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10- Warid Inks a Financing Facility

11- China-Made Cell Phones Making Big Reception
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14- Telenor Takes "Naya Qadam" to Empower the
16- Warid to Explore Ivorian Telecom Market
20- Warid Tops in Brand Awards 2006-07
23- Are Camera Phones Useless?
24- Telenor Wins Award at SAARC Summit
26- Alcatel-Lucent and Microsoft
27- Hajj 2007: Flight Information via SMS
Impact of Mobile Phones In Daily Life
WARID and CA Enter into a Three year
Strategic Partnership
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Cover Story:
46- ITC -- A Proxy For E-Media

18- Books Unhurt from Internet
38- Channel Blanket Technology for Dense WLANs
72- Gadget
Microsoft Beats Google in the Facebook Race
Where Work Becomes a Game
75- Internet Reaching Stars Expanding Beyond Limits Warid Tops in Brand Awards 2006-07
77- Creating Signatures for Your E-Mails in MS Outlook
78- Counseling the Consultants
81- Netting Professional Mates

19- Mobilink Truly Reshaping Lives
36- Branding Better Pakistan
82- A Great Fund Raising Idea by Wateen

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50- Coming Mobiles
53- Current Mobiles Telenor Wins Award at SAARC Summit
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65- Nokia N81 8GB 19
70- Hot Laptops 82 A Great Fund Raising
Idea by Wateen

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30- A Muslim Astronaut's Dilemma
32- Islamic Innovation Finally on the Rising Crescent
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Nokia N81 8GB

Airline: 65 11 China-Made Cell Phones
Making Big Reception
34- A380 Defining a History Point
Media Restrictions……..
not a Solution
After the imposition of emergency, Pakistan's electronic media is sailing in
hot waters. Government has not only handled the journalists strictly and
banned Private TV channels but also taking every measure to keep these
channels away from the general public.
Due to these restrictions, Television Channels have turned to the Internet
to reach viewers looking for the news about the state of post emergency and
other developments going on in the country. These channels sent SMS to
Mobile phone users telling them to log onto their websites to watch their
It is a fact that media plays a very important role in the society. It high-
lights every aspect of a picture or incident and provides people with the up
to date information.
This episode badly affected the general public, which depends upon the
media to be aware of the developments going on in the country and rest of
the world. People remained unaware of the post emergency situation. Some
of them had to rely on the information provided by the state television, other
had to content with newspapers and those who had the facility of internet
relied on the information it provided.
It may be true that media has crossed its limits while broadcasting live
coverage of the sensitive issues and it has projected the dark side of the pic-
ture. Infact it has contradicted the interests of the government. But the result
should not be a clash between the government and the media, as it may add
another sad incident to the history of our country.
Both, government and media will have to demonstrate the tolerance. On
one hand media will have to play its neutral role with more responsibility and
should not cross the line of its limits. At the same time government will have
to realize to lift ban on media and that suppressing the people is not the
solution of the problem. However, mutual understanding and respecting the
rights of each others is the better way that will help improve the image of
both Pakistan and its media.
Being a responsible citizen of this country everyone should play positive
and constructive role to build better Pakistan rather than blaming each other
and reacting in a hostile way. 

Zubair Ahmed Kasuri Editor-in-Chief Published by Good News PR Network

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Azhar Javed Production Manager Registration No: PCPB/105 (Vol. 4 Issue: 2)
Kamran Incharge Research Wing

Consumer Banking
THE State Bank governor has recently said on television that our
banks have stood out as the most profitable ones in Asia. She empha-
sised that this was also so in terms of return on investment by banks.
Foreign banks are picking up Pakistani banks like hot cakes. The
high profitability of banks in Pakistan, because the finance ministry and
the State Bank are both overseen by bankers, has created conditions
for this.
All these conditions are detrimental for the clients of these banks.
PTCL - feel the difference! Would the governor also give data on the levels of bank returns to for-
eign investors? Are investment inflows with very short payback periods
This is in reference to the new advertising campaign of PTCL - feel the of value to Pakistan?
difference. My 2 PTCL lines are out of order since the last more than a Would the State Bank governor also provide the percentage of our
month. It is needless to mention the number of complaints and visits to phenomenal bank results, in a community of astute Asian bankers,
the concerned exchange undertaken. To remain in touch, I had to urgently which are not attributable to unchecked and stoutly promoted con-
buy a wireless set. sumer banking in Pakistan?
I really feel the difference, it's going towards worse. Why not the com- Would she also provide data on the spread between borrowing and
pany put all its resources first to keep the existing customer base satisfied savings rates in Asia (including Pakistan)? Would the governor then
and then go for these catchy campaigns to capture more share in the comment on where Pakistani banks stand vis-a-vis the markups to
telecommunication market. savers with the rest of Asia to give a review of what ordinary folk who
I am sure, people in the PTCL know the competition they are facing put their savings in banks get?
now. It is no more a monopolistic situation. Most banks give miniscule markups (say 0.1 per cent) up to
Rs 100,000, which is anti-small saver.
DR HASAN THARANI, When will the government leash the dogs of consumer banking?
Karachi This is American import, where hire-purchase and extortionate credit
card interests have made ulcer drugs big sellers.
Consumer banking is a disease being avidly promoted in Pakistan.
Wake-up call for CAA It has also resulted in severe traffic congestion and rampant loadshed-
After the withdrawal of SAFA ban on PIA flights, the CAA was expect- ding via unearned leased cars and airconditioners, etc. (Already 15 to
ed to wake up to the ground realities. As a responsible regulatory body, 20 per cent of cars etc are being repossessed by banks and a market
they should have analysed the cause of their failure to check PIA, an air- for such goods is operational).
line regulated by them. The failure was due to lack of professional skills The whole matter is a great mess caused by this unimaginative and
within the CAA to carry out their regulatory functions. daft policy to get apparent short-term gains via boosting consumption
PIA faced the ban, because of failure by its engineering, safety and on burrowed money.
quality departments to heed repeated warnings issued by the EU. PIA's The situation for savers and citizens can improve if the consumer
engineering head was totally unfamiliar in the intricacies of working in a banking mandate is taken away from banks, reasonable mark-ups are
highly regulated industry. given to bank clients via a more reasonable State Bank-supervised
The safety division was headed by a retired PIA pilot known for his spread between lending and savings, and the anti-savings withholding
compromising posture, but he had the support of a key political party. tax on savings is abolished forthwith.
It is now widely believed that collusion between retired air force and
army aviation officers working in PIA and the CAA added to the airline's MUZAFFAR A. GHAFFAR,
woes. Lahore
It is only after the PIA engineering department was relieved of former
air force engineering officers' domination that PIA was able to get relief Billboards Everywhere!
from EU censure. In the process the national airline has had a loss of There is hardly any public space left in the city where one's line of
credibility, which has adversely affected its revenues. sight isn't interrupted by a billboard, shop sign, banner, flyer, hoarding
Both PIA and the CAA have still not been out of the woods, while we or poster. It used to be that the only such invasions of privacy were the
see that complacency has set in. advertisements affixed to streetlights. But now, it seems that every-
It is time that upright professionals trained in commercial aviation be where someone is selling something. Since 1998, the regulation of bill-
assigned professional assignments instead of appointments made on rec- boards and outdoor advertising in Lahore has been under the control
ommendations and contrived advertisements. and regulation of the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) of the
Government of the Punjab. In all other urban areas across Pakistan,
ABRAR AHMED, local governments collect the revenue generated from billboard regula-
Faisalabad tion. The fact that the PHA is a provincial level government authority is
an anomaly. Indeed, the globally accepted practice is to leave the busi-
Thank you, PTCL ness of billboard regulation to local governments.
Moreover, our roads and traffic signals are so crowded with billboards,
Recently, PTCL showed remarkable generosity by providing its users with neon boards and banners that the attention of the driver is distracted
the answering-machine service without any notification. But since many from the road, increasing the risk of accidents. Our local government
of its subscribers are oblivious of this, a call is now charged even if the needs to look into the matter.
called party is busy or not replying. Sometimes the answering machine
starts just after the first bell. A nice way to make extra money! ZEHRA FATIMA,
Zunaira Babar,
Menace of Smoking
Using tobacco in any form is hazardous. Diabetics who take tobacco
Violence on TV are more at risk of its bad effects than others. They are prone to com-
Many TV compares and reporters have started to look like ghosts to me. plications such as cardiovascular, kidney and eye diseases. Diabetics
While covering events of bomb blasts, road accidents and violence who take tobacco are 11 times more likely to suffer from heart prob-
against innocent people, they use horrendous language and scare their lems. Smoking also impairs insulin resistance. It raises the cholesterol
viewers to the extent that they get horrified and find peace only in switch- level which eventually leads to a heart attack. Similarly, foot infections
ing the channel. Also, TV channels should avoid telecasting video clips become more severe leading to amputation. Smoking is a dangerous
showing acts of violence, corpses and bleeding men and women as they habit. It is our collective responsibility to spread the anti-smoking mes-
can cause psychological disorders among the general public. sage everywhere.

Tooba Alam, Yasir Ali,

Karachi Rawalpindi

Send us your letters at or at our postal addresses. Flare reserves the right to edit letters for clarity and space. 9
Telecom Flare Karachi Report

arid telecom has It was told by a high

W signed a contract
of PKR 10.56 bil-
lion with a con-
sortium of four
leading banks to
acquire a financing facility in a simple
ceremony, held in Karachi. National
Bank of Pakistan and Habib Bank
Limited are the lead arranger and
official that bonds dua-
tion is six years, while
the interest rate will be
applied as eleven perent
of the total amount of
Warid Telecom is
owned by the Abu Dhabi
Group, led by His
advisor of the facility. Highness Sheikh
The facility has been extended by Nahayan Mabarak Al
National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Nahayan. Abu Dhabi
Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited & group's other successful
Askari Bank Limited. investments in Pakistan
Mr. Hamid Farooq, CEO of Warid besides Warid Telecom
Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd.; Mr. Ali Raza, include Bank Alfalah,
Chairman & President of National United Bank Limited,
Bank of Pakistan and Mr. Zakir Taavun, and Wateen
Mahmood, President/CEO of Habib HBL President Zakir Mehmood, Warid Telecom CEO, Hamid Farooq, CFO, Abdul Aziz and NBP Telecom. The group has
Bank Limited were present at the President, Syed Ali Raza at the signing ceremony successfully launched
ceremony. financing at efficient terms. Our approach is its services in Bangladesh in May 2007 and
Hamid Farooq - Chief Executive Officer simple, to create a difference in the mobile also acquired licenses in Congo-Brazzaville
Warid Telecom said "Pakistan's telecom mar- sector through a superior service and innova- and Uganda and is preparing to launch its
ket is one of the fastest growing industries in tion". operations for these two markets in the last
the country. Warid Telecom takes pride in its Abdul Aziz - Chief Financial Officer Warid quarter of 2007.
innovative and customer-friendly services. In Telecom said, "Signing this term finance facili- Warid Telecom is the fastest growing GSM
fact, since its launch, Warid has been respon- ty of Rs.10.56 Billion by a syndicate of leading mobile company in Pakistan with about 12
sible for changing the landscape of the financial institutions of Pakistan is another million subscribers. This results in premium
Pakistani telecom industry in numerous ways. milestone in the success story of Warid connectivity and the optimal experience for
The transaction will help the Company in con- Telecom. This is the reflection of faith & confi- Warid loyal users. 
solidating its balance sheet by acquiring dence these financial institutions have in our

By: Khadeeja Qasmi

In an industry which has been reigned over by foreign vendors ever since its concep-
tion, a local organization has not only carved out a place for itself, but also announced
its presence by a series of phenomenal, record making achievements
n an industry which has been reigned telecom was a project of colossal magnitude In addition KHL has managed to construct,

I over by foreign vendors ever since its

conception, a local organization has
not only carved out a niche for itself,
but also announced its presence by a
series of phenomenal, record making
achievements. Konnect Holden Limited (KHL),
an associate company of Akbar Associates
group which has been in existence for the
past 5 years only, and in this short period of
and KHL managed to deploy 5500kms of
Long Haul Optic Fiber Cable Network in this
short period of time. KHL also installed the
metro rings for Wateen in Karachi, Lahore and
Islamabad in such a short time span. The net-
work now has not only been successfully

KHL has been short-listed in

on turnkey basis with its contractor Alcatel-
Lucent Pakistan and Joint Venture partner
FWO; two subsidiary routes for PTCL in areas
such as Peshawar, Landikotal and Islamabad-
Mallach-Muree in record time and achieved
the distinction on merit. These turnkey proj-
ects have made KHL on roads in PTCL for
OFAN and subsidiary routes besides DWDM
projects under acquisition.
time it has managed to accomplish feats such UAE to undertake projects KHL has also been short-listed in UAE to
as the deployment of the entire long-haul and undertake projects which will constitute a
Metro network of Wateen Telecom in an unbe- which will constitute a huge huge success for Pakistan and for KHL as a
lievably short period of time, i.e. 14 months local company crossing borders towards inter-
success for Pakistan and for national markets.
What's more astonishing is the fact that KHL as a local company cross- The fact that local enterprise & Business
KHL is a 100% equity based firm, which House are not only announcing their presence
accomplished what it did; in collaboration with ing borders towards interna- in the telecom, power and construction sec-
FWO, its joint venture partner, solely on the tors but also giving their foreign counterparts
basis of its intrinsic technical and operational
tional markets a serious run for their money; is an extremely
strength. The company's exceptional compe- heartening development and is an initiative
tence is exemplified by the fact that it man- commissioned, but its Operations and that ought to be embraced by our local opera-
aged to deploy the entire long-haul network Maintenance is already underway and this tors so that our nation can advance further on
and metro rings in Lahore, Karachi and task too has been entrusted to KHL on the its agenda of self reliance and eventually rid
10 Islamabad. The long-haul network of Wateen merit of its impeccable performance. itself of dependence on foreign vendors. 
Aamir Shafaat Khan Telecom

Cell phones of various popular brands,

with names spelled differently to avoid
copyright and piracy laws, have entered
the local markets in a big way over the
last few months. These cheaper copies of
reputed mobile phones of world-class
companies are attracting a number of
price-conscious buyers
hina-made cell phones of vari- responsible for its wear and tear in case it has risk as more than 6,000 cell phones are being

C ous popular brands, with names any fault.

spelled differently to avoid copy-
right and piracy laws, have

way over the last six months.

These cheaper copies of reputed mobile
The dealers of Chinese sets say that
mobile phone repair shops are set up in large
entered the local market in a big number in the mobile markets, but in the
absence of any guarantee and warranty one
cannot expect reasonable re-sale value of
phones of world-class companies are attracting these phones.
a number of price-conscious
snatched away every month in Karachi in
which many have also lost their lives.
However, some consumers believe that
Chinese products are considered as dispos-
able items in Pakistan because of their low
quality and Chinese phones also fall in this
According to statistics issued in
August this year by the Pakistan
The start-up tones also indi- Some of the Chinese phones also have dual Telecommunication Authority (PTA),
cate spelling change. However,
many brands are also available
and triple SIM facility. It may be noted here the more than 68 million people have
been using cellular phones in the
with accurate spelling of brand- manufacturers of Nokia and Sony Ericsson so country.
ed mobiles. These cheap Nokia Communication Director
phones are not available in the far have not introduced such models with triple for Middle East and Africa Ms
original boxes. They are Yolande Pineda in an interview
packed in a box mentioning SIM features said, "Mobile phones are one of
various brand names and many products affected by this
phone features in Chinese kind of activity and Nokia is tak-
language. ing the necessary measures to
A random market survey fight any of these activities.
reveals that a China-made According to the experts,
copy of Nokia N-73 is selling Chinese products had eaten up
between Rs6,500-7,000, two to four per cent market
while its original version car- share so far and consumers
ries a price tag of Rs22,500. were totally at risk in purchasing
Similarly, Nokia 6300 (copy) these items as they did not know
sells at Rs5,800, while its what kind of battery was being
original brand is available at used and that may explode.
Rs12,200. Nokia 7500 origi- In their opinion, Chinese
nal model carries price of phones in their initial days func-
Rs15,200 while its Chinese tion properly but later on start
copy is available at Rs7,500. developing faults as these hand-
Sony Ericcsson W660i (copy) sets cannot match the quality of
can be purchased at branded products.
Rs6,500 while its original Mobile phones are being
brand is selling at Rs18,000. cleared with one per cent import
These Chinese copies of A visitor uses a mobile phone as he walks past Chinese brands 3G mobile phones displayed at an
duty and no general sales tax is
original brands also carry a exhibition in Beijing. charged on them and some
big difference in various fea- 800,000-900,000 branded
tures as well as menu display mobile phones are being imported
as compared with original
Customers appear nervous in purchasing these every month.
brands. However, majority of
Chinese brands are available
cheap phones when dealers offer no guarantee According to figures of Federal
Bureau of Statistics (FBS), import
with PDA feature (stick) that
can be used by touching the
and warranty. Once a person has purchased the of mobile phones in July-June
2006-2007 went up by 13 per cent
screen to perform the desired
function. However, these
Chinese phone, then he is responsible for its to $832 million as compared to
$738 million in 2005-2006.
phones can also be operated wear and tear in case it develops any fault Mobile phones are losing value
with key-pad buttons. in terms of rupee with every pass-
Some of the Chinese ing day, as there is a concept that
phones also have dual and triple SIM facility. It Perhaps many consumers appear more a mobile phone's life is only 18 months.
may be noted here that the manufacturers of inclined to have Chinese cell phones because Besides, there has been a volley of new mod-
Nokia and Sony Ericsson so far have not intro- of their low prices and quality audio features els and designs loaded with new innovative
duced such models with triple SIM features. and voice clarity. If a cell phone completes six features, which lure customers to change the
Consumers appear nervous in purchasing to eight months without developing any fault, models frequently. There is a huge competition
these cheap phones when dealers offer no then they think that the deal is not bad. among the mobile phone making companies
guarantee and warranty. Once a customer has A number of consumers also think that buy- all over the world. 
purchased the Chinese phone, then he is ing costly mobiles of known brands is a big 11
Telecom Azahr Javed

In a sheer presence of value added services and

competition from cellular companies, PTCL has
offered yet another service to retain its position
in communication sector. Now you can freely
leave your home phone without missing any
important message from your friend and family
akistan Telecommunication The subscriber can use a short code 1277 use. You record your own personalized greet-

P Company Limited (PTCL) has

joined the race in the field of
telecommunication revolution after
the activation of around 350,000
Voice Mailboxes for its landline
subscribers nationwide to provide services to
As a result of good strategy, PTCL has
earned total revenue of Rs 14.4 billion during
to access Mailbox and listen to the recorded
messages. This call by the subscriber is
charged as a local call depending on the tariff
applicable at that time of the day.

What is Voice
Voice Mail is
a state-of-the-art
ing for your callers to hear. Then your callers
can leave a private message that you can
review and save or erase at a later time. Your
calls can also be forwarded to you live. Each
message is automatically stamped with the

Use of the Mailbox is entirely in

time/date that it arrived
and the number of the
caller. To retrieve mes-
sages, simply dial your
the first quarter of financial year 2007-08. Six service. It
the control of the subscriber for Toll Free number and
per cent increase was recorded in operating answers your which he/she has the call trans- enter your pin number.
expenses of the company and these were phone when you
recorded Rs.10.7 billion against Rs. 10.1 bil- are away from fer feature available on his/her Is Voice Mail Better than
lion during the same period in previous year.
The service allows call transfer on busy
the office,
home, or when
telephone set. The subscriber an Answering Machine?
Voice Mail is much
and on no-reply and the caller is connected to it's not conven- has the option to discontinue more reliable and has
the Mailbox of the called number to record a ient to answer, more features than a
message. The subscriber also has a choice to or even when
using the service by deactivating standard obsolete
transfer his call to any telephone number your are talking call transfer features from his answering machine. With
instead of one’s Mail Box. on the phone. It Voice Mail there is no
Use of the Mailbox is entirely in the control is made possi- telephone equipment to buy, so you
of the subscriber for which he/she has the call ble through spe- won't have to worry about
transfer feature available on his/her telephone cial computerized equipment that is located in replacing worn out tapes, or forgetting to turn
set. Option is available to discontinue using telephone central switching office. There is no it on. Voice Mail works even when the electric
the service by deactivating call transfer fea- additional equipment or software for consumer power goes out. Voice Mail answers your
tures from his telephone. to purchase and never need to pay for sched- phone even when it's busy and your answer-
Subscriber can discontinue it completely or ule maintenance. All you need is a touchtone ing machine can't do that! Voice Mail also
decide whether to use mailbox in case of no telephone. offers more privacy than an answering
reply or in case of busy. machine because you must enter a security
No call is charged to the Mailbox sub- How does Voice Mail work? code to access your Voice Mail System. 
scriber and the calling number is charged on Voicemail turns an ordinary touchtone tele-
local or long distance tariff as the case may phone into an amazingly powerful auto atten-
be. dant message call center that is really easy to

Flops (floating point operations per second). Up to 16 of the chips

NEC Launches Fastest Vector can be fitted into a single node and up to 512 nodes can be built
together to create what would likely be one of the most powerful
Supercomputer computers in the world -- a computer with a theoretical peak pro-
cessing power of 839T Flops (teraflops).
NEC Corp. is selling what it says is the fastest vector supercom- NEC hasn't benchmarked the machine yet but estimates it would
puter in the world. The SX-9 is based on a new processor developed achieve a Linpack score of around 700T Flops, said Hiroshi
by the Tokyo company that boasts a performance of over 100G Takahara, senior director of NEC's HPC marketing division. That's
more than double the current fastest supercomputer in the world, the
IBM BlueGene/L machine at the Lawrence Livermore National
This new machine is more powerful than NEC's SX-8R, which it
succeeds. To get the same processing power in one SX-9 node
would require 13 SX-8R nodes so the new computer takes up 3.9
times less floor space and uses 3.6 times less electricity for the
same power.
Vector supercomputers are typically used in scientific applications
and where large amounts of data needs to be processed. NEC has
had some success selling previous systems to meteorological agen-
cies in several nations and to universities, automakers and aero-
space laboratories.
With the new supercomputer NEC will again be challenging large
U.S. computer makers like IBM Corp. and Cray Inc. Five years ago
the NEC-built Earth Simulator was ranked the world's fastest super-
computer but that machine was surpassed by an IBM computer and
has dropped to 20th position in the current Top 500 supercomputer
The SX-9, should a large configuration model be built, will have a
good chance of restoring NEC's name back into the top positions of
the influential ranking. 
Telecom Flare Report

As part of the Naya Qadam project Telenor will loan out motorcycle shops to disabled
individuals. These shops on wheels are specially designed for handicap individuals
enabling them to sell Telenor’s most popular product the ‘Easy Load.’
elenor Pakistan in league with lenges faced by the disabled in their lives and September 2007 report, Mobilink led the mar-

T one of the country’s foremost

welfare organisations ‘Disabled
Welfare Association’ (DWA) and
as a part of its social responsibil-
ity, has initiated a project called
‘Naya Qadam’ to help empower people with
physical handicaps.
As part of the Naya Qadam project Telenor
will loan out motorcycle shops to disabled
to provide them with a decent livelihood by
offering them an opportunity of being part of
Telenor’s booming business in Pakistan.
Telenor Pakistan is the third largest cellular
network provider of the country in terms of
subscribers after Mobilink and UFone holding

Telenor Pakistan is the third

ket with 28.57 million subscribers followed by
Ufone with 15.42 million subscribers, Telenor,
serving 12.57 million people across the coun-
try placed third and Warid stands at the fourth
position with 11.86 million subscribers.
Meanwhile, the aggressively marketed Paktel
has managed to grab 1.23 million subscribers.
Telenor Group is an international provider
of high quality telecommunications, data and
individuals. These shops on wheels are spe- largest cellular network provider media services. Telenor ranks as one of the
cially designed for handicap individuals biggest GSM service provider in the world
enabling them to sell Telenor’s most popular of the country in terms of sub- with over 130 million subscribers.
product the ‘Easy Load.’ Telenor is emerging as one of the fastest
To boost their income further these handi- scribers, with 12.57 million growing providers of mobile communications
capped individuals would also be free to sell services worldwide.
small snack items from built in tuck boxes users by the end of September It holds strong position in the growing
affixed to these motorcycle shops. Scandinavian market for broadband services.
The objective of the project is to direct 1st and second places respectively. The group is the largest provider of television
attention to the every day problems and chal- The figures issued by the PTA in its and broadcast services in the Nordic region. 

elenor Pakistan ning promotional campaigns that

T announced the
names of its 50 lucky
customers, who have
won 150,000 rupees
each in the compa-
ny’s Hajj campaign. The campaign
aims to help the lucky customers
pay for expenses related to the
performance of Hajj. The Telenor
our customers can look forward.
Telenor Pakistan is proud to have
held this very unique promotional
campaign which will help many of
our customers to accomplish one
of their most important dreams
and religious obligations, the Hajj.”
The winners will be able to acti-
vate prepaid international roaming
Hajj Campaign ran nationwide for free of charge by visiting any
40 days from 20th April to 30th Telenor Sales & Service Center or
May 2007 and covered all of by calling 345 before going to
Telenor Pakistan's existing sub- Saudi Arabia so that they can
scriber base as well as new cus- share their experience with their
tomers who joined the service dur- loved ones back home.
ing that period. The Telenor group is an inter-
Winners’ from Toba Tek Singh, national provider of high quality
Wah Cantt, Sialkot, Mardan, telecommunications, data and
Chakwal, Mansehra, Nowshera, media communications services.
Attock, Saidu Shareef, Peshawar, Telenor ranks as one of the
Bagh, Lahore, Gujranwala, Okara, cities. biggest GSM service providers in the world
Faisalabad, Sargodha, Islamabad, Speaking on the occasion, Director with over 130 million subscribers. Telenor
Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad, Marketing Telenor Pakistan Azim-ul-Haq said, Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor ASA and
Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana were picked “We at Telenor Pakistan always aim to bring adds on to its operations in Asia together with
through a lucky draw, following which check value to our customers by introducing attrac- Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. 
14 distribution ceremonies took place in all major tive packages, products and services by run-
Telecom Flare Report

Warid, after its aggressive investments in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda

and Congo, is expected to penetrate the cellular market of Ivory Coast
forcefully. Cellcom is the fifth cellular company which has acquired the
GSM license in Ivory Coast but has not started its services yet
arid International has past five years. Overall, mobile subscriber

acquired seventy six per-
cent shares in Cellcom of
Ivory Coast, with com-
plete management con-
trol. After Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Uganda and Congo, now Warid
International is spreading its reach to Ivory

His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak

growth is expected to grow from four million to
around 6.5 million by the end of 2007.
About Ivory Coast:
The country was originally known in
English as Ivory Coast. In October 1985 the
government requested that the country be
known in every language as Côte d'Ivoire.
Economy of Ivory Coast
Maintaining close ties to France since
Al Nahayan signed the agreement, after which independence in 1960, diversification of agri-
Waird has acquired the shares, with complete culture for export, and encouragement of for-
management control. eign investment, has made Côte d'Ivoire one
Mr. Bashir A. Tahir, CEO Dhabi Group, of the most prosperous of the tropical African
while expressing his jubilance said that it's a states. However, in recent years Côte d'Ivoire
happy moment for Warid International that has been subject to greater competition and
gained this level of achievement in a short falling prices in the global marketplace for its
span of time. He was optimistic that through H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Chairman primary agricultural crops: coffee and cocoa.
its quality service, Warid will provide the peo- Abu Dhabi Group, and Minister of Higher Education That, compounded with high internal corrup-
ple of Ivory Coast with wireless data and voice and Scientific Research, UAE tion, makes life difficult for the grower and
solutions at very low cost. those exporting into foreign markets.
He further said that Dhabi group, which is Although it is one of the smallest countries
single largest foreign investor group in of Africa , Ivory Coast is a country of extraor-
Pakistan, understands that the journey it start- dinary cultural richness. The country has good
ed from Pakistan is expanding its branches roads, great beaches and outstanding art-
world over. He said that Pakistan has got work. French is the official language, although
world's top technical professionals and their Baoule and other languages are widely used.
expertise will be utilized in Ivory Coast as Political scenario of the country
well. He informed that after this acquisition, Since 1983, Côte d'Ivoire's official capital
the company will launch services with Warid has been Yamoussoukro; however, Abidjan
Brand in Ivory Coast. remains the administrative center. Most coun-
Cellcom is the fifth cellular company which tries maintain their embassies in Abidjan,
has acquired the GSM license in Ivory Coast although some (including the United Kingdom)
but has not started its services yet. have closed their missions because of the
Four cellular companies, Atlantique continuing violence and attacks on
Cellulaire (A-Cell), MTN CÔTE D'IVOIRE Europeans. The Ivoirian population continues
S.A., Orange CI and Comium Ivory Coast Inc to suffer because of an ongoing civil war.
(KoZ) are already serving the country with a International human rights organizations have
Mr. Bashir A. Tahir, Chief Executive,
population of around 17 millions. The newly- Abu Dhabi Group noted problems with the treatment of captive
launched Ivorian Coast mobile telecommuni- non-combatants by both sides and the re-
cations company, KoZ, is expected to reach ure of 1.4 million. emergence of child slavery among workers in
around 480 000 subscribers by the end of The competitive market has created huge cocoa production.
2007, which explains the potential of the mar- mobile growth within the country. Mobile Although most of the fighting ended by late
ket. telecommunications penetration stands at 2004, the country remained split in two, with
All these companies do not oper- the north controlled by the New Forces
ate at the lowest call rate and have (FN). A new presidential election was
adopted a simplified flat rate, mean- Mobile penetration in the country expected to be held in October 2005.
ing calls across networks and during However, this election could not be
different times of the day cost the
same. This method has attracted a
has been rising at an average of held on time due to delay in prepara-
tion and was postponed first to
healthy subscriber base, but it did not
exercise pressure on the other opera-
43% annually for the past five October 2006 and then to October
2007 after an agreement was reached
tors to lower their prices. This is the among the rival parties.
aspect that favours Warid Telecom years. Ivory Coast's mobile sub- Telecoms Market Overview
the most, as it has the tendency to A new peace agreement signed in
introduce new and customer friendly scriber growth is expected to reach March 2007 gives hope for a normali-
packages wherever it reaches. The sation of affairs in this divided country.
experts are of the view that Warid 6.5 million by the end of 2007 However, most segments of the
Telecom will receive a reasonable telecommunications market have con-
response from the market of Ivory tinued to flourish during the crisis
Coast. which started in 1999. Recent events such as
According to Pyramid Research, by the around 22% of a population of around 17 mil- the launch of a third and a fourth mobile net-
end of year 2006, MTN had a subscriber base lion people. According to the experts, a combi- work and the sale of the second national
of around 1.6 million, with a forecasted 2.1 nation of increased competition and improved operator are indicators for the enormous
million subscribers by year-end 2007. political and economic stability will account potential that is seen in this market. The coun-
Similarly, Orange had a recorded subscriber strongly for the hefty mobile growth in the try has a relatively well developed infrastruc-
base of 1.8 million, with a predicted 2.4 million country. ture and some of the lowest prices in Africa
by year-end 2007. A-Cell had 700 000 sub- Mobile penetration in Ivory Coast has been for ADSL broadband services, with speeds of
16 rising at an average of 43% annually for the
scribers, with a predicted 2007 year-end fig- up to 8Mb/s. 
Internet Flare Report

Internet was considered as a big threat

for books is being used other way. Web
has, in many ways, been an advantage
for booksellers as a tool for marketing,
experimentation and reaching out to the
next generation of readers from various
regions and races
o much for longstanding predic- a tool for marketing, experimentation and Analysts say that sales of second-hand

S tions that the Internet would crush

the book publishing industry with
digital readers and online sales of
used books. Keeping in mind the
benefits and ease of use that has
been resulted by E-Books, Internet's worst
impact on books looked logical. However, as
the time has passed, publishers are reconsid-
ering this idea. Many of the publishers are now
reaching out to the next generation of readers.
On other side of the view, publishers, which
were rattled by the
threat of fast-grow-
ing online
books, which appear on online auction sites
shortly after release, have posed a threat to
hardback business as well as subsequent
paperback releases, the impact has not
been as serious as expected.
The used book market doesn't seem to
have made the inroads into the new book
market publishers initially feared. Instead,
publishers are creating new opportunities
convinced that the explosion in online and sec- for them by discovering new platforms for
ond-hand retailing has not caused the damage marketing purposes. Not only this, they
they were expecting and that the Internet has can attract youth for their products.
in many ways been a boon for booksellers as Publishers have come up with Web
portals with book reviews in audio and
video formats aimed at and managed by
Analysts say that sales of sec- teenagers mostly. These Web portals also
ond-hand books, which appear provide valuable strategic insight into how
teens create and share publishing information
on online auction sites shortly via the Web. Another strategy has also been in
practice where web-based novel writing com-
after release, have posed a petition are run with Amazon and Hewlett
threat to hardback business giants like Amazon Packard that attracted a manuscript every
and Ebay, have discovered that unlike the minute over its first day in the quest for a pub-
as well as subsequent paperback music industry people still want to own a physi- lishing deal and $25,000 advance. Amazon
cal book. There is a lot happening in the music users will ultimately pick the winner next year.
releases; however, the impact publishing industry that is not going on in the Such experiments in digital publishing
has not been as great as book industry. Consumers don't want albums would help publishers find new talent and learn
they want tracks and in publishing, people about new manuscript filtering processes and
expected want books not chapters. online author communities. 

phony Group PL
S ym C


Flare Report Event

Volunteerism has become an integral & vibrant part of Mobilink’s culture.

