden its scope highly successful families of aircraft ranging
and product range by applying its expertise to from 107 to 555 seats: the single-aisle A320
the military market. Family (A318/A319/A320/A321), the wide-body

monality in airframes, on-board systems, cock-

pits and handling characteristics, which reduces
significantly operating costs for airlines.
Airbus will increase its monthly production

Airbus A380 Family Specifications: rate to 40 for its single-aisle A320 Family by the
end of 2009. Currently, Airbus produces 32
A320 Family aircraft per month. At the end of
April, Airbus' order book for A320 Family aircraft
stood at 5,076 firm orders from 180 customers,
far outperforming the 600 orders that were esti-
mated when the programme was launched. In
the past two years, the A320 Family has
received orders of around 1,600 aircraft making
it not only the best-selling but also the fastest-
selling modern jet airliner. The strong demand
for the A320 Family is set to continue as Airbus
constantly introduces updates that customers
A300/A310 Family, the long-range wide-body want, such as the new A320 Family cabin that
A330/A340, the all-new medium-capacity long is lighter, quieter, more spacious and easier to
range A350 Family, and the ultra long-range, maintain. „
double-decker A380 Family. Airbus' unique fami-
ly concept ensures that Airbus fly-by-wire air-
craft share the highest possible degree of com-
Cover Story Flare Report

Pakistan has witnessed un-matching growth in previous few

years. The overall consensus of industry analysts is that Pakistan
is one of the countries with still a huge untapped potential for
telecom growth and an attractive investment environment

With over 40 percent teledensity, Pakistan is still an unsaturated market and with the falling cost of hand-
sets and lowest tariff plans in world, there are plenty of new subscribers to compete for, especially in the
rural areas. To review the detailed statistical data about the growth exhibited by telecom sector in
Pakistan, let's go through a report, recently published by PTA.
Sector Performance:
With increasing number of mobile phone subscribers, telecom sector has significantly contributed in the average yearly GDP of Pakistan. Pakistan
tops the rank in teledensity which has achieved 41.92 percent mark.

With the help of 9 billion dollar of investment, the mobile boom has simplified a common man's life. It has created socio-economic awareness
among the people in changing their lifestyle, in improvement of their business and related activities.
Cover Story

Cellular Mobile
Cellular industry, the true ravolutionizer of the sector, is still gaining the momentum. The cellular companies are
experiencing consistent increase in adding new customers each month. Following graphical data will reveal the
individual and collective performance of cellular companies.

Cover Story

Long Distance and International

At present LDI operators are aggressively participating in the market and very affordable tariff are present for most of the countries.

Wireless Local Loop


An exhibition visitor gets her photograph taken with mobile phone models in Singapore which is cur-
rently hosting CommunicAsia, and BoradcastAsia, a 3-day trade show where telecommunications and
broadcasting giants gather in the city-state to showcase both the convergence of various technologies
and experts representing different sectors in the high-tech industry.

"K-2" flips "Big B" into the air during a robot combat contest at the
RoboGames in San Francisco, California. The floor shudders as a hulking
robot called The Judge pounds a pneumatic hammer into the heavily-armored
top of Little Blue Engine at the RoboGames in San Francisco.

Indian actress Neha Dhupia poses with a cellular telephone handset at the launch of India's first inter-
net radio feature through cellular telephones in Mumbai. The "Cell Radio Links" from Tata Indicom,
offers 41 global and local radio stations on a limited range of mobile phones for a subscription charge
of INR 25 (USD 0.40cents) for fifteen days across Tata Indicom circles.

In this photo released by LG Mobile Phones, Shannen Doherty (90210)

poses at Paramount Studios in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, to cele-
brate LG's Mobile TV Party with some of televisions greatest stars and to
launch LG Mobile Phones LG VX9400 unit.

A dinosaur skull, a part of a Heping

Yongchuan dinosaur fossil, is exhibited
in Shanghai June 18, 2007. The fossil
skull, which measures one metre (3.28
feet) in length and weighs 300 kg (661
pounds), is the world's most complete,
according to local media.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty sits in a GM hydrogen fuel cell vehicle after announcing the cre-
ation of a $650 million automotive green fund to encourage investment in environmentally friendly
technology, at a news conference at the GM Oshawa Assembly Plant.


Nokia 8600 Luna Nokia 6500 Classic

Size Size
Dimensions 107 x 45 x 15.9 mm, 70 cc, Weight 143 g Dimensions 109.8 x 45 x 9.5 mm, 47 cc, Weight 94 g
Display Display
Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Memory Memory
128 MB internal user memory 1 GB internal user memory,
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE GPRS Class 32, 53.6 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 32, 296 / 177.6
Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, kbits, 3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v1.2, USB Yes, microUSB
microUSB Features
Features Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video(QCIF), flash, Seamless case of
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video(QCIF), Stainless steel body anodized aluminum, Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/AAC+ player, T9
Smoked glass sliding cover, FM radio, Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/AAC+ Calendar, Calculator, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo
player, T9, Calendar, Calculator, Currency converter, Built-in handsfree Battery
Battery Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 5h 30 min
Stand-by Up to 240h, Talk time Up to 3h 40 min
Crafted with an anodized aluminum case, the Nokia 6500 Classic
Crafted from chrome, stainless steel and titanium, the Nokia 8600 measures just a 9.5 mm thin. Each 6500 Classic is individually pol-
Luna melds nearly opaque smoked glass with unique, gentle keypad ished, ensuring no two phones are exactly alike. Diamond polishing
that illuminates and pulsates from beneath the glass case while the used on the beveled display aperture and cold stamped logo demon-
phone awaits a call. Nokia's first use of a single micro-USB port not strate the highest levels of craftsmanship. A full 1 GB of internal mem-
only allows for a streamlined design free of extraneous indentations, it ory means that the 6500 Classic has capacity for more pictures,
allows owners to streamline common activities - like charging, audio videos, contacts, songs, messages and other content than the vast
and data connectivity - into a single connection. majority of other mid-tier mobile phones.

Democratic presidential hopeful New York Sen.

Nokia 2630 Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a cellular phone
during a rally at the Capitol in Albany, N.Y.
Size Clinton invited supporters to keep track of the
Dimensions 105 x 45 x 9.9 mm, 45 cc, Weight 66 g campaign by using text messaging. Clinton was
Display endorsed by top state Democrats in her presi-
Type TFT, 65K colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels
dential bid.
Type Polyphonic (24 channels), MP3
11 MB user memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Class 6, 177.6
kbps, Bluetooth, Yes, v2.0, USB Yes
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video(128 x 96), FM radio, Java MIDP
2.0, T9, Calendar, Calculator, Currency converter, Built-in handsfree
Stand-by Up to 310h, Talk time Up to 6h

At 9.9mm, the 2630 (top) is the thinnest handset to come out of

Nokia's stables. Bluetooth allows users to share, store and print
images taken on the phone's camera. For productivity, tools such as
an email client, calendar and calculator are bundled on the phone. The
2630 also features direct access shortcut key, as well as entertainment
in the form of an FM radio. No MP3 player on this, though

Nokia 6500 Slide

Dimensions 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm, Weight 125 g
Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
Nokia 1200
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Memory Size
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 20 MB user free internal memory Dimensions 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 67 cc, Weight 77 g
Data Display
GPRS Class 11, 53.6 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps Type Monochrome graphics, Size 96 x 68 pixels, 29 x 23 mm
3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0, USB Yes, microUSB Ringtones
Features Type Polyphonic (32 channels)
Camera 3.2 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Memory
video(VGA), flash; secondary QCIF videocall camera, Stainless steel 4 MB user memory, T9, Calendar, Calculator, Currency converter
case, FM radio with RDS, Java MIDP 2.0, Push to talk, Built-in handsfree
MP3/AAC/AAC+ player, TV out, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo Battery
Battery Stand-by Up to 390h, Talk time Up to 7h
Stand-by Up to 310h, Talk time Up to 6h
Nokia 1200 is a dual-band GSM candybar phone. It features
Featuring 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and the Black/White display with green backlight, SMS messaging, Phonebook
ability to easily share pictures, videos and even video calls on a televi- and dust resistant keyboard.
sion, the Nokia 6500 Slide brings imaging and sharing to the mid-
range market. Using 3G technology, images and videos can be quickly
shared with friends around the world, while the TV-out jack allows
them to be instantly viewed on any television with standard RCA


Samsung i620
Samsung J600
Dimensions 113 x 59 x 11.8 mm, Weight 95 g Size
Display Dimensions 97 x 44 x 15 mm, Weight 92 g
Type TFT, 65K colors, Size 320 x 240 pixels, QWERTY Display
Keyboard Type TFT, 65K colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 Type Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3
Memory Memory
Card slot, microSD (TransFlash) Card slot microSD (TransFlash)
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Yes, 3G GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Class 10,
HSDPA, 1.8 Mbps, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, USB Yes
with A2DP, USB Yes, v1.1 miniUSB Features
Features Camera 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video, flash, Java MIDP
OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Edition, Camera 2.0, MP3/AAC/WAV/MIDI player, T9, Voice memo/command
2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, flash; secondary VGA videocall Organizer, Built-in handsfree
camera, Java MIDP 2.0, WMV/3GP/H.263/MPEG4 player,
WMA/MP3/AAC/AAC+/OGG/ASF player, Organiser, Document This is Samsung J600, the latest 'cool blue' handset by
viewer (MS Word, Excel, PPT, PDF),Built-in handsfree Samsung. This phone falls under the category of economical
trendy handsets. This TriBand GSM handset has a little resem-
Sleek and stylish, the SGH-i620 is Samsung's slider blance to the famous LG Chocolate and here I mean only the
phone, and it's definitely no slouch. Boasting a 2.0-megapixel structure similarity nothing else. Samsung J600 is a multi fea-
camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot, full QWERTY key- tures phone which can suit any pocket. This 92 grams gadget
pad, and Windows Mobile. is a sliding handset with a 1.3 mega pixel camera. It has a 65K
colour TFT screen which is quite good for cell phones.

Motorola RAZR2 V9
Dimensions 103 x 53 x 13.3 mm, Weight 125 g
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
Second external 256K colors, 2 inches display (240 x 320 pixels) with
contextual touch interaction, Screensavers and wallpapers
Downloadable logos
Type Polyphonic, MP3
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 45 MB internal memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Class 12
3G HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, Video calling and download,
Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/AAC+ player, T9, Organizer
Calculator, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo,
Stand-by Up to 260h, Talk time Up to 3h 30min
The Motorola RAZR2 V9 defines the next trend in 3G. Composed of
materials include vacuum metal finishes and two-tone soft touch housing,
the RAZR2 V9's stainless steel frame make it durable and resilient -
helping to ensure an ultra-thin shape with a strong structure. Offering
An employee of Japan's mobile phone carrier Willcom shows off its new cell phones "WX320T Carrots" CrystalTalk technology, the RAZR2 V9 automatically accounts for back-
where users can browse websites during a preview at its headquarters in Tokyo. The company will put the ground noise and adjusts the audio to match the ambient volume so con-
new product on domestic market from the end of July. sumers will be heard in a crowd.

Samsung i620 Sony Ericsson T250

Size Size
Dimensions 94.7 x 49.6 x 16.8 mm, Weight 96 g Dimensions 100 x 45 x 13 mm, Weight 82 g
Display Display
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels, 2.1 inches Type TFT, 65K colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.7 inches,
Second external mono display (32 x 128 pixels) Wallpapers, screensavers
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, Dual speaker Type Polyphonic (32 channels)
Memory Memory
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 58 MB embedded memory Phonebook Yes, 2 MB internal memory
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes,
3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth, Yes, v1.2, USB Yes, v1.1 Infrared port
Features Yes, USB Yes
Camera 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video; secondary VGA video- Features
call camera, Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/AAC+/e-AAC+ player, T9, Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video(QCIF), FM radio with RDS,
Changeable front and back cover, Organizer Slide show, Full screen viewer, T9, Stopwatch, Timer, Built-in
Built-in handsfree, Voice memo handsfree
Battery Battery
Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 4h Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 7h

The Z240 makes more than just a fashion statement. Simple sophistication sums up the Sony Ericsson T250, the
Empowered by dual-camera video call capability with 3G technolo- stylish metal finish of this compact phone gives it a premium feel
gy, it makes keeping up with your friends and the latest walk in that up until now has been the preserve of high end models. Add
town one smooth and groovy experience. Whip out your Z240 and to this a feature set that makes it easy to stay connected, either
use the 1.3 Megapixel camera and video camera to your every with friends or the latest news, and you have the perfect partner
advantage! Shoot videos for instant playback and sharing on the for keeping in-touch with style.
2.1" colour TFT-LCD screen. An external memory slot for storing
your photos and videos ensures that your fun doesn't have to end.


Sony Ericsson S500 Sony Ericsson T650

Size Size
Dimensions 99 x 47 x 14 mm, Weight 94 g Dimensions 104 x 46 x 12.5 mm, Weight 95 g
Display Display
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inch Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 1.9 inch, Wallpapers,
Ringtones screensavers
Type Polyphonic, MP3, AAC Ringtones
Memory Type Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 12 MB shared memory Memory
Data 16 MB shared memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Data
Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, 3G Yes,
Features 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, TrackID music recognition Features
Walkman 2.0 music player, Java MIDP 2.0, T9, Organiser, Voice memo Camera 3 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video, flash; secondary
Built-in handsfree videocall camera, Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC music player, TrackID
Battery music recognition, FM radio, T9, Organiser, Voice memo
Stand-by Up to 370h, Talk time Up to 9h Built-in handsfree

Clocking in at a respectable 14mm thick, the slider is all about Sony Ericsson is tossing out the T650. A candybar, it packs a beefier
style. It's got "ever-changing themes and illuminations that change as 3.2-megapixel camera while remaining only 12.5-mm thick. It's also a
day turns to night" and "hidden illumination" to make you stand out 3G phone, making checking your email or RSS feeds a snappier affair
while taking calls outside a club. As for the guts, it's got a 2-inch than if you're using the S500. The 1.9-inch screen is covered with a
screen, media player expandable via a memory card slot, 2-megapixel layer of mineral glass, which will apparently make the colors pop,
camera, and a GSM/GPRS/EDGE connection for Web surfing. increase the viewing angle, and protect it from scratches when you put
your phone in the same pocket as your keys.

Sony Ericsson P1
Dimensions 106 x 55 x 17 mm, Weight 124 g
Type TFT touchscreen, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.6 inches
QWERTY keyboard, Handwriting recognition
Type Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 512 MB card included, 160 MB
shared memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, 3G Yes, 384 kbps
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared port
Yes, USB Yes, v2.0
OS Symbian OS v9.1, UIQ 3.0, Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, aut-
ofocus, video, flash; secondary videocall camera, Java MIDP 2.0
Video playback, FM radio with RDS, Media Player (MP3, AAC)
Sync ML, Office applications, Business card scanning, Organiser
Photo album, Voice memo, Built-in handsfree,
Stand-by Up to 440h, Talk time Up to 10h

Sony Ericsson unveiled its fifth-generation P-series smart phone,

the Sony Ericsson P1. The P1 is 25 percent smaller than its predecessor,
the Sony Ericsson P990i, but that doesn't mean it skimps on features.
The smart phone is based on the Symbian and UIQ operating systems A Chinese promoter shows off a latest mobile handset at a hitech expo in Beijing. Sales of mobile
and has a 2.6-inch touch screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and push e- phones in China increased 40 percent year on year to 120 million units in 2006, as China become one of
mail support for Exchange ActiveSync and BlackBerry Connect. the world's largest handset markets, with sales likely to surge 25 percent to 150 million units in 2007.

