Tourism it compromise the activities of personal travelling and staying on place outside of there usually environment for not

mere than one conconsecutive year for leisure,bussness,and other purpose not related to exercise of an activities renumerature within the place visited.(according to UNWTO) Tourism is sum of the operation, mainly the economic one which are directly connected to the entrance, permanence, and displacement of foreigners in and out of the country,city,or region.(according to Wahab 1977). Tourism is the socially activities whereby interaction of peoplegroups,cultures are taking place that encompass the movement of people from origin settlement to host destination ,for bussness,health,leisure,study and games for less than one conservative year. Challenges a new, difficult,an exiting task that text the subject ability and skills, that cause stagnation or collapse of subject.(according oxford learners dictionary 7th edition) Challenges are those humdrums of development, archivement, that undermine the performance of sectors or organization. The following are various challenges that face tourism performance in Tanzania. Poor infrastructure, infrastructure are the basic system and service that necessary for a country or an organization to run business smoothly, example transport, water and power supply as well as buildings. Infrastructure as the fundamental tools in tourism sector brings the great challenges in tourism performance of Tanzania, because there is not enough and quality facilities that needs in world standard, Tanzania use J.K.NYERERE air port as the main gate for visitors, while that airport are far away from many tourist attraction, and services that produced are very local, from that situation most of visitors decide to arrive Tanzania via Nairobi international airport, and pass through Namanga and moving strait to northern part of Tanzania where are blessed in tourism attraction. Not only that but accommodation are still challenges in many region of tazania,example southern part of Tanzania there are a lot of attraction such as Ruaha national park,Matema beach,Lake ngozi,Mkwawa museum, but accommodation facilities are very local and unable to manage the v i p visitors. In addition of infrastructure, permanant power and safe water supply are not existing in Tanzania, this situation are caused by depending on hydro electricity power while different opt unity can be use to produce the enough power supply, this situation are setback for tourism performance in Tanzania because when country missing power supply, visitors departure to the other destination. Example 2009 Zanzibar missed electricity for three months as a result client run away even it was high seasons.

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