Putting back in society is not only an individual employee’s activity but an
organizational effort as well. Coordinating their resources - including
donations, community events, environment, and the spirit of volunteerism
- to create responses tailored to face local and individual challenges
or more than a year now, volunteerism focusing at, literacy alleviation, disabilities, poverty

F has become an integral & vibrant part of

Mobilink’s culture. At Mobilink, putting
back in society is both an individual
employee activity as well as an organiza-
tional effort. Coordinating their resources
- including donations, community events, environ-
ment, and the spirit of volunteerism - to create
responses tailored to face local and individual
lessening, cultivating the community, health projects,
women & children (special or underprivileged) wel-
fare. Regular community visits are carried out to
ascertain that company is reaching out to the desti-
tute in giving them a better quality of life.
HR CCWW has been active since March 2006 up
till now. It has devoted 300 volunteers and the num-
bers are increasing. Monthly donation is contributed
through voluntary salary deductions, which averages
The company believes in practically delivering Rs 80,000 to 90,000 monthly. The company raises
for the betterment of people. Pioneers that they funds from waste paper sale; it averages Rs10,000
are in the Pakistan telecom industry, they have to 15,000 per month.
set a new trend and now their volunteers are Mobilink PCOs are given to the deserving and
practically involved in various public welfare projects. other fund raising campaigns for genuine and rele-
Education, poverty alleviation, welfare of children, vant causes.
women, and senior citizens top Mobilink’s agenda. Mobilink has made 82 nationwide visits since
Very recently Mobilink took steps, such as, organ- March 2006 to August 2007 to MEPD (Mobilink
izing monthly medical camps in the down trodden Environment Protection Drive), where they carried
suburbs, academic mentoring to the needy and out cleanliness drive at Karachi Beach and regular
bright students, arranging awareness seminars for tree plantation in collaboration with CDA is another
Mobilink employees sharing social messages like aspect of CCWW.
polio vaccination and many others nationwide assis- At Mobilink they empower volunteers. Employees,
tance in sharing & promptly communicating for blood organize volunteer meetings, providing volunteer
donation, blood screening & blood donation camps. trainings/seminars, volunteer team leads/project
Other routine activities encompass visits, workshops, leads. Lunch with the President & “Volunteer of the
awareness seminars, and employee donations. Month” Certification is awarded to the best volunteer.
Today, the ultimate measure of their corporate & Organizations/NGOs that Mobilink has been work-
social success is found in the way they have ing with include, Aangan, Aabroo Educational
reshaped the lives of people. As Mobilink moves for- Organization (Lahore), Aabroo Trust, Aafiat old
ward into 2007 and takes on the heavy responsibility home, Adiala Jail Inmates, Al-Imran Community wel-
and role of being the largest private sector organiza- fare dispensary(Lahore), Al-Maktoom Centre for
tion in Pakistan, it is important to recognize that Visually Impaired Children, Bali Foundation (Lahore),
along with the hardwork & dedication of all Bali Memorial(Lahore),BASERA (self-help
Mobilinkers, it is the people of Pakistan whose trust school),Disabled Welfare Association(Karachi), DWA
in the company has given them this privilege. (Disable Welfare Association Hyderabad), Edhi
Mobilink and its people are able to give back to com- Foundation (North,South & Central and Village for
munities and those less privileged in a systematic Special Children). Haji Boastan Girls Middle School,
and coordinated way to ensure that they collectively free dispensary & Vocational school for girls
make a difference in the lives of people. (Lahore), HIC (School For Hearing Impaired), HOAP
Realizing the significance of corporate social (CMP Career Mentoring Program). Hospital visits,
responsibility, Mobilink HR PMO's corporate commu- Hyderabad Association of Blind, Interhelp
nity welfare aims to identify various segments in Foundation, National Institute for Handicapped,
community and seeks to understand their values, National Rehab Centre for Special Children, NGO
aspirations and interrelationships to assist in building Milestone working for physically disabled persons.
a stronger community and a long term sustainable NIHD (National Institute for the Handicapped), PFFB
future of the deprived & destitute. They continue (Pakistan federation fighting blindness), Pirbhat
adding value to the company profile through multi- Human Development NGO Hyderabad, RACDO
dimensional Corporate Community Welfare Work (Rehmat Ali Ch Development Organisation,
(CCWW) launched nationwide, to make the organiza- Faisalabad),Rozan ,Sardar Eye Hospital,Service &
tion a socially responsible corporate entity. Development,Services Hospital, Shamshad Memorial
The outcome and aims in mind, at Mobilink, is to Free Clinic for Women(Lahore), SOS (Lahore) ,
create social awareness among its employees Special talent Exchange Program, SUKH (non-formal
through contribution to voluntary donations collected school), Sultana Foundation, Sundus Foundation,
regularly through Imagine Humanity Fund Raising Tameer-e-Millat Foundation (TMF), Teach A Child
Campaign, nationwide and redirected towards sus- School(Lahore), The Help Care Society (Teach A
tainable projects for the deserving. Child Lahore). The Trust School, Visit to Balakot,
Initialized in Islamabad, now CCWW has also Voice the society of Disables Rehabilitation, Zaid
gone nationwide (North, South & Central). Mainly Free Dispensary. 
Telecom Flare Report

The evaluation process was

conducted through a survey
in 48 cities, where a foreign-
qualified research team of
research and marketing con-
sultants and experts, headed
by a distinguished World
Bank researcher
arid Telecom has won online format

W 'Brand of the Year

Award' for 2006-2007
in the category of GSM
operators and service
providers in an award
ceremony held at Prime Minister Secretariat
The 'Brands of the Year Award' has
been introduced to identify the most
Hamid Farooq CEO Warid Telecom, receiving 'Brand of the year Award' for 2006-07 in the category of GSM opera-
where Pakistanis
completed an
online question-
naire. Finally to
complete the
study the survey
was then carried
out via Short
Message Service
tors from Shaukat Aziz Prime Minister of Pakistan
demanded & credible brands of the country. (SMS).
The ideology was to bring the most valued Jubilant
brands in the limelight by acknowledging Hamid Farooq -
their contributions in their respective areas Chief Executive
of work and the objective of the program is Officer Warid
to further promote leading brands of the Telecom, while
country. The process entailed a three- expressing his
pronged approach of collecting data to views said,
ensure authenticity and an accurate reflec- "Today, Pakistan
tion of the Pakistani people's sentiments. has one of the
Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz handed most competitive
over the award to Mr. Hamid Farooq- Chief GSM environ-
Executive Officer, Warid Telecom. 'Brands ments in the
of the Year Award' has been officially world with the
endorsed by Pakistan Standards & Quality most knowledge-
Control Authority (PSQCA) & Federation of able consumers
Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & ever. We are
Industry (FPCCI). The event was also being thankful that this
supported by Government of Pakistan, wisdom and the
Government of Sindh and Government of people's loyalty
Punjab. are supporting
The evaluation process was conducted Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz addressing to the participants of Brands Award of the Year 2006-07 in a ceremony held at
Warid Telecom.
through a survey that was carried out in 48 Prime Minister Secretariat Auditorium organized by Exhibitionist. This award
cities, where a foreign-qualified research would never
have been possible without the trust our sub-
"This award would never scribers have put in us".
Thomas Yeo - Chief Commercial Officer
have been possible without Warid Telecom said, "We are here to serve the
people of Pakistan. It is an honor for us that
the trust our subscribers the actual people have participated in this
selection of the most important award. It
have put in us", Hamid means a lot for us because at 'Warid- We
care', to get the award of 'Brand of the Year', it
Farooq, Chief Executive proves that we are running an operation that is
Officer, Warid Telecom the most highly demanded throughout the
country and also the most credible".
Kazim Mujtaba - Head of Marketing said,
team of research and marketing consult- "The entire idea behind identifying the brand of
ants and experts, headed by a distin- the year from the telecommunications arena is
guished World Bank research official, per- to bring the achievements of the best GSM
formed the task of collecting the relevant operator into the public's eye. We hope to con-
data for the review. This task was per- tinue with our contributions and will upkeep our
formed in conjunction with the Consumer efforts to maintain an even higher level of qual-
Foundation of Pakistan. In order to access ity for the consumers because at Warid-We
a different pool of users, a general con- A participant attending Brands Award of the Year 2006-07 in a
sumer survey was then implemented in an ceremony held at Prime Minister Secretariat.
In Picture

The Creative Technology logo is seen at their headquarters in Singapore. Shares of Creative
Technology, which makes digital music players, rose 2.5 percent to S$6.10 with 168,400 shares trad-
ed after the firm posted better than expected quarterly profits. Creative reported a first-quarter gain of
$1.3 million, rebounding from a loss of $21 million in the July-Sept quarter a year ago, helped by sale
of assets and higher margins.

Toshiba Vardia RD-A301 HD DVD Recorder

Japanese electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced
their latest HD DVD Recorder product. This new product is Vardia
RD-A301 and this player is capable of recording high-definition
video to regular DVDs. It would be made available in the
Japanese market in December this year. Toshiba said that the
player is also capable of transcoding high-definition MPEG2
broadcasts on the fly to the more efficient MPEG4 compression
The recorder comes loaded with a 300 GB hard disk drive to
store videos. They can also be saved on to a HD DVD disc.
Company expects to make available this recorder for around
US$875. For now, it would be offered in the Japanese market
only. Early buyers would be offered goodies like a copy of the
movie Transformers, five blank HD DVD-R and DVD-R discs, and
a "Transformers" action figure.
An Iraqi man uses his mobile phone to picture a two coloured eyes cat for sale at the al-Ghazl mar-
ket in Baghdad. Exotic animals coming from all over the world, including birds from South America
and Africa, are sold in al-Ghazl animal market, Baghdad.

Japan's NTT DoCoMo Profit Drops 15%

Japan's top mobile phone carrier, NTT DoCoMo, said its profit fell 15 percent in most
recent quarter because of growing promotional costs and discounts that were needed to
compete with rival carriers. Net income for the three months through September was 123.7
billion yen ($1.08 billion), down from 146.3 billion yen the previous year.
The growing cost of selling mobile phone handsets and expanding its network led to
lower profits, DoCoMo said. The company said revenue fell as it offered new discount serv-
ices in the face of fierce competition with rival carriers KDDI Corp. and Softbank Corp.,
which have slashed rates and launched heavy sales promotions.
The top three carriers struggled to boost profitability. DoCoMo dominates the Japanese
market, but has lagged behind its rivals in adding new users in recent months.
The company said it plans to consolidate eight regional service operators across Japan
in about a year to boost profits.
DoCoMo left its profit outlook unchanged for the fiscal year through March, but lowered Japanese electronics giant Sony displays their latest products at the
CEATEC electronics trade show in Chiba. Sony said it had swung back to
its revenue estimate. It expects 476 billion yen ($4.16 billion) in group net profit and
an operating profit in the three months to September from loss caused
slashed the revenue forecast to 4.667 trillion yen ($40.83 billion) from 4.728 trillion yen. earlier by recalls of millions of computer batteries.
The company's earnings results are based on U.S. accounting standards.
Muhammad Kamran Telecom

1 billion phones with cameras in them

will be in use worldwide by the end of
this year, but only 5% of the photos
taken on these phones manage to go
around through MMS, PC synchro-
nization or by any other platform
here seems to be a disconnect So why aren't camera-

T when it comes to people buying

cameraphones and using them.
Statistics available regarding the
number of cell phones in market
and their usage can shock any-
one easily. These statistics that don't make a
lot of sense, reveals that first, about 1 billion
phones with cameras in them will be in use
worldwide by the end of this year. Second,
phone owners doing
something with their pho-
tos? There are two things
they could be doing, but
aren't. One is sending the
photos over the network to friends and family,
using MMS or e-mail. The other is downloading
them to a computer, where they could be modi-
fied, enhanced, printed or sent via e-mail.
More handsets are coming with memory cards,
but that means you have to buy a memory card
reader for your PC. Wired connections are
unlikely unless you have a smartphone.
95% of the photos taken on these phones will But I want to send photos I take on my
phone over the network to my friends. I've only
stay on the phones.
It has been noticed that consumers use the
You may find difficulties had moderate success with this using a wide
variety of phones. I'd like to use MMS because
camera on a phone more than any other fea- sometimes using MMS, not I can add text or voice, but I haven't had a lot
ture except for caller ID; more even than ring-
tones and text messaging. because the lack of interop- of luck with that. The process is often not intu-
itive, requiring so many key clicks or searching
Although people with cameraphones may
use their cam-lens to take photos, they don't erability, but because peo- that it is painful. There are exceptions Nokia's
do anything with them. So the cameraphone interface on its newer smartphones is pretty
becomes kind of a digital photo album you can ple you want to send an easy to use there are others equally as good,
but overall there needs to be improvements.
take with you to show photos to your friends.
It's not that cameraphones don't take good
MMS either don't have a There are contradictory statements about
network interoperability for MMS. You may find
photos. Image quality is improving all the time. plan that supports it, or difficulties sometimes using MMS, not because
Most cameraphones sold today are at least 1
megapixel image density, will soon be at least don't know how to receive of the lack of interoperability, but because peo-
ple you want to send an MMS either don't have
2 megapixel, and there are cameraphonesup to
10 megapixels. However 2/3.2 Megapixel an MMS a plan that supports it, or don't know how to
phones are quite familiar these days. Other receive an MMS message.
imaging technology in phones is improving, Based on personal experience, on many Keeping all these statistics and this discus-
with zoom, anti-shake and other features. cameraphones and networks today it is just too sion in mind, mobile manufacturers are sup-
Lenses have gotten better (Nokia uses Carl difficult to do either of these. Many phones posed to come up with easy sharing tools. The
Zeiss lenses, for instance). One can take out- don't have the ability to connect directly to a margin for the enhancement of camera quality
standing photos, both in image quality and cre- PC. Bluetooth is a possibility on the wireless is always there. 
ativity, taken with cameraphones. side but you have to buy extra equipment.

McAfee Buying ScanAlert for

McAfee Inc., is buying ScanAlert Inc. for $51 million, adding to its
Internet security offerings a service intended to help consumers feel
safer shopping online. Santa Clara-based McAfee will pay $51 million
in cash for Napa-based ScanAlert, which runs daily scans on its more
than 75,000 customer Web sites hunting and fixing vulnerabilities to
qualify for the company's Hacker Safe seal of approval.
The deal also includes an agreement by McAfee to pay up to $24
million more if certain financial targets are met. Those targets weren't
specified in a news release announcing the acquisition.
The deal is expected to close in McAfee's first quarter. McAfee said
it plans to integrate ScanAlert's technology into its SiteAdvisor service, McAfee expects to absorb non-cash charges of $100 million to
which alerts Web surfers about the safety of the sites they're visiting $150 million to properly account for the awards. The options headache
with a series of red, yellow and green lights. The service warns of sites led to a management shake-up in October that included the departure
that infect visitors computers' with malicious code, aggressively display of McAfee's Chief Executive George Samenuk and firing of its presi-
pop-up ads and use submitted e-mail addresses to send spam. dent, Kevin Weiss.
McAfee said last week that its third-quarter profit has doubled to Earlier, McAfee Inc.'s former top lawyer, Kent Roberts, was charged
$62.9 million as its cash horde grew to $1.5 billion, according to pre- in federal court with seven criminal counts of fraud alleging he manipu-
liminary results for the period ended in September. The results are pre- lated the values of his stock options to increase the potential windfall
liminary because the company is still cleaning up an accounting mess and then falsified records to cover up his misconduct. The alleged
involving mishandled stock option awards over 10 years and needs to offenses occurred in 2000 when McAfee was still known as Network
restate its finances. Associates.  23
Telecom Flare Report

Over one hundred CEOs, representing

both the service providers and regulators
from the SAARC region, gathered for their
6th annual CEO conference in Katmandu,
Nepal, to decide on strategies on how to
provide telecom access to the millions liv-
ing in second and third tier towns, semi-
urban and rural areas
t the sixth annual conference - conducted of

A inaugurated by Shankar
Prasad Koirala, IT and telecom
secretary at the ministry of
information and communica-
tions, in the absence of the
Maoist minister who quit last month - head
honchos from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,
Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives
exchanged experiences in a bid to take tele-
8,309 con-
sumers from
the member
countries and
they were
asked simple
usage related
The awards
Executive Vice President, Telenor Pakistan Irfan Wahab Khan receiving an award from COO, VSNL
LANKA, Ravishankar Vaddi at SARRC Communication Industry Conference

com beyond cities. were allotted to winners from each SAARC nominations for each brand. The criteria for
The agenda included crucial areas like tele- country. awards was wide choice of service, tariff plans,
com penetration, quality Telenor Pakistan connectivity and coverage, consumer friendly
of service, adoption of Telenor Pakistan won the won the awards for value added services, creative marketing and
new technologies, and "Most Innovative advertising ideas and consumers' willingness
above all, affordability. awards for "Most Innovative Mobile Operator" to switch-in to the brand within the next three
The summit also pre-
sented the SAARC
Mobile Operator" and "Mobile and "Mobile
Operator with the
Expressing his pleasure on receiving the
Telecom Innovation Operator with the Most Most Consumer awards, the Executive Vice President
Awards for mobile opera- Pull". Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Telenor
tors from each of the
Consumer Pull" at the SAARC Telenor was Pakistan Irfan Wahab Khan thanked the
SAARC countries based Communication Industry named the winner Telenor subscribers for the awards. He associ-
on an online poll con- for both award cat- ated the award with the dedication and profes-
ducted among users in Conference 2007 held in egories for Pakistan sional excellence of Telenor employees
the region. Kathmandu based on objective towards the ultimate goal - consumer
An online survey was count of consumer delight! and satisfaction. 

Islamic Jurisprudence Council:

Bans Quranic Ringtones, Permits Sex Verification
he Islamic Jurisprudence Council in non-Muslim countries and play an effective

T banned the use of the verses of

Islamic scholars from vari- political role, especially if elections brought
the Holy Quran as ringtones for ous parts of the world, who about public good or prevented social evils.
mobile phones because it It said this was the only way for Muslims
impinges on the sacred character
attended the conference, abroad to secure their rights. It also encour-
of the Holy Quran.The decision called for the upholding of aged Muslims in the West to integrate into
was taken by the Scholars at the meeting of Western societies but cautioned them against
the council held in Makkah.
Islamic unity and adherence adopting any Western habits that are contrary
"It is demeaning and degrading to the vers- to the Holy Quran and to the principles of Islam.
es of the Holy Quran to stop abruptly at the Those who presented papers included
middle of a recitation or neglecting the recita-
Sunnah, while tackling Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Subeyel,
tion, as happens when they are used as ring- issues affecting Muslim imam of the Grand Mosque. In the concluding
tones in mobile phones. On the other hand, session, the Islamic Jurisprudence Council
recording the verses from the Holy Quran in
countries emphasized that dialogue with non-Muslims
phone sets with the intention of recitation and mitted to determine the sex of a fetus provided supported by well-prepared media programs
listening is a virtuous act," the scholars attend- it was a medical necessity, such as when are essential in confronting anti-Islamic cam-
ing the council said in a statement. ascertaining diseases that are suspected to paigns. The council called on Pakistanis and
During the six-day meeting of the council in affect boys and not girls, and vice versa. The Palestinians to stand united in solving their
Makkah, which began Nov. 3 under the chair- council said three doctors would be required to problems.
manship of Mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, 70 confirm the medical necessity of the proce- Islamic scholars from various parts of the
Muslim dignitaries and scholars tackled a num- dure. world, who attended the conference, also
ber of important issues. On behalf of The council also approved damaging an called for the upholding of Islamic unity and
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King ovary that could lead to a disabled child, but adherence to the Holy Quran and Sunnah,
Abdullah, Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal said that trying to control the sex of a child was while tackling the issues that are affecting
opened the first session of the council. strictly prohibited. The council also encouraged Muslim countries such as Iraq, Somalia and
The council decided that Muslims are per- Muslims in the West to participate in elections Afghanistan. 
Telecom Falre Report

lcatel-Lucent providing platform that help du

A announced that it
has signed a frame
agreement with du,
the UAE's new
telecom operator,
for its upcoming Internet protocol
television (IPTV) deployment
based on the award-winning
Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV and
create compelling services" he
"Alcatel-Lucent is committed
to help du playing a market
leadership role by pioneering
IPTV service delivery in the
UAE and the Middle-East,"
added Olivier Picard, president
of Alcatel-Lucent's activities in
multimedia platform. In addition, Europe and South.
Alcatel-Lucent will act as the end- Charbel Fakhoury, general
to-end System integrator of a com- manager of Microsoft Gulf ,
plete IPTV solution comprised of commented "Working together,
network infrastructure, Microsoft Alcatel-Lucent, du & Microsoft team at the contract signing ceremony. Alcatel-Lucent and du, Alcatel-Lucent and Microsoft
Microsoft Partner to Launch IPTV Solution for Du in UAE.
Mediaroom, services fulfillment are delivering a new era of con-
and OSS/BSS integration, subscriber data integration as well as the overall solution test- nected TV services to consumers in the region
management as well as content asset man- ing and validation of du's solution. Alcatel- "
agement integration and implementation. Lucent supports du's time-to-market objectives Alcatel-Lucent is a world leader in both
The project will include broadcast TV and by implementing a secure and reliable infra- IPTV and Mobile TV, having already enabled
video on demand (VoD), with ability to stream structure capable of delivering high-end multi- TV, video and music services for more than
content featuring high definition (HD)-quality media services. 120 fixed and mobile service providers around
picture resolution. du's IPTV offering will offer "In our drive to innovatively use technology the world. Alcatel-Lucent has also deployed
an enhanced user experience by enabling to offer more convenience and comfort to our more than 50 IPTV network integration proj-
user-friendly features like instant channel customers, du collaborates with partners who ects around the world.
change, multiple picture-in-picture and person- share this vision. In this instance, we wanted du, the new telecommunications company
al video recorder (PVR) functionality such as someone capable of designing, developing in the UAE, launched mobile telecommunica-
one-touch recording and pausing live TV. and deploying a complete IPTV solution, inte- tion services on 11 February 2007 across the
In this complex technical environment, grating all the different parts of the technical UAE in addition to internet and pay TV servic-
Alcatel-Lucent will manage interdependent solution seamlessly," said Osman Sultan, CEO es in some of the free zones of Dubai. Call
integration project streams from the network du. "Alcatel-Lucent's unique end-to-end net- Select, the first of du's Fixed line services, was
infrastructure and Microsoft platforms, sub- work integration capabilities support the launched in July 2007. 
scriber database migration, and OSS/BSS Microsoft Mediaroom software platform while

Azhar Javed Telecom

This year, The Ministry of Religious

Affairs, Zakat & Ushr, with the help of
VectroCom, has made arrangements to pro-
vide information about the Hajj flights to
the pilgrims on their mobiles through SMS

ver three million Muslim pil- To call outside the State one can talk by mobile operator Saudi Telecom Company

O grims from the world, including

one lakh and, sixty thousands
from Pakistan, will perform
Hajj in the holy land of
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this
year. The Hajj is the pilgrimage to the holy
city of Makkah during the month of Dhu'l-
Hijjah. The performance of the Hajj is the fifth
of the five pillars of Islam. For every Muslim
buying a Card from the market. The pilgrims
will be given a card of SR.25 free of cost
along with the set.
The mobile phone service provider compa-
nies have given incentives to pilgrims to
receive and make, roaming charges free, calls
during the Hajj period. No doubt, the cell
phone is marvelous facility to the pilgrims.
They easily call their love ones and talk to
(STC), during the Hajj.
According to Huawei, it is the second year
it has worked to ensure sufficient capacity dur-
ing the Hajj, an annual religious pilgrimage to
the city of Makkah, which sees over 3 million
participants from around the world in a 10 km
The area represents one of the world's
highest mobile traffic densities in the world
capable of meeting the expanses of perform- them everyday at cheap rates. Just in the during the five-day period, with total traffic vol-
ing Hajj, it is mandatory to make the journey recent past, people did not know about their ume borne over the STC's network increasing
at least once; for all Muslims it is the journey by 30 per cent in comparison to the previous
of a lifetime. year. SMS and handoffs increased by 137 per
This year, Ministry of Religious Affairs, An applicant can obtain flight cent and 118 times respectively and peak traf-
Zakat & Ushr, with the help of VectroCom, has fic volume was recorded at 19 times the usual
made arrangements to provide information
information with in seconds rate.
about the Hajj flights to the pilgrims on their through mobile by simply writ- Saudi Telecom Company did not report
mobiles through short messaging service any overload, interruption or faults with its net-
(SMS). If an applicant wishes to obtain flight ing HF (space) (first six digit of work this year, repeating its performance of
information through mobile, he simply needs Hajj Application Number) 2006, when it used Huawei's mobile softswitch
to write HF (space)(first six digit of Hajj solution for the first time. The operator was
Application Number) (Example: HF 553953) in (Example: HF 553953) in the able to provide more network services for its
the message box and send to 32532. He will mobile users, at a higher quality and deployed
receive flight information within seconds/min-
message box and sending it to Huawei's network services to ensure smooth
ute. 32532 operations during peak traffic conditions.
VectraCom is the first and the largest The telecommunications sector continues
Wireless Applications Service Provider to be among the most active sectors in Saudi
(WASP) offering the latest and most powerful Arabia. Since its privatization in 1998, the
wireless application services on WAP & Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC)
GPRS platforms to a broad range of has been carrying out major telecommunica-
GSM/TDMA operators and enterprises. tion projects kingdom-wide, gradually taking
VectraCom believe that technology has no over this role from the Ministry of Post,
geographical limits. This belief has allowed Telephone and Telegraph (PTT).
the company to expand its business opera- In line with its liberalization process, the
tions out of Pakistan to Middle East, Asia Saudi Government will be inviting more for-
Pacific and African regions and beyond. eign companies to invest in the information
To make sure that its business partners and communications sector, especially in the
and clients get a 24/7 services with zero field of fixed and mobile telecommunications
downtime, it established office in Dubai Media services. Revenues from the kingdom's GSM
City. This location acts as a central distribution market will soar to $2.37 billion in 2007, due
hub of data and information for clients and to the partial privatization of Saudi telecom
business partners around the world. and increased competition. A new study pro-
On the other hand, Saudi government has jected that the demand for landlines will drop
arranged to receive private pilgrims through an average of 7.6 percent annually over the
travel agencies and tours operators. It is next five years, largely due to the migration to
mandatory on all Hajj Group Organizers that relatives, friends while perform Hajj. Call from mobile service.
while arriving at Saudi Arabia they should con- Saudi Arabia was very costly and they used to The Saudi economy is growing rapidly.
tact Mobile No.0504528350 and collect their avoid making calls to their homes. Saudi Arabia has been enjoying budget sur-
BRAVO telephone set along with booklet and Mobile phones prove very useful and prac- plus every year since 2002 and the country
directory in which the many facilities will be tical while performing Hajj. Temporary prepaid carries large cash reserves. Saudi Arabia is
provided for three months. cards are available in Saudi Arabia during the the largest free market economy in the region
The facility of BRAVO connection is for all season of Hajj, which provide pilgrims to take and is expected to produce more than two-
Saudi Arabia free inter-com. The set contains advantage of a mobile phone. fifths of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)
not only the mobile number facility but it is a Moreover, next-generation telecomm net- GDPs in 2007. The current population of
complete mobile phone. work solutions provider, Huawei Saudi Arabia is 23 million. 
It will have a free balance of 100 minutes Technologies Co Ltd. has revealed its inte-
per month, which could be utilized on any net- grated service solution and mobile softswitch
work in the Kingdom. equipment to sustain the telecom traffic for 27
Telecom Flare Report

Mobile phones are now inexpensive,

easy to use, comfortable and
equipped with almost every latest
feature we desire. Along with the
obvious convenience and quick
access, big and small mobile phones
are both economical and essential
for travelers trying to stay connected

obile phone is a long-

M range, portable electronic

device used for communi-
cation. Mobile sets are now
inexpensive, easy to use,
comfortable and equipped
with almost every latest feature we desire.
Mobile phones are also known as lifesavers as
they can help people in emergencies. If you
get stuck in the middle of the road and find no
We have also been downloading
Java games and video clips to our mobile
phones. Several online mobile phone shops
have come up to cater to this increasing
The potential impact of the kind of electro-
magnetic fields generated by cellular phones
demand for the best mobile phone handsets on the human brain has received little attention
one for help, you can just use a mobile phone and the most reliable and cost-effective servic- until relatively recently, and it's probably still
and call for help. much too soon to pronounce on the possi-
Mobile phones are comfortable way of ble adverse effects of long-term exposure.
communication over a long distance. In the event of an emergency, disas- Accumulating evidence indicate that
Along with the obvious convenience and microwave radiation from mobile phones
quick access to help in emergencies. Big ter response crews can locate may cause serious diseases and distur-
and small mobile phones can be both
economical and essential for travelers
trapped or injured people using the bances in the physiology. This includes an
increased cancer risk and genetic dam-
trying to stay connected every time and signals from their mobile phones or age, disturbed brain function and other
everywhere. effects. Mobile phone radiation and health
In Japan, mobile phone companies the small detonator of flare in the concerns have been raised, especially fol-
provide immediate notification of earth-
quakes and other natural disasters to
battery of every cell phone lowing the enormous increase in the use
of wireless mobile telephony throughout
their customers free of charge. In the the world. So, prolonged use of mobile
event of an emergency, disaster response es in the use of the same. phone should be avoided. The head set should
crews can locate trapped or injured people Along with all these advantages there are be kept at reasonable distance from our head.
using the signals from their mobile phones or many disadvantages for mobile phone usage. In the nutshell mobile phones are playing a
the small detonator of flare in the battery of Mobile-phone use while driving is common. It very vital part in our daily life. The extent of its
every cell phone; an interactive menu accessi- is generally agreed that using a hand-held handling determines either it is useful or harm-
ble through the phone's Internet browser noti- mobile phone while driving is a distraction that ful. But on the whole the devices have more
fies the company if the user is safe or in dis- brings risk of road traffic accidents. So we advantages than disadvantages. 
tress. need to use hands free sets to avoid such haz-

KDDI and Okinawa to Unleash new Handsets

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular have announced a fall/winter line-up of eight new au hand-
sets, following on the popular summer line-up. The concept behind the new models is sup-
port for each customer's individual lifestyle as a familiar part of daily life. Three of the new
models will feature KDDI's integrated 'KCP+' platform, enabling them to support the very lat-
est au services, notably LISMO 'Audio Equipment Compatibility,' 'au x Sony MUSIC PROJ-
ECT,' and 'au one Gadget,' which can display each customer's preferred information and
features on the standby screen.
KDDI has also developed, in collaboration with Samsung SDI, the world's first* 2.8-inch
QVGA, organic EL display for use in au handsets. This display will be used in three of the
new models, including the 'Wooo Keitai W53H,' which is named after Hitachi's HiVision TV
brand. The new display will enable users to enjoy One-Seg TV and other services in beauti-
ful, vivid color.
In addition, this diverse line-up will include the 'CARD SIZE SLIM' W55T, an ultra-slim
model just 9.9 mm thick, and the 'Simple Keitai,' which is easy to use, even for people new
to mobile phones. Including the 'INFOBAR 2,' which was released earlier, the au fall/winter
line-up comprises nine models. Seven of them are CDMA 1X WIM models, six support One-
Seg, and four have an organic EL display. The W55T will be available via the Internet as a
28 "premium version," in a limited release of 3,000 units.
Internet Flare Report

Questions like these will continue as more and more

religious astronauts travel into space. If you're experi-
encing a dozen sunrises and sunsets in every 24-hour
period? When does Sabbath begin on the moon, where
the sun sets once a month? When is the first sighting
of the crescent moon if you're on Mars? Religious
councils of all faiths will have to keep them busy for
years to find the answers
heikh Muszaphar Shukor had two cle route provided the shortest path to

S problems when he went to the

space. The first was that Makkah
kept moving. Well, not really. It's
Shukor who kept moving. As
Malaysia's first astronaut, he lifted
off on October 10 in a Russian Soyuz space-
craft for a nine-day visit to the International
Space Station.
He is a devoted Muslim and when he says
Makkah from anywhere in the world, even
though it may in some places seem counter-
intuitive (Muslims in Alaska, for example,
pray facing almost due north). Great circle
formulae are at the root of nearly every

Malaysia's space agency,

Angkasa, convened a conference
ary to start in the Qibla direction but then con-
tinue the prayer without worrying about possi-
ble changes in position.
But how does that work in space?
his daily prayers he wants to face Makkah,
specifically the Ka'aba, the holiest place in
of 150 Islamic scientists and Mathematically, Shukor needed to place both
ISS and Makkah on the same imaginary
Islam. That's where the trouble comes in. From scholars last year to wrestle with sphere, by either comparing the place on Earth
ISS, orbiting 220 miles above the surface of
the Earth, the Qibla (an Arabic word meaning these and other questions. The directly beneath ISS with the real Ka'aba, or by
projecting the Ka'aba into space (the option
the direction a Muslim should pray toward resulting document, "A Guideline recommended by the Fatwa Council).
Makkah) changes from second to second. Yet the option to pray while facing a point in
During some parts of the space station's orbit, of Performing worship at the space brings up another problem. Muslims
the Qibla can move nearly 180 degrees during
the course of a single prayer. What is a devout
International Space Station face the ground to pray, in part to avoid any
hint of pagan sun or moon worship. If the
Muslim to do? (ISS)", was approved by Ka'aba projection happens to line up with the
Malaysia's space agency, Angkasa, con-
vened a conference of 150 Islamic scientists Malaysia's National Fatwa sun or moon, purists might believe the prayer
and scholars last year to wrestle with these
and other questions. The resulting docu-
Council Dr. Khaleel Mohammed, assistant professor
of religion at San
ment, "A Guideline of Performing Ibadah Diego State
(worship) at the International Space Station University, concured.
(ISS)", was approved by Malaysia's "In space,"
National Fatwa Council earlier this year. Mohammed points
According to the report, determining the out, "the ritual prayer
Qibla should be "based on what is possible" might be offset for
for the astronaut, and can be prioritized this more of a prayer that
way: 1, the Ka'aba, 2, the projection of is allowed when on
Ka'aba, 3, the Earth and 4, wherever. jihad, for the lack of
This led to Shukor's second problem. gravity and directional
There are two distinct schools of thought for accuracy makes it
determining the Qibla: the commonly used legitimate to do as
Great Circle method, and the less common one sees fit. God
rhumb-line method. Looking at a flat map does not take a per-
using any standard projection shows that a son to task for that
rhumb line (a line that cuts equal angles which is beyond
across all lines of longitude) drawn from, his/her ability to work
say, the Johnson Space Center in Houston with."
to Makkah runs east-southeast. The num- Questions like
bers also bear this out -- the space center these will continue as
is to the north and west of the Ka'aba, so Member of an International space crew Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor of Malaysia waves just
before boarding at the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. more and more reli-
any travel to the holy city should naturally be gious astronauts trav-
to the southeast. online Qibla compass. el into space. When is sunset in low Earth orbit
Lay a string across a globe, however, and Dr. Kamal Abdali, a Muslim cartographer if you're experiencing a dozen sunrises and
everything changes. A great circle, the shortest and who has written extensively on determin- sunsets in every 24-hour period? When does
distance between two points on a sphere ing the Qibla, favors the great circle route, but Sabbath begin on the moon, where the sun
between Houston and Makkah initially arcs to adds, "Prayer is not supposed to be a gymnas- sets once a month? When is the first sighting
the northeast, then curves southward to the tic exercise. One is supposed to concentrate of the crescent moon if you're on Mars?
Saudi peninsula. Islamic scientists knew as on the prayer rather the exact orientation." He Religious councils of all faiths will have plenty
30 early as the ninth century CE that the great cir- points out that in a train or plane, it's custom- to keep them busy for years. 
Technology James Wilsdon

The history of Islamic science and innovation is a

period of great flourishing followed by a steep
and protracted decline. Today, research and
development spending across the 57 member
states of the Organisation of the Islamic
Conference averages just 0.38 per cent of gross
domestic product, compared with a global aver-
age of 2.36 per cent
n 2005, the Organisation of the Islamic campuses of five of the world's top uni-

I Conference announced a 10-year

action programme, which identifies tar-
gets for educational reform and propos-
es that by 2015, member states should
aim to spend 1.2 per cent of GDP on
R&D. Particular impetus is coming from oil-rich
nations, which see innovation as the key to
their long-term prosperity.
The names of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and Ibn
versities. Earlier, in August 2006, King
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia laid the founda-
tion stone for a $2.6bn university devot-
ed to science and technology in Taif. In
December last year, Egypt's President
Hosni Mubarak launched a "decade of
science of technology".
At a multilateral level, there is also a
focus on science and innovation. In
al-Nafis may be less familiar to many people 2005, the Organisation of the Islamic
than those of Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. Conference announced a 10-year action
But these and other Islamic scholars of the programme, which identifies targets for
12th and 13th centuries belong in the pan- educational reform and proposes that by
theon of thinkers whose work has shaped the 2015, member states should aim to
direction of modern science. spend 1.2 per cent of GDP on R&D.
Like that of China, the history of Islamic sci- Particular impetus is coming from oil-rich
ence and innovation was the time of great nations, which see innovation as the key
flourishing followed by a steep and protracted to their long-term prosperity.
decline. Today, research and development How far and fast individual countries
spending across the 57 member states of the move up the innovation league tables
Organisation of the Islamic Conference aver- remains to be seen. Few are likely to
ages just 0.38 per cent of gross domestic compete with Europe, Japan or the US
product, compared with a global average of in the foreseeable future, nor with the
2.36 per cent. emerging science powers of China and India. The path to a more innovative Islamic world
This is not simply a sign of relative poverty: But just as small nations such as Finland, is not without obstacles. Some daunting chal-
Oil-producing states such as Saudi lenges remain. An unusually large
Arabia and Kuwait are among the share of the increased funding for
lowest investors in research as a Across the Islamic world, the past 12 research is being directed towards
military technology - driven more by
percentage of GDP. In 2005, the 17
countries of the Arab world togeth-
months have been punctuated by eye-catch- geopolitics than the pursuit of new
er produced 13,444 scientific publi- ing announcements. The governments of knowledge. Advances in Iranian
nuclear technology are unlikely to
cations, fewer than the 15,455
achieved by Harvard University many Muslim countries launched various be viewed elsewhere with the same
equanimity as developments in
alone. A 2002 survey of science in
the region could identify only three
programmes to promote research and edu- Malaysia's software industry.
subjects in which it excelled: cation sectors There is still a substantial brain
drain out of the Islamic world, with
desalination technologies, camel
reproduction and falconry research. This has Ireland and Singapore have proved some of many talented scientists and engi-
led some commentators to suggest that there the success stories of global innovation in the neers opting to pursue their careers in the US
is something about Islam that is inimical to past decade, so the Islamic world may yet sur- and Europe and little sign of the flows of
innovation. However, the picture is starting to prise us. returnees that have had such a positive impact
change. In the west, thanks to the best efforts of in China and India. A final and more funda-
Across the Islamic world, the past 12 Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and mental question is whether societies that are
months have been punctuated by eye-catching others, there is a renewed tendency to see sci- often still resistant to democracy and open
announcements. In May 2007, the United Arab ence and religion as polar opposites. debate can genuinely become hotbeds of cre-
Emirates launched a $10bn foundation to cre- Elsewhere, there is often a greater acceptance ativity and invention. As Pervez Hoodbhoy, the
ate research centres in Arab universities. In that faith has its place alongside evidence and leading Pakistani scientist, concluded in a
Nigeria, the government has poured $5bn into reason. More religious Islamic governments recent article: "The struggle to usher in science
a petroleum technology development fund to are proving some of the most supportive of sci- will have to go side by side with a much wider
support research and education. In Qatar, a entific research. Iran, to give one example, campaign to elbow out rigid orthodoxy and
2,500-acre education city has been construct- was the first Middle East country to develop a bring in modern thought, arts, philosophy,
32 ed outside Doha and is home to international human embryonic stem cell line. democracy and pluralism." 
Airline Flare Report

When the A380 lifted off from

Singapore's Changi Airport at
8:15 a.m. local time, it officially
took the title from Boeing's 747
as the biggest commercial jet-
liner, a crown the world's first
jumbo had proudly worn as
the queen of the skies since
entering service with Pan
American World Airways in
new era dawned in aviation on

A October 25th, 2007 when the

Airbus A380, some 18 months
late but creating the kind of
buzz not heard in passenger
jet travel in nearly 40 years,
made its maiden commercial flight from
Singapore to Sydney, Australia.
Painted in the gold and blue livery of
Singapore Airlines, the plane that Airbus has
A view showing Cockpit of the Airbus A380

assessment not long into the flight."

