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Cover Art by Eesha Srinivas

From the Editor's desk..............

Hi everybody!

Welcome to the very first issue of "Raindrops"! This monthly magazine is

created exclusively by children (except for the DTP part...) with the intention
of providing a creative forum for children of all ages.
The name "Raindrops" because it evokes a feeling of freshness akin to a child's
perspective of the world. So much so, that we have some cool "raindrops" on
our editorial team. Meet them all on the following page.
We at "Raindrops" would like this magazine to be a truly interactive space. We
would love to hear from you. We have really enjoyed creating this magazine
and we hope you'll enjoy reading it too...So go ahead! Spread the joy of
reading...pass "Raindrops" on to all your friends.


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Meet the Raindrops!

Hi! I'm Limerick. Share your poetic

expressions with me on Limerick's Lyrics.

Hi I'm Crafty! Lets get creative at

Crafty's corner!

Hi I'm Passpartout. I surf the net for

interesting web-sites. Find my catch on
Passpartout's page.

Meet me at Tidbit's Tales for some

fun facts!

Hi I'm Foody! Join me in Foody's kitchen

and we'll cook up some fun recipes

Hi I'm Posty. Share your thoughts

with our other readers in Posty's

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Limerick's Lyrics

Ms. Blyton's plight made right!

Once Ms. Enid Blyton decided to And of course Sir charles Dickens
have a ball... had to take care of his wife's hen,
A great lovely ball, in a palace hall! And lo! She always ASKED FOR
She invited all great people, did she
miss anyone.? Meanwile Ms. Blyton wept o'er her
Oh no ! Not at all! situation.
For none of her great guests had
The great day dawned, arrived..
But there was no carriage drawn...
Before the palace hall. At this, Ms. Blyton took a vow:
"I shall not please a single grown up
'Cos Sir Walter scott was not ready to right from now"
As he had to complete his IVANHOE So, for kids, she penned fantasies and
Poor Alexandre Dumas thought And stories & comedies...
himself too old for her
And decided to go TWENTY YEARS And became a celebrity..
AFTER ! Amongst the tiny and the naughty!!!


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Nature journal
Nature journal

Scree....eeech! Something pecks at your is out looking for lunch. Oh! did you see
door. You open it and find a ......owl! that squirrel scurry by. He is the one
Why is he here?? You wonder...Well, who's been tasting our mangoes!!!
maybe he likes the fancy light in your Hey, the time is 12.00 noon. Time to get
living room or maybe he just dropped by out our tree-top lunch - fruit-loops and
to say hello! We looked him up on the apple juice. Looks like we still have a
internet and found he long way to climb. Oh!
was a barn owl. There's that baby
Fascinating...This was crow...."Would you like to
about a month ago and try some of our fruit-
it led to a unit study on loops? Here...catch!"
owls...Not so We are at the top..and
fascinating....interesting here's the owl! Blends in
neverthless. so well, we almost missed
Anyways, today let's him. "Hello there...why
visit that owl again don't you visit us again?"
together. First, we must Ok now...gotta get back.
climb that tree. Oh! look at that huge cat! Lets jump down. 1..2...3...go! Hey, I
As we climb higher, we see a bat gotta get home. See you next time.
(sshh....he is fast asleep). I always
wondered how they could sleep upside
down! As we look through our EESHA SRINIVAS
binoculars, we spot a crow's nest. By the
way, have you ever helped a baby crow
who fell into your backyard? I have...but
that's for another day. We are almost at a
crow's nest. "Hello! Anybody home?"
Looks like my friend Gobbler the crow

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Passpartout's Page

Hello! This month my net surfing You may be lucky and collect lots
has landed me on the web site of items! (Like me!!). It is a web- It is a great site where finding your way around
web-site for adventure and can be tricky but remember.... if
exploring, collecting and you are ever in a fix, click the back
competing. You button! You
can create a can also e-mail
character to me at
represent raindropsmag@
yourself, save and
your game and I may be able
collect items. to help you
There are three with some tips.
islands to visit: Have fun and
Poptropica, Shark tooth and Time aurevoir until we meet with my
twisted. A fourth one called Ghost next catch!!
carnival is coming soon. Most of
your adventures involve finding
lost stuff or rescuing people.
Especially interesting is putting the - PASSPARTOUT
scary (but lovable) Booga to sleep
so you can get across to rescue
Prof. Hammerhead and another boy.
Another difficult thing is to repair
time-periods in Time twisted to
make sure that the future is safe!

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Tidbit's Tales

Though they mean the same thing, "hemi" is Greek, "semi" is

French and "demi" is Latin in origin. So these prefixes are
used depending on the origin of the word in question. For
e.g. circle is from French 'cercle' - hence semicircle, sphere
is derived from the Greek work 'sphaira' and so on...

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The mystery of the missing golden vase

A mystery serial....


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Foody's kitchen

Easy Pancakes

Quick cooking oats - 2 cups

Milk - 1 cup
Whole wheat flour (or atta) - 1
Butter - 2 Tablespoons
Sugar - 1 Tablespoon
Salt - to taste
Cinnamom powder - 1 or 2 pinches

Mix the oats, flour, milk, sugar, salt carefully and cook the other side
and cinnamom powder in a bowl too adding a little more butter.
and let it stand for about half an Enjoy the pancakes hot with maple
hour. syrup or honey!
Heat a non-stick skillet on a low Foody's tip:
flame. Once the skillet is hot, ladle --------------
out some of the mixture onto it and For a spicy version, skip the
smooth it out like a pancake. cinnamom and sugar in the batter
Spread some butter along the sides and add chopped onions, salt and
while the pancake is cooking. Once chilly powder instead. Tastes great
it is cooked on one side (to a with ketchup or chutney. Bon
golden brown colour), flip over appetit!

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Posty's Mailbox

Hi everybody! send them as scanned images

We at Raindrops welcome your attached to an e-mail or mail the
contribution/feedback. Please send in original art-work (preferably A4 size)
your entries to the following address by snail mail. Please note that all
E-mail: published or un-published work will
--------- not be returned. Un-published work maybe stored for possible publishing
If you are sending an entry to at a later date. Your contest
a specific Raindrop's entries should be your very
column, please put the own. Please send your
name on the subject entries by the 30th
line. For e.g. if June 2008 for
you are sending a Send in your original art- publishing in the
recipe, put "Foody" work and get a chance to upcoming month.
see it on the cover of our
on the subject line.
July issue.
Snail mail: Posty
25, MCHS Colony
5th B Cross
16th Main Road
BTM Layout II Stage
Bangalore - 560 076
If you are sending art-work (for the
cover page contest for e.g. ), you can

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