Motorola RAZR2 V8 Sony Ericsson W580i

Size Size
Dimensions 103 x 53 x 11.9 mm, Weight 117 g Dimensions 99 x 47 x 14 mm, Weight 94 g
Display Display
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches Type TFT, 256K colors, Wallpapers, screensavers
Second external 256K colors, 2 inches display (240 x 320 pixels) Ringtones
with contextual touch interaction, Screensavers and wallpapers Type Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
Downloadable logos Memory
Ringtones Card slot, Memory Stick Micro (M2), 512 MB card included
Type Polyphonic, MP3, Customization, Download, Vibration Yes 12 MB shared memory
Memory Data
420 MB or 2 GB internal user memory GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes
Data EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Class 12 USB Yes
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0 microUSB Features
Features Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, TrackID music recognition
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, Java MIDP 2.0, Walkman 2.0 music player, Java MIDP 2.0, T9, FM radio with RDS
MP3/AAC/AAC+ player, T9, Organizer, Calculator, Built-in hands- Organiser, Voice memo, Built-in handsfree,
free, Voice memo Battery
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion, Stand-by Up to 370h, Talk time Up to 9h
Stand-by Up to 260h, Talk time Up to 3h 30 min
The Sony Ericsson W580 offers a complete world roaming cellular
The RAZR2 V8 'talks' to consumers by speaking the interac- solution with its quad-band support. The W580 automatically comes with a
tive menu, contact lists, emails and messages aloud - a feature 512MB memory stick. When you're out and about, you can have your
developed for people with visual impairments, but convenient for favorite music with you wherever you go and your picture library and
in-car use. Without opening the phone, RAZR2 users can rely on favorite Web sites. W580i is for active people with 2 MP camera as well.
the large external screen to read messages and reply with pre-pro-
grammed text messages.


Nokia 2310
Rs. 3,500
Dimensions 105.4 x 43.9 x 19.05 mm Motorola W208
Weight 85 g
Rs. 3,900
Type CSTN, 65K colors Size
Ringtones Dimensions, 108 x 44 x 14.9 mm, 65 cc, Weight78 g
Type Polyphonic, MP3 Display
Memory Type TFT, 65K colors
4 MB shared memory Size
Features 128 x 128 pixels, 28 x 28 mm
FM radio, Stopwatch, Built-in handsfree, Ringtones
Picture messaging Type Polyphonic (64 channels)
Battery Memory
Stand-by Up to 400 h Talk time Up to 6 h 750 SMS messages,
Design is made personal with the Nokia FM radio, iTap (T9), Organizer, Calculator, Built-in
2310 phone. Turn on, tune in and groove to handsfree
FM Radio on the go. Sophistication and Battery
entertainment in one package, the Nokia Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 7h 50 min
2310 is the best fit for your mobile lifestyle.
Motorola W208 gives you the tools you need to keep
Design: 7.4 you connected in style. Affordable and feature rich,
Features: 7.1 the Motorola W208 delivers a super-slim form and
Performance: 7.1 the best of the basics for work and play. Complete
with calendar, alarm clock, vCard capabilities, FM
radio, and speakerphone, the Motorola W208 delivers
on-the-go tools for entertainment, organization and

Design: 7.7
Features: 7.1
Performance: 7.4

This combo picture shows Indians talking with their mobile phones in Siliguri.

LG C2500 Rs. 4,500

Sony Ericsson J230i Size
Dimensions 101 x 46 x 18 mm Weight 80 g
Rs. 3,100 Display
Type CSTN, 65K colors
Size Ringtones
Dimensions 102 x 44 x 18 mm, Weight 84 g Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Display Memory
Type STN, 65K colors 60 MB shared memory
Ringtones Data
Type Polyphonic (32 channels) GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps USB
Memory Yes
500 KB user memory, 50 short messages Features
Data Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, MP3/AAC player
GPRS, Class 8 (4+1 slots), 32 - 40 kbps FM Radio, Organiser, Voice memo, Built-in hands-
Features free
FM radio, Exchangeable cover, Image viewer, Calendar Battery
Stopwatch, Built-in handsfree Stand-by Up to 250h Talk time Up to 3h
Stand-by Up to 280h, Talk time Up to 6h A sharp phone with MP3 Player and FM Radio;
a speaker phone is there to enhance your experi-
Providing music capabilities and value that reaches ence of digital music. Your VGA Camera supports
a broad range of consumers, the Sony Ericsson J230 upto 4x zoom. 64 MB memory is enough for your
features a built in stereo FM radio. The J230 also comes clear pictures.
equipped with a stereo hands-free access and a speak-
erphone in the back. Design: 7.6
Features: 7.8
Design: 7.6 Performance: 7.7
Features: 7.4
Performance: 7.6


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Nokia 5200 Rs. 8,800

Samsung E200
Size Size
Dimensions 92.4 x 48.2 x 20.7 mm, 85 cc Weight 104 g Dimensions 108 x 45 x 9.9 mm, Weight 90 g
Display Display
Type CSTN, 256K colors Type TFT, 65K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 Type Polyphonic (40 channels)
Memory Memory
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), hotswap - 5 MB internal Card slot, microSD (TransFlash), 30 MB internal
memory memory
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps HSCSD Yes GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps Bluetooth Yes Infrared port Yes EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0
USB Yes with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
Features Features
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video, Stereo FM radio, Camera 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video, Java
MP3/SpMidi/AAC/AAC+ player, Stopwatch MIDP 2.0, Stereo FM radio, T9, Organiser, To Do
Battery list, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo
Stand-by Up to 263 h Talk time Up to 3 h 10 min
Samsung is slimming not only it's high end Ultra
A Phone for kids with a beautiful design, though there are Edition phones. Other, more affordable handsets
questions about its lacking feature, but it can be a good get on a diet too. Samsung E200 is 9.9 mm thin
choice for your kids. With a VGA Camera and Bluetooth, you GSM phone with GPRS/Edge and Bluetooth con-
can play around with pictures. nectivity, 1,3 megapixel camera, FM radio and
microSD memory card slot.
Design: 7.9
Features: 7.8 Design: 7.8
Performance: 7.8 Features: 7.6
Performance: 7.8

Tero Ojanpera, chief technology officer for Nokia, poses for the media with Nokia's N95 mobile
phone equipped with 5 megapixel camera during the Seoul Digital Forum 2007, a three-day
gathering of technology and media industry figures, in Seoul, South Korea.

Sony Ericsson W700

Motorola RAZR V3 Dimensions 100 x 46 x 20.5 mm, Weight 99 g
Rs. 8,100 Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels, 28
Size x 35 mm
Dimensions 98 x 53 x 13.9 mm, 65 cc Weight 95 g Ringtones
Display Type Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3
Type TFT, 256K colors - Second CSTN display Memory
(96 x 80 pixels), 4096 colors Card slot Memory Stick Duo Pro, 256 MB card
Ringtones included, buy memory, 34 MB shared memory
Type Polyphonic (24 channels), MP3 Data
Memory GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
5.5 MB internal memory HSCSD Yes, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0, Infrared port
Data Yes, USB Yes, v2.0
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps Features
Bluetooth Yes, v1.2 USB Yes, miniUSB Camera 2 MP, 1632x1224 pixels, video, flash
Features MP3/AAC player, up to 30h playback if the phone
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels - Java MIDP 2.0, is switched off, Video player, Java MIDP 2.0, T9
MPEG4 video, T9, PIM functions FM radio with RDS, Image viewer, Picture editor
Built-in handsfree, Organiser, Voice memo, SyncML, Built-in hands-
Battery free
Stand-by Up to 280 h Talk time Up to 7 h Battery
Stand-by, Up to 400h, Talk time Up to 9h
One of the thinnest clamshell phones in the world.
This feature-packed, quad-band GSM phone Sony Ericsson W700 is amongst the Walkman
sports a sleek metal design, dual color displays, a phone family, discreetly designed, the W700 offers
VGA camera, long-range Bluetooth, MPEG4 video classic styling cues for those in the upper eche-
clip playback, and Java 2.0 with 3D graphics. lons of society. Splashed in a subtle Titanium Gold
colour, the W700 offers fantastic sound quality and
Design: 8.4 unprecedented ease-of-use, while the 2-megapixel
Features: 7.7 camera provides an outlet to explore your artistic
Performance: 7.6 slant, amongst other fun features.
Design: 7.6
Features: 7.7
Performance: 7.7


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Motorola W375 Rs. 5,600

Size Samsung D820
Dimensions 99 x 45 x 18.6 mm, 73 cc, Weight 88 g
Display Rs. 12,100
Type TFT, 65K colors, Second external mono display
Ringtones Size
Type Polyphonic, MP3, Customization, Composer, down- Dimensions 95 x 51 x 15.2 mm Weight 99 g
load, Vibration Yes Display
Memory Type TFT, 256K colors
1.5 MB shared memory Ringtones
Data Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 - Dual
GPRS Class 8 (4+1 slots), 32 - 40 kbps, USB Yes, speakers (3D sound)
miniUSB Memory
Features Card slot microSD (TransFlash) - 73 MB total
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, FM radio, iTap (T9), shared memory
Organizer, Calculator 4 MB for Java apps
Built-in handsfree Data
Battery GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 7h 30 min EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps Bluetooth Yes, v1.2
USB Yes, v1.1
The W375 combines strikingly svelte design and a Features
splash of colourful self-expression with an integrated Camera 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, 180 deg rotat-
VGA camera. The W375 provides a sense of individuality ing lens, video(CIF) - TV output
with its palette of three iconic colours: Cannon Gray, MP3/AAC/AAC+ music player, Picsel viewer,
Lustrous Silver & Mandarin Orange. MPEG4 video recording & playback
SyncML, Built-in handsfree
Design: 7.8 Battery
Features: 7.4 Stand-by Up to 180 h Talk time Up to 3 h
Performance: 7.5
Samsung's D820 is a sophisticated phone
with a super slim profile. A mere 15.2 mm thin, the
slim SGH-D820 nestles nicely into the palm of your
hand. With just one gentle push of the thumb, all
the rich features in this sleek, slide-up design will
be at your fingertips.

Design: 8.3
Features: 7.9
Performance: 8.0

An Intel Corp. sales representative explains the new 45nm (nanometer) processing chip
speeds at the world's second largest information technology show, the 27th annual 2007
Computex Taipei Taiwan. With over 2,700 booths and an expected 100,000 visitors.

Nokia 6101
Rs. 8,100

LG KG300 Size
Dimensions 85 x 45 x 24 mm, Weight 97 g
Rs. 8,800 Display
Type TFT, 65k colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels, 29 x
Size 35 mm, Second external display 4096 colors (96
Dimensions 100 x 46 x 17 mm, Weight 89 g x 65 pixels), 5-way navy key
Display Ringtones
Type TFT, 256K colors Type Polyphonic (24 channels), MP3
Ringtones Memory
Type Polyphonic (64 channels) 4.4 MB shared memory
Memory Data
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 60 MB GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps,
shared memory HSCSD Yes, 43.2 kbps
Data EDGE Class 6, 177.6 kbps, Infrared port Yes,
GPRS Class 8 (4+1 slots), 32 - 40 kbps, USB Yes, Pop-Port
Bluetooth Yes, USB Yes Features
Features Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video, Push to
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, Talk, FM radio, Java MIDP 2.0
Java MIDP 2.0, MP3 player SyncML, T9, Presence enhanced contacts,
FM radio, T9, Organiser, Voice memo Calendar, Built-in handsfree
Battery Voice dial/memo
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 3 h
Consumers will appreciate the features of
The LG KG300 mobile phone has a 2- the Nokia 6101 such as its easy-to-use menu
inch 260k color QVGA TFT LCD, a 2 structure. The built-in VGA camera with a dedi-
Megapixel camera, built-in media player cated button takes colorful videos and pictures
supporting MP3, AAC, AMR, WAV music that can be shared via MMS or uploaded to an
and MPEG4 videos. KG300 has also built-in online photo album or printing service. The exter-
FM Tuner, 56MB internal memory, and a nal color display shows incoming calls, time and
microSD slot for expansion. It supports date while the internal screen displays favorite
Bluetooth1.2 and USB1.1 images or a busy social calendar.
Design: 8.2 Design: 8.1
Features: 8.1 Features: 7.9
Performance: 8.2 Performance: 7.8


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Nokia 3250 (1 GB) Sony Ericsson W830

Rs. 16,100
Size Size
Dimensions 103.8 x 50 x 19.8 mm Weight 130 g Dimensions 98 x 47 x 21 mm, Weight 116 g
Display Display
Type TFT, 256K colors Type TFT, 256K colors
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 Type Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3, AAC
Memory Memory
Card slot microSD (TransFlash) (up to 1GB) - 10 MB Card slot Memory Stick Duo Pro, 1 GB card included
internal memory 16 MB shared memory
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps EDGE GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Class 10, 236.8 kbps Bluetooth Yes USB Yes, Pop-Port EDGE Yes, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 Infrared port Yes, USB
Features Yes
OS Symbian OS v9.1, Series 60 rel. 3.0 Camera 2 MP, Features
1600x1200 pixels, video(QCIF) Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, flash, TrackID
Stereo MP3/AAC player, Stereo FM radio, Visual radio, music recognition
Standard 3.5 mm stereo headphones jack, PIM func- Walkman 2.0 music player, FM radio with RDS,
tions, Built-in handsfree Organiser, Voice memo
Battery Built-in handsfree, Exchangeable covers
Stand-by Up to 245h Talk time Up to 3 h
Feel the vibe come alive, whatever your taste in
This compact smartphone sports a unique keypad music. Storage for a thousand songs. Fast Web con-
that twists 90 degrees for camera mode, and another nection to download more; Make calls, take pictures
90 degrees to reveal music keys. Key features include and videos, play and download music, and even identi-
a 2 megapixel camera, FM radio, microSD memory fy unknown tracks. The advanced Walkman® music
card slot, and USB with mass storage mode. Other fea- player lets you browse album artwork to find the song
tures include EDGE data, speakerphone, and you want. It looks great on the large colour screen.
Bluetooth. Make the most of high speed Internet to enjoy mobile
video, Internet and messaging.
Design: 8.3
Features: 8.1 Design: 8.0
Performance: 8.2 Features: 7.9
Performance: 7.9