There are 12 of the pumpkin-colored
With the exception of limited access to the
first-class suites, passengers could roam the
leather bedroom suites on the A380, featuring two decks of the A380, which has 471 seats --
called the flagship of the 21st century carried actual fold-down beds, as well as a chaise 60 business-class seats on the upper deck
35 crew members, including four pilots, and longue and a 23-inch LCD entertainment and 399 economy seats behind business and
455 passengers, some of whom paid a bundle screen. across the lower deck starting just aft of the
in an online auction for seats on the historic Some of the suites can be joined with a suites. Some of those 471 seats were empty,
flight -- more than $100,000 in one case. double bed. Sliding doors and roller blinds in both business and coach. Bulkheads on the
Passengers applauded and cheered on give almost total privacy. upper and lower decks of the A380 break up
both decks as the plane's wheels the economy and business class
lifted off the runway in Singapore,
the four Rolls-Royce engines mak-
This is the only A380 that will be delivered in cabins into smaller sections.
Several people who bought the
ing so little noise in the cabin that 2007; Singapore Airlines will get its second prized A380 seats tried to resell
one of the passengers near Chew them on eBay for a profit. One of
later called the takeoff "so quiet it and third A380 in January and February next them was from Seattle. This man
was eerie." year. They will be used on the popular lost his seat eight minutes after he
With the introduction of the tried to resell it on eBay.
A380, Airbus finally has the plane Singapore-London route, making it possible For most of the flight, passen-
that it has long wanted to challenge
the monopoly enjoyed by Boeing for
to travel on an A380 between Sydney and gers and media roamed the double-
decker giant, 239 feet long, that has
nearly 40 years with the 747, but London, the so-called Kangaroo route cost Airbus nearly $20 billion to
the development of the A380 has develop and which was supposed to
been a long and difficult journey highlighted in The eBay auction for seats on both legs of have been delivered to Singapore Airlines in
the last couple of years by soaring costs and the roundtrip to Sydney raised $1.3 million. March 2006.
lengthy delays. Chew said every dollar would go to charity -- The aisles of the jet were often so crowded
Singapore Airlines CEO Chew Choon a third to Doctors Without Borders, a third to with passengers and media that flight atten-
Seng called the A380 the new "queen of the children's hospitals in Sydney and a third to dants pushing and pulling their food and bev-
skies," and many of the passengers on the charities in Singapore. erage carts could not get through.
plane would probably have agreed with that Exxon Mobile Corp. Donated the Fuel. Every passenger on the plane received a
certificate saying the passenger had been part "Clipper Young America," and the jet taxied For those passengers who wanted to work
of the first A380 commercial flight. The two out to the runway and prepared to take off for during the flight, they didn't even need a lap-
men personally handed framed certificates to London on a cold January night in 1970. One top. In any class, they could plug a thumb
those in the suites and in business class. of the engines flamed out during takeoff and drive into a USB port on the seat and work
The chefs were on the flight to supervise the plane came to a quick stop. away on a system based on Sun
the preparation and service of meals in all Mechanics were unable to fix the engine, Microsystems's StarOffice.
cabins. They also walked the two decks dur- and a substitute Pan Am jumbo was pressed The arrival of the A380 at the Sydney air-
ing the flight, talking and port was a huge event. In
laughing with passengers early August, a large clock
and signing autographs, was placed at the airport to
often on the menus they count down the days until
created for the special flight. the inaugural flight landed.
Many passengers had About 45 minutes before
cameras and camcorders landing, Capt. Ting informed
and took pictures of just passengers that the plane
about everything on the would be making a low-level
plane, including the food. pass over Sydney's famous
Singapore Airlines flight harbor. But a low cloud
SQ380 carried a mix of pas- cover made that impossible
sengers representing 35 dif- and the plane landed at 5:23
ferent nationalities, with the p.m., two minutes early.
largest group being Before they left the
Australians (28 percent), plane, passengers were told
then Singaporeans (14 per- that the baggage of first-
cent), Britons (11 percent) and business-class passen-
and Americans (8 percent). gers would be on a separate
Four passengers from carousel from that of pas-
Norway came the farthest to sengers in economy.
fly on the jet. Getting through customs
Passengers included a was fairly quick -- there were
U.S. college student who celebrated his 22nd into service. It took off for London about 22 customs stations to speed the process.
birthday on the plane and a Swedish engineer seven hours late. There were no in-flight Baggage for first- and business-class pas-
who was on the first flight of the supersonic movies because there had not been time to sengers came down the carousel about 10
Concorde in 1976. prepare the reserve 747 for them. minutes before the bags from economy start-
The start of the commercial life of the A380 Passengers on the A380 had a smorgas- ed showing up. Shortly after 6 p.m., some 30
was far different than that of Boeing's 747. bord of audio and video entertainment. The minutes after the A380 arrived at the gate,
Problems with the Pratt & Whitney engines plane has the latest in-flight entertainment economy-class passengers were taking their
that had plagued the 747 during its flight test- system from Panasonic Avionics, featuring bags off the carousel, shaking hands with new
ing had not yet been solved when 324 pas- 100 movies, more than 150 TV programs and friends from the plane ride and walking away.
sengers boarded Pan Am's new plane, named 700 audio CDs. And it is all on demand.

Event Flare Report

For business leaders, a liberalized economy, clear

rules of governance, an environment where corrup-
tion is unable to flourish and a deregulated business Pearl Continental Hotels have been awarded The Brand of the Year Award 2006-
2007. On behalf of Pearl Continental Hotels, Mr. Murtaza Hashwani, CEO,
environment are key to attracting new business, Hashoo Group is receiving award from Mr. Shaukat Aziz, Prime Minister of
Pakistan. Mr. Nouraiz Shakoor and Mr. Humayun Akhtar are also present.
growing the economy and improving Pakistan's
rime Minister Shaukat Aziz gave Limited, Callmate Telips Telecom

P away brand awards to 100 entre-

preneurs, in brand of the year
award ceremony, who excelled in
their respective fields to help
Pakistan expedite the process of
economic growth.
'Brands of the year' awards are introduced
to identify the most in-demand and credible
Limited, Dollar East Exchange
Company (Pvt) Ltd, Hamdard
Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan, MCR
(Pvt) Limited, Vectracom (Pvt)
Limited, Winson Pvt Limited, Avari
Hotels Limited, Pakistan Cables
Limited, English Biscuit
Manufacturers(Pvt) Limited, Mehran
brands of the country. The ideology behind the Spice and Food Industries, Bank
event was to bring the most valued brands Alfalah Limited -Credit Card, Al- Nouman-ul-Haq, Country Manager Marketing, Sony Ericsson receiving Brand of
into the limelight by acknowledging their con- Nazeer Group of Industries, the year award from Shaukat Aziz, Prime Minister of Pakistan
tributions in their
respective areas of
Addressing the cere-
mony, Mr. Aziz said that
branding of products
was important for any
business to get a rea-
sonable share in
domestic market,
besides improving
Pakistan's image in the
international market.
He said the entrepre- Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz distributes shields among the winner of Brands Award Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz distributes shields among the winner of Brands Award
of the Year 2006-07 in a ceremony. of the Year 2006-07 in a ceremony.
neurs should follow as
model to those who
excelled in different
fields and made their
products' brand a sym-
bol of identity of their
trade. He said the gov-
ernment would provide
all possible facilities to
growing businessmen
who keep branding of
their products.
The award winners
included Guard Filter of
Guard Group Lahore, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz distributes shields among the winner of Brands Award Marketing Head of Pepsi Cola International (PCI) Pakistan, Mariam Khan receiving
Nestle Pakistan Limited, of the Year 2006-07 in a ceremony. the Brands of the Year National Award from Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

Procter & Gamble, Total Parco Pakistan Ltd, Mustafa Enterprise, TCS (Pvt)
Warid Telecom, Pakistan Services Limited, Limited, Cadbury Pakistan Limited, General Pakistan Limited, Sayyed Engineering (Pvt)
Pepsi Cola International, Colgate Palmolive Fan Company (Pvt) Limited, Sony Ericsson Ltd, Golden Harvest Foods (Pvt) Limited, Tariq
Pakistan Limited, EFU General Insurance Pakistan, Habib Oil Mills, Gillett Pakistan Glass Industries Limited, Young's (Pvt)
Limited, Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co Limited, Colgate Palmolive Pakistan Limited, Limited, Pakistan Cables Limited, KH Fama
Shan Food Industries, K&N's Foods (Pvt) and Textile Processing (Pvt) Limited, Ashrafi
"With the country having 160 million Limited, Shield Corporation Limited, Agro Food Industries, Trakker Direct Insurance
Limited, Premier Industries, Pakistan
hard-working people - out of which Processors and Atmospheric Gases(Pvt)
Limited, Zulfiqar Industries Limited, Bata Accumulators, Sumbul Ahmad Ltd, Canon
100 million are below 25 years of age Pakistan Limited, Airblue, Trakker Pvt Limited, Traders (Pvt) Limited, Haseen Habib Corp
Irfan Noman Bernas Pvt Limited, DHL (Pvt) Limited, Nayyer Industries (Pvt) Limited,
- its geo-strategic location at the Pakistan (Pvt) Limited, Lucky Cement Limited, Johan (Pvt) Limited, Canon Foam Industries
(Pvt) Limited, Pelikan Industries, Shafi Sons
crossroads of various important United Mobile, Pioneer Cement Limited,
Gerry's Travel, Karwan Al Madina, Atlas Engineering (Pvt) Limited, TAQ Enterprises
regions, huge economic and invest- Travels, Berger Paints Pakistan Limited, Hanif Cargo Services(Pvt) Limited, United Textile
Rajput Caterers, Tessori-The Art of Jewellery, Mills, United Marine Agencies (Pvt) Limited,
ment potential and low cost of doing Chaudhary Engineering Company, Metalex Roshan Enterprises, Raaziq International
(Pvt) Limited, Homeopathic Stores and
business, the government is trying to Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, Mehran Bottlers (Pvt)
Ltd, National Foods, Cyber Internet Service Hospital, Qasim Freight Int'l (Pvt) Master
Glass Fiber, Saco Traders (Pvt)Limited and
create Pakistan as a brand in the (Pvt) Limited, Master Enterprises (Pvt) IKO Bearing. 
Limited, Shield Corporation Limited, Premier
36 world," said Shaukat Aziz, Industries, Tripple EM (Pvt) Limited, Noon
IT Flare Report

With voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology on the rise in corporate enterprises as a cost-

reduction strategy, the next natural step is to consider deploying voice-over-wireless
LANs (VoWLAN) to further reduce costs while increasing mobility and convenience
for users. Unfortunately, as many network engineers and administrators have experi-
enced, increased user base and data traffic over converged wireless voice/data/video
networks have resulted in a host of service quality issues; here we will look into pos-
sibilities for voice over a wireless network

hankfully, a WLAN maximum data rate. When the

T Edge Architecture
called 'channel
blanket' technolo-
gy makes it possi-
ble for organiza-
tions to realize the cost and pro-
ductivity benefits of VoWLAN
while overcoming performance
challenges. A different kind of
connection is eventually made (at
a slower speed), other users are
forced to connect at a slower
speed as well due to the amount
of time required for the edge user
to transmit its data packets.
Mixed-mode users-those access-
ing the system through various
kinds of wireless devices (IEEE
topology the channel blanket 802.11a/b/g) - can create similar
infrastructure is fundamentally delays, since these devices con-
different from that of conven- nect at different speeds.
tional wireless networks. Roaming latency between
Cell-based wireless systems Aps: As users move from cell to
require comprehensive RF cell, traditional cell planning can-
(radio frequency) cell planning not provide continuous coverage
to avoid co-channel interfer- at the maximum data rate
ence. With the Layer-2 Edge because of the limited number of
Architecture of the channel channels available. Limited over-
blanket, every radio channel can be used lap between cells frequently results in 'black
everywhere, at every access point (AP), there-
Channel blanket architecture is holes' at or near the point of handoff, resulting
by creating blankets of continuous wireless designed specifically to over- in dropped calls and areas of poor or no cover-
coverage with no roaming latency or co-chan- age.
nel interference problems. Most wireless net- come VoWLAN performance Low capacity, reduced call capability:
work problems stem from their physical cell- thieves and provide a high-per- Adequate capacity in enterprise networks is
based architecture in which each user con- paramount in determining the number of con-
nects to an AP, with each AP serving a cell. In formance, scalable mobile infra- current calls or transmissions that can be sup-
voice applications, this can result in the repeat- ported. In conventional cell-based architec-
ed occurrence of 'performance thieves' that
structure equally capable of tures, maintaining adequate capacity can still
can have a negative impact on overall system transmitting voice and data be a problem during peak calling times.
quality and reliability. The problems include: Power consumption requirements:
Co-channel interference: This signal packets Mobile telephones must be light and portable,
transmission problem occurs when two APs which limits the size, power and lifetime of the
are operating on the same channel and battery that can be used. To extend battery life
Edge-user and mixed-mode problems:
attempt to transmit at the same time. Similar to and get maximum data rates during active
An edge user in a cell-based topology is some-
crosstalk in the wired world, this slows down calls, mobile phone users should be as close
one too far away from the AP to connect at the
the network because each AP as possible to the controlling AP.
must wait before trying again This requirement, coupled with
to transmit. rapid power consumption,
Excessive latency and jit- defeats the goal of 'unlimited
ter: Data transmissions, such mobility'.
as file transfers and e-mail, are Network security: Security in
less sensitive to latency, so a wireless networking systems
slight delay is normally accept- continues to be a major concern.
able. However, voice transmis- Wired Equivalence Privacy
sion is expected to occur in (WEP)-the original security proto-
real time, and latency of even col for 802.11 wireless networks-
tens of milliseconds is unac- is now considered flawed by the
ceptable. The same applies to industry. IEEE 802.11i introduced
sensitivity to jitter - random newer security standards for
variations in latency that mani- WLANs. The interim Wi-Fi
fest as audible clicks, unex- Protect Access (WPA) includes
plained pauses or interrupted temporary key encryption, mes-
speech. The overhead of sage integrity checks and strong
roaming, security mechanisms, authentication, thereby resolving
retransmissions and data/voice some of WEP's security prob-
convergence all contribute to lems. However, WPA introduces
latency and jitter in cell-based additional latency at each AP
handoff because of these additional functionality. With all software and pro-
security measures, effectively disrupting cessing intelligence built into the switches,
voice service. the thin APs require neither configuration
nor programming with IP or MAC address-
How blanket design eliminates these es. These simple yet sophisticated AP
problems devices can also be powered by standard
Channel blanket architecture was PoE (802.3af PoE) provided by the wire-
designed specifically to overcome less LAN switch. Additional APs can be
VoWLAN performance thieves and pro- added at any time to expand the wireless
vide a high-performance, scalable LAN to virtually any size.
mobile infrastructure equally capable of 3) Control and security software pro-
transmitting voice and data packets. vides the brains of the wireless switches,
One of the best overall indicators of controlling all client associations and pro-
wireless network performance is the viding a bulletproof suite of standards-
total bandwidth (connection rate) of based security choices. In selecting a
which a network is capable. Greater wireless solution, look for software that
signal strength everywhere translates supports WPA2, the latest security proto-
into guaranteed connections, enabling col based on IEEE 802.11i for authentica-
the potential for more users, faster data tion and encryption. WPA2 is designed to
streams or both. secure all APs and eliminate the risk of an
Channel blanket technology is able AP security breach. Multiple-radio APs
to deliver consistently greater signal strength ence nor client bunching exist to strain capaci- provide the ability to configure a dedicated
across the network with no co-channel inter- ty. security blanket for rogue access point detec-
ference or latency problems. A look at some of High throughput is achieved even when tion.
the structural differences between convention- cell traffic is high, and full compliance with Another feature to look for in a wireless
al cell-based WLAN architectures and channel IEEE 802.11a/b/g protocol and security stan- solution is 'spectrum re-use'. This capability-
blanket architecture helps explain these dards is maintained. As the network grows, built into the wireless switch-can boost band-
improvements. any number of APs can be added, as densely width even further by allowing multiple, simul-
In conventional WLANs, each AP consti- as needed, to provide the required data rate. taneous use of the same channel. It allows the
tutes a cell, and each AP is assigned a chan- intelligent switch to look at the time differential
nel. To minimize interference between cells, The clear choice for VoWLAN between all users and all APs-in real time-to
the APs are distributed throughout the site VoWLAN deployments must meet special determine whether there is an opportunity to
service area according to a detailed-and requirements if they are to deliver the quality re-use a channel. If so, the channel blanket is
expensive- RF site survey plan created before of service, convenience and mobility expected dynamically subdivided to provide multiple
installation. The rigid cell-based architecture from a telephone system network. Complete simultaneous links, thereby increasing network
forces voice and data users to compete for the coverage and seamless mobility, without serv- capacity without causing co-channel interfer-
same wireless resources, so even after the ice interruptions, must be assured. Capacity ence.
cell-based network is up and running, signal (bandwidth) must be sufficient to handle voice,
transmission problems may persist. As the data and multimedia transmissions, even The benefits of successful deployment
organization grows, additional RF planning under peak loads... and security must be bul- In effect, channel blanket VoWLAN archi-
expense may be required. letproof. Channel blanket Edge Architecture tecture provides a 'system-in-a-box' that is
Channel blanket technology eliminates RF offers simplicity of implementation and opera- capable of providing ubiquitous, reliable and
planning and expense by eliminating individual tion by eliminating contention between APs, secure mobile telephony and wireless data
cells-the very foundation of conventional but relies on three key components: transmissions for an unlimited number of
WLANs. In this topology, each AP shares the 1) Wireless LAN switches: Layer-2 users, wireless devices and applications- all
same MAC address and operates on the devices that control all aspects of cell traffic for an extremely reasonable total cost of own-
same channel, with the wireless switch in con- and user access can be Power-over-Ethernet ership. Channel blanket technology has been
trol of all packet routing decisions. This allows (PoE) -enabled to eliminate the need for a thoroughly tested and, when deployed proper-
the APs' coverage to be aggregated, creating midspan/endspan device. High-quality, multi- ly, is in full compliance with IEEE 802.11a/b/g
'blankets' of coverage. The 'thin' AP used in port wireless switches are the key to system protocol and standards. Currently, this wire-
channel blanket WLANs is simply a performance and reliability for all users, less solution is offered by only a handful of
radio/antenna gateway-a conduit between the regardless of the number of users or volume vendors, but acceptance is bound to grow as
user and the switch. With the switch complete- of data packets being transmitted. Multiple the technology's unique operating principle
ly in control, making decisions on a packet-by- switches can be daisy-chained together in a and performance benefits become better
packet basis, there is no contention between Master/Slave configuration for scalability. known across the industry. 
APs. As a result, neither co-channel interfer- 2) Thin APs are the key to plug-and-play

Blazing Solar Racing Cars

The world's most environment friendly car race has set off on an epic 1,864-mile course -
fuelled only by the sun. A contingent of 38 solar-powered vehicles will spend around four
days traveling the length of Australia from Darwin in the north to the southern port city of
Adelaide at speeds of more than 60 miles per hour.
The racers, from 17 countries around the world, were warned they were likely to
encounter gusting desert winds, blazing temperatures, irate truck drivers and even kanga-
roos as they battle to win the biennial event.
Thousands of onlookers crowded the streets to cheer on the cars at the start of the bien-
nial World Solar Challenge.
Drivers and crew are required to camp out where they end up each night - for obvious
reasons; the challenge takes place only during daylight hours.
The only rule over the mostly straight course through Australia's "red centre", in tempera-
tures that can exceed 50 degrees centigrade, is that the custom-built vehicles run on nothing
but the sun.
All competitors are looking to beat the impressive three-times winner Nuon Solar team
from Holland who hold the race record of 29 hours and 11 minutes.
Event director Chris Selwood says the teams, including an English and Welsh entrant,
have some hard days ahead of them.
He said that the unique nature of the event is that wherever a team gets to at 5pm, that's
where they make camp, so a number of these teams will be camped in the bush over the
coming days.
"They'll go through pain and anguish and a lot of suffering I'm sure." 39
In Picture

A guest, left, and a worker, right, talks at the new building of Nokia's flagship store after its
opening ceremony in Shanghai, China. World's largest mobile phone maker reported a near-
doubling of its third-quarter earnings and a larger share of the global handset market last week
as it benefited from strong sales in areas like India and China.

A Chinese woman uses a mobile phone in Shanghai. China Mobile, the

country's largest mobile network operator, hopes to roll out third generation
(3G) mobile services before the end of the year but repeated delays has
sparked speculation that its home-grown standard is not yet up to snuff.

South Korea's electronics giant Samsung Electronics displays a prototype model of ultra slim
40-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) television in thickness of 10mm at a flat panel display trade
show in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. The 10mm LCD display has 1080p full high-defini-
tion quality and has LED backlighting for low power consumption.

Japanese tire giant Bridgestone employee displays an A3 sized electronic paper

display "Quick Response Liquid Powder Display" (QR-LPD), which has 4,096-
color and is flexible like a film in thickness of 0.29mm at a flat panel display
trade show in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. A4 sized materials were
already provided for electronic makers as a low power consumption display.
Pedestrians pass by logos of LG Electronics Inc. on a street in Seoul. LG Electronics Inc., a
major producer of mobile phones and consumer electronics said, that third-quarter net profit
surged nearly 15-fold amid record handset sales and better performance by its flat panel
joint venture LG.Philips LCD Co.

Founder and Chief Executive of Jaman, Ghaurav Dhillon. US website Jaman

is betting on the world's appetite for independent films made by budding
artists without any help from major movie studios. Entertainment industry
giants are investing in ways to deliver blockbuster films via the Internet.
YouTube is a treasure trove of amateur video snippets. Jaman is an online
art house for independent film makers and the people who love them.
"There is definitely a revolution taking place on the Internet in regard to rich
media," Jaman founder Ghaurav Dhillon told during a recent interview in the
firm's headquarters in San Mateo, California.

Broadcasting Shahid Zahid

The pace of change in TV broadcasting is

picking up dramatically. CRTs have been
relegated to an insignificant corner by
flat-panel TV sets. There is a HDTV
uprising. Moreover, the whole world is
buzzing with thrusts into Internet
Protocol Television (IPTV), mobile video
and a renewed resurgence of Video-on-
Demand (VoD). The free-fall in hard-
disk storage costs has sprouted an entire
industry of Digital Video Recorder
(DVR) based devices. This is what has
happened, but lets peek into the future
of broadcasting technologies and possi-
ble combinations in the coming years

UN rejoiced “World TV Day” on

21st, November
he pace of change in TV broad- nated with VoD. VoD allows you to choose entire video library on-demand anytime you

T casting is picking up dramatically.

Two years a go, most TV sets
were Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
based; today, CRTs have been
relegated to an insignificant cor-
ner by flat-panel TV sets. There is a High
Definition Television (HDTV) uprising every-
where and the whole broadcast world is
buzzing with thrusts into Internet Protocol
what to watch when you want it. Cable opera-
tors have been experimenting with VoD for a
long time. It seems like a good idea - and it is -
to be able to access the cable broadcaster's
want to.
However, scalability issues hinder real-
world implementations. VoD servers are just
not designed to serve hundreds of thousands
or millions of viewers simulta-
neously. The cable that feeds
content into viewers' homes
will also suffer congestion if
too many people try to use
Television (IPTV), mobile video and a renewed the VoD service.
resurgence of Video-on-Demand (VoD). The The problem is that Cable
free-fall in hard-disk storage costs has sprout- TV is a shared medium and,
ed an entire industry of Digital Video Recorder in a VoD scenario, each pro-
(DVR) based devices. gramme requested by a sub-
Many of these innovations seem to pull in scriber takes up dedicated
contradictory directions, as seen in High bandwidth on that cable. It
Definition (HD) with more pixels and mobile does not matter if 10 people
video on phones with their tiny screens. It is all request the same pro-
hard to make sense of this increasingly busy gramme at the same time, the
space that is called broadcasting. However, cable headend still needs to
through newspapers and technical journals stream 10 programme feeds
people are beginning to see a pattern emerg- down the cable. For these
ing. This article will begin the journey with the reasons, past VoD attempts
emergence of the DVR in our living rooms. The PBS Digital Video Recorder was designed with a user friendly interface have been self limiting and
The DVR is the most often marketed as a (GUI) enabling business owners to start using the system within have faced significant techno-
minutes of installation
DVD recorder with hard disk. A hard disk- logical challenges when trying
equipped Set Top Box (STB) is also a DVR. to scale to mass audiences.
What ever it is called, the DVR has the capa- Video Podcasting, or something However, broadcasters are still hopeful
bility of recording and playing back video con- quite similar is what analysts about VoD. Telecom companies have spear-
tent - very much like a Video Home System headed recent VoD attempts; and, at least on
(VHS) recorder/player. However, a DVR with a believe will form the new broad- paper, they have a way of overcoming the
250GB hard disk has a key advantage over bandwidth bottleneck. These Telcos are mak-
the VHS. You could programme it to record not
casting paradigm ing use of dedicated bandwidth connections
one but four of your favorite provided with the data broad-
one-hour weekly TV serials, band service they offer. This
and then go on holiday for technology - delivering TV pro-
almost a year and return to grammes over a data broad-
find all the episodes perfectly band connection - is known as
recorded. That is a lot of con- IPTV. It is called IPTV because
tent! the most popular way of con-
DVRs in the form of DVD verting or formatting a TV pro-
recorders equipped with hard gramme for delivery over a
disks may be used to record data broadband connection is
programmes off a terrestrial by using the Internet Protocol
or cable-TV service. (IP).
However, this limits you to The other scalability issue
scheduled TV services and with VoD is with its server itself
requires the user to pro- at the headend. This issue is
gramme the DVR to make not a technical limitation rather,
the recording in the first more related with the cost. A
place. This step can be elimi- VoD server facility can theoreti-
cally be scaled to any size by just adding the original Napster. But with the advent of download off the Internet. HD-capable STB's
more servers but, in reality, the cost and com- Digital Rights Management (DRM), this issue may then be programmed to search for and
plexity of managing too many servers grow has largely been addressed. It does not mat- download the HD version of the content where
exponentially. Thus, the bottom line for VoD is ter how the user gets the encrypted content. available. Upgraders motivated by the avail-
that while IPTV technology may enable mass- DRM encrypts the content so that it will not be ability of HD programming will buy HD-capa-
deployment of VoD, there are still significant playable unless the user acquires (that is, ble STBs and large HD-compatible flat-panel
cost and logistics issues to be considered. pays for) a key to unlock the content. TVs spurring further adoption. Video Podcast
Is there any better alternative to VoD? Tomorrow, you might just be able to pick up at need not be limited to wired networks. Telcos
Analysts believe an answer may soon be com- no cost an encrypted DVD of the latest movie have paid a lot of money acquiring 3G band-
ing to your STB. The technology is so new hit. Place this encrypted DVD into your DRM- width but are still searching for a "killer appli-
that analysts have not yet cation" to recoup their invest-
come across a standardized ment. Programme providers
term to describe it. For now, may also encode a small ver-
they will call it "Video sion of their content and offer
Podcasting". Regular it for download to mobile
Podcasting is a service that device such as smart-phones
allows you to download audio or wireless enabled Personal
content on "Radio" channels Digital Assistants (PDAs).
that people in developed world Video Podcasting is a
have subscribed to and have win-win business proposition
that content transferred from all-round. Content owners
their PC onto an MP4 player will enjoy a low-cost means
like Apple's iPod. Video of distributing their content.
Podcasting is similar in that it Think of Video Podcasting
allows you to subscribe to like the free Skype Internet
"TV" channels and have the Telephony service, except
content downloaded to a digi- instead of carrying voice it
tal video player or (STB). carries video content. Telcos
These radio and TV channels get to focus on what they do
are regular radio or TV broad- best - selling the bandwidth
casters but they also offer required of these services to
their content over the Internet. end-users - and not having to
Analysts believe Video worry about running a broad-
Podcasting will be a key com- cast service. Equipment
ponent in our future TV-view- manufacturers get to sell
ing experience. Video more Video Podcast-enabled
Podcasting will allow anyone STBs, HD flat-panel displays,
from big businesses or estab- smartphones or wireless-
lished broadcasters to entre- enabled PDAs. Value-added
preneurial start-ups or home- service providers can sell
video producers-to offer their services that take care of
content to the masses just like pre-selecting the content you
YouTube. wish to watch and handling
Why do analysts and the payment for paid content
researchers think Video downloads. Advertisers can
Podcasting will be significant? work with Video Podcast por-
Video Podcasting is easy on tals to provide users with free
the content-delivery network in advertising-supplemented
that it does not require dedi- content.
cated bandwidth. Content can Video Podcast downloads
be trickle-fed to your STB HDTV occur in the background. As
when the network is congest- long as the device (be it an
ed and the floodgates can be opened within enabled STB, pay for the license key and STB or a smart-phone) is switched on and
the network is idle. Contrast this with stream- enjoy! connected to the network, it can proceed to
ing VoD, which needs dedicated bandwidth. However, if your STB is already connected download Video Podcasts. The user can be
With insufficient bandwidth, VoD users will end to a broadband service, you may not even notified when a download is complete or the
up with choppy video, plagued with starts and have to pick up the DVD; you may find that device's content menu can be programmed to
stops. the content has already been pushed or pre- show only completed downloads. Best of all,
If a popular item of content is particularly loaded into your STB! Purchase the key and there is no waiting for the content to start play-
sought after, there are distribution mecha- proceed to play back the content. You can ing. Video Podcast gives the illusion of a VoD
nisms that can take advantage of this. No sin- avoid Video Podcast "junk mail" because RSS service but it is a very good illusion at that.
gle server today will be able to accommodate technology allows your STB to filter and down- End-users choose what they want to watch
tens of millions of simultaneous downloads. load only the content you are interested in. and get to watch it when they want to.
However, a distributed collection of servers For example, you may have subscribed to a To summaries, Video Podcasting or some-
will be up to this task. This is especially true if "1970s TV channel" but are only interested in thing quite similar, is what analysts believe will
each of your downloaders will also act as your watching "Uncle Urfi" and not the "Shehzori" form the new broadcasting paradigm.
content server to help you further distribute or any other 1970s TV series. In this situation, Consider Figure 1, which illustrates what could
your content. use the STB's remote control to select only be the next-generation TV ecosystem. There
This peer-to-peer technology exists today; "Uncle Urfi" from the "1970s TV channel" fold- is a share of the revenue pie for existing play-
an example being the OpenSource bit torrent er and leave the other programmes unselect- ers and yet the very openness of the system
computer program. This is a big advantage ed. From then on, only "Uncle Urfi" episodes threatens change and spurs growth.
over traditional VoD delivery, which requires will be forwarded to your STB's DVR hard Researchers and analysts have also tabled
the service provider to add and manage costly disk. the key innovations, which they believe are
VoD servers as the service grows in populari- Video Podcast make business sense by central to ushering in the new TV. In drawing
ty. Content owners can continue to make allowing programme providers and equipment up the table, they have used a "What's in it for
money through Video Podcasting. Their rev- manufacturers to milk hard-to-get-at niche me?" approach. The question for you to
enue stream remains protected even with markets. answer is: which space would you want to be
peer-to-peer delivery mechanisms. A major HDTV is a fast-growing niche that may one in tomorrow?. 
worry of content owners is that their content day become mainstream. Programme
will be pirated and they will not receive their providers can just as easily encode a HD ver- The writer is a TV Broadcast & Satellite
due compensation. This was certainly the sion, in addition to the Standard Definition Communication Engineer with a National
case with the early peer-to-peer networks like (SD) version of their content, and offer it for Broadcaster of Pakistan, ATV
In Picture Flare Reprt

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba president Atsutoshi Nishida speaking before the press in
Tokyo. Toshiba jump of almost 18 percent in first-half net profits and raised its full-year fore-
casts as it enjoys brisk sales of computers, memory chips and other goods.

Toyota Motor's concept car "i-REAL"

Toyota Motor's concept car "i-REAL" during a pre-event for the upcoming Tokyo
Motor Show in Tokyo. The one-seat electric vehicle runs at a maximum speed of
30 kph in high-speed mode and moves slowly among pedestrians at similar eye-
sight in low-speed mode.

Indian actress Tara Sharma (L) and Head of Operations of North Vodafone Essar Sanjoy
Mukherjee (R) pose with the logo of Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon during a press conference
in New Delhi.

