For Immediate Release

Statement Condemning Violence Against Egyptian Civilian Peaceful Demonstrators
New York, NY— (November 20th 2011) Violence erupted in Cairo again on November 19, 2011. Initial estimates cite four people dead and approximately 700 individuals injured throughout Egypt. On November 18, 2011 a call for a return to Tahrir and other main squares in the country was answered by hundreds of thousands of Egyptian. The main demand was for a transparent timeline for the transition from the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) rule to a civilian government. The people peacefully protested the ongoing and increasingly brutal military rule that began with ex-President Mubarak stepping down on February 11, 2011. SCAF refuses to set a timeline for a swift transition to civilian rule and fulfillment of the demands of the January 25 revolution. The attack on protesters today by the Egyptian police using live ammunition, rubber bullets, and tear gas resulted in blood of demonstrators on the streets of Egypt. SCAF has betrayed the demands of the people and the potential outcomes of the revolution. After ten long months with the SCAF in control of the country we have witnessed the following:

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Military arrests, prosecution and trials of more than 12,000 civilians including prominent bloggers and revolutionaries. There have been atrocious violations of human rights against those held by SCAF. The targeting and defamation of reputations of Egyptian activists and bloggers, including forced virginity tests of young women; forced arrest of activists and bloggers; falsification of charges and fabrication of witnesses against those arrested; among other violations of human rights. A complete security vacuum on the streets with complete absence of police except during demonstrations where they beat, use live ammunition, torture, arrest and kill civilians Emergency law has been extended and expanded Increasing charges against individuals and groups that speak out against the SCAF as a deterrent to freedom of expression Delays and postponement of the parliamentary and Presidential elections Postponement and lack of transparency on the rewriting of the Constitution

The situation in the country has remained highly volatile. We, Egyptians abroad, stand in solidarity and demand that SCAF immediately: 1. Cease of violence against civilians. There have been numerous demonstrations in the past ten months that have resulted in deaths and injury of civilians by the military and police. 2. Appointment—verified by the people—of a transitional Presidential Council (civilian government). The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) does NOT represent a democratically elected representation, and they have NOT proven to uphold the will of the people from the beginning. 3. Resignation of the cabinet of Ministers 4. Respect of the Egyptian people’s right for self-determination and support of their struggle to gain their basic civil, political, economic and social rights.

We, Egyptians inside and outside our country will willingly continue to work towards and fight to ensure a smooth transition to democracy and a secure future for our people. This statement is endorsed by the following organizations: Egyptian Association for Change – NY Chapter Jan25 Solidarity for Democracy April 6th Youth Movement – America Alliance for Egyptian Americans (AEA) Egyptians Abroad All for Egypt (Alliance for Democratic Egypt) New Jersey Outreach Group

For additional information visit us at: Jan25 Solidarity for Democracy Network. To contact us, please email or call us at (646)470-1363