Nokia 5700
Rs. 23,200
Dimensions 108 x 50 x 17 mm, 84 cc, Weight
115 g
Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels,
2.2 inches
Motorola A1200 Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, AAC
Rs. 18,700 Dual stereo speaker
Size Card slot, microSD (TransFlash), buy memory
Dimensions 95.7 x 51.7 x 21.5 mm, Weight 122 g 35 MB of user memory, 64 MB SDRAM, 128
Display MB ROM, ARM 11, 369 MHz CPU
Type TFT touchscreen, 256K colors, Size 240 x Data
320 pixels, 36 x 48 mm GPRS Class 32, 107 / 64.2 kbps, HSCSD
Handwriting and speech recognition Yes, 43.2 kbps, EDGE Class 32, 296 / 177.6
Ringtones kbits, 3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0
Type Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3 with A2DP, Infrared port Yes, USB
Memory Yes, miniUSB
Card slot, microSD (TransFlash), buy memory Features
8 MB built-in memory, Intel XScale 312MHz OS Symbian OS v9.2, S60 rel. 3.1, Camera
processor 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video(QVGA), flash
Data Video calling, Java MIDP 2.0, FM stereo radio
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps Push to talk, MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA
Bluetooth Yes, USB Yes, miniUSB player, Voice memo/command, T9, Calendar
Features Calculator, Built-in handsfree
OS Linux Camera, 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, Battery
video Java MIDP 2.0, Stereo FM radio, Stand-by Up to 290h, Talk time Up to 3h 30 min
MP3/MP4/AAC+ player, PIM functions, Document
viewer, Voice dial/memo, Built-in handsfree The 5700 features a twist design that
Battery switches between four modes at the flick of the
Stand-by Up to 200h, Talk time Up to 4h wrist - music player, 2.0-megapixel camera,
video call and smartphone. Using an optional 2
The new Motorola "MING" PDA Smart GB microSD card, the Nokia 5700 supports up
Phone is a fully integrated gadget that serves as to 1500 tracks that can be enjoyed using
a mobile phone, a PDA, a music player, a cam- Bluetooth stereo headphones. Loading songs
era, a video recorder, a name card reader and a onto the 5700 is fast and easy as consumers
data storage device(up to 1GB). A business solu- can choose from a broad range of supported
tion with more fun. digital formats, including WMA, MP3, AAC, as
well as eAAC+ and MP4. A video call feature
Design: 8.4 and the built-in 2.0-megapixel camera make it
Features: 8.0 easy to share moments with friends and family.
Performance: 8.1
Design: 8.2
Features: 8.1
Performance: 8.0


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Samsung U600 Rs. 19,600

Dimensions 103.5 x 49.3 x 10.9 mm, Weight 81 g
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 34
x 44 mm
Ringtones Motorola RIZR Rs. 11,300
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Memory pSize
60 MB embedded memory Dimensions 106 x 46 x 16 mm, Weight 115 g
Data Display
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps Type TFT, 256K colors
EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 Ringtones
with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0 Type Polyphonic, MP3
Features Memory
Camera 3.2 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 20 MB internal
video, flash, Java MIDP 2.0, memory
MP3/AAC/eACC/WMA player Data
FM radio, T9, Yahoo search, Organizer GPRS Yes, EDGE Yes, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0, USB
Business card recognition, Document viewer Yes, v2.0
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Voice memo Features
Built-in handsfree Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, flash
Battery MP3/AAC/AAC+ player, Built-in handsfree
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 3h 30 min Battery
Stand-by Up to 230h, Talk time Up to 3 h 20 min
Inspired by the shine and shimmer of the
crown jewels, Samsung's Ultra Edition 10.9 The Motorola RIZR Z3 features an ultra smooth
(U600) offers elegance and modern style, coming slider that easily glides open with a subtle push to
in a choice of colors which includes sapphire blue, the elevated lens treatment. Equipped with 2.0-
garnet red, platinum metal and copper gold cas- megapixel digital camera and high-intensity cam-
ing. The design of U600 includes an interface for era light and a built-in music player. With multiple
sophistication and usability. It also comes messaging capabilities including MMS and IM,
equipped with a 3.2-megapixel camera encased share a picture, file or expression with friends,
in an ultra slim profile and boasting a 2.22-inch family or loved ones.
wide TFT LCD widescreen. For the feature watch-
ers, Samsung's Ultra Edition 12.1 (U700) offers a Design: 8.2
HSDPA 3.6 Mbps data transfer speed, video Features: 7.8
telephony functionality and auto focus in a slim Performance: 7.8
12.1 mm case.

Design: 8.4
Features: 8.1
Performance: 8.2

Nokia N76 Rs. 32,500

Dimensions 106.5 x 52 x 13.7 mm, 70 cc, Weight 115 g
Type TFT, 16M colors
240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches, Second external 256K col-
ors display (160 x 128 pixels)
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, 3.5 mm headset
Sony Ericsson P990 jack
Rs. 21,700 Memory
Card slot, microSD (TransFlash), hotswap, 26 MB
shared memory
Size Data
Dimensions 114 x 57 x 26 mm, Weight 150 g GPRS Class 32, 107 / 64.2 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE
Display Class 32, 296 / 177.6 kbits
Type Size 240 x 320 pixels, 41 x 56 mm, TFT touch- 3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0, USB Yes,
screen, 256K colors, QWERTY keyboard, Handwriting v2.0, miniUSB
recognition Features
Memory OS Symbian OS 9.2, S60 rel. 3.1, Camera 2 MP,
Card slot Memory Stick Duo Pro, 64 MB card included, 1600x1200 pixels, video(QVGA), flash; secondary
buy memory, 128 MB Flash, 64 MB RAM CIF video call camera, Video calling, Push to Talk,
60 MB user memory Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/M4A/AAC/eAAC+/WMA play-
Data er, Stereo FM radio, Voice command/dial
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, PIM including calendar, to-do list and printing,
HSCSD Yes, 3G Yes, 384 kbps, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b Document viewer, Photo/video editor
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0, Infrared port Yes, USB Yes, v2.0 Integrated handsfree
Features Battery
OS Symbian OS v9.1, UIQ 3.0, Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 Stand-by Up to 200h, Talk time Up to 2 h 45 min
pixels, autofocus, video, flash, second video call camera
FM radio with RDS, MP3/AAC player, SyncML 1.2 Holding up to 1500 tracks, the Nokia N76 works
Office applications, Built-in handsfree with industry standard 3.5 mm headphones and
Battery supports the popular Windows Media DRM for
Stand-by Up to 400h, Talk time Up to 9h optimal use. The N76 integrates a 2.0-
megapixel camera to capture, zoom and
Take pictures to be proud of. The P990i has a 2 review pictures. With up to 2 GB of expand-
megapixel digital camera with video. Catch the moment able memory, users have ample storage for
and save it or send it . P990 takes effective communica- high-quality multimedia.
tions to new heights, you have everywhere access to the
Internet, push e-mail to get your e-mail straight to your Design: 7.9
phone and video calling and messaging for effective com- Features: 8.0
munications. Performance: 8.0

Design: 7.9
Features: 8.2
Performance: 8.3


Above prices are subject to change as per market

The Nokia 6500 Classic (actually, Nokia insist on calling it
classic with a lowercase "c") is a relatively lightweight and slim
3G phone aimed at the mass market.
At just 95 grams, the 6500 Classic is light for a 3G phone. It
is also only 9.5mm thick, and the attractive casings are individu-
ally polished to make them individual and are available in Black
and Bronze colors.
There's a 240x320 pixel display in 16 million colors, a 2
megapixel camera with flash, dual-band 3G (850/2100 MHz),
an MP3 player and stereo output to wired headphones (the
6500 Classic does not appear to support stereo Bluetooth).
The Nokia 6500 Classic's battery gives up to 5.5 hours talk
and 12.5 days standby time which is quite impressive (assum-
ing those are 3G figures). One drawback on the 6500 Classic is
the lack of video calling, and also the video capture on the pri-
mary camera is only 176x144 pixels.
One impressive feature with the Nokia 6500 Classic (apart
from the looks) is the whopping 1GB of internal memory. This
should be enough for most people, but it cannot be expanded
with memory cards. Connect the 6500 Classic to a PC with the
supplied microUSB connector, and you can use the phone as a
sort of memory stick.
Nokia say that the 6500 Classic should be available from Q3

First thing to notice is that this is a very unusual looking device -

the "squashed" look that you can see in the photo on the left isn't a
sizing error, the SGH-i620 is a wide and squat phone at around
59mm across by 94mm tall when closed, opening up to a 131mm
device with a QWERTY keyboard using a sliding mechanism.
Samsung have clearly tried to keep the i620's layout as simple and
as elegant as possible.
There are two cameras on the SGH-i620. It supports tri-band
GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) and has a two megapixel camera with
flash. There's a wide 320x240 pixel display too, which is a more
practical arrangement for a smartphone than the typical "tall" dis-
play found on other phones.
Assuming that this is an updated slider version of the i600, one
can expect that Samsung i620 to support HSDPA (3.5G) data in
addition to UMTS (3G) and come with 802.11b and g WiFi capabili-
ties. This should be a Windows Mobile 6.0 device with a wide
range of supported multimedia formats, and this would mean that
the SGH-i620 also comes with the usual array of Windows Mobile
software. Stereo Bluetooth and microSD expandable memory are
also to be expected. There are a lot of assumptions there - as yet
there is no official word from Samsung as to the SGH-i620s exact
technical specifications, and some of these could be wrong.
The design of the Samsung i620 is certainly appealing.

Samsung SPH-M300 phone provides tools to help

users stay connected, including web access, email and
text messaging. It offers downloadable games, a VGA
camera with digital zoom and PictBridge support. The
SPH-M300 is available in both dark silver and misty rose
The M300 provides tools to help users stay connected,
including web access, email and text messaging.
The M510 measures 3.74" x 2.0" x 0.64" and weighs
just 2.9 ounces. It will be priced at $129.99 with a two-year
service agreement. The M300 by Samsung measures
3.58" x 1.85" x 0.68" and weighs less than 2.7 ounces. It
will be priced at $29.99 with a two-year agreement.
„ Easily connect to wireless headsets or other devices
featuring Bluetooth Wireless Technology (Supports HSP,
HFP, and DUN and OPP and OBEX only with vCard)
„ Integrated camera captures VGA-quality digital pic-
tures to send to an email account or compatible phone
and can be assigned to contact entries for picture caller ID
(Resolution up to 640 x 480 px)
„ Speakerphone allows for easy, handsfree communica-
„ Download Pictures, Ringers & J2ME Games with
Sprint PCS Vision.

The first thing that most people will notice on the RAZR2 V8 is the very
large external display - this is a 2" 240x320 pixel panel which is possibly the
largest external display we've ever seen. Another clever feature is that the
screen is touch-sensitive, meaning that media playback can be controlled by
touching the softkeys on the screen. The external display has been chemically
hardened to protect it.
The camera is a little disappointing - the RAZR2 V8 only comes with a 2
megapixel unit, Video capture is just 176x144 pixels which again mean that
this isn't a particularly great camera phone.
Of course, the RAZR2 V8 is a multimedia device that can play back a wide
variety of audio and video clips. The V8 has a whopping 420MB of internal
memory available to the user, and this can be expanded by a further 2GB
using microSD cards. Stereo playback is either by a wired headset or stereo
There's a pretty comprehensive software suite on the RAZR2 V8, including
a web browser, email client and a new user interface. There are some
improvements elsewhere too - Motorola have worked on call quality and are
also using "haptics" to provide tactile feedback on the external display, audio
prompts for menus and a whole range of other usability improvements.
The battery life on the RAZR2 V8 is very impressive, with up to 8 hours
talktime. The V8 supports EDGE data as well as GPRS, but not 3G.
This is definitely not the original RAZR in any respect - but it shares the
same styling and that is probably the biggest drawback. It is very disappoint-
ing to see that Motorola didn't try a fresh approach when it come to cosmetics
and it's quite possible that many consumers will not understand just how dif-
ferent the RAZR2 V8 is underneath.
Motorola say that the RAZR2 V8 should be available in next month.


Clearly closely modeled on the Nokia 8800 Sirocco, the 8600 is a stylish
slider phone aimed at fashion conscious consumers and executives.
Featuring an unusual smoked glass sliding cover, the Nokia 8600 certainly
scores well for "wow factor". Other features are a general improvement on
the 8800 series, with a 240x320 pixel display, quad-band GSM support for
worldwide roaming, and the Nokia 8600 also has a 2 megapixel camera,
128MB of internal memory and an FM radio.
As well as the stylish semitransparent cover, the Nokia 8600 features
quite a lot of stainless steel in its construction which brings the weight up to a
heft 140 grams while adding significantly to the 8600's structural strength.
Despite the weight, the Nokia 8600 isn't a 3G device although it does have
850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM with GPRS and EDGE. Of course, the Nokia
8600 also has Bluetooth and an MP3 player.
One major limitation is the lack of any memory expansion - the Nokia
8600 just has the 128 MB of internal memory and no more can be added.
The battery life is 3.5 hours talktime and 10 days standby time.
Despite the shortcomings, one thing that the Nokia 8600 will have is com-
mon with the original 8800 and later 8800 Sirocco is looks, and the overall
design and usability of the 8800 has appealed to many people in the past.
This device certainly won't suit everyone - especially when you take price into
consideration - but it is appealing in many ways.

Delivers Stylish Mobile

Multimedia Powerhouse
Motorola has launched the MOTOROKR E6 in Pakistan, a power-
ful handset designed to provide rich mobile entertainment and produc-
Raising the bar in style and design for PDA-style devices, the
MOTOROKR E6 continues Motorola's heritage of industry leading
form and function. The handset provides a combination of portable
entertainment and business efficiency. The handset's dedicated music
keys, expandable memory, video capabilities and productivity tools
provide the ultimate multimedia experience for professionals on the
The MOTOROKR E6 provides powerful business tools that allow
users to easily manage calendar appointments send and receive
email and view documents on the go.
Handset measures in at 14.5mm thick and includes a large
240x320 TFT Touch Window® and features a 2.0 megapixel camera
with 8x zoom, dedicated music keys and removable SD card memory
slot. Additional multimedia features also include high-quality video
recording, MPEG-4 / Realplayer® video playback and task manager.
"The MOTOROKR E6's greatest advantage in Pakistan lies in its
lifestyle-focused features which are designed to create powerful and
meaningful experiences for mobile consumers in the rapidly growing
business market," said Sarim Alvi, Director Sales and Marketing,
Mobile Devices, Motorola.
"The MOTOROKR E6 has been specifically designed to provide
the best in mobile multimedia and business productivity, allowing
users to easily create and share their experiences"


Sony Ericsson has announced S500i, a 14 mm slim slider offer-

ing color accents and changing desktop themes. Consumers can set
in-phone themes and external light effects to change when they want
- as day turns to night or when the weekend begins. Hidden illumina-
tion appears to highlight a certain event and the keypad glows when
the slim slider is opened.
With the 2.0-megapixel camera users can share moments as they
happen, taking photos and blogging it directly. Users can also send
pictures or video to any mobile phone or email address.