Models display Japanese electronics giant Matsushita electric Industrial's lat-

est mobile handset "P905i", equipped with a 3-inch wide VGA LCD display
and a 5.1-mega pixel CMOS camera, which can display digital broadcasting
on the various angled display in Tokyo. Matsushita will put it on the market at
the end of this month.

"Junior", Volkswagen Passat Station wagon diesel, heavily modi-

fied and robotized by a team of Stanford University, begins the
second stage of the DARPA urban challenge in Victorville,
California. Prototype robot cars of the future faced off under the
gaze of Pentagon officials keen to see if machines rather than
troops might one day be able to drive in urban war zones. This
weekend's competition organised by the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon's research arm,
will see 11 teams descend on a former US Air Force base in A pedestrian walks past advertising in Hong Kong. Chinese business to business
Victorville, situated in the desert northeast of Los Angeles. website says it aims to raise 11.6 billion Hong Kong dollars (1.5 billion USD) in what
it called the largest Internet IPO since Google.
Cover Story Zubair Ahmed Kasuri

The recent demonstration of information

flow over ITC (Internet and Telecom) was an
evidence of the power, influence and the
reach these mediums possess. While plan-
ning the cut down of TV channels and
restraining the people from news updates,
think tanks may not had anticipated the role,
that cellular phones and Internet could play
in absence of electronic media. Instead of
information blockage, this action has result-
ed into another sad episode in our history
Cover Story
he dynamism of telecommunica- protest via text messages. Workers of differ- the current ruling. However, the capacity that

T tion market is widely attributed to

rapid technological development
taking place over the time and it
is the result of an increasingly
liberal and conducive environ-
ment. Over the past decade, a large number
of world economies have also embarked on
reform paths and witnessed significant expan-
sion of their telecommunication networks and
ent political parties are also active through
According to a conservative estimate,
almost every 3rd Pakistani mobile-phone user
availed the text message service, sources in
the cellular companies revealed. Despite of
information blackout on TV Channels, the
nation remained well informed about the
headlines at least; obviously, in detail
the cellular companies support for voice and
data is still a question mark; keeping an eye
on current situation, one has to come up with
a new solution for a swift and parallel flow of
information for masses.
The Internet has been a new medium of
information in Modern world and it has
emerged as new form of electronic media. If
there were no blank screens on Pakistani
striking improvements in quality of services reviews/analyses were not possible; yet the channels, it was never possible to view
and products. Telecommunication liberaliza- major news were not hidden to anyone. Pakistani TV channels on Internet.
tion is relatively new concept in After Geo TV and ARY started
Pakistan; however it was, for the first streaming live transmissions on their
time, effectually utilized in the recent sites, those are,, and
weeks after November 3, 2007. Government's ban on TV channels many online
After the imposition of emergency in blogs, web portals, news sites and other
Pakistan, media was under curb; hence resulted in enormous increase of personal web pages linked Pakistani
telecom sector emerged as a new medi- channels' live stream to their home
um for sharing information in the coun-
SMS traffic, as lawyers, journal- pages.
try. Mobile phone, Internet and satellite
dishes became the main sources of
ists, members of civil society, More than seventy thousands broad-
band users and over five million dial-up
news and updates for people in common citizens, even govern- users, only in Pakistan, are fulfilling their
Pakistan and for those concerned with information requirements through this
Pakistan, worldwide. ment employees used SMS to source as well. On the other hand, news
While planning the cut down of TV archive available on is
channels and restraining the people inform each other of the latest attracting millions of overseas
from news updates, think tanks may not Pakistanis and users from Pakistan as
had anticipated the role that cellular updates as well as to share infor- well.
phones could play in absence of elec- On the social networking site
tronic media.
mation regarding future planning Facebook, over 5000 people have
The role, which mobile phones
played, could be judged by the rumor
and events joined a group titled "We Oppose
Emergency in Pakistan." The group's
about President homepage hosts links to online peti-
Musharraf on very tions, up-to-date news reports, video clips that
first day of emer- broadcast messages by detained lawyers and
gency that reached opposition leaders such as Benazir Bhutto,
with-in and outside of Imran Khan and others.
Pakistan within min- Interestingly, teenagers who normally do
utes; uncertain situa- not get involved with or have a voice in
tion was not felt only Pakistan's public sphere are generating much
in the political cor- of the discussion on various blogs and social
ners, but the stocks community sites. Barely a day after emer-
observed worst gency rule was declared, a Wikipedia page
impacts. Situation titled "2007 Pakistani state of emergency"
came so crucial that (
President Musharraf ate_of_emergency) was posted. The
had to himself deny Wikipedia page is being updated with tran-
the rumors. scripts of Musharraf's address to the nation,
Following day, news about protests from around the country,
authorities had to pull a compilation of official reactions from opposi-
down mobile phone tion politicians and prominent lawyers, and
services in capital, links to recent news stories.
Islamabad, as the The blogsphere is also jumping with news
sacked Chief Justice about the state of emergency. Global Voices
addressed a meeting Online set up a special "Pakistan Emergency"
of lawyers on tele- page on their website, aggregating a variety of
phone. It happened news and commentary regarding the crisis.
in the case of More importantly, bloggers based in Pakistan
Benazir Bhutto again, are frequently updating their sites with news
who addressed the public using similar means Cellular companies, who are worried about from protest sites, updates about how best to
of communication. This practice continued as their businesses in current political situation, access information and the status of cell
the Government kept blocking cellular servic- reported a record rise in the cellular traffic. phone connectivity.
es in the different nock and corners of the According to estimated statistics about 60 mil- A blogger Dr Awab Alvi's site
country at different times. lion messages are being sent each day. ( has become
We have seen notable climbs in the cellu- Officials from different cellular companies the go-to blog for many Pakistanis, especially
lar traffic earlier at many occasions including told 'Flare' that the voice traffic was also noted after it provided a minute-by-minute update.
the Eid holidays, Valentine's day, New Year as high as never before, however the ratio in An anonymous group of students, who claim
Eve, festivals and other instances. However, the SMS traffic was enormous enough to not to be opposed to "injustice and oppression",
in the current scenario, the hunger of news be beaten in the future. have also created a blog called "The
updates resulted the record rise in voice and Cellular companies also reported high-rise Emergency Times", which provides daily citi-
data traffic in Pakistan. in graph for MMS (Multi Media Messaging), zen-generated reports and regular updates on
People started keeping each other which can carry voice and video over the cell the emergency situation.
informed about the latest happenings through phone. MMS is another cost effective method Live streaming generated high amount of
SMS or calls. Due to low rates, mobile calls to share files and digital information over the bandwidth utilization. On other hands search
and messages were found too inexpensive cell phones. These MMS were normally flew engines reported record high searches for
when it is compared to the amount of informa- from overseas Pakistanis, who had access to "Geo TV" "Jang Newspaper" and other media
tion people gained. media, to their friends and families with-in sources in Pakistn.
Pakistan's text-addicted youth, since the Pakistan, and vice versa. Below graphs shows the stats obtained
declaration of emergency, has been widely Telecom analysts predict even a higher from Google Trends, which shows the tenden-
sending protest sentiments to each other. amount of voice and data traffic in coming cy of Internet users about their searches on
They were found generating a peaceful days, as the public will start reacting against Google.
Cover Story

news channels. satellite voice and data network rollout is con-

Subsequently, sale cerned.
of dish antennas Pakistan's IT sector that has already been
and digital satellite a victim of aftereffects of current political sce-
receivers increased nario will further go deep into the hills. Mr.
to manifold. Yousaf Hussain, Managing Director, Pakistan
Government could Software Export Board (PSEB), told 'Flare'
not bear with this that Pakistan's IT exports were already lacking
situation as well. At to meet its set targets for current years.
last satellite dish Internet Service Provider Association of
sellers were threat- Pakistan (ISPAK) representative told 'Flare'
ened from govern- that broadband sector would be another hit of

The Internet has been a new medium of infor-

mation in Modern world and it has emerged as
new form of electronic media. If there were no
blank screens on Pakistani channels, it was
never possible to view Pakistani TV channels
on Internet
ment officials. But it this ban. He said that their members would be
Graphs obtained from Google Trends, show the trends of Internet users regarding their
is also true that meeting shortly to decide the strategy for
searches on
these sellers are coming days. He said that association would
getting ample not silently accept this decision, as over 75
money from the percent of call centers have quitted from their
public for the sale of businesses just because of government poli-
this equipment. cies. He said they would not let Internet busi-
However, the lat- nesses to be ruined like this.
est information says On the other side, market analysts observe
that authorities the current situation as worst ever in our his-
banned the import tory. Market sources revealed that there was
of satellite television abundance of satellite equipment for meeting
equipment, placing our voice and data requirements.
a further ban on Market survey reveals that investors for
coverage of the this domain will pull their money out of the
country's raging market, results another episode of bad impact
political crisis. on our economy.
An order issued Several companies from another domain,
said satellite network infrastructure rollout, have recorded
dishes, their protest over the current situation. One of
The usage of SMS as news sharing platform can be decoders, digital official from a network company told 'Flare'
used by anti-state elements to destabilize Pakistan, satellite news- that this would not only impact the direct for-
gathering eign investment in Pakistan, but also discour-
which may harm our national interests and integrity. (DSNG), modu- age skilled professionals to return back and
Therefore, each of us must use this service sensibly lator, high-power build Pakistan in a better way.
amplifier (HPA), It must be noted that the usage of SMS as
to avoid any undesired results for our motherland; we integrated digital news sharing platform can be used by anti-
must ignore any message that may cause any conflict receiver (IRD), state elements to destabilize Pakistan, which
low noise amplifi- may harm our national interests and integrity.
for Pakistan. Furthermore, Regulatory Authorities and er (LNA), broad- Therefore, each of us must use this service
law enforcement agencies must make cellular compa- band global axis sensibly to avoid any undesired results for our
network (BGAN), motherland; we must ignore any message that
nies bound to monitor any anti-state activity carried low noise block may cause any conflict for Pakistan.
out through SMS (LNB) and cam- Furthermore, Regulatory authorities and law
era could only be enforcement agencies must make cellular
In this modern age satellite is another imported with the permission of PEMRA. companies bound to monitor any anti-state
mean of information through which we can Earlier, these machineries and equipments activity carried out through SMS. 
receive transmissions from electronic media could be imported freely in the country.
anywhere in the world. In Pakistan, after elec- Telecom and IT sector is another hit that is
tronic media blackout, people rushed to get expected to face serious problems as far as
satellite equipments to remain intact with

Nokia 6500 Classic Nokia N81 8GB

Size Size
Dimensions 109.8 x 45 x 9.5 mm, 47 cc, Weight 94g Dimensions 102 x 50 x 17.9 mm, 86 cc, Weight 140g
Display Display
Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches, Navi wheel interface
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 Type Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, True Tones, MP3s,
Memory Memory
1 GB internal user memory Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall, 8 GB internal
Data flash memory
GPRS Class 32, 53.6 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 32, 296 / 177.6 kbits Data
3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, microUSB GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Yes
Features 3G Yes, 384 kbps, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g with UPnP, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video(QCIF), flash, Seamless case of A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0 microUSB
anodized aluminum, Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/AAC+ player, T9, Calendar Features
Calculator, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo OS Symbian OS 9.2, Series 60 v3.1 UI, Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels,
Battery video(VGA 15fps), flash; secondary CIF videocall camera, Java MIDP 2.0
Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 5h 30 min MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player, Rotating gallery with Navi wheel, Stereo FM Radio,
T9, Push to talk, Voice dial/memo, PIM including calendar, to-do list
Crafted with an anodized aluminum case, the Nokia 6500 Classic 3.5 mm audio output jack, Built-in handsfree
measures just a 9.5 mm thin. Each 6500 Classic is individually polished, Battery
ensuring no two phones are exactly alike. Diamond polishing used on the Stand-by Up to 410h, Talk time Up to 4h
beveled display aperture and cold stamped logo demonstrate the highest
levels of craftsmanship. A full 1 GB of internal memory means that the 6500 The Nokia N81 8GB features up to eight gigabytes of built-in memory,
Classic has capacity for more pictures, videos, contacts, songs, messages used for a true mobile entertainment experience. The N81 8GB is configured
and other content than the vast majority of other mid-tier mobile phones. to find, buy, manage and play music and games purchased from the Nokia
Music Store and N-Gage games service.
Design: 8.0 Design: 7.8
Features: 7.6 Features: 7.7
Performance: 7.6 Performance: 7.7

Nokia 3500 Classic

Dimensions 107 x 45 x 13.1 mm, 59 cc, Weight 81g
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 8.5 MB user memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class
10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, USB Yes, miniUSB
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging, Camera 2 MP, 600x1200
pixels, video, Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/MP4/AAC/AAC+ player, Stereo FM radio
T9, Calendar, Calculator, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo
Stand-by Up to 280h, Talk time Up to 3h

The sleek Nokia 3500 Classic will be available in eye-catching keymat

split line coloring. The metal frame around the phone accentuates design
and offers protection as well. The 3500 Classic comes with an FM radio,
2.0-megapixel camera, instant messaging and space for 2,000 phone con-
tacts. It offers up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 12 days of standby time.

Design: 7.2
Features: 6.9
Performance: 7.3
Models show off NTT DoCoMo's new 905i series mobile phones, (L-R) SH905iTV, F905i,
N905i, N905i, N905i"mu", SH905i, SO905iCS, SO905i, D905i, P905i and P905iTV, during
their press preview in Tokyo.

Nokia 6500 Slide Samsung G800

Size Size
Dimensions 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm, Weight 125g Dimensions 101 x 51.1 x 18.8 mm, Weight 134g
Display Display
Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Memory Memory
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 20 MB user free internal memory Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 160 MB internal memory,
Data Data
GPRS Class 11, 53.6 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, microUSB 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps, Bluetooth Yes v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
Features Features
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Camera 5 MP, 2592?1944 pixels, autofocus,
video(VGA 15fps), flash; secondary QCIF videocall camera, Stainless steel video, xenon flash, 3x optical zoom, Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/AAC+/e-
case, FM radio with RDS, Java MIDP 2.0, Push to talk, MP3/AAC/AAC+ AAC+/WMA player, Stereo FM radio, Face Detection, T9, Bluetooth printing
player, T9, Calendar, Calculator, TV out, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo Document viewer (Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF), Built-in handsfree
Battery Voice memo, TV out
Stand-by Up to 310h, Talk time Up to 6h
G800 features a 5 megapixel camera, 2.4 inch QVGA display, Bluetooth,
Featuring an 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and the Xenon flash, expandable memory via microSDHC, and Triband GSM with
ability to easily share pictures, videos and even video calls on a television, HSDPA -- who could forget such a device? A complete mobile solution, but no
the Nokia 6500 Slide brings imaging and sharing to the mid-range market. information is there about the availability or the pricing of this phone
Additionally, the 6500 Slide delivers a tactile experience with its brushed
stainless steel finish and smooth slide mechanism. Design: 8.1
Features: 8.0
Design: 8.0 Performance: 8.0
Features: 7.8
Performance: 7.8


Samsung D880 Duos Samsung F330

Size Size
Dimensions 104 x 51 x 18.9 mm, Dimensions 103 x 48 x 12.8 mm
Display Display
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.3 inches Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic, MP3 Type Polyphonic, MP3
Memory Memory
Card slot microSD (TransFlash) Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 20 MB embedded memory
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Yes, Bluetooth GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, 3G HSDPA, 3.6
Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0 Mbps, Bluetooth
Features Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video, flash, Dual SIM Features
Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC+/MPEG4 player, FM radio, Business card read- Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, autofocus, video; secondary video-
er application, Document viewer, Voice memo, Built-in handsfree call camera Java MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/eACC/WMA player, FM radio
TV out with RDS, T9, Picture editing, Organizer, Built-in handsfree

D880 DuoS, the slider phone that can simultaneously work with two The Samsung F330 slider seems like a strong phone with only
SIM cards. Aside from two SIM slots, the D880 DuoS also boasts 2.3? 20MB of integrated memory supported by the microSD card slot.
QVGA screen, 3MP camera with autofocus, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth 2MP camera, 2.1 inch 240 x 320 pixel, 262K color screen, tri band
(A2DP), high-capacity battery (1200 mAh), microSD expansion slot, as well GSM, EDGE and HSDPA network options and connectivity via blue-
as such preinstalled software as music player and business card reader. tooth and USB are also available.

Design: 8.2
Features: 8.3
Performance: 8.1

Samsung Armani
Dimensions 87.5 x 54.5 x 10.5 mm, Weight 85g
Type TFT touchscreen, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels,
2.6 inches
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 60 MB embedded memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Yes
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games 2 + downloadable, Colors Silver, Camera
3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, video(CIF), Java MIDP 2.0
MP3/ACC/ACC+ player, Document viewer (.pdf, .doc, .ppt,
.xls), Organizer, Voice memo,
Stand-by Up to 220h, Talk time Up to 6h
A tri-band 900/1800/1900 GSM phone with 3
megapixel camera, 2.6-inch 262K color QVGA touchscreen
LCD, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support, microSD expan-
sion, full Internet browser, and support for H.263,
AAC/MP3/WMA audio and MPEG-4 video.
A visitor (L) chats with an exhibitor as she checks out a Blackberry cell phone at an exhi-
Design: 8.4
bition in Beijing. Asia's booming economic powerhouses of China and India are leading a Features: 8.2
fresh surge in mobile phone use. Performance: 8.1

Motorola W377 Motorola U9

Size Size
Dimensions 99 x 45 x 18.6 mm, 73 cc, Weight 95g Dimensions 90 x 48.6 x 16.4 mm, 57 cc, Weight 87.5g
Display Display
Type TFT, 65K colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels, 28 x 35 mm Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches
Second external mono display Second external OLED, 65K colors display (128 x 160 pixels)
Ringtones Touch sensitive music keys
Type Polyphonic, MP3 Ringtones
Memory Type Polyphonic, MP3
10 MB shared memory Memory
Data Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 25 MB internal memory
GPRS Class 8 (4+1 slots), 32 - 40 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, USB Yes, Data
miniUSB GPRS Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE
Features Class 12, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, FM radio, iTap (T9), Organizer Features
Calculator, Built-in handsfree Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, Java MIDP 2.0, Windows
Battery Media Player 11, iTap, Calendar, Voice command, Voice memo
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 7h 30 min Battery
Stand-by Up to 350h, Talk time Up to 7h
Motorola brings affordable style and feature-rich connectivity
to the world with its new Motorola cell phone, part of Motorola's The U9 promises to make music a multi-sensory experience
extensive W Series mobile phone portfolio. The value-priced and lets consumers rock out and look good, with an elegant form
Motorola W377 helps satisfy consumer's diverse needs when it factor, Stereo Bluetooth, CrystalTalk technology, external touch
comes to on-the-go professional and personal tools, with must sensitive music controls and floating, animated screensavers that
have entertainment and organization new features all packed into appear on the external display.
a stylishly slim, colorful design.
Design: 7.7
Design: 7.7 Features: 7.5
Features: 7.5 Performance: 7.5
Performance: 7.5


Motorola W160 Sony Ericsson K660

Size Size
Dimensions 114 x 43 x 14 mm, Weight 85g Dimensions 104 x 47 x 15 mm, Weight 95g
Display Display
Type Monochrome graphics, Size 128 x 128 pixels Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (32 channels) Type Polyphonic, MP3
Memory Memory
Phonebook 100 numbers, Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 256 MB card included, 32 MB shared memory
missed calls, 20 KB user memory, 60 SMS messages Data
Data GPRS Yes, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Yes, 3G HSDPA, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
USB Yes, v1.1 Infrared port No, USB Yes, v2.0
Features Features
FM radio, iTap, Currency converter, Calendar, Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video; secondary CIF videocall camera, Java
Battery MIDP 2.0, MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player, FM radio with RDS, TrackID music recogni-
Stand-by Up to 465h, Talk time Up to 9h 50 min tion, T9, Picture blogging, Picture editor, Organiser, Voice memo,
Motorola W160 mobile phone delivers all the tools to help users Stand-by Up to 330h, Talk time Up to 9h
stay connected packaged in an easy-to-use, thin B&W candybar form
factor. The affordable Motorola W160 delivers an attractive and high- The Sony Ericsson K660 is optimized for the Web with landscape browsing,
quality mobile phone, with the added benefit of crystal clear communica- dedicated shortcut keys, desktop tickers, a PC-like mouse experience when in
tions, long battery life and high quality music with a built-in FM radio. Web mode, picture & video blogging and Google™ Maps for Mobile, all benefiting
from HSPDA broadband speed. The K660 also includes a 240x320 pixel 262K
Design: 7.5 QVGA display, 2 Megapixel camera, Memory Stick Micro™ removable storage and
Features: 7.3 impressive music and video players.
Performance: 7.3
Design: 8.0
Features: 7.6
Performance: 7.7

Sony Ericsson W380

Dimensions 92 x 49 x 16 mm, Weight 100g
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels, 1.9 inches
Second external OLED mono display (128 x 36 pixels), Easy-touch music con-
trols, Wallpapers, screensavers
Type Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 512MB card included, 14 MB shared memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 10,
236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
Camera 1.3 MP, 1280x1024 pixels, video, Java MIDP 2.0, Walkman player,
TrackID music recognition, T9, FM radio with RDS, Image viewer
Picture editor, Organiser, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo
Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 7h
The W380 Walkman® phone comes complete with Media Manager PC soft-
ware that lets you easily transfer your music, photos and videos between your
computer and phone. Simply point, click and drag your music files from your com-
puter to your phone - the software automatically converts your music to the right
format. Store hours of your favourite music (up to 271 songs*) on the W380's 512
MB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) or tune in to your favorite FM radio station.
Models display Japanese electronics giant Matsushita electric Industrial's latest mobile
Design: 8.0
Features: 7.9
handset "P905i", equipped with a 3-inch wide VGA LCD display and a 5.1-mega pixel
Performance: 7.9 CMOS camera, display digital broadcasting on the various angled display in Tokyo.

Sony Ericsson W890 LG KG290

Dimensions 104 x 46.5 x 9.9 mm, Weight 78g
Dimensions 92 x 46 x 17.7 mm, Weight 90g
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches, Wallpapers, screen-
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.77 inches
Downloadable wallpapers
Type Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
Type Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3
Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 2 GB card included, 26 MB shared
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 5 MB shared memory
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, USB
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class
10, 236.8 kbps, 3G HSDPA, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared port
No, USB Yes, v2.0
Camera 1.3 MP, 1280x960 pixels, video, Java MIDP 2.0,
MP3/WMA/???++ player, FM radio, Calculator, Organiser
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, video; secondary videocall camera
World time, Voice memo, Built-in handsfree,
Java MIDP 2.0, Walkman player, TrackID music recognition, T9, FM radio
with RDS, Image viewer, Picture editor, Organiser, Built-in handsfree
Stand-by Up to 200h, Talk time Up to 2h
Voice memo
The LG KG290 comes with a 262,000 colour screen, ideal for
playing Java games, has the ability to send images and sounds.
Stand-by Up to 360h, Talk time Up to 9h 30 min
With downloadable ringtones, you are given a wide variety of
favorite songs to set as your ring tone. This mobile phone has a
The W890 Walkman phone is designed for entertainment - music,
built-in 1.3 mega pixel camera with picture and video recording, a
video, 3D games and high-speed web access - and includes the Walkman
built-in MP3 player enabling you to listen to your favourite tracks
features TrackID™ and SensMe™, a new way to browse music files using
and a built-in fm radio all with 5MB internal memory.
tempo and style.
Design: 7.6
Design: 8.0
Features: 7.7
Features: 8.1
Performance: 7.7
Performance: 8.1


Nokia 1200 Samsung X160

Rs. 2,350 Rs. 3,800
Size Size
Dimensions 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 67cc, Weight 77g Dimensions 86.6 x 44 x 19.9 mm, Weight 77g
Display Display
Type Monochrome graphics, Type UFB, 65K colors
Size Ringtones
96 x 68 pixels, 29 x 23 mm, Themes and wallpapers Type Polyphonic (16 channels)
Ringtones Memory
Type Polyphonic (32 channels) 1.2 MB shared memory
Memory Data
4 MB user memory GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Features Features
Messaging, Browser, Games, Colors, Camera Java MIDP 2.0, Calendar, To do list, Voice memo
T9, Calendar, Calculator, Currency converter Calculator, Built-in handsfree
Built-in handsfree Battery
Battery Stand-by Up to 210h, Talk time Up to 3h
Stand-by Up to 390h, Talk time Up to 7h
See a little of yourself in the calm simplicity and
The monochrome 96x68 pixel display is familiar efficient design of the SGH-X160. At 76g and under
from Nokia handsets. It's a lightweight handset at 20mm, handle it without the burden of weight or bulk,
just 77 grams, but with a very impressive battery life its sleek proportions typifying Samsung's trademark
giving up to 7 hours talktime and 16 days standby design-top of the class for clamshell design expertise.
time on a full charge.
Design: 7.6
Design: 7.3 Features: 7.5
Features: 7.2 Performance: 7.5
Performance: 7.2

Motorola W208 Sony Ericsson J110

Rs. 3,050 Rs. 2,550

Size Size
Dimensions 108 x 44 x 14.9 mm, 65 cc, Weight 78g Dimensions 99 x 44 x 17 mm, Weight 79g
Display Display
Type TFT, 65K colors Type STN, 65K colors
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic (64 channels) Type Polyphonic (16 channels)
Memory Memory
Phonebook 200 numbers Phonebook 200 entries, T9, Calculator, Reminder
Features Built-in handsfree
FM radio, iTap (T9), Organizer, Calculator, Built-in Battery
handsfree Stand-by Up to 400h, Talk time Up to 9h
Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 7h 50 min Easy to call, easy to write and send text mes-
sages. With the slim J110a, you communicate in
Motorola's W208 is available in Fire Red/Black style. Your J110i gives you quick access to friends
Slate and Silver Sail/Black Slate. The handset is less and family. The phonebook stores up to 200 num-
than 15mm thick and features a stereo FM radio, bers. Check out the phone menu. You see one single
alarm clock/stop watch, currency converter/calcula- icon on the screen. Larger text and larger icons cater
tor, 200 entry internal phone book, office quality for perfect readability.
speakerphone, zoom font, 3 pre-loaded games, and
32 channel polyphonic ring tones. Design: 7.7
Features: 7.7
Design: 7.6 Performance: 7.6
Features: 7.5
Performance: 7.5


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Nokia 2760 Sony Ericsson K220

Rs. 6,100 Rs. 4,850
Size Size
Dimensions 87 x 44.8 x 20.7 mm, Weight 81g Dimensions 103 x 46 x 16.7 mm, Weight 82g
Display Display
Type TFT, 65K colors, Second external mono Type CSTN, 65K colors, Size 128 x 128 pixels,
display (96 x 68 pixels), Screensavers, themes 1.6 inches, Wallpapers
and wallpapers Ringtones
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (32 channels), Customization
Type Polyphonic (24 channels), MP3 Download, order now, Vibration Yes
Memory Memory
10 MB user memory Phonebook 300 entries, Call records 20 received,
Data dialed and missed calls, Card slot No, 2 MB inter-
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps nal memory
EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 Data
USB Yes GPRS Class 8 (4+1 slots), 32 - 40 kbps, HSCSD
Features No, EDGE No, 3G No, WLAN No, Bluetooth No
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video(128 x 96) Infrared port Yes, USB No
FM radio, 3GPP/MPEG-4 video player, Java Features
MIDP 2.1, T9, Calendar, Calculator, Currency Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Browser WAP 1.2.1
converter, Built-in handsfree Games Yes, Colors Frost White, Ocean Blue
Battery Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video(QCIF)
Stand-by Up to 310h, Talk time Up to 6h FM radio with RDS, Slide show, Full screen view-
er, T9, Stopwatch, Timer, Built-in handsfree
Taking on a new look has never been easier Battery
with the fresh and elegant design of the Nokia Standard battery, Li-Po 900 mAh (BST-37)
2760. Stay ahead of the rest with the sophisticat- Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 8h
ed design and stylish color options. Capture
vibrant images and videos with the VGA camera With the slim and elegant K220i in your
(4x zoom) and video recorder pocket, you always have a camera at hand. Make
those commuting hours feel shorter. Turn on the
Design: 7.6 K220i's FM radio and relax - listen to news, follow
Features: 7.5 a game or just enjoy some music. Easy does it.
Performance: 7.5 That's why the K220i comes with large keys,
shortcuts and a single icon menu.

Design: 7.5
Features: 7.6
Performance: 7.5

Samsung E200 LG KG195

Rs. 7,400 Rs. 5,600
Size Size
Dimensions 108 x 45 x 9.9 mm, Weight 90g Dimensions 103.5 x 46.3 x 12.4 mm, Weight 9.9g
Display Display
Type TFT, 65K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels, 1.8 Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8
inches inches
Ringtones Memory
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 64 MB shared
Memory memory
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 30 MB internal Data
memory GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Data Bluetooth Yes, v1.2 with A2DP, USB Yes, v1.1
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps Features
EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video, FM radio
Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0 Scheduled FM recorder, MPEG4/MP3 player
Features Java, T9, Organiser, Voice memo
Camera 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video, Java Battery
MIDP 2.0, Stereo FM radio, MP3/AAC/AAC+ Stand-by Up to 300h, Talk time Up to 2 h 30 min
player, T9, Organiser, To Do list, Built-in hands-
free, Voice memo LG KG195, a low end candybar for the mass-
Battery es. It comes in all black and has a
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 3h 30 min basic/simple/boring design and is inexpensive
phone. It features a 128x160 260K color screen,
The stereo FM radio is perfect for variety, VGA CMOS camera, microSD support, FM radio,
and when you've bounced back into party mode, mini USB and only 12 mm thick
just turn on the Samsung SHG-E200's integrated
MP3 player and listen to your favourite tunes. Design: 7.8
You can also listen to your music on a plane as Features: 7.6
all the SGH-E200's applications work in offline Performance: 7.6
mode, even high above the clouds - except for
the phone, of course.

Design: 7.6
Features: 7.4
Performance: 7.4


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Motorola SLVR L9 Sony Ericsson K550

Rs. 11,600 Rs. 10,500
Size Size
Dimensions 113 x 49 x 11.5 mm, 59 cc, Weight Dimensions 102 x 46 x 14 mm, Weight 85g
96g Display
Display Type TFD, 256K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels, 1.9 inches,
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels, 1.9 inches Wallpapers, screensavers
Ringtones Ringtones
Type Polyphonic, MP3 Type Polyphonic, MP3
Memory Memory
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 20 MB internal user Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 64 MB internal memo-
memory ry
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with HSCSD Yes, EDGE Yes, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP,
A2DP, USB Yes, v1.1 miniUSB Infrared port Yes, USB Yes, v2.0
Features Features
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video(CIF) Camera 2 MP, 1632x1224 pixels, autofocus, video(QCIF),
Java MIDP 2.0, FM radio with RDS, flash, Java MIDP 2.0, FM radio with RDS,
MP3/AAC/AAC+/MPEG4 player, T9, Calendar MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
Built-in handsfree, Voice command, Voice memo TrackID music recognition, T9, Adobe Photoshop Album,
Battery Picture blogging, Organiser, Built-in handsfree, Voice
Stand-by Up to 350h, Talk time Up to 4h memo/dial
The Motorola SLVR L9 provides users with an inte- Stand-by Up to 350h, Talk time Up to 7h
grated music player, FM radio, and Motorola's new
CrystalTalk technology to hold conversations in noisy The Sony Ericsson K550 has the full range of mobile
environments. The integrated music player with stereo entertainment and business features including impressive
Bluetooth wireless technology allows users to freely enjoy music and video players, Memory Stick Micro™ remov-
music wirelessly on the go. Even when traveling, users able storage (up to 1G available), full HTML browser and
can listen to their music uninterrupted in airplane mode. RSS feed support. The K550 has a 220x176 pixel, 262K
The Motorola SLVR L9 also offers an FM radio, support- color display and supports Sony Ericsson's Java™
ing Radio Data System (RDS) for radio station information Platform 7 (JP-7) with a range of JSRs, including
- including such details as the song genre, song title, or Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234) for
radio station name - all on the handset's main screen. enhanced camera and image handling.

Design: 7.8 Design: 8.0

Features: 7.6 Features: 8.1
Performance: 7.7 Performance: 8.1

LG KG300 Nokia 5300

Rs. 6,800 Rs. 11,100

Size Size
Dimensions 100 x 46 x 17 mm, Weight 89g Dimensions 92.4 x 48.2 x 20.7 mm, 85 cc, Weight 106g
Display Display
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 31 x 42
Ringtones mm
Type Polyphonic (64 channels) Ringtones
Memory Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 60 MB shared memory Memory
Data Card slot microSD (TransFlash), hotswap
GPRS Class 8 (4+1 slots), 32 - 40 kbps 5 MB internal memory
Bluetooth Yes, v1.2 USB Yes Data
Features GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
Java MIDP 2.0, MP3 player, FM radio, T9 Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared port
Organiser, Voice memo Yes, USB Yes, miniUSB
Battery Features
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 3h Camera 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video(QCIF)
Java MIDP 2.0, Stereo FM radio,
The KG 300 from LG is packed with a 2 mega pixel MP3/SpMidi/AAC/AAC+ player, T9, Reminders
camera, 262K Colour Screen and Blue tooth. The phone Stopwatch, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo/commands
flaunts innovative and unique features such as Video Battery
Caller ID, Call Conversation Recording, Intelligent Call, Stand-by Up to 223h, Talk time Up to 3h 10 min
Inflight mode and FM Recording. A bonanza for music
lovers it has an MP3 player with graphic equalizers as Nokia 5300 XpressMusic can hold over 100
well as an FM player with recording. So, now one can albums worth of music (approximately 1500 tracks) on a
record his/her favorite FM programmes and listen to it 2 GB microSD card. Thanks to dedicated music keys,
later. consumers can control the playback of their music while
simultaneously enjoying other functions such as texting,
Design: 8.2 browsing or taking pictures. For an even better groove,
Features: 8.3 consumers can plug in their favorite headphones or
Performance: 8.2 external speakers with a 3.5 mm headset jack. The
5300 XpressMusic also comes with the latest messag-
ing functions complemented by a 1.3-megapixel cam-

Design: 8.0
Features: 7.8
Performance: 7.8


Above prices are subject to change as per market


MOTOROKR E6 Sony Ericsson W880

Rs. 21,200 Rs. 19,400
Size Size
Dimensions 111 x 51.5 x 14.5, Weight 121g Dimensions 103 x 46.5 x 9.5 mm, Weight 71g
Display Display
2.4-inch 240 x 320, 262K colors TFT external dis- Type TFT, 256K colors, Wallpapers, screensavers
play with the latest touch screen technology Ringtones
Ringtones Type Polyphonic, MP3, Customization Composer,
Type: Polyphonic MP3 download
Battery Memory
Talk Time: 300-420min, Standby Time: 190-235 hrs Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 1 GB card
Memory included, 16 MB internal memory
Removable memory card slot, up to 2GB full SD Data
card support GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Data HSCSD Yes, 3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0
MicroUSB 2.0 high speed, GSM Triband, GPRS with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
Class 10 Features
Features Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video(QCIF); sec-
2.0 mega pixel camera, Integrated MP3 player, ondary VGA videocall camera, Java MIDP 2.0,
MPEG-4 / Realplayer®, HTML browser, PDA fea- Walkman player 2.0, TrackID music recognition, T9,
turing Business Card Reader, POP3 e-mail¹, docu- Image viewer, Picture editor
ment viewer to view Microsoft Word, Excel, etc Picture blogging, Organiser, Built-in handsfree
Voice memo/dial
The MOTOROKR E6 provides powerful busi- Battery
ness tools that allow users to easily manage calen- Stand-by Up to 425h, Talk time Up to 6h 30 min
dar appointments send and receive email and view
documents on the go. features a 2.0 megapixel At just 9.4 mm thin, the W880i is the slimmest
camera with 8x zoom, dedicated music keys and Sony Ericsson phone yet and combines the full
removable SD card memory slot. Additional multi- Walkman phone experience with a device that fits
media features also include high-quality video easily into a pocket. The 1 GB Memory Stick Micro
recording, MPEG-4 / Realplayer® video playback (M2) provided in-box gives users room to store up to
and task manager. 900 full length tracks, whilst the host of music appli-
cations (such as Walkman Player 2.0 and
Design: 8.2 Disc2Phone) make it easy to get music onto their
Features: 8.1 phone and search through play lists once. Plus a 2.0-
Performance: 8.1 megapixel camera, is packed into a UMTS phone
that's as slim as a standard CD case.

