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Spring is finally here in Central Ohio! The grass is green, the sun is shining, and everywhere you look, you see girls. Girls walking their dogs, girls at the coffee shop, girls at the grocery store, girls everywhere you look, but how do you meet them? I don’t mean just in a dating sense either. If you’re like me, you’d love to have more friends, but aren’t sure how to do that. That’s where Girl Spot comes in. Girl Spot is a social network for girls and women, or womyn if you prefer, in Columbus and Central Ohio. We are a diverse group and we welcome any self-identified girl or woman regardless of race, age, or orientation. Girl Spot hosts a Game Night on the first Sunday of every month, from 5-7pm at the Stonewall Community Center. We also host a different activity on the third Sunday. In April, it was a movie night; in May, it will be ‘Meat and Veg’. Join us at Stonewall at 5pm for appetizers. While you mingle we will pair you up with 4 other people whose interests most closely match your own. What happens next is still a secret, but it promises to be a fun evening. More details are available on the GirlSpot website. We have a softball team and will be doing more outdoor activities soon. Some of us have kids and all Girl Spot events at Stonewall will have Kid Spot activities upstairs. We welcome your feedback on this newsletter. Send comments, articles, and suggestions to We hope you enjoy the activities and make some great friends through Girl Spot. – Emily Anderson 1

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Softball Coach Name: Kelly Stumbaugh Age: 22 Where you live: Lewis Center Three things you love: Poetry, my girlfriend, softball One thing you hate: People who love to gossip about things they know nothing about, or people they are jealous of. Favorite thing about living in Columbus: anonymity Describe your perfect day: It would have to include being outside on a bright sunny day, sitting in the shade of a bunch of trees looking out across the water, and hearing the best thing ever - The silence and mother nature.

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Our first official Girl Spot Movie Night was held on April 15th. Almost 30 girls turned out for the event at Stonewall to watch Loving Annabelle. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I think most of us would recommend it although reactions to the ending were mixed. The movie is about a senator’s rebellious daughter who falls in love with a female teacher at her boarding school. The event was a casual potluck; we had sandwiches, some delicious looking macaroni and cheese (I didn’t try it, but I heard good things), and lots of yummy snack foods, including popcorn because you can’t watch a movie without popcorn, right? The best part of the evening was getting to spend time with friends and meet all the new people. There were six kids upstairs for Kid Spot, and they had a great time playing while we watched the movie. After the movie ended, everyone pitched in to clean up and put the room back in order, and I think the event was definitely a success. –Emily Anderson

“It was a really sweet movie. I went home and rented it.” - Stephanie

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Having just moved to Columbus, I was very excited to learn that this fantastic city hosted a female roller derby league, as I am an avid fan. A few G-Spotters and myself banded together and attended the first bouts of the season at the Lausche Building, which is located at the Ohio Expo Center. As the theme for the first bouts was “Derby Strikes Back,” many fans and supporters turned out in their Star Wars garb. We quickly acquired seats on the floor along the track so we could be right in the thick of the action. After the national anthem, the announcer introduced the girls from the first two teams: The Takeouts and Band of Brawlers. So basically, for those of you readers who don’t understand the concept and scoring system of roller derby, allow me to give a brief overview. Each team has 5 members. There is one member who is the scoring person called the “jammer.” The other four members make up the “pack.” At the starting point, the jammer is in the back behind the pack. On the first whistle, the pack takes off, and the jammers follow on the second whistle. After the jammer successfully makes it through the pack and completes the first lap, for every opponent she then passes, she gets a point. Sure, it sounds simple enough, but the pack uses many different methods to block opposing jammers as well as help their own teammates through. Sometimes its not pretty and very unlady-like, but the roller girls must do what is necessary to ensure victory. All in all it was a very eventful and fun-filled evening. The final scores were Takeouts-71 and Band of Brawlers-48. In the second match-up the Sprockettes beat the Blackeye Bullies 61 to 50. The next bouts will be May 12, 2007 at the same venue. If you would like more information about the Ohio Roller Girls, you can visit their website at –Lauren Toups

april game night
On Sunday April 1st, GirlSpot held its first game night. It was a blazing success with over 50 in attendance. There was food galore. There were chips, pretzels, dips, and soda of various flavors, pasta salad, cheesecake, pies of several kinds, cookies and several other munchies including spinach dip. Melissa made sure everyone had all they needed throughout the evening and served extra drinks to those in need. She was a wonderful hostess! We could have played games well past the 7pm time we were scheduled to stop. There were lots of girls playing Euchre and Hearts, and I found Dance, Dance Revolution fascinating to watch. Many people also played Cranium, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Scattergories, Clue, and many other games. The first issue of the Girlspot newsletter was unveiled during game night when Stephanie arrived. It also was a big hit. Has game night has turned out to be a night the girls look forward to? We sure hope so! –Brenda Pevler “Tonight’s game night was so much fun! I’d never played Scattergories and Apples to Apples before. Looking forward to the next one!” -Christina


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Unofficial Social 8pm MoJoe Lounge in the Short North

Katie Reider 8pm House of Crave (391 Neil Ave)

First Friday 9pm Wall Street Nightclub

G-Spot Canoeing 12pm meet @ Stonewall Gallery Hop 5pm - 9pm Royal Renegade Show Sexpose w/ Katie Reider


G Spot Game Night 5 - 7pm Stonewall Community Center Softball Game 2:15pm Berliner Field 20



Unofficial Social 8pm MoJoe Lounge in the Short North


Zrazy w/ Evalyn Parry opening 8pm Havana $10

Roller Derby - $15 1st bout @ 6pm Ohio Expo Center Columbus Comets vs Kentucky Karma 7pm - $10 G-Spot Rec Event @ DE State Park





Unofficial Social 8pm MoJoe Lounge in the Short North G-Spot Newsletter 7pm Cup O’Joe in the Short North




G-Spot Rec Event TBA

G Spot Meet & Veg 5-8pm meet @ Stonewall Activity offsite Softball Game 2:15 Berliner Field 19



Unofficial Social 8pm MoJoe Lounge in the Short North



Columbus Comets vs. St. Louis Slam 7pm Dublin-Coffman HS - $10 G-Spot Rec Event TBA


Sunday Night Live 9-11 pm Wall Street



Unofficial Social 8pm MoJoe Lounge in the Short North



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6/3 Softball Game 1pm Field 20 6/3 G-Spot Game Night 5-7pm 6/7-10 Columbus Arts Festival 6/23 Pride Festival and Parade


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