The S500i offers more than aesthetics with a media player and
expandable Memory Stick slot, Sony Ericsson Disc2Phone music
management software has everything users need to transfers
favorite music from a PC to the phone. When the S500i is connect-
ed, it appears as a drive on the computer. It also features Bluetooth
2.0, giving fast, robust connection to other Bluetooth devices.

The Sony Ericsson S500i is a 14 mm slim 2.5G slider phone

(GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900) and will be in early 2008.

Billed as the spiritual successor to the classic T610 handset, the

Sony Ericsson T650 combines a touch of Swedish minimalist design
with the latest 3G technologies.
This is a 3G phone - the Sony Ericsson T650i supports UMTS
2100 plus GSM 900/1800/1900. There's a 1.9" 240x320 pixel display
in 262,000 colours plus a 3.2 megapixel digital camera on the back
with autofocus and a photo light. Memory is expandable using
Memory Stick Micro cards, and the Sony Ericsson T650i also has
stereo Bluetooth.
Despite all the effort that seems to have gone into building the
T650i, the weight is just 95 grams which is very good for a 3G
device. The handset is just 12.5mm thick (104 x 46 x 12.5mm over-
all) which means that this is also quite a slim device.
As you might expect, the T650i comes with the usual range of
software including an email client, web browser, RSS reader, multi-
media player, an FM radio (subject to confirmation), speakerphone,
video calling and animated themes.
The overall design is unusual but striking, at it serves as a
reminder of the elegant designs of the early Sony Ericsson handsets
which seems to have been somewhat lost in the past year or so.
We'd definitely count this as a "fashion phone", but one with plenty of
substance to back it up.
Sony Ericsson say the T650i should be available from Q3 2007.


The Sony Ericsson P1 is a 3G Symbian smart-

phone with a QWERTY keyboard which can be
regarded as a replacement for the Sony Ericsson
The P1i breaks with the tradition of the
P800/P900/P910/P990 series and disposes of the
characteristic "flip" on the front of the device and it
also ditches the QWERTY keyboard for a keypad
similar to the M600i - a move that might not be pop-
ular with all P900 series users. It's also a fair bit
lighter than the 150g P990i weighing in at 124
The first thing to note on the Sony Ericsson P1i
is the large 2.6" 240x320 pixel TFT display - this is
now a transflective panel which means that it can be
read more easily outdoors. As with previous models,
this is a touchscreen although the Sony Ericsson
P1i also has a jog-dial control.
On the back is a 3.2 megapixel camera with aut-
ofocus and flash, and there's a secondary video
camera on the front of the Sony Ericsson P1i for
video calling. There's also a multimedia player and
FM radio. The 160MB of internal memory can be
expanded by using a Memory Stick Micro card, we
understand that the standard sales package will
include a 512MB card in the box. Of course the P1i
also supports Bluetooth.
Underneath this is a tri-band 900/1800/1900
MHz device with UMTS 2100 MHz and support for
802.11b and 802.11g WiFi. One major drawback is
that the Sony Ericsson P1i doesn't support HSDPA,
and also the tri-band GSM/single band UMTS net-
work support is a little limiting.
The operating system on the Sony Ericsson P1i
is version Symbian 9.1 with the UIQ 3.1 interface
running on top. Those familiar with the P990 will find
the usual set of applications including a web brows-
er (based on Opera), RSS reader, email client and a
range of personal information management tools.
The P1i supports VOIP too, but expect this to be
carrier dependent as some networks have recently
disabled VOIP in their phones.
Support for corporate email solutions such as
BlackBerry, ActiveSync and other systems will be
available through add-on applications.
The Sony Ericsson P1i is only a little larger and
heavier than the M600 at 106 x 55 x 17mm and 124
grams. Battery life is quoted as 10 hours talk/18
days standby on GSM, 3.5 hours talk/14 days
standby on 3G. Using Bluetooth and WiFi will eat
into the battery life significantly, although hopefully
not as quickly as it did on the P990.
Sony Ericsson say that the P1i will be available
in some markets in Q3 2007 but have not given any
pricing details, our estimate is that the P1i will cost
at least Rs. 50,000.

Flare Report Telecom

Samsung attracts fashion conscious Pakistani users

with a new unique product

amsung and Jasper Morrison, a leading industrial designer, with a collective coopera-
tion have brought out SGH-E590. The Samsung E590 is a perfect solution for users
who want to have all of the advanced multimedia features with eye-catching design in
one hand. Through the partnership with Jasper Morrison, well known for his talents in
various areas of industrial design, the E590 is designed to touch customer's emotion.
The stylish E590 comes in simple contours and clean lines which comprise this compact bar
design. True to Jasper Morrison's witty sense, the mobile phone provides dual face; one side
features phone keypad and LCD screen while the other side is outfitted with dedicated camera
With the sleek design, E590 is equipped with a powerful camera functions even other digital
cameras would envy the capabilities as it allows the users to enjoy 3.2 Megapixel camera with
Auto Focus and Half-shutter. Panorama shot feature offers intuitive camera UI which displays
easy to use icons. Moreover, E590 comes with the Bean bag, a unique tripod which is a truly
useful and portable accessory made of a special rubberized material for maximum flexibility and
"The SGH-E590 is a very pragmatic work of art that reflects the synergy between Samsung
and Jasper Morrison. We have teamed up to satisfy our users with high-performance technolo-
gy and emotional design." says Shahid Khan, National Marketing Manager of Samsung
Electronics Pakistan. He added, "Through the partnership with renowned designers, Samsung
will strengthen its design power to bring design excellence to our customers."
The Samsung E590 is available in two colors, noble black and snow silver. „

SGH-E590 Specification

Flare Report Telecom

treasure hunt is a game, encom- took the lead by solving the first inkling,
passing numerous players who which was the shot of the sea from the
try to find hidden articles using a canopy structure, and sent this to the
series of clues. This activity can base. Soon after they received the second
be an indoor or outdoor activity; clue, 'There's something in my pocket, it's
outdoors they can be played in a garden not one thing, it's many: Shoot the 520
or the treasure could be located anywhere paces leading to traces of Gizri Limestone'
around the world. More recently however, through SMS. This clue again was solved
a new term for treasure hunting called, by Team A and they sent a shot of the
'Geocaching' is an outdoor treasure-hunt- Jehangir Kothari Parade and made their
ing game in which the participants use a way to the third and the final clue, 'There
Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver is something in my pocket, it's not one
or other navigational techniques to hide thing, it's many: Connect the 8 corners of
and seek containers (called "geocaches" your rest near the Jodhpur stones'. A final
or "caches") anywhere in the world. group portrait was taken and the winning
Conversely, Nokia recently launched its team proceeded back to the coffee house.
Nokia N95 in Pakistan. Media representa- The entire experience was quite heady
tives were invited to a challenging and and both the teams were exhilarated. The
unique treasure hunt in Karachi. The invi- teams were encouraged to solve the clues
tees were allowed to use Nokia N95's web by using the web browser on the Nokia
browsing capabilities to solve clues and to N95 and were advised to search
seek for photo opportunities to shoot Wikipedia. They were given a first hand
using the 5 megapixel camera with Carl chance to test the features of the device.
Zeiss optics. The event allowed Nokia to Upon returning to the coffee shop, the
demonstrate just a few of the endless teams were briefed by Neil Gordon,
ways this cutting edge handset can deliver General Manager Multimedia Sales &
to consumers what they need when they Marketing, Nokia MEA. The pictures were
need it. illustrated in a slideshow and a cake was
The launch of the new computer con- presented to the winning team to show
sisted of the experience zone and presen- appreciation. This was followed by Q&A
tation zone providing the media with first and snacks.
hand experience of the different features "The Nokia N95 is the ultimate multi-
available on the device and to share the media computer and a fantastic example
multimedia story with the same. A cluster of what Nokia N series devices can deliv-
of journalists gathered at a local coffee er," said Neil Gordon General Manager,
house at Park Towers, which were divided Multimedia, Nokia Middle East and Africa.
into two
groups, and
waited with
impatience as
the hosts
explained the
rules of the
'game'. The
game, a novel
concept, com-
prised of clues
located in the
Qasim Park.
As the
teams pro-
towards the experience zone, devices in "It easily replaces a number of single pur- (HSDPA) networks and with support for WLAN, EDGE and
hand, a base unit was set up to send out pose devices with a well designed pack- WCDMA networks, the Nokia N95 provides excellent cov-
clues and receive the snapshots of the age that is with you and connected. The erage and connection speeds.
images taken on the device. The teams Nokia N95 is what computers have The Nokia N95 is based on the world's leading S60
kicked off by choosing a name of their become - personal, powerful and connect- software on Symbian OS, enabling you to personalize your
group. The first clue 'There's something in ed devices." device from a wide choice of compatible applications that
my pocket, it's not one thing, it's many: The technology behind the Nokia N95 can be downloaded to the Nokia N95, including games,
Shoot where earth, water and sea com- is advanced and compatible with the most navigation, entertainment, productivity and creativity. „
bine' was sent to the team as the clock modern network systems. Designed for
touched the mark of 05:10pm. Team A High Speed Downlink Packet Access

HP Pavilion dv6000t
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM 512 MB / 2 GB(max)
Hard Drive 60 GB
Display Type 15.4 in TFT active matrix
Graphics Processor Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
Pros: Slick, lightweight design; decent processor performance; built-in Webcam; two headphone jacks.
Cons: Mediocre battery life; optional glossy display can be reflective.
The bottom line: We like the HP Pavilion dv6000's attractive design and multimedia features, but don't
expect this Core 2 Duo laptop to break any speed records.

Dell Latitude D630

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 / 1.8 GHz
RAM 2 GB / 4 GB(max)
Hard Drive 120 GB - 5400 rpm
Portable Storage CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo - Plug-in module
Display Type 14.1 in TFT active matrix
Graphics Processor Intel GMA X3100
Pros: Strong performance; long-lived nine-cell battery; sturdy construction; bright display; comfort-
able keyboard; corporate-level security, including smart card reader; WWAN available as an
option; lengthy three-year warranty.
Cons: Somewhat heavy for a thin-and-light notebook; native screen resolution makes
icons and text look small; fingerprint reader decreases mouse button size.
The bottom line: Corporate users can't go wrong with the Dell Latitude D630, which integrates
Intel's latest mobile platform with a business-friendly feature set and lengthy extended battery.

Processor Intel Core Duo T2400 / 1.83 GHz
RAM 1 GB / 2 GB(max)
Hard Drive 100 GB - 5400 rpm
Portable Storage DVD±RW (+R DL) - Integrated
Display Type 13.3 in TFT active matrix
Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 TurboCache supporting 128MB / Intel GMA 950
Pros: Sleek, carbon-fiber case; large, comfortable keyboard; bright, high-quality display; integrated
Webcam and microphone; solid performance and decent battery life.
Cons: Very expensive; lacks multiformat card reader found on competitive models; unremark-
able speakers.
The bottom line: The Sony VAIO SZ manages to be eminently portable without sac-
rificing a readable screen or a usable keyboard, and it incorporates all of the
features and components, and most of the connections, that business users need.

HP Business Notebook Nx9420

Processor Intel Core Duo T2500 / 2 GHz
RAM 1 GB / 4 GB(max)
Hard Drive 80 GB - 7200 rpm
Portable Storage DVD±RW (+R DL) / DVD-RAM -
Display Type 17 in TFT active matrix
Graphics Processor ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 - PCI
Pros: 17-inch wide-screen display; big keyboard and
separate number pad; solid performance and
battery life; full range of security features;
portable enough for room-to-room movement.
Cons: Display isn't particularly bright; system lacks external
touch pad on/off button; small touch pad.
The bottom line: If you're looking for a 17-inch wide-screen
laptop that offers corporate-caliber security, power, and bat-
tery life, the HP Compaq nx9420 is the only game in town.
Humaira Naz & Muhammad Nadeem Khokhar IT

The guidelines for Requirement Management have

been documented many times formally but the
actual problems faced by the software indus-
try are quite different. Through research it is
found that most of the software projects fail before they are
completed or if they do reach completion their quality is not
up to the mark. The aim of this article is to identify the loop-
holes in the requirements gathering practices and how they are
affecting the entire project and final product

ools rush in where angels fear to tread, that has done so is Hughes Aircraft. A study by tions that are amenable to interpretation - is a
a stitch in time saves nine, Measure Snyder and Shumate [1992] follows the leakage fundamental activity in RE. So that a number of
twice, cut once, Look before you leap, of phenomenon for a large collection of projects RE textbooks focus almost entirely on modelling
what do all these sayings have in com- Hughes has conducted over the past 15 years. methods and their associated analysis tech-
mon? They're all about thinking before The study indicates that 74 percent of the niques. Models can be used to represent a
acting. Why? Because it saves time, money, requirements-oriented defects were discovered whole range of products of the RE process
effort and embarrassment. It's plain common during the requirements analysis phase of the QUALITY REQUIREMENTS:
sense, yet, when it comes to software develop- project - that is, the formal phase during which Characteristics of quality requirement state-
ment, this common sense seems to disappear. customers and systems analysts discuss, brain- ments: According to Karl Wiegers, we find that
All too often, projects start before thought has storm, negotiate and document the project "How can you distinguish good software
been put into the project's purpose, its desired requirements. That's the ideal time. requirements from problematic ones? Individual
results, and how its success will ultimately be 4. HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF!? requirement statements should exhibit six char-
measured. 1. Find the right person to do the job: acteristics. A formal inspection of the SRS by
We find that, during most of the history of Essential skills to look for in the person are : project stakeholders with different perspectives
software engineering, requirements analysis Soft skills, listening skills, interviewing and is one way to determine whether or not each
has been considered to be a relatively easy part questioning skills, analytical skills, alleviation, requirement has these desired attributes.
of the process. However, in the last decade or observation skills, Writing skills, organization Another powerful quality technique is writing
so, it has become increasingly recognized as and modelling skills, interpersonal skills and test cases against the requirements before you
being the most vital part of the process; given strong creative skills. cut a single line of code. Test cases crystallize
that the failure to properly identify requirements 2. Context and groundwork: Before a project your vision of the product's behavior as speci-
makes it virtually impossible for the finished can be started, some preparation is needed. fied in the requirements and can reveal omis-
piece of software to meet the needs of the client Finkelstein categorises such preparation as sions and ambiguities
or be finished on time". context and groundwork. In the past, it was Keys to excellent software requirements:
WHY REQUIREMENTS GATHERING? often the case that RE methods assumed that We find in Karl Wiegers' article on avoiding
Imagine if instead of developing software, you RE was performed for a specific customer, who requirement traps, the following:
are building an expensive house. Wouldn't you could sign off a requirements specification" „ "Educating developers, managers, and cus-
expect that before you started pouring the foun- 3. Requirements elicitation: The elicitation of tomers about requirements engineering prac-
dation, you'd have detailed drawings that requirements is perhaps the activity most often tices and the application domain.
showed what the finished house should look regarded as the first step in the RE process. „ Establishing a collaborative customer-devel-
like, inside and out? Of course you would. And The term "elicitation" is preferred to "capture", to oper partnership for requirements development
why is that? Well, it's because architects and avoid the suggestion that requirements are out and management
general contractors have determined that hav- there to be collected simply by asking the right „ Understanding the different kinds of require-
ing architectural drawings and blueprints is the questions ments and classifying customer input into the
most cost-effective way to build houses. Do you 4. As per Bashar Nuseibeh and Steve appropriate categories
think they would go to all the trouble to create Easterbrook "Information gathered during „ Taking an iterative and incremental approach
drawings and blueprints if they weren't neces- requirements elicitation often has to be inter- to requirements development
sary? preted, analysed, modelled and validated before „ Using standard templates for your vision and
REQUIREMENTS GATHERING ISSUES: the requirements engineer can feel confident scope, use case, and SRS documents
1. Users don't understand what they want that a complete enough set of requirements of a „ Holding formal and informal reviews of
2. Users won't commit to a set of written system have been collected. Therefore, require- requirements documents
requirements ments elicitation is closely related to other RE „ Writing test cases against requirements
3. Users often do not participate in reviews or activities - to a great extent, the elicitation tech- „ Prioritizing requirements in some analytical
are incapable of doing so. nique used is driven by the choice of modelling fashion
Leakage of defects from requirements gath- scheme, and vice versa: many modelling „ Instilling the team and customer discipline to
ering stage to the rest of the lifecycle: schemes imply the use of particular kinds of handle requirements changes consistently and
Defects leaking from one phase of the soft- elicitation techniques. effectively". „
ware development lifecycle to another are very 5. Modeling and analyzing requirements:
obvious if observed rightly. One organization Modelling - the construction of abstract descrip-
Aatif Saeed Telecom