Design: 8.1
Features: 8.0
Performance: 8.0

Nokia N73 (Music Edition) LG KE970 Shine

Rs. 21,350 Rs. 16,700
Dimensions 110 x 49 x 19 mm, Weight 116g Size
Display Dimensions 99.8 x 50.6 x 13.8 mm, Weight 119g
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 36 x 48 mm Display
Ringtones Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inch-
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, 3D sound stereo speak- es, Mirror effect screen, full metal body
ers Ringtones
Memory Type Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3
Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall, Memory
Call records, Detailed, max 30 days Card slot microSD (TransFlash), 50 MB internal memory,
Card slot miniSD, hot swap, 42 MB shared memory 300 text messages
Data Data
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps GPRS Yes, EDGE Yes, Bluetooth Yes, v1.2 with A2DP,
HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 11, 236.8 kbps, 3G USB Yes
Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0, Infrared port Features
Yes, USB Yes, v2.0, Pop-Port Camera 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, autofocus,
Features video(QCIF), flash, Java MIDP 2.0
OS Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd edition, Camera MP3/AAC++/3GP/MPEG4 player, T9, Organiser
3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Voice memo, Document viewer (.ppt, .doc, .pdf, .xls, .txt)
video(CIF), flash; secondary VGA video call camera, Java Battery
MIDP 2.0, Push to talk, Video calling and download, Stand-by Up to 280h, Talk time Up to 3h
MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player, T9
Stereo FM radio, Voice command/dial Encased in a full-metal body, the slider phone
PIM including calendar, to-do list and printing offers users amazing looks and a high technical specifi-
Document viewer, Photo/video editor, Integrated handsfree cation including expandable memory (microSD card)
Battery and an auto-focus camera by Schneider Kreuznach.
Stand-by Up to 350h, Talk time Up to 6h When closed, Shine exudes sophistication with a per-
The Nokia N73 offers a multimedia computer in a com- fectly reflective 2.2-inch screen. Slide open the super-
pact and savvy exterior with photography features and inte- thin brushed metal body and the 'magic mirror' full color
grated stereo speakers with 3D sound. In addition to a large screen comes to life, while Shine's keys are bathed in a
2.4-inch display, the N73 includes a 3.2-megapixel camera cool blue light. Access to Shine's menu system is by an
with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and support for Internet easy-to-use multi-function scroll key.
communities like Flickr. Music fans can tap into the N73's
integrated digital music player with playlists and equalizer or Design: 8.4
tune into the FM radio. Available in 3G or quad-band Features: 7.8
EDGE/GSM networks, the N73 has all the diversity of a pow- Performance: 7.8
erful multimedia computer enabled with the S60 3rd Edition
Software on Symbian OS.
Design: 8.0
Features: 8.1
Performance: 8.1


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Sony Ericsson K800 Samsung U700

Rs. 18,200 Rs. 20,000
Dimensions 105 x 47 x 22 mm, Weight 115g Size
Display Dimensions 102.5 x 50 x 12.1 mm, Weight 86g
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 Display
inch, 30 x 40 mm Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inch-
Ringtones es
Type Polyphonic (72 channels), MP3 Ringtones
Memory Type Polyphonic (72 channels), MP3
Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 64 MB internal Memory
memory Phonebook 1000 entries, Photocall, Call records, 30
Data dialed, 30 received, 30 missed calls, Card slot, microSD
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps (TransFlash), 20/40 MB embedded memory (depending
HSCSD Yes, 3G Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 on region)
with A2DP, Infrared port Yes, USB Yes, v2.0 Data
Features GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, Class 11, 236.8 kbps, 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps, Bluetooth
video(QCIF), xenon flash; secondary video call VGA Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0
camera, Java MIDP 2.0, RDS FM radio, Features
MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player, T9, Image viewer Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video,
Picture editor, Picture blogging, Organiser flash; secondary VGA videocall camera, Java MIDP 2.0
Built-in handsfree, Voice memo/dial MP3/AAC/eACC/WMA player, MPEG4/H.263/Real
Battery video player, T9, Picture editing, Organizer, Built-in
Stand-by Up to 350h, Talk time Up to 7h handsfree
The Sony Ericsson K800 Cyber-Shot digital Stand-by Up to 270h, Talk time Up to 5h
camera phone is a small and sophisticated feature-
packed 3G phone. Integrating a 3.2-megapixel cam- The U700 combines an ultra slim slide-up with
era with autofocus, image and video stabilizer and 3.6Mbps HSDPA technology for blisteringly perform-
built-in Xenon flash, the K800 is ready for any ance and high data speeds. Equipped with a 3.2
moment, anytime. BestPic technology lets users cap- Megapixel camera for enhanced photography and video
ture several images in quick succession with one capture, and a second VGA camera for 3G-enabled
press of the camera key. Pick the best. Delete the video telephony. The multi-format music player is com-
rest. A camera stabilizer function compensates any patible with various media sources; WM DRM supports
small movements of the hand when taking a picture playback of your purchased and downloaded music
and shooting video. When users have taken a photo, files. Sort and rate your song choices, and enjoy inte-
they can share it straight away using Bluetooth, mul- grated album art for easier recognition of your favorite
timedia messaging or blog it. tunes

Design: 8.0 Design: 8.4

Features: 8.1 Features: 8.0
Performance: 8.2 Performance: 8.1

Nokia N93i Sony Ericsson K810i

Rs. 37,000 Rs. 20,000
Size Size
Dimensions 108 x 58 x 25 mm, 115 cc, Weight 163g Dimensions 106 x 48 x 17 mm, Weight 103g
Display Display
Type TFT, 16M colors, Second 65K colors OLED display Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2
(128 x 36 pixels), Twist and rotating screen, Downloadable inches
themes Ringtones
Ringtones Type Polyphonic, MP3, Customization Composer,
Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3 download Vibration Yes
Memory Memory
Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), 128 MB card
Photocall, Call records, Detailed, max 30 days included
Card slot miniSD, hot swap, 50 MB shared memory 64 MB internal memory
Data Data
GPRS Class 32, 107.2/64.2 kbps, HSCSD Yes (via PC dial- GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps,
up), EDGE Class 32, 296 kbps; DTM Class 11, 236.8 kbps HSCSD Yes
3G Yes, 384 kbps, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth Yes, 3G Yes, 384 kbps, WLAN No, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0
v2.0 with A2DP (latest firmware only), Infrared port Yes with A2DP Infrared port Yes, USB Yes, v2.0
USB Yes, v2.0, Pop-Port Features
Features Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus,
OS Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd edition, Camera 3.15 MP, video(QCIF), xenon flash; secondary videocall cam-
2048x1536 pixels, 3x optical zoom, Carl Zeiss optics, auto- era
focus, video(VGA 30 fps), flash; secondary CIF video call Java MIDP 2.0, FM radio with RDS,
camera, Video calling and download, UPnP technology MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player , TrackID music recogni-
Java MIDP 2.0, Push to talk, MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player tion, T9, Image viewer
T9, Stereo FM radio, TV out support, Voice Picture editor, Picture blogging, Organiser, Built-in
command/memo, PIM including calendar, to-do list and handsfree, Voice memo/dial
printing, Photo/video editor, Integrated handsfree Battery
Battery Stand-by Up to 400h, Talk time Up to 10h
Stand-by Up to 280h, Talk time Up to 3h 30 min
K 810 holds 3.2 megapixel camera with autofo-
Slimmer and more compact in design, the Nokia N93i cus, a Xenon flash and multishoot capabilities. A 2.0"
follows on from the success of the Nokia N93. It also has a QVGA display, expandable memory, a comprehen-
new metallic finish keymat and a mirror effect cover. The sive software suite including an email client, web
2.4-inch main display of up to 16 million colors has a 160 browser, RSS newsreader and blogging support and
degree viewing angle, the easy-to-use joystick provides a whole host of really cool features
smooth video control and there are dedicated camera keys
to capture images, switch shooting mode and operate the Design: 8.0
flash quickly and easily. Integrated into the Nokia N93i is a Features: 8.2
new personal video and photo blogging service called Vox Performance: 8.2
with privacy features that let users share stories and
thoughts instantly with their friends, family, neighborhood or
the entire world.

Design: 8.4
Features: 8.0
Performance: 8.1


Above prices are subject to change as per market


Motorola U9
Motorola has officially announced U9, however many online blogs had already published news and specification
of this handset few months earlier. What we have with the Motorola U9 is a lightweight clamshell phone with a 2
megapixel camera, microSD expandable memory and a touch sensitive external display.
On the outside of the shiny, curvy shell of the U9 is a 2 megapixel camera and a 1.4" 128x160 pixel touch-sensi-
tive OLED display. Inside is a 2.0" 240x320 pixel TFT display, plus a much improved keypad with raised ridges to
make it easier to use. Overall, the Motorola U9 measures 90 x 49 x 16mm and weighs only 88 grams, which is con-
siderably lighter than the other Motorola models, this is at least partly to do with the smaller display panels on the
The "touch sensitivity" on the external display is limited to multimedia functions. Even so, it's a very nice feature
to have, and from Motorola's publicity shots it does appear that the screen is seamlessly integrated into the U9's
smooth exterior. Multimedia support on the U9 appears to be very good, with a music player that supports WMA,
MP3 and AAC plus DRM. It can also play back MPEG4, 3GPP and h.263 video. Internal memory is 25MB, but this
can be expanded by up to 4GB using a microSD card. The U9 also has stereo Bluetooth.
A Motorola statement said that they've given the U9's software a makeover with a new user interface. Another
enhancement is that the U9 can be synchronized with Windows Media Player, which will make it easier to manage
music tracks. The maximum talktime on the Motorola U9 is an impressive 7 hours, with up to 14 days standby time.
There's also a "flight mode" available, which limits the U9 to its multimedia player, which should help with battery
Assuming that this isn't too expensive and if you're in the market for a
non-3G compact music clamshell phone, then the U9 certainly seems to
deliver everything you might need. Motorola U9 will be available during Q4
2007 in Europe, Latin America and Asian markets. 

Motorola RAZR2 V8
Luxury Edition
The Motorola RAZR2 V8 is a pretty decent multimedia phone that
has only just hit the market. Obviously, Motorola think that this isn't
enough and have come up with the Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury
Edition for those who want something more showy.
Yes - that yellow metal on the RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition is real
gold - well, 18 carat and 24 carat gold plate to be precise.
The back of this RAZR2 is embossed with a snakeskin effect, and
the front has an unusual striped looked. The navigational control has
been given "linear etching", the phone itself has complementary
themes and Motorola include a gold-plated Bluetooth headset in the
Underneath is a very capable music phone with 2GB of internal
memory (the standard V8 has 420MB), a large internal and external
display, with touch-sensitive media controls on the exterior screen, a
2 megapixel camera and Bluetooth. It's the same size as the ordinary
version of the V8.
Let's face the fact that Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition is not
for everybody. It's not so much a question of price - Motorola haven't
said how much it will cost - but really a question of taste. It's in the
same sort of league as the Gold Nokia 8800 Sirocco or the old RAZR
V3i Gold, so if those phones appealed to you, then this one will too. 


Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

Nokia's third generation Internet tablet, the Nokia N810 adds a slide-out
QWERTY keyboard, GPS and a new operating system to the excellent
800-pixel wide touchscreen display and WiFi connectivity. As with the
N800 and 770, it's important to remember that the N810 isn't a phone - it
connects to the Internet using either WiFi or a Bluetooth enabled mobile
phone. It's a big device - coming in at 226 grams, measures 72 x 128 x
14mm and the tablet is dominated by the very large 4.1" 800 x 480
pixel display. If you haven't seen this type of high-resolution screen
before, then you'll be blown away.
One key advantage in having the big screen in a separate
device to your phone is that you can have a normal size
device as a mobile, and you only need to take the N810
out with you when you need it. It's a Linux device, run-
ning a brand new OS2008 version of the Maemo operat-
ing system. This adds a Mozilla-based web browser,
enhanced Adobe Flash support, Windows Media Player com-
patibility, the Nokia Maps application, VoIP SIP call support and a
new user interface. There are plenty of free applications available for down-
load for the Maemo platform, so the N810 should have a wide range of software
add-ons available.
The video calling camera is now more traditionally mounted on the front, the seldom used navigation pad has been moved to the
QWERTY keyboard and the other controls are mounted on the edge of the device so that they can be reached easily. Internal memory
is 128MB of DDR RAM plus 256MB Flash. Up to 2GB of Flash storage is available for data, and the Nokia N810 supports SD cards up
to 2GB and SDHC cards up to 8GB. The processor is a TI OMAP 2420 running at 400 MHz. The battery should be good for about 4
hours web browsing over the LAN, 10 hours of music playback or 14 days standby time.
Nokia is touting the N810 as a "Web 2.0" device, capable of accessing YouTube, Skype, Facebook and other popular destinations.
Older versions of Nokia's Internet Tablets did struggle with these, so this is certainly an improvement. At the moment Nokia have given
US pricing and availability only, the N810 will cost around Rs. 30,000. 

Sony Ericsson K630i

All mobile phone designs are a compromise between competing features
- the Sony Ericsson K630i goes for lightweight, high speed and presumably
a reduced cost by cutting back on the display and camera. Although the
HSDPA (3.5G) phone weighs just 97 grams, the display is only a 176x220
pixel panel and there's a basic 2 megapixel camera with no flash or autofo-
Despite the design compromises, the Sony Ericsson K630i does come
with plenty of features, including a multimedia player, FM radio, email client,
web browser and RSS feed reader.
As it is usually the case with Sony Ericsson, the back of the phone looks
as smart as the front and the overall design is very pleasing. There are two
color variants at present - Quick Black and Havana Gold. The latter seems to
be quite an attractive color combination for this handset.
It's not exactly a high-end phone, so it's slightly surprising to see HSDPA
included in the K630i. Much faster than a standard 3G connection, the high-
speed data in this phone means that music downloads and streaming multi-
media will download more quickly (if you're in a coverage area). It also
makes it tempting as a business handset, as the K630i would make an ideal
modem for a laptop.
Sony Ericsson says that the K630i should be available during Q4 2007. 


BlackBerry Pearl 8120

The original BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is a massively popular messaging device, both for business
customers and demanding consumers. This latest version, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 looks similar
on the outside, but it has some significant improvements over the older 8100 when it comes to fea-
tures and performance.
The most obvious addition to the Pearl platform is the addition of WiFi, but the camera has also
been improved - it's now a 2 megapixel device with flash, capable of capturing videos at a resolu-
tion of 240 x 180 or 176 x 144 pixels. The user interface has also been improved cosmetically and
in terms of organization, with numerous enhancements to system features.
As you would expect from a new BlackBerry device, the Pearl 8120 has very good email sup-
port for both standard Internet protocols and "push email" solutions. There's a multimedia player,
web browser and a whole set of personal information management tools.
The display on the 8120 is the 240 x 260 pixel display that has been around for a while now,
and is widely regarded as being one of the best screens on any mobile handset. Underneath this is
a quad-band GSM phone with GPRS and EDGE data, but no 3G. WiFi 802.11b/g is supported.
It's a relatively light device at just 91 grams; overall measurements are 107 x 60 x 14mm and
the 8120's maximum talktime is 4 hours with up to 15 days standby time.
You are either going to love or hate the Pearl's SureType keyboard. For those that want a prop-
er QWERTY layout, there's the BlackBerry Curve 8320 instead.
The camera is still pretty unimpressive and we suspect that many corporate customers would
be happier if it was left out completely. And since the original Pearl was launched, 3G and 3.5G
data has become much more popular - GPRS and EDGE data is just not as good for web brows-
ing, although it will be just fine for the 8120's Push Email client.
It is believed that both the handset will hit markets by December 2007. As an aside, it's also
worth noting that there is a CDMA variant of the Pearl with GPS available in the US, called the
Pearl 8130. It could well be that we willl see GPS in a future GSM Pearl in the very near future. 

BlackBerry Curve 8320

TThe BlackBerry Curve maybe has not been as big a success as the Pearl, but it's aimed at
roughly the same market - the new Curve 8320 also brings WiFi to an existing device, in this
case the Curve 8300.
The Curve 8320 is fashioned in a liquid silver finish with chrome highlights and subtly curving
corners. Measuring 4.2 x 2.4 inches, the Curve is just as slim as the Pearl. It features a bright
2.5-inch color TFT screen that provides 65,000 colors and a 320 x 240-pixel resolution, and it
includes a light-sensing feature that automatically adjusts backlighting for indoor, outdoor and
dark environments. Like the BlackBerry 8800, the
Curve includes a trackball navigation system located on the top of the QWERTY keypad, and
it also features an integrated spell checker with a customizable dictionary to help maintain accu-
racy while on the go. It has 64 MB of internal ROM memory, and is expandable using MicroSD
memory cards. The battery provides up to 4 hours (240 minutes) of talk time and up to 17 days
(408 hours) of standby time.
You can snap vivid photos (though no video) using the 2-megapixel camera on the back of
the Curve, which also features a 5x digital zoom, built-in flash, self-portrait mirror and full screen
viewfinder. It can capture images in up to three picture quality and size resolutions that can be
shared instantly by email, MMS or BlackBerry Messenger, or even uploaded to your Flickr
account with the Yahoo! Go service. Photos can also be immediately set as a unique caller ID or
Home Screen image. You can edit photos and create albums within the Curve using the
PhotoSuite application. Pictures can be cropped, rotated and straightened, and flaws can be
fixed by removing redeye or changing the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels.
Listen to your favorite music and watch downloaded videos using the included stereo head-
set. The Curve is compatible with a wide variety of file formats, including MP3, WMA and
AAC/AAC+/eAAC+ audio and WMV, MPEG4 and H.263 video. Dedicated volume controls are
conveniently located on the side of the handset.
With the Voice-Activated Dialing (VAD) feature, you can initiate a call just by telling the Curve
who to call from your contact list--either via the integrated speakerphone or using an optional


Samsung 18K Golden Edition

Samsung has launched its special edition 18K Golden Edition E848,
offering an 18K golden reflective surface and the Beijing 2008 Olympic
Games logo imprinted on the back.
The Golden Olympic Edition E848 is 10.6 mm in depth, and comes
with a large 2.2-inch LCD color display as well as a heat sensitive touch
key design. Equipped with an Internet browsing interface, the E848 con-
nects users to the wider world. Its powerful multimedia features also
make high-quality audio and video pleasures available in smaller file
sizes. Moreover, users are allowed to view a large array of video formats
including H.263, MPEG4 and WMV.

Dimensions: 101.5 x 52.5 x 10.6 mm; Weight: 99 g

Display: 2.2-inch 262K-color TFT display (240 x 320 px)
Camera: 2.0-megapixel camera (4x digital zoom)
Memory: 70 MB + support microSD
Internet Browser: NetFront Browser 3.4
Talk time: Up to 5 hours; Stand-by time: Up to 250 hours
Document Viewer, Speakerphone
Audio Format: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA
Video Format: H.263, MPEG4
Wireless Connectivity:EDGE / GPRS
Bluetooth: Version 2.0, A2DP USB 2.0 

Trend T 786 Dual Sim GSM

Trend mobiles were the first in introducing the dual SIM mecha-
nism that allowed a person to hold two different SIMs in one mobile
phone at one time in the face of a growing telecom industry and
increasing Trend of multi company market. Entirely a local group,
Trend mobiles is a sub-group of 4B Group, 4B Telecom and 4B
Fertilizer as its main components. Trend is their brand which markets
imported cell phones in the local market. It has now come up with the
simplest and yet the most loaded of the mobile phones. It is called the
T 786, Trend Perfect dual Sim.
The features of T 786 are startling. Its basic edge is that a user
can retain different network operators’ Sims in one cellphone and can
receive calls in both at the same time. It is a complete multimedia
cellphone with 1.3mega pixel camera, which has an audio and video
recorders and players as well.
The USB Data cable allows the user a unique facility of `Plug N
Play`. Attach the cable with your computer and view what you have
recorded. There is no need of any software or driver installment unlike
other cell phones. A riddle free and consumer friendly cellphone. It is
also totally software friendly for the users. No pains but all the gains.
Trend mobiles offers an unmatched Deluxe Package along with the
set which includes a free-of-cost 256 MB memory card, USB port, 2
extra batteries and an In-Car charger and a Trendy pouch to carry
your cell phone in style.
The mobile phone holds another edge to other cell phones in the
market. It is the only cell phone in the market that has a warranty of
thirteen months. It has the style, it has the look and it has all that you
require in a cell phone to begin with. 


Sony Ericsson K660i

Ericsson probably has high hopes of this latest K-series camera phone, the Sony
Ericsson K660i.
Yes, we've seen K-series devices from Sony Ericsson lots of times before, and the
K660i doesn't even qualify as a Cyber-shot phone, but it does have a few interesting
tricks up its sleeve.
The most significant feature in the K660i is the inclusion of HSDPA high-speed data.
This makes web browsing and multimedia downloads much quicker than standard 3G,
and it also means that the K660i can be used as a broadband modem for a laptop. The
other important feature is an improved web browser, designed to be much more like a PC
browser, complete with a pointer and scroll bars, along with a screen that can be used for
web browsing in either portrait (tall) or landscape (wide) modes.
These two features aside, the Sony Ericsson K660i is otherwise pretty standard fare.
It's a 3G phone with a 2" 240x320 pixel display, 2 megapixel digital camera, video calling,
stereo Bluetooth, a multimedia player, FM radio, email client, web browser and R.S.S.
feed reader. There's a mapping application too.
The K660i's memory is expandable using Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards with 256Mb
included in the box. Underneath is a quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz phone
with UMTS 2100 MHz, plus GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA data. The K660i measures 104 x
47 x 14.7 mm and weighs 95 grams, which is pretty light for a 3G phone.
This phone won't change your life, but it certainly has some nice features. Sony
Ericsson say that the K660i should be available during Q1 2008 in Lime on Pink and
Wine on Black color combinations. 

Sony Ericsson W890i

What, another Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson? We've lost count of how
many Walkman mobiles we've seen, but here's yet another one. The Sony
Ericsson W890i can be considered to be a replacement for the ultra-lightweight
Weighing in at just 78 grams, the W890i is actually an HSDPA 3.5G phone
with a 2" 240x320 pixel display, 3.2 megapixel camera, Memory Stick Micro
expandable memory with a 2GB card in the box, stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio
and of course the well-regarded Walkman media player.
Impressively, Sony Ericsson have managed to fit all of this into a handset
that's just 9.9mm thick, and it's certainly one of the lightest 3G phones on the
One can expect that power-hungry 3.5G phone that's this compact would
have really rubbish battery life. Well, Sony Ericsson are quoting 4.5 hours talk-
time and 13 days standby time on 3G and a frankly remarkable 9.5 hours talk-
time and 15 days standby on GSM. They also say that the W890i can play back
music for 20 hours, or make 3 hours of video calls. That's very impressive stuff.
There are some compromises though - the 2" display may be a little on the
small size for some, and the 3.2 megapixel camera lacks a flash and there's no
mention of autofocus. We're not too impressed with the somewhat cramped key-
pad layout, but all-in-all there are many more good points to the SE W890i than
bad points. 


Samsung DuoS (SGH-D880): Dual SIM

At first glance the Samsung DuoS looks nowhere near as interesting as the recent
Serenata or Armani phones, but you'd be wrong, because the Samsung DuoS (SGH-
D880) is the first mobile phone from Samsung to support two different SIM cards simulta-
The SIM cards can be on different networks, and even for different countries. Bear in
mind that this is only a tri-band GSM phone, so data rates are limited to GPRS and
EDGE and there are no 3G capabilities.
Samsung have designed the interface to be as simple to use as possible and users
can name each SIM whichever way they like, so they don't have to stick with "SIM 1" or
"SIM 2". This switching isn't just for voice calls, but it allows separate ringtones, text mes-
sages, email configuration and other settings. So the DuoS really is like having two
phones in one. The DuoS even has two signal strength indicators.
Apart from the two SIM card slots, the Samsung SGH-D880 / DuoS is a pretty decent
phone. There's a 2.3" 240x320 pixel display, 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, FM
radio, stereo Bluetooth, microSD expandable memory, a multimedia player and USB 2.0
connection. Because the dual network connections draw more power than a single one,
the battery in the SGH-D880 is a large 1200 mAh rather than a more typical 800 mAh
cell. It's a pretty normal size for a phone at 104 x 51 x 19mm, although we don't know
how much the D880 weighs.
It's a relatively expensive device. We think that the Samsung DuoS is a very clever
idea, and are frankly a bit surprised that it has taken a manufacturer this long to come up
with something like this. It's quite possible that the SGH-D880 will be a very popular
phone when it hits the market, and perhaps we will see more dual-SIM phones emerging
during 2008. 

Samsung i560 (SGH-i560)

Details about this latest phone from Samsung are not
disclosed yet. However few online information suggests
that this is a 3G slider phone running the Symbian S60 3rd
Edition operating system.
The SGH-i560 has 150MB of internal memory, expand-
able through microSD cards. On the back is a 3 megapixel
digital camera, plus a secondary video calling camera. The
screen is a 240x320 pixel panel in 262,000 colours.
Unconfirmed reports say that the Samsing i560 also
supports HSDPA and GPS, but right at the moment we are
still trying to find out the full specification of this device and
hope to have more in the next day or two.
On thing is for certain - Samsung haven't strayed too
far from their standard slider design for this. Although it's a
neat looking phone, it will certainly not make anyone go


LG KG130 / LG Jaguar
LG KG130 has been added one more proof to the tendency
of low-end mobile phones selling in a larger number of units
than the more evolved ones.
In the case of less evolved handset, the low selling price
surely proves to have great importance and boosts sales. Still,
the phone looks very much entry level, even less evolved than it
really is. LG KG130 has a traditional design similar to older
phone models, making it feel like wearing out of fashion clothes.
Its sizes are not the smallest, although at 103.4 x 44 x 18.4 mm
and 76 grams, the phone looks pretty light and comfortable to
With 65k colors and a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, which
will surely leave not a feeling to the user. The VGA camera will
prove to be just fine for those who don't actually use this func-
tion or only want to pride with having a camera phone, no mat-
ter how cheap that might be.
Surprising enough, the device allows its user to view xHTML
web pages. Other than that, it manages to bring only the basic
functions that any mobile phone out there can provide.
LG Jaguar comes only in the black color. 

Sony Ericsson W380i

Sony Ericsson W380 is "Walkman" branded GSM clamshell phone
with a 1.3 megapixel camera and a 176x220 pixel display. The rela-
tively low model number (i.e. 380) indicates that this is a pretty low-
end phone.
And yet, the Sony Ericsson W380 has a few surprising features
that actually make it a pretty cool phone. Firstly, it's a Walkman
phone, so you know that it's going to have good multimedia capabili-
ties. But there's more. Perhaps the cleverest thing in the W380 is a
motion sensor which allows you to wave your hand over the phone in
order to snooze an alarm or to silence an incoming call. This is per-
haps a silly thing, but you have to admit that it's a pretty cool feature.
The exterior media controls are quite funky too, and the W380 has a
fashionably discrete external display as well. Talktime is a useful 7
The rest of the features on the W380 are pretty straightforward -
stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio and Memory Stick Micro expandable
memory (with 512MB in the box) are the main features. There's an
email client, web browser, RSS feed reader and all the usual stuff
you'd expect to find in a Sony Ericsson.
There's no word on pricing, but Sony Ericsson say
that the W380 should be available in Q1 2008 in
"Electric Purple" and "Magnetic Grey". There are
three variants, a tri-band 850/1800/1900 W380a ver-
sion for North America, the tri-band 900/1800/1900
W380c version for China and another tri-band
900/1800/1900 W380i version for everywhere else in the world. 

Flare Report Telecom

esigned to complement Nokia's  Up to 2 megapixel (1600x1200 pixels) cam-

D new Ovi online portal that rolls

a music store and the N-Gage
gaming platform together, the
Nokia N81 8GB include a
bunch of multimedia functions
in a sexy slider design.
Nokia N81 includes dedicated music but-
tons on the bottom and gaming keys on either
side of the ear speaker. The N81 8GB is
era, MPEG-4 VGA video capture of up to 15fps
 Zoom: digital up to 20x
 Integrated flash (modes: on, off, automatic,
redeye reduction)
Music Features
 Nokia Nseries digital music player
supports MP3 (VBR), AAC, eAAC+, AAC+,
 OMA DRM 1.x, 2.0, Windows Media DRM
designed to be used in a landscape orientation (OTI/OTA with Nokia Music Store*)
when used for gaming. The music and gaming  8GB Internal flash memory (for up to 6000
keys also selectively light up when needed, songs**) 
ensuring that they don't get in the way when
they are not required. A 3.5mm headphone
jack and Bluetooth v2.0 with the A2DP stereo
headset profile mean you can use your favorite
headphones to keep everything discrete, while
a 3D multimedia menu provides a fun way to
access your content. The devices are pre-con-
figured for the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage,
meaning you are ready to play straight out of
the box.
The polished face of Nokia N81 model
hides a lot of non-music and game related
smarts as well. The handsets run Nokia's S60
3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 smartphone operat-
ing system with a full complement of PIM serv-
ices. The N81 8GB is also compatible with
high-speed 3G UMTS networks, and also pro-
vide 802.11b/g WLAN connectivity when you
are in range of an access point.
It has not surprisingly, 8GB of
internal storage but no expansion
card slot.
Nokia expects N81 8GB to ship
during Q4 this year. The N81 is
expected to go on sale for
Rs. 40,000
 Volume: 86 cc
 Weight: 140 g
 Length: 102 mm, Width: 50
mm, Thickness (max): 17.9 mm
Memory Functions
 Up to 8GB internal flash memo-
ry for music, games, video, images
and applications
 Talk time: up to 240 minutes
 Stand-by time: up to 17 days
 Video playback time: up to 4.5
hours (QVGA)
 Music playback time: up to 11.5
 Video recording time: up to 3.5
hours with QVGA
 Operating system: S60 software
on Symbian OS
 User interface: S60 3rd edition,
Feature Pack 1
 Speaker independent name
dialing (SIND)
 WLAN IEEE802.11 b/g with
UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
 Bluetooth Specification 2.0 (pro-
files supported: DUN, OPP, FTP,
 Micro USB 2.0 Full Speed
(mass storage class)
 Nokia AV Connector 3.5mm
Imaging and Video
Motors Flare Reprt

Models pose next to Italian auto maker Alfa Romeo's "Alfa 8c Competizione", equipped with 5.0-liter V8
engine on the stylish coupe body during a press preview.

Takeo Fukui, president of Japan's auto giant Honda motor gets off from the
Dancers perform next to a "Mini Cooper S Clubman" during a press preview. concept vehicle "PUYO" at a press preview

Tokyo Motor Show - Catch News,

Touch Future
The 40th Tokyo Motor Show featured over 70 world pre-
miers and over 100 Japan premiers while emphasizing fun,
cuteness and eco-friendliness. Automakers from Japan, the
United States, Britain, Germany and eight other countries
and regions displayed some 520 passenger and commercial
automobiles, motorcycles at the exhibition with a theme
"Catch the News, Touch the Future."
The Tokyo Motor Show, along with those held in Detroit,
Frankfurt, Paris and Geneva, is one of the industry's five pre-
mier international events by the International Organization of
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. The first Tokyo Motor Show
was staged in 1954. Some 1.51 million visitors went to the
previous show in 2005.
Journalists and photographers surround the compact concept vehicle for families, called the "Space- Around 240 companies, four governments and one
Up" from Volkswagen, during a press preview organization participated in the show. For the first time since
1997 that the show has featured passenger cars, commer-
cial vehicles and motorcycles together. 

66 German auto giant BMW AG, introduces BMW Concept 1 Series tii" at a world premiere A woman sits on Suzuki Motor Corp's concept electric vehicle Pixy (R), next to
during the press preview a Suzuki Sharing Coach, during the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in Chiba
In Picture

Rector Dr. S.M. Junaid Zaidi is awarding degree to a successful student during the 13th A group photograph of successful students during the 13th Convocation of
Convocation of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology held at Convention Centre, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology held at Convention Centre.

Reliance to Deploy IPTV

Reliance Infocomm and Microsoft have signed a contract worth
Rs19.7bn ($500mn) to launch Internet protocol-based television servic-
es in India. The partnership would enable Reliance Infocomm to deliv-
er an interactive, personal and hi-tech television experience to con-
sumers using the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV software platform.
Reliance Communications chairman Anil Ambani and Microsoft chief
executive officer Steve Ballmer made the joint announcement.
Reliance would initially launch the IPTV services in New Delhi and
Mumbai by 2008, followed by the other metros, Ambani said. "Reliance
will enjoy exclusive deployment rights for the Microsoft platform in
India," Ambani added.
Ambani said Reliance was planning to launch direct-to-home serv-
ices in India in the next few months and Microsoft would power the
service through a sophisticated fiber optic network.
"Reliance is about to change the way consumers experience televi-
sion," Ballmer said. "By connecting the TV to an intelligent two-way
network and adding powerful software, personalised experiences will
become possible here in India," he said. "TV is the only third digital
device that has been left out of the networking revolution. Microsoft
and Reliance are now making TV a 'first class citizen' in the connected
entertainment landscape."
Asked about the success of IPTV, Ballmer said very soon India and
the US would be the largest IPTV market in the world.
Ambani said that as Indian consumers become more sophisticated,
they are demanding more compelling and personalized entertainment
to suit their individual needs and preferences. "Until now, TV has been
a broadcast, 'one-size-fits-all' experience. But backed by the powerful
Microsoft Mediaroom software, IPTV promises to offer subscribers
more choice, control and convenience, leading to an all-round unique
and more satisfying user experience at the end of the day." CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer (R) and chairman of India's Reliance Communication
The strategic tie-up will allow Reliance to provide new, connected Anil Ambani (L) hold out agreement documents following a press confrence in Mumbai
and personalized TV experiences in India with a host of advanced fea- will soon allow them to watch their favourite shows either on TV or per-
tures like video-on-demand, digital video recording, instant channel sonal computer.
changing and personal media sharing, Ambani said. He added that Reliance Communications has established a pan-India, next-gener-
IPTV subscribers will be able to watch popular standard definition con- ation integrated (wireless and wire line) and convergent (voice, data
tent as well as high definition at the click of a button from the comfort and video) digital network that is capable of supporting top-class serv-
of their homes, and enjoy a connected entertainment experience that ices across the entire information communication value chain.

Chasing the Sun

A prototype of the Solar Impulse around-the-world
solar plane should make its first piloted flight in
autumn 2008.
The aircraft, which will have a wingspan of 61
meters, the equivalent of an Airbus A340 airliner is
being built in Switzerland to test the technology
involved in its construction. Ballooning pioneer
Bertrand Piccard has been tapped to fly the machine.
One of the big challenges for solar flight is how to
store enough energy from its array of solar panels to
keep the ultra lightweight aircraft flying in darkness.
The project's goals include a transatlantic crossing in
2011 before what would be a historic, fuel-less cir-
cumnavigation of the globe.
The completed craft is expected to have 250
square meters of solar panels stretched across its
wings. 67
In Picture

Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director Hidehiko Tanaka, right, poses along with
Indian photographer Raghu Rai, center, and a model during an event to
City Naib Nazima, Nasreen Jalil is presenting memorial shield to the Deputy High announce the Indian subsidiary of Nikon Corp., in New Delhi, India.
Commissioner of India, Mahpreet Vohra during his visit at Karachi District Government Office

Indian actress from the acclaimed Hindi film 'Chak De' Vidya Malavade (L) is watched by fel-
low thespians Chitrashi Rawat (C) and Shilpa Shukla (R) as she poses in a Yoga Asana dur-
ing a press conference in New Delhi, held to publicise World Heart Day which takes place
Philips India in association with The Heart Care Foundation announced the "Simplicity Walk"
an initiative that aims to promote walking for a healthy heart. As per a report by the National Tokyo Robots Exhibit Celebrates Robot History
Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, it is estimated that there may be around 64.1 A new exhibition in Tokyo is celebrating Japan's extensive collection
million cases of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) by 2015. of robots, by bringing together some of the best known prototypes. The
star attraction is Honda's ASIMO robot. Honda's latest ASIMO robot can
speak, dance, walk and run in a human-like manner.
The little android measures 1.3 meters and weighs 54 kilograms. It
can make some impressive moves on the floor. ASIMO demonstrates its
waitering skills, delivering cups of coffee in a professional manner illus-
trating how it was conceived as a household appliance rather than for
industrial or scientific purposes.
Masato Hirose, Senior Chief Engineer of Honda, says people are
open to the idea of interacting with robots in everyday life. Masato Hirose,
Chief Engineer of Honda said "Nowadays people are more used to the
idea of robots and find them endearing. That is why I believe that a life
with robots will help create a brighter society."
Honda plans to start using Asimo's new receptionist functions at its
offices early next year. Asimo is currently available only for rental, but it's
important for Honda's image and has appeared at events and on TV ads.
The current version can be leased for 20 million yen, or about 170 thou-
sand US dollars, a year. 

Nissan Intima Concept - Auto Shows

The main goal of Nissan's Intima concept, which debuts Tokyo auto show, is
relaxation, just chillin' out, in an elegant environment in a sedan where the only per-
son forced to put forth any effort is the driver. The Intima is not for the noble gentry
who employ chauffeurs to help them chill but for regular people who appreciate
some comfort and down time while on the road.
It starts when the front passenger opens his or her door. Even in a Rolls-Royce,
a person has to lower himself or herself into a forward-facing seat. But in the
Intima, when both the traditional front and suicide rear doors are open, the passen-
ger who called shotgun first is greeted by a seat that swivels out to welcome him or Games officials check the computer of a Qatari player prior to the E-sports competi-
her aboard. "Your quick wit has rewarded you," it seems to say. "Please, take your tion at the 2nd Asian Indoor Games in Macau. Featuring such unusual events as
68 video games, chess and dance sport, the tournament, now in its second edition,
aims to fill the gap left by the Olympics or the Asian Games.
In Picture

Indian designer Rohit Bal (3R) poses with British Airways air hostesses, during the unveil- Photo released by NASA showing Discovery Mission Specialist Scott Parazynski
ing of new cabin crew uniforms, in New Delhi. repairing damages in the International Space Station's P6 4B solar array (L).

Japanese electronics giant Sony’s employee Eiko Sato displays a new digital multimedia player "Walkman NW-
A919", equipped with a 16GB flash memory that can store digital music, pictures and movie contents, and also has
a built in digital broadcasting tuner to show TV programs on a 2.4-inch LCD display, in Tokyo.
An Indian model poses with a Nikon Coolpix camera dur-
ing a launch function in New Delhi. Nikon has announced
the establishment of a 100 per cent subsidiary in India -
Intel Brings Digital
Nikon India which will manage the Indian as well as Transformation to
Middle Eastern market for the Japan based optical com-
pany from the Delhi satellite city of Gurgaon. Morocco
In a country known for mes-
merizing mystique and a multi-
cultural history that dates back
to at least 8,000 B.C., Intel
Corporation is using computers
and Internet technology to help
bring Moroccos 33 million peo-
ple into a modern digital age
ripe with opportunity.
"Morocco is at a crossroads
in its economic development,"
said Intel Chairman Craig
Barrett, who unveiled several
projects aimed at extending dig-
ital inclusion to all Moroccans
during his first visit to the North African nation. "Technology can help accelerate the countrys econom-
ic prospects, and Intel is collaborating with Moroccos government and its people to help enable this
Barretts two days in Morocco conclude the Africa portion of a worldwide "Expanding Whats
Possible" tour focused on digital accessibility and education. Intels announcements include a joint
project with the Department of Telecommunications and Information Technology (D.E.P.T.I.) to devel-
op public Internet access centers, and with the Ministry of Education to train thousands of teachers
and donate computers to Moroccan schools.
Earlier this week, in his role as chairman of the United Nations Global Alliance for Information and
Communications Technology (ICT) and Development, Barrett took part in the Connect Africa Summit
in Rwanda to explore ways to bring the benefits of technology to the people of African continent.
Helping to Drive Access to Education Barrett also visited a classroom at one of two rural
Moroccan schools benefiting from new computers and broadband Internet access.
"It was an extraordinary thing like we were connected to the exterior world," said Asmae Wahabi,
a French teacher at Saad Ibn Abi Al Ouakass school in Ain Aouda, where Intel installed 250 Intel-
The solar powered vechile, the solar taxi of Swiss adventur-
powered Classmate PCs and Internet connectivity and trained teachers on the effective use of tech-
er Louis Palmer is parked at the Swiss Embassy in New
Delhi. Palmer, who set off in the solar taxi from the city of nology to teach children. "The students and especially the students that are from underprivileged fam-
Lucerne on a journey around the world, aims to show that ilies, had this occasion to access knowledge, so now nothing is holding them from pursuing progress
solutions to combat global warming are available. to succeed. It is going to give them a chance for a better future."

Dell XPS M2010 Rs. 241,000

Processor: Intel Core Duo T7400 2.16 GHz
Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 120 GB
Screen: 20" WXGA TB

Pros: Sleek, attention-getting design; high-quality, adjustable 20-inch LCD;

speakers offer crisp, rich audio; detachable Bluetooth keyboard and Media
Center remote will work well from the couch or during a presentation;
top-of-the-line components deliver high overall performance and competent
gaming capability.
Cons: Absurdly expensive; TV tuner and some other A/V connections aren't built
in; too heavy to be truly portable.
Conclusion: A striking feat of engineering that's sure to garner attention in a styl-
ish home or on a multimedia-intensive sales call, the Dell XPS M2010 is simply
too expensive and impractical to be anything more than a curio for the rest of us.

Dell Latitude D630 Rs. 104,000

Processor: Intel Core Duo T7500 2.2 GHz
Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 120 GB
Screen: 14" WXGA
Pros: Strong performance; long-lived nine-cell battery; sturdy construction;
bright display; comfortable keyboard; corporate-level security, including smart
card reader; WWAN available as an option; lengthy three-year warranty.
Cons: Somewhat heavy for a thin-and-light notebook; native screen resolu-
tion makes icons and text look small; fingerprint reader decreases mouse
button size.
Conclusion: Corporate users can't go wrong with the Dell Latitude D630,
which integrates Intel's latest mobile platform with a business-friendly feature
set and lengthy extended battery.

HP Pavilion dv6500 Rs. 65,000

Processor: AMD Duo 1.8 GHz
Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 120 GB
Screen: 15.4" WXGA
Pros: Includes HD DVD drive and HDMI port; touch-sensitive media controls;
802.11n Wi-Fi; good component mix for the price.
Cons: Some options (including HD DVD drive) are not available yet; disap-
pointing battery life.
Conclusion: HP's attractive Pavilion dv6500t is a well-designed 15-inch multi-
media laptop that stands out from the mainstream crowd with touch-sensitive
media controls and an HDMI output, but the standard battery could be better.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Rs. 119,000

Processor: Intel Duo 2.0 GHz
Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 120 GB
Screen: 14" WXGA
Pros: Internal roll cage protects LCD; 802.11n Wi-Fi for faster wireless through-
put; very small A/C adaptor adds little to overall travel weight; Intel's Active
Management Technology provides remote support.
Cons: New Centrino technology doesn't offer outsize performance gains.
Conclusion: Lenovo's 14-inch ThinkPad T61 shaves a few millimeters off the
company's more mainstream R-series laptops, but still boasts the same, solid
ThinkPad DNA along with IT-friendly features by way of Intel's new Centrino
70 Pro platform.

Above prices are subject to change as per market


HP Compaq nx7400 Rs. 70,000

Processor: Intel Duo 1.83 GHz
Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 100 GB
Screen: 15.4" WXGA
Pros: Light, well-designed case; broad wide-aspect display; Core Duo proces-
sors available as an option.
Cons: Lacks some high-end features, such as dual pointing devices, biomet-
ric security, discrete graphics, and a WWAN card.
Conclusion: For businesses that put budgets before bells and whistles, the
reasonably priced HP Compaq nx7400 offers a functional design, decent per-
formance and battery life, and enough features for basic corporate users.

Acer Aspire 4710 Rs. 52,000

Processor: Intel Duo 1.86 GHz
Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 120 GB
Screen: 15.4" WXGA
Pros: Very low price; dual-core processor; full feature set, including an
ExpressCard slot and S/PDIF audio-out jack; comfortable keyboard; easy-to-
use system management software.
Cons: Slow performance on outdated components; display wobbles easily;
glossy screen finish results in distracting reflections; lacks external media con-
Conclusion: We recommend the Acer Aspire 4710 for home users who want
a low-cost laptop for basic computing tasks.

Sony VAIO FZ180E/B

Processor: Intel Duo 2..2 GHz Rs. 183,000
Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk: 160 GB
Screen: 15.4" WXGA
Pros: Typically excellent Sony design; handy media control buttons; Blu-ray
drive and HDMI output.
Cons: Loaded up with adware and bloatware; no Bluetooth; not configurable.
Conclusion: We can't imagine the market for a 15-inch home theater laptop
with Blu-ray is very large, but the Sony VAIO FZ180 certainly fits the bill--even
if it's preloaded with unwanted come-ons for other Sony products.

Japan's computer giant NEC employee Ayumi Tamotsu dis-

plays the new notebook computer "LaVie G Hello Kitty model"
designed with gold plated Hello Kitty, decorated with
Swarovski crystals at the company's showroom in Tokyo. The
notebook PC is equipped with an AMD's Turion dual core CPU,
120GB HDD and a 15.4-inch LCD display with special
designed wallpaper and screen saver.


Above prices are subject to change as per market


oogle has at last use the phone technology to build

G officially announced
a new software plat-
form and a broad
alliance of mobile
handset makers and
communications companies in a bid
to accelerate the slow development
of the mobile Internet.
Engineers have been working on
devices that can challenge the likes of
Nokia, Apple and others.
The list of wireless carriers that have
agreed to provide service for the
Google-powered phone include Sprint
Nextel and Deutsche Telekom's T-
Mobile in the United States. China
Mobile, Telefonica in Spain and Telecom
Italia are among the carriers that have
the software for three years, dating signed on to provide service outside the
back to a Silicon Valley startup United States.
called Android Inc. that Google They are among a Google-led group
acquired in 2005. The mobile soft- of 34 companies that have formed the
ware still bears the Android name in Open Handset Alliance. Other key play-
acknowledgment of its heritage. ers include major chip makers like Intel,
Android is designed to make it Qualcomm, Texas Instruments,
easier for developers to create A Google worker dials her cell phone at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif, confirming Broadcom and Nvidia.
mobile applications that run on its long-rumored foray into the mobile market. What Google gets in return is more
many different handsets. At the moment, mobile technology is fragment- real estate for selling ads. Ninety-nine percent of Google's revenues
ed, relying on a several different operating systems and development come from ads, either the ones it puts next to free Internet-based servic-
environments. That has reduced the potential market for developers cre- es like search and email, or through syndication on third-party Web
ating games, entertainment or other services for any one handset. pages. The bigger the Internet gets, Google executives figure, the more
The alliance members come from the telecom and wireless software pages there are for ads and the more people will need search (with
industries. Many of them are second-tier players that Google hopes will more ads) to find anything. 

obile devices such as cell phones and digital cam- Advanced Super View LCD delivers superior image quality approaching

M eras are rapidly becoming thinner as manufacturers

strive to improve portability and offer consumers
more stylish designs. As a result, thinner embedded
components such as LCDs are also increasing in
demand. The increase in demand for One-Seg (ter-
restrial digital broadcast) compatible handsets is leading to demands for
greater visibility and higher image quality in displays intended for mobile
The development of new 2.2-inch Mobile Advanced Super View LCD
that of an LCD TV thanks to a high contrast ratio of 2000:1, wide view-
ing angle of 176 degrees, and fast response speed of 8 ms, which are
among the highest levels in the industry.

 Screen size: 2.2-inches
 Pixel count 240 x 320 px (QVGA)
 Module thickness 0.68 mm
 Contrast: 2000:1
is based on proprietary Sharp fabrication techniques for thin LCDs, in  Viewing angle: Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal: 176 degrees
particular, glass substrate and backlight technologies. This new Mobile  Response speed: 8 ms (black white display). 

otorola has introduced the ROKR T505 Bluetooth In-

M Car Speakerphone and Digital FM Transmitter, its

first road-ready, music-oriented accessory and the
latest in-car solution. The ROKR T505 will let users
connect a compatible Bluetooth enabled phone to
the car sound system and enjoy handsfree calling
and their own personal music collection in stereo sound.
The T505 is portable and requires no wires or installation. Drivers
clip the device to a car visor and pair the T505 using Motorola's
EasyPair technology to a compatible Bluetooth device. When the T505
is connected to a stereo Bluetooth phone or an MP3 player, calls and and audibly announces the Caller-ID, so drivers can keep their eyes on
music are streamed wirelessly with clarity. Drivers with standard the road. Cutting-edge echo and noise reduction technology and a built-
Bluetooth phones can use the T505 to make and take their calls over in microphone and 2-watt speaker also ensure that drivers have out-
the car stereo. And when the ride's over, the T505 can be easily standing sound and zero static throughout their ride.
unhooked and taken to another car for the next trip. The Motorola ROKR T505 is expected to become available in Q1
The T505 also features StationFinder, a new technology that 2008. 
announces where the best FM connection can be found on the user's
car radio. When calls come in, the T505 automatically mutes the music
Flare Report IT

Microsoft Corp. emerged with a rare triumph

over archrival Google Inc., winning the right to
invest in Facebook Inc
t may seem like Microsoft got the short ad company DoubleClick. And

I end of the deal when it paid $240 mil-

lion on for just 1.6% stake in the social-
networking site Facebook. While
Facebook is probably the most talked
about destination on the Web today, the
company will be lucky to clear $30 million in
profit on an estimated $140 million in revenues
this year. So what exactly was Microsoft buy-
ing, other than a lot of hope and, quite possi-
while sales of the new operating
system, Windows Vista, have been
brisk, reviews have been decidedly
All that glum news has translat-
ed into low morale for a company
that was once an undisputed titan
of the consumer software busi-
bly, a lot of hype? Microsoft's partnership with
With $23 billion in cash reserves, software Facebook, which also buys it the
giant, Microsoft, can afford to play its luck with rights to broker all international
a little cash - even if it never earns a penny of ads, puts the company back in a
it. Facebook could use
the money - to hire
more employees and
Facebook's shiny new $15 billion Dustin Moskovitz,
co-founder of the
build out the site, valuation up from $10 billion just a Facebook social
whose traffic is current- networking website,
ly growing at over month ago may seem out of this
100% per year. But
what Microsoft chief
world, US$ 240 million for just 1.6 built into Facebook.
Steve Ballmer and percent stakes can be termed as game that it And while Facebook's shiny new $15 billion
company desperately was strug- valuation up from $10 billion just a month ago
need good reputation "Monopoly money" gling to may seem out of this world, it pays to keep in
in the growing Internet keep up mind that it's still just "Monopoly money". With
economy. And that is exactly what their invest- with. By partnering with Facebook, it has also hardly any profits to date, the company's actu-
ment just bought them. kept key competitors at bay. The investment al valuation is all just speculation at the
Microsoft has not had a lot of success with Microsoft made was in keeping Google out. moment. That should become much clearer,
their online plays. Their search engine, Not only will Microsoft garner more revenues once Facebook goes public sometime in the
Windows Live, is a distant third to Google and by serving up ads for Facebook (the exact rev- next year or so. One thing is for sure, howev-
Yahoo in both advertisment revenue and enue split has not been disclosed, but is prob- er: the dotcom bubble just got bigger than
users. Software giant lost out to Google on key ably about 20% going to Microsoft) but it also ever. Get ready for another wild ride. 
strategic deals to buy both YouTube and online has a great shot at getting its search engine

Chinese men use their mobile phone on the streets of Shanghai. China Mobile, the Visitors check out new Microsoft window mobile 3G cell phones at an exhibition in
country's largest mobile network operator, hopes to roll out third generation (3G) mobile Beijing. Asia's booming economic powerhouses of China and India are leading a fresh
services before the end of the year but repeated delays has sparked speculation that its surge in mobile phone use with nearly 200 million new subscribers between them in the
home-grown standard is not yet up to snuff. first quarter of 2007, with China added 87 million new subscribers in the period and
India about 110 million. 73
Internet Ismail Qureshi

Video games are big business.

Some firms have taken elements
from games to overcome the diffi-
culties of working life in the 21st
Century. Convinced that games
and familiarity their employees have guilds also get to do the best projects.
can help them thrive, some com- with virtual environments. This famil- Companies are adopting game mechanics
panies have turned work groups iarity has driven many organisations for several reasons. Partly because workers
to consider virtual worlds as places are so familiar with this structure and people
into guilds, rewarded staff with where employees can meet, mix and become motivated when they know how they
get on with the job. compare to their contemporaries. The main
experience points when they Games had long been used in reason was the transparency it gave to the
complete tasks, giving out titles training to expose personal prefer- way workplaces were organised and for
ences and revealing who got
and badges when a guild finished prejudices. things done. It also
a project Many organi- Games had long been used to exposes those that do
sations also expose personal preferences and do not play well.
whole generation is growing used courses Experts are of the

A up for whom video games are that revolve around and prejudices. Many organisa- view that it had the
games to help make potential to turn work-
a key part of how they relax,
teams work together
tions used courses that revolve places into meritocra-
whether it be fragging friends
in a first person shooter or better or expose around games to help make cies where the most
backing up the main tank in a power structures accomplished are
Warcraft raid. It is not just youngsters but among workers. teams work together better or easy to spot because
there are plenty of older folks who shake off Some firms have expose power structures among they have racked up
the dust of the working day in many different taken elements from all rewards, achieve-
virtual worlds. games to overcome workers ments and levels
Statistics from the US Entertainment the difficulties of required for a particu-
Software Association (ESA) back this up. It working life in the 21st Century. Convinced lar post. While it may not sweep away sys-
claims that the average player is 33 and has that games can help them thrive, some com- tems of privilege or end nepotism, it had the
more than a decade of gaming under their panies have turned work groups into guilds, potential to make workplaces fairer and take
belt. rewarded staff with experience points when some of the grind out of the day job.
According to the academics and they complete tasks, giving out titles and Analysts say anything that helped staff
researchers, the companies have realised that badges when a guild finished a project. develop a better working relationship and pro-
all the time employees spend gaming in virtual Some are also considering using a virtual mote teamwork was likely to be a good thing.
worlds is changing them. Many organisations currency as a reward system allowing workers
are considering ways of harnessing the skills to cash in their savings for benefits or extras
for their office space. The top performing

JTG and INTRACOM TELECOM sign agreement to provide

IPTV service in Jordan
JTG is to provide Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) in Jordan under the Orange brand. Orange IPTV will be offered through INTRACOM
TELECOM's award-winning IPTV platform over JTG's ADSL network. In addition to high-quality Broadcast TV and Video on Demand, a host
of new interactive services such as personal recording, chatting and e-mail notifications will introduce an unparalleled, personalized TV expe-
rience. The offering will feature premium Arabic and international content.
"We are proud of contributing towards the fulfillment of HM King Abdullah's II
vision, to make Jordan a technological hub in the region. With Orange IPTV, we
are bringing Jordan a service that is very popular in Europe and the World
enhancing the modern lifestyle and recreational needs of Jordanian customers,"
said Mr. Mickael Ghossein, CEO of JTG.
Mr. Alexandros Manos, Managing Director of INTRACOM TELECOM stated: "We are very excited about this project which apart from
solidifying our cooperation with JTG, serves as a benchmark for the whole Middle East, paving the way for telecom operators to deliver new,
value-creating services to their customers" . "We are honored to be part of this visionary project, which will enable the Jordanian public to
experience truly integrated IPTV services", said Mr. Tareq Abu Sharar, CEO of INTRACOM Jordan.
IPTV subscribers can also benefit from the leading Arabic WorldCall Service offered by Orange ICI. This innovative solution will expedite
the concept of Internet over TV where someone can view IPTV and connect to the Internet using his TV set by utilizing an inexpensive gadg-
et connected to the TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse.
Orange is the key brand of France Telecom Group, one of the world's leading telecommunications operators with over 153 million cus-
tomers in 220 countries worldwide.
Salman Khan Internet

The Internet is preparing to spread into outer space to

reach parts, where no network has gone before. The
proposed "interplanetary" Internet would facilitate
One of the outstanding changes was the
people "to access information and to control experi- Internet's huge growth in Asia, which now
ments taking place far away" from Earth. Expanding boasts 436 million users, well above the fig-
ures of 321 million in Europe and 233 million in
into the solar system would bring new rules and regu- North America, the birthplace of the web.
lations too The number of users in Asia suggests that
the content of the Internet will eventually con-
fter expanding across Earth, bearing fruit and is on track to be space quali- tain far more information in languages other

A the Internet is now set to

spread into outer space to
reach parts, where no network
has gone before. The pro-
posed "interplanetary" Internet
would facilitate people "to access information
and to control experiments taking place far
away" from Earth. Expanding into the solar
fied and standardised in the 2010 time frame.
The number of Internet users has grown

Experts are working on a set of stan-

dards designed to guide space-era
than English than it does today. Technological
changes are taking place to keep pace with
the expansion, with one of the key
challenges being a shortage of
Internet addresses.
According to the analysts, the
Internet currently allows only 4.3 bil-
lion unique addresses - plenty back
system would bring new rules and regulations Internet communications. According in the 1970s but not enough.
too. Internet Corporation for Assigned
Experts are working on a set of standards to experts, new standards were Names and Numbers (ICANN),
designed to guide space-era Internet commu- which manages domain names and
nications. Finally, the Internet can take to the needed because of the huge dis- addresses, is preparing to launch a
area where no network has gone before. A new format accommodating 340 tril-
team of engineers at the California-based Jet tances and time delays involved in lion addresses.
Propulsion Laboratory would complete a key
part of the project, establishing standards for
communication across space Experts are anticipating billions
of Internet-enabled devices to
space communications like those for Internet, emerge, with items to cover nearly
in three years. According to experts, new stan- 20-fold in the past and according to the all home appliances such as televisions,
dards were needed because of the huge dis- experts, the entire world will have access to radios, kitchen equipment, fax machines and
tances and time delays involved in communi- the services that are available on the Internet printers, refrigerators and bathroom scales. 
cation across space. The effort now seems in the next few years.

Singtel Rings Up Higher Second Quarter Profit

Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) has revealed
that its net profit in the second quarter to September rose
3.3 percent, driven by its regional mobile business. Net prof-
it for the period totalled 988 million Singapore dollars, com-
pared with 956 million dollars in the same period a year
ago, it said.
The earnings result surpassed market expectations of
899-960 million dollars in net profit for Southeast Asia's
largest telecom firm. Second-quarter revenue grew 11 per-
cent to 3.7 billion dollars from 3.33 billion dollars a year ago,
SingTel said.
In the half-year to September, revenue increased 10.7
percent to 7.26 billion dollars where net profit surged 6.6
percent to 1.91 billion dollars, it said. "The group posted its
second consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth Satellite dishes at Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) Bukit Timah Satellite Earth Station
and continued to deliver healthy earnings growth," said chief are seen in Singapore.
executive Chua Sock Koong.
She said the firm now had a foothold in six Asian markets since buying a 30 percent stake in Pakistan's Warid Telecom earlier this year.
"They are among the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. The success of our international expansion has created a diversified earn-
ings base," Chua said.
Pre-tax earnings from SingTel's regional mobile arms surged 21 percent to 600 million dollars during the September quarter, boosted
mainly by Bharti Telecom of India which recorded a 45 percent rise in operating revenues on strong mobile user gains.
At home, SingTel's operating revenues rose 9.6 percent to 1.2 billion dollars in the September quarter where net profit was 3.7 percent
higher at 830 million dollars.  75
Almas Fatima IT

To create stationary in your email editor, ate Signature. Create New Signature
From the MS Outlook's main window, go to
Click the tab 'Mail Format' Now type the Signature text you want to
appear in your signature
Press 'Font' & 'Paragraph' buttons for Font
and Paragraph formatting whereas 'Clear' for
clearing the whole Signature text.

Create Signature

Pressing the 'Edit 'button in the dialog box,

will open the existing signature text in the Paragraph Formatting
Editor. The 'remove' button will erase the
existing signature. For an Advanced Edit, press the Advanced
Edit button.
By pressing the 'Advanced Edit' button,
Signature Text will appear in Microsoft Word
at your system, providing various other
TOOLS-->Options advanced formatting functions. 
In the "compose in this message format:"
list box, Select "Rich text" or "Html"message
For formatting and choosing Fonts and
Stationary. Go to Stationary Picker and then
click 'New'.
For creating Signatures. Choose the list
box 'select signature for your account'. Your
default email account in Outlook will be pre
populated in the box. Edit Signature
For multiple accounts & select account for
which you want to create a personalized sig- Press the 'New' button to create a new sig- Selecting Advanced Edit
nature. nature.
A dialog box named 'create new
Signature' will appear.
Enter a name for your new signature in
the text field.
From the "choose how to create signature
list box, select the option "Start with a blank
Press the next button to proceed.

A looter carries away across a flooded

street electrical appliances taken from
a departmental store in Villahermosa,
Mail Format Tab state of Tabasco, Mexico.

Now press the Signatures… button to cre-

The career transition from corpo-

rate job to independent IT con-
sultant is not always smooth.
One may face tough times, how-
ever, this article will give you
some lessons for carrying out
such transition
ecoming an independent con- If you are brought in to solve a particular prob- connotes status. I needed. If you expect your

B sultant is a popular career

choice for IT professionals,
especially if they are tired of cor-
porate politics or corporate
downsizing. IT professionals
often view consulting as a relatively easy tran-
sition. However, you must follow a roadmap so
that your transition to consulting goes just as
lem, it is good to know upfront what has been
done and what the challenges are. This will
help you assess whether you have the skill set
required to overcome those obstacles.
3. What are the deliverables?
Knowing the deliverables will help you
focus your efforts and define the scope of your
On your first day, set up a meeting with
client to roll out a red carpet, you're going to
be let down.

6. Don't pull rank

Consultants have to convince others to get
work done since they lack the organizational
power and authority that full-time, onsite man-
agers can use to effect change and motivate
people. Pulling rank or acting like a know-it-all
your hiring manager to discuss your under- won't help your cause. Most effective way for
1. Don't disclose your rates until you understand standing of the project: how you plan to to get employees to follow under you lead-
the scope of the engagement accomplish your goals, how often you should whether as a consultant or IT executive-is to
For example, in a scenario, you get a call report back to the client on your progress and involve them in decision making. Early on in
from a client seeking help with an offshore out- whether you should e-mail or arrange a face- the engagement, you can arrange a meeting
sourcing project. The client gives you a one- to-face meeting to do so. Also review with the with an open agenda during which you may
minute overview of his/her company's needs hiring manager what you plan to do on your discuss the reasons why you were brought in
and you to provide billing rates. first few days to ensure that you're working on and what you are planning to do. Make it
It has been noticed that client is always in exactly what you should be working on. sound like that the purpose of the meeting is to
hurry; moreover they want to know the get their input to complete the project
billing detail in their first conversation.
However, one must not exclaim billing 7. Avoid practical ideas
details prior to knowing the exact scope of As a consultant, your clients consider you
project. There are very bright chances that under their managerial authorities, pulling
after meeting with client in person to discuss rabbits out of a hat just when they think
the project, you may learn that client's start- they've exhausted all their options. They
ing point for negotiation is only the half of expect nothing less than great magic from
your going rate. you-that is, game-changing recommenda-
If you had shared your rates during that tions that will allow them to improve cus-
initial phone conversation, you would have tomer service, increase revenue or cut costs.
lost the opportunity immediately. Negotiating Don't feel you have to come up with realistic
consulting rates is a lot like negotiating your suggestions. They're paying you to think out-
salary with a new employer. By slowing side the box, so let your creativity run wild.
down the negotiation process and standing Your role is to suggest the best option, and
your ground on your fee, you can secure the that's not always the most realistic one.
engagement and get the rate you want.
8. Brand yourself
2. Don't overbid Talk is cheap in the consulting world. You
Don't start with a bid for a prospective have to start building a brand. You are the
client's work that's too high because you knowledge worker who has to sell your serv-
could lose the opportunity, not to mention your The meeting with the hiring manager is a ices and demonstrate how you can add value.
credibility in the market. Start with a rate that good time to find out if there are any other You have to be perceived as an expert with a
you think is fair and competitive and stick with stakeholders-other people who are interested specific skill set that is not available in your
it. Clients respect that approach more than in the outcome of the project-whose opinions client's organization. Branding will help you
when a consultant starts high and comes down you should be concerned about. If so, meet create a unique identity that distinguishes you
to meet their needs. with them, too. from the legions of other independent consult-
If you're not familiar with market rates, you 4. Don't take on a project you can't handle ants.
can ask other consultants what to expect from If you doubt you possess the right skill set
a particular type of service. Be aware that to do the job, don't take the engagement no You can build your brand by
rates vary by city. matter how desperate you may be for work.  Writing articles in your area of expertise
Tell the client that the project is not right for  Taking up speaking engagements, which
3. Understand your clients' expectations you. It's better to be honest with yourself and will help you build your network and exposure
Ask a lot of open-ended questions early on say no to a client than to take on a project
when you are just getting to know the prospec- that's more than you can handle.
 Writing a book to give you instant credibility
tive client and before you have even agreed to  Creating and regularly maintaining a blog
do business. Always ask the following ques- 5. Don't expect a red carpet on your first day  Developing professional networks on the
tions: When you become a consultant, you have topics in which you specialize
1. What is your end goal? How will you to say goodbye to executive trappings and  Doing the best at every engagement (repu-
know when you've achieved that goal? hello to humility. You can't have any expecta- tation is very important)
The client's answer to these questions will help tions as to how you will be treated within the Don't focus these efforts too much on mak-
you understand what needs to be done and organization: Some companies will give you a ing money. The purpose of these activities is to
how you are going to be measured and evalu- private workspace; others will give you a get you exposure. The money will then follow.
ated. shared workspace. If you have to share an Good Luck!. 
2. What work has been done so far? office or get stuck in a cubicle, don't get hung
What are the roadblocks? What is preventing up on it. Stay focused on what you need to
you from achieving your goals? accomplish-not on whether your workspace
Flare Report Telecom

Warid International, a customer of CA, has already acquired

CA's Service Desk, Desktop Management, Asset
Management, Spectrum, eHealth, Security Command Center
as well as Network and System Management solutions
arid Telecom International ture as well as their global business." best combination of usability and technology."

W LLC and CA, Inc.

announced a new three-
year strategic partner-
ship. With this partner-
ship, Warid has selected
CA as preferred provider of IT management
solutions for all its IT operations and CA has
agreed to supply Warid with technology
assessments, educational and service bene-
Warid International is a customer of CA,
having already acquired CA's Service Desk,
Desktop Management, Asset Management,
Spectrum, eHealth, Security Command Center
as well as Network and System Management
solutions. Those solutions are currently
implemented or undergoing implementation
stage throughout its
operations in
As preferred supplier, CA's Enterprise IT
Management solutions will be the standard for
Warid's operations.
Throughout the partnership, CA will deliver
enhanced technology assessments, act as an
advisor on best practices, conduct regular
education sessions and provide assistance
with fault and per-
formance manage-
fits, and joint marketing collaboration. Pakistan,
Throughout this partnership, CA ment requirements, to
While talking to the newsmen at the con- Bangladesh, Congo will help Warid optimize its oper- help Warid optimize
tract signing ceremony, Kevin Naddaf, and Uganda. its operations and
Country Manager for CA in the Middle East Mohammad Ali, ations and become a fully become a fully mature
and Pakistan, said, "To date, Warid has General Manager IT mature service oriented organi- service oriented
demonstrated tremendous innovation and for Warid organization.
thought-leadership, deploying leading-edge International, said, zation Warid Telecom, a
technology to rapidly become an advanced, "We were looking for subsidiary of Abu
service-oriented Telecom organization. Our a vendor that could streamline our internal Dhabi Group, holds forth place in the
strategic partnership will accelerate that devel- operations from beginning to end. CA's vision Pakistan's cellular market, with 11.86 and
opment, utilizing leading edge, Enterprise IT for enterprise management gave us the growing rapidly with every passing day. The
Management solutions, for both Warid roadmap we were looking for. We reviewed company has made huge investments over
International's customers and its internal envi- many global IT companies but identified CA's the past few years to provide its customers
ronment. CA is committed to provide Warid a vision of Enterprise IT Management and com- with state of the art technology and a bunch of
long term help to develop their IT infrastruc- prehensive solution portfolio as delivering the quality services. 