Technology has an important impact on innovation and the development of societies and
economies. ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) have created great
opportunities for people around the world to change the way they work, live, play and
learn. But all the advancements made in ICT are dependent on the ICT network
readiness. The regulator (PTA) should look for an alternative policy framework for fast
deployment of ICT network and regulation on the overall structure of the industry,
instead of simply looking at the new issues through the same old regulatory lens

he pace of technological innovation are also becoming sources of entrepreneurial Pakistan, India and China are far behind in
throughout the global community is business generation. . International ranking:
relentlessly pushing forward. In the Today's technologies, such as IPTV and
nineteenth century, we saw more tech- mobile TV, personalize that entertainment in
nological change than in the nine cen- ways that let consumers pick and choose what
turies preceding it. Then in the first twenty years they want and when they want it. These new
of the twentieth century, we saw more advance- capabilities also make good business sense,
ment than in all of the nineteenth century. providing fresh revenue opportunities for service
ICT (Information & Communication providers. In education, IP networks are turning
Technologies) have created great opportunities the traditional classroom into virtual schoolhous-
for people around the world to change the way es that deliver education to remote students,
they work, live, play, and learn. Each era of life-long learners, and others.
technological advancement since the Industrial But all the advancements made in ICT are Though we claim the Telecom revolution in
revolution-from steam engines and railways to dependent on the ICT network readiness. The the country but still we are far behind in ICT
steel & electricity and oil & automobiles has infrastructure plays the role of back bone in ICT network readiness. Therefore, under this situa-
enabled businesses to expand their commerce developments. An analysis is carried out to rank tion spreading the fruits of ICT to every corner
and production globally. Today's innovators, the different countries as for as ICT network of the country is not possible.
however, are using ICT to completely rethink readiness is concerned. Government will have to take more steps to
how they use information, and they are design- The ICT networked readiness analysis is employ ICT to deliver more services to citizens
ing new business models and new capabilities based on three main sub indexes, capturing: at less cost and to improve their networking
that integrate dispersed partners and coworkers „ The presence of an ICT-conducive environ- capabilities. The major challenges are finding
who network closely with each other. ment in a given country by assessing a number investment capital, setting regulations for securi-
Technology has an important impact on of features of the broad business environment, ty and interoperability, and providing Internet
innovation and the development of societies some regulatory aspects, and the soft and hard access to and educating citizens. Regulator
and economies. This impact can be visualized infrastructure for ICT. should play a key role in deploying ICT network.
as occurring in three stages. „ The level of ICT readiness and propensity of The regulators should look for an alternative
In the first stage of "substitution," new tech- the three main national stakeholders-individuals, policy framework that recognizes the impact of
nology substitutes for the old. For example, with the business sector, and the government; and ICT and regulation on the overall structure of
the invention of the mobile telephone, con- „ The actual use of ICT by the above three the industry, instead of simply looking at the
sumers start substituting their fixed telephone stakeholders. new issues through the same old regulatory
lines with mobile handsets. Based on a mixture of hard data, collected lens.
The second stage of impact is "diffusion," from well-respected international organizations Operators, regulators, and other industry
which occurs when the new technology is such as the International Telecommunication stakeholders must work together to manage the
adopted widely across society because it is Union (ITU), transition to new technologies and their fast
cheaper, better, and in general more effective World Bank and survey data coming from deployments successfully. This might be the
than the previous technology. Continuing with the Executive Opinion Survey conducted annu- only way that investors will be encouraged to
the example of the mobile telephone, there are ally by the World Economic Forum, the coun- invest, and that industry stakeholders and soci-
many countries in the world today where the tries are ranked based on the given criteria. ety can capture the full benefits of communica-
number of mobile telephones exceeds the pop- tion age. „
ulation of the country. Top 10 Countries in ICT network readiness:
The final stage of impact is "transformation,"
which occurs when new ways of living and
working start emerging because the new tech-
nology is diffused so widely in society. For
example, the widespread adoption of the mobile
telephone has led to interesting innovations in
the communication patterns of individuals -such
as executives conducting business while waiting
in airport lounges or traveling in trains.
Keeping the above three-stage model in
mind, one can argue that we are at a critical
stage of transformation in society and business
with new (Internet-based) information and com- Japan's computer giant Fujitsu employee displays the new
munication technologies. For example, mobile mobile information terminal "Flepia" with a 12-inch sized
telephones are not only creating innovative pat- electronic paper display with a touch screen function, which
terns of social and business communication but enables to display 4,096-color XGA image continously.
n annual affair since 2003, Intel has

ers into paper products. A device for the "Intel ISEF finalists are the next generation of
provided a central point for talented Speech Impaired and Deaf (D-S.I.D), a life innovators," said Craig Barrett, Intel Chairman.
youth around the globe to come changing communication (an alternative to sign "At Intel we've been working to promote math
together and share on their practicality language) was undertaken by Fatima Shami and science for nearly four decades, so coming
and skill. Intel's decade-long sponsorship of from Headstart School in Islamabad. While to Intel ISEF and meeting these amazing young
Intel ISEF is part of its global commitment to Mufadil Mansoor, from Karachi's Aga Khan scientists is something I look forward to every
improving the quality of education. Since Intel School undertook a project about adding a fea- year."
became the prime sponsor in 1996, the number ture to the mobile to allow it to control electrical Last year, 15 year old Hamza Sheikh of Head
of Intel ISEF finalists has grown about 40 appliances via a cell phone. Start School, Rawalpindi did Pakistan proud by
percent while the number of participating The students' projects encompass a wide range winning the second prize in the category for

Talented Youth of the

The importance of education, science and technology

for the shaping of society and for providing realistic
options for development policies is no longer
arguable. A competent education curriculum and
system provides more resources for science and
technology research and a better scientific output
opens new horizons to a better economy. Realizing the
importance of education and the potential of human
resources, Intel has once again attracted students to
the world's largest science fair; the annual
International Science and Engineering Fair

Fatima Shami - Islamabad, Pakistan

countries, regions and territories has grown by of disciplines that address breakthroughs which chemistry. The award, accompanied with
70 percent. have stumped scientists for years and which $1,500 in prize money, was awarded to him at a
High school students from 51 countries, regions could lead to major scientific advances. grand ceremony where he displayed his project
and territories around the world, including More than 20 percent of the young scientists on the effectiveness of pea flower as an effec-
Pakistan arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, competed in Intel ISEF 2007 either had a pat- tive bio-insecticide. Judges (all PhDs in chemis-
USA to compete for $4 million in scholarships ent or they had applied for a patent for their try) were impressed by his work, which was
and awards in the annual Intel International work. This year's projects tackled themes about based on an experiment that covered an impor-
Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). The climate change, solar-powered water generator, tant environmental issue which is the use of
top three winners, alone, will each be awarded a device to increase the mileage of hybrid vehi- chemical pesticides. “It's cost effective, easily
a $50,000 scholarship by Intel Corporation. cles amongst others. A treatment for cancer available and adds nutritional value to food, not
Earlier, Intel Pakistan Corporation in collabora- including a way to prevent the development and to speak of the safety factor,” said Sheikh, add-
tion with the Ministry of Education had orga- progression of lung cancer and a way to identify ing “chemical pesticides have caused detrimen-
nized the National Science Olympiad where stu- cells that contribute to cancer growth were part tal effects to our surroundings.”
dents from across the provinces showcased of some of the notable projects. An engineering The ISEF has been coordinated for 57 years by
their research based projects. The National win- solution such as a "smart swim" drowning alert Science Service, one of the most respected
ners from Pakistan were chosen to compete at system for children, a robot that uses artificial non-profit organizations advancing the cause of
the now annual Intel ISEF held in the US. intelligence to determine the most efficient science. With the continuation of the annual
Notably, 3 students from Pakistan participated paths through mazes and an airplane engine Intel International Science and Engineering
in this grand event. 13 year old Kulsum Bilal of that can run on compressed air were also ambi- Fair, Pakistani's around the world now earnestly
Govt. Kinnaird High School for Girls, Lahore tiously undertaken by the students. This plat- await the participation of their fellow compatriot
won an acknowledgement for her project based form provided the associates with unlimited to continue to vow the rest of the world with
on the feasibility and recycling of chicken feath- access to showcase their green thumbs. their brilliance. n 75

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz speaking at the World Telecommunication and Information Imam-e-Kaaba Shaikh Abdur Rehman Al-Sudais push the computer button to inaugurate
Society Day. the website of Jamia Ashrafia during a ceremony held at Awan-e-Iqbal, Lahore.

President (LCCI) Shahid Hassan Sheikh distributing shields among the participants during Federal Minister for Information Technology Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari briefs the stu-
a seminar on the occasion of World Telecom Day held at a local hotel. Hamid Farooq
CEO, Warid, also seen in pic. dents from Fatima Jinnah University Rawalpindi.

Film star Reema Khan, Farhan Abbas, Rubab Gardazai and Kazim Mujtaba pose for a Mr. tariq Malik CEO, Wateen Telecom, Zubair Ahmed Kasuri, Editpor in Chief Flare, Mr.
group photo during a press conference regarding 2 years agreement of Warid’s brand Tayyab Shafi, GM Business Development & Projects Wateen Telecom,
ambassador at Royal Palm Country Club.

Meteo-France technician works on a computer next to the "NEC SX-8R", a five times more powerfull new A model displays KDDI's new mobile handset, W52SA by Sanyo (L), W53T
calculating machine from Japan's NEC Corporation which will enable, to the French company in 2008, by Toshiba (C), and W52SH by Sharp (R), during a press preview to
76 new weather prediction and new research on climatic evolutions in Toulouse. announce KDDI's new summer collection at in a Tokyo.

Visitors admire the display of prototype robots at a hitech expo in Beijing. China will
Canon India Pvt. Ltd. Vice President Alok Bharadwaj, second left, and President Kensaku Konoshi,
increase its spending on science and technology by nearly 20 percent in 2007.
third left, pose along with models at the launch of consumer products in New Delhi, India.

CEO Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Saad Zaman and Chairman Hashoo Group Sadriddun Hashwani at the signing cere-
mony where Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd. was appointed as the lead arranger by Orient Petroleum International,
Inc. (OPII) for its USD 35 million Syndicated Musharaka Facility.

Motorola received the WiMAX World Europe 2007 Award in the

Devices Category at the WiMAX World Europe Conference, in
Vienna, Austria. Photo shows Motorola's director of WiMAX
global marketing, Hossein Parandeh receiving the award from
Mike Saxby

Pierre SEILLAN the Counsel General of France, Amin Muhammad Lakhani of McDonalds, Strategic Partner of the
event along with the winners (Lahore Team) of the Electronic Sports World Cup 2007 - National Final.

Lowest prices of cell

phones have not only
made it easy for the
poorest segments to
purchase but also
increase their produc-
tivity by using modern
Erika Sawajiri, a Japanese actress, model and gravure idol, poses
with a mobile handset "Walkman W52S" produced by Sony
Ericsson during a press preview on its CM campaign in Tokyo. 77
IT Asad Mushtaque

Information technology came to Pakistani market in late 70s but the

industry started strengthening its roots in 90s. The number of players
has now reached to 200 as compared to 1996 when they were 80

nformation technology (IT) has assumed unprece- Attractiveness pool of such people, but business is never run through
dented importance in the global economic arena. If we think strategically and view the government technicians. There is also a major flaw in our educa-
In Pakistan, the present Government is giving a policies we will see big reasons for investing into IT tion system that causes this dearth. Students are
very high priority to IT. One of the pre requisites, business. The statistics given below are provided by taught to become coders but they are not taught how
for ensuring sustained growth of the industry in the Pakistan Software Export Board that is continuously to manage software products. On one hand simple
economy, is the provision of a definite framework con- engaged in promoting it industry in Pakistan. programming education is provided to some students
sisting of policy, legislative, financial, and operational „ Mild competition - Easy to enter and on the other hand Management training provided
guidelines, which can provide a stable umbrella for „ Flexible Government - Easy to Register is inadequate. The prime need of the industry is peo-
growth. Thus, the government, as the main facilitator, „ Market demand for Product Software Very High ple with expertise in management and having good
enabler, and promoter of the IT sector, has evolved an „ Low funds required for establishment technical knowledge.
effective national IT Policy and Action Plan that clearly „ Information technology parks with low rents, fiber Difficult Recruitment
caters to the needs of nurturing the industry and is optic connectivity, libraries and conference rooms Recruitment is very difficult because of institutes
responsive to the dynamic forces of change that can „ Provision of funds for software companies to get giving improper education. With the boom of IT indus-
affect its future growth. The private sector is also being ISO-9000 and CMM level certifications try many institutes have mushroomed up providing
brought into the mainstream as the main driver for „ Foreign investors allowed 100% ownership of equi- substandard education and awarding degrees to
growth. ty in "IT/ITeS companies" unworthy students. It has created a big pool of IT grad-
History of IT Industry „ Tax exemption for IT companies till
Pakistan's IT industry is facing many
What is information technology?. IT Industry is the 2016
industry that began with the idea that technology must „ 100% repatriation of profits
be used to serve the most complex need of any orga-
nization's information. Hence it started with bringing
allowed to IT companies
„ 5% custom duties on import of IT-
threats like low number of skilled
first database server to US Army. Later on commercial
companies started copying and handled their informa-
related equipment workers, rare skilled IT managers,
„ Seven years' tax holiday for
tion through software technology. Venture Capital funds difficult recruitment, Global Market
Information technology came to Pakistani market in
Image and un-stable political
„ The rate of depreciation on com-
late 70s but the industry started strengthening its roots puter equipment is 30%
in 90s. The number of players has now reached to 200 „ The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)
as compared to 1996 when they were 80. has allowed the opening of Internet
Opportunities of the Industry Merchant Accounts by banks
IT Industry in Pakistan is in its growth phases. On „ Instant, reliable and high-speed connectivity avail- uates but also has initiated a major problem; how to fil-
one side there are attractive domains and on the other able ter out the pool to find best people really eligible to do
is industry establishment attractiveness. Let us see the „ Over 85% of telecommunications infrastructure is their job.
opportunities from these two separate glasses. on fiber optic cables Global Market Image
Attractive Domains or Areas „ Internet access is available in over 1862 When compared to other countries Pakistan is not
Today Pakistan has developed industrial experi- cities/towns across Pakistan able to earn respect in the eyes of foreign investors.
ence in areas such as Customized Software Solutions, „ Several cellular companies are using digital trans- The same is the case with software quality image of
Call Centers, ERP Solutions for the Textile, Insurance, mission (GSM and TDMA) Pakistani firms, unfortunately Pakistani software are
Banking, Pharmaceutical sectors, Mission Critical „ The cost of 2 Mbps connection has been lowered buggy just because we are so hasty to get out money
Complex systems for various industries, E-Commerce to $2000/month that we don't properly test our products before launch-
& E-Business Solutions, Multimedia and Training Threats to the Industry ing. We never launch beta versions even for testing.
Applications, Medical & Legal Transcription, HR & Pakistan's IT industry is facing many threats. Unfortunately Pakistani firms (most of them) are
Financial Applications, Engineering and Design These threats are creating a lot of problems for the famous for not completing the projects taken just
Applications, Risk Management Systems etc. progress of the industry. because they take more than their capacity.
Several software houses have developed Industrial Low number of skilled workers Unpredictable Government
information backbone on technology, yet the demand Pakistan government has worked very hard to Government policies are very good but you never
for improved information technology infrastructure is build up HR Pool for IT industry but unfortunately it has know when they will change, creating problems in
still enormous. gone all the path in haphazard way, today there are planning. Managers have to concentrate more on polit-
Despite of so much development in this field, there many software personals but only few are technically ical changes than at strategic thinking.
are so many areas that are not explored properly. sound just because of improper education and lake of Any firm willing to compete will have to overcome
Generic product softwares, gaming software and many professional training. all these threats and bank on these opportunities to
others can be taken as examples. Any new comer can Rare skilled IT managers achieve success. „
come into any such field to serve the untouched mar- Talking about IT technicians, we have a very big
When he finished he explained, "That's my
ANCESTORS mobile phone. I have a microchip
After digging to a depth of in my hand. The Sardar felt low-tech and inferi-
100m last year, Russian sci- or. He didn't know what to
entists found traces of copper do to be as impressive as the American & the
wiring dating back 1000 Japanese. He decided to take a
years, and came to the con- break in the toilet.
clusion that their ancestors When he returned, he didn't realize that there
already had a telephone net- was a piece of toilet paper
work one thousand years got stuck and hanging from his backside. The
ago. others raised their eyebrows
So as not to be outdone, in and said, "Wow! What's that?"
the weeks that followed, Instead of being embarrassed, inspiration
American scientists dug struck his mind. The sardar
200m, and headlines in the explained, "I'm getting a FAX. . . . ."
One day, a Sardarji gets a new born child. So US newspapers read:- "US scientists have ---------------------------------------------------------------
he starts filling the birth certificate. At the same found traces of 2000 year old optical fibres, The world`s first fully computerized airliner was
time, a couple who are touring India, meet him and have concluded that their ancestors ready for its maiden flight without pilots or
and congratulate him on getting a son. The already had advanced high-tech digital tele- crew.
Sardarji is very happy. phone 1000 years earlier than the Russians. " The plane taxied to the loading area automati-
The next day, the couple go to Delhi. There One week later, the Pakistani press reported cally, its doors opened automatically, the steps
they find the very same sardarji writing the the following: came out automatically. The passengers
very same form. The puzzled couple go to the "After digging as deep as 500m, Pakistani sci- boarded the plane and took their seats. The
Sardarji and ask him "Sardar Bhai, yesterday, entists have found asolutely nothing. They steps retreated automatically, the doors
We saw you at Mumbai filling the same certifi- have concluded that 5000 years ago, their closed, and the airplane taxied toward the run-
cate, but today you are here?" ancestors were already using mobile phones" way.
Sardarji replies, "I came here because on the --------------------------------------------------------------- "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen," a
certificate said WRITE IN CAPITAL" An American, Japanese, and a Sardar were computer voice intoned.
--------------------------------------------------------------- sitting in the sauna. Suddenly "Welcome to the debut of the world`s first fully
Our sardarji was filling up an application form there was a beeping sound. The American computerized airliner. Everything on this air-
for a job. He promptly filled the columns titled pressed his forearm and the craft is run electronically. Just sit back and
NAME,AGE,ADDRESS etc. Then he came to beeping stopped. relax. Nothing can go wrong...nothing can go
the column salary expected : He was not sure The others looked at him questioningly. "That's wrong...nothing can go wrong.... nothing can
as to what to be filled there. After much my pager," he said, "I have go wrong.... nothing can go wrong.... nothing
thought he wrote : Yes a microchip under the skin of my arm." can go wrong...."
--------------------------------------------------------------- A few minutes later a phone rang. The
Japanese lifted his palm to his ear.


Bollywood actress Dia Mirza holds

a Samsung mobile handset during
its launch in New Delhi.

A Chinese promoter shows off a latest mobile phone using

solar power, in Beijing. Sales of mobile phones in China
increased 40 % year on year to 120 million units in 2006.

A model displays the new Nokia E90 mobile phone sets during a launching ceremony in Jakarta. Nokia E90 communicator
launched for the Indonesian market.

A commuter talks on the mobile phone as the rickshaw

puller wades through a water logged street in Calcutta,
India. Seven persons were killed as the first monsoon
showers lashed Gangetic West Bengal, water logging
large parts of Calcutta and adjoining districts.

Miss India 2007 Pooja Gupta, center, with President Consumer Business of Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) Naresh
Malhan, right, and Chief Operating Officer TTSL Delhi Debashish Sur, launch the 'Freedom call voucher' and entry level
color handsets, in New Delhi, India.

Indian models hold cameras as they

pose for photographers at an
Olympus Camera launch in New
Delhi. Olympus Imaging Corporation
announced it's foray into the Indian
market with the opening of a brand-
ed showroom in the Indian capital.
Two camera model launches were
also made onto the Indian market Japan's microscope and other optical and electronic
with the Miju-770SW a 7.1 megapix- devices maker Scalar Co. Employee Miyako Fujioka
el water and shockproof compact demonstrates newly developed compact TV monitor
model. Teleglass T3-F attached to the side of her glasses while
80 holding its remote controller.

Nozomi Ando, an employee of Panasonic Mobile Communications, shows off the

new mobile "P904i" at the head office in Tokyo. Japan's biggest mobile carrier
NTT DoCoMo will put the new mobile series on the market.

A Taiwanese model displays the "OLPC" (One Laptop

Miss India 2007 Pooja Gupta poses with a cel-
per Child) during the Computex Taipei Taiwan. OLPC is
lular telephone at a ceremony held to launch
a new, non-profit association dedicated to research to
the Tata Indicom 'Freedom Call Voucher' and
develop a $100 laptop, a technology that could revolu-
entry level colour handsets in New Delhi.
tionize how we educate the world's children.

Japan's toy maker Tomy employee displays the new robot figure toys (L-R)
"Transformers Speed-dial, Long-view, Spy-shot", which transformed to these
shapes from a mobile phone, binoculars and camera, at the company's head-
quarters in Tokyo.

Indian visitors examine a display panel inside the first class cabin of a recently acquired Boeing Labourers carry long wires as they are busy in laying telephone lines under
777-300ER aircraft on display at Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Karimabad Flyover.

A woman displays the latest 3.5-inch 1,000 GB Hitachi hard drive during the the Taipei A Chinese promoter shows off a latest mobile handset at a hitech expo in Beijing.
International Information Technology Show (Computex Taipei 2007) at the World Trade Center in Sales of mobile phones in China increased 40 percent year on year to 120 million
Taipei. units in 2006, as China become one of the world's largest handset markets.
Gartner Inc to Conduct Study on Pak Government IT Policy Brings Digital
IT Industry Revolution: Sehba Musharraf

akistan Software Export Board (PSEB) has signed a contract

he First Lady Begum Sehba
with Gartner Incorporated the world's leading information Musharraf had said that the
technology research and advisory company to conduct a study government's policy to promote
on the Pakistan IT Industry. information technology had brought a
The contract was signed in the presence of digital revolution in the country and
Secretary IT, MD PSEB, President PASHA and had greatly increased the demand for well
VP Gartner Consulting. trained computer literate youth in the
Dr.Tony Murphy, Vice President, Gartner country.
Consulting arrived in Islamabad to deliver She was speaking at ceremony, to award
the technology related insight need to job appointment letters, to the successful
boost the IT Industry in Pakistan. He will candidates at the end of Nadra's Welfare
undertake a review and study of the Data Entry Computer Operator course.
existing conditions of the Pakistani IT sector She further added that there was a need
with particular emphasis on the software and to ensure multifaceted training of our
IT services sector,” the statement said. talented youth including technical
It said the study would also develop a training, character building and worth
practical strategic blueprint for the sector to ethics.
achieve a step-change improvement in the The programme of NADRA was a true
performance of the IT Industry. manifestation of successful public private
“Dr. Tony Murphy would act as Engagement partnership from which other public sector organizations
Manager and Chief Author for this study. His can also take lead and work for the progress and prosperity of the
recent book 'Achieving Value from Technology: A nation, she said.
Practical Guide for Today's Executives' has become an Begum Sehba Musharraf said that besides this programme the
international best seller and is becoming standard practice for many government's initiatives about national vocational and technical
organizations worldwide,” added the statement. “We are education commission and internship programme would equip our young
extremely happy with this success in bringing the generation with necessary knowledge and training to face the challenges
world's leading IT research company to Pakistan.” of the modern world.
the statement quoted Yusuf Hussain, Managing Chairman, NADRA Saleem Ahmed Moeen, said that
Director PSEB as saying. NADRA's Database includes 86.8 million
Dr. Murphy said the technology based citizens with more than fifty-seven
businesses would be the key to national citizens having an Identity card. The
success in the coming years. He said Pakistan registration of 2.15 million Afghan
had ambitious plans in this regard and Refugees was completed in fifteen
Gartner was pleased to assist the country weeks by the organization and that our
achieve its objectives. first international project won through an
1.6m Broadband international tender was the driving
license for the Bangladesh government.
Connections Target Mobile Zone Gives
Set for Next 3 years: Away First Mobile
Shaukat Aziz insurance Claim

rime Minister Shaukat Aziz has said that the government was

obile Zone gave out the first
fully conscious of importance of broadband for convergence of mobile insurance claim through a
computing, communication and broadcasting. He was speaking short ceremony held at their
at a function held in connection with World Telecommunication customer support centre. Akbar Ali
Day. Aziz said that a target of 1.6 million broadband from Peshawar, the first recipient
connections had been set for the next three years against the present of mobile insurance claim received the
less than 100,000 connections. cheque against theft of his Nokia 1600
“The government wants to develop infrastructure mobile phone.
for covering 75 percent of the households in Mobile Zone's Director Sales Peshawar,
the country with high speed Internet by Asghar Shanwarim presented the
2015,” he added. insurance cheque. The Assistant
Executive Director of EFU (Mobile Zone's
Employees Protested partners in this offer) was also present at
the occasion.
against Retrenchment Commenting on the mobile insurance
claim, Pervaiz Abbasi, CEO Mobile
Plan of PTCL Zone, said, "We are a company of
ethics and we believe that whatever

TCL workers staged a big rally at the we commit is delivered. Credible
call of Pak-Telecom Employees Union warranties, exceptional outlets service
(CBA) to protest against the proposed standards, quality of after sales services are
retrenchment of 31,000 employees by all indications of our commitment to Pakistan mobile
the management of Etisalat. Kanwar Atta phone market. Now mobile insurance is the next step towards
Jilani, Saif-uddin Qureshi, Qazi Mehmood, Malik our commitment to provide convenience to our customers," he added.
Nazar Hussain, Haji Ghulam Mustafa and Zafar
Baig addressed the rally.
They said that their struggle would continue till the withdrawal of the plan
Motorola Unveils Slider Bluetooth
of retrenchment of workers particularly upper division, lower division
clerks, technicians, telephone, tele-printer, telex operators, chowkidars
Headset H800

and peons. The protestors shouted slogans against the president, otorola Inc. has launched a Slider Bluetooth headset H800.
federal minister for IT & Telecom, and the government. They demanded The device offers a fresh new way of experiencing wireless
immediate revision of their pay-scales, grant of 15 percent dearness communication in an absolute hands-free mode. H800 is the
allowance, 25 percent house requisition, restoration of son-quota, and Motorola's new Slider Bluetooth headset with both style and
granting 2.6 percent shares to the employees as per agreement signed performance.
at the time of privatization of the company. The company has launched this advanced device in an era of 83
technology where the demand for use of wireless communication and
convenience with style is increasing day by day. Prime Minister Lauds Telenor Futures
It boasts innovative slider design, distinctive laser-etched details and
advanced functionality. Program

Sarim Alvi, head of Country Marketing (Mobile Devices), Motorola rime Minister Shaukat Aziz has appreciated Telenor Pakistan's
Pakistan stated, “Motorola's seamless mobility is enabling consumers to efforts "as a responsible corporate citizen" and has called the
take control of their calls without touching their phones. expansion of its Telecom Futures program to Attock "an
”This is the first Bluetooth headset with slider rapid connect technology; auspicious sign for the local community."
the Motorola H800 gracefully glides open for easy one-touch "As a model program, if implemented and expanded with
connections.” He added. genuine commitment, it will Insha Allah help develop a strong human
resources base in the field of telecommunication, delete reliance on
Omantel set to take over Pakistani expensive expatriate resources, and enable the local youth to generate
income for themselves and their families," he said in a special message,
firm soon which was read out to the audience at the launch ceremony of
Teleco m Futures in Attock.