Senior research engineer Mike Vande Weghe watches as his robotic bartender arm picks up a
Students participating in the 11th preadmission test for First cup during a demonstration at the Intel Corp. research facility at Carnegie Mellon University in
Year Engineering Classes in Mehran University of Pittsburgh. The semiconductor giant has operated research facilities at universities in
Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro at Public School. Pennsylvania, California and Washington for the past six years in hope of finding ways to fur- 79
ther integrate computers into daily life.
Khawar Shahzad IT

In recent years we have seen an

exponential growth in social net-
working products around us.
Professional networking, which is
not lot different than of social net-
working, benefits one's career
immensely. Most of the jobs
around the world are filled
through references. Someone who
knows more people within his
career sphere catches a better
chance of getting a good offer and
a good job as compared to a person
who does not built that level of
credibility and network, even if
that person is a better professional

n recent years we have seen an expo- on opportunities that came around. Often less- doing and think you can stand all kinds of criti-

I nential growth in social networking

products around us. The world is com-
municating through Orkut, Facebook,
Myspace, Second life and a myriad of
other options available for an Internet
user to stay online all the day and forget about
the real world. Measuring just how effective
these applications are is highly a matter of per-
skilled people, who are better at making rela-
tionships and leveraging them for their benefit
when needed, take up these opportunities.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of building a strong network of
friends inside your professional circle are
many: You get better opportunities. Your credi-
bility inside the circle of your profession
cism go out and shout, people will listen to
you, perhaps abuse you or even guide you but
will eventually befriend you.
2. Be selfless: If you help someone today
without any reward, that person will actually
become your agent and will popularize you like
no PR campaign can. For example, if you take
time to guide students without asking any
favors in return or lend a listening ear to some-
Let's discuss a little about Professional increases manifold. You stay on top of what's one in trouble, or help in whatever ways you
Networking and that too from the perspective happening in your domain. Particularly for are good at, those people will really appreciate
of building and using it to enhance our careers, technology people where things change rapid- and remember you. You will have your own
without focusing on the tools available for it. ly, this really eases out the pressure of staying personal evangelists!
So let's get started. 3. Be Professional: If you write a
blog do it with passion, if you com-
What is Professional Networking? A number of great professionals can ment on someone else's blog do it
In simple words it is making acquaintances professionally, never make personal
within your professional circle or domain. It is be found without handsom job offers attacks. Always carry yourself grace-
different from social networking, as it may
require a different kind of input from our end
and seen consistently stuck at lower fully since these things not only
enhance your image but also help
and the relationship might not be as informal
as a social network.
salaries and ranks just because they other people notice your profession-
did not take their time to build a pro- 4. Keep your Integrity intact:
Why do I need to build a Professional Network? Never ever stab someone in his
Now I know the first concern for most read- fessional network around them con- back to get personal gains. If you
ers, specifically young students and new pro- offend one person unethically, a lot
fessionals will be, why should I even care? "I sequently missing out on opportuni- more people may never speak well
got good grades and have a decent job, why about you, which may with time cre-
should I spend my time building relationships ties that came their way ate hurdles in your professional
with people who I am not directly related to or growth.
friend with?" on top all the time. If you have a good network 5. Be compassionate: This is applicable to
Well, the simplest reason is that the net- you might not even need to move a finger to professional networking as much as it is to
work will benefit your career immensely. Most be aware of recent happenings, all your links social networking. If you like something praise
of the jobs around the world are filled through in your network will do that for you. People generously, if you want to give advice do so
references. Someone who knows more people who dream of being self-employed can also without offending the other person or making
within his career domain will have a better use this to their advantage. Networking is him feel or look bad.
chance of getting a good offer and a good job required to survive in this cruel world. You 6. Keep Active Contact with the existing
as compared to a person who has not built that need people who will guide, help, assist, refer network: I see students coming out of college
level of credibility and network, even if that and even thrash (if you are going in the wrong and losing contact with their own classmates
person is a better professional. During the direction) you. within months of graduating and shrinking their
short course of my career I have seen a num- networks by the day. This is suicidal, never let
ber of great professionals without good job How to go about Building the Network? someone out of your circle and always keep
offers and who are consistently stuck at lower There are more than one ways of doing active contact with them.
salaries and ranks. An undeniable factor for this. Proper networking can become a powerful
their stagnant careers is the fact that they did 1. Blogging: This has recently grown into a tool and asset which when done properly can
not take their time to build a professional net- powerful tool in building your credential as a take you places, so start building your network
work around them consequently missing out good professional. If you know what you are today. 
Event Flare Report

benefit show, offered by Wateen, to help needy peo-

A ple with the help of "Services Aimed at Health and

Awakening in Remote Areas". SAHARA FOR LIFE
Trust is a registered tax exempted charity organiza-
tion striving for the betterment and promotion of
health and education in remote areas. The show was
held on 31 October in a local hotel of Lahore.
The show organized by Wateen and many designers took part in
it to represent their designs of new seasonal dresses. The leading
designer in the show was Anniee Mansoor who managed the show
as well. The prime goal was to get funds to help needy. The show

had the participation of ladies fashion exhibition with a verity of colours.
The show was first time organized by Wateen for SAHARA and it was
totally for charity, which will work to enhance the quality of life of patients in
remote areas.
The founder of SAHARA is the famous singer and social worker of
Pakistan Mr. Abrar-ul-Haq. The Trust was registered on 15th June 2000.
Within a short span of time the Trust has established itself as a devoted,
transparent and professional organization. The Trust is now recognized as
a leading registered charitable organization in Pakistan, UK and USA. 


World Gets Smallest Radio: Nanopod

It's the world's smallest radio, run with a single carbon nanotube radio-controlled
one ten-thousandth the diameter of a human hair and radio buffs are devices small
already dubbing it the nanopod. enough to exist in
Single battery and earphones are all you need to tune in with the a human's blood-
radio, built by physicists at the University of California in Berkeley. stream," the paper
The nanoradio, currently only a receiver, is 100 billion times small- said.
er than the first commercial radios, and the physicists began building Nanotubes are
it to mark the 100th anniversary last year of the first voice and music rolled-up sheets of
radio transmission. interlocked carbon
"We were just in ecstasy when this worked," said team leader atoms that form a
Professor Alex Zettl. "It was fantastic." tube so strong that
The radio, which could also work as a transmitter, has any number some scientists
of applications -- from cell phones to microscopic devices that sense have suggested using a nanotube wire to tether satellites in a fixed
the environment and relay information via radio signals, Zettl said. position above the earth. 
"The nanotube radio may lead to radical new applications, such as

VoIP Usage Growing Despite Quality Complaints

Voice over IP is proving popular with Internet users, though the months.
sound quality of calls remains the predominant complaint. According Skype remains the leading VoIP
to a report over the past year 1.8 million internet users have used application, with a 48 per cent share
VoIP. Of those who haven't, 16 per cent say they're likely to try it with- but rivals are beginning to present a
in the next year. threat. MSN Messenger made a solid
VoIP users appear happy with the service. Most expect to increase showing as the software of choice for
or maintain usage over the next year and only 1 per cent said they 20 per cent of respondents and
would reduce usage. They're largely satisfied with ease-of-use in Vonage accounted for 6 per cent of
placing calls and in value for money. The area in need of the greatest users.
improvement is sound quality - 29 per cent say they're dissatisfied The research consisted of inter-
with what they hear today. views with 3,000 adults around the
However, not everyone's keen to place phone calls over the world who use the Internet. 
Internet. More than half - 55 per cent - of respondents who hadn't
tried VoIP said they're not at all likely to give it a go within the next 12

Hi-def Flash Arrives

Adobe has upgraded its Flash player to handle high-definition One report indi-
video. San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe systems said its Flash Player 9 cates the Flash
software includes support for H.264, the advanced video compression upgrade will
codec in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD hi-def DVD players. A beta version of handle 1080p,
the update is available online. The final release is expected in the fall. a higher resolu-
Concurrently, On2 Technologies of Tarrytown, N.Y., said its Flix tion than most
encoding technology would support content for the new Flash format, of the native
in addition to its own VP6, which is used in previous versions of HD displays
Flash. and many of
The Flash HD upgrade extends hi-def streaming capability to the the camcorders in use today.
masses, even though the nature of high-definition content and distri- HD Flash capability is nonetheless another signal to dedicated
bution is still tenuously comprehended. There are degrees of HD multimedia distributors--broadcast, cable, satellite and telcoTV
quality, with MPEG-2, unretransmitted over-the-air content at the top, providers--that streaming can no longer be dismissed as low-res,
and MPEG-4 over a 200 kbps copper or coax conduit on the low side. jerky video in a tiny box. 

G-Wiz! Electric Car Goes up in Smoke

The electric car's potential for saving the planet by reducing our receive fatal injuries at speeds of 40mph.
dependence on oil and lowering carbon emissions has been dealt a GoinGreen acknowledged that the G-Wiz was likely to perform
blow with the news that a best-selling model may suddenly burst into worse than heavier cars in crash tests but pointed out that its light-
flames. ness prevented pedestrians from being hurt as badly in any collision.
A total of 629 G-Wiz cars have been recalled and repaired In any case, it added, the G-Wiz had a top speed of 45mph and was
because their battery chargers may be prone to overheating. The designed for urban traffic where the likelihood of a high-speed impact
alarm was raised when a parked car spontaneously combusted. was lower. The recall was announced in September and ended
No one was hurt and, although just one car was involved in the November. The cars were collected and taken to GoinGreen's work-
incident in August, the Reva Electric Car Company decided to recall shop in Southall, west London, where battery chargers containing
every G-Wiz fitted with the same charger. faulty heat sensors were replaced with heat-sensitive cut-out switches
Publicity about the recalls could stunt the growing popularity of the and fire-retardant covers. The company's managing director, Keith
Indian-made three-door hatchback, which can be charged from a nor- Johnston, said: "The recall was undertaken as a precautionary meas-
mal power socket and costs just 1p a mile to run. ure following a single failure, where no one was injured. GoinGreen
The 8ft-long G-Wiz, which costs Rs. 800,000 is far smaller than supports the action, which demonstrates the highest level of commit-
conventional cars and emits only two-thirds of the carbon dioxide pro- ment to safety in electric vehicles."
duced by a similar, petrol-driven vehicle. As a result, the car has The company pointed out that 275 other makes of car had been
proved a hit with high demand, where most of the cars have been recalled by manufacturers this year, affecting hundreds of thousands
sold. Several celebrities are G-Wiz owners, including Jonathan Ross, of vehicles. 
Jerry Hall and Kristin Scott Thomas, who said: "I love my G-Wiz. It is
such fun to drive, easy to park, nippy. Children laugh when I pass by."
However, the car's reputation was dented in May when safety tests
organised by BBC's Top Gear programme suggested that the G-Wiz
84 offered poor protection in a crash and occupants could potentially

MySpace & Bebo Join Google's love-in

Two of the world's largest social declined to comment, saying only that it
networks have signed up to will evaluate OpenSocial once there is a
Google's broad alliance, putting fur- chance to look at it.
ther pressure on Facebook. "The most important principle about
Google has ramped up the pressure openness is that everyone is invited to
on Facebook, announcing that join," Eric Schmidt, Google's chief exec-
MySpace and Bebo had joined the utive, said.
broad alliance of social networking sites Other networks that have signed up
it has assembled that will offer a cross- to OpenSocial include Friendster, Hi5,
site platform for software developers. and LinkedIn, and a number of compa-
The decision by MySpace, which nies which traditionally provide software
has 110 million users, and Bebo - the for businesses, such as
most popular networking site in the UK and Oracle, have also joined.
- to sign up to Google's initiative, called "The internet has fundamentally
OpenSocial, is likely to put pressure on changed the expectations that con-
Facebook to drop its own, similar, plat- sumers have for business applications,"
form and join up too. Adam Gross, vice president of develop-
OpenSocial will provide software er marketing for, said,
developers with a common set of standards, meaning that their pro- adding that companies would increasingly deploy social applications
grams - or applications - will be compatible with a range of social net- for their customers.
working sites. Dan Nye, chief executive of LinkedIn, a network aimed at profes-
Facebook opened its platform to developers in a similar way in sionals, said: "Some social experiences are about photo sharing,
May, and since then more than 5,000 applications or 'apps' - including some are affinity-based, some professionally oriented. OpenSocial
the popular music tool iLike - have been written for the site and down- allows each experience to be distinct and provides them a shared
loaded by millions of users. infrastructure for development."
OpenSocial is going to be become the de facto standard for devel- Google will be hoping that the initiative generates renewed interest
opers right out of the gate," Chris DeWolfe, chief executive of in its own social network, Orkut, which, while popular in Brazil, has
MySpace, said during a press conference at Google's headquarters. struggled to gain a foothold in the US.
"It will have access to 200 million users, making it way bigger than It may also benefit by selling more advertising on networks that
any other platform out there." join OpenSocial, as well as inside applications written by third party
Google said that Facebook had been asked to participate in the developers. 
platform, but the latter, which now has 50 million users, has so far

10 years.
Demand for IT Jobs in US Another reason is that fewer college students are choosing to
major in computer science, engineering, and mathematics. For exam-
Survey finds strong need-and increasing salaries-for Windows, ple, the number of income freshmen who planned to major in comput-
network, database and firewall specialists. er science fell by 70 percent between 2000 and 2005.
It's no secret that there's a tech talent crunch, and experts predict Finally, industry-wide growth is pushing demand for greater num-
it's only going to get worse. According to a survey carried out by an bers of skilled IT workers in the labor force. Nearly 1 million IT jobs
American research firm, demand for IT professionals is the highest it's will be created by 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates.
been in at least five years. According to another report released recently, 2008 Salary Guide,
Based on responses from more than 1,400 CIOs at U.S. compa- the biggest salary gains among IT professionals next year will be for
nies with more than 100 employees, the technical skills in highest lead application developers who manage development teams and
demand are: projects. Their base compensation is expected to rise next year 7.6
 Windows administration percent, from $80,250 to $108,000 annually. That's a significant pre-
 Network administration mium over the average increase projected for all IT professionals of
 Database management 5.3 percent in 2008.
 Firewall administration Other IT positions that will experience fatter than average increas-
 Wireless network management es are applications architects, 7.5 percent; messaging administrators,
A combination of factors is causing the talent crunch, the recruit- 7.1 percent; and data modelers, 7 percent.
ment firm reported. For one thing, large numbers of baby boomers are The industries forecasting especially strong demand for IT profes-
either retiring or preparing to retire, placing pressure on companies to sionals next year include financial services, health care, and commer-
boost recruitment plans to replace key staff retiring over the next 5 to cial construction. 

The home page of Nokia's social networking site called Mosh is seen on a mobile phone Japan's computer giant NEC employee Ayumi Tamotsu displays Hello Kitty designed
in Stockholm. Mosh, a social networking site that is accessible from mobile phones, is the computer mouse and USB flash memory at the company's showroom in Tokyo. NEC also
latest piece in the puzzle for Nokia as it tries to build an Internet stronghold to balance a unveiled the new notebook computer "LaVie G Hello Kitty model" designed with gold plat-
maturing cellphone business. So far there have been no advertisements, just word-of- ed Hello Kitty, decorated with Swarovski crystals.
mouth promotion by guys like Virtanen, and already more than 6 million people have
logged on to download pictures, video, music and computer programs written by other 85
Internet Flare Reprt

Ballmer: Search Like `Precocious' Tot

Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer compared the company's search technology to a pre-
cocious toddler one who would eventually grow up to rival nemesis google Inc. During an
animated discussion at the Web 2.0 Summit moderated by organizer John Battelle, Ballmer
took a paternal tone, saying Microsoft's own Web search technology needed improvements.
"You're just 3 years old, and we've got you in there playing basketball with a 12 year old,"
Ballmer gushed and gesticulated, nearly popping out of his seat. "You're growing up quick
and getting better every day, and you've got all the potential in world, and it may take you 'til
you're 7, 8, 9 or 10, but you're gonna dunk and you're gonna dunk on the other guy some
day, Johnny."
Earlier this year at Stanford University where Google's founders met during graduate stud-
ies Ballmer characterized the search leader as a "one-trick pony" and described Mountain
View based Google's growth plans as "insane."
"They started in one area, they get really good in that area and then fill out around core,"
he said between sips of his iced Starbucks drink. "Microsoft is unique in that we've already
got two areas. We started out as a desktop computing company and now we've got a huge
enterprise business. We're trying to do devices and entertainment, and advertising and the
Web. We're trying to be a three- or four-trick pony." 

'Picture-Passwords' A Blessing for Forgetful People

The picture password system allows users to 'draw' their password on a handheld device. It is being
hunt if using pictures will also be easier for people with language difficulties
Scientists have developed a new software for the latest mobile playing card or the night sky.
phones and handheld computers, which uses pictures instead of let- The computer remembers the number of "pen" strokes used, where
ters and numbers for security codes. Now, people who struggle to the image was started and the order in which they were made. The
remember passwords and personal identification numbers will draw system allows users to create passwords, which are much more com-
pictures on a screen. plex than the traditional numeric or alphabetical versions.
The idea could be expanded into other areas, as the images will be The experts have developed emerging Draw a Secret (DAS) tech-
harder than text passwords nology and applied it to a background image. The improved
to copy by fraudsters, and The improved software BDAS, software is known as BDAS, Background Draw a Secret,
easier to remember. Background Draw a Secret, which makes which makes it easier for the user to remember where to
The picture password start drawing on the screen.
system allows users to 'draw' it easier for the user to remember where Most of the people forget a pin number or a password
their password on a hand- to start drawing on the screen but now the number of such incidents will decrease with the
held device. Researchers at introduction of the new technology as the human mind has a
Newcastle University are also researching if using pictures will also be much greater capacity for remembering images, and it's certainly true
easier for people with language difficulties. The "graphical passwords" that a picture is worth a thousand words in this instance. 
are drawn over a background, such as a photo of a flower, a map, a

Tiny Chips Flash Memory Advance

Electronics giant Samsung has unleashed what it claims is the The new chips are
world's most powerful chip for use in memory cards. The 64-gigabit designed to be used in a
(GB) chips could be used to make 128-gigabyte memory cards, com- specific type of memory
monly used in MP3 players, capable of holding the equivalent of 80 known as NAND flash.
DVD's. The chips are built by using circuits with a minimum feature NAND is one of two types
size of just 30 billionths of a metre (nanometre). of flash memory and
Rival firm Toshiba has said it is also working with similar technolo- offers higher storage and
gy. Both firms will release products in 2009. Flash memory is a so- faster speeds than the
called non-volatile computer memory, primarily used in memory cards, cheaper NOR flash.
USB drives and MP3 players. NOR is commonly
Non-volatile memory retains information even when there is no used in low-end applications where smaller memory capacity and slow-
power to the device. Samsung said there was currently "exploding er speeds are acceptable, such as in cheaper mobile phone handsets.
demand" for flash memory as a storage medium in a range of applica- Samsung has said that a single chip could be used in an MP3 player
tions. capable of holding 18,000 songs. 

Intel to Start New Chip Plant in Arizona

In the latest display of its manufacturing might, Intel Corp. is open- lem as chip parts
ing a new $3 billion factory in Arizona, widening its lead over rival shrink to the atomic
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in the industry's switch to a new chip- scale.
making technique. Intel is at least six
The new facility in Chandler, Ariz., will be Intel's first plant dedicated months ahead of
to churning out microprocessors, the brains of personal computers and AMD in the transition
servers, whose parts measure an average of just 45 nanometers, or 45 to the new chip-mak-
billionths of a meter. ing method.
The transistors on such chips are so small that more than 30 million Intel and AMD
can fit onto the head of a pin.How small they are is critical to the fight currently make their
between Intel and AMD because smaller features open more room for most advanced chips on 65-nanometer technology and both compa-
transistors on a single slice of silicon, boosting performance while low- nies are spending heavily to outfit their factories with the cutting-edge
ering manufacturing costs. equipment and technologies needed to make 45-nanometer chips.
The new processors are also prepared with materials that reduce Intel's new 1-million-square-foot factory, with more than 1,000 work-
86 the amount of electric current escaping from transistors, a major prob- ers, is so big that more than 17 football fields could fit inside it. 

Why a PC can't be your TV!

People spend hours in front of countless PC a remote control and infrared receiver to control
monitors nowadays. Usually those monitors go the software. There are primarily two types
dark when work ends. That could soon change in available, those that plug into the computer via
some households. Monitors have other uses the USB port and those that fit inside the PC
apart from word processing and spreadsheets. itself via the PCI slot.
They can also show movies and soap operas. But Sound admirers will also find PC monitors
a few problems still remain when converting your lacking, as the loudspeakers are not always
monitor into a desktop TV. suitable. Different screen proportions also make
Many consumers already appreciate one of the jump from computer monitor to television
the flat screen monitor's advantages. Whether as difficult. Some devices do not use their full
a television or a computer, it saves space. It is screen size, which is not ideal for television.
perfect for a student's room. These formats, 4:3 for computers and 16:9 for
But anyone who thinks they can meet all television create their own problems.
their needs with one device is deceiving him- Monitors have other uses apart from word The computer's 4:3 format is dying
self. Producers still face a lot of work in processing and spreadsheets. They can also out in televisions. But flat screen dis-
merging the TV and computer. Colour is the
first problem as the PC world uses different
show movies and soap operas. Many con- plays with a 16:9 format create odd reso-
lutions for PCs. experts recommend a
colours than television. sumers appreciate one of the flat screen 16:10 format. Otherwise, pictures can be
According to experts, colours are often monitor's advantages. Whether as a televi- blurred. But investing in upgrades like
pale on analogous television. When transmit- new pixel technology can have its down-
ted digitally, colours can be too intense and sion or a computer, it saves space. It is per- sides.
become unpleasant to watch. fect for a student's room Text no longer comes across very
Customers should also consider the sharp. Experts recommend a full-HD with
downsides of highly reflective screens. These screens are very popular 1920X1080 pixels while buying PC monitors with TV reception.
at present, as they look great and show rich colours. It is often a disad- Multifunctional devices should also come with connections for Scart,
vantage because any lamplight is reflected on the screen, distracting DVD and video recorders and HDMI connections should also be
from the picture. Whereas some of these screens deliver good PC included.
images, they can stumble when it comes to TV transmissions. They Buyers must decide whether PC or television resolution is more
can display scripts in excellent detail. But motion becomes difficult as important. TV viewers who value vibrant colours and sharp pictures
PC monitors are not designed for fast moving pictures. Most monitors should stick with standard TV sets.
also have tight viewing angles. Anyone not sitting rightly in front of the For all the other people, those without much space in their home
TV, on the far edge of the sofa, will be unlucky. and willing to overlook some of the problems with a monitor with a
There is another drawback, as most PC monitors do not come with built-in television receiver, have no second way but compromise to the
remote controls. However, these days most TV tuner cards come with other solution. 

Sony 'shuffles' out multi-colour Cyber-shot T2 line-up

Sony's upcoming Cyber-shot DSC-T2 could become the iPod The T2 contains 4GB of
Shuffle of the digicam world when it goes on sale in Europe in storage, so there's plenty of
November. The metal-clad machine will be available in a range of space for pics, 1250 of them
Shuffle-like colours. at full 8Mp resolution, though
Not that the camera's specification is cut down. Each T2 incorpo- there's also a Memory Stick
rates an eight-megapixel image sensor placed behind a Carl Zeiss 3x Pro Duo slot for more.
optical zoom lens and feeding the camera's 2.7in display. It ticks all the The camera supports HD
right boxes for features, with anti-blur technology, face detection and TV output, though the cable
high sensetivity shooting at up to ISO 3200. you need an extra option.
However, Sony focused on the T2's blogger-friendly Sharemark The T2 goes on sale in a
technology, which it claimed makes preparing snaps and videos for the choice of metallic black,
likes of MySpace and Flikr easier by automatically resizing them and white, blue, green and pink.
adding tags ready for the time the camera's connected to a PC for Its price has yet to be set. 

Apple Could Face Environmental Lawsuit

The iPhone's makers, Apple, could face The notice sent to Apple and the
a lawsuit over accusations that their prod- California state attorney general gives
uct is 'toxic' with chemicals linked to birth the non-profit environmental law group
defects legal standing to sue Apple in 60 days.
Environmentalist lawyers are threaten- The lawsuit could compel Apple to
ing to sue Apple in 60 days if the iconic US put warnings on iPhone packaging but
Company doesn't make iPhones greener doesn't require the renowned maker of
or warn buyers of toxins in the devices. iPods and Macintosh computers to recall
Greenpeace, the Center for devices or alter the composition of mod-
Environmental Health in Oakland, els yet to be sold.
California, sent Apple notice after environ- Apple declined to discuss the matter
mental activist group Greenpeace released on the grounds it doesn't comment on
a scientific analysis of how Earth-friendly pending litigation.
iPhones are. Environmentalists contend that the
The level of phthalate esters, a chemi- greening of Apple is long overdue, with
cal linked to birth defects, in plastic coating the company lagging behind rivals when
of iPhone earphone wires is greater than it comes to eliminating toxins and sup-
that allowed in toys or childcare items sold porting recycling or safe disposal of
in Europe, according to Greenpeace. products.
"If a pregnant woman is winding and Greenpeace also criticized Apple for
unwinding that cord a number of times each day, like we all would, she having batteries glued and soldered into iPhones, making it harder to
is getting exposed to this chemical," the centre's chief executive replace, recycle or properly dispose of the chemically hazardous power
Michael Green said. packs.  87

Motorola Eyes Razr2 to do Good in the Future

With a sleek design and an even sleeker advertising campaign, company has said its cell
Motorola Inc. is banking on its new Razr2 cell phone to pump up ane- phone unit will remain unprof-
mic sales and provide a rosier future after a year long slump punctuat- itable until at least 2008.
ed by back-to-back losses. This is the same company
After a first half that may have put CEO Ed Zander's future employ- whose original Razr was the
ment into question, the end of Motorola's rough patch may be in sight. cell phone of choice just two
The analysts say that the cell phone maker needs a steady string years ago, nearly doubling the
of follow-ups to stay alive in an industry now dominated by products company's market share in 18
crammed with cutting edge features and software. months. But the company's
Rival Samsung Electronics Co. overtook Motorola this summer to decision to dramatically slash
secure the No. 2 spot among cell phone manufacturers worldwide. prices in order to maintain
Finland's Nokia Corp. remains the far-and-away leader. Some analysts market share sent the compa-
say Motorola's market share has continued to erode and dropped ny's profits into a free fall in
back to 11 percent in the third quarter, from 22 percent last year. the absence of another slam-
Motorola hasn't had much luck on Wall Street either, where its dunk phone in its portfolio. 
stock has plunged 20 percent since last fall.
Any third-quarter profit would be driven by Motorola's hand-held
business devices and high-tech home entertainment gadgets: The

Cell Phone Market Volumes Up

All handset vendors combined shipped 285 million cell phones in the July-September quarter, with
strong demand in Asia and Africa lifting sales 12 percent from a year ago.
The main gainer from the robust demand on emerging markets was the world's largest handset maker,
Nokia, which sold more phones than its three closest rivals combined.
The Finnish company has a strong lead in emerging markets including China and India. 

Systems Limited's Day Out for Orphanage Children

In the true sprite of sharing Systems Limited, Pakistan's first and
largest state-of-the-art software house, arranged a fun packed day-long
activity in Lahore for 76 children from an Orphanage.
Coordinated by the management committee of the Orphanage, the
children (male & female) between the ages of 5 and 10 years were taken
to Jinnah Gardens by Systems Limited team. Soon after their arrival at
the park, the children were served with refreshments. The children
enjoyed various healthy activities like reading story books, playing luddo
etc, organized by the employees and volunteers of the company.
After that the children were taken to the nearby zoo, followed by a trip
to Joy-land at the Fortress Stadium and finally to a sumptuous Dinner.
Each volunteer team member of Systems Limited managed his/her group
of 10 children.
At the conclusion of a fun-filled day and a hearty meal, the children
were excited to receive gifts distributed by the team from Systems
Limited. All gifts were made possible through cash donations made by
the staff of the company. In the end, the children were transported back
to the Orphanage. 

The Age of "Ringxiety"

Ever hear or feel your phone ringing, you're sure of it, and
when you rush to answer it... you discover it hadn't rung at
all? More and more cell phone users are reporting hearing
their "distinctive" ring tone or feeling their phone vibrating
against their leg, only to find that it was all just a fantasy.
It's a phenomenon loosely termed "ringxiety" or "fauxcel-
larm," with some suggesting that cell phones have become
part of the very fabric of people's lives, so much so that if
they think have missed a call it has a profound psychological
impact. The result is that many feel like their phone could be
ringing, even if it isn't. The phenomenon is very similar to
new mothers who're sure they hear their baby crying; only do
discover that the kid is fast asleep.
Phantom vibrations may be purely psychological, but
phantom ringing has a more scientific basis. This "psycho-acoustic phenomenon" is a complex issue related to how the brain processes sound
in the 1 KHz to 6 KHz range, where most phone ringing is based. "Your brain is conditioned to respond to a phone ring just as it is to a baby
crying," says one sound expert.
As well, if you have a cell phone, you're probably just a little bit crazy. Frequent phone users, are simply "more anxious," says one psychia-
trist. "They are on tenterhooks, waiting for the phone to ring."
Something to think about next time you turns your favorite song into a ringtone... 

How to Increase Phones' Battery Life?

Mobile marketing has been grown in an unimaginable way. Lots of you have customized more level
manufacturers are interested in marketing their products with stunning of brightness in your handset, it
features. People are very keen to enjoy the newly introduced features will consume more battery power.
at any cost. Mobile users do not know that the need of battery charge It is recommended that to set opti-
increases, according to the number of features availed with your hand- mum level of brightness for your
set. When the features become familiar among the users, they may mobile screen.
get interested to use them often. When they use the features often, o Avoid setting wallpapers and
there is no doubt in the reduction of battery life of the instrument. screen savers in your handsets. It
The following are the some of the recommendations to prolong has to consume power to display
your battery life of your mobile: each time when you release the
o Better switch off the Bluetooth feature if you do not need it. key lock in your mobile.
Bluetooth feature is nothing but the advantage of getting Internet con- o Reduce the ring tone vol-
nection without using wires. It has to utilize the radio signals through ume. Optimum ring volume does
GPRS to transfer files. This transmission of data needs a lot of battery not need more power.
charge and therefore you are supposed to deactivate the Bluetooth o Turn after adapter of Wi-Fi
option when you do not use this feature for transmitting data through and 3G. Activate these options
Internet. only when you want to use them.
o The brightness of screen is also a battery draining feature. When

Best of the Mobile Net

When it comes to the Web, not all phones and phone-friendly Just as you can
browsers are created equally, there must be a question in may minds replace Internet
that which is the best? Explorer on your PC
You can see a lot of the Internet on a mobile phone these days. with the open-source
More developers are offering stripped-down, mobile versions of their Firefox, you can
Web sites, and more handsets can display the full sites themselves. replace IE Mobile with
Of course, the experience remains far from perfect. Sometimes you the free Mozilla Minimo
get a site's mobile version; other times you don't. Your hardware and 0.2, which runs on
your cellular connection can limit your speed. And then there's your Windows Mobile 5 and
cell phone's preinstalled browser: While designed, in theory, to work above. Minimo is a
with your cell-phone hardware, it can force you to scroll around end- large download
lessly, it can mangle Web pages, and it can't yet fully display Flash (4.5MB), and it runs
content. slowly. It's also prone
You may not have to put up with the browser that came preinstalled to crashing. But for a
on your phone. Third-party options are available for every platform beta browser, it's cer-
except the iPhone. Remember, however, that not every browser will tainly worth a peek as
run on every device, even if it says it supports the device's OS. Also, an alternative to IE (it even has a tabbed browsing system).
many browser builders target service providers and developers Access NetFront 3.4, currently a free beta, is another IE Mobile
instead of consumers, so support can be spotty. Some offer limited- alternative. It supports Ajax and other modern Web standards and ren-
time trials. ders most pages closer to their desktop versions than any other
Opera Mini 4 beta 2 runs on virtually every smart-phone platform, Windows Mobile-compatible browser. It has a useful visual thumbnail
with free versions available for BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, and layout for bookmarks. Symbian version cost 10 Euros.
Windows Mobiledevices. The similar Opera Mobile runs only on ReenSoft PIEPlus 2.2 isn't a stand-alone browser, but rather, a $15
Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile handsets. Opera Mini is a very add-on to make IE Mobile less useless. It can't fix IE's poor rendering,
small, very fast browser with no frills and no rendering problems. The but it does add tabbed browsing, screen dragging and zooming, and
current beta version is a bit buggy, but it's the way--the only way--to many other features. However, like some of the other alternative
go if you want a single interface across multiple devices. browsers we tried, PIEPlus is prone to crashes. 

Warning Over Net Address Limits

Internet Service Providers urgently need to roll out the next genera- net.
tion of net addresses for online devices. Every device that goes online The appreciation of
is allocated a unique IP address but the pool of numbers is finite and the importance of getting
due to run out around 2010. IPv6 into operation is
A new system, called IPv6, has been awaiting roll out for 10 years. very much more visible
Unless IPv6 is switched on in the coming years, some devices might than before. One compli-
not be able to go online. cating factor is that IPv6
The rate of consumption of available remaining IPv4 numbers and IPv4 are not compati-
appears to be on track to run out in 2010/11. ble so ISPs will have to
The current system, called IPv4 provides four billion addresses but run the two systems in
the explosion in the number of devices that go online has led to the parallel - adding to costs.
potential shortage. Although IPv6 was standardized 10 years ago it In Asia, governments
has not been rolled out at speed. While modern computers, servers, in China, Korea and
routers and other online devices are able to use IPv6, internet service Japan have begun to
providers have yet to implement the system. lead roll out of IPv6 and
"The reason they haven't - which is quite understandable - is that the European Union is
customers haven't asked for it yet," said a internet server provider. reviewing methods to
IPv6 will create 340 trillion separate addresses, enough to satisfy encourage adoption. 
Vint Cerf works on his computer in his McLean, Va. home.
demand for decades to come. To be clear - if we finally exhaust the After fending off an international rebellion and planting the
IPv4 pool it doesn't mean the Internet stops working. But people want- seeds for streamlining operations.
ing an IPv4 address won't get one. If there is an Internet that does not
support IPv6, not getting an IPv4 address means not getting on the 89

CMPak to Launch Call Centre HBFC Acquires Advanced

CMPak Ltd, formerly Paktel and China Mobile's first venture outside China,
is coming up with its state-of-the-art call centre/helpline in Islamabad, which is
Contact Center Solution
going to start functioning by the end of this year. A statement said that the
centre will help in generating employment opportunities for more than 450 from ZRG
agents and will be the first of its kind in the country where internationally House Building Finance Corporation Limited, the oldest hous-
trained staff will be assisting the valued customers. It said that the centre, to ing finance institute of Pakistan, has acquired an advanced con-
be accessible free of cost, has been built to cater to the growing market tact center solution from ZRG,
needs and anticipated growth in coming years, especially in north and central nation's market leader in contact
regions. technology.
"CMPak is setting new standards of customer care in the country. The HBFC Ltd has launched its
basic motive of launching this call centre is to get first hand knowledge about Customer Care Contact Center
the problems of the customers and to pro- on a toll free number (0800-42325) to provide prompt and updat-
vide them solutions within shortest possible ed information to valuable customers of the Corporation and the
time," said Guo Yonghong, CEO, CMPak general public as well. The newly established Contact Center
Ltd. aims to serve the company's large customer base more efficient-
The centre will provide backup to call ly, which covers lower and middle income sections of population.
centres in Karachi and Lahore as well as The contact center will be a major contributor in supporting the
will work as a disaster recovery arrange- recent Ghar Aasan and Shandar Ghar Schemes of HBFC Ltd.
ment. ZRG team studied HBFC's requirements and presented a
CMPak Ltd has already entered into an cost effective solution that is built on the most preferred open
agreement with Allied Bank Limited for standards technology. HBFC Ltd selected ZRG solution because
Cash Management. the offer and features were unmatched by any other market play-
According to the agreement, ABL will er. ZRG seamlessly integrated HBFC's customer database with
offer Cash Management Services to its Contact Center and CRM solution.
CMPak throughout its network of 743 According to Mr. Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi, Chairman and
branches across Pakistan. Under the MD, HBFC Ltd, "The Company aims having its brand/service
agreement, CMPak's sales offices, dealers, franchisees and other channel network in more than 90 cities of the country. The contact center
partners will access Pakistan's largest real-time online banking network, thor- service will facilitate citizens to discuss and find their housing
oughly streamlining the receivables management processes of the company. problems and solutions with HBFC Ltd. ZRG has done an excel-
lent job by delivering us a highly flexible and advanced platform
that will help us achieve greater customer satisfaction."
Motorola Gets Rocking with ROKR Mr. Ayub Butt, CEO, ZRG International said, "Customer satis-
faction can be increased by providing prompt services, personal-

S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones ized attention, and quality interaction to the customer. ZRG and
HBFC Ltd will be working jointly to increase customer satisfac-
Motorola, Inc., a global leader in wire- tion by improving business communication and customer contact
less communications, has launched the management functions." 
ROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
in Pakistan, combining stylish design with
cutting-edge Bluetooth wireless technolo-
gy, giving its Pakistani consumers easy
Pakistan to Explore Irish IT
access to their favorite music on-the-go.
The ROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo
Headphone lets consumers stream music Pakistan Software Export Board
from their Bluetooth-enabled stereo music (PSEB) organised networking Events in
phone or MP3 player, delivers non-stop music from each single change and Dublin, Ireland from 7-10 November, 2007
features multi-function call, volume and track controls. The music mutes or in collaboration with the Embassy of
pauses when calls come in and resumes once they have ended. Pakistan in Dublin, Ireland Pakistan
"The ROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone is a compact, lightweight Business Council (IPBC), Dublin Chamber
solution made with sport and music enthusiasts in mind. It allows consumers of Commerce, Irish IT Industry and various
to take their calls and listen to their favourite music with them anywhere, any- other local partners.
time," said Sarim Alvi, Director Sales and Marketing, Mobile Devices, Ireland has emerged as the third leading global destination
Motorola Pakistan. for ICT outsourcing activities after India and Canada and is
The ROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone weighs barely an ounce and focusing on South Asia due to the huge IT outsourcing potential
is designed with a comfortable behind-the-head style. It is also water and of regional states including Pakistan.
sweat resistant for longer endurance. "The visit would play a significant role in opening new vistas
The ROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone is now available in of collaboration between the companies of both the countries,"
Pakistan. an official of Pakistan Software Export Board remarked.
The PSEB delegation was comprised of ten member compa-
nies which are renowned in their respective areas of expertise.
These companies included ALP Business Services Management,
Electronic Solutions Pakistan, Msoft, Voxel Communications,
Acrologix, Kraysis, Softech, EfroTech, Sofizar and iNVATERRA.
Pakistan has emerged as one of the fastest growing
economies in the world with over 7% GDP during 2006-07 and
1000% growth in foreign direct investments. With an IT industry
worth more than US$ 2.8 billion, including annual exports worth
US$ 1.4 billion. Pakistan is eyeing to take this sector to the size
of over US$ 11 billion by 2011.
There are 1082 active IT companies in the country out of
which 110 are ISO certified. One of the main factors behind this
rapid growth is that the Government of Pakistan allows foreign
investors 100% ownership of equity and 100% repatriation of
profits, as well as tax exemption for IT companies until 2016. The
Government also allows tax exemptions on export income from
computer software and related services.
Telecom journalists from Pakistan attended the media training workshop organized by Mobilink PSEB is a Government agency mandated to promote
in Istanbul Turkey . Pakistan's IT Industry including software, services, hardware and
90 call centers locally and globally. 

PTA Orders Sealing of 11 PSEB 's ERP Software to Improve

Mobile Franchises SMEs Productivity
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in its attempt to Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) has successfully developed
thwart the sale of new mobile phone SIMs without proper docu- open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, styled as
mentation, directed five GSM mobile phone operators to immedi- AutoPlus, for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in readymade gar-
ately seal and terminate registration of their 11 more franchisees ments, hosiery, automotive parts and accessories, textile processing and
located in different cities across the country. surgical instruments' verticals, official of Pakistan Software Export Board
These franchisees were selling mobile connections without said in a statement.
following the standard procedure laid down by PTA, the Under PSEB's project and in collaboration with Pakistan Association for
spokesman for the telecom regulatory body, PTA said. As per Automotive Parts and Accessories' Manufacturers (PAAPAM) and 15 of its
details, PTA has issued written directions to mobile phone com- more far sighted member units, four unique ERP softwares have been
panies for the closing of three franchisees of Mobilink, two fran- developed by member companies of PSEB. These ERP softwares have
chisees of Ufone, two franchisees of Warid, two franchisees of been designed to improve the productivity of SME units. The PSEB initiative
Telenor and two franchisees of CMPak (Paktel). also aims to allow the local software companies to gain expertise in the
It may be recalled that PTA took similar action against 6 fran- development of ERP solutions for the local manufacturing industry and to
chisees of mobile operators in September 2007 on violation of promote the use of open source technology.
PTA procedures for sale of new mobile connections. The newly developed ERP software has been successfully implemented
This is in line with PTA's commitment to streamline the sale of at a model unit, 'Kortech Industries' in Lahore. Using this technology,
new mobile connections across the country and to take strict Kortech Industries has now automated all its processes from customer
action against the SIM sellers not adhering to the standard pro- order to the delivery of goods. The implementation of ERP software has
cedures. resulted in an 87 % reduction in time and a 70 % reduction in human
PTA has taken serious view of non-verification of SIMs and resources needed at the model unit.
has warned for further action against franchisees violating PTA Official stated that the product is now being implemented at 14 additional
procedures for issuance of new SIMs. A clear policy has already PAAPAM units. After implementation in 15 member units of PAAPAM, the
been devised and issued to mobile operators for verification of product will be available, free of cost, for over 250 other member units of
subscriber's antecedents and cleaning of old data. PAAPAM. The additional units will only have to pay the cost for implementa-
It may be mentioned that surveys of customer service cen- tion of the software. SME BSF (Business Support Fund) has approved to
tres, franchisees and retailers of all mobile companies have been provide 50 % funding for the implementation cost. 
conducted by PTA Zonal offices located at Peshawar,
Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta to determine the
progress on issuance of new phone connection after fulfilling all
requirements in line with the instructions of the Authority. 

Warid Starts Providing

International Roaming
Services to its Prepaid
Warid Telecom, while providing one of the largest international
roaming networks to its postpaid consumers, has recently added
ZEM (Prepaid) International Roaming service to its International
Roaming product portfolio. With this new service Warid prepaid cus-
tomers will have the facility to roam internationally. The first destina-
tion on the ZEM IR coverage map is Afghanistan. Mr. Zafar Iqbal, GM HR & ADMIN, Warid Telecom presenting trophy to the Captain of winning
Hamid Farooq, Chief Executive Officer Warid Telecom stated, team in prize distribution ceremony for inter-department cricket tournament
"Our vision is to provide the best services to Warid Telecom sub- arranged for employees.
scribers and international prepaid roaming is a testament to this
statement. Since the majority of mobile tele-density in our country
consists of prepaid users, Warid ZEM International Roaming will
help facilitate Pakistanis while traveling to global destinations. In
fact, Warid is continuously adding new locations and international
operators to its IR network to further this process. Prepaid
International Roaming will be yet another milestone in our short his-
tory as a premier and pioneering provider of telecom services."
Thomas Yeo, Chief Commercial Officer Warid Telecom said,
"Prepaid International Roaming is a service unique to the Pakistani
market. Since the service has been implemented abroad for a few
selected providers, we have been able to study the positive effects
and wish to deliver this option to our loyal ZEM users."
Warid Telecom recently entered into a strategic alliance with
Singapore Telecom. Subsequent to this transaction, telecom giant
SingTel has acquired 30% percent equity stake in Warid Telecom.
This partnership has been made as part of a strategy to support
Warid Telecom's continued growth and to enhance its market posi-
Warid Telecom is the fastest growing and GSM mobile company
in Pakistan with about 12 million subscribers and coverage in over Mr. Zafar Iqbal, GM HR & ADMIN, Warid Telecom with Organizing Committee for the inter-
departmental cricket tournament
176 cities and towns all over Pakistan. 

CSP, Microsoft Join Hands for Professionals’ Training Computer Society of Pakistan (CSP) and Microsoft have
launched Trade Specific Technology Training for IT professionals in Karachi. It was an initiative taken by both organizations to provide a frame-
work of collaboration between top class academia, industry representatives and Microsoft to jointly launch and manage trade specific courses for
the Industry. The main purpose of these courses is to motivate IT industry to adopt latest software project management tools through interaction
with experts from the industry, supplemented with case studies and examples from the relevant Industry.  91

Voluntary Separation PC/Server Market remains slow in

Scheme for PTCL Approved H1
The Cabinet Committee on Privatisation (CCoP), which met in Springboard Research, a leading
Islamabad, with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz in the chair, innovator in the IT Market Research
approved PTCL Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS), besides industry, announced that the
endorsing subscription of Habib Bank IPO. Pakistan PC/Server market wit-
Secretary IT & Telecom Division briefed the CCoP on salient nessed a growth of 5.7% with 319,838 units shipped during 1H 2007 (Jan-
features of the VSS and said that the scheme envisages to make June) as compared to the same period of the preceding year. The lower than
the company more competitive and efficient and would benefit expected growth rate was mainly due to the government's non-friendly IT poli-
the low-paid employees. cies and continuation of the 15% GST, as well as from increased terrorist
The Prime Minister emphasised that the voluntary character of attacks and unstable political conditions. In addition to the GST, the govern-
VSS of PTCL should be ensured in its implementation and the ment has shown little support for the IT sector, with no new policies or alloca-
low paid employees should get maximum benefit and the scheme tions for IT announced. The government is however continuing with its IT
must ensure non-discriminatory treatment to the employees who industry development plan, although its actions and policies do not seem to
opt to avail this package. be in sync with desired growth for the sector.
The CCoP reviewed the update on privatisation and noted "Pakistan's IT market is in between a "growth" and "decline" stage, where
with satisfaction that the principles of transparency, competitive- the country's political stability will play a major role in overall market perform-
ness and open system adopted by the Privatisation Commission ance," commented Rehan Ghazi, Springboard Research Analyst. "Also,
had paid dividends and restored confidence of local and foreign before the imposition of the 15% GST in June 2006, Pakistan's PC/Server
investors in Pakistan 's economic policies. market was a "diamond in the rough", but since then, a downward trend in the
The Prime Minister directed the Privatisation Commission to IT market has been noticed. The government's recent decision not to with-
adopt more innovative and proactive approach to cut down draw or reduce the GST has weakened the growing IT market in the country,
impediments and step up the privatisation process of the projects as well as decreased the confidence of MNC's" Ghazi added.
under process. The negative spiraling effect created by unfriendly government policies, is
However the shareholders of the company have strongly expected to continue in the upcoming few quarters. Springboard Research
opposed the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) fearing the col- also expects the second half of 2007 and beginning of 2008 to be politically
lapse of the company after the technical and trained staff is turbulent. Considering the current market scenario and political climate,
relieved through the newly introduced system. Springboard forecasts a marginal growth for 2007. 
The concern was conveyed to the government in the annual
general meeting of the PTCL Board of Directors held at the tele-
phone company headquarters. Secretary information technology
Hafeezur Rehman, who is also chairman of the telecommunica-
tion company, chaired the meeting. PTCL high officials, members
of the BoD and shareholders attended the yearly meeting.
It is pertinent to mention here that about 62.5 percent shares
of the PTCL are owned by the government, 26 percent by
Etisalat and 11.5 percent by the shareholders. 

Pakistani people look at the transmission of international channels at the electronics market as
the private TV channels were closed after the declaration of emergency.

Turkish Businessmen to Invest in

Senator Shida Latif giving certificate to a student of Govt. Muslim Town College
IT Sector
for girls Rawalpindi, on the occasion of oath taking ceremony of student council.
A Turkish business delegation
showed its desire to invest in Pakistan in
various sectors particularly in the
Information Technology. The delegation
headed by Verisis General Manager Dr.
Aydin Kolat visited Islamabad Chamber
of Commerce & Industry (ICCI). The del-
egation met ICCI President Nasir Khan
and Vice President Mohammad Hussain and other local Industrialist.
They offered their technical assistance with latest equipment for the growth
of production. They said that they want to computerize every department in
Pakistan. The delegation was of the view that Pakistan could enhance its
steel production with the mutual cooperation. They want to invest here and
searching partners for this purpose.
Dr. Aydin Kolat, the head of the delegation, said, "Exchange of high-level
delegations is very crucial to boost trade relations between the two countries
both Pakistan and Turkey have suffered a lot on bilateral trade issue only
because of lack of coordination."
He hoped that once both sides focus on this subject, the situation would
Asad Reza- Deputy General Manager Warid Telecom (2nd from left) with senior take very positive. He appreciated ICCI president who visited Turkey this year
officials at the opening of new Sales and Customer Services Center in
Hyderabad. The 25th fully-equipped Center of Warid Telecom will serve the popu-
with trade delegation. A number of great opportunities exist for Turkey and
lation of this important city as well as the locations like Mirpurkhas, Tandu Pakistan to make joint efforts to realize their trade and economic potential for
Allahyar, Sehwan, Dadu, Moro, Hala, Badin, Thatta, Sanghar, Tando Adam, mutual benefit in an enlarge Euro-Asia market. 
Shahdadpur, etc.

Nokia Siemens to Provide NGN

Services to Mobilink
okia Siemens Networks, a leading telecom operator in

N Pakistan, announced that Mobilink, a premier communica-

tions service provider in Pakistan and subsidiary of
Orascom Telecom, had deployed Nokia Siemens
Networks' 3GPP compliant mobile soft switch.
"Mobilink is happy to extend its cooperation with Nokia Siemens
Networks by selecting its MSC Server System for our network growth
and modernisation," said Tamer El Mahdy, Chief Technology Officer.
"With Nokia Siemens Networks' mobile softswitch, Mobilink would
be able to add higher capacity to the network, better utilised network
resources, reduce costs and offer state-of-the-art services to our cus-
tomers.", he said.
Nokia Siemens Networks currently has 170 customers using mobile
softswitching in over 50 live networks and is one of the world's leading
enablers of telecom technology. "We are pleased to have met
Mobilink's demand for
a powerful and cost- With Nokia Siemens Networks'
effective solution to mobile softswitch, Mobilink would
deploy in its network,"
said Dirk be able to add higher capacity to
Lewandowski, Head the network, better utilised network
of Customer Business
Team for Orascom
resources, reduce costs and offer
Telecom, at Nokia state-of-the-art services to our Mr. Viqar-ul-Islam, Country Head, Nokia-Siemens-Network, while addressing a ceremony
Siemens Networks. customers
"We look forward a desire to have 5 billion people connected by 2015, Nokia Siemens
to a continued partnership with Mobilink, providing world class technol- Networks will have an unparalleled capability to deliver 'end-to-end'
ogy while bringing significant cost savings and a clear evolution in next convergent solutions based on a broad portfolio of fixed and mobile
generation networks." he added. infrastructure products, services and devices. 
Nokia Siemens Networks believes that the future of the communica-
tions industry lies in understanding and uniting communities. Driven by

Teradata Pakistan signs up

CMC as PR Agency
Teradata Corporation, after its recent spin-off from NCR
Corporation, signed up CMC to be the company's official Public
Relations agency in Pakistan.
Khuram Rahat, Managing Director of Teradata, while speaking on
the occasion, said, "Teradata has a long history with CMC and we have
worked together to build Teradata's corporate image from the concep-
tion of the company in Pakistan. We hope that the bond is further
strengthened in the years to come and look forward to work closely
with CMC on emphasising Teradata's commitment to bring cutting edge
technology and innovation into the IT sector in the country."
Syed Jawaid Iqbal, CEO of CMC, said, "We are proud to be associ-
ated with a company as dynamic as Teradata. Our professional rela-
tionship with the company spans over a decade and it is a privilege to
be the official PR agency for such an organization especially in light of Khuram Rahat, Managing Director of Teradata and Syed Jawaid Iqbal, CEO of CMC
their recent achievement in establishing themselves as an independent singing the MoU while Saad Warraich, Associate Account Manager CMC, Talha Bin
Hisaam, Account Director CMC, Sameerah Siddiqui, Marketing Manager Teradata and
organization." Tabish Sabah, Account Director, Teradata were also present on the occasion.
CMC joined hands with NCR Corporation in 1980 and has been
handling Teradata's PR for the last decade. CMC as the pioneer in PR industries including Toyota, Dubai Islamic Bank, Telenor, Emirates
industry of Pakistan is working with multinational giants from different Airline, ICI, Nestle, P&G and PepsiCo. 

Omantel to buy 65% of Worldcall Telecom

Worldcall Telecom Limited, a stock market listed company, has the condition that Omantel
announced that the major sponsors of the company had accepted makes similar offer to acquire
Oman Telecommunication Company's (Omantel) bid for 65 per cent additional 5 per cent shares
shares in the company. from the public at the same price per stock. The buyer would have to
The total consideration for the sale-purchase deal has not been stip- ensure control of more than 51 per cent of the issued share capital of
ulated, but analysts thought that Omantel was likely to pay a sum of the company after the exercise of all existing conversion rights.
Rs12.2 billion, equivalent to $203 million for its acquisition of the The aggregate paid-up shares in Worldcall Telecom currently stand
Pakistani private telecom company. at 752 million of the face value of Rs10 each. By virtue of its acquisition
The agreement stipulates that Omantel would buy out 60 per cent of 65 per cent holding in the company, which would be around 489 mill-
shares in Worldcall from its current sponsors at a price of Rs25 per lion shares, Omantel is understood to have agreed to pay a sum of
share. Rs12.2 billion, equivalent to $203 million at Rs25 a share, for its acqui-
The change of hands of the controlling stake would be subject to sition of the company.  93

Sony Ericsson to sell of UIQ to Ericsson Dives on Profit

Motorola Warning as Clouds Loom
Sony Ericsson has announced to sell half of its smartphone software unit
UIQ to U.S. rival Motorola. The Swedish-Japanese handset maker acquired over Sector
UIQ from British mobile software maker Symbian last year for an undisclosed Ericsson saw its share
sum, and would not comment on the price of the latest deal. price slashed by a third
Miles Flint, Sony Ericsson's president, told reporters in London that after the world's leading
Motorola will acquire a 50% interest in UI Holdings BV, the parent company of mobile networks maker
UIQ Technology AB, which is currently wholly owned by Sony Ericsson and said its third quarter earn-
under the agreement, Motorola and Sony Ericsson will work together and ings would be lower than
jointly invest in the development of the UIQ open user interface platform. expected, confirming a
UIQ Technology licenses the UIQ open user interface and development slowdown in the networks
platform to mobile phone vendors around the world. sector amid rising compe-
Sony Ericsson and Motorola each have been UIQ licensees for many tition from Asia.
years and have launched several successful Symbian/UIQ based products Ericsson saw more than 100 billion kronor (15 billion dollars, 11
including, the Sony Ericsson P1i smartphone, the new Sony Ericsson W960i billion euros) go up in smoke when its share value slumped by 29
Walkman phone and the Motorola RIZR Z8. UIQ, offered the industry's first percent to 18.76 kronor on the Stockholm stock exchange. The
touch-screen interface back in 2002 and now supports both QWERTY and slump also hit other telecom equipment makers such as Nokia
classic numerical keyboard configurations as well as finger touch data input.  Siemens and Alcatel-Lucent. Ericsson's profit warning was due to a
slowdown in investments in mobile network expansions.
"The unexpected development in the quarter is mainly due to a
shortfall in sales in mobile network upgrades and expansions
which resulted in an unfavourable business mix that also negative-
ly affected group margins," chief executive Carl Henric Svanberg
said. "All other businesses performed as expected," he said in a
The world's leading telecom equipment makers are facing
increasingly stiff competition, notably from Asian companies such
as China's Huawei, which is putting pressure on margins. "The
industry is facing price pressure for infrastructure orders. At the
same time, the expansion or upgrade market is quite weak.
Overall, the network market is highly competitive," said Jari Honko,
analyst at eQ Bank. Ericsson said it now expected sales of 43.5
billion kronor (6.76 billion dollars, 4.76 billion euros), operating
income of 5.6 billion kronor (871 million dollars, 613 million euros)
and negative cash flow of 1.6 billion kronor (249 million dollars,
175 million euros) in the quarter. 
A man walks by an Acer advertisement in Taiwan. Taiwan's top computer vendor Acer Inc, posted
an 18 percent rise in January-September net profit. Acer announced a January-September net
profit of T$10.56 billion ($324 million).

'Fitness Phone' Monitors Health,

Worried that you are not getting enough exercise or that you have eaten
too much garlic? A Japanese firm has come up with a phone that can help
you to solve both of your problems.
Japan's largest cell phone carrier NTT DoCoMo has unveiled a "Fitness
Phone", designed to help the user stay healthy and avoid bad breath. The
handheld phone, equipped with various devices that can measure your pulse
or the amount of steps you have taken in a day, dispenses heath advice after
you have punched in statistics such as gender, age and weight. You can also
exhale into the phone and it will tell you whether its time to reach for the
breath mints.
"Our primary target groups would be fat-fighting middle-aged businessmen
and young women on diets," said Kentaro Endo, a spokesman for NTT
A recent government survey found that average Japanese men in their 40s Visitors enjoy playing Sony Computer Entertainment's latest driving video game
were fatter than they were 12 years ago, mainly due to lack of exercise, while "Gran Turismo 5", with a Nissan Skyline GTR sports car in the display, which was
unveiled at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in Chiba, suburban Tokyo.
women in the same age group were slimmer because they were more health

Thinner Cell Phone Screens About to Hit the Market

The race is on to come up with the world's thinnest cell phone technology that enable the use of thinner glass sheet and a reduction in
screen. Japan's Sharp Corp. and Taiwan's AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) the thickness of the backlight that sits behind the screen.
said that they had developed prototype displays that are less than a mil- Thinner cell phone screens are good news for consumers because
limeter thick. they allow phone makers to either produce slimmer phones or to pack
The Sharp LCD (liquid crystal display) measures 2.2-inches across more technology into the same size space. Some recent models of cell
the diagonal and is just 0.68 millimeters thick making it the thinnest cell phone have been getting larger in-part because of the addition of new
phone screen in the world, the company said. Coming in just behind in features like digital TV tuners and smartcards.
the AUO screen, which is a 1.9-inch model that is just 0.69 millimeters However there is no word from Sharp on when the screen might
thick. start appearing in cell phones. The company is currently in talks with
"The screens used in most of today's phones are on-average cell phone makers and has not decided when it will start production,
between 1.5 millimeters and 2.5 millimeters thick. So, the new Sharp said Nakayama. 
screen is significantly thinner," said Miyuki Nakayama, a spokeswoman
for Sharp in Tokyo.
Sharp is coy about just how it managed to reduce the thickness but
said innovations lay in two major areas: improvements in production 95

King Lays Foundation Stone for KAUST

The Custodian of the Two Holy educational institutions in the ages of
Mosques, King Abdullah bin the glorious Arab and Islamic civiliza-
Abdulaziz laid the foundation stone tion, we have established an endow-
for the project of King Abdullah ment to spend its revenues on the
University for Sciences and university. We are only looking for
Technology (KAUST) at Thuwal, 80 pleasing Allah Almighty as well as
kms north of Jeddah. benefiting the citizens in this dear
On arrival at the venue, the King country, the cradle of Islam, as well
was welcomed by Crown Prince as benefiting the entire humanity. I
Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Deputy pray to Allah Almighty to make this
Premier, Defense and Aviation university a house of wisdom and
Minister and Inspector General, forum for scientists and a center
Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, the which diffuses knowledge for the
Governor of Makkah region, other coming generations." The King
princes and senior officials. added.
Speaking on the occasion, King KAUST is being developed as an
Abdullah said "In line with the eter- international, graduate-level
nal principles of Islam which advo- research university dedicated to
cate science and knowledge and inspiring a new age of scientific
development of the earth, after achievement in the Kingdom.
depending on Allah Almighty, we KAUST is the realization of the
would like to announce the estab- decades-long vision of King
lishment of King Abdullah University Abdullah, who wants to improve
for Sciences and Technology Saudi Arabia's education standard to
(KAUST)." reach world-class levels.
"We hope that it will become a KAUST's core campus covers
center for knowledge and a bridge more than 36 million square meters
for enhancing contacts among the in Thuwal on the Red Sea coast.
civilizations and nations. We also The university is set to transform
hope it will perform its noble human- Thuwal into a global city. Thuwal, a
itarian mission in a clear atmos- fishing village, was famous in the
phere with the help of Allah Almighty past for being the abode of the Harb
and the enlightened people from all tribe in the Hijaz. 
places without differentiation or dis- Saudi King Abdullah (L) and Saudi Petroleum Minister Ali al-Naimi (R) attend the
tinction," The King said. ground breaking ceremony of the King Abdullah University of Science and
"In line with the traditions of the Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, 80kms north of Jeddah.

Alcatel-Lucent built NGN for WANA

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris network to cover all of Morocco,
and NYSE: ALU) announced that responsible for not only deploying
the next generation network it the entire NGN Core network, but
constructed for WANA, a also acting as the prime integrator of
Moroccan service provider, now the entire network. This included
has more than one million sub- definition of the business-to-busi-
scribers, which makes it one of ness and business-to-consumer
the largest class 5 NGN networks services and the construction and
in the world. The service grew at preparation of sites in all regions of
a steady pace, adding 700,000 Morocco.
subscribers in a mere five months "The integration role was critical
and exceeds all expectations. for a network such as WANA's due
According to Karim Zaz, CEO to the complete heterogeneity of the
of WANA, "It was challenging to network and with numerous suppli-
start as a third operator with two ers whom we had to integrate. We
strong operators, which had a successfully managed the tremen-
60% mobile penetration rate, but dous take up they experienced, with
only a 4% fixed penetration rate. more than 400,000 new subscribers
Alcatel-Lucent was able to build a Telecommunications equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent SA Chief Executive Patricia Russo, in less than 2 months and a traffic
very complex greenfield network, right, listens to the chairman of the company Serge Tchuruk during the shareholder assem- three times higher than initially
bly in Paris.
managing numerous suppliers expected," said Olivier Picard, pres-
and partners in only ten months. Alcatel-Lucent's solutions and support ident of Alcatel-Lucent's activities in Europe and South.
allowed us to acquire more than one million subscribers in a short peri- The network features an Alcatel-Lucent NGN core, consisting of
od of time." Media Gateway Controllers, a SIP Core soft switch and the associated
Alcatel-Lucent has been WANA's main partner in constructing the application server, Session Border Controllers and Media Gateways. 

Motorola's Q3 Profit Plunged

Motorola Inc. a wireless technology company, has said that its handsets. It said its new RAZR 2
profit plunged in the third quarter, as sales fell substantially in its phone shipped 900,000 units in the
mobile phone business. Motorola posted profit of $60 million quarter.
(euro42.16 million), or 3 cents per share, compared with a year-earli- For the fourth quarter, the com-
er profit of $968 million, or 39 cents per share. On a continuing oper- pany forecast earnings from continu-
ations basis, the company said it earned 2 cents per share, including ing operations of 12 cents to 14
4 cents per share in charges for layoffs and asset write-downs. cents per share, excluding one-time
Sales fell to $8.81 billion (euro6.19 billion) from $10.6 billion a items. Analysts polled by Thomson
year earlier. Analysts polled by Thomson Financial on average Financial on average expect earn-
expected profit of 4 cents per share, excluding items, on sales of ings per share of 10 cents for the
$8.81 billion. Motorola said sales in its mobile devices segment fell fourth quarter. 
96 36 percent. The company has struggled recently to produce popular

Global Microcontroller Prices Slow Take-up of Digitalisation in

Edging Lower India
The India Digital Networks Summit, now in its third year, recently held in
Global prices for microcontroller chips are likely to dip by "a New Delhi, was supported by both the Ministry of Information &
couple of percent" in 2008 due to fierce competition and pricing Broadcasting and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, for the discus-
pressure, a senior executive at Japan's NEC Electronics Corp said sion of regulation, TV channel proliferation and fragmentation, CAS, DTH,
in a statement. broadband, investment, and expansion strategies.
The chipmaker also sees the microcontroller (MCU) market At the summit, industry leaders debated the future of digital cable in
growing 7 to 8 percent in 2008, with growth tapering slightly in India's next phase of media development. Even as digital cable is seeing
2009, Shige Ishikawa, microcomputer division general manager, slow growth, IPTV is still facing tough challenges and private telecom opera-
said in an interview. tors have been slow to implement operations.
NEC Electronics, which recently opened a development centre It was pointed out that, for IPTV to take off, local loop unbundling has to
in Chengdu, Sichuan province in western China, also hopes to happen. The technology works on copper and it is the responsibility of the
expand its share of China's MCU market to over 10 percent by state-owned BSNL and MTNL to open up the local loop for the private play-
2009, compared to 5-6 percent now. "We are targeting more than a ers.
two-digit number. Hopefully we will achieve that in 2009," Ishikawa Speaking at the occasion 'Delivering Digital's cutting edge,' Hathway
said, who was attending Cable & Datacom CEO K Jayaraman said that the unbundling of channels by
the China High Tech the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for non-CAS areas would
Fair, held in the coun- not be a big catalyst to drive voluntary digitalisation.
try's southern boomtown He added that digitalisation needs investment and there is capital scarcity.
of Shenzhen. Vendors have to support cable networks with long-term payment cycles, like
The global consumer has happened in the telecom sector. The regulator was requested to offer
MCU market was worth around 30.5 billion yuan ($4.06 billion) in clarity and the technology was stressed to be tested on wireless. 
2006, according to Beijing-based market research firm CCID
Consulting, with China accounting for about half of that market.
China's consumer MCU market will be worth 17.92 billion yuan
and 21.37 billion yuan in 2007 and 2008, CCID said. Analysts
Ipod Discovery Earns Nobel Prize
expect chip sales in China to rise due to rapidly growing demand
for semiconductors used in air conditioners and car electronics.
for Scientists
NEC Electronics said in August it hoped its Chengdu office Two scientists, whose work made the
would help double its sales in mainland China to 100 billion yen by iPod possible, have been recognised for
2010, from 50 billion yen last year. NEC Electronics posted a net their achievements by being awarded the
loss of 1.33 billion yen ($11.31 million) for April-June, and is fore- Nobel Prize for Physics.
casting a 15 billion yen net loss for the year to next March.  France's Albert Fert and German Peter
Gruenberg won the 2007 award for a discov-
ery that has shrunk the size of hard disks
found in computers, iPods and other digital
The duo discovered a new physical effect
that has let the computer industry develop
sensitive reading tools for information stored
on computer hard drives from the tiniest lap-
tops to feature-rich portable music and video
players. "The MP3 and iPod industry would
not have existed without this discovery," said
Borje Johansson, a member of the Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences. "You would
not have an iPod without this effect."
The academy said that the discovery can
also be considered "one of the first real
applications of the promising field of nan-
otechnology," the science dedicated to build-
ing materials from the molecular level.
The award is also the first time since 1999 that no American has won the
Managing Director for Sony India Masaru Tamagawa (C) along with models poses
physics prize. Phil Schewe, a physicist and spokesman for the American
during the launch of the New Sony Bravia LCD television in New Delhi. The Bravia Institute of Physics, said this year's prize honoured "a terrific combination of
range is available in India at a cost of INR 27,990 (USD 709.4) to INR 399,900 (USD great physics and huge practical application.
10,135.5). In 1988, the two scientists independently discovered the physical effect
known as giant magnetoresistance, or GMR. In this effect, very weak
changes in magnetism generate larger changes in electrical resistance.
Speaking to reporters in Germany, Gruenberg was delighted but said he
wasn't surprised. "Because I have received a lot of awards, I was often
asked: 'When will the big award come?"' he said. 

House Science and Technology Committee Chairman Rep. Bart Gordon, D-Tenn., China's Lenovo Group Ltd. Chairman Yang Yuanqing announces the company's quarterly results
holds up a NASA report as he asks a question of NASA Administrator Michael Griffin at a press conference, in Hong Kong. Lenovo Group, the world's No. 3 personal computer
during the committee's hearing investigating a NASA aviation and safety report, on maker’s profits in the last quarter jumped 177 percent as it gained market share following a 97
Capitol Hill in Washington. restructuring.

Orascom Telecom and Alcatel-Lucent

Celebrate 10 years of Cooperation
Orascom Telecom and Alcatel-Lucent celebrated 10 years of cooperation in a festive event, took place at
Manial Palace in Cairo. The two companies have cooperated together in various countries in Africa, the
Middle East, Europe and South Asia. Starting with the launch of the first GSM network in Cairo-Egypt in
1998, Alcatel-Lucent and Orascom Telecom have worked together to advance telecommunications in the
Middle East and worldwide to serve "61 plus" million subscribers.
Leveraging on Alcatel-Lucent leadership and worldwide expertise in telecommunications, Alcatel-Lucent
and Orascom will continue to work together for the development of latest technologies that will offer their
customers a seamless and integrated broadband user-centric experience across all devices and platforms.
Both the companies are enjoying a more than a supplier/vendor relationship - a true long-term strategic
partnership. They started their partnership in 1998 with the inception of Mobinil in Egypt and are now work-
ing together in Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Italy and Greece
Alcatel-Lucent has been Orascom Telecom's strategic partner since the very beginning of their activities,
and has greatly contributed to their development in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.
Today, Alcatel-Lucent is Orascom Telecom's largest supplier in its major markets, providing legacy core
network and value-added services in Algeria, Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan, and is its main radio access Naguib Sawiris, Chairman & CEO,
provider in Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, with a significant and growing market share in Pakistan. Alcatel- Orascom Telecom Holding and
Vincenzo Nesci, Chairman of Alcatel Egypt
Lucent also supplies Orascom Telecom with transmission equipment in Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt and and Group Vice-President for the Middle East,
Pakistan.  Alcatel

Mobile Users don't Hate Spam

says Survey
About one-third of mobile users don't
seem to mind receiving spam on their
phone and nearly two-thirds of mobile
users are fed up with mobile phone spam,
found a survey, which was commissioned
by marketing company Pontis.
According to Pontis, mobile operators
are "failing to capture the imagination of
the baby boomer generation," although
the survey shows that 72 percent of younger people, from teenagers to 34-
year-olds, are irritated by mobile spam. Within this same age group, 47
percent of mobile users were willing to change operators. The survey was
conducted over the telephone and 752 mobile phone users aged 16+ were
Boys play computer games in an internet cafe in Baghdad.
interviewed in the UK across a range of ages.
This is roughly in-line with people's attitudes towards earthbound email
spam, which have changed in recent years. A survey, commissioned by
TACD and produced by European Research into Consumer Affairs in 2003,
found that a full 95 percent of users said that either they hated spam or
that it annoyed them.
However, a survey published in May 2007 by Pew Internet found that,
while users are receiving more spam, it bothers them less. It found that
users also report less exposure to pornographic spam, which is the most
offensive type of unsolicited email. Spam has not become a significant
deterrent to the use of email, as some observers speculated it might when
unsolicited email first began flooding users' inboxes several years ago. 

Cisco to spend $16B in China

Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers announced to
invest $16 billion in China for manufacturing, investment and educational
programs. That includes a $17.5 million investment in
Group as part of its initial public offering in Hong Kong, along with a
Photo shows a woman examining a mask-part used in wafer conception- at a show room
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with that company to develop of the 12-inch United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) factory in Tainan, southern Taiwan.
technology for small and medium-sized businesses in China and else- United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) said its net profit rose 88 percent in the third
where. quarter to 9.23 billion Taiwan dollars (283 million USD) from the previous three month
Chambers said that Cisco will double its manufacturing in China, a period.
move worth approximately $14 billion, based on the $7 billion Cisco pur-
chased from China over the past five years. The company has great
influence over where its suppliers manufacture, and many would be
directed to do so in China.
The company will inject $350 million into start-up investments and
provide up to $400 million in customer financing via Cisco Systems
Capital China, Cisco said.
It will also open another 300 of its Networking Academies to train
100,000 students on networking technology, as part of an MOU with the
Ministry of Education, under which it will also donate $6 million in net-
working equipment.
Missing from Chambers' speech was any expansion of Cisco's
aggressive acquisition strategy to China. "We don't acquire competitors,"
he said, seeming to rule out a move for China-based rival Huawei
Technologies. "We acquire to move into new areas." That strategy Cisco Systems Chief Executive Officer John Chambers (R) and
98 China's chairman Jack Ma offer a toast during an event
included the $3.2 billion purchase of WebEx in March.  in Beijing