man Telecommunications Co. (Omantel) should conclude the "Telenor Pakistan has been playing its role as
purchase of a majority stake in a Pakistan-based telecom a responsible corporate citizen with vigor and
operator this month, Omantel's chief executive enthusiasm running several community
said. Omantel, the smallest telecom support programs to empower the truly
operator in the Gulf Arab region disadvantaged section of the society. I wish
by market value, is also in negotiations to Telenor Pakistan the best in their
buy a minority stake in a Gulf Arab endeavours."
telecom operator, Mohammed al-Wohaibi Telenor Pakistan CEO Tore Johnsen said,
said. "After the successful implementation of
Wohaibi declined to name the Pakistani Telecom Futures at Tevta's Lahore
firm, but said the take-over would give campus, I am very pleased to see that
Omantel access to Asia's fourth most- the project model now has been
populous country as competition grows at replicated at Attock as well. Telenor
home. An industry source in Pakistan said Pakistan and its partners realize that
Omantel was in talks with Worldcall, which runs vocational training institutes are
long distance and international (LDI) as well as building human capital from the lower
wireless local loop (WLL) services. socio-economic classes and there is huge
opportunity and potential in this area.
Seventh ITCN Asia to be The Telecom Futures program will build on Tevta's Higher National
Diploma in Telecom by aligning curriculum with industry expectations,
held in August providing advanced trainings and rewards to teachers, sharing
specialized equipment with students, and offering internships or jobs to

he Seventh ITCN Asia will be held at Karachi from August 9 to suitable diploma holders.
11 at the Karachi Expo Centre. An announcement of E-
commerce Gateway Pakistan said that the event would serve as
a comprehensive showcase of the latest technology, equipment
HP Introduces New PCs

and machinery as well as allied services. P introduced an attractive new line of consumer PCs that,
It would also provide the investors with a definite outlook of the regional for the first time, have been designed to complement any
information technology (IT) and telecom industry and provide an room of a home featuring the latest consumer electronics
opportunity to meet their perspective counterparts and and home appliances. Part of HP's "The Computer is
business partners. Personal Again" campaign, the redesigned PCs have an
elegant, piano-black finish with refined silver trim and subtle
Franchise Selling SIMs blue LED light accents.
New features include a power button
without a CNIC Copy to positioned on the top of the chassis for
easy reach, a built-in bay for
be Sealed removable digital storage and a more
easily accessible media card reader to

hairman Pakistan simplify enjoyment of digital music,
Telecommunication Authority (PTA) videos and photos.
Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Shahzada Alam
Malik has directed the Cellular
Mobile Operators to ensure that
Fixedline Phone
antecedents of the customers acquiring
mobile connections from the respective
Segment not Showing
mobile companies are properly documented
before issuing new connections. He was chairing
Required Growth

a meeting with the representatives of Cellular Mobile ixed Local Loop (FLL) segment of
Operators. Malik said it has been witnessed that proper procedure is telecom industry which is 98
not being adopted with regard to acquiring the particulars of the percent owned by incumbent PTCL
customer intending to have a mobile connection and the Authority has was not showing required growth,
also received a number of complaints in this regard. rather it was witnessing a decline in
Chairman PTA directed the representatives of CMTOs to make sure that its expansion.
a copy of Computerized National Identification Card (CNIC) is Besides capacity and coverage issues, this segment is facing stiff
demanded from the customer at the time of issuance of SIM besides competition from cellular and wireless phone operators, which is
electronically maintaining the particulars of every subscriber as given in resulting in customer churning and traffic migration.
the customer agreement form. Because of this, fixed line tele-density, which was 3.4 percent, a year
He categorically made it clear that this policy would be implemented ago, has also declined to 3.2 percent. Pakistan Telecommunication
immediately and strict action would be taken against those franchises Authority (PTA) in its quarterly report said only four new FLL licensees
that would be found in violation. are operational with the network coverage in few cities of Punjab and
He told the CMTOs representatives that by the beginning of July, PTA Sindh.
teams would be visiting various franchises of all the cellular mobile It said the licensees are also facing difficulties in their roll-out plans and
operators across the country to check whether proper procedure is being expected business. But few other companies are at their roll-out stage
adopted while issuing the respective mobile connections. and it is hoped they would start their operations in the coming months.
Any franchise found to be selling SIMs without a copy of CNIC duly However, their coverage is limited with low capacity.
incorporating the SIM number being issued, would be immediately The report said incumbent Pakistan Telecommunication Company
Sealed and strict action, including cancellation of Franchise, would be Limited (PTCL) lost 75,972 fixed line subscribers during first quarter of
taken. this year. Major loss of subscribers was in Punjab where fixed line
subscribers reduced by 59,616. introduce new Hollywood movies in the country in days to come, she
However, during second quarter, 22101 subscribers were added due to added.
expansion in the subscription of Sindh. PTCL is mainly focusing on the
expansion of its subscriber base on wireless network. The report said 2.8 million New Mobile Customers
new FLL operators including Worldcall, Brain net and Union
Communication have a total of 14,848-subscriber base. Join Ranks
Over $3 billion Invested in Telecom

lmost 2.8 million new mobile customers joined the ranks in
Pakistan in of April - the second highest total ever recorded in
Sector in Three Years: PTA the market, behind October 2006. Monthly proportionate growth
stayed above 5 per cent by a whisker, after 5.1 per cent in

ountry's telecom sector has attracted record inflow of Foreign March, taking the total customer base in the market to 58.4m
Direct Investment (FDI) during the last three years, which has and penetration to 34.7 per cent from 33.0 per cent a month earlier, a
crossed 3 billion dollar mark. This is continuing and new private TV channel reported.
companies are investing in their network and infrastructure build A total of 10.0m new customers were added in the first
up. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in its quarterly four months of 2007, these being shared
report said the telecom sector attracted 472 million dollar FDI almost equally between the market's four
during the last half year in which only 133.2 million dollar largest operators.
was under privatization proceeds of Pakistan Telenor garnered the biggest portion, with
Telecommunication Company Limited 3m or 30 per cent of the total, ahead of
(PTCL).”This shows that 72 percent of Mobilink (27 per cent), Ufone (25 per cent)
telecom FDI is purely new investment and Warid Telecom (21 per cent). Warid
mostly in expansion of infrastructure and Telecom recorded a market-best 8.5 per
services and eliminates the misconception cent increase in customer numbers in
in some quarters that privatization is the April.
dominant component of FDI in telecom," it
added. Countrywide Mobile
During the last few years, this sector has
witnessed astounding growth as a result of Phone Banking
credible government policies and prudent role
of the regulator, the report said and added this Soon: Awais
has resulted in the above 109 percent average

annual growth rate of overall tele-density during ederal Ministry of Information Technology and
the last two fiscal years. Telecommunication (IT&T) will initiate fast
The sector exhibited the same growth trends in the Internet connectivity and mobile phone banking
first two quarters of fiscal year 2006-07. Currently the within next six months. Federal Minister for IT&T
overall tele-density in the country is crossing 37 percent. Mr. Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari said this while
The report said besides astounding growth, this sector is also addressing the inaugural ceremony of the Global Business Management
contributing increasingly in the government exchequer through various Solution (GBMS), an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the
taxes and regulatory duties. The major component of these collections is Ready-made Garments and Hosiery industry.
GST/CED, collection of which remained Rs 16.92 million during the first The GBMS is the first locally developed and implemented open source
six months of this year which is 43 percent higher than the same ERP in Pakistan.
period last year. The He said the fast internet facility would initially be provided in cities having
mobile contribution in total telecom GST/CED 200,000 population; adding that this would increase usage of computer,
Collection is also increasing and during second which would help increase the productivity.
quarter of 2006-07, its share was 77.7 percent as Leghari said that a new and fast system of banking
compared to 66.9 percent during the through mobile phone would also be
corresponding quarter last year. launched within next four to five
months. Under this system, mobile
Mobilink, Box Office phone users would be able to pay all
the utility bills through mobile phone,
Launch Spider-Man 3 which is a fast and secure means of
transaction. The project will be
in Pakistan implemented with the collaboration of
State Bank of Pakistan, he asserted.

obilink and Box Office, Leghari said that Federal IT&T Ministry's
Pakistan's leading distributor vision is to bring a positive change in the
of quality films, have common man's life.
announced the formal launch of "We are also trying to introduce automation
Spider-Man(tm) 3 - an adventure in all the ministries so that every stakeholder
movie in Pakistan, initially will be shown in Karachi and should have an easy access to the relevant
Lahore on June 15. information," he added.
Addressing a press conference, Sadaf Zarar, brand manager indigo,
Mobilink and Maria Lotia, general manager, Box Office said that they Integrated Telecom Plan
were committed to play their role in the revival of country's cinema
culture. They said that provision of better entertainment facilities to the Evolved for Northern Areas
public would be continued.

Despite the fact that theatre in the country was on the decline, Mobilink n integrated plan has been formulated by the Special
and Box Office would continue to provide the people with good movies, Communications Organization (SCO) to extend modern and
besides opening Cineplex theaters in the country, they added. quick means of telecommunications to the people across
At the premier of the movie, Sadaf Zarar said: "It is Mobilink's endeavor Northern Areas (NAs), a spokesman said.
to make a genuine contribution to the social uplift and welfare of our Under the plan the existing telephone numbers would be
people." To a question, she replied that Mobilink would also sponsor changed and all the districts in Northern Areas would get a new
Pakistani movies. telephone code in the next few months, he said.
Being Pakistan's favorite cellular company, this was the beginning of its A latest modern billing system will be introduced at a cost of Rs. 580
value-added services to customers, in addition to a commitment to the million within one and half years in the region to facilitate the people, the
public, she added. Maria Lotia said that Box Office was committed spokesman said. He said Pakistan had inked an agreement with China
towards reviving the cinema culture in the country by bringing the latest for laying optical fibre line from Rawalpindi to Gilgit and then onto
Hollywood movies throughout the year. Khunjerab at a cost of Rs 490 million. China will lay the line to Khunjerab
"We are happy to have partnered with Mobilink, which also understands on their side, he said.
the need to breathe life into this activity that we all believe is for the
social development of people," she maintained. Box Office would

Samsung's main Mobile Plant to Etisalat’s Egyptian Unit Attracted

Move to Vietnam over 300,000 Subscribers in first
20 days
outh Korean high-tech
giant Samsung
Electronics plans to he Egyptian unit of Etisalat, the

relocate its main telecom giant of the United
mobile phone factory Arab Emirates (UAE), attracted
to Vietnam because of rising more than 300,000 subscribers
wage costs at home. Industry in the first 20 days of opera-
sources revealed that Samsung tion. Etisalat Misr, the company's sub-
had this year suspended sidiary in Egypt, launched its services on
recruiting for its main plant at May 1 with the country's first 3.5G net-
Gumi, 260 kilometres south of work, bringing rich multimedia content
Seoul. The Gumi factory accounted for some 60 percent of total produc- and enabling mobile business across
tion of mobile phone handsets last year. Egypt. It also brought mobile television,
"As part of its new (global outsourcing) strategy, Samsung has decid- high-speed internet access and video calling to the Egyptian market for
ed to build a bigger plant in Vietnam than the one in Gumi in the last the first time.
quarter of this year," one of the sources said. Aiming at attracting 10 million subscribers by 2010 in the Egyptian
The Vietnam plant, the site of which is yet to be decided, will eventu- market which has a population of more than 70 million, Etisalat Misr plans
ally produce 100 million units per year, according to the source. to invest up to 8 billion Egyptian pounds (1 U.S. dollar equals to 5.68
Samsung Electronics has concluded that its domestic factories no Egyptian pounds) additionally in the next three years, the report said.
longer have merit because the labor cost is 10 times higher than in "These investments will be allocated to all aspects of our business in
Southeast Asia. Last year, Samsung produced 130 million mobile hand- Egypt including new base stations, enhancing the network, customer serv-
sets -- 80 million from the Gumi plant, 45 million from its factories in ice centers, and so forth," Etisalat Misr's chairman Jamal Al Sadat was
China and the rest from production facilities in other places. „ quoted as saying.
The company is also planning to launch an initial public offering (IPO)

Sri Lanka Signs $600 Million of to list itself on the Egyptian stock market within two years, the report
added. Etisalat Misr is one of 14 service providers managed by Etisalat in

the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Etisalat's services currently reach more
than 32 million subscribers. „

ri Lanka has signed nearly 600 million dollars worth of invest-
ment deals with foreign and local companies mainly to set up
World's Largest Memory
or expand businesses in the telecom and IT sectors. Among
major investors, India's largest publicly-listed telecom firm
Capacity Card for Mobile

Bharti Airtel pledged to spend 150 million dollars to set up Sri
Lanka's fifth mobile phone company this year, told Investment outh Korea's Samsung Electronics said that it had developed the
Promotions Minister Sarath Amunugama. world's largest storage-capacity memory card for mobile phones.
"We expect about a third of this year's investment target of two bil- The eight-gigabyte memory card, microSD, can store some
lion dollars to come from telecom and IT related services which is 2,000 MP3 music files, 4,000 photographs or five DVD-quality
proven to be a winning success for our country," Amunugama said. movie files, the company said in a statement. It is only a quarter
Sri Lanka, an island nation attracted 604 million dollars worth of for- the size of the widely used and existing SD card but much faster in down-
eign investments last year, and Amunugama said the bulk of this year's loading and uploading multimedia data, it added. SD cards are largely
target will come from used for data storage in digital cameras and televisions. Samsung, quot-
phone services, infor- ing market researcher Gartner Dataquest, said the global multimedia
mation technology, memory card market would grow 10 percent annually until 2010. „
clothing, power and
"Sri Lanka is a
very promising mar-
ket for telecom services, with phone penetration low at 20 percent,"
Airtel's Director, Narendra Gupta, said. Sri Lanka Telecom, the biggest
fixed line operator which is partially owned and managed by Japan's
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, also committed to invest 200 million
dollars over a two-year period to expand its network. Mobitel, Sri Lanka
Telecom's mobile phone unit, signed up to invest 50 million dollars to
rollout high speed third generation network capable of offering video
calls and high-speed Internet surfing.
Telecom is one of the fastest growth sectors in this South Asian
island of 19.5 million people, with the number of mobile phone users
already crossed 4.5 million, according to Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
Amunugama admitted that attracting foreign investment has
"become a bigger challenge" because of an upsurge in fighting between
Tamil Tiger rebels and government forces since December 2005 that
has left more than 4,800 people dead. „ French-US telecommunications equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent's President of governing
board, Serge Tchuruk (2ndL), gives a speech during a meeting, in Paris, next to Chief exec-
utive officer, Patricia Russo (2ndR), and Financial Director Jean-Pascal Beaufret (R).

Alcatel-Lucent Wins $460 Million order from Chinese Operators

rench-US telecommunications equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent has signed deals worth 460 million dollars with two major Chinese mobile
operators. According to a report, Alcatel-Lucent will provide China Mobile, the country's largest handset operator, with radio and core network
equipment, customized solutions and services for 340 million dollars. The company has also inked a 120-million-dollar agreement with China
Unicom to support the latter's broader mobile network expansion in the mainland as well as in Macau, the Beijing Times added. China Mobile
and China Unicom this year have budgets totaling 125.8 billion yuan (16.4 billion dollars).
Other telecommunication equipment vendors, including domestic firms Datang and ZTE and Sweden's Ericsson, have won orders topping 20 bil-
lion yuan in the two operators' previous online bidding, it added. „

VSNL; First Indian Operator to Motorola to Slash 4,000 More

Provide Global Wi-Fi Roaming Jobs

SNL is the first Indian operator to provide otorola will cut an additional 4,000 jobs as the mobile phone
global Wi-Fi roaming for customers as they maker tries to cope with tough global competition. The latest
travel overseas and need Internet access; belt-tightening move announced aims to save 600 million
Quiconnect to deliver Wi-Fi interconnectivity dollars in annual costs for 2008. It comes on top of an earlier
initially with WBA members and with other effort to save 400 million dollars and trim 3,500 positions,
international telecoms companies following shortly. which Motorola said would be completed by this month. "Long-term, sus-
Quiconnect will deliver the Wi-Fi technical roaming tainable profitability is -- and always has been -- Motorola's top priority,"
integration and implementation services required to said Motorola Inc., chief financial officer Tom Meredith. "Today's actions
deliver this for all parties, branded to the consumer's are an update
familiar telecoms provider. to the commit-
VSNL is part of the $27 billion Tata Group. It pioneered Internet servic- ment we
es in India and today provides dial-up, broadband, and Wi-Fi services made during
under the Tata Indicom brand name. VSNL operates around 300 hotspots our first-quar-
throughout the country at important, high traffic locations comprising inter- ter earnings
national and national airports, hotels, cricket stadiums, cafes, hospitals, conference
banks and shopping malls. VSNL plans to open another 1,000 hotspots call -- to drive
this year to increase Internet access to business and net-savvy travellers out additional
on the move. costs -- and a
Prateek Pashine, VSNL's Vice President Marketing & Technology, continuation of
Retail Business said, "VSNL's philosophy is to offer products and services the plan we
that can be accessed seamlessly across the globe without customers announced in
having to change their service providers. Working with Quiconnect, we January," he added.
want to create a VSNL branded global Wi-Fi network to enhance cus- The company expects to record additional restructuring charges of
tomer convenience as more and more people from India travel and some 300 million dollars to pay for the new job cuts. Motorola has been
require Internet access." lagging competitors like Nokia in the market for mobile handsets and has
Initially, VSNL will be marketing enhanced global Wi-Fi services to its been fighting an effort by corporate raider Carl Icahn to get on the board
business customers given the majority of business users have laptops. and make drastic changes to the company.
Quiconnect has long been championing the approach, recently adopt- Icahn failed earlier this month to win a board seat at Motorola after he
ed by the WBA, to make WLAN access on the move simple and easy. In sent a letter to shareholders saying it was a "troubled" company whose
October 2006, it became one of three companies to be WRIX accredited shares had lost nearly one-third of their value since last October. „
and able to provide public WLAN services to the WBA membership which
comprises 28 of the world's leading telecoms companies. „

Etisalat Selects Alcatel-Lucent

to Expand its GSM Network

lcatel-Lucent has received a contract from Etisalat, one of the
Middle East's leading service providers, to upgrade and
enhance the operator's wireless network with the latest genera-
tion of Alcatel-Lucent's GSM and EDGE technology, which is
based on the industry's most advanced hardware architecture.
With its compact new design and high performance, this platform will
leverage Etisalat existing network while reducing operating expenses.
Based on the leading Alcatel-Lucent GSM/EDGE technology, the con-
tract covers the upgrade and expansion of Etisalat mobile network in the
UAE, enabling the operator to provide higher quality and more widely
available mobile communica-
tions services to its cus-
Alcatel-Lucent's 9130
Stephane Bret, director of Porsche Design Mobile Group, holds a Porsche Design Mobile Base Station Controller/Multi-
Phone P'9521 in Essen. The Porsche Design Group and Sagem Communication are pre-
senting the first Porsche Design Mobile Phone, the P'9521, at the Red Dot Design Museum
BSC Fast Packet Server
in Essen. (BSC/MFS) is a new BSS
(Base Station Sub-System)
controller platform that sup-
ports the ever-increasing
market-driven volume of voice and data traffic. This state-of-the art
equipment based on the field-proven Advanced Telecom Computing
Architecture (ATCA) will enable Etisalat to create a more centralized and
optimized GSM/EDGE network architecture, thereby bringing significant
cost savings in network deployments and extensions.
"This contract is the result of many years of faithful cooperation with
Etisalat, and we are very proud of their continuing confidence towards
Alcatel-Lucent," said Olivier Picard, President of Alcatel-Lucent's Europe
and South activities. "We will devote all our efforts to deliver the best-in-
class solution to Etisalat to help it enhance the high corporate quality of
service it insists on providing to its subscribers."
Alcatel-Lucent has more than 170 GSM/EDGE customers in over 90
countries, making it a leading provider of mobile communications solu-
tions. „

Chinese gamers play online computer games at an internet cafe in Shanghai. Electronic
Arts (EA).

HP and NASA Ink Seven-year New Virus Threats for Mobile

Contract this year; McAfee

t's all systems go at Hewlett-Packard as he number of mobile viruses is set to double by the end of the
the PC and printer maker announced a year as virus writers are creating new ways to attack the frag-
new seven-year contract with NASA, to the mented cellphone software market, a senior official from data
tune of $5.6 billion. The pact will allow security firm McAfee said. "We expect this trend to increase as
NASA's procurement department to select data transfers to mobile," Jan Volzke, marketing manager for
from HP desktops, workstations, blade PCs McAfee's mobile business, said in an interview. Even though the chance
with Linux and Unix capabilities, servers, and of catching a virus on your cellphone is stillrelatively small, it is continu-
printers, among other offerings. ously increasing as the use of e-mail and Internet on cellphones is grow-
The agreement is an indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) con- ing. The most pernicious viruses can render a phone useless or swell
tract, meaning that the space agency has an open date on the purchas- phone bills through pricey messages or calls to unwanted numbers.
es as well as the exact amount spent on individual products. The entire Volzke said attackers were increasingly creating so-called spyware,
federal government and its authorized prime contractors also have the which can steal all data from the
option to purchase HP technology through the contract, also known as a phone, enable call monitors, and follow
"Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) IV Class 5." the phoneowner's tracks. Volzke said
The partnership agreement ends when the money runs out, but the McAfee has also found that "edited"
government's procurement office has the option to renew or expand the picture formats can crash the Opera
contract if it sees fit. For example, the U.S. Department of Veterans Software Internet browser, opening a
Affairs said it also is making NASA's relationship with HP its mandatory way for virus writers to attack the
contract for acquiring technology. phone.
The deal is a boon for taxpayers as well since the contract specifies Opera's browser was installed in
that HP's products must be guaranteed at or below U.S. General around 40 million phones sold last
Services Administration schedule prices. That means the government is year. Since the first mobile virus
paying the lowest surcharge (0.6%) -- capped at $18,000 for orders appeared in 2004, the number of differ-
more than $3 million. ent viruses, worms or other type of
To date, HP said it has delivered more than $620 million worth of "malware" has reached 361.
products and services to federal government agencies between 1992 While smart-phones represent less than five percent of the total cell-
and 2007 through previous NASA contracts. phone base, and form a small part of the one billion phones sold annual-
But the company's relationship with the government IT contracts has ly, the first virus has been created to abuse JAVA technology, which is
not been without its controversies. The U.S. Department of Justice said used in more than half of the phones sold each year. „
in April 2007 that it will investigate claims suggesting HP and others
made kickbacks to other companies involved in technology contracts
with government agencies. „

MTC Shows Interest in Qatar's Second Cell Licence

uwait's Mobile Telecommunications Co (MTC) said it was interested in bidding for Qatar's second mobile
phone licence. A MTC spokesman said "Yes, it's true. We are investigating. We are very interested in find-
ing out more details, the process, what's the opportunity," an MTC spokesman said when asked about a
report in al-Rai, which quoted MTC's Chief Executive Saad al-Barrak as saying the firm planned to compete
for the license. Barrak told Kuwaiti daily al Rai he expects intense and tough competition for the Qatari
mobile license, expected to be awarded in the last quarter of this year.
Qatar's Supreme Council for Information & Technology Communication is finalising a list of firms after receiving prequalification applications. Pre-
qualified companies will be invited to submit technical and commercial offers by July with a final award expected in November.
The licence will end Qatar Telecom's monopoly in the saturated market, which has a mobile penetration rate in excess of 100 per cent. The
spokesman said MTC, which has expanded strongly in the Middle East and Africa, was investigating new opportunity.
Barrak also told the paper the MTC-led consortium, which was declared the highest bidder for Saudi Arabia's third mobile license earlier this year,
was still waiting for the Saudi cabinet to issue the license. The consortium offered 22.91 billion riyals ($6.11 billion) for the Saudi license. MTC bought
Netherlands-based Celtel, which is operating in 14 sub-Saharan countries, for $3.4 billion in 2005 as part of its expansion. The spokesman also con-
firmed Barrak's comments in the newspaper that MTC still planned to list on a European bourse next year but that it would not necessarily be on the
London stock exchange. „

Microsoft to boost China R&D unit

icrosoft Corp plans to add 1,200 staff for research and devel-
opment in mainland China this year at an estimated cost of
US $60 million. The world's largest software company has
also bought land to set up corporate campuses in Beijing
Shanghai, Zhang
and Yaqin, Microsoft's head of
mainland R&D operations, told
the newspaper. The article said
Microsoft, which has about 3,000
employees on the mainland, last
year invested about US $150
million "in just people costs" in
China and will "add probably 40
percent in people" this year.
Much of the new spending
will be on Microsoft's mobility software, including Web services, digital
entertainment and media applications for mobile telephones. With the Japan's computer giant Fujitsu employee displays the company's new paperback book-
land purchases in Beijing and Shanghai, Microsoft will have the capacity sized notebook PC "FMV-Lifebook U8240", based on the latest platform of Intel's Ultra
for 8,000 people in 2-3 years time. „ Mobile Platform 2007 and a 5.6-inch swivel and flip multi-angle LCD display on its compact
body, weighing 580g, at the company's advanced technology exhibition in Tokyo.
Press Releases
Govt to roll out High-Speed Internet in 6 Months; Awais

ederal Minister for Information Technology Awais Ahmad Khan Readymade Garments and Manufacturers Association (PRGMEA) and
Leghari vowed to take fast and high-speed broadband internet SME Business Support Fund (BSF) and between Pakistan Hosiery
service to all major cities of the country within the next six Manufacturers Association (PHMA) and SME Business Support Fund
months. "We have made elaborate plans to provide fast, reliable (BSF).
and always-on broadband services to all cities with more than The development of GBMS, a locally produced ERP software to be
200,000 population within the next six months by using funds from the used in the readymade garments and hosiery units, was initiated by
multi-billion Universal Service Fund," he said in a keynote address to a Pakistan Software Export Board as part of its industry automation project
function organized by Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) in Lahore launched a couple of years ago to improve the productivity of SME units
to mark the signing of two memorandums of understanding aimed at by providing them ERP software in those sectors of the economy with a
seeking implementation of global business management solution (GBMS) high export potential. With the emergence of WTO, the ERP software will
in over 700 SME units in the readymade garments and hosiery units in allow the SME units in these sectors to be able to compete with the
Pakistan. The MoUs were signed separately between Pakistan industries in other countries. „

Ericsson Acquires Drutt Corporation

ricsson has signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the piece to the Ericsson SDP strategy."
shares of Drutt Corporation, a world leading provider of Service "Ericsson is already the leader in the fast growing SDP market. By
Delivery Platform (SDP) solutions. This deal represents yet acquiring Drutt, we will be even better positioned to support our cus-
another step in Ericsson's ambition to become the leader in multi- tomers to offer a better consumer experience by adapting content for the
media. Telecom operators need solutions to provide consumers individual, and making it attractive to use," he added. "Our combination
with new attractive multimedia services and applications which can be will provide operators with integration-ready platforms, thus reducing sys-
created, launched, and presented to consumers easily, reducing costs tem integration complexity".
and time to market. Drutt's flagship solution - MSDP (Mobile Service Delivery Platform)
This is where service delivery platforms play an important role by pro- offers an end-to-end multi-channel solution for establishing a profitable
viding flexible tools for pricing and packaging, as well as uptake and con- mobile service delivery business helping operators mobilize and charge
sumer behavior analysis. for any content to any kind of mobile device, over any mobile network
Jan Wäreby, Senior Vice President Multimedia, Ericsson, says: "Being and delivery channel. Today, Drutt's MSDP is commercially deployed in
such an innovative and focused company, with close to 70 percent of its more than 60 telecom operators in 35 countries, managing millions of
workforce dedicated to R&D and service delivery, Drutt adds an important transactions every day. „

PIA - ABN AMRO Bank Sign Us $ 522 Million Loan Agreement

n a ceremony arranged by ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam, Pakistan Mr. Naveed A. Khan, Country Executive, ABN AMRO Pakistan. Mr. Anil
International Airline (PIA) and ABN AMRO signed a landmark loan Patel represented the Boeing. While PIA team was headed by Mr. M.
financing arrangement for a total sum of US Dollars 522 million to Abdul Aleem, Chief Financial Officer.
fund the acquisition of three state of the art brand new Boeing 777- Mr. Maarten Klessens, congratulated PIA for a remarkable achieve-
300 ER aircraft for PIA. The financing arrangement comprises a 12 ment which has resulted in fleet modernization through a very attractive
year term loan facilities of US Dollars 470 millions supported by Export financing package. Naveed A. Khan, Country Executive ABN AMRO
Import Bank of the United States of America and Government of Pakistan Pakistan appreciated the efforts of both ABN AMRO and PIA teams and
guarantee. termed this deal a landmark achievement for the aviation sector and for
Present at the ceremony were senior members from ABN AMRO's Pakistan.
Cross Border Structured Finance group including Mr. Maarten Klessens, PIA Chairman, Mr. Zaffar A. Khan also appreciated the agreement in
Global Head of Structured Funding & Investments, Mr. Paul Kranendonk, finalizing this large transaction at commercially attractive rates. „
Global Head Cross Border Structured & Commodity Finance and

Etihad Airways Holds North Pakistan Agent Awards

tihad Airways hosted Travel Trade
Partner Recognition Award Ceremony
for travel agents in North Pakistan, to
honor their tremendous contribution to
the airline in the year 2006. The event,
which was held in the capital city, had active
participation from leading travels agents repre-
senting the two cities of Peshawar and
Islamabad. Award categories included
Appreciation Awards for the Top 10 agents in
Islamabad and Peshawar, along with special
trophies for the highest revenue-earning agents
from the two cities.
Speaking on the occasion, Joost den
Hartog, Area Manager for Etihad Airways
Pakistan, said, "Etihad Airways believes that the
travel traders, who support us throughout the
year, are our partners. It is with their support
that our flights from Islamabad alone have
increased from 3 to 7 per week, with excellent
inbound and out bound connections to many
international destinations like New York, Picture shows Joost den Hartog, Area Manager Etihad Airways in Pakistan(6th-Left), and Ken Marshall(4th Left), Sales
Toronto and London. " Manager, Etihad Airways Pakistan, along with the winnings agents of the region."
A similar ceremony has also been sched-
uled in Lahore, where agents from Lahore, Faisalabad and Sialkot will be from Islamabad and two times per week from Peshawar to Abu Dhabi,
honored for their support to Etihad Airways. ETIHAD Airways currently providing swift and convenient onward connections to the airline's fast
flies 10 times per week from Karachi, daily from Lahore, 7 times per week growing global network of 42 